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Marketing, Mindset and Motivation…..that’s what every no-fluff episode of Romance Your Tribe Radio is all about.

We mix it up each week bringing you expert interviews with hand-picked leaders, chosen for their proven results and their focus on genuinely helping people……..

Then other weeks, our founder Janet Beckers takes you behind the scenes to teach you what is working right now, with templates and action plans for you to download.

Every episode ends with an action plan of things you can do THIS WEEK to grow your business and bring joy to the work you do.

Available in audio as well as video, and available on all major podcast aps, Youtube, Facebook, and Email.

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Latest Podcast Episodes

Head vs Heart in Business. 4 Ways to Find a Balance.

Which way do YOU roll when it comes to head vs heart in business? If you’re undecided, then how do you find a balance that actually works? This is a topic raised by one of our founding members of The Attract Your Tribe Program in our private Facebook Group. This is...

How to Get Startup Capital for a Business: An Unconventional Way

In this week’s podcast I interview Ludwina Dautovic about how to get startup capital for a business, in quite an unconventional way. Ludwina is the founder and CEO of a startup called The Room Xchange. It's an innovative mash of the Airbnb model with a social...

Why Start Your Own Podcast?

In this week’s podcast I answer the question: why start your own podcast? Maybe you have “Start Your Own Podcast” on your wishlist or possibly your should-do list. But you have a “but”. And if that “but” is it’s so much work, or who am I even to do this, or how do I...

Simplicity in Business

In this week's podcast I interview my gorgeous friend Milana Leshinsky. Milana and I met a few years ago in Hollywood darling when we were both being featured in a documentary (long story). Who would have thought it would be so boring on a film set, but there were a...

Look a Squirrel! How to Stay Focused on Your Business

There is something very special about us entrepreneurs. You see, entrepreneurs are visionaries which means we see life as full of possibilities. This means we always see different things we can be doing to improve our  businesses, and in fact, we often have a great...

4 Ways To Clearly Communicate Your Brand

In this week’s episode, I interview by beautiful friend Amy Selbach about how to clearly communicate your brand. Amy’s story is fascinating. If you thought marketing your personal brand or the brand of your small business was hard… try marketing a country! Yep, that’s...

The 6 Reasons My First Business Failed (and my second one succeeded)

Vulnerability Alert! This week’s episode is a very vulnerable one for me to share. In fact, it’s taken me 12 years to share this lesson with you. It’s been long enough after the fact that I can openly and transparently share with you why my first business failed. Yep...

How Long Should a Coaching Program Be?

If you’re a coach, consultant, or someone who offers their services and advice with the intention to help your client reach a certain goal over a period of time,  then packaging your services into programs is important. But how long should your programs be? 1 month, 6...