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Marketing, Mindset and Motivation…..that’s what every no-fluff episode of Romance Your Tribe Radio is all about.

We mix it up each week bringing you expert interviews with hand-picked leaders, chosen for their proven results and their focus on genuinely helping people……..

Then other weeks, our founder Janet Beckers takes you behind the scenes to teach you what is working right now, with templates and action plans for you to download.

Every episode ends with an action plan of things you can do THIS WEEK to grow your business and bring joy to the work you do.

Available in audio as well as video, and available on all major podcast aps, Youtube, Facebook, and Email.

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Latest Podcast Episodes

10 Things All Tribal Business Leaders Have in Common

Well, with a business called “Romance Your Tribe” you’ll probably guess that the concept of Tribes in business is kinda my thing 🙂 And key to the concept of Tribes is the role of the Tribal Business Leader.In this episode of Romance Your Tribe Radio I dive into:What...

The $5K Funnel Formula

Funnels, funnels, funnels.As soon as you start investigating how to build your business online you are going to come across the concept of a sales funnel. It is one of the basic building blocks of an automated online business but in my experience, there is a lot of...

Decision Guide: How To Price Your Online Course With Confidence

I have a short, sweet and potentially life changing episode for you today. In this solo teaching episode I share the 3 exercises you need to do in order to price your online courses and services  with confidence. I also have a special downloadable for you today for a...

6 Steps to Create an Online Course That Sells

Today I introduce you to my "secret weapon", John Lint, the founder of This is the software I trust to run the bulk of my business and since I discovered John and 10x Pro over a year ago my tech headaches, and the money I spend on tech and staff, has been...

When Kindness Is Bad for Business

A short and sweet podcast episode for you today.I say sweet, because I talk about kindness.But actually, what I really talk about is the bitter, unseen damage caused by kindness.It is very likely the real-life scenario I describe is familiar to you.A story of cancer,...

3 Steps to Attract Your Ideal Clients Using The Law of Attraction

Do you sometimes feel as if you are doing absolutely everything you should do to attract your ideal clients yet it is harder than it should be? Sometimes you are totally in the flow and your ideal clients appear in your inbox with messages of “how can I work with you”...