Milana Leshinsky is the Supreme Russian Goddess of Joint Venture Partners (well, that’s my new name for her) and I love the really practical tips she shared on how to approach and work with JV partners, especially if you are just starting out. Milana is a woman who walks her talk and used her wonderful way of working with JV partners as the main method for skyrocketing her own business. She’s then gone on to co-found a community especially to facilitate other business owners to find and work with great JV partners too. Love her wonderful warm way of sharing and very practical tips for you to take action this week.

12 Biggest Mistakes People Make That Joint Ventures Do Not Promote Them
Click here to download your gift now. A collection of behind the scenes things of how JVs partners think and how to get them to say ‘yes’. You will also find out about our JV Insiders Circle – a beautiful community of ready to go JV partners who network and we even have a live event where people come together and find joint venture partners for themselves, for their next product or product launch and it’s a one of a kind community as far as I’m aware.

Milana Leshinsky

Milana Leshinsky had a zero chance of success. She came from a country where business didn’t exist, some of the most brilliant people lived in poverty, and the world’s best books could only be bought on the “black market.” In just a few short years—after looking for ways to stay home with her two small children—she figured out how to create simple, milana2money-making information products and turned her favorite topics into a million-dollar business from home. Starting her business with just a hundred dollars in the bank, Milana is now considered one of the top experts in her field. Through her programs and events Milana has trained thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs on how to turn their passion into cash.

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