In this week’s podcast I answer the question: why start your own podcast?

Maybe you have “Start Your Own Podcast” on your wishlist or possibly your should-do list.

But you have a “but”.

And if that “but” is it’s so much work, or who am I even to do this, or how do I even start, then you’ll love this episode because I answer all those questions.

This is the 5th podcast I have published over the years, each for very different purposes and strategies.

I give you a reality check on how much work actually IS involved and some tips from the trenches to simplify life for you so you aren’t so tied down.

So grab your notebook for a podcast about podcasting 🙂

This episode is total teaching content (with a few stories thrown in) and you can make an informed decision if podcasting is for you and if so, what type.

You can watch the video, listen to the audio, download from the podcast directory, or read the transcript below.
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Show Notes

  • We look at what a podcast actually is and the different types you can have
  • I mention Oprah….. you can’t talk about podcasting without mentioning The Oprah Effect
  • We look at influence and creating relationships with people in your industry
  • I detail a few ways to show how clever you are and build authority with ease.
  • Content marketing and clever ways to create awesome content for your podcast
  • Automation… the secret to having a life
  • Reality check – actually how much work does it take anyway?
  • How to stop a podcast taking over your life

Read The Transcript Here

Hello and welcome its Janet Beckers here and you are listening to Romance Your Tribe Radio podcast. And today on the podcast our topic is all about podcasting. Why would you want to start your own podcast anyway?

So If you’ve been thinking for a while, it may be on your wish list that, you know what, I’m going to start a podcast one day. Or you may be having it on your “I should do list” of your, you know, I really should do a podcast BUT… and if that but is it looks like so much work. You know, who am I to do this? How do I even start? Well we’re going to cover some of those things today for you. So if that sounds like you you’re really going to enjoy today’s episode, because we going to dive into what can you really realistically expect as outcomes from actually launching a podcast. And then we’re going to do a bit of a reality check on what’s involved in running a podcast, because it is a lot of work.

I’m going to also share with you some things where, you know what, you want to run a podcast but you want to have all of that commitment or you don’t want to have as much work, you don’t have to spend as much time on it. I’m going to share with you a couple of quite clever things that you can be doing that allow you to do some podcasting without having to get tied down so much with that.

So we get to look at those different options and what kind of outcome she can expect from those. Those are possibilities that you can do with your podcasting. How does it sound to you?

And Along the way I’ll share a few stories with you of my experience with podcasting because it’s something that I have been doing in different forms for quite a few years now and helping a lot of my clients to launch their own podcast and get really good results with them. So we are going to be able to have a look at some of that as well. Let’s get started! 

First of all, what is a podcast? Now, really, a podcast, if you think about your typical podcast you might go over the iTunes which is the most common podcasting platform but you could be over on Google Play, you could be on Stitcher, you could be on any of the Android apps. Really, a podcast is a way for you to be able to listen or watch on video, you know, audio files or video files on demand and they get released on regular intervals and you can go back and listen to all the past ones and you’re just getting other formats so it is easy for you to be able to consume. So really that’s all podcast is. Is either a video or an audio that you get to listen to and it’s produced regularly and you can be listening or watching it in lots of different places. You might be watching it on iTunes you might be watching it, if it’s a video, you might also be watching it on YouTube. You could be seeing them on social media and very likely you will also be seeing it on a blog. So that’s what a podcast is.

[The rest of transcript will be added soon!]

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