Trish Morgan : what an incredibly inspiring women she is. Trish has a great story of starting with no cash and 5 kids at home, selling photocopied resources on eBay to now having a beautifully profitable and highly responsive online community. Trish is incredibly open about what it took to succeed in those first few years and what she does now to create such loyalty. Think lack of time and money is a barrier to your success? You just lost your last excuse! I can’t wait to hear your feedback on this interview. Click here to download your gift now.

A message to you from Trish
You can contact me with any questions or anything that you’ve got that you think I could help you answer, that would help you on your way. I’m more than happy to respond to any questions. If I can help you, I’ll let you know.

Trish Morgan

Trish, a teacher with degrees in both Commerce and Primary Education, enjoys developing curriculum based resources to support and inspire learners. Although Trish has worked in mainstream classrooms, she has most recently worked with students who have various learning difficulties. She is passionate about creating resources that allow and encourage all students to participate in learning activities.John, a computer systems administrator, maintains and provides all customer support. John enjoys helping Teach This members access all the material they need and is available for telephone support 24/7.TrishTogether, John and Trish are the proud parents of four girls – 8 year old triplets and a 13 year old daughter with autism. The considerable growth experience gained working and living with autism has inspired much of the Teach This material. This continues to be a rewarding experience and has led to the creation of many more visual resources.

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