Over the years of working with thousands of business owners, and hundreds of those on a close level, I’ve noticed distinct characteristics of the people who get the fastest and long-lasting growth in their businesses. Plus the path to this success is smoother, with less drama and greater confidence.

Last week I interviewed Emma Franklin Bell, a brilliant woman who has been part of my Attract Your Tribe Accelerator program for the past 6 months. Before giving great guidance on the 5 Connector Styles of Content Marketers, Emma and I dived into the mindset of what it takes to be the person that really stands out and builds a business that positions them as the leader in their field. We broke those down and then showed you how to adopt those characteristics into your own business practice so you have the discipline to consistency create great content that builds on the strengths of your connection style.

This week, I give you an action plan of how to build these characteristics into your own life with Your Action Guide To The Disciplined Mindset.

Here’s what you’ll discover today:

  • The 5 characteristics my most successful clients all have in common
  • Action exercises you can do this week to identify areas you have in common PLUS areas you can take an honest reality check on.
  • Action Steps you can take this week to implement changes NOW
  • Personal insights into the actions I’ve taken myself to model the characteristics I admire in my most successful clients.


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Your Action Guide to The Disciplined Mindset

These are the characteristics my most successful clients all have in common.

They Have a History Of Disciplined Mastery in a sport, creative interest and in business or study

My most successful clients have usually had a history of excellence in one of these pursuits, very often a sport. Now this does not mean they are professional athletes. It DOES mean they have approached their passion with the focus, discipline and training of a person who intends to be the best THEY can be at this. 

Exercise: List goals you have worked towards, you are proud of, and can say you aimed for excellence.

For example it may be dance, like Emma. It may be running, weight lifting, swimming, a musical instrument, demonstrated excellence in your studies.

Exercise: Be honest with yourself. 

Have you settled for average in the past?

If so, don’t beat yourself up about it.

Write down what things you are passionate about you commit to challenge yourself to continually aim to improve in.

Personal Note: I’m currently focusing on continually improving my running, swimming and strength training. I intend to compete in races, with the aim to improve my personal best. I just want to be strong and full of energy.

They Focus on Personal Best, Not Competition

They are aware of competitors but they don’t compare themselves as much as most other people do. This gives them great resilience.

Instead they aim to incrementally improve on their own performance.

Exercise: Choose 2 things to set incremental goals to improve and monitor your progress.

  1. A business goal (perhaps increasing your content production and quality every week?)
  2. A personal goal (maybe getting up at a certain time each morning, or to walk / run / swim further each week)

Personal Note: I still consider one of my best achievements was strategically and persistently converting my bodyclock from a confirmed night-owl to an early riser. I can now naturally wake up at 5am and go swimming, running, gym or mastermind meeting without crying 🙂 It took me 18 months, a lot of fails, crying when the alarm went off, dust off, persist, improve and then mastery.

They Just Do It

A really common thing I hear my most successful clients say is “I just don’t get why people don’t get on and just do what they know they need to do”.

They seriously just don’t get the self sabotage, not completing, excuses.

If they know they need to do something they ignore the self doubt and just get it done.

This is discipline in action.

Exercise: What are you NOT doing?

What are you procrastinating on or saying you will do and then have an excuse why you haven’t.

Go on, be honest with yourself.

What change do you commit to make this week?

They Don’t Second Guess Their Advisers

My most successful clients take time to choose their advisors and so trust they have made the right decision.

Then they just follow the guidance and take action.

They don’t waste time second guessing, challenging and questioning.

They follow the guidance, then review their results.

Only then do they tweak and adapt things to their own style (see back to personal best).

This is especially true of people who have had a coach to train them in a sport or artistic pursuit. They are used to listening to the coach.

Exercise: Be honest with yourself.

Do you resist help and guidance and ignore advice, especially when it is from someone you have selected to guide you?

What areas do you feel you can improve and reduce your stress levels by just trusting and implementing?

Personal Note: In my quest to improve my strength and aerobic fitness I have contracted a personal trainer. She designs gruelling and challenging workouts and guides me in exactly how to do them correctly. She creates macro food plans and sets me accountability goals every week for cardio. 

Some days I detest her and she laughs at my “Don’t F#*k With Me Face”. But I never second guess, I do as she tells me and my results improve every single week. Wanna feel how strong my arms are?

They Play The Long Game

This means they don’t see failure as a reason to stop.

Instead they step back, look for the lessons, then get straight back into improving and aiming for incremental improvement.

For example, you may choose to focus on video as a content creation media for you to connect with your tribe. It’s very likely your first few videos will totally suck.

You may even be ridiculed or people simply don’t watch!

You can my first video here.

You can see Oprah’s first video here.

Oprah didn’t give up.

I didn’t.

You won’t either baby!

Exercise: What have you given up because of a failure? What lessons can you learn from that?

Personal Note: You may get some insights into what can happen if you DON’T give up. Here is a podcast about what happened when my launch I worked on for months got ZERO sales.

Commit To Action

Exercise: OK so now let’s focus on getting results.

What incremental improvement goals to you commit to do in your business, your content marketing and in your personal life? List them down then take action THIS WEEK. 

Celebrate Your Action

Exercise: When you have completed this worksheet and taken action, contact me and let me know.

You can do that via email, social media or in our free Romance Your Tribe Facebook group.

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I’m honoured and  grateful for your support.

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Read The Transcript Here

Hello and welcome! Janet Beckers here. Well, I’ve got a special podcast episode for you this week because it’s just me teaching and we’re going to be looking at the question that I’m really fascinated with, which is why is it that some people just seem to be able to get results faster and longer lasting, and it seems to be done just so much easier. There’s not as much drama, not as much resistance. Why is it that some people get those sort of results and other people don’t? And yet all of them are incredibly clever. They’re very passionate about the work that they do. They’re very skilled and they may very often be doing exactly the same actions, the same material that they may be working through. So how does that happen? So that’s what I’m going to share with you today because after years now I’ve been coaching and mentoring.

I’ve been in this space now for about 12 years and in fact longer really but 12 years since I really officially launched. And over that time I’ve been really fortunate. Like, I’ve worked really closely, sort of like one on one or in very small group VIP programs with over a hundred people now. And I’ve also worked with thousands that have been in my VIP group programs. And I’ve really got to see that there are some people that they just get the success easy. These are the people that, you know, we’ll get featured in case studies. They’re the great testimonials that show huge results that they got. You know, they’re the people that I’ll invite along for me to interview about how they did that. I’m here on my podcast. There’s those people. And so I’ve really come to see that there are certain characteristics.

So that’s what I’m going to do today. I’m going to break down those characteristics that I have noticed in the clients that I’ve had over all these years that get those results. Not just that they get them faster, but it’s done with a lot less stress, a lot less drama. It just feels easier for them and for me. And so I’m going to break down what those characteristics are. And importantly, I’m also going to show you how you can model them. So we kind of have a look at what are some really practical things that you can be doing today to start embodying some of these characteristics that really can help predetermine if you’re going to be successful or not. And I’m also gonna share with you how I’ve learned from my clients. You know, they will come to me because you know, that we’ll be learning a lot from me from my experience and the, the, the mentoring that I can give them on building their businesses online.

But also they will be modeling a lot of the characteristics that I share. You know, that’s helped me to be able to get to this stage, but it works both ways because I get to work with really clever people, like amazing people. And when I look at the people who are really getting the results, I think, well, how do I bottle up the essence of them and how do I actually bring that so that into my own life? So I’m doing exactly the same as I’m going to be helping you to do today is looking at what they’re doing and seeing what can I do to actually bring more of that into the way I do business and I’ve kind of reverse engineered how you can do the same. Now to help you to do this, I’ve also got an action plan for you, a downloadable that you can use that’s going to help you to go through these five characteristics and also to be able to have some exercises that you can be working through.

So the real action steps. So just know that you don’t have to get it all in one go that I’ve got get there for you and it’s going to guide you through those steps. So I am particularly interested to hear from you as you go through this today. I would love to hear from you. Do you recognize that there is some of these characteristics that you’ve, gosh, which is really exciting because double down on what’s working for you and, and also really interested to know are there any things here that I’ve mentioned that you go, well, if I’m really, really honest, I’m not doing that. Or the results are showing me that I’m not doing it and that’s good. That’s okay because these are areas that if you’re going to be really focusing on improving anything, these five areas, if you just focus on improving these when it comes to the way that you conduct a business, not what you’re doing, but the way that you conduct business, double down on these five, those ones that you’re, that you’re struggling with, that a challenge, you know, use these steps that I’ve got for you because it can make a huge difference for you.

So I really want to hear from you both ways. What are the ones where you’re going? Yeah, I’m doing that. I’m going to not really double down. Or the ones where you go up, there’s a bit of a red flag for me. This is what I’m going to commit to actually start working on. I really love to hear from you. So either drop me an email, a message, leave a comment here on the podcast page. If you are listening to the podcast over on iTunes, I would really appreciate if you would help other people find this. And the best way you can do that is to little comment and a ranking. So I’d really appreciate that and you can even comment on this particular episode. Very free to do that. All right, so let’s get stuck into it and make sure that go and download that action sheet that I’ve got for you because I’ve it’s really gonna help things to move along faster for you.

Now, if you’re watching this here on the on the video, on the podcast page or Sydney every now and then looking down, that’s because I’m using my notes. I’m actually referring to the action sheet that I’ve got for you and I’m picking out some of those points here, knowing that you can go into more detail. Okay. And I also have an article for you on this page so you can see things at a glance as well. Alright, well let’s get stuck into it. So these are the five characteristics of the clients that I have worked with over the last decade that they all have in common. The ones that create the success with the most ease and in the, in the fastest time. So let’s have a look at that now. Number one as and this is a really interesting when I’ve really just come to notice this, I noticed it with a, with one client to start with.

And Tiffany, hey tiff, where we live, and I actually discussed this where I was saying that the things that was just making it so easy to get results with her is because she was an athlete. And because of that she had these certain characteristics that all athletes actually have to embody in order to get the results in their sport. So this is number one. Now you may have that you have a particular sport that you have not just gone, you know what, I’m going to play this for fun, where you’ve actually gone, you know what, I’m going to do what it takes to be the best that I can be at this notice I said the best that I can be. So it may be in tifs example, it was tennis and then it was golf in other people that I’ve worked with. It may be that they’re into surfing, but they approach it in a way that, you know, they want to be the best that they can be.

So there are always constantly improving at what they do. It may be running, they may be a person who goes in running races and sets themselves that bar to do better and better and better or swimming. It could be any sport. And now the other thing it could also be, is a creative pursuit, which may be say dance or it may be a musical instruments learning a musical instrument. Some other sort of art that you may be doing. The difference here is that it’s not just I’m going to you know, like me paint, I’m going to paint because it gives me joy. I haven’t necessarily gone down the track of going, you know what I am going to end up, you know, exhibiting in the wind prize or whatever. It’s not the thing that I really want to invest that time, but I’m going to share with you later some of the things that I have been approaching these particular characteristics in.

So now you may also have sometimes it may also be in business. Now the thing that I have found though with the people who are the most successful is they’re not only showing that discipline and drive and a real sense of wanting to get mastery in one particular thing and do it really, really well. They very often, if they have it in business, they also have it in something that is in their personal life. And it’s usually required that they have to have incredible discipline because they’ve got to get up and keep on going to training. They’ve got to get a coach and they understand what it means to work with a coach and just do as they’re told, they will not do as they’re told. But listen to the coach and, and trust that if I do this, it’s going to work.

They’ve had to fail numerous times. So usually I haven’t just really, really noticed that. So I quite often ask people is their tough time when you have set yourself a specific goal and you have really, really worked towards it. And it took an amazing amount of discipline. For example, I’ve got a couple of clients that may say to me, you know what? I wouldn’t say that I necessarily have a sport, but when when we’ve talked further, they set themselves a goal of doing a bodybuilding competition. I’ve had a few that have done that. And once they did it, that was okay. It wasn’t their big passion, but they set that goal. So ask yourself, this is the tough question, how, how often have you settled for mediocrity settled to be average? And when in your life have you challenged yourself to be the absolute best that you can beat, to have mastery mastery of something that takes discipline, that takes a learning, something that new and keep on learning and learning and failing and turning up and keep on doing it until you get really, really good.

Now, I will give you an example of something that I’m working on at the moment because as I said at the beginning, this is something that, you know, I can still remember that first conversation with tiff going, what a work out, what it is. I reckon, what is it that, or a bear’s been around you being an athlete, what have you brought into what you’re doing here with me? And it was really interesting. We started that conversation and then it’s been something that I have continued with a lot of the people who I’ve worked with looking at those things. So I’ll share with you one thing that I am working on now is that I have set myself a goal for this year, is that I’m going to get incredibly strong and fit for me. And I’m going to continually improve on doing that. And I’ll be sharing with you, I’ll use this one as a bit of a theme cause it’s kind of my obsession at the moment.

And as we go through the rest of this, I’ll show you how I’m taking what I’ve learned from my clients and applying it to this particular one. So in that is to do with running and also with getting very, very strong so that I can go and do all those things that I want to be able to doing but be doing it so that I can be going in some running races in some, in some extreme for me, extreme you know obstacle type insurance type competitions with the main reason that I want to be really energetic and healthy, but setting these goals so that I will have a reason to keep on getting better and better and better. So I’ll share those with you as I’m going. But that’s my question to you is I want you to ask yourself that. Is there something that you can this week decide that?

You know what? I’ve always dabbled around with this particular thing, and it doesn’t have to be in business. It could be a personal thing, it could be an act, it could be something physical, creative, whatever it is. Set yourself a goal that you know what? I’m going to approach this for mastery, that I’m going to be doing this as well as I can and continually improve. Continue to be the best that I can be at that. That’s my challenge to you. And then if you’re doing that in other things in your life, it will naturally flow over to what you’re doing in your business. Okay? That’s number one or five. So I’d love to hear from you. So now let’s move over to number two and this row you’ll see that this, you can see how number one is actually here is evidence of having applied the next four activities.

So choosing that one thing can be a really nice litmus test for you of are you actually implementing these other four? So here they are. This one is a really powerful one is the people who I work with that get the best success with the most persistence. The real sort of resilience are the people who they don’t focus on the competitors. They don’t focus on competition. They focus on personal best. Now you may be thinking, Hey, if these are people who’ve really excelled in a particular sport, if they’re athletic, surely that’s competitive. Yes, but they got they’re competing against themselves. Now where this gets really powerful is if you are intending on going for a personal best, you have to be measuring how do you know if you’ve beaten your previous record unless you are actually measuring and the nice part about this as if you are always looking at, did I do better this time than I did last time, then you’re not going to be comparing yourself to everybody else.

If you’re not looking at personal best, it is so easy to look and see what other people are doing and go, oh, why am I even bothering? Look, look how awesome they are. I’m not doing well enough. I’m a failure. What else? I had talked that you’ve got going. If you’re focusing on the competition, that will always happen. But if you’re focusing on your personal best at why it happened, and think about how many times that you may have watched, say the Olympics and you can get somebody that may have won the gold medal and they will go, yeah, I got a gold medal. But how many times do you hear them say hi and I’m really excited. I’ve got a PB, I’ve got a personal best. The gold was awesome, or even the silver or the bronze or whatever. But it was the PB.

That is the thing that they’re focused on. So these are even the people who are winning it at all. They’re focusing on that. Now in order to Mesh two tonight is you’ve got to measure. So for example, if you are doing this in your business, how do you know if you are getting better? So think about the things that are important for you at the moment to measure if might be how many people are on my mailing list? Have I improved? How many people? If I do some videos, how many people are commenting, can I do something that’s going to improve so that I get more comments perhaps when I do Facebook lives, more people viewing, what can I be doing so that if I perhaps do a launch or a Webinar and I’m selling how many people bought they of measure those sorts of things so that you can go, hey, I am improving, I’m getting better.

That’s the big focus because it also makes you resilience. Because if you’re always focusing on getting better, you’ll, you can kind of take the emotion out of a lot of it as well. Now I’ll give you an example. That I can look at here is always looking at your own personal best. So the first thing I want you to set yourself a goal. So that goal could be around your business goal. And also I want you to set yourself a personal goal. It could be something that’s really small. And let me give you an example of one that I did a couple of years ago. And honestly it revolutionized my life by deciding to approach it in the way that my best clients do. And that is I wanted to get fit and healthy. And this is a few years ago. You can see this has been a theme of mine for a while and but I’ve always been a night owl, which has not been a big problem.

But I was finding because on a night our mornings are a write off. I wasn’t exercising in the morning cause I wasn’t getting up early and life got busy. And even though I set the intention to do exercise at night in the afternoon or at lunch time and never happened, I got busy, you know, family came home, blah blah blah. So I realized if I was going to get fit, I was gonna have to get up early and I was gonna have to make friends and go and exercise with them cause that would get me out of bed. So in order to do that, it meant that I had to go to bed by a certain time and I had to get up early. This sound like a minor thing. But the way that I’ve measured mine in terms of personal best is how many times that week did I get up at the time that I said I was and for my swimming buddies, which I’m still doing now, years later, twice a week.

It’s fine. A M for a night person. That was rude. That was a killer. So how many times did I get up straight away? How many times did I hit the snooze button? How many times did I make an excuse to myself and to them about why I couldn’t go? All of those sorts. So that was what I was measuring and also how many times could I get in the car with them cause we carpool to the pool and when they say good morning that I don’t go, you know, when did it become, when did I get to the point where I could actually go? Good morning. So they were the things that I measured now it took me 18 months, but now I can get up at five o’clock quite easily. I can get up even earlier if I need to. If there’s something I need to do I can, you know, and it’s not a drama and I can be in a good mood when I do it.

So that is the result. But if I hadn’t been measuring, if I had only compared myself, you know that, oh, I didn’t do it today. It could, I could’ve given up. So that is an example of one what seems really simple, but it was life changing for me. Thing that came from me applying that strategy of only focusing on the personal best and not on what other people are doing. Okay? Now let’s look at number three. I don’t know if you can hear or there’s a blowy. There’s a fly buzzing around here and I really don’t want to stop videoing in order to do this. So if I get a little dis be distracted, it’s because I’m looking at that. Okay, this is number three. And I tell you what, this sounds simple, but honestly, I reckon out of all of them, this is the one, if you can nail this, it makes all the others so much easier.

And that is the people who I get the best results with. They just do it. They just get it. In fact, I often hear them say, I don’t get why. When people know this is what I’ve got to do and if I do this, I’ll get the results. I don’t understand why they don’t do it. They just don’t get it. Bless them because the reality is I find that the majority of people, they don’t just do it. They will know what they’ve got to do and then they will start sabotaging. They will procrastinate on it. They will second guess and I’ve, I’m really, there’s a lot of reasons that can come to this, but I have really come to recognize that one of the main ones is fear and very often it’s a fear of rejection or a fear of failure. It’s things that move them out of their comfort zone and because of that, they, they don’t do it and they will make excuses to themselves.

I got really, really busy songs. I got sick. This happened, that happened. But if they really, really honest and I want you to be honest with yourself, there’s some kind of fear behind there and I get it. I totally get it. And you know what, there’s lots of things that I can say to you, like really understanding what the theory is dipping into it. But you know what, what I find is the best way is if, you know, and, and I, with my VIP clients, we work at 90 day plans. They know what they’ve gotta be doing every single month, breaking it down into weeks so they know the actions I need to take to get the results. And a lot of people like just don’t do it. And instead of trying to psychoanalyze too much of it, the best thing is to go right. I’m just gonna do it.

I’m going to stop thinking, I’m going to stop second guessing. I just know it’s gotta be done. I’m going to do it right now. So that’s my challenge to you. Just take the emotion out of it and just do it. If I bring it back to the thread that I’ve had going through this, which is my quest to get, you know, continually to get fitter and stronger and full of energy is when that alarm goes off at five o’clock you know, I, I say I get up at five o’clock but I don’t bounce hours. It’s not worth me going, Oh God, all right, it’s five o’clock I can’t wait to get up. There is always those things that go through your head and if I allow myself to second guess, I can very, very easily talk myself into the reason why I need to be in bed that morning.

The only way to do it is to not think and just do it. So it doesn’t sound very glamorous, but I can tell you what, it takes the emotion out of every thing you were doing. So if you take that emotion out, just do it without thinking. It gets easier and easier and easier. And that’s why you will hear me using the phrase scare sighted or the term scare side, which is just a word I made up, which is that feeling when you’re really scared, like it may be pushing you out of your comfort zone. You might be feeling, you know what, and if I do this, if you know, I could get, I could get rejected, I could get fail, I could go make a fool of myself. All of these things, it feels scary, but it’s kind of exciting because if I do it, I can get the results.

So just step into it and stop thinking about it. So that’s my thing to you. Now what am I challenge is I want you to commit to one thing that you have that you know, if you get this done, it’s gonna make things work and just do it. Okay? Just do it. Stop thinking. Don’t second guess, don’t procrastinate. Take the emotion out. Just do it. Okay. I read, honestly, I reckon if you can nail that one and sometimes you just got to pretend that you’re a different person, the kind of person that just doesn’t understand why you wouldn’t do it. I’m just doing that over and over again. Ro Rolls over into all these other activities. Okay. Now here is a another one that kind of fits in with this one as well is I find that the clients who I get the best results with, the ones who get success and it’s without stress and you know, I, I can, I think where I can go, oh, they just followed step by step exactly what I said to do.

I just did it and wow, it worked. You know, look at the results they’re getting. It’s great. Is these are the people who they don’t second guess their advisors all the time. So they take their time to choose who it is that’s going to be their coach or their mentor. And this may be who’s going to be teaching them with their sport. Or it could be me, when it comes to building your business online, it could be somebody else that you’ve got that’s going to be helping you with a different part of your business. It doesn’t even have to be somebody that you’re choosing to pay. It might be, you know what, this is the author that I’m going to follow and I really resonate with them. I like their systems, I’m just going to follow it. So they take their time to choose who they’re gonna learn from.

It doesn’t mean that they do ridiculous research, but they know that I trust this person. And once they’ve made that decision, then they just listen and do just get on with it. So they don’t second guess. I find the people that that they’re good can really struggle in getting things done is even though they know, you know, they can see, you know, here’s the step by step to do. It’s worked for other people. They fight back against it. So they will second guess. They’ll question constantly and they will question me, no question the process. Are you absolutely sure this is what I need to do? And the problem is it’s because it’s moving them out of their comfort zone and so they really don’t want to do it so they’re going to second guess. But the thing is that just uses so much of your energy is so incredibly inefficient that instead of getting on and just applying it I’ll use a lot of energy, you know, not backing themselves and not backing whoever it is that they have chosen to, to guide them to get the outcome they want.

Now I also get that if you are entrepreneurial, you love to create, I totally get that where you want to be able to do things your way and have your own spin on things. But here is a really sound piece of advice and that I’ve got from every single one that actually gets the results the fastest is just follow along and do the steps, get the results, and then you can go back and look at, okay, what can I tweak to make this my own? What are the safe bits to tweak? And one of the that I need to lead them as they are because that works. That’s when you get to put your own spin on it. But not that first time. Okay. So as an example, because following with the what they might, my one that I’m focusing on at the moment is at the moment I just know that I wanted to get strong and to be, you know, just really energetic.

So as part of that, I knew that I needed to do some things with my diet cause I’d slowly been putting on weight. So something was going wrong in there. And also to get strong, I knew I needed to be doing a bit of weight lifting and I didn’t know how to do that without hurting myself. But I did not want to have injuries. So I took my time to find a personal trainer. And when I’m saying time, talked a bit from people at the gym, thought I resonate with her, she’s got a system, that’s who I’m going with. And so I just do absolutely everything that she tells me to do because I can tell her my goals. She helps me to work out the best plan. You know, she helps me with the working out all my macros and my diet. She’s got the, you know, these are the ways that you’ve got to live.

This is the exercise you’ve got to do. Doesn’t mean I always like her, you know, she kinda gets my, you know, my, you know, don’t muck with me face, but I just say to her, I trust you. You know what you’re doing. I’m just going to do whatever you’re telling me to do. If you think I need to carry a heavier weight, I will do exactly what you say. Just tell me what to do. And the thing is the results and there. So that’s how I am doing that in my own life where I actually say to her, you’re the boss, baby. I trust you just telling me what to do and I’ll do it. And that gets the results because I know that that’s what the clients who get the best results with me, that’s what they do. And so then my question to you is, are you, are you, are you kicking back against the advice?

And I want you to ask yourself, why are you doing that? Is it because you don’t trust the person that you’ve got? But if you go, well, no, I do. Well, look at yourself. Why are you fighting back? Isn’t a need for creativity or is it because you really don’t want to do that work because it’s moving you out of your comfort zone or it seems too slow or it’s hard work. I want you to be really honest with yourself cause this could be one of the things that could be holding you back. Now we’re up to the very, very last one and I’m just gonna get my notes here in front. And okay, so this the very, very last one, and it sounds, it sounds kind of crazy when I say that the people who get the fastest results are the people who are focused on the long game.

Sounds really counterintuitive, doesn’t it? You would think it’s the people who are going to hustle, hustle, hustle, and go fast, that that’s, you know, and they’re going for the quick results. And if it doesn’t work, then move on to the next thing. It’s not actually how it works because when you play for the long game, and especially when you take into account these other factors that I’ve talked about, such as I’m focusing on a personal best, is they don’t see failure as the end is. If something doesn’t work, sure people are human, they’ll, they’ll just go, oh no, I’m frustrated. You know, have a good cry, perhaps a bit of a rant and rave. And then they will go, okay, right? So what did work? What can I take and do better? What didn’t work? Because I’m still moving towards my goal. What can I do now to keep on getting back?

So it’s that resilience that comes from not seeing a failure as well. That’s the end now. And also means that you’re thinking, okay, well I’m not doing this so well at the moment, but if I keep on improving, I’m going to get to where I want. So I’ll give you a couple of examples that are in my own life. And one of those is I should have a podcast episode recently and you can go and find it there on the romance your tribe website about when I worked on a launch for months and I’ve been in, I’ve been doing launches for years. I worked on a launch for months, finally went live and got zero sales, not a single sale months with work. How depressing. That would’ve been very, very easy to just give up and go, well, the product was wrong. People don’t want it.

They don’t like me. They’d be like, whatever, all those things. But instead I applied this exact strategy that is actually one of the things that I do have very, very strongly is that grit of not giving up. And if you listen to that podcast cast, you’ll hearing the exact steps that I took that meant that what started off as a zero sale has now made me hundreds of thousands of dollars. If I had given up then it would never have happened. So another thing that you may find and a great example is I’ve got on the whip on the the podcast page that goes with this episode, some links there and are one of those is a link to Oprah’s audition video. And if you have a look at the video that she created, like you look at it and you go, that is Oprah. Like that’s pretty amateurish stuff.

But because she didn’t see that, you know, what I’m doing here is not good enough. She just kept on working at it, kept on going and you know, obvious fantastic story. So there may be something that you were doing where you’re thinking, you know what, this didn’t work. And if we stick with the idea of videos that I just gave with Oprah, it could be that you’re going, you know, I’m going to do a video, but you did a Facebook live for example, and no, nobody watched. So you might go, well, what’s the use? Why am I am doing this? It doesn’t work. If you keep on going and thinking, all right, I’m not going to give up, what can I do next? What can I do better? Then you can start to see the huge change. I’ve also put a link there to the very first video that I did that I put out to my mailing list and we’re talking amateur Ville baby.

But it has now become, video has become my major way of communicating with people and it’s my major way of getting my message out there with content. And it’s what attracts people to me and converts. If you know, that’s an example there. I’ve also got another podcast interview with Denise Duffield Thomas, where she shared how the very first time that she ran a Webinar, nobody turned up. And the second time and the third time, she’s now a multimillionaire that again is playing the long game and not giving up. So my question to you is, are there things that you’ve come up against something that it didn’t work and you’ve given up, you’ve gone that didn’t work or it was never going to work or I did it wrong. This doesn’t work. Whatever it is that you’ve got, are you playing the long game? Are you going to give up now when you get the first hurdle or are you going to keep that goal in mind?

Because as counter insured is as it sounds, the people who do get the best results in the fastest way and with the less stress are playing that long game. So that is my challenge to you. Now, I’ve covered quite a lot here and to make it really easy for you, I’ve got that action plan for you. So you can go to the podcast page. So it’s on the romance, your tribe.com website and you can find this episode there. If you’re on iTunes, you can just click the link and it’ll take you over there. Now on there, you can download this action sheet. I really do recommend you go and get that because I’ve designed it to make it really easy for you to be able to analyze the areas that you can improve on and some action steps that you can take for each of those five points.

So that is there to help you. I would love to hear from you on any Ahas that you have had from today because I tell you what, now I can help you with strategies. I can help you to know what’s going to be the best things to suit your personality, your strengths that’s going to work in your business, the type of program that you need to create that’s going to be best for you, the best way for you to be using contents, the best way for you to convert that, you know, I can help you with all of those strategies. That’s my gig. But if you don’t master these steps, these mindsets steps for success, it’s a slow process for you. And that’s what I want for you. I want you to be able to really, you know, just totally be able to nail these five character traits.

Because if you get that, then everything that I can do with you, everything that other people who can help you to grow your business and get your goals, the greater that you’re going to be able to get a return on that time that you spend. And that’s what I want for you. Because baby, there are people who need you, people who are waiting for you to just step up, get out there and make it happen. And if these things are stopping you from doing that, everybody loses. Okay? So I’d love to hear from you. Please leave your comments. And if you have a friend in business that you know that needs to hear this, I would be very grateful if you would pass this on to them because they have got people who need them and they’re just waiting. Okay, bye.

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