Have you thought about starting a podcast, but it just seemed like way too much work?

Then you’re going to love today’s guest on Romance Your Tribe Radio, Bob Clark.

Bob reveals his quite unique podcast strategy of 8 minute podcasts and importantly, the strategy behind WHY he uses this format. As you’ll see, the outcomes he aims for are different to the outcomes a podcaster such as myself has and this dictates everything from the types of guests he invites, the format of the questions and the follow up strategy for each guest.

It’s quite clever actually, and maybe for you the 8 minute podcast strategy will be the perfect way for you to introduce podcasting into your marketing mix.

To help you decide, Bob and I do a comparison of the 2 podcasting techniques we use (the 8 minute guest focused and the longer, in depth listener focused), look at the pros and cons and help you decide which method fits your marketing objectives.

To help you decide which podcast strategy is best for you (Bob’s 8 minute strategy or my in depth content strategy) I’ve created a Decision Guide downloadable for you so you can make a choice and take action this week. 

Here’s what you’ll discover today:

  • Podcasting as an evolution of traditional offline networking
  • Why the actual content of the podcast is not really the main concern of the 8 minute strategy. ***spoiler alert: The guest is the objective, not the listener***
  • The 3 categories each guest fits into: Potential prospect, referral partner or joint venture partner
  • Why 10 minutes is the maximum length of time for any videos Bob creates ( some good tips here about how to use Linked In for greater video reach)
  • Why Bob uses an alter ego of “William Chatner on Cocaine”
  • Bob breaks down the 6 questions he asks and the reason for each one, plus how you would adapt them for your own industry and business goals.
  • We talk about using podcasts as a sales funnel and compare the types of customers each of us create our podcasts for and how that dictates which strategy we use. (in super brief, Bob’s guests are potential customers of his 8 minute podcast training and done-with-you service. My listeners are potential VIP clients who want to work with me closely, which is why I focus on top quality content so they consistently see evidence I know what I’m talking about).
  • How Bob cleverly uses this strategy to replace “free strategy calls” which often result in freebie seekers and the one question he asks on the interview that helps him identify if his guest is a potential client.
  • Case studies to show how to adapt this strategy, even if you are not in the B2B space.
  • How you can be a guest on Bob’s podcast  (links at the bottom of the page)


Plus a special podcast bonus for you today. An action guide to download “Decision Guide. Which Podcast Strategy Suits Your Business?”

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Bob’s Bio

Bob Clark is an Internet marketing professional with extensive experience in Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in both the political and private sectors.
In 2008, Bob got his start in politics running petition crews for various causes. After the 2008 election season, Bob started training politicians on the use of Social Media Marketing and SEO. During this time, he also worked with various local businesses of all sizes, aiding them with marketing their brands via Social Media Marketing and SEO.

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Read The Transcript Here

Janet Beckers:                  Hello everybody! Janet Beckers here and we have got a very exciting guest today, Bob Clark Dammit. I’ve been told, I have to say the Dammit at the end of your name. Good day, Bob!

Bob Clark:                          Good day Janet, how you doing?

Janet Beckers:                  I am terrific. Now, I asked Bob to come along because he has a really unique way of podcasting and I had been a guest on Bob’s podcast and I absolutely loved the format that you’re using Bob and I could just really see how this could be a fantastic option for people who are listening here who’ve been thinking about getting into podcasting. But the whole, you know, cause it is a lot of work, you know, the whole amount of work and the interviewing and all that sort of stuff may have felt as if it was just too much to do. So your system is different, it’s quite unique. I haven’t seen anybody else do it, so that’s why I’ve invited Bob along today. Everybody is just his beautiful, unique way of running a podcast. So get ready to take notes. If you’ve been thinking about what is a great way for you to be able to get your message out there in a bigger way without, you know, doing it the same as everybody else. You’re in for a treat today. So great to welcome you Bob!

Bob Clark:                          Thank you, Janet!

Janet Beckers:                  In brief before we kind of get stuck into really diving into the whole podcasting techniques is let’s just do a little bit of your stories. So, and the best way I find to do that is like if you can just share, like who is it that you help and how do you do that?

Bob Clark:                          Okay! So everyone, my name is Bob Clark Dammit. I add the Dammit on there because there’s too many Bob Clark’s in the world.

Janet Beckers:                  Right.

Bob Clark:                          or my personality there.

Janet Beckers:                  Yes.

Bob Clark:                          And so the people I help are business owners in the B2B space, real estate agents, commercial insurance, and financial planners.

Janet Beckers:                  Right.

Bob Clark:                          Yes, and basically what I show them how to do is how to get basically 5 to 21 one-on-ones every single week with potential prospects, referral partners, and joint venture partners. Very easy.

Janet Beckers:                  Right! Brilliant. So that’s, I love how incredibly specific you are. So really what we’re going to be looking at is those one-on-one conversations. And the industries that you’ve talked about are very much ones where people have a conversation, don’t they? They don’t just go and buy online. They have…

Bob Clark:                          Yeah, a lot of those are on there. You do have the online, the online entrepreneur who all they do is sell classes. But interesting story, and I kind of realized this just recently, is I’ll go to local networking events just to basically get out of the house.

Janet Beckers:                  Right.

Bob Clark:                          And I noticed that there, that every single person who wanted to talk to me wanting to have coffee. Yeah, let’s get you a coffee there. So coffee requires 15 minute drive. You’ll on the app, let’s average to the 15 minutes, depends on where you are. That part there. Then you’re gonna want to spend an hour with the person, you know, you talk for 30 minutes, they talk for 30 minutes and then there’s 15 minutes back.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah.

Bob Clark:                          So now we’re looking at an hour and a half commitment. Plus buy the $10 for a coffee, you know that part there. And so I realize is that that takes a lot of time and also someone doesn’t show you’ll because you’ll life happens there. You’re frustrated because you had this huge block of your day taken up there.

Janet Beckers:                  Hmm.

Bob Clark:                          Then you’ve got the other extreme, the online marketers that all they do is they talk to the online social media void and send out some messages,

Janet Beckers:                  Right.

Bob Clark:                          That part there. So I basically, my team and I, we build a system that marries the two very, very well and we just happen to use a podcast as a system for that.

Janet Beckers:                  Right. Okay. So, and I love how you’ve just talked about those two extremes because I’ve been that person at both those extremes as well because I’ll tell you what you learn pretty quickly. This whole idea, can I meet you for coffee really means can I get free consulting and pick your brain?

Bob Clark:                          Or can I sell you?

Janet Beckers:                  Yes. Or can I sell you something that you really not necessarily interested in? And so it’s actually a really uncomfortable conversation to have because nobody’s really being honest right from the very beginning.

Janet Beckers:                  I’ll always remember there was this guy who was a financial planner. Yeah.

Bob Clark:                          And he kept wanting to meet me for coffee. And if I don’t, I’m like, okay, I’m going to meet you. But just to let you know right now I am a no for you as a client. I have other plans. You know, you’re not… I’m not going to hire you. But if you still want to meet for coffee, great. And as soon as we meet, he asks me what I do, then he pulls out his book of the numbers and everything. And so now it’s again, I, I had to be a little bit of a jerk and say, what did I tell you beforehand? So that whole thing there. Now the beetle thing. Basically, here’s what I’m teaching people how to do. You’re inviting people on a very short podcast and the questions are the same every single time. So starting conversations faster. Janet, I got you on a one on one call with me very quickly

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah.

Bob Clark:                          because I said, I have a podcast. It’s six questions in eight minutes and eight seconds because it looks like Bob. Ha ha ha. That’s so funny. And I’ve got you on my podcast very quickly and then, and I’m like… Here’s a shocker, Janet. Here’s a reason I asked you on my podcast, you are a potential prospect referral partner or joint venture partner.

Janet Beckers:                  Right?

Bob Clark:                          Let’s just be honest here. let’s not play this game. “Oh, I just want to get to know you as a person.”

Janet Beckers:                  No.

Bob Clark:                          Those are the three reasons there.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah. Yeah. And interestingly, so we might just step back a little bit because I love that you’ve just said it right, clearly there’s, okay, there’s three things that you want to be doing. You know, that you’re hoping when that person that you’re going to be interviewing them, you know, that’s what you’re intending. So I love this whole thing of you’re actually being incredibly open and honest in approaching this as a strategy because as we talked about, you know, the “meet me for coffee” is usually involving, you know, it’s uncomfortable because people are always going, “well what is it that I want, what do you want?” Whereas with podcasting, it is already like a business transaction because you’re not saying you don’t have any private conversation, you are having a public conversation. And so it is obviously that this is about business. So what I might do is we might dive into a little bit about any kind of podcasting, what are those benefits? And we might look at those three things that you’ve talked about that comes.

Bob Clark:                          Right.

Janet Beckers:                  that anybody who you’re interviewing, this is what you have that as the potential. And we’ll talk about how each of those ones I can talk about from the other side, the discussions that I had with you. And which of those I actually fit it into, which if you hadn’t interviewed me on the podcast, if we hadn’t had the conversation is very unlikely it would happened. So we can talk about that and how that actually works. So that…

Bob Clark:                          You don’t want to talk about that there is, the goal is basically I do it in 30 minutes. The whole podcast takes 15 minutes to do. You’ll pre-production, post-production, that part there. And then it’s, we’re just having a conversation. I didn’t start like for basically the podcast culture I doing, I didn’t go as soon as it was over. OkayJanet so now you should hire me as a coach here. Here’s how much it is.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah.

Bob Clark:                          We had a conversation. I asked you about your business. You asked me about mine through that conversation. Like Ooh, maybe some things can happen there.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah, yeah, absolutely. And so that’s… So what we might do to be able to make this so that people can implement this as the structure that I recommend that we’re going to follow now. So everybody get ready to take notes. Well, yup. So first of all, we’ll talk about the difference between the two podcasts that we are doing now.

Bob Clark:                          Right?

Janet Beckers:                  I’m doing a longer, more in depth podcast. Your podcast technique will go into what does that look like? Then we’re going to have a look at. Okay, pros and cons of both types. And then looking at those three different ways that the people who you’re interviewing, how do they fit? You know, how can you actually through either of these methods, get those, you know, to get those outcomes? And then we’ll have a look for everybody here that’s listening, what things that you need to be thinking about to decide what’s going to be the best for you? What’s the best method? So here we are, we’re going to have a little bit of, you know, a comparison between well hopes.

Bob Clark:                          I love it.

Janet Beckers:                  of, you know, six questions in eight minutes because eight is eight Oh eight because like Bobsy I’m already saying your tag on it.

Bob Clark:                          That’s part of it there.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah, yeah, absolutely! So in eight minutes you might take slightly longer. It doesn’t really matter in your calendar. That’s only about a 15 minute slot that you need compared to what I do, which is I alternate. So we’re doing an interview here. This may go for anywhere between 20 minutes and 50 minutes depending on how deep you go. And then the other weeks I do a master class, which is just me and that will normally go for 20 minutes, sometimes 30. So they’re two different techniques. Now, the other thing that we might look at, Bob with yours is only on Facebook, isn’t it? Do you…

Bob Clark:                          No, it is actually on iTunes, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Janet Beckers:                  Oh it is? There you go. Okay. So…

Bob Clark:                          It’s a little trick for everyone is here’s the thing, if your clients are on LinkedIn, like you know, majority of ours, you really need to listen to this. You want to make sure if you’re going to do a podcast, it’s under nine minutes and 59 seconds period. The reason been is now you can post it as a video on LinkedIn. Once it’s 10 minutes and one second can’t go on LinkedIn. Now, you have to go send someone off LinkedIn. LinkedIn doesn’t like you sending people off their site so they’re going to take juice away from your post.

Janet Beckers:                  Excellent. Oh that is a great tip. There you go. I didn’t realize that they had that 10 minute limits. So that is a huge advantage when it comes to being able to do the LinkedIn because you’re not just going to be doing a LinkedIn saying go over to here, right? You’re actually putting the video onto LinkedIn. And we actually…

Bob Clark:                          Actually, every single time I post a podcast, it goes straight onto LinkedIn itself. I don’t send people to a PodBean or anything like that.

Janet Beckers:                  That is brilliant. That’s a great tip. And it’s also because we’ve been experimenting. I have a a second podcast that I do that at the moment we haven’t syndicated elsewhere and it’s only a few minutes. I just send it out on Sunday mornings and it’s motivation from Janet and we put that straight over on to LinkedIn. And we’ve just been measuring, you know, what kind of engagement you can get from LinkedIn with those shorter videos as opposed to it going on to other ones. And it’s actually been really quite. It’s been really quiet, you know, noticeable. They’re not… So it’s something that we’re going to be experimenting a lot more because it’s… I guess because not as many people are doing it, are they not as many people are using video onto the LinkedIn platform.

Bob Clark:                          Yeah. Video is a lot rarer on LinkedIn and could have… The problem is on LinkedIn right now is LinkedIn I would say is probably at least five to three years behind Facebook when it comes out people market on there and so people on LinkedIn, all they’re posting on their posts is why you should hire me and here’s industry news.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah, it’s a very different, very different platforms. So,

Bob Clark:                          Right.

Janet Beckers:                  I love this. So that’s… Okay, so if we’re going to be looking at Bob’s method of, you know, under 10 minutes and we’ve got the other method of the longer podcasting, we can go on there for the Bob method. Yeah, because it allows you to just put the whole video over there onto LinkedIn. Awesome!

Bob Clark:                          Yes.

Janet Beckers:                  Love it.

Bob Clark:                          I got a point. I’m waiting so far.

Janet Beckers:                  One point.

Bob Clark:                          Game’s over. We’re done. I win.

Janet Beckers:                  Okay, so you’re doing exactly the same things that I do through this podcast is that you’re syndicating every single way that you can. Okay. Now, the other thing with your podcast is it is all video. A lot of times when people do podcasts, they don’t do video at all. They’ll just use the audio. As people can see, if you’re here on either YouTube or the website, you will see that I video this. But I also just put the audio over into…

Bob Clark:                          Like iTunes and everything there. And I will tell everyone right now, doing a podcast has video is insanely important because now you’ve got content for Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. And for people who are listening to this on iTunes for Janet’s backgrounds way better than mine.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah.

Bob Clark:                          My background and you guys are here, my background is two fake trees and a wall that I haven’t painted. It has a couple of density. Oh the [inaudible].

Janet Beckers:                  It’s a nice color. It coordinated my background, which you know, as an artist that really, that’s just, it makes my little artists happy. My little artist are happy. Yeah.

Bob Clark:                          Yes. And well the reason I do this, it approves every one. You don’t need a fancy background to do this. I’ve done over 400 episodes with this background.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah, that’s absolutely true. People over complicated. So that is a really good point. I totally agree with you. If you can be using video, it makes such a huge difference because you can get that connection. Now the thing with the longer episodes and so this is another point when it comes to the re-purposing of the video is with the longer video, we don’t put these whole episodes over… We don’t post them onto the social media platforms because they’re too long.

Bob Clark:                          Right.

Janet Beckers:                  The shorter ones that I do, which are normally three to five minutes, absolutely, that’s what we do. So yeah, there you go. Another one there for Bob who’s vaping away. I haven’t never had anybody.

Bob Clark:                          I totally do that during the podcast. I’m totally okay with vaping on the podcast.

Janet Beckers:                  And actually this is something else that comes with your shorter episodes. Now, when I do the shorter episodes and it’s something that I’ve helped my clients do for years during the short.

Bob Clark:                          Right.

Janet Beckers:                  me TV method, it’s always just you to camera sharing something because it’s short. But what you’ve done is yours are all interviews so it’s short but there interview. So this is a very, very different way of running a podcast, of doing an interview. So let’s dive in a little bit into how do you make that work? Because it can be very, very difficult to reign people in if they’ve got something that they want to talk about in depth.

Bob Clark:                          So kinda of like what I tell people there is a time limit. And this is why I train all my clients on. For everyone else who isn’t me because I’m able to be woody and make us different question every single time for the sixth question, I tell my clients, make them all the same, especially when you’re starting out.

Janet Beckers:                  Right.

Bob Clark:                          Now, I’ll tell you guys the sixth questions basically in a broad term are there. So first question is, who are you? What do you do? Is a question that you’ll ask that in your voice don’t do exactly the same thing there. Yeah, makes it easy because if someone has a really complicated name, I have them introduce themselves. Yes, I’m not butchering it. So that’s it there. And I told him the first four questions are all about 30 seconds of peace. If they go ridiculously long, I’ll say something like Janet we’ve seven minutes left, question number two.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah. It doesn’t happen very… Rarely do people go over, believe it or not, when you have this style there, I have more people that go a little too short. Right.

Bob Clark:                          Okay? So question number one is basically who are you and what do you do? Question number two is a question built to make them feel great about their business.

Janet Beckers:                  Okay.

Bob Clark:                          So example for me is I say, what do your clients say about you that make you unique?

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah, that was a good question. That was a good question.

Bob Clark:                          Yeah

Janet Beckers:                  I really had to think about that one. So that was good. And I love your concept there is it’s to make them feel good.

Bob Clark:                          Yes, it’s everything is all about making the guests feel good.

Janet Beckers:                  Great.

Bob Clark:                          You have that part there. Question number three is a question, basically it’s a “LeadGen” question. So for example, for me, since I hope you’ll look for with basically “LeadGen”, my question is what part is sales and prospect do you find most challenging?

Janet Beckers:                  Right.

Bob Clark:                          Now, here’s the beautiful thing, If they don’t give me an answer I like, that’s okay. I just had a guy on his answer was none.

Janet Beckers:                  Right.

Bob Clark:                          What that tells me is you are not a potential prospect. You still might be a joint venture partner, referral partner, but you’re not a potential prospect. That’s okay. We’re not doing as many of these as you as me and my clients are doesn’t matter.

Janet Beckers:                  I Love it. So the strategy there is, well, I can see it’s two fold. Number one for the listeners, they always know that you’re gonna be talking about “LeadGen” so they associate Bob with lead generation.

Bob Clark:                          Yup.

Janet Beckers:                  But I liked that you’re doing the other one that you’re already trying to work out which of these threes, this person is that I’m interviewing. So that is answering that question there for you. Thank God!

Bob Clark:                          Yes, that helps there. Okay? Question number four is now the mine is because I play, I played character online because I’m very extroverted. So I play William Shatner on cocaine. Like that’s kinda the personality that I have.

Janet Beckers:                  Okay.

Bob Clark:                          Oh freaking out right now. Cause I’m very chilled right now. I’m talking like this the entire time!

Janet Beckers:                  Actually, Bob’s full on, totally full on during that sort of eight minutes of the interview, like it’s, whoa! Okay. So yeah.

Bob Clark:                          Yeah. So for example, if you are what is it… If you’re trying to get other business owners on finance,

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah.

Bob Clark:                          you would say, well, other small business owners like yourself do you think would be great for my podcast?

Janet Beckers:                  Yes.

Bob Clark:                          So question number four is always asking about leads. Interesting thing here. This is also another qualifier or disqualifier if your potential referral partner, joint venture partner or joint venture or referral partner. Because here’s thing, if you don’t know other business owners like you, statistically, and I’m not saying this happens every single time, they’re more likely to not be really doing well in their business. Like Janet, you sent me a bunch of names.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah, yeah. In fact, interestingly I said to Bob, well, okay, I’ve got some brilliant people who I know will give good value and they’re my VIP clients, so I’m going to make sure that they give a great interview for you. So I’m going to coach them beforehand on how to be a great guest for Bob because.

Bob Clark:                          Yeah.

Janet Beckers:                  that was a great way to be able to give them the experience of being a podcast guest. So…

Bob Clark:                          Right. We got the first four questions, which should be about 30 seconds a piece.

Janet Beckers:                  Yep.

Bob Clark:                          Question number five is where they give value.

Janet Beckers:                  Right?

Bob Clark:                          So the idea being here is you basically ask them, I’m looking for three to five minutes of business advice based on whatever niche you’re in there and in three to five minutes and for me, I ask that people don’t sell during that time.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah.

Bob Clark:                          Because I don’t want it to be… I’ve had people on this as well. This is why you should hire me.

Janet Beckers:                  Right. Educational value here. Kind of like what we’re doing right now, that part there. Yeah.

Bob Clark:                          Then question number six is a question designed to make them laugh. Hello? Because the idea is eight minutes. You want them to have a good experience with you.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah.

Bob Clark:                          The line is I switched them out every single time. And so for yours because you like, do you like the young, what are those called again, sanity circles?

Janet Beckers:                  Sanitiy circles. My painting.

Bob Clark:                          Yes. Sanity circles. So your question was, again, I’m going to say it as you can believe in style if you want to. Janet, what the fuck is the sanity circle?

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah.

Bob Clark:                          Which made you laugh.

Janet Beckers:                  Yes. Yeah, absolutely. And I really liked that idea because number one is you’ve actually included two questions there that are designed to make the guests feel like they’re really special and interesting, which of course, and when everybody is special and interesting in their own way, you’ve just got to find a quick way to be able to do that. So people leave that podcast feeling really good about themselves, that they did a great job, even if the important part of teaching maybe something that they didn’t do as well because I may have not been condensed enough. But I really love that idea that you’ve actually topped and tailed with something that makes that speaker feel really good about having been here. Which brings us back to your whole thing that the speakers are either a customer, a referral partner or a joint venture partner.

Bob Clark:                          Potential potential of those three there.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah. Yeah.

Bob Clark:                          Well again, I just had a company. They do basically they do a male hormone replacement and I was like, I don’t think, again, I’m thinking in my mind are you potential because your client potential referral partner, joint venture partner, probably not.

Janet Beckers:                  What did they do, male home…

Bob Clark:                          It’s basically PRT. You’re old and you need testosterone.

Janet Beckers:                  Oh okay. So in here, in Australia, that would could be called “meals on wheels” where it’s where you get food delivered.

Bob Clark:                          No, this is basically like… Basically you’re injecting hormones into your body.

Janet Beckers:                  Oh I get it. I get it. Oh thank God. Okay. Totally.

Bob Clark:                          So again, I told him, I says, well since I’m focusing on the B2B area, I don’t know if you’d be a good guest and suddenly you say flat out, no, just that part you’ll there because again, I wasn’t sure if they’d be one of those three people.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah. Okay. And you know, that’s also fair for your listeners because

Bob Clark:                          Yes.

Janet Beckers:                  they’re listening because they want to get business ideas and for the podcast guests they’re there because they want to get their message in front of…

Bob Clark:                          correct.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah. That’s a really nice filter as well. Yeah. Okay.

Bob Clark:                          Well yeah that’s the strategy right there in a nutshell and how to do it.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah. That is brilliant. And the thing that I quite like about the way that you’ve done that with that question of, you know, who were some other brilliant people who’d be great guests. I mean I’ve never heard anybody ask that on any kind of podcasts. It’s an unusual question to have. But you’re being really up front with people that my intention is to make this get, you know, I want more guest, people…

Janet Beckers:                  Right. Well, also the idea is that from other people is now they get a shout out people who had a great impact on their life. Right.

Bob Clark:                          And then also it makes my follow up very easy. Hi Fred! Janet told me to reach out to you. Why? Because she wants you… Because she was on my podcast and you should be too.

Janet Beckers:                  Excellent. So I’m just thinking for people who are listening here, if they’re wanting to do a similar strategy, and of course they’re going to be modifying the questions so that they’re going to be, you know, suiting them is another way instead of, you know, or you could be modifying that question instead of saying who else would be a great guest? It could be who’s had a great impact on you that you think would be a brilliant guest. Like you know…

Bob Clark:                          However you want to do it on there? Again, that question number four, for every single one of my clients is completely different.

Janet Beckers:                  Right?

Bob Clark:                          So it’s all about your style and making sure there because I’m going to tell you guys the three things that every single podcast needs, and these are the three non-negotiables. Two are non-negotiables. Number one, you need to enjoy doing the podcast.

Janet Beckers:                  Yes,

Bob Clark:                          If you’re not going to enjoy it, the amount of work that’s involved, you’re going to hate life. You want to stop doing it.

Janet Beckers:                  You’ll probably not be very good at what you do anyway.

Bob Clark:                          Right. It’s why 99% of podcasts don’t get over a hundred episodes and I’m already at 400.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah.

Bob Clark:                          So number two, your guest needs to enjoy it.

Janet Beckers:                  Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. Yep.

Bob Clark:                          Well, those are really the two non-negotiables. I personally think a podcast needs to have a question or basically is a “LeadGen” type of question. Well, you’re asking a person about it there.

Janet Beckers:                  Right. Okay.

Bob Clark:                          It’s a really good… the big difference between our styles and you and first of all, both our styles are great. Yours is more of like the funnel. It’s more of a branding piece.

Janet Beckers:                  Right? Yeah.

Bob Clark:                          Okay. No, that’s not bad because here’s the thing. You build yours as a branding piece. You’re eventually, you want to get networking. You’re eventually going to get leads out of it there. You know that part there, but ideas, this is a tool designed to get your name out there.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah.

Bob Clark:                          Mine is designed as a networking piece on the venture we get branding and eventually you want to get viewers on eventually going to get you all that stuff there. But mine’s all about getting in front of people very easy. And I tell people this, it’s all about starting conversations faster, build your relationships faster, getting referrals faster, and finally obtaining clients faster.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah, that’s an interesting thing because I would say… so if we now look at the other styles, so there’s definitely be some “King-be-King” and we’ve got some, you know, some good bells. We actually look like some kind of number happening over here for, you know, the shorter technique. Now the thing that goes with…

Bob Clark:                          I called it “net casting” by the way I call it net casting.

Janet Beckers:                  Net casting.

Bob Clark:                          It’s all about networking.

Janet Beckers:                  Okay. Oh a like it coin word. It’s a net casting. That’s good. Yeah. So it’s all about that networking. And I love your idea, you know, of that people fit into those three criteria. Now when we had our conversation, we worked out. Well, no, I wasn’t going to be a client because you know about this right by stuff now. But then we looked at referral, well, okay, I had some great clients who will be brilliant guests. So that was a referral. And you know, whatever happens in your relationship with them is between you guys.

Bob Clark:                          Right.

Janet Beckers:                  Now then the other one though with joint venture and that was where you were saying, “alright, we’re actually got this new program that we’re going to be launching and we’re just taking, you know, inviting some of the people who we’ve had as guests to be able to contribute”. So for me it was an easy thing to do. And so yeah, I mean okay, I’m certainly in that. So you were able to very, very quickly to be able to walk through after our conversation. And then the whole… Because it was a quick podcast, it was very easy to have the quick conversation afterwards, like it didn’t feel incongruous. I didn’t feel rushed so very quickly move it over to, okay, there’s a joint venture happening, let’s make this happen. And so I really quite liked that outcome happen quite quickly there.

Now, interestingly from the other side, so if you have a look at the podcast where you go into more depth, now, the reason why I used to always have a podcast that was just me and I ran that for over four years, every single week. And it worked exceptionally well for me to build trust and connect with my clients. But I changed that when I moved over to… I did a whole new rebranding. And the reason I moved over to this more in depth interviews is I thought, you know what? I just want to lift the game on how much value can I give people’s free content? So, and also, I really, really love doing interviews. I started my first business, it was all interviews for years before podcast existed and I really, really missed it. Now, so in terms of when you were saying that it became very much a a branding podcast, absolutely, because I always talk around, you know, building tribes, the things that have got to do with the business. So it’s very much around that content, but it’s also very much around. Okay, how much can I lift that game so this becomes industry standard? So that was right. It was my personal goal.

Now the next part when you’re talking about, are people going to be… When you come on your podcast, are they leads? Are they referrals? Are they JVs? With leads actually, interestingly, some of them do become clients of mine.

Bob Clark:                          Again, what I’m talking about Janet, there is, it’s basically kind of like, it’s a sales funnel. You have this focus on education and branding on your podcast there.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah.

Bob Clark:                          So you’re eventually going to get leads. You’re eventually going to build network out of it there.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah,

Bob Clark:                          I’m able to build a network faster because I do short episodes and do more of…

Janet Beckers:                  Yes. I think that’s the thing where you’re thinking about, okay, what is the outcome? Why am I doing this? So for this one, you’re very, very clear that this is it. Let’s get through this quickly because this is my outcome and I love that focus.

Bob Clark:                          Right?

Janet Beckers:                  So if you have a look at this one here we still… The referrals and the joint ventures all happen. These become, like, you have a longterm relationship with and they’re the joint venture partners that help you to grow your business. So you can’t do that in any other way than having these conversations, really. So that works exceptionally well. I really love the idea. So it really comes down to are you wanting to… When people are making a decision about, which is the way that I want to go is I love Bob’s technique, but the thing that you’ve got to be good at is you’ve got to be very good at keeping, you’ve got to be very good at briefing your guests beforehand. So everything runs fast. And I tell you what, I love the idea because people’s attention span as listeners is super short. So that’s another huge attraction to what you do. I absolutely love that. So for a lot of people, I think this is a technique that can work exceptionally well for you. If you’re looking at, I want to dive in deeper because you’re wanting to have that positioning of, you know, being… I guess the content creating letter, then you go for longer. But…

Bob Clark:                          If you care more about the content creation side, then I would definitely go for the longer form podcasts on there.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah.

Bob Clark:                          So it comes down to when you decide you’re doing a podcast, what is your goal? Okay? I have a story about this. A conversation I just had with a lady. Can I tell it?

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah, please do. Go ahead. Go.

Bob Clark:                          She comes to me and tells me that she’s broke, so she can’t hire me. Would you like some free help? I’m like, sure. That works there. So she’s doing, do you know what Kangen water is? “ Ionized water.

Janet Beckers:                  Oh, I… Yeah, I heard of, Ionized water.

Bob Clark:                          Yeah, so she’s basically, she’s involved with it with Kay right now and so she wanted to do a podcast and so she said it, her podcast was, she’s going to get all these people talk about how great Kangen water is, so people will listen to want to get Kangen water. So I’m like… Well here’s my problem though. So in other words, you’re going to build a podcast. Basically it’s the Kangen water circle jerk, which I’m not against, but you’re saying that me as a non-Kangen users want to listen, is going to want to listen to a podcast where people talk about how great it is.

Janet Beckers:                  No, boring.

Bob Clark:                          She’s like, yeah. She’s like, no you’re not. I’m like, so you need to have a specific plan. I was talking to another guy who want me on his podcast and what’s your goal? I just want to educate people. And he had no plan for monetization of anything. I’m like, well, I’m not going to beyond that until you actually have a serious plan, because if your only goal is just education and that’s it, there’s no funnel everywhere there. Because Janet, I’m going to expose your secret right now. Eventually want people listening to this podcast and buy some of your courses.

Janet Beckers:                  Oh, of course. Absolutely. Any… Yeah.

Bob Clark:                          I look at out of the bag.

Janet Beckers:                  Absolutely. And that is… And because this podcast is number one, it’s to keep people engaged and I get feedback all the time that because of the value I get that my emails keep on getting open. So that’s an important part. It keeps my emails getting open, keeps on people interacting. But one of the reasons why I go into why I’ve chosen to do the more in depth is because from this podcast, sure I’d love people to be investing in my lower priced programs, but for me, this is attracting the higher end client. This is affecting the people, the person that wants to work with me closely and get Janet every single day and get me one on one consulting with them.

Bob Clark:                          Right.

Janet Beckers:                  This podcast is designed for and it works that well.

Bob Clark:                          Right. And just as just as I designed my towards networking, I also get leads for people off by podcasts who want to work with me on building a podcast.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah. Brilliant!

Bob Clark:                          Again, when it comes down to is again, I look at podcast as a sales funnel. Okay. So like let’s say I have a fruit cart. If I were to online, I would focus on a phone that sells apples.

Janet Beckers:                  Right?

Bob Clark:                          Eventually oranges are going to get sold.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah.

Bob Clark:                          If I focus on a sales funnel that sells oranges, eventually apples are going to get some.

Janet Beckers:                  Love it!

Bob Clark:                          So it’s all about what is your number one priority when doing a podcast is your number one priority to get in front of people and network with. Then my style is better there because I do far more of these than you do. So I can… If we go purely of that podcast, my network builds faster than yours.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah, yeah, absolutely. That’s a brilliant way of looking at it. And I think we’re a really important thing here that you’ve just explained really well, Bob, is you’ve always going to start with the end in mind. Like I… Actually the last podcast that I’ve just done, or should it be a few weeks from when we published this was all around the reverse success strategy. You’ve always got to start at the end. Like what is it that you’re wanting to people to buy? And so how do you want them to buy it? So with yours you get them to buy through those conversations. So that’s great. So if they’re going to have through the conversations, how do we get more of those conversations is a really important part. If the way that you get them to buy may not be through those, it maybe through your sales pages or booking in a, you know, consultation where they have to have some kind of, you know, this is what I want to achieve. Then you might go back another step and workout is this going to work?

Bob Clark:                          Right.

Janet Beckers:                  So that strategy is the really important pattern. Some of you…

Bob Clark:                          I have an opinion about sales consults, actually.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah. Go for it.

Bob Clark:                          Okay? I say no one produce sales consults only do podcasts.

Janet Beckers:                  Right.

Bob Clark:                          Because the strategy is to get question there. I asked them during the podcast, what part of sales and prospects do you find most challenging? Based of that answer, I have an idea if they’re a potential client referral partner or joint venture partner based in everything there. If you do a sales consult and it’s, you know, basically broken, broke. Who decides to do sales council with you, because they just want the free stuff.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah.

Bob Clark:                          You just lost 30 minutes. You don’t get anything out of this.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah.

Bob Clark:                          By chance broke, he made broke. He gets on my podcast. Who isn’t going to give you a single penny? I still have content that they want to share.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah, that’s a good point.

Bob Clark:                          So I don’t consider it a loss.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah. Yeah. So yeah. I totally agree with you with this whole idea of the free consults that then leads onto a sales. That’s why with ours it’s always very upfront. You know, you want to make these criteria before you even get on the phone. The thing that I wanted to check with you, Bob on this is because you’re asking them that question that is very specific to what your offering, what you can do to help them. Do you think this technique would work for people who are not in the business-to-business bracket?

Bob Clark:                          It works. We were great in real estate. You would ask me. Yeah. We’ve got real estate agents who are working with there. They’re tailor their question a little more about, you know, what’s the best thing about you owning a home or renting? We basically, you build a question as a long lines. Again, people will think about your services.

Janet Beckers:                  Right.

Bob Clark:                          So a financial planner that working with her. She’s asking you a couple questions about, you know, finding money stuff.

Janet Beckers:                  Right?

Bob Clark:                          What are your plans to do when you retire?

Janet Beckers:                  Excellent. Okay. And so with those people, then, when you’re asking them to share something, are they still business people?

Bob Clark:                          Basically it just comes down to whoever you decide you want on your target market. So for if you’re going to go… if you’re in the like Dom B2B space, you’re probably more localized, you’re like a local market there. If you’re basically, if you’re doing it for a non B2B thing, I mean, I’d have to think about it and kind of what… again, I’d figure out what are you selling? What’s the end goal? And there’s, why there’s different figures involved on that part there? So my answer is depends.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah. Yeah. No, I think that’s… I love that idea because I’m just thinking about a typical client that I may have, which may be somebody who is a coach that may work in some kind of life coaching, personal development, those sorts of things that you can actually make it really easy with people who are going to be sharing from their own experience. You know, three things that you can be sharing with people that means that you live a life of doing what is joy or…

Bob Clark:                          Nikki Brutal is actually one of my clients who’s a life coach and she’s killing it.

Janet Beckers:                  Right. Excellent.

Bob Clark:                          Her all focus, she coaches with women who are dealing with or dealt with Kaka and are going through all that stuff there. I can say this on your podcast, I can say crap, but you know, she says…

Janet Beckers:                  I’m just thinking your language. I’m going like, Kaka or is this another type of mineral water.

Bob Clark:                          It’s, yeah, there we go. It’s, yeah, it’s crap there. It hurts. And so now she focuses basically on females who’ve gone through the other end. She just got one of the survivors of the Boston marathon bombing.

Janet Beckers:                  Oh right. Okay.

Bob Clark:                          So that part on there.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah. Excellent. Excellent. Oh, I love that idea. I’m pleased that we had that discussion because I know that there’ll be a lot of people here going, well I’m not in the business to business, but I still am international because I can offer online and I can do all of my consulting.

Bob Clark:                          Freezing. Yeah. If it’s a consulting, if it’s any type of consulting, yes. It can. You just gotta figure out who are your target clients. Because that’s the first thing I ask them. If you want to work with me, who are your target clients? Because if you don’t know, I can’t help you because if I say this there, do you remember the movie Incredibles?

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah. Yeah.

Bob Clark:                          Well they were with syndrome, the villain and when he says when everyone is super, no one will be?

Janet Beckers:                  yes.

Bob Clark:                          So when everyone is your potential client, no one is.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah, I love it. I love that you could actually give that lesson they’re referring to the incredibles. So that’s, yeah. So I’d love it. So just in summary for everybody we’ve got here, we’ve talked about two different types of podcasting. We’ve talked about pods. Bob’s, you know, technique of like six questions, always the same 8-10 minutes and let always less than 10 minutes so you can put it onto LinkedIn and that it is very much about getting as many of these done because people are either going to be a lead, a referral partner or a joint venture partner. That’s the perfect place to be able to use that. And I must say for me now, the opposite one we’ve got, which is the longer more in depth podcast for me that this might be a technique that works for everybody else? If you want to dive in deep. One of the reasons I do this is because I love having these deep conversations. So that’s for me a very selfish thing. Like I love it. So…

Bob Clark:                          And again, if you enjoy it, that’s a very important part of it.

Janet Beckers:                  Absolutely, absolutely. Because that’s what I want to do. And also it’s very much around, you know, stepping up as the leader is, you know, men raising the bar. This is the kind of stuff you can get even for free. But it is… It takes longer to do that. I’m not sure if it’s any more complicated, but it just takes longer to do that.

Bob Clark:                          Well also there thing is a lot of people who do long for podcasts have to do video editing or audio editing.

Janet Beckers:                  Yes.

Bob Clark:                          My system is designed no editing when I am done here, every single time I’ve dealt in episode five minutes have posted on Facebook, YouTube items.

Janet Beckers:                  Excellent. Yeah, I love that. That is actually a really good point. I actually don’t do any editing. I just figure people honestly just sweat that stuff too much. But absolutely. So there’s those two sides to think about it. But you know, what’s an interesting thing, Bob? Because I recognize that even though I may spend half an hour where we’re going to give really, really good content, I know that there are going to be a lot of people that will never listen, but they will look at the transcript or they will look at even the topic and it’s getting them so that they are thinking. So for that reason, I still do a three minutes, three to five minute video podcast every single week that is just designed for those people that want the quick hits. So the quick, the short ones work, they really, really work. So, for now, for people who are listening, what would be one action step that they can take this week that’s gonna help them to be able to implement some of the things we’ve talked about today?

Bob Clark:                          I think if you’re going to implement a podcast there, first thing you got to think about is what is my end goal with the podcast? What do I want from it there? And make sure it’s a money-generating idea.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah.

Bob Clark:                          I just want to a bit know. Who cares that being known does it automatically make you money?

Janet Beckers:                  No.

Bob Clark:                          Yeah, that part there. Have a goal in mind on what you want your podcast to be at that part there and then basically start asking people to be interviewed. You’d be surprised at how many times, very first person I ever got on an interview. Literally I just registered the domain 20 minutes like, you know, 20 minutes beforehand. I said, Hey, you want to be on my podcast? He’s like, well, what’s your website? I’m like, I just bought a 20 minutes ago, but it’s 808podcast.com. How many listeners do you have? I’m like, you’re literally the first person I’ve ever asked to be on a podcast. Alright, and then you’ll got connected there. He became a client of ours, but one of my high end packages.

Janet Beckers:                  I love it and you know what there is that is like a really good lesson for people who are listening here is you do not have to have everything perfect before you start this. Just move fast, make it happen. See where it goes.

Bob Clark:                          Yes, again, I say this here every single time, just get the damn thing done.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah, perfect. And that is a great message for us to end on Bob. So for people who’d like to find out more about you, people who might be interested in being a guest, people who might be interested in you helping them to set something up like this, where should they go?

Bob Clark:                          I think the two places, if you go to 808podcast.com, that’s where I have my opt-in to my email list, see that I’m on iTunes, Your Facebook, YouTube, all that part there. Or if you’re interested in working with me directly or you, me and my team, just send an email to [email protected]

Janet Beckers:                  Excellent. That sounds perfect. And we’ll put all of those in the show notes as well for everybody so you can get those. And I’ll actually find a link to the interview that you and I did together, Bob. So people can just see what one looks like. So they’ve got an idea…

Bob Clark:                          Perfect, yeah! I’ll send you the MP4 if you need it.

Janet Beckers:                  Excellent. Excellent. Okay. We can make that happen.

Janet Beckers:                  Perfect. I’ll allow it. Yeah. Okay. So thank you everybody for being here. One of the best things that you can do for Bob and I is to just share with us any action you take because as you can see, we’ve mentioned action quite a few times a day. So that’s what we are hoping that you will do. So either come over, drop us an email, come over to social media, go and talk to Bob over at his 808podcast.com and let us know what action you’ve taken. That is the feedback that you can give us. And if you’re watching this on iTunes, I’d be incredibly grateful if you would take the time to leave a star review. Whatever it is that feels right for you. So, and it could be specifically about this podcast episode or about any of them. That would be a great way for other people to be able to help find us. Okay. Thanks so much for your time, Bob, and goodbye everybody.

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