Money conversations… they can be hard can’t they?

If anything is going to bring up stresses, blame, shame and mindset baggage it is going to be money. No wonder it is one of the biggest contributors to relationship breakdown.

Add in a business, with the highs and lows that goes with that, and money conversations with your loved ones can get way more complicated. And that’s even if they aren’t part of your business.

**BTW, my husband doesn’t usually work in my business. He’s actually a full-time ecologist. However, he’s certainly my sounding board, reality checker and lover of spreadsheets.**

After 34 years of marriage (OMG that’s a long time) I can tell you that communication is everything. It doesn’t matter how much you love each other, how kind you are and how awesome each of you are, if you can’t nail strategies to hear and be heard, things are always going to be hard.

In this week’s podcast I share with you just one of the communication strategies we have added to our routine that seriously, save our marriage on a weekly basis!

The 15 minute money meeting.

Here’s what I cover:

  • The purpose of the meeting
  • Why it should only take 15 minutes
  • What we discuss (yep we even have an agenda)
  • What information each of us needs to present to the other
  • The one most important thing we start each meeting with that sets the tone
  • How to have difficult discussions with your partner (including a script to use)
  • How to adapt your meetings if your partner is not interested in your business details at all
  • How to adapt the meeting if you are flying solo in life,
  • What you need to prepare to make the most of each meeting
  • A template you can use to identify the gaps in your business (and the opportunities)

I’d love to hear if you do something similar already and have any tips to share.

I’d be super stoked if you take action on what I share and start Monday Money Meetings in your own home. Please let me know what the experience is like for you.

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