Stu McLaren would have to have the greatest insight into what makes a successful membership program on the planet. No kidding. His software (Wishlist, which we use for our business) is supported by a membership program with thousands of entrepreneurs running membership sites. In just 20 minutes we covered the 3 most successful models for memberships, 3 steps that mean you reliably attract heaps of new members, and the 3 most powerful ways to retain members once you’ve got them (Stu’s a 3 kinda guy). I really, really like Stu’s very simple action step listeners can take this week so they know if their membership idea will work or flop. Simple but a real Ah Ha.

Build Your Own Membership Site
Click here to download your gift now. Get great advice and check out the software that Stu’s got as well.

Stu McLaren

“Working 60+ hour weeks, commuting in busy traffic and wearing a suit everyday isn’t the only way to do business” Stu originally created a very successful 5-figure a month business in consulting. However, he realized he had in fact failed because he created exactly the type of environment he sought to escape. He was tied to trading dollars for hours and was stressed out because of it.

Stu McLaren is now a recognized marketing expert helping business owners sell more by building an online community around their product, service, or expertise. His flagship product, WishList Member, now powers over 42,000+ membership sites and serves to simplify the process of building, managing and monetizing an online community or membership site.

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