This week, our episode is all about how to prevent client refunds.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? You’ve wisely transitioned from selling your services for an hourly rate and now offer high-end packages that are designed to get the absolute best results for your clients. Go you! (by the way high end could be anything from say $500 to even $100,000 – it all depends on your business). You’ve just enrolled a new client and you know you can help them get great results. Happy dance!

Then… a few days later she contacts you to say she has changed her mind……the timing is not quite right.

If  this has happenned to you, or the thought of this happenning is stopping you from even launching your high-end package in the first place….then know you are not alone. This is way more common than you would think and here’s some good news for you:

It’s not YOU, It’s THEM!

In fact this is a topic that came up on one of our weekly Rising Stars Coaching Huddles with my own high-end clients. One of our members had totally excelled in recruiting new clients into her newly designed high-end packages, only to have one back-out a few days later. We explored WHY this happens and formulated a plan to prevent this happening in the future. That’s what I’m sharing with you on today’s podcast.

In this podcast episode I share the 2 reasons high end clients change their mind and ask for a refund and the 3 things you can do to prevent this happenning.

PLUS I have an extra special bonus for you to help you take action THIS WEEK.

I share the exact welcome video I created for my Rising Stars Coaching Clients that addresses these 2 reasons.

You’ll also notice in my special bonus, I outline short exercises for for clients to do immediately.
These help them embrace the challenge of “Scarecited” and also give them a simple tool to refer back to when ever they start to doubt themselves or feel overwhelmed.
This helps to prevent clients changing their minds and MORE IMPORTANTLY helps them to get real results as a part of the program.
Feel free to take notes, adapt the message for your own clients and model what I have done.

You can watch the video, listen to the audio, download from the podcast directory, or read the transcript below.
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Show Notes

  • This topic is from a discussion on our Rising Stars Coaching  weekly huddle when one of our members faced this exact problem.
  • The definition of high-end packages and why you should be transitioning to these if you haven’t already.
  • An important step in the sales process that prevents this issue occurring.
  • The 2 reasons high end clients change their mind and the upside of each problem
  • Where in the client relationship you can expect this problem to arise (it’s not just immediate buyer’s remorse)
  • 3 ways to prevent this happenning, including strategies that can be easily automated.
  • Your Call To Action: Share your ah-ha’s below and also any further tips you have to help viewers prevent refunds of high end clients

Action  Points

  1. If you don’t currently offer high-end packages, create your first one THIS WEEK based on what will get the BEST RESULTS for your clients.
  2. Script your “refund prevention” message to use on your sales calls.
  3. Watch the bonus video and create a short 10 minute video to welcome your new clients based on the strategy I demonstrate in the bonus.
  4. Congratulate yourself on taking action. Dip into the Celebration Box.
  5. Share below your ah-ha’s from this lesson and also any tips other viewers may find useful.
  6. If you loved this episode, I’ll be grateful if you can leave a review over on itunes so other people can discover this podcast too 🙂

Read The Transcript Here

Welcome to romance your tribe radio with me Janet Beckers. Where every episode focuses on simple action sticks you can do this week to grow your business online. And bring joy. To the work you do.

Hello and welcome. Janet Beckers here and it’s great to welcome you to this episode of Romance Your Tribe radio. Today’s episode is for you if you have. Ever. Enrolled somebody into a program that you are offering that is for you a higher priced program go into this in detail. Actually what that is but if you went to a high priced program you enrolled the client in there they’re going to be fantastic if you’re a great match then not very long after it could be a couple of days. It could be a week or two or even a little bit longer. And they come to you and say look it’s just not right for me I’d like to change my mind. Maybe a little bit lighter whatever it is that they’re giving as their reason they’ve decided to pullout and yet you know. That they are perfect. For your program. And you’re perfect for them. How frustrating is that if you have ever had that or One of the reasons why you may not be offering a high price program is because you’re really concerned about that and what to do about it. Well I have got some help for you to today. So today we’re going to have a look at what is actually a high price program look like where you’re going to get this situation coming up. Absolutely. Regularly very very common. So what sort of programs tend to cause this problem.

Then we’re going to have a look at what do you do when that situation happens so why does it happen in the first place. And once we know why it happens then what can you do to prevent it ever happening again. And what you can do when you have a client now that comes up with that situation. So that’s what we’re going to be covering in today’s episode. And I’ve got a really really cool bonus for you that’s going to actually demonstrate exactly what I’m advising you to do. So stay tuned and we’ll go through all of that and then I’ll show you how to be able to get that bonus. All Right. So first of all let’s start with what is a high price program. Now one of the things that I do when I start working with my clients is if they’re already at the moment working them right. Or they might be working on. People come and they might have one session with them or one consultation and then each time you need to up sell them into the next one. Like, well we make a booking now or are you going, OK we’re going to get five hours for this much per hour.

So if you’re working on an hourly rate or you’re always having to remake the sale every time somebody books in one of the first things that I will do with you is help you to work out what you are already doing and let’s package it so that we’re going to make it into a high price program that includes the amount of resources or time that is going to help the client the most. This is number one when you creating these packages when you’re bundling together what you do for people your number one thing is what’s going to get the best results for the clients. So if it’s gonna to be that they need to be having a six week series or they need to have this amount of time with you plus some extra resources that you have or whatever it is that you do then working out one of those packages is one of the first things that we do. Now, this So you might have been say charging 50 dollars an hour or 100 dollars now. Two hundred dollars now three four five whatever your hourly rate has been. Now you’re changing it and you might be saying to people well we don’t work on an hourly rate. The best results I get for you is X program and that’s going to cost you. 500 dollars a thousand to five 10 20 whatever it is that’s going to work out best for your clients and packaging it together so that different numbers that you are talking to people about. So we’re not talking about a higher price program. It’s hard prized for what you are normally charging because you are bundling together to get the best results for your clients. So these are the sort of programs we’re talking about at the moment. So for example one of the members of my Rising Stars program we came up just this week because she had really increased the number of her sales she had she had surpassed what she had set as her call for new clients which is so exciting.

And one of the reasons was her modeling that we were doing, but also because she had bundled, she created packages so it was obvious to people what the advantage was what the outcome was that would get from working with her for that amount of time really really exciting. A week later there was a disappointment of. This. She contacted me and she’s kind of backed out. She’s kind of thinking it’s not right for her at the moment but I know that this is perfect for her. And you know she’s not going to get the results if she doesn’t do it again. It’s coming back to what’s best for the client. So this is really common sense. This is the little bit of a summary of the advice I was able to give her and we had a discussion on our weekly huddle so I’ll give you a rundown on what it is that causes this problem and what you can do. And then I’ll tell you about the bonus.

So why do you get this problem when you’ve done this beautiful souls conversion now and then somebody backs out. Now if you have. Been ethical. In the way that you have converted that person to asylum.

Then you know that they and you are a perfect match by ethical. I mean that you’re not putting on a hard sell where you are manipulating them into making a decision that you know is not right for them or it’s, you know, you’re being driven by or want to make the sale because I need the money and maybe they may not be the right person for it. So if you’ve been doing it in an ethical way with, I have made an informed decision. You know who I am. And you know that this is going to be a great match. Well then the reason why they are asking for a refund or backing out is very unlikely to be because the what you were offering them was a wrong match or they never had the money in the first place because you’ve already covered all of that with them. So that’s not usually going to be the reason it’s going to be something deeper. And this is what it is. It will usually fall into two things. The first thing is as soon as I hand over that money. One thing they’re going to feel is what I call scare sigid. scare sigid is when you really really moving out of the comfort zone you feel scared cause this is something you haven’t had to do before as stretching you on beyond what you normally do. It’s maybe stretching you on you know investing in yourself in something that’s going to be you know whatever it is I’m not quite sure what service or products that you provide.

But think about your clients they are getting scared cited because this is something bigger for them. The flip side of scarce sodded is they’re moving out of the comfort zone but they’re excited scared but they’re excited because they know that this is going to help them. I know this is going to get them the results they want. They’re excited about that but scale at the same time. Now that can be one of the reasons why they back out. Because if you are scared and you’re excited. The scary part of overtake and that’s when they start thinking oh good grief what have I done. I’ve just spent all this money. I’m scared stiff this is really moving me out of my comfort zone. But it’s not right now. You do it right. Blah blah blah blah blah. That’s what we’ll be going through their mind. Now the flip side of suicide. Is sure the improving out of the comfort sign and they’re excited about it. The flipside of that is then if they’re moving out of their comfort zone if they’re getting the results. That they want to get from your program. Is resulting in them having to back themselves because they don’t have to do the work. You know they may have they might you know even if it’s something that you may not think he’s actually then having to do the work such as coaching or something to do with their health it might be that they’ve signed up to get a website. But hey these websites are going to be about them in the business.

So they’re backing themselves so they saw you the other voice that’s going to come up for them is who do I think I am how do I know that I am capable of doing this. They are doubting themselves and they will be having that kind of who am I. So they say usually the main true reasons why somebody is going to back out quite quickly when you’ve already gone through an ethical sales process way you know. That they are a good match. They know all about the program. They know that you can get the results. They’ve already confirmed that they can’t afford it. So these are the things that’s mainly going to result in them backing out. So I’m just having a look here at my notes here. Now let’s look at what you need to do to prevent people pulling out because I’d like you to know that if this happens to you. Don’t go beating yourself up. OK. It doesn’t mean that they deserve that that I think you’re any good or you were totally wrong were you were charging too much what whatever it is. This is a really really normal thing to happen. OK. So and because it’s a really normal thing. There are strategies that are proven to prevent it happening. So this is what they are.

Number one is right when you think when you’re doing yourselves sales process. Once they confirm that they’re in the program you need to cite them. Hey. Let’s talk about imagining what it’s going to be like when you start these get to be the first things we’re going to do. And I want to let you know that there is going to be very likely. Not very long after you’ve actually noted this program. That you’re going to get some kind of what we call buyer’s remorse something way you’re going to go.

What have I done and you can describe to them what scares saw that looks and feels like and what the flip side of who do I think I am looks like.

So let them know hey just know this is I understand that this is very likely going to happen. I’m Just warning you so you can be prepared and know that that is really normal. And I am here for you and its no part of the process. So do that actually on the sales call. Now if you dont do it on the sales call or in addition what you can do is as soon as I have Joint you can be providing them with the same information about what they can expect to be feeling as soon as they have signed up. So for example. You might do a video. What I’m doing now telling them hey I’m so excited you here. Now in my experience this could be one of the things that’s going through your mind at the moment. And it’s Grotte described to them this gay sided. And the flip side so that they knowing that now you might do that in video or you might do that in email. You might do that in whatever format that’s going to work for you. But you can do it once and have it automated. So that you know that every single person is gonna get that message and you haven’t missed out. So this is what you can do to prevent this happening. Now the other thing that you can do to prevent it is there are going to be key milestones through your contact with a client where this is going to come up again. So it’s not as if you just yep.

We’ve talked about this once and it’s over because humans this is the way we think. Every time you get pushed further out of the comfort side a shrinking back and this is it could be a sign of suffering from running scared. I think I better go or the spirits telling me that this is not right. It’s actually his scared. OK. So very often the points that you’re going to find this with clients when you are enrolling them in a program will be first off. And then the next one is once there has been some kind of activity that is requiring them to move out of the comfort zone or the putting some work. So depending on what it is that you are doing just be away that once you do an activity that’s gonna move them out of their comfort zone. You have to revisit them again and say hey how are you feeling after that. It’s really normal for you either feel a little bit scared little bit scared sided or maybe being overwhelmed just know it’s OK. And that’s what I’m here for. So it doesn’t matter if you’re out there. What you’ll be doing with them goes for a few weeks or whether it goes for a year or a few years doesn’t really matter as soon as they have one big action point when it moves them out of their comfort zone that’s going to happen in a 12 month program that we usually can have had a three month level because they’ve been doing a lot of stuff and now they’re going to go Oh I. Can’t keep this going.

So now if you got a 12 month program it’s going to happen three months as well and then you’ll have all the touch points. So I hope those ones help you that do something on the actual side is priceless after they’ve said that they’re going to join the program. Then at home as soon as they join have something there that also talks to them any knowledge’s and then the other thing is be aware of and touch points throughout your program. This may come up again and you can remind them back remember how this was going to happen. Here it is. So these are great ways for you to prevent that. If you haven’t done that yet and you get a clock that’s coming to you saying Oh look I just don’t think it’s right at the moment. I’m having doubts those sorts of things is. Be honest with them saying you know what this is really really common not just with me and what I do with people but it’s really common across the board across all industries. And just explain to the men about this case cited and then say so a big part of this is moving out of the comfort zone and also backing yourself. How are you feeling. What’s moving you out of the comfort zone with this. And remember when you invest in this program you were backing yourself so don’t forget to keep on backing yourself worth it. Your results are going to be worth it. So that’s what you can be doing right now. Now I have is a bonus for you something that I know will really help you win your putting this into process is I have down there for you.

There’s some there should be some links down you can click to sign up to give us your e-mail so that you can access a special bonus which is I’m actually gonna share with you the video that I have given to my rising stars coaching clients so that’s my great coaching clients with actually work really closely with me and I have a good investment getting there. So with outfile they get to get these feelings as soon as they’ve joined. So I’m actually going to share with you this video that is normally only very privately kept for them and it goes for live in minutes. And you can watch that and see how I’ve covered each of these points and I also have an extra thing that’s in there that you will see in that video because I also have some activities that you can give people that will then help them to move beyond this get cited. Help them to move beyond backing you know doubting themselves and so you’ll hear me introduce those at the end of that video. And so my hope for for you is that you can get some ideas from that video to be able to model and to be altered that to use to create a video for when people first join you that you can send them. So hopefully that will shortcut you taking action and get a little sneak behind the scenes of what it’s like to work with me closely. So you’ve got the links down below. There’s a sign up there you’ll get the e-mails and will take you straight to where you can get that video and you can download it and just pull it apart and see how it works.

So that’s the end of today’s podcast episode. I really do hope that this has helped you if you are transitioning from offering just an hourly rate or transitioning from selling an appointment after an appointment. I do encourage you to now look at being able to create packages because it’s going to be best for the client and it’s going to be best for you. And that’s one of the things that I specialize in really helping people I love doing this coming up with those packages. So I really encourage you to do that if you’re doing that and then your wanting to make sure that you retain as many of those as as possible. You should have bought 100 percent rights know once they converted if you’ve done the sales process properly you know that I should be staying. So this is going to help you. With that. And so I would love to hear from you. Have you had this issue before have just share them down below so people know that they are not alone and if you have some tips for other people that are watching or listening to this podcast please leave them down below here on blog page and help as many other people who are here.

Now if you are listening to this on on iTunes or one of our podcasts where you’re listening to the audio version there’ll be a link if you’ll be able to go to the page where this post where this video is this episode is and you can watch this video so you can see me talking to you and you can also see some links below to get resources and some share and some action steps that you can be taking. If you are watching this on on Facebook or if you’re watching it over on YouTube. Come back over to the blog as well and you can leave your comments and get those extra resources. I’m really looking forward to hearing from you and please if you implement this and you have some success. Nothing is more rewarding for me than to hear from you to know that what I’ve been sharing with you and the time I take to do this is helping you to get results. Okay bye. Go get them folks.

It’s Janet here. Thanks for joining me on the Net tribe radio. Hey you heard our voices today. But do you want to see what we’d really look like. You can see the video version of this episode. Over at romance your tribe dot com. And grab the show notes while you’re there. And if you enjoyed this episode I’d really appreciate if you show the love and leave an honest review on iTunes or your favorite podcast directory. I’ll see you on the next episode.

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