This week’s podcast episode is all about the fastest way to get new clients

OK so you’d think, with my specialty of helping coaches, consultants and service professionals take their businesses online, I’d tell you the fastest way to get new clients is to do a really clever online marketing strategy wouldn’t you?

The truth is, when I start with a new client the first thing I do is look at their existing business and often the fastest way to get new clients for every existing business is far less glamourous. We take simple but very powerful steps to use their existing network and the results are always fast when they follow the process.

Then we can focus on clever online ways to put this on steroids.

So what is this system?

That’s what my guest in today’s podcast episode specialises in and she is the person who gets the best results with this, than anyone I know. She is a beautiful close friend of mine and I’ve seen behind the scenes how she gets great results.

Michelle McGlade helps health professionals triple their new businesses in the first month…and then continue to do so month after month. She is “The Healer’s Healer”.

Here’s a few things we cover in today’s episode:

  1. Why Michelle coaches health professionals rather than working in her profession as an acupuncturist
  2. Michelle’s Fat Five key things to help you get to the next level
  3. The change in mindset you need or your business will never succeed
  4. Pricing your services and your oxygen mask
  5. Michelle’s step by step process to triple your clients in the first 30 days

You’ll absolutely adore Michelle, just like I do and get ready to take notes.

I’d love to hear your ah-ha’s and any questions or comments you have. Just leave them below and we’ll come back and join in the conversation.

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What is The Fastest Way To Get New Clients When You Are Starting Out?

Your first and priority strategy for your business is to do sales and marketing to get the client flow you need. Again, you need to adopt the mindset of a business owner. It is no longer enough to just be good at what you do and rely on bare minimum efforts and word of mouth.

The fastest way to get new clients, and the secret to getting that sales flow you need and to grow your business, is quite simple.

“The fastest way – literally the fastest way – to get clients is to talk to people… to connect with other human beings and build relationships with them.” – Michelle McGlade

Here is Michelle’s simple system, I call “The McGlade Method”.

21 People

Remember to set aside some time to work on your business. During this time, make your list of 21 people who you have connected to, showed interest but never heard back from, or someone your friends and family have mentioned could benefit from your help. This is your warm list.

They are already interested in your services. You just have to give them a little push.

I have my list of 21 people. What do I say?

You don’t have to go for the hard sell. You don’t have to directly tell them about all your products and services or try to get them to buy in. Remember that we’re here to romance your tribe. You need to create a community that is in love with you and what you do.

The fastest way to get new clients is to build relationships with the people in your warm list. Create a genuine connection with each and everyone of them. Start by trying to be in touch with where they are now in the area that you can help them with, but also try to connect to them on a personal level.

Here’s a solid template for reconnecting with possible clients: “I know you were interested and I wanted to reconnect with you and find out how you’re doing since we last spoke.”

Isn’t the process too long before you can get to the sale?

Do it strategically, do it fast. Block 90 minutes of your time on your calendar and reach out to all 21 people. Follow the template above and maybe set a schedule to meet up with them and catch up over coffee. Chances are, they would mention that they are of need of your services or ask about what it is that you do. Then you can easily transition into selling your services.

“50% more sales are made in the follow up.”

Don’t be afraid of being too pushy. The devil is in the details. You need to keep yourself in your prospects’ minds and that’s not possible if you limit your interactions to the initial contact.

Follow up up to five times.

Michelle shares a little recipe she gives her clients on how to strategically follow up on possible leads. The idea is to do it two days after, three days after, five days after, and seven days after that. Again, it’s not necessary to go for the hard sell. Getting yourself known and building this relationship with your prospects is the fastest way to get new clients.

‘No’ isn’t the end point. The more you hear ‘no’, the closer you are to getting a ‘yes’.

Remember that you are not just an expert in your profession. Whether you are a health professional, a lawyer, a fitness pro, or any kind of professional with your own business or practice, remember to transition into that business owner mindset. This is the fastest way to get new clients and the only way you can get to the next level in your business.

Start here, and then we can focus on the automated systems you can do through online marketing and tribe building I do through my Romance Your Tribe Programs.

Action Steps

  1. Be honest with yourself. Are you approaching your business with the mindset of a CEO?.
  2. Go and review your pricing structure. Right now! Go on, we’ll wait for you here.
  3. Write your list of 21 people according to Michelle’s criteria
  4. Create your contact and follow up strategy according to Michelle’s formula
  5. Congratulate yourself on taking action. Dip into the Celebration Box.
  6. Share below your ah-ha’sfrom this lesson and also any tips other viewers may find useful.
  7. If you loved this episode, I’ll be grateful if you can leave a review over on iTunes so other people can discover this podcast too

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Read The Transcript Here

Janet Beckers: Hello, everybody! Janet Beckers here and a huge welcome to you to the Romance Your Tribe radio podcast. I have got to with you today one of my BFFs in the world, Michelle McGlade. I’m very excited to have Michelle with me because I mean Michelle and I have just become really good friends over the last year because we just have such similar humour and we you know we have really really similar lines you know priorities and values in our business. And you know and also she’s one switch on business woman, really a one switch on business woman so I’m so excited to introduce you to Michelle today. And instead of me giving you her full bio let’s just go straight over Michelle and start quizzing her now at the heart of this podcast is I want to give you the maximum value where you can have really actionable content. But we have to try, you know our attempt here is to give that to you in less than half an hour. Aiming for about 20 25 minutes which means we’re going to be focusing straight on content and Michelle’s really really good at that. So.

Janet Beckers: So excited to have you here, Michelle.

Michelle McGlade: Thank you so much for having me. I’m pumped!

Janet Beckers: So to get started. You know you’re the healer of healers. So let’s talk about that. So who is it that you serve and how do you do that?

Michelle McGlade: Yeah I mean quick down and dirty. I work with health and wellness practitioners through my online programs and one to one private coaching.

Janet Beckers: Right. So when you say you know healers, health professionals, so what are some examples of those sorts of people?

Michelle McGlade: Oh yeah. So like, naturally you have doctors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, health coaches, chiropractors. Those would all be individuals I would love, love, love to help.

Janet Beckers: And look you know we have, I tracked a lot of people who are in the health industry. Maybe it’s my background because I was you know originally a nurse and then a massage therapist all sorts of things so people pick up those vibes. I think so. And I know that there are real challenges in that particular industry to be asked to build a profitable business so that’s why I asked Michelle alone because I tell you what Michelle’s got this amazing track record of within 30 days. Her clients are tripling their businesses. So that’s just huge just huge. So before we dive into exactly how they do that. I’m really curious Michelle like you’re an acupuncturist aren’t you.

Michelle McGlade: Yes. Yeah, by trade.

Janet Beckers: So why. Why are you doing this now rather than your acupuncture business.

Michelle McGlade: Oh it’s such a long story. OK. But I am keeping a brief here for you guys. You know I always wanted to have my own business. I was really fabulous at starting a business from the ground up. In fact I had two clinics. And what I’ve learned is that. My passion for the industry was NEVER unyielding but that my skill sets were so much more equipped to coach and lead other practitioners than it was to you know help and heal my patients. I love that too but I saw what a great impact that I could make for my industry by spending all of my time and that in the coaching field.

Janet Beckers: Yeah… right. You know what that’s so… that’s where you’re the healer for healers.

Michelle McGlade: Yeah.

Janet Beckers: And the big lesson for that I think is for people who are watching that a lot of times I find that healers will have so many different skills because I’ve done lots of different courses. They are always working on their clinical skills to be able to help their clients that it’s really important to step back every now and then go you know what actually is something I’m best at doing and really focusing on that rather than trying to scatter so much food being able to put on your CV that you’re actually a specialist in 15 different types of modalities.

Michelle McGlade: Yeah.

Janet Beckers: So yeah I think what you’ve just you know it’s lovely to actually see you to be able to recognize that and then take that in that direction. So yes so let’s dive into some really meaty stuff here. So. Let’s first of all start with what sort of what sort of people do you work with. Like what stages are they are in their business what sort of businesses do they run. Where are they getting this tripling of their businesses in 30 days.

Michelle McGlade: I know it’s crazy like I almost feel embarrassed you know to say it but I just want people to know that this is real this is tangible results that I see time and time again for primarily solo practitioners. What I mean by that is they’re not they don’t own and operate and run a team but they’re running a sort of practice they’re doing most of the work on their own. Some are getting started. Some are trying to get traction and some are just trying to go to the next level. So it really is regardless of maybe the stage but just just know that they’re selling one on one services and they’re pretty much running the show in their business.

Janet Beckers: Right. You know what I reckon that’s going to describe a lot of the people who are in the health profession that would be listening to us today because it’s it’s tough to be able to get to that next level when what you’re doing is such a personal hands on service.

Michelle McGlade: Yes.

Janet Beckers: Yeah absolutely. So if that sounds like you and you’re listening here you’re just gonna absolutely love Michelle. Yes so so they’re tripling their business in 30 days. So are there are there certain things that you’re finding is there a group of things that people are doing. Or is it just one main strategy.

Michelle McGlade: You know this is where you know my experience comes in a place because I’ve been able to watch these trends. You know one of my superpowers is to kind of take puzzle pieces and fit them together and I have been able to identify what I think are the five things the five kind of big buckets of behaviours or things that these individuals are doing thinking or how they’re positioning themselves that really helps them to accelerate the results.

Janet Beckers: Right.

Michelle McGlade: Want to know what the five are?

Janet Beckers: Yeah!

Michelle McGlade: And I know all of them today. But like there’s some fat five key things, okay?

Janet Beckers: Yeah, let’s do that. So get out your notes, people.

Michelle McGlade: Yeah. Yeah. So the first one is making a mind shift around just what you were saying, Janet. So many people are really investing in themselves around becoming better at their modality or adding a modality. But they’re not thinking about investing in themselves as a business owner. And so the first thing is really getting yourself your mind set straight is that you own a business and that takes top and first priority in terms of your investment of time and money before being the practitioner because without without the clients you know and the income that you’re looking for you can be that beautiful healer and help people.

Janet Beckers: Yeah. You know, that’s such a huge struggle that I find for so many people in the health field because they’re used to giving. This almost massive guilt with actually charging and approaching it like a business. So absolutely. OK. Number one.

Michelle McGlade: Number one.

Janet Beckers: Yeah.

Michelle McGlade: Make the switch. It’s a really important switch in it is about your mindset about how you’re approaching your day and using your valuable time and money. OK.

Janet Beckers: I’m curious Michelle. Did you did you always have approached your business as, with that business mindset? Is that something that is innate to you?

Michelle McGlade: It is yeah. I mean before I even left my corporate gig what the first thing I said is I want to own my own business.

Janet Beckers: Yeah. Yeah. It’s a very different model of a mentality to going in where you’re helping one person you know and you get results and then somebody else and then you think you should start charging for it. It’s a very different mindset. Yeah, Yeah.

Michelle McGlade: So that’s actually kind of… I’ll reverse the order here because this was going to be number three but we’ll just say number two, the oxygen mask on yourself first. And what I mean is that is you can’t… You can’t give away your services and you can’t undercharge. Because well those who don’t pay aren’t are not invested. And so this is a really really big shift and something that she helps to change the trajectory of your business. It really does. I’ve seen it over and over.

Janet Beckers: Yeah. Yeah absolutely. I can see that.

Michelle McGlade: Third one this one I’d love to go into a lot more detail because I think it’s what makes the biggest impact, the fastest, let’s say it’s about visibility. You got to get your butt out of the seat, right?

Janet Beckers: That’s it. Speaking my language girlfriend.

Michelle McGlade: I’ll hold off there and maybe we can that if we’ve got time to dive into that.

Janet Beckers: Yes. Let’s do number three.

Michelle McGlade: Number four is about time management. So it’s about identifying time to work in your business and on your business. Right. This this will change again. This will change how you think about your business. But I’ll change now how you’re taking action in your business if you’re actually identifying hours when you will only see clients in hours when you will work on all of the tasks that need to be accomplished to run a successful business.

Janet Beckers: That’s a huge challenge because a lot of people just don’t make that time with their with their planning of their businesses and then they. Yet they’re allowing the clients to just set those timings.

Michelle McGlade: So yeah and all the tasks that move your business forward are the ones that usually go last on the list and you see the clients, then you answer all the e-mails, then you do the accounting. But that’s not really the growth strategy. That’s just operational stuff that just has to get done.

Janet Beckers: Yeah yeah. Good point. Operations, growth. You’ve got to make the time to actually put that into your calendar. So speaking my language it’s brilliant brilliant.

Michelle McGlade: And then number five of course they’re getting mentorship, right? They’re- they’re working with somebody to help them stay focused to stay out of overwhelm, get out of their head. I mean this is just across the board really I mean when you have somebody that can keep you unstuck and keep you your confidence levels high and get you focused on the right stuff. I mean that’s when action happens and action.

Janet Beckers: And you know what. This is an area that I find people in the healing profession. It sort of leaks in so well with the putting the oxygen mask on yourself doesn’t it.

Michelle McGlade: Yeah.

Janet Beckers: By nature people in this industry they give and they give and they give and have a very very difficult to receive. And mentorship. It is more than it’s not a it’s not a luxury it’s not spoiling yourself it’s absolutely, it’s absolutely necessary. Yeah I’m really pleased you got that one in.

Michelle McGlade: So those are the five. I mean some of them are a little bit more on mind studies, some of them are more tactical. But what I’ve seen over and over again is when you’ve got a combination of those five things and you’re paying attention to those five areas.

That’s when it- it looks like if there was any such thing as pixie dust that would be it because that is really rocket launching my clients anyways to literally triple every month. I mean I’m not just talking in the first 30 days to be honest. I let my clients go from you know maybe somebody who is brand new to to people when they are first getting started. They’ve already got six and the first month and they’ve got 18 in the second month and they’ve got you know whatever that is in the third month.

Janet Beckers: Right. Wow that’s that’s amazing growth. That’s real power for a single service provider.

That’s fantastic. So. Yeah. I just love- If you watch the video rather than the audio. You’ve just got to see Michelle’s face every time she talks about the results that people get. She’s just, she just glows. She’s over you know you’re excited and you’re proud. But then almost kind of like you almost can’t believe it. But you know it’s.

Michelle McGlade: Well it’s what you and everybody dreams about and then they just suffered. Like, I want to end suffering for the practitioners now right? It’s so simple. It really can, it doesn’t have to be, you know, difficult. I think as people are making it, but the problem is, is they’re focusing on the wrong things to really grow.

Janet Beckers: Well let’s focus now. You said that the first the one that you were saying that has the biggest impact was the getting of getting out of the seat. So let’s start with that.

Michelle McGlade: Get your butt out of your seat.

Janet Beckers: Yeah get your butt out of your seat. Get you but I have to say yes. So what do you mean by that.

Michelle McGlade: Well you know you see this all the time with business owners. I kind of say it’s like the old way versus the new way the old way being you know I’ve got to get the website perfect you know or some of the behaviours I share with you. I need to respond to these e-mails or I need to get the accounting done for this week. But what really needs to happen if you don’t have the client flow that you’re looking for is you need to get your butt out of the seat and that needs to be the first and priority strategy for your business right? Sales. Sales and Marketing first.

Janet Beckers: So when you say, getting your butt out of the seat, is that actually physically getting your butt out of the seat and going somewhere? Or it’s a metaphor, for you know getting a kick up your butt?

Michelle McGlade: It’s no it’s literally getting out and being visible for your business because here’s what I hear people don’t come to me and say I’ve got plenty of clients I’m making all the money that I want. You know this is our way. It’s always the fact that they’re looking for more clients and more consistent clients are looking to build their business so the fastest way it doesn’t matter if you’re running an online health coaching business or if you’ve got a brick and mortar massage studio the fastest way literally the fastest way to get clients is to talk to people is to connect with other human beings and build relationships with them. And it sounds so simple but I don’t know why people just skim right over it.

Janet Beckers: So if we look at that strategically. So where should people be meeting them?

Michelle McGlade: Yeah.

Janet Beckers: Yeah. We’ve still got a limited amount of time you want to make sure you get the best results.

Michelle McGlade: That’s right. First and foremost your low hanging fruit is your network.

It’s all the people. And I promise you if you were to make– I challenge everybody listening to make a list of 21 people, people who you know, people who you met one time but then, you know, you exchanged business cards with nothing happened. How many of you have that? People who said they wanted to work with you. They actually said that and you thought that they were going to draw but they never did. People who you see as an ideal client like you’re like I know I can really help them or even have you ever had like family and friends say oh I know my neighbor could really use your help. These are all people in your network you have the most accessibility too right now to reach out to.

Janet Beckers: And so to make them because of the I’m thinking the next thing that comes up is a case I’ve got my list of 21 people. Then I can, I can, I can almost hear it coming over the airwave. People are going, what do I say do I go up to them and say come on walking in for whatever the treatment is like am I going to have to go in her for the hard sell? So knowing you Michelle you have a really classy way around this. So what do people say?

Michelle McGlade: Yeah, this is the objection I hear. People always, like, they go for I need to go sell them, I’m afraid to do that. That’s not what I want you to do at all actually. If you were if you’re really tuning into my words you heard me say build relationships.

Janet Beckers: Right.

Michelle McGlade: Why you connect with people in genuinely if these people are in your network you already have some sort of warm connection to them. So why not build a relationship and reconnect with them.

Janet Beckers: Right.

Michelle McGlade: You talked with them once. Let’s talk with them again. Let’s see. Now each situation is going to be a little bit different so I can’t give you a one size fits all but why can’t you reach out and find a time to have a coffee with them. Why couldn’t you reach out and say you know it was so great meeting you at my kid’s soccer game. I know you were interested and I wanted to reconnect with you and find out how you’re doing since we last spoke.

Janet Beckers: Right. That’s actually a really good phrase so write that one down. And you know this this is actually really takes the pressure of people and this really ties in beautifully with I mean this is the Romance Your Tribe podcast. And so the romance who tried the system of building a business based on relationships which is why we’re such good friends is. So a lot of times people will go right there’s somebody who is a potential client. I got to go straight and try to make the sale. And that makes you feel icky, it makes them feel icky. But I love that you say that you are actually able to say that you can demonstrate that people are tripling their business.

Michelle McGlade: Yes.

Janet Beckers: Through relationships. And it’s not from having a sales script it’s from let’s have a coffee Let’s reconnect. See how you’re going. Let’s just get in front of your face let’s get seen that start to build those relationships and that connections so that so much more doable. The next thing I would be thinking because I know what people say well you know if you’re not going to be going straight into sales if you’re not making those you know you’re not having those sales calls this could be a super duper long process before you actually get to the sale. Do you find that?

Michelle McGlade: Well that’s why I encourage people to go to their warm audience first. People like that low hanging fruit in your network because you’re already advancing the relationship by having had a connection prior.

Janet Beckers: Right.

Michelle McGlade: And and the key thing here is OK so let me just give you something a little bit more tactical before I take you to the next steps. You’ve got your list of 21 people. The way to make this go quickly that people miss is they’re like oh today I’m going to send someone an e-mail tomorrow I’m going to make this phone call. That’s not the best way to do it. Actually put 90 minutes on your calendar and reach out to all 21.

Janet Beckers: Ahh brilliant.

Michelle McGlade: The strategy is in the process how we make this go fast. We’re really literally blocking and tackling our time and just getting this done.

Janet Beckers: Excellent. So you better get to psych yourself up for this once.

Michelle McGlade: That’s right. Here’s the thing that you’re asking. Like taking it a step further. This could take a long time. No there’s. I mean there’s a very strategic process that I have around this with my clients and that is what happens after you reach out. It’s called follow up, which most people don’t do and they don’t do it in a timely manner. So they’re there. The other objection we hear I’m sure you’ve heard this too Janet is I don’t want to bother them. I just. Two days ago I don’t want to be pushy. Well the thing is is that they’re not focused on building your business right now they’re focused on all the crazy stuff going on in their lives. And so they reply to your e-mail or they received your phone call but it’s not their top priority. It’s yours. Yes. So the devil’s in the details here. Fifty percent more sales are made in the follow up. And it’s about following up several times actually to bring them to that goal which is the goal is to have the connection the meeting the you know whatever.

Janet Beckers: Yeah that’s really such a beautiful reminder for people. I’m looking at that time right. We’re doing pretty well actually we got a few minutes left and then and so I mean because I just love I’m really grateful Michelle that you that you’re not skimming over things here you know the things we’re all ready for action points from people here is write down a list of 21 people that you have had contact with that you know and also some of those are going to be people who know other people so they may not be a customer but you know so you’ve got 21 people even with then you going to block out 90 minutes and you can do that on a regular basis where you’re going to contact them not to make a sale but you’re contacting them to follow up to see how they’re going to then make the next step where you know you’re going to be having a meeting for a coffee or or whatever it is is going to be and then you’re willing your time for your follow up and make sure that you’re doing that in a timely way and consistent.

Michelle McGlade: I mean that’s not rocket science folks. Michelle giving you a really simple process to follow but you have demonstrated over and over again that just this technique here, you can triple your business in 30 days you know. Yeah. My challenge to people is do that and go and let Michelle know when you’ve done that let me know.

Janet Beckers: I would love to hear the results because I mean again like you said this isn’t rocket science but most people don’t do all the steps so just hear this one more time. The devil’s in the details the result’s are in the details. You know make the list. Reach out. Follow up. I would say follow up up to five times. I’ll give you the little recipe I give my clients which is obviously you know day zero. The initial outreach or connection. Then two days later and three days later and five days later and then seven days later.

Right. Yeah. Excellent. So just so that would be about five days later then seven days later. So is everything finished in a seven day period or these are five days after the three days. Sorry that’s just my detailing what you know.

Michelle McGlade: Okay so here’s the way I do it because a lot of people don’t work on the weekends and I’m not expecting people to work on the weekend so I say let’s say it was Monday OK I say this. So then I want you to follow up two days later which is Wednesday. Yes. And then three days which would be the following Monday. Yet Keeping up with not only working only Monday through Fridays then five days later which I mean Friday and then another seven. So we have a three week time period now here where we’re following up in bringing people to a decision. Yeah. And decisions are yes or no and all decisions are good if you get a No thank you. You did your job yeah. Nos mean you’re getting closer to yeses.

Janet Beckers: That’s beautiful. That’s a really good thing write this down there somewhere. That’s the kind of thing that I think you could put there on your computer or on your telephone that a yes or a no is a good answer. If you have followed that three week process yes you did your job that’s a very very different mindset Michelle to well you know our hassles and then they say no. So I can’t do that again. So that is just that’s a really beautiful calm step by step follow that process. And then the outcome at the end. Know that whic ever the result is you’ve done your job and that is a good thing. That is a great thing. That is a really different way of looking at life. Absolutely love it. So now looking at our time. So. Well first of all I know that you you’ve got a book that you’ve written that you can go into more detail here. So can you talk a little bit about how people can contact you. And can I get a copy of that book?

Michelle McGlade: Yes. So I would love to offer your listeners a copy of my best selling book. It’s a free download and you can head on over to


Janet Beckers: Love it. Setting that intention straight off. Yeah, yeah that’s brilliant. So yeah. So go and I’ll put the links down below but absolutely everybody if you go out there and get that ready. When you take action on what she does she today go over and let her know because it is you know we do what we do and say things like this on a podcast because we absolutely love it. Want to get the message out. It is incredibly rewarding to hear back from people that actually took something.

Michelle McGlade: Oh my gosh. That keeps that keeps me going all day long.

Janet Beckers: Yeah. Yeah. So do that if when you have followed these processes go back and let Michelle know and to connect. And so Michelle any last points anything else that you’d like to add to add or some parting words of wisdom before we leave.

Michelle McGlade: You know screw it. Just do it.

Janet Beckers: Yeah right.

Michelle McGlade: Yes. I mean action trumps everything people. Act, just take action one step at a time. And you will get there. You will get there.

Janet Beckers: Yeah that is a really good one to finish on. And and thanks so much for making it today that’s we’ve actually got action points to be able to follow.

And they’re not threatening me. Very very simple methodical and you’ve proved over and over and over again that they work so. Thank you so much again Michelle. Thank you everybody for your time today listening to us. And I would love to hear from you whether you’re watching this on on iTunes or you’re listening to this on iTunes or wherever your podcasting is. Come on over to the Romance Your Tribe dot com Web site and you can leave a comment for us it would be fantastic. Or come over and find us over at Janet Beckers Author on the Facebook page or join our Romance Your Tribe private Facebook group you’re very welcome to join us. So you can do that on Facebook and you can connect. Michelle’s actually over in that group as well so you can connect with Michelle in that group. And yes we can actually she won as you take action and help keep your clients so good bye everybody. And thank you so much Michelle. Bye.

Michelle McGlade: My pleasure. Bye.

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