What a star is Stacey Barr. Goddam this woman gives some brilliant value with the timer ticking for 20 minutes only. Some really humble and inspiring insights into how to build a trademark-able signature system and then leverage that into an international brand with licensed consultants throughout the world. Stacey is a very systematic person and I love how she shares openly, very clear steps on how YOU can apply what Stacey has done in your own business. I can’t wait to your ah-ha’s.

A ten part video course on performance measurement
Click here to download your gift now. www.RomanceYourTribe.com/Stacey. Each lesson is on average about five minutes and is a brilliant introduction to why measurement matters and what sort of struggles we have with it, where those struggles come from and some quick tips for overcoming those struggles.

Stacey Barr

Stacey’s passion is performance excellence, in all facets of life. And she believes that measuring performance is the single most powerful force for achieving excellence in anything. She even has a performance dashboard to monitor and improve her marathon running.Stacey’s purpose is to help people get tangibly clear about the results they intend to achieve in their business or organisation, to know how to recognise if they are achieving those results, and to know how well they are achieving those results.People struggle a lot with doing this well, mostly because of some bad habits that have become common practice. With PuMP®, she helps people replace these bad habits with an easy, fast and engaging approach to measuring their business performance.

Stacey is the creator of PuMP®Stacey2. PuMP® is a performance measurement methodology that routinely transforms measurement cynics into its greatest advocates. And with that much power to engage people in measuring what matters, PuMP® is a driving force for transforming the performance of any organisation or business.

The PuMP techniques dig more deeply than typical approaches that suggest you ‘brainstorm your KPIs’. These PuMP techniques make it easy to select meaningful measures that align with strategy, easy to get buy-in from almost everyone to use measures to fundamentally improve performance. Since the mid 1990′s Stacey has been developing and improving this methodology into the practical approach that thousands of people around the world are using today. Her long-term vision is that deliberate performance measurement, based on a methodology like PuMP, is as much a part of normal business management as financial management is.

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