How have you adapted to the change, insecurity and fear that has characterised 2020?

I’ve found it fascinating observing not just my own reaction as different stages, but also that of my clients, peers and mentors.

I’ve noticed 3 main reactions and in total transparency, I’ve experienced all 3 myself at different stages:

  1. Some people came out fighting (yep that was me with my “no one goes down on my watch”! attitude). This is you if you are focused on the clients you serve and how they are affected. It’s a great reaction but can also be exhausting to maintain if you’re not careful.
  2. Some people responded with fear with a “I’ll come out and focus on my business when this is all over”. You know this is you if you haven’t kept in contact with your clients, you’re not focused on selling, adapting and you’ve even wondered if you will close your business (even if you aren’t in one of the industries that were decimated…hello events and travel). You may also have dropped your prices or given away everything and continued to. If that’s you, this episode is for you. And hey, after 3 months and I realised I couldn’t save everyone, this was me for about a week smile
  3. Some people responded with “bring it on baby”. They asked the questions “how do we come out of this stronger?” Even if that means a complete pivot to a different market or way of doing business. The big thing here is they also kept implementing even when their first attempts and experiments didn’t work.

Which of these 3 reactions can you see yourself reflected in?

Personally I’ve experienced all 3.

But most of my energy has been focused on projects with clients that are in reaction #3.

It’s been scary but fun.

So how do you consciously change your mindset to move out of fear and intro thriving?

To talk on this topic I reached out to long term friends and mentor, Amanda Jane Clarkson. Amanda is the co-founder of Millionairess Magazine . Amanda not only walks her talk as the founder of multiple 7 figure businesses, she also has very strategic and practical strategies to master the mindset that is necessary to thrive in business.

And between the 2 of us smile My nickname for Amanda is “Millionaire Barbie” because of her long legs and long blonde hair. But that’s where the similarity ends. Barbie may be plastic but Amanda is as down to Earth and hilarious as anyone I’d call a BBF (Business Best Friend).

Together, Amanda and I outline very definite steps you can take this week to take control of your mental health, happiness and business success and come out of 2020 thriving.


I have a special downloadable template and action guide for you today. The Business Wheel Of Life Template includes a step-by-step guide so you can rate your business in each of the 12 areas essential for every business to grow and identify the #1 area with the most opportunity to improve your business quickly. You’ll see how your personal happiness and leadership are 2 of these areas. You can download your bonus over here.

In today’s masterclass podcast episode you will learn:

  • 3 ways people have reacted to the fear and insecurity of 2020
  • What changes you can expect to see post 2020 and what that means for your mindset and business
  • Things you can control, things you can’t and what happens to your body if you focus on the wrong things
  • The 3 growth options your business has because of the pandemic
  • The night time routine that guarantees success for the next day
  • The magic outfit strategy (I’m trying this one)
  • A question to ask yourself 10 times per day!

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Read The Transcript Here

Janet Beckers: Hello and welcome everybody! I am so excited to introduce you today to my guest and beautiful friend Amanda Jane Clarkson. Good day Amanda

Amanda Clarkson: Good day Janet, and I’m really looking forward to our conversation today. And welcome for those who are listening.

Janet Beckers: So Amanda and I, we go back a long way, don’t we?

Amanda Clarkson: 2007, I remember the date.

Janet Beckers: Wow. Oh there you go, that must have made an impact. Well, you were one of the very first people who I interviewed when I started Wonderful Web Women way back then. I was finding women who had created success online and back then it was hard to find women who had a public profile. And you were also probably one of the very, very few women who was presenting on stage at that time as well. Especially back then when there were a lot of events that were multi speaker events. They were just, basically, testosterone fest. That’s when I met Amanda, this gorgeous Barbie looking woman who when she opens her mouth is so real and just says what she thinks and I just thought, man, I like this chick. So we’ve been in each other’s kind-of universe. You know, for all those years, but we haven’t connected for a while. So since then, you’ve opened up millionaire…

Amanda Clarkson: Millionairess Magazine

Janet Beckers: Millionairess Magazine! So before, we’re going to talk today about mindset stuff, because honestly, if there is anybody who walks her talk, and will tell it to you in the most beautiful, non-fluffy way, it’s Amanda. Before we do that, can you just tell us a little bit about Millionairess Magazine, so people understand, you know a little bit about your story, like who you’re serving through there and what’s made you start Millionairess Magazine?

Amanda Clarkson: What’s a great question of I should probably say, Well, how long have we got, because I’ve started 14 businesses. But I will jump forward many different types of businesses, many fields, although I know my purpose is to always serve people. I love teaching. And I love showing other people how to become successful on their terms based on my own experience, not stuff. I’ve read stuff I’ve actually done. And for many years, as you said, I met you when I was on stage, speaking about wealth creation on the internet, mainly eBay back in those days when I was manufacturing and importing products from China, immense success, then started teaching other people all around the world about what we do. And I had media behind me, which really elevated our message, elevated our profile, elevated our success in an incredible way. And so many years, I was I’ve been speaking on stage now for more since 2007. And then had a bit of a break in 2017. Thinking that I might retire, which lasted three weeks. It is so oh my god. I mean, look at me, I don’t even look like I’m ready to retire. No, I don’t want to break a nail in the garden. I really, to be honest, I just had this truly empty feeling inside of me that I was missing serving people. I wanted to keep getting out there making an impact in the world, helping people overcome their own stuff to become successful, because I’d had to go through it myself, invested ease in using mentors and overcoming my own fears, my own doubts, my own perceived failures, which were really just lessons, figuring it all out.

Amanda Clarkson: I decided to get back in and I wrote a book, which I’ll talk about later. And then the magazine came about when I met up with my now business partner, Robin gifters, who has a media background. And we just said how do we keep elevating women? How do we help women overcome their fears, their doubts, elevate their self worth and net worth in their life worth. And it just started a magazine. It’s gone global, where I get to have incredible conversations with women like yourself and global leaders all around the world, sharing their wisdom, their inspiration, their stories, and their message to truly help every woman out there and I say guys as well because we’re all the same but I just focus on women, that a dream that you have within you is absolutely possible, no matter what age Anybody who says, no matter what anybody else thinks, and any hurdle you need to overcome, and there’ll be many of them with the right help. The right understanding and structure, you can have that success. And that’s kind of how Millionairess Magazine was born.

Amanda Clarkson: Now it’s a monthly magazine, and it’s truly growing legs of its own is growing faster than we’d ever hoped. Because you know what I’m noticing Janet, more people, more women like you like me, like all these other women behind me on my bookcase here. We just want to help other women, I think times are changing. You mentioned before that used to be a stage full of testosterone, guys only, yeah, men have come into their own women, sharing a global stage sharing their message and co creating, instead of going against each other, instead of seeing and climbing that corporate ladder and pulling other people down. We see not competition, but co creation. And that’s what we’re all about. That’s what drives me I love being in this space, because there is enough for all of us. Yeah, waiting for you. Any one of you. If you just have the right mentors, the right structure, you have a I guess, follow a formula that works. And above everything, which I’d like to talk about with you today. The community, the right people who believe in you when sometimes you just don’t believe in yourself.

Janet Beckers: Ah, yeah, so important. You know what you said one thing there about, you know, men and women were all the same. But which yet, you know, absolutely. But you know, I really noticed when I started wonderful women, and one thing that you picked up there was women do tend to naturally when they’re not feeling threatened, when they’re not put into that position of where, you know what I’ve got to compete, I’ve got to defend myself, when we’re actually in that environment of, you know, someone’s got my back, you know, I’m safe here. Women naturally collaborate, yes, that women do naturally tend to work in terms of, you know, you know, it’s that the same classic thing of, Oh, my God, I’ve got the necklace that would just go perfect with your outfit borrower. That’s, I mean, that’s sort of a silly might seem a silly example. But it does work out the same way that the women naturally work, which is, Oh, look, you know, I know somebody who you can do or we could do something together. So not saying that men don’t work in that way. But it is one thing that I did notice and that you obviously, really picked up you know, and tapped into with what you’re doing is that drive to want to do things to collaborate or to want to share. And that’s and it makes perfectly good sense that this is where you evolve to, even though when I met you, you’re, you know, working you know, your thing was eBay is even back then. One of the reasons why I think we connected is you couldn’t help yourself, but mentor, you couldn’t help yourself, but you’ve got this girlfriend, or you’re doing so well. Oh, that’s great. What can I do to help you? It was just naturally your start. So it makes perfectly good sense that this is what you’re doing now. So I’m excited. So let’s dive in to you’re talking about stinking thinking. And this for me, the one one of the reasons why I wanted Amanda to join us today one apart from I just want to introduce you to a man because I mean, she’s just gorgeous.

Janet Beckers: Yeah. But the other one is, we’re in a moment now where there is change. And I’ve really noticed amongst my own clients, I’ve noticed myself wavering from day to day, when it comes to two ways to reacting to all of the change that we’ve gotten, you know, we’ve been in this sort of COVID thing now for, what, six months or more now.

Amanda Clarkso: I think even longer than that. We’re 8 months in we’re eight months in now heading into our night in November Yeah,

Janet Beckers: Yeah, you’re right. So it’s been it’s been part of the point of all of this will be over in a few minutes to Well, okay, we’re going to this is there’s going to be some permanent changes that come from this. And I’ve and then when I was saying things I’ve noticed in clients and myself some have just gone Whoa, holy shit Batman just are going to you know, let me bunk it down and I will come out of my shell when it looks like it’s safe. Other people have just gone You know what, bring it on. I’m, I’m ready for change. I’m gonna make it and myself. I’m totally honest. My very first reaction when this happened was bring it on baby and I am going to help me know what is going down on my watch. And, but then as it’s got longer, there’s been Oh, okay, you know that there’ll be those days or weeks where you just go just you know, over it or whatever. So keeping that mindset takes like a structure that you talked about. So that’s why I really wanted to Mandy here because she’s got really good structure, as well as walking the talk. So over to you baby, sock it to us!

Amanda Clarkson: You’re such a good interviewer. So do you want me to talk about my set around stinking thinking? And what what the COVID has bought out? And how to stay focused? Or where would you like me to begin on?

Janet Beckers: Well, I think the thing that I know that people have got now is what there’s reality now that we’ve got this situation. But you know, we things are unstable at the moment. And so it’s going to bring up if you’ve got any kind of mindsets issues, this is going to bring it up. So the way that you can advise people to really keep your mindset. So keeping that mindset strong, so that you can not just survive this and without sounding like a cliche, and not just to survive, but thrive. But you know how to really come out of this stronger,

Amanda Clarkson: I think, now more than ever, is it is a critical time in history, that we are never going back to what we perceive as normal. And I really believe that not just to sound cliche, either, but there is a lot of opportunity. However, it is going to take inner strength, and being able, because I think that so many people are struggling at the moment, mentally and emotionally with the turmoil that they’re feeling around the world. And this is the time in history where you’ve really got to work harder on yourself than anything else. Like an athlete conditions, their mind and their body to become an Olympic gold medalist. They’re not just swimming in the pool. They’re working on their mindset day in day out, because we need to be strong, because there’s so much noise, so many voices, so many opinions, and to be able to block it out. And what I say get those horse blinkers on, it’s not easy. And so for myself and the people that I mentor, throughout this whole year, I’ve really helped them stay on focus with what they’re actually trying to achieve. Now, when it comes to business. I don’t know a single business that hasn’t had to pivot, or change their thinking, or restructure, or ask themselves some questions. Well, what does this mean for now and into the future? For myself, for instance, I’ve had to pivot like you wouldn’t believe. And I can say that without a strong mindset. Because there’s only three things we can control. I want you to write this down, if you’re listening to it, our perceptions of what’s going on, which are our beliefs, perceptions, ad decisions, and our actions. So if you’re a product of just following the herd, it’s no, no, it’s no surprise that you’d be a mess right now feeling like oh, my God, I’ve got no control in my life, you know, the world’s gone crazy, everything’s gone mad. But if you control your thoughts, or your beliefs and make and control your own universe by saying, What’s true for me, what am I focused on? can I fix anything out there? Or can I just keep on focus, keep pivoting, keep figuring out how I can solve problems for myself and my customers. Then you have more control over your life in your destiny. And of course, then you don’t feel so many core anxious or depressed. It’s just how you see the world. And of course, business pivoting, we’ve pivoted non stop. And I’d like to share just a couple of things that have come out of that. From my experiences that gone other days, where you can do things by yourself, because I used to be one of these women. Look, I’ll just do it myself. I’ll get it done. No one can do a better job than me. I’ve got this I’m going to get to the top of my success mountain by myself just like a triathlete, because when you’re a triathlete, it is a race against yourself. What I believe is changed for my definitely for myself, going through this whole year is that I’ve needed to attract other athletes to work in a team environment, to help us pivot to help us solve different problems in our company and for other people that we want to serve. And that’s what we focused on, Janet. Well, I don’t focus on the stuff that’s happening in the world that I cannot control. Yeah. Look at Myself and say, Amanda, what can you control? What are you focusing on, and then I am very, very structured in my priorities. That’s what I truly focus on every day. And it keeps my mind from going crazy with stuff. That’s really not my business. Now, I don’t mean to sound like I don’t care, because I do care very, very deeply. However, there’s only a certain amount of things that I can control as an individual. Yeah, right now, I’m focused on controlling my mindset, my emotions, my state of being, because otherwise it breaks down your health, right breaks down your vital organs, we start to go into anxiety, depression, all these problems, because we allow our mind to be taken over by stuff that we cannot control. So that’s the that’s the big thing.

Janet Beckers: Look, there’s two points that I want to follow up that you just said, the first one, though, is, like what you’ve taught there people to learn how to do. And the thing that I discovered was, I used to with my first business, which was an art gallery, an online Art Gallery, I used to get, like, really sort of consumed with everything that was around it consumed about, you know, ridiculous stuff, like, you know, on the on the web page, which two images really, really looks best side by side, you know, when I’ve got all the photos and and then all these sorts of things that make no difference when you’re talking about the priorities, and, and all the other things that were also outside my control of, you know, really ridiculous, I got fair, I got really, really sick, like life threatening LASIK. Well, so when you talk about that, it was like, Whoa, something’s got to change here. And it was only the mindset stuff that got me out of that illness. So when I just when you were saying about it will break your body down, I’m standing here and I’m sitting here telling you, you are spot on, like the consequences are very, very real. So I just that and so that skill to be able to go Can I?

Amanda Clarkson: Can I do anything about this? No, well forget it. Just move on. What you can’t think about it anymore is such really like you can’t underestimate how important that is. I know it’s easier said than done. But here’s what I do, too. They say Oh, that sounds easy for you. But he My life is in a turmoil I you know, my business is going down the drain or my health done in a good space? Well, we start with one step at a time. I know it’s easier said than done. But we’ve got to start somewhere. And we need to as individuals take responsibility. Because nobody and I mean, nobody cares about you. Your health, your success, your life as much as you care. And so it all begins with us, doesn’t it? So, every single night, what I do to keep control of my mind from going crazy from wandering off to things that are just irrelevant things I cannot control or need to control, by the way, is I go to bed every single night with my top three priorities for the next day written out in my diary, right? Never do I go to sleep. Because why do I do that? Because every morning when I wake up, instead of wanting to pull that dooner up over my face can face the world doom and gloom. I never ever turned my phone on. I do not look at a computer. I certainly don’t look at the TV. I don’t ask anyone’s opinion of how the world is going. I asked myself I do my gratefulness while I’m laying in bed thinking, Well, let me count my gratitudes What am I grateful for? I’m grateful that I’ve woken up with great health of working. I’m grateful that I have woken up. Being able to live my purpose. I’m grateful that I have woken up in a warm bed and I’m safe. All these things. I just go through my gratitudes every morning. But then Janet, I know that my mind’s not clouded because I think I know the exact three intentions for my day, and I will not be pulled off track. Now. Again, this is easier said than done. But it takes practice and it takes focus and I think for women especially one of the things that we are not so good at is saying thank you but no thank you know, the day ends up taking us taking control from us instead of us controlling our day. Do we lose control of our day, we lose control of our emotions, we lose control of ourselves, we lose control of our destiny. And so just like an athlete, they’re rigid in their training, they get up, they eat a certain type of food, they go to the swimming pool at a certain time of day, they do a certain amount of training. And they are true to the goal that they have set to the dream that they have of that gold medal. And friends, listen to this, this is what life is, it’s so much freakin noise out there, you honestly unless you have some sort of, I guess, priorities that you stick by. And that you say, I’m not going to let anybody interfere with these priorities that I’ve set these intentions. And that those intentions will be around your health, your relationships, your money, your financial income, your business, I’m saying, in fact, anything your love life with yourself and other people, every area of your life needs to have an intention set. Because if you don’t, nobody else is going to, which is usually the media or the news or other people’s agenda for you. I know I’m sounding like a school teacher here, but it’s just the truth.

Janet Beckers: What do I The thing that I love here with this is exactly what you’re describing here is if you’re going to be able to decide, okay, what do I control around me? Okay, I can’t control that, you know, the whatever that that we can’t travel or, you know, the things that have got to do with the pandemic, you know, this, you can’t control these things. So. And when you’re saying we, it’s easier said than done? Well, this is actually a really practical tool that people will often underestimate this whole simple thing of, Okay, well, I’m going to take control of where my mind goes in the morning, I’m going to take control of those three things that are the top priorities, and I’m going to do them. And, you know, it’s really interesting I had done a couple of years ago, I ended up sharing a hotel room with a stranger at a conference that I was going to we are now like, his friends. Absolutely gorgeous. She’s on she’s also I’ve also interviewed her about because one of the things in our conversation that we had was, you know, getting to know each other, you know, and I say, Well, you know, tell me about your business, because we were at a business conference. And she said, Well, you know, in the last 12 months, my revenue has doubled. And I just went, I think it was close to tripled. So Whoa, tell me like, what did you do? Like, as I get my notebook, ready to write down every single thing that she said? And she said, Well, I have a sheet, where exactly what you’ve described, what am I grateful for? And what are the top three things that I’m going to do today? And she said, the only thing that I did different at all? Was I use my discipline when you and that’s exactly when you’re talking about the sports. I’ve used that discipline so that every single day I actually did that.

Amanda Clarkson: Yep. I actually

Janet Beckers: I actually wrote down the three things the night before I did those three things and stuck with them. I didn’t let anything distract me from those three things. That’s what almost tripled her business in 12 months, the only difference.

Amanda Clarkson: It’ll triple your life. You know… talked about 10X in your life. This is how he does it. He still does it every night. He writes down his goals for the next day. But I go a step further than that as well. I have what I call p one, p two, p three, priority one, priority two, priority three. Now this is for my business. I’m talking business here. Yeah, I’ll go back a step when I wake up every morning. beside my bed. I’ve done it most of my life because that was how I was brought up. I have what I call my magic outfit. And my educate feed is my running on my running shorts, my running gear my running outfit. So I have this thing and it’s from practice, Rob Tony Robbins talks about it. It’s just changing a habit. a habit can be formed as fast as you want if you are committed, right? Every morning, no question asked before I do any computer work before I do anything I pull on that magic outfit. Whether or not I feel like going to the gym because what happens depending on the outfit that you’re wearing will determine the mindset or the state you feel in I’ll give you an eye. If you are going to a really important party or a conference and you’re dressed up to the Knights got a beautiful suit on are a beautiful gown and you’ve done your hair and your makeup. Would you agree you feel more confident shoulders back holding his stomach in for as long as you can. You’re feeling pretty good about yourself if you’ve taken the time, it’s because of the outfit you’re wearing. But if you went to the same party or important conference, and nobody told you to wear a gown and you turned up in your tracksuit, you would feel a whole lot different, wouldn’t you? Yeah, yes, right would change instantly you feel all my goodness, I feel so embarrassed, I feel ashamed, his shoulders would go down your body would crumble. It is the same in life. And so by putting on my running outfit, I instantly go into training mode. And I go downstairs, I’ve got a home gym. But you might just want to go for a walk around the block, take the kids for a walk, take the dog for a walk, go for a hike in the mountains, whatever it is for you. It comes down to discipline. So I do that seven days a week, even if I’ve had too few, many bubbles the night before Janet, which is often I don’t give myself an hour. There’s no excuses. This is what life is. They want success. They want money. They want fame, they want a life by design. But these are the practical steps. This is the truth behind what you see sitting here, or sitting there or you know, for whoever you perceive as successful. They do these little things add up to big things. So health first before wealth.

Janet Beckers: Yep!

Amanda Clarkson: You know, back in my days, when I was a personal trainer, I had the privilege of training many very wealthy people. And they all would say to me, Amanda, I would give every dollar I have, if I could have the health and vitality that you have or a younger person has If only I didn’t let my business and money be my driver, my health goals. And so for me, the three priorities as I was going into quickly, p One, two and three, whatever is the most important priority, apart from your health gets done first, then a big red tick, the second and then the third big red tick, big, big red tick. And it’s always around what’s going to take me a step closer to the dream life that I want. Because nobody starts a business for anything but to have the life by design that they dream of. Yeah. Yeah. And I asked myself 10 times a day, Janet, is what I’m doing right now. What I’m thinking right now, taking me closer or further away from that life by design, and I’ll get an instant answer. And then I just redirect, refocus, horse blinkers on. And there I go.

Janet Beckers: You know what, I reckon I’m just thinking of some really good action steps for people who are listening here. And I’m just going to do a bit of a Double Dare to everybody here that’s listening. Because honestly, I have seen when I have implemented what you’re talking about, when I’m in perfect candidate mode, perfect candidate does the, you know, the three things she gets up in the morning, she’s already knows she’s already gone for who ran or her swim or who Chi or whatever it is that I’ve chosen. That’s what I do that day. You know, she is focused on fire, energy is good. When I’m perfect Janet, things happen, really, things happen for me, not just because I’m you know, not just from the work I’m doing, it sends, like this whole energy of everything changes. Yep. I for whatever reason, slack off, and I haven’t done that. I noticed there are blockages everywhere. Like, it just it’s I just I’ve watched it now I think are for heaven’s sake, Janet, that’s why you’re not using you’re not disciplined about doing this. And so that’s this is gonna be my double data. So this will you let me know what once I should be adding in here, Amanda. So the Double Dare is just that one question like is what I’m doing now and thinking now actually going to drive me you know, get me to there? Or is it moving me away? You said 10 times a day, I reckon if this is something that’s going to be a new habit, I’d Double Dare you to set your alarm on your phone, because we all know that you probably love it zillion times. I’m double daring you to set that alarm for a week, four, five times a day, 10 times a day, whatever it is that you know is going to start you down that track. So that’s gonna do it. And I also Double Dare you to do what Amanda has said here. And at the end of each day, I want you to put those three no p one p two p three that you’ve talked about for the next day. I want you to do that. And is there anything else that you think that I should be adding to this Double Dare to everybody?

Amanda Clarkson : Yeah, at the end of the day, take a moment and look over your intention list and what you’ve actually done and take a moment to celebrate because I don’t want you to think that I’m sitting here saying Oh, Got it all worked out almost perfect. 10 out of 10 Amanda? No, no, no, I slip off the rails too. I have my moments where I’m not on priority. And I just have learned to love it. But let it let it go is one of my mentors says, but bright the winds, especially women, we are Shockers with looking at what we haven’t done. Yeah, say, God stuff, girlfriend, you did it. Thank you. And I’m so pleased with what you’ve done, well, maybe you got to the second priority, and the shit hit the fan, something went wrong, the kids got sick, and you had to run off and pick them up from school. That is not a time to beat yourself up. Because you didn’t get the three intentions. You simply move the 30 intention back to the next day. And ritualize yourself that you did everything you could in that day to take yourself closer to that dream life that you want. That is what I’d add on. And I tell you what it makes such a difference to your self worth. Because we spend too much time beating ourselves up, me included.

Janet Beckers: We do we do and when you do have a success, so many of us guess go. Don’t take that time to celebrate me start thinking about the next thing like you’re so focused on the next to do not taking that time. So what a difference it will make in your life. If you consciously do that every day, not just wait until you’ve achieved one big thing that you think is worthy of celebrating if you actually look for those little things. I love that

Amanda Clarkson: Mounting interest compounding interest, where you put 10 cents away every day in it and then you add it on again or a snowball effect where it starts off with a tiny little piece of ice turns into a snowball people don’t feel that it’s going to make an impact. But I promise you give yourself 30 6090 days and you won’t know your wife. I think the most important thing that I would say from this if you if you want to stick to you, I love your idea, put the alarm on every 10 minutes. What am I thinking about? What am I doing right now, your life, but especially your mental, and your emotional health will improve exponentially. And I think that is the most important key, especially in the time we’re living in now is the real focus. So many people are losing control or feeling like they’re losing control of their emotions. But what we just spoke about or have an incredibly successful impact, I just note in my heart because I do it every day.

Janet Beckers: Yeah. And you know what, I love that great closing of the loop though girlfriend like the you know, we’re back to, you know, the chaos or at the moment. And that feeling is if you don’t have control over what’s happening. These are really, really practical steps. Yep, give you control over those things that you can and expand that control. So you’re actually moving forward. So what’s so amazing double days, but I’m not going to make you a Double Dare without me doing it too. And without also giving you some accountability. So I’m going to be I’m I am committing here. And now. So I’ve done this interview today on a Thursday, it will probably be about a week and a half before we go live because it just so happens I haven’t got a stockpile now. So this is exciting. I’m guaranteeing between now. And when this goes live that I am going to do exactly what I have doubled in everybody here to do. And when this goes live, I will come back and let you know what I learned through that process like and what changes could I feel and see happening. And so that’s that so you guys are gonna hold me accountable. So I’m going to do that I’m going to go out to my mailing list and I’m going to go out onto social media and share with you the results. Now for you. I’m going to Double Dare you this is how we’re going to hold you accountable is Amanda, you know has given some amazing amount of time for us here today. So I am adding for this accountability go and stalk Amanda. So go I will well we’ll we’ll find out in a tick where you can go to get her on email and also where you can find her on social media. I Double Dare you to when you get this recording, I want you to for a whole week do exactly what we said. And then come back and Lynn Amanda and I would love back because it’s so rewarding, isn’t it Amanda, you’ve given such an amazing amount of your time here today. And your experience and you’re loving like we can all feel it coming through. So I love it always. That’s one of the best ways to give back is to show that you know

Amanda Clarkson: Yeah here in the comments and What happens I even in my own community, I get goosebumps, I get tears because I want, I want for you what I know you want for you. That’s where I come from. And it is possible, you know, I come from nothing, no privileges, nothing. And I’ve got a long way to go yet, but um, I am on purpose, I live my life by design. And all I want for you is to have the same, but more importantly, control over your mind control over your destiny. It’s absolutely possible. So I would love to hear your comments. Any questions? Yeah, you. And I, the last thing I will say is that sometimes you don’t feel that people believe in you. You don’t feel seen you don’t feel heard. And I want you all to know that I believe in you. I see you. I hear you and that it is absolutely possible. Just go for gold gorgeous. And I can’t wait to see what happens.

Janet Beckers: Yeah, that’s fantastic. So you’ve got a gift for people. And that’s probably a good place for them to go and find you to start off with. And that way you’ll be in Amanda’s world. So can you tell us a little bit about your gift and how people can can get that?

Amanda Clarkson: Absolutely, if you would love to get a free subscription of Millionairess Magazine, just head over to And as my gift you’ll have access to my new book. I’ll hold it up here from frustrated to fabulous. It’s an audio book. And it’s an inspirational guide for women who dare to live their dreams. So it’s got my success formula, wonderful life lessons, a lot more of what we’ve kind of went through today with practical steps. And it’s about a seven hour audio so I will let you know it is my voice narrating it your darlings, you are going to go very well with the 12 month subscription. So I would love to extend that gift. So thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

Janet Beckers: That’s wonderful. Thank you so much, Amanda and everybody. Go out there and get them and just take these really simple, but they require discipline require take these steps and come back and give us the results of the double day that I’ve given you and I will do the same with you. Okay, bye, everybody. And thanks so much, Amanda.

Amanda Clarkson: Oh, thank you. Thank you everyone. I look forward to hearing the results to catch you soon.

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