There is something very special about us entrepreneurs. You see, entrepreneurs are visionaries which means we see life as full of possibilities.

This means we always see different things we can be doing to improve our  businesses, and in fact, we often have a great list of ideas of potential businesses we might try next (or maybe, try now).

But there comes a problem with this. When you see life as full of possibility, how to stay focused on your business? When every time you start to focus…..ooh look there goes a squirrel!

You know what I’m talking about.

Squirrels, or bright shining objects, all those distractions in your business.

In this week’s short and sweet episode, I share the solution to these dangerous distractions by introducing The Book of Squirrels.

The Book of Squirrels, is a close relative to The Book of Brilliance, who I introduce you to here.

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Show Notes

  • Why squirrels impact business owners of all sized businesses
  • How to recognise the symptoms
  • What is the Book of Squirrels?
  • The step by step process to stay focused on your business so you can cage those little squirrels
  • Action steps you can do TODAY

Read The Transcript Here

Hey, Janet Beckers here! Today we're going to talk about squirrels.

You know those squirrels. The classic sign of whoops there's a squirrel, better go and chase it! We might also call it a bright shiny object. You know what I'm talking about because I have not met a single entrepreneur yet that does not occasionally suffer from the bright shiny object syndrome. The oops there goes a squirrel syndrome. We all do it and that's because entrepreneurs are visionaries. We are creative people. We can see different things that we can be doing for our business. We can't help ourselves. It's just really really normal. Where does it become a problem though?

Something that could be celebrated that is really important for you to come up with ideas that's actually going to improve your business and make life better for your clients becomes a true negative when you allow that squirrel, that bright shiny object, to distract you from your core purpose. And this is a challenge that so many of us face and to be honest so many of us can never ever actually cope with the bright shiny object syndrome. You know what it's like. You can you know what you can see it in other people very very clearly when you can see that they're so close to achieving something and then they'll go off on a tangent because THIS looks like it might be the solution. It doesn't matter if your business is a start up or if it is multi, seven, eight, nine figure. You will have at times temptations from those rules. So what do we do about it?

We have The Book of Squirrels. If you've watched one of my other videos which is The Book of Brilliance, this is its partner, the Book of Squirrels. Because the fact is you can't say to yourself "Stop thinking of these ideas. Stop looking for these opportunities." because it is in your nature ok? What you need to do is control them. So where in the book of squirrels. Every time you get one of these ideas I want you to go and write it in the book of squirrels but we're not going to stop there. Okay because I know even though you may have written that down it's still going to stay in your mind. So we have to go through a process in the book of squirrels that will get this bright shiny objects. This squirrel out of the road and out of mind. So this is the thing we're going to refer to my notes. I'll make sure I don't miss any here for you. I want you to go through this process so when you get an idea that is worthy of you putting into the books for girls I want you to set aside a canon and only needs to be something like 10 or 15 minutes. You can spend longer than that. Anyway talking about it okay I want you to go through this process. Number one we need to look at it and analyze it in terms of right. What problem does this particular squirrel solve. Like if this is for a business what does it actually do. Who is it helping. So what you want to know, is who is it helping? What is the problem that it solves?

Now the next thing that we want to know is what kind of outcome does it achieve. Is this something that is going to be for building your list. Is it going to be for branding. Is it to do with a product. Is it to do with a completely different nature that you're not part of now. Is it something that you can see as a potential for a very for a future business idea or a trend that you can see happening in the market. I want you to get very clear on what part of your business or what part of a future business or a completely different niche is this ongoing and put that down as well. What kind of outcomes with this particular idea deliver now. The other things we want to do them is we want to have a look and go. Does this particular idea to implement it. Will it be using my strengths or is it. Will it be using strengths that I already have around me in people I have around me or is this an idea that I would have to do some time to get the right people and get the right resources or learn the skills. So have a look at those. You know what sort of resources have you got now is it actually playing to them or is it something that you need to build on and develop now we're going to have a look at does this actually compliment my existing business or simply a distraction. So it is something that could be complementing no business is you might go. You know what I've got an idea for a podcast now.

If the idea that you have for a podcast is really complementary to what you provide through your business if it's going to be attracting the right clients and building the right relationships with potential joint venture partners that you interview well this could be a great thing it could actually complement business. However again using the idea of a podcast if you're going I've got this great idea for a podcast it's actually nothing related to your business but it is kind of a fun thing or a really useful thing but nothing to do with your business is a distraction. So you need to get very very clear now once you've made that decision okay is this if it worked out that this is something that could be useful for my business then that you need to make the decision. Is this something that is actually something that could help me right now with what my current focus is that I have already determined is my focus for now. If it's in your 90 day plan for example if it's going to help well they go. This is something I need to actually look at in more depth. If you go what actually my major focus right now but I can see it can be good for my business. You get a market as this is something I can review and I'll come back to this and you may market somehow in your book. The other thing you might do is go you know what this is a really fun idea but this is totally completely different to what I'm doing.

So then you have to decide is this something that I think I would really really love to do but not right now it would be crazy if I do it now. Well then you can put it down to let's revisit it. Or is this an idea that you can gift to somebody else. Is this something that you can say maybe one of your clients or one of your friends got this great idea and I think it's perfect for you. Is that something you can pass on or is it going to be something that's just going to be really good pub talk. It's going to be something that you just got to bring over dinner parties. Let's just keep it for that okay. Now see if there's any other thing that we need to do that is the main one. So you can decide if it's going to be a priority or if it's not going to be a priority. Now once you've decided this make sure you have cleared it out you need to make that decision. The decision of is this important for my business. Yes no. If it is important is it important now or will I look at this again in 90 days or 12 months make that decision or is it a gift for somebody else or is it just going to be pub talk. Make that decision before you close that page book and once you've made that decision to close it up. Okay. And then you don't need to go back until you're ready to add something else into the book of sprawls.

Okay so that is the book squirrels and it is so important for you to clear your mind of all these ideas because that is the beauty that's a gift that you've got to be able to come up with these ideas and especially the more you learn about business and the more other business owners are in contact with the more ideas you're going to have. So you need to have a way to take control that so you don't get distracted and you will create the success that you absolutely can do if you stay focused on what is important.

Okay so that is The Book Squirrels. I'd like to hear from you, what sort of things would you put in your squirrel book? Have you used this process? Let me know. Has it worked for you?  Get some feedback there and just go forth. So we have The Book Squirrels, go get em folks! Bye.

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