If you’ve been following me for even a short while, you’ll know I think creating group coaching programs is a ticket to freedom and sanity, especially if you are currently working one to one.

There is simply no simpler way to claim your space in your industry, than with a trade-markable Signature System. And no simpler way to remove the constraints of how many people you can help, while freeing up your time by creating a coaching program around your system. That’s what I love helping my Rising Stars Clients and Attract Your Tribe Clients do.

When you’re planning your coaching program you’ll probably spend time thinking about how long your program should be and what to include. But today, I share with you, why spending time deciding what NOT to include in your coaching program is just as important.

Hard truth…. I learnt this lesson the hard way.

I thought by totally over-delivering in my coaching programs I was being a legend.

But in fact, I was making the biggest mistake that results in lost sales and clients not getting results.

I share with you today, in this mini-workshop style podcast, why there is a fine line between over-delivering and over-whelming and what to do instead.

So if you have existing programs you can fix this problem NOW and if you are just designing your coaching programs now, then yippee… you’re in the right place so you’ll be true legend straight out of the gate.

You can watch the video, listen to the audio, download from the podcast directory, or read the transcript below.

You can watch the video, listen to the audio, download from the podcast directory, or read the transcript below.
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Show Notes

Short and sweet, less than 20 minutes and all teaching today… so get ready to take notes 🙂

Here’s a few things you will learn:

  • The results of the fine line between over-delivering and over-whelming
  • The hard truth of the real reason many people include way too much in their coaching programs (hint: it is nothing to do with exceeding expectations and more to do with a specific fear…..gulp, in retrospect this was me).
  • Courage and confidence versus clumsiness
  • The role of the Transformational Journey in deciding what NOT to include in your coaching programs
  • The 3 word maths equation I have as my mantra when creating coaching programs

Action Steps

  1. Take an audit for your current coaching programs, are you overwhelming your clients?
  2. What can you remove and still get the same (or better) results for your clients?
  3. If you are not sure where to start in planning your coaching program, here is a free class for you on the first step.
  4. Share your ah-ha’s below and also any further tips you have to help viewers create great coaching programs that don’t overwhelm.
  5. Share the love….share this post by clicking any of the social media icons on this page.

Read The Transcript Here

Hello and welcome. Janet Beckers here. Today, I have a very special teaching podcast here for you. So, just you and me, and we're going to work through a mistake that I made myself and that a lot of people will make and is all around. What do you include in any of your service or coaching packages that you will be putting together for your clients?

So if you already have some kind of done-for-you program or a self-study program or a combination or group program or you might have a membership site. If you already have one, this could be a little bit of an "aha!" for you. If you are just in the process now of planning out your offerings, like the people who are in my Attract Your Tribe program, the modules that they're working through now is around this.

Then I tell you what, hopefully today is going to change the way that you're doing things. So let me tell you why this is a topic that I'm really passionate about helping in a bus stop and then we'll talk about some of the things that you can do so that you are going to be creating awesome program packages.

So let's go back quite a few years. When I first started the precursor to the Romance Your Tribe system, which was Wonderful Web Women. It was my first business that I had run online that was about teaching and coaching and helping people in business.

I had run other businesses online but this was a new one for me. Very very very exciting because I was moving into a whole new thing that I was really passionate about but I didn't have, you know, I didn't have programs or anything that I was creating. So I started a membership site where I was interviewing successful women online and then the recordings and the transcripts and action points and some things to help people to take action, all put into the members area. I mean you can't do that now because hey you get it all for free through a podcast. Way back then, it was a great model.

But this is what started to happen. Is, after I had been running it really only for a few months, the members area had so much stuff in there. And so your first thing is to go, "how awesome is that?" Like you've just created this amazing resource for your members where it doesn't matter what the topic is they can go in there, find a great interview, with transcripts and everything on that. And how awesome is that? You are so over-delivering, girlfriend! So that was good. But that program kept on running for years. You can imagine what an amazing resource that was but this is what started to happen.

I started to get people saying to me, "I'm just so overwhelmed. I don't know where to start. Like it's just too much." Or people would cancel their membership and say, "I'm going to come back in a few months because I've downloaded so much stuff now like I've just got to catch up like it's just I'm really sort of feeling a little bit overwhelmed or I just want to get catch up and then I'll come back". That's a little bit of a problem and then I realized, you know what, I thought I was over-delivering but actually what I have done is I have overwhelmed.

There is a really fine line. So my question to you are you over-delivering but you're really overwhelming? Just really be honest with yourself. So if you hear any of those things that I just mentioned and you're getting any of those comments coming through to you it's a very good chance that you're not over-delivering. You're actually making it so your clients are not getting the best result they can have. Now I thought this was just me and I've certainly been something that I had been changing the way that I had been delivering my material to make it so it wasn't overwhelming. But still one of the big things whenever I get into it whenever I survey my mailing list about, you know, what's your big problems that you want help with? People are always talking about a sense of overwhelm where it's coming from me or whether it's coming from other people they're feeling overwhelmed with just too many things to know.

And this is where it gets very important for you is... it's not. It wasn't just me. It's not just you it's a really really common thing and the time that I realized that, you know what, this is a real issue was when one of my mentors who was running a multi, seven-figure business said I realized that I had overwhelming my clients. So what is the solution to this? Well the solution is, this beautiful phrase is "addition by subtraction". I really love that phrase because the more that you can take away, the better you're going to make what you're delivering through your programs.

It sounds counterintuitive, doesn't it? So this is what I want you to do: is first of all think, "Why am I over delivering?" Now, of course, you want to be known for giving far more than people expected. You know you want to under-promise, over-deliver. That is a really important thing. But when it comes to really over delivering over-the-top you're giving heaps more it giving them absolutely everything that you can think of to help them to achieve their outcome.

I want you to ask yourself Is this also coming from a sense of "I'm not good enough" that "if I'd just give and give and give and give them more and more and more, well then they can't say that I haven't tried hard enough and if I give them everything well then that's, they'd have to get the results that they want". So I really want to think and think and say to yourself really really honestly: why am I really really over-delivering to the point where I can be overwhelming people?

So ask yourself that question first because I really do think, looking back, that that was a big part of... When I first started out is, you know, I just didn't have the same confidence and so I overcompensated. There you go. So there was one first thing that I want you to ask yourself.

Now let's work through a process to work out what you should be including in your programs in your packages and so that you will have a process that's going to make you feel confident that you're doing the right thing.

So I'm going refer to my notes because I didn't want to miss out on anything. So number one is before you start you have to get exceptionally clear on what the transformational journey is that your potential clients are going on. So by transformational journey I mean this starting at point A this is where their problem their frustration is and you to take them to point B. So what does point B look like to them? And then importantly, how do they get from point A to Point B? Because that's where you help them.

If you're not clear on this, I've got a really great free resource for you down below, a training video and a free workbook that will guide you through this process to help you. So it's linked down below or you can go to romanceyourtribe.com/giftPIY. So that stands for Profit In You. Gift PIUY so romanceyourtribe.com/giftPIY. That's my gift to you. So that will help you there.

So first of all you must be exceptionally clear on their transformational journey. What point is what point B is and the steps that you take them through to get them from point A to Point B. This is especially so if you're working if you're one of the people that I work with which is a coach or a consultant or somebody who is a service provider, you help people to take them on their transformational journey. So you have to start there very clear.

Now, the next step that I want you to do is I want you to think about: what is the fastest way for them to get from point A to Point B?

Now look at all of the different things that you can be doing to help people. All of the different information the different resources all of the different how to use the stuff that they need that they could know and ask yourself: what can I take out that will still help them get the result?

It might be something that your thinking, "this is so good. It's really going to help them. It's so interesting." But if it is not essential to get them from point A to Point B in the fastest way possible, I challenge you to remove it. Later on, if they are asking for it, you can add as a bonus but I really challenge you to say "what can I remove?" And the more that you can remove means that you're taking away the distractions or taking away the clutter.

So what are the things that can be the biggest nightmare is when somebody is advertising a program for you and it says something like there are 72 hours of training videos and, you know, 76 downloadable PDFs. So, as if that is the thing that is the benefit. It is not. It is absolutely not. If you can say to people, you can get from point A to Point B and where we're going to do it in just you know five lots of half hour blocks. Woah. If that was going to get the same result, awesome.

So that's just to show you two extremes. So number one is, really being honest with yourself: What have you got there that could be a distraction? And remove it. Do they need to know that? Because really, what your client wants is they want to get at point B. And if you can help them get point B with the least stress, with the least amount of distractions and bright shiny objects on the way, the better. Because they're relying on you to let them know which of those things are important and which things aren't. And so you might have added them as an extra light to have, they will see it as something that they must do.

And so the other side that comes with that is for you to be able to remove those things which can be a distraction that are not absolutely essential. Takes a lot of confidence on your part, doesn't it? Because it is so much easier to just pack everything in but I can tell you now that it's clumsy. For you to be able to take it down to bare bones and still get the same result, shows that you have a level of sophistication or understanding what the transformational journey is. And it shows that you have the confidence to back that up by saying, "you know what, this is more. There is addition by subtraction".

So that's my challenge to you to do that. So the other thing that I want to think about here is you know it's something that you can keep on doing so keep on watching the progress that you have in helping your clients get from point A to Point B and keep on thinking instead of thinking what can I add? Think about "What can I remove?" As an example being, you know, what can I remove? Can I make it instead of making it there are three hours of how-to videos on doing something, can I instead create some kind of checklist or a template that they can fill in? And it might only take them half an hour to do that and then they've got the result. Rather than them having to watch all the how-tos.

That's a huge difference though it doesn't mean that your clients are not going to get the results they're not going to learn that particular thing or master that particular thing. What can you do to take away the amount of time, the amount of work, that they have to do before they get to that result? So keep on looking at what they're doing.

As an example I have a program, Attract Your Tribe, and it's one that I am as we're speaking, I've got the first founding members going through this. So we're it's a step-by-step program and the modules are released week by week. And, as I've been creating this, it's using all of the different resources that I have taken people through in different programs that I've run and the interesting thing is when I designed this particular program, I brought in a consultant to work with me because I said "you know what, this program to get really really good results for people like ridiculously good results for the people that follow it. Which means I've got to make it that they will follow it. I've got to make it so I'll finish each of the sections and get the results rather than getting overwhelmed or it takes too long. So can you help me as a as a new set of eyes to really streamline this?"

And so the interesting thing that we did together is we look at all of the different things that I had including in my training programs and we removed as stuff a stack of stuff that I looked at and went, "you know what that can be a distraction. That's a distraction. I can replace this with a checklist. Let me create the checklist. I can replace that with a template. Let's do that." And as a result the people who were working through it already are just working step-by-step and already getting really great transformations with just the points that they've already been going through and not getting distracted along the way.

So it's incredibly rewarding. So that was a really really hard thing for me to do because I was very attached to all these beautiful topics and resources that had been giving people through my other programs. And, you know, to take those things out was really really tough decision to do. But I'm so pleased that I did.

So I'm in the process now of actually seeing the results of that and it's incredibly rewarding. So that's my challenge to you. Can you confidently remove things? Are you going to be able to back yourself up and say, "you know what I know if you just do this that's going to get you the results"?

So I'd love to hear from you when it comes to designing programs that you do, is it something that you struggle with? Is it something where you've felt like you might be overwhelming people and and what can you do about it?

Or maybe you've been on the other side of it. Have you done some programs where you've studied them and you've gone, "I'm just never going to finish this. It's just too big, way too big, and I feel as if I can't do it all". Have you been in that situation where you got overwhelmed so you stopped and you didn't get the results of the program that you wanted to get because it was just too generous but it actually wasn't sophisticated enough?

I'd really like to hear from you. Has that been an issue for you? And and try to strike that down once. So please leave your comments here if you've got somebody that you know that would really benefit from this because they're in that process at the moment of creating and designing what they're putting in their programs, pass this on to them because I really do hope that this helps them.

So it takes a lot of confidence in what you do with the results you can get to say "no I'm not including that. I'm removing things.".

So. Good luck with you. If you'd like some help with that, I would love to be able to help you because this is what I do the best. I absolutely love doing this stuff. Creating you programs and those things that are going to really make your client get great results. So if you like some help with that I've got the links down below to the Attract Your Tribe program. You can join us now. The, you know, Our current cohort is, we've still got a few live Q&As so you can join us with those. Yeah.

So the links are there down below and if you've got any questions at all just contact me and we can see it's gonna be right for you but otherwise just go get em folks.

So Your action points for today: look at what you're offering. Get very clear on your transformational journey, point A to Point B. What is the absolute minimum that you can deliver so that your clients don't get any distractions or any barriers to get to Point B? And what can you do to totally totally reduce the amount of time it will take them? Are there things that you can create which are like templates or checklists or something that means that they can get the result without having to do as much of the learning how-to stuff. So that's your action points for the day, and come back and let me know if that's worked for you. Bye.

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