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Marketing, Mindset and Motivation…..that’s what every no-fluff episode of Romance Your Tribe Radio is all about.

We mix it up each week bringing you expert interviews with hand-picked leaders, chosen for their proven results and their focus on genuinely helping people……..

Then other weeks, our founder Janet Beckers takes you behind the scenes to teach you what is working right now, with templates and action plans for you to download.

Every episode ends with an action plan of things you can do THIS WEEK to grow your business and bring joy to the work you do.

Available in audio as well as video, and available on all major podcast aps, Youtube, Facebook, and Email.

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Latest Podcast Episodes

The 6 Reasons My First Business Failed (and my second one succeeded)

Vulnerability Alert! This week’s episode is a very vulnerable one for me to share. In fact, it’s taken me 12 years to share this lesson with you. It’s been long enough after the fact that I can openly and transparently share with you why my first business failed. Yep...

How Long Should a Coaching Program Be?

If you’re a coach, consultant, or someone who offers their services and advice with the intention to help your client reach a certain goal over a period of time,  then packaging your services into programs is important. But how long should your programs be? 1 month, 6...

5 Steps to Create a Web Procedure Manual

This week’s episode is all about How to Create a Web Procedure Manual OK this week’s episode may not sound sexy. I mean….procedure manuals. Really? But you know what IS sexy? A business that you can ignore for weeks while you are on holidays and the people you have to...

How To Protect Your Confidence in Business

Here is a riddle for you my preciousssss (OK if you’re a Lord of The Rings fan, you can totally geek out as I attempt to channel Golum). What am I? “I am the most precious thing you have in your business but the one thing most people take for granted. I am the one...

The Fastest Way To Get New Clients

This week’s podcast episode is all about the fastest way to get new clients OK so you’d think, with my specialty of helping coaches, consultants and service professionals take their businesses online, I’d tell you the fastest way to get new clients is to do a really...

How To Find Your Why in Business

This episode is all about How To Create Trust in Business In this week’s episode I interview Heather Yelland from The Elevation Company. Heather  is one of my favorite friends and influencers in the world because of the very genuine change she makes to the people who...

10 Ways to Stop Giving Away Your Time for Free

Today’s episode is about how to stop giving away your time for free If you are like most of the clients I work with, you help people. You get immense pleasure from helping people get results which is why most of my clients are coaches, service providers or...

How to Make Better Decisions: A 5-Step Framework

This week’s podcast episode is all about how to make better decisions. If you’ve ever got stuck, unable to move forward, because a decision in your business or life just seems too hard to make, then you’re going to love this episode. If you find yourself...