How do you double your business in 12 months? It sounds like hard work right?

Well my guest today proves the opposite.

Today’s interview started with a conversation in a motel bedroom in Austin, Texas.

18 months ago I offered to share my motel room with an almost-stranger. Rachel Wilmann and I were attending the first workshop in a 12 month mastermind we had both enrolled in and the motel rooms sold out fast. I’m from Australia and Rachel is from Norway.

Sitting cross-legged on our beds that night, getting to know each other, Rachel shared that in the previous 12 months she had increased her revenue by 96% (that’s double in my books).

Woah! So of course my next question was “How did you do it?”

“How do you double your business in 12 months?”

Rachel then shared with me the #1 thing she did.

My response?

“Really? That’s it?

And finally, 18 months later (and a lovely BFF status friendship forged since) I have convinced Rachel to share her secret with you.

And hey, check below the video, because I made a commitment at the end of the interview to implement Rachel’s system every day for the next 30 days and I’m inviting / challenging you to join me. There’s even rewards. Let’s make this happen!

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Show Notes

  • Janet met Rachel in a mastermind session in Austin years back and have been constantly brainstorming with each other since
  • Rachel talks about her plans to working in Norwegian to opening up to an English-speaking market
  • Rachel managed to increase her business by 96% with this one boring, unsexy thing
  • What should you put first? Yourself or your business? We have the answer!
  • Rachel is giving out her free guide plus 14 questions you should ask during your one-on-one consultations

Join me in “Janet and Rachel’s Most Awesome 30 Day Adventure”

Rachel’s system seems almost too simple to be true so I reckon we should put it to the challenge.

My commitment to you: I commit to use Rachel’s system every day for 30 days and track my experience. Will you hold me accountable?

And for total transparency….I’ll commit and record each day in our FREE Romance Your Tribe Facebook Group.

Want to join me too and I’ll hold you accountable?

Here’s how:

  1. Grab Rachel’s template from here.
  2. Come over to the Facebook Group and comment on the pinned post “I’m in” and share how you’re feeling.
  3. Every day we’ll report back to the group how it went, how we got focused when we veered off the rails, what went well etc. Cheer each other on and give support when it gets challenging.
  4. At the end of the 30 days I’ll shine the light on the people who stuck with it for 30 days. We’ll shoot a Facebook LIVE together and I’ll also profile all wonderful action takers here on my blog (yep with links to your website if you like).

So, you in?

Links and Resources Mentioned

Rachel’s Gift: 14 Powerful Coaching Questions

The link to get the one page Goal Sheet from Rachel will be available within the week. It’s currently being translated, so please check back here later.

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Read The Transcript Here

Janet Beckers: Hello and welcome everybody to Romance Your Tribe Radio. Janet Beckers here. And I’m so excited cause I have one of my BFFs. BFFs in the world. My gorgeous friend Rachel Willman. Hello Rachel.

Rachel Wilmann: Hey, how are you?

Janet Beckers: I’m so excited to have Rachel here because honestly Rachel is like you know so well known in Norway. But outside of Norway, at the moment, she knows who she is… Who is this gorgeous blond woman? But you’re. Yeah. Well as you’ll be hearing me talking a little bit later that’s going to be changing very very soon. So so Rachel. The reason why I wanted Rachel today was going back to when we first met and I’ll get Rachel to introduce herself in a moment and what she does. But I wanted to give you some background as to why I’ve been able to get Rachel to come out and speak English instead of Norwegian. Which is we were both in a Mastermind together. And it was our very first time that you know that we had come along to this Mastermind and we were having a retreat or workshop that was in Austin. And in the group that we had going. Rachel put in there look you know can anybody share a room with me for various reasons whatever. And I went yeah yeah yeah I will. So Rachel and I didn’t know each other but we ended up sharing a room and I just fell in love straight away. And one of the things as we were sort of like you know sitting in our pyjamas, having a bit of a yak, talking about the day. And I was saying to Rachel “tell me about your business”. And she shared how her business in the previous 12 months was it doubled or your revenue…

Rachel Wilmann: 96 percent.

Janet Beckers: 96 percent increase within… was It 12 months?

Rachel Wilmann: Yeah.

Janet Beckers: It just so I said, “Whoa. Tell me your secret baby. What did you do?” Thinking there’s going to be some outrageous new program that it was going to be a special technique or whatever it was and then she told me the answer. It was so boring. So so boring and so so sexy. So that’s why we’re here today because Rachel is living proof that what she’s going to share with us today gets results. So before we dive into those Rachel, can you just share briefly like who it is that you serve? What Is it that you do?

 Rachel Wilmann: Yeah sure. Thank you so much, Janet, for this wonderful introduction for me and me and you know our friendship and the way we met. It’s I love you, Janet. I’m so honored to be here on your podcast. It’s really amazing. You are amazing. So I look nice here. And Less, you know. So I help women, mostly womena and some men, to have their own life coaching business through my Viking Coach Formula which is step by step coaching programs that you can do online. So I train people on how to handle their business online and be a coach. Working with other people from whenever or wherever they want to work.

Janet Beckers: Yeah and it’s some it’s interesting because I’ve got a bit of a little bit of an insight into this program because you’ve been running it for years in Norway and it’s in Norwegian, isn’t it?

Rachel Wilmann: Yeah.

Janet Beckers: And as you’ll be hearing more from Rachel she’s actually now going to be branching out into the English speaking market which was you know a big step you know in English is your second language. And so Rachel, you know, being very thorough saying look I really want to have a beta group. You know, I want people who are English speaking that can go through this program implement and give me good feedback on it. You know, does it make sense? So I’ve actually been training through Rachel’s program and I just love it. It’s really really good but we’ll talk a lot more about that later on when we get closer to when you’re ready to open that up to the English speaking market.

Rachel Wilmann: Yeah.

Janet Beckers: So let’s talk now because your business that we’re going to be talking about is the part of your business that is in Norway. How many people are living in Norway? Just to start with. Like.

Rachel Wilmann: Five million people.

Janet Beckers: Yeah, for Rachel, like you know. I keep on thinking that Australia has a really small population because like our Australian population fits in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Rachel Wilmann: Yeah.

Janet Beckers: Your population sits in Sydney, our biggest city. You know, in fact, I think we probably even bigger than that now in Sydney so. So just to be aware you know to be all this truly successful business in a market that is small. So you’ve built on really successfully. So that’s the business we’re going to be talking about today is with in this small market of people who you know aren’t necessarily exposed to buying a lot of different programs online because it’s not as if there’s a lot of that happening. So can you share with us… You know, I’m just going to hand it over to you now baby, on… What was it that you did it to just about double your business in that 12 months?

Rachel Wilmann: Yeah. Thank you. First of all, yes we are just five or six million people and our way. So we are not a lot of people but when I started my business in 2010, I quit my well-paid financial job and then I was just jumping into this coaching business. And I have a husband that’s really like thrift and like we can’t just go and quit our job and just do whatever we want whenever we want it just like on a hunch. So I really needed to make a good business plan. I needed to convince them that “Okay, I don’t have my my big salary anymore I’m gonna go and start my own business”. So, I, you know, I have this financial degree so I sat down and I really built my business plan. And the funny thing is that within three months, I had a waiting list. And throughout these years, I have had like a thousand one clients and I was working so hard in an office and after a few years I think about, “oh my god I can’t do this”. Like I was losing my freedom coaching all these people in an office and that’s why that’s where I took all the coaching experience that I had one-on-one and took and built an online course. We spent nine months putting – like a pregnancy – and putting everything together. And having a beta group testing it and then I launched out to the market. And I think my first online course, within this coaching program, I had I think it was three… Three hundred and fifteen thousand dollars I sold for the first time. And because since I teach people step by step on how to become a coach online, that was something people really wanted and since I had this big experience, that was something that, of course, you know, a lot. But what I did to do this was really simple and boring, as you said. I built this business plan and the main thing, I think, Janet, and what people are forgetting is like the customer. The ideal customer. To make your goals. Figure out who your customer is and of course they are aware of what her problem is and what kind of solution they need. And your amazing offer. So because you need those three things, and I think what I see because I also train people in their business here in Norway now because people came and asked me. “Hey how did you do this? Can I learn from you?” And so I started to train people and the biggest error I see that people are making is that they don’t know their ideal customer good enough. They think they know her and I say her because that’s mainly my ideal customer. Yeah. They could be a He or a They. But my customers are often a She. And I’m really interested in knowing who my customers are and what they pinpoint our problems and what they want what kind of solutions they need. And I work with that like every day and I know that when people come to me and say “Oh I have heard that before.” And I say “yes I know you have probably heard that before but have you really worked with it? Have you been making your solid ideal customer?

Janet Beckers: Mm hmm. So that’s a really good point is don’t think because you may have identified your ideal customer or that you don’t keep on asking, don’t keep on diving deeper and so, okay. So that’s really that’s what… I’m really pleased you said that because that’s something that I’m really passionate about and I know every time, you know, I guide my clients through that sort of process. And I also find that we were just talking before we got on the call here, just great insights that you get every time that you do any kind of promotion and then you look at how people respond or don’t on. It really gives you greater insight into well what is it that they want and you know really getting to be able to understand them deeper like it’s… it’s… I’m really pleased that you picked that up as the number one that you really keep on refining. That’s great. Mmm.

Rachel Wilmann: It’s so important to ask the clients what they want and especially what they don’t want. And.

Janet Beckers: Yeah right.

Rachel Wilmann: So you know when I get in contact with my customers, I always ask them what they find me? Because I need that knowledge to know where they found me. Was it on the Internet or was it on Facebook or through a website or… And I also ask them what they thought was good with the program and what they could have done better.

Janet Beckers: Okay!

 Rachel Wilmann: Yeah. So because I think other people are afraid to ask that question because they,.

Janet Beckers: Yeah.

Rachel Wilmann: Yeah. But That’s how you can improve. And that is also gonna give you their objections. For example, why they… And I asked them “What was your biggest concern for before you bought my program?” Because then I get their objections, their fears and what they were thinking. That was obstacle from where they were and what was the reason why they bought the products from me.

Janet Beckers: Yeah.

Rachel Wilmann: That is such a good insight.

Janet Beckers: That’s fantastic. And so you do that for everybody who joins a purchased program?

Rachel Wilmann: You’d also I also ask the people who don’t buy why they didn’t buy.

Janet Beckers: Yeah that’s a good one. I’ve actually got an email sequence that some that I send out to people and it’s always really really interesting insights, isn’t it?

Rachel Wilmann: Yeah.

Janet Beckers: And Whenever you send it you know after programs launch and the people didn’t buy, it kind of really don’t want to read the responses. But most of them are actually very very kind, aren’t they?

Rachel Wilmann: Yeah. They Are. They are they are. So if I’m going to go a little deeper into what the number one reason was for me increasing my revenue from like 60… 96 Percent.

Janet Beckers: Yeah.

Rachel Wilmann: It was one thing I did and I guess that’s what you thought was really boring. And that’s just my goal of the day sheet. This one thing that I was working with. That was in 2016 and what I did, Janet, was that I… First of all, as entrepreneurs, we all been there as we had been, right?

Janet Beckers: Yeah.

Rachel Wilmann: And mine is to change the world so it’s kind of, it’s really big. It’s just something…

Janet Beckers: Yeah, I know.

 Rachel Wilmann: Then I needed to figure out, “okay what can I do today to change the little world that I live in today?” Like I can smile to the people at the grocery store or I could help an old woman or I could just, you know. So that is what I started to do. With one sentence: What can I do today to change the world?

Janet Beckers: Oh Okay.

 Rachel Wilmann: And then I have the daily affirmation. So I have a daily affirmation so I was going around with my head of who I wanted to be. For example, you know, a lot of money. I have a lot of happy customers for example. And that is putting me into this good, great mood.

Janet Beckers: Excellent. Yeah. And you have that on your sheet like you have that, that’s your affirmation for the day?

Rachel Wilmann: Yes.

Janet Beckers: Right. And does it change?

Rachel Wilmann: Yeah it changes every day so that is something that I do every day I go do this. And then, Janet, this is this is the key. And then I have the tasks that I do for me personally before my business goes.

Janet Beckers: Right.

Rachel Wilmann: I think about that I needed to take care of me before I did anything. So I know a lot of entrepreneurs, they are and so a task oriented. They’re all oh I need this and that and they forget all about themselves. And since a lot of us have this as a work. It is our hobby. We kind of don’t take any time off.

Janet Beckers: Yes yes. Yup.

Rachel Wilmann: And the funny thing is that for example if you meditate every day you get a lot of extra time. But people say I don’t have time to meditate. But, you know, if you meditate, you are getting a clearer mind. You think clearer and you get more done in a short amount of time. So, if I for example, know most important what is important for me every day, for example, meditate and exercise. That is the two things I need to have every day to be on the top of my game.

Janet Beckers: Right.Rachel Wilmann: And if I can do that, I can tackle everything.

Janet Beckers: Right.

Rachel Wilmann: And then I have my business goals. And in the end, I have, like, what I- what I learned from today and then I had this three star system. Like I have the option of putting one task over to the next day but when it gets three stars, I need to do that. The tasks. I break my time all the time.

Janet Beckers: So you can have. That’s interesting so if something gets moved over to the next day it then has two stars.

Rachel Wilmann: Yeah right. And the third day, it’d get three stars and then I need to do it.

Janet Beckers: Right. So three strikes and you’re out basically.

Rachel Wilmann: Yeah.

Janet Beckers: You need to get it done.

Rachel Wilmann: That is the single most important thing that I did in 2010 that increased my revenue. And it helped me to really focus on what to do every day.

Janet Beckers: So that’s what- so hearing that you say you can see why when I met Rachael and she said, you know, basically doubled my revenue. What was the secret? And it was that. It was- it was kind of going, “Come on. There had to be more to it. like What were the goals that you put down? But from what you’re saying it’s not specifically “what were the goals that you put down”. It was that disciplined around putting yourself first, being clear on what they were, starting off the day like really positive with the affirmation.

Rachel Wilmann: Yeah.

Janet Beckers: And I love how yours was also “what can I do today to make the world a better place”. That’s such a beautiful way to start the day.

Rachel Wilmann: Yeah it is.

Janet Beckers: Yeah. So why do you think that that’s the thing that made the difference? When was it about it?

Rachel Wilmann: Yeah I think it’s the order I put it in. Because I put business on the bottom and I put me at the top.

Janet Beckers: Right.

Rachel Wilmann: And I think if you think about pyramid. A lot of people have like on the top it’s their business but I think it should be you.

Janet Beckers: Yeah.

Rachel Wilmann: You need to take care of you. You need to take care of your family. You need to take care of your health. And for me I was one of the reasons why I went. My former job and some with it was because I had really bad health. I had like two back surgeries. I have a lot of, I had a lot of negative thinking. My body wasn’t working. I was stressed by I, you know. I was in the hospital because I thought I had a heart attack.

Janet Beckers: Oh.

Rachel Wilmann: Yeah it was awful. And then I decided I’m never ever gonna go back there.

Janet Beckers: Yeah.

Rachel Wilmann: I’m Going to move forward but I need to take care of me. You know I’ve had pain in my body since I was a little girl. I am now 45 years and I have never been healthier. I have never felt stronger. I am not sick. I, you know, I think you just you know the importance of taking care of you is gonna make a healthy and profitable business.

Janet Beckers: That is I love hearing that. And you know I can, I can attest to this because, Rachael, you know once we met each other in Austin that was it.

Rachel Wilmann: Right.

Janet Beckers: I think we had four retreats that we actually did know by the last one it was like Well let’s get an AirBnB you know, so that you know every morning is up there and smiling and happy and just.

Rachel Wilmann: So irritating.

Janet Beckers: She just, you know, comes back from her run and goes, “Hello, pretty lady. How are you?” Like absolutely lose it. So I just find it amazing to hear that you even a negative thinker, little known. So yeah you know it was in pain and unwell because you were the exact opposite now. So this is a lovely epiphany because I’ve had one of the mantras that kind of changed me around in business where I was sick a lot like with autoimmune disease and just burning out was changing my life to live by the mantra: “Health before 10. Wealth after 10.” So that health, which was also social, mental health was first, but the thing that I really like about what you do is you’ve systemize that.

Janet Beckers: Yeah.

Janet Beckers: You make sure that yeah yeah yeah. So there it is. It’s the very unsexy way to double your business in 12 months is put yourself first. But have that real sort of system around that. So like I said my commitment to you Rachel and to everybody that is watching this, I am going to, with discipline, do this every single day. And I shall report back after 30 days.

Rachel Wilmann: Ah that’s good.

Janet Beckers: Yeah. So there you go. I will and, you know, people that are listening. Here’s my challenge to you. Come down below and I want you to commit that you are going to do, for 30 days, do exactly what Rachel has done and see what difference it makes. Because it takes discipline to do it every single day. So every single day, do that. And maybe take a photo of your, you know, your chart that you have created for yourself and what it looks like it’s filled in. So yeah come on come on do that because I’m going to do that. That’s my, I’m committing to do that. So everybody else, hold me accountable. And I will hold you accountable if you write down below that you going to do it. So there you go. Rachel. You inspired so many.

Rachel Wilmann: When I’m thinking of it now. When I was, I think it was one of the retreats we were on, Janet. Somebody asked me to share the goal of day so I translated it then so I can of course share the English version of it if somebody wants it.

Janet Beckers: Yeah.

Rachel Wilmann: I have it already made. Yes.

Janet Beckers: Oh so this is your actual sheet that you’ve got.

Rachel Wilmann: Yeah. The PDF one sheets. PDF, if people want it, then I could of course share that.

Janet Beckers: Yeah well let’s do that. So what we’ll do have a look down below, folks. Rachael and I will work this out when we get off the call and we would work out a way for you to get a copy of that sheet so we get it translated so that it will be… Yep. We’ll be able to, you’ll be able to use it because I’m going to be using it every single day for 30 days.

Rachel Wilmann: Amazing and easy.

Janet Beckers: Yeah that’s brilliant.

Rachel Wilmann: It will give you super amazing good results if you just follow it.

Janet Beckers: Yeah yeah.

Rachel Wilmann: Yeah.

Janet Beckers: And that’s the secret. Following it. So that’s why I’m giving you the challenge. So. I am so grateful for you sharing this Rachael. Now, I know you like Rachael and I could talk. This is one switched on like we we mastermind with each other regularly on lots of ideas. That’s why I think we spent like an hour before we even started even recording, discussing all different business strategies. And yet this is the one that’s made all the difference. Doesn’t matter how much we talk about launches and webinars and all that sort of stuff. This is the one that makes the difference. So I am so grateful to share you with all of my friends. Now we’re going to make sure that we can get that that chart for everybody. And so now for people to get in contact with you and we will, we’ll- I’m going to invite you back. So when Rachel gets ready to get closer to launching out to the world with what she’s been doing in Norway, well, we’ll come back and we’ll talk more about specifically around health coaching. But for now, if people want to be part of Rachel’s world, what’s the best way that they can do that? What’s something that’s that we can get to have a little taste of what Rachel does.

Rachel Wilmann: Yeah of course they can get the sheet we were just talking about. And then if you have a lot of coaches and therapists or people who are, of course, entrepreneurs, I have… I have this powerful 14 coaching questions that you could use in your business. If you have a team, if if you have coaching clients, I could share that with you. And that is kind of my, it’s my most essential questions that I ask people. You could use it use it also if you would like to sell some high ticket programs or ah whatever. They don’t need a lot of questions. You just need these essential questions to ask people. And that is something that I could share with your people.

Janet Beckers: That’s brilliant.

Rachel Wilmann: If you would like.

Janet Beckers: Yeah. Well Let’s do that. So I will put the links below this video on the website if you’re listening to this on the podcast. If you go to I’ll just make a cool link here now and that way you know it would redirect to where Rachel’s going. So if we go to RomanceYourTribe.Com/14questions. That’s the number 14. 14 questions.

Rachel Wilmann: Yeah.

Janet Beckers: If You go there then you’ll be able to get those 14 questions and I’m going to be getting them as well. And then we will also put a link on this page where you can go and get the goal chart. So yeah I really like that idea. So.

Rachel Wilmann: Yeah.

Janet Beckers: Thank you so much Rachel. Is there anything else that you’d like to add before we go?

Rachel Wilmann: No. This is, uh, have been amazing and I love to see all the comments from your people and your Tribe. It is always so good to talk to you. Thank you so much for having me.

Janet Beckers: Very welcome. I’m very excited to introduce you to everybody. Okay, goodbye Rachel and goodbye everybody. Go get ‘em.

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