Procrastination is not a character flaw. It’s simply lack of clarity.

Do you find yourself beating yourself up because you know you need to make changes in your business, or launch that new program, or start that podcast etc. but you haven’t taken action? So you label yourself as a procrastinator and beat yourself up further because you know as a procrastinator, you are flawed! 😖😖😖

Know. it’s not just you and it doesn’t have to stay like that all the time. Instead, stop seeking procrastination as a character flaw and start seeing it as a symptom.

It is a symptom of lack of clarity so you simply need to:

1️⃣ Identify where you have a lack of clarity

2️⃣ Follow a framework to get clarity, make a decision and clear up the energy so you can stop procrastinating and get s#*t done.

In this week’s short and sweet podcast and “cheat sheet” post below, I share with you a few of the areas you are most likely lacking clarity on that you may not realise are the root of your procrastination.

Plus tips and resource links to help you get clarity and get momentum.

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Procrastination Road Blocks

Here’s a few areas you may have lack of clarity on that are causing you to procrastinate in your business:

✳️ How do I really help people anyway? so what is the transformational journey I take people on to get from A to B?

✳️ What gives me joy in my business…am I doing enough of that?

✳️ Have a created a business that has me doing a lot of things I don’t like? If yes…what can you outsource or what can I stop doing…….otherwise why have a business anyway, if you don’t choose to do things that light you up. You may as well get a job!

✳️ Have I got the right business model?

✳️ Have I over-complicated my business?

✳️ Am I really clear on what my clients really want help with or am I just assuming?

✳️ Am I clear on what I stand for? What will get the splinters out of your bum from sitting on the fence in your industry?

✳️ Am I clear on my confidence to step up and get seen or do I need a framework to stop sabotaging?

That’s just a few ideas.

If you aren’t clear on any of the above, well that’s what I do. I have frameworks to give you clarity then the tools and templates to get you taking action in the right way so you can stop procrastinating and get stuff done.

The stuff that makes a difference.

If you’d like my help either comment below or contact me and tell me what it is you are stuck on.

I’ll see if I can help you get unstuck.

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Read The Transcript Here

Hello and welcome! Janet Beckers here with a short and sweet episode for you this week of Romance Your Tribe Radio and today we’re going to be looking about why you’re not getting stuff done. Now, if you find yourself going in are what I’d be wanting to get this podcast on or this program launched or I’ve been wanting to make those sales calls, do that webinar, make my, get my website, get it out there, but I keep on stuffing around. I’m not doing it. I’m not getting committed. I’m, you know, I’m just really just doing everything else. But I’m doing a lot of busy stuff, but I’m not getting the results. I’m really common thing is to describe yourself as a procrastinator to say, I’ll keep on procrastinating, I’m not getting things done. And it’s very, very easy to see that as almost who you are, that this is like a character flaw that you have, that I am a procrastinator, you know?

So if you find yourself saying that, and I’m being totally transparent with you here, I used to say it’s a lot to myself and I do say to myself quite often, Janet, you’re procrastinating, stop stuffing around. But the next question you have to ask yourself is, why, why am I procrastinating? Are you really so incredibly flawed as a person that you default to procrastinating on everything? So first of all, I’d like you to have a look at other things in your life, things that you are super clear on their importance or, um, or you know, why you’re doing that. And do you procrastinate around those things? And I bet you will find that there are a lot of things that you don’t even procrastinate on. And if you’re struggling to find this, it’s because you do those things all the time. So much so that there’s very little thought put into them.

So you don’t even think about them as procrastinating, you know, for example, me spending time with my family, um, you know, carving out time to, you know, hang out with one of my kids is, you know, for me it’s a no brainer. I don’t procrastinate over that. Um, but that’s because I know how important it is. I’m clear on it. So what I’m going to look at here is what I see is the number one reason why you may be procrastinating and that is you just don’t have clarity. For me, I know with myself, if I’ve been stuffing around and I’m procrastinating now instead of seeing this, that this is something that I need to work on from personal development point of view, as in a discipline point of view, that there’s actually something deeper there. That this is nothing really to do with me as a person being flawed.

It’s to do with this particular situation that I do not have clarity. And so this is about what I want you to ask yourself. What am I stuffing around on? What am I procrastinating on? What am I avoiding? Now let’s look at what am I clear on? So I’m going to run over just a few for you. And the thing is, if you’re procrastinating, number one, you’ve got to get clear first of all on what it is that you are unclear about. So because you can’t get that clarity on why or what, what it is it your needing to do unless you actually identify which part of this whole thing are you clear on. So I’ll run over a few of those. Now once you’ve got that, then it’s so much easier because then you can go, right, I need a frame work now to be able to take action.

And if it’s something that I know that this is the area that I need to get clarity on, I need to make a decision on, right? What sort of things do I need to do to be able to make that decision? So to help you understand, I’ll run through some really, really common scenarios that I experienced myself and importantly that my clients deal with. It’s really, really normal. So I’ll just refer to my notes so I don’t miss on here. So number one is you’ve got to identify what the clarity problem is, where you need clarity and then use a framework for it. Now here’s a few ones. So here is a really common one that I find if you’re procrastinating around getting your offer out there or um, you know, telling people about your business, very often it will be yours actually really unclear on what kind of transformational journey you actually create.

Like how do you get people from point a to point B, like not just, yeah, I can help them like absolutely step by step, how do I do that? What are the steps in the transformational journey? If you are unclear on exactly how it is that you get results, then it’s very difficult for you to actually with confidence go out there and get it. Cause you’re always in the back of your mind going fraud, I really don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m not sure if I can get the results. So if that’s one thing that you’re, that you’re not clear and then you go, right, I need a process that’s going to help me get super clear on what the steps are that I take people on. No, that’s what I help you with. So that may be the framework that you need. Another really common one might be, you know what, I’m really unclear on who is the best person for me to serve.

So that’s why I’m not putting it out there because I can help everybody or should I go this way or should I go that way? What’s the way I should go? So if that is what is stopping you, if you’re pretty sure how you get results for people but you’re not sure where to focus, then go right? That is the one area that I need to get clarity on because that is blocking me. And again, that’s another thing that I can help you with. Um, another one may very well be is why I don’t even know why I’m doing it. I’m really unclear on this that I’m not getting motivated. So maybe you are needing a process. It’s going to help you to get clear on why you’re doing what you’re doing, what really lights you up, what are you on a mission, those sorts of things.

So once you know that, then you can, um, you know, you can go and have a look at that. And I’ll actually, I’ll put a link down below. He, there’s a really great, uh, Ted video on about your why. So that’s a great one. And I’ve also got some other podcast episodes I’ll link you through to around your why. Um, so other ones, let me have a look here that I’ve got here. You might be thinking, you know, have I over complicated things in my business? So am I just feeling overwhelmed because I’ve got so many things happening. You know, that that’s what’s stopping me because it’s just all too much. So you may need clarity on actually what is getting me the results and what is not getting me the results. So you just may need to have, okay, that’s what I’ve got to look at first.

And so then I can go, you know what, these things here are not getting me the results. That’s what I will give up. So I can focus on doing the things that are working but doing super well. Um, again, that’s other things that I felt pure with, but that’s that first step that you do is right. What is working, what isn’t working? Be Really, really clear on that. Um, so that’s something that you could probably start to do yourself. Another one might be, am I sabotaging all the time? Because I, I’ve got self doubts. I’m not confident to put myself out there. So if you look at everything else, don’t always assume that it is this. A lot of times people will default to going, you know, I’m just not confident, but really on my farm and I dive deeper, we all have that. We all have that.

You know, even people who are outrageously successful still have that self doubt. Very often. It may actually be that it’s because you weren’t clear on what are the steps in your process or you’re unclear on exactly who your market is or you’re unclear about what gets splinters out of your bum baby. Like what’s going to get you off the fence and take a stand in your market so you’re not going to get splinters in your farm. So you know, cause if you sit on the fence all the time, that’s what happens. So maybe that’s one of those things that you’re just not clear on. What’s your unique voice, what do you stand for? So these are the, these are a few of the things that actually may be stopping you from procrastinating. So before you make assumptions that it is a character floor or it’s something that you need to dive deep into what it is that stopping you from moving forward.

Look at the logic part of it first. Okay. And look at what are the areas that I need to get clarity on that I need to make decisions on and focus on those. And then you can step up into that fear because we will always have it. That’s what I call scare cited. That when you’re scared, because you know this is pushing you out of your comfort zone, but you’re excited because you know you’ve got, you’ve got something to share and um, and you, you’re going to get you express yourself there through that business. So I’d love to hear from you like, do any of those resonate with you? Um, if you, um, you know, or do you have other ones, other tips around procrastination specifically around this part here? I’d love to hear from you if you can leave a comment, wherever it is that you are viewing this.

I love to hear, if you’ve enjoyed today’s podcast, I’d really appreciate if you would, uh, go over to iTunes. I don’t normally ask you that. I’m going to start asking, go over to iTunes and leave a review and a rating. I would really appreciate that. So more people can find this podcast. Um, and importantly, I’d like to hear from you now what works for you, what do you procrastinate on? And I may be able to help you pinpoint the thing that you need to get clear on. And if you’d like to work with me, just send us an email and I can tell me a bit about your business and I can let you know what’s the best way that I can help. Okay, go get them folks.


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