True confession. The last 2 weeks have been some of the least productive weeks I’ve had for a loooong time. Not because I’ve been holidaying and living the good life. In that case, I would call fun being productive.

No, it’s been the opposite.

I’ve had some big deadlines to meet in my business, for projects I’m excited and passionate about….yet I’ve managed to stuff around, feel in a “funk” and not have the energy to do anything except read my kindle and do busy, but unproductive ”work” (hello Facebook).

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck or overwhelmed in business yet can’t find the energy to do anything about it, then I hope my story today will help you.

I’ll share with you how I uncovered WHY I was in a funk and the steps I followed to get myself out of it.

The good news is, you can use these exact same steps and they’re not rocket science.

Ciders in The Sand Dunes

One of our simple family routines is to walk down to the beach in the late afternoon, grab one cider each from the shop opposite the beach, then sit in the sand dunes, watch the surfers and throw sticks for Leo our spoodle. (that’s him below. In 9 years he still hasn’t mastered returning the stick!)

On Saturday, my husband Doug, dragged me off the lounge where I was reading (a.k.a. avoiding life) to head to the sand dunes.

Once perched in the dunes he turned to me and said “what’s up? You’re usually so full of life and making things happen, but you’ve been kinda absent for weeks, even though you’re here?”.

Do you ever feel that way?

When I acknowledged he was right, and I wasn’t sure what to do to get out of this state, he asked the magic question

“How do you help your clients when they get in a funk?”

Light Bulb Moment

Of course!

You see, I know this is really normal. It happens to my clients all the time and has happened to me in the past.

In fact, I’m willing to bet every entrepreneur, focused on creating a business and making a difference, experiences productivity and energy slumps at least a few times per year.

The bad news is, in business, you can have a bad day, or maybe even a week, but longer than that and your business will really suffer.

And, because I’m such a systems girl, I have a process to prevent and fix these slumps!

C.L.E.A.R. Time

I have a system I use to stay in peak productivity and joy in my business (yes joy).

It’s core to the work I do with my Rising Stars clients I work closely with.

I know if I maintain the steps in the system, I don’t have low energy and productivity, and in fact am a total powerhouse of happiness and action. So that’s what I did.

I reviewed the steps in the system I share with my clients and identified where I had skipped.

The results?

Today……. I’m excited, focused and back in the game baby!

You can see the 5 steps in the system and what each of the letters represent over here.

Below I’ll share the big gaps I discovered and what I did to get back in the game.

Understand, you’re gaps may be every different. That’s the beauty of the system, you create a plan that is tailored to you.

C: Clarity

Clarity is probably the number 1 reason for people in business feeling overwhelmed and unproductive so I knew I had to visit this step first. I have a series of exercises on clarity on quite a few things, working from the big picture to the more actionable goals.

I’ve already done the work so I knew which area I needed to get clear on.

Behind The Scenes: I had been tossing up the pros and cons of introducing a membership program in my business next year, to replace a step-by-step program I have. The pros and cons were coming out pretty even and this left me in indecision purgatory.

This is a danger zone for business owners.

So I worked through the same exercises I give my clients and decided NO.

The model I had been considering would not be best for my clients and just added unnecessary complexity (even though in another business it would simplify).

Here’s a tip: Once you’ve made a decision…MOVE ON! Don’t go back and second guess.

Question for You

Is clarity holding you back?

If so, check out my C.L.E.A.R. Time system. It may help get you unstuck (see the P.S. below too, I’m doing something to extra to kick start your clarity)

E: Energy

Remember, this is a sale so we’re not talking about YOUR frustrations and problems. We’re talking about them. So this may be they are living with someone who is frustrated, or they are tied to a nine-to-five job and would love to have more freedom. You may have children one of you wants to be home with. Think about why YOU have this dream and it may also be a similar motive for your partner.

1. Health Before 10 Wealth After 10

If I start my day meeting friends to swim pals, walking the dog to the beach, running in the bush and kayaking at dawn…..then I am focused and on fire all day.

I had gradually started to check emails, work before breakfast and not head out of the house, a really common thing to do when you feel like you are not getting enough done.

Yet working first, instead of focusing on your health first thing in the day, actually has the opposite effect.

2. Sanity Circles

Last year I made a commitment to myself to paint every day. This was after hearing from a close friend and mentor, the experiments he had been doing with his corporate clients, on daily creativity and productivity.

So I experimented to find a painting method that would allow me to do short sessions of painting, in my breaks during the day.

I’m usually a “paint with wild abandon” gal so this took some working out.

The solution? Sanity Circles.

I paint circles every day and create painting to hang behind my videos.

You can see my latest one below:

The problem?

I hadn’t started a new painting since completing my last one a few weeks before.

The sanity circles have actually been essential to my productivity.

The solution:

I spent Sunday planning and painting the background of my next painting, and this morning, before writing this letter, I painted circles……aaaahhhhh. The mindfulness of it is calming.

You see the process of painting the background over on Instagram @janetbeckers.

You can also see them here on Facebook.

Question for You

Is energy holding you back?

If so, check out my C.L.E.A.R. Time system. It may help get you unstuck (see the P.S. below too, I’m doing something to extra to kick start your year)

L: Lifestyle Planning

I LOVE the Lifestyle section of my C.L.E.A.R. Time system. It really is about taking control and creating a business that supports your lifestyle.

One of the steps in this section is the 90 day planning process, with good, better, best goals and very clear focus steps. I have templates to simplify this and it is a core part of the way I structure my Rising Stars program.

I had lead my clients on creating their most recent 90 day day plans and worked with each individually to make sure they were focused and set clear goals.

I hadn’t done the same for myself!

Fixed that now and the clarity and energy lift was almost immediate.

It’s amazing how when you actually follow your own systems, it works!

Question for You

Is planning holding you back?

If so, check out my C.L.E.A.R. Time system. It may help get you unstuck (see the P.S. below too, I’m doing something to extra to kick start your year)

What Next?

These are very simple steps I have outlined, but the important things is, simple works!

The secret is to have a system and follow it!

I was able to identify the gaps quickly (once I actually acknowledged I had a problem) but that’s because I had done the exercises previously and created my own tailored energy and productivity plan.

That’s why it worked so quickly.

The problem with my time management and productivity tips are they are all-sizes and the reality, we are very different people, with different ways to tap into energy flow and different goals, personalities and lifestyles.

You need a system to create your personal plan and then, revisit it to make sure you are on track.

I’d love to hear from you.

How do you get out of a funk?

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