I have a special gift for you with this week’s podcast.

The exact template I use in my own business so I can see EXACTLY what I need to focus on to hit my 90 day goals.

Plus I walk you through step-by-step how to fill in each section so you can use it in your business to make the next 90 days legendary!

The beauty of this system is it is only 1 page.

I take a screen grab of mine and have it on my phone and it is also the screensaver on my computer.

Ain’t no way I’m going to forget what my priorities are!

That’s what makes a good plan.

It should be easy to see at a glance exactly what your action steps are each month, how you know if you have succeeded and importantly, how you are going to celebrate every 30 days when you take action on the things that are most important in your business.

And hey, if you need ideas on what you can achieve in your business in 90 days, on the page, here’s “20 Ways To Make Money In Your Business In The Next 90 Days”

In the podcast (video / audio or transcript – I’ve got you covered baby) I cover:

  • Why 90 Days is an important planning length in your business and why 12 months is WAAAAY too long.
  • How to know what you can expect to get done in 90 days and what happens when you seriously overestimate your capabilities.
  • When to say YES, when to say NO and how to use the template to make saying no easy
  • How to use the plan if you have a team. Oh and how to use it if it is just YOU.
  • The importance of setting goals and an introduction to Good Better Best goals
  • What to measure – and why money is often the wrong measure.
  • The importance of celebrating and the unique method I use to build creative celebration into my business plan.
  • Accountability and how I use this exact template with my top clients to lovingly crack the whip and enthusiastically celebrate with them when they kick their goals.

Go get ‘em baby!

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Plus a special podcast bonus for you today. A Fillable Template to download The One Page 90 Day Business Plan Template.

Read The Transcript Here

Transcript will be availabe soon!

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