Lisa Turner what an inspiration she is! Such an inspiring story from someone with a PhD in engineering and very established scientific career now running a very successful business helping people tap into their psychic abilities. Say what?I love how Lisa shares the transition process in our interview which will really help you if you are building a business in something new for you or adding extra dimensions to your existing business. You can tell Lisa practices what she preaches: “connect and listen and have genuine conversations with your tribe members” because she has created a beautifully responsive tribe around her brand. You’re gonna love the no-bs style of this woman.

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Lisa is offering an audio and workbook about how you can find your life purpose. It will give you some pointers on how you can incorporate your purpose into whatever you do. On the outside Lisa has made this amazing transition from scientist to psychic but she feels she was always both and now just doing both in a different way. Imagine if you were doing every day something that you found joyful. Well that is what this program is going to be able to help you to find; to pinpoint the source of joy and then give you some pointers on how you can bring that into your business.


“Infinitely compassionate and gentle, whilst refusing to accept your limitations and ruthlessly getting them out of your way”. Lisa Turner is a Master Spiritual Trainer and founded Psycademy 10 years ago. Fiercely committed to assisting coaches, healers and therapists to become highly successful intuitive spiritual practitioners so that they are 100% personally empowered as well as empowering their clients. “working with Lisa should come with a warning “danger your blocks and limitations will be gone” prepare to be enlightened”

She founded Psycademy to train the most successful and spiritual practitioners on the planet. With a phenomenal 95% success rate with clients, her Certified Spiritual Practitioner graduates are highly sought after often going on to earn over 6 figures within a year of graduating, and creating deep transformation for their clients. With a PhD in Mathematical modelling and Aero-acoustics Lisa made the extraordinary transition from scientist to spiritual teacher through her desire to become free from her own past in which she was kept as a virtual house prisoner for 5 years by a paedophile from the age of 15. Her own desire to be free now fuels her dedication to freeing minds of others who are enslaved by the illusions of their limitations.

Underpinning all her spiritual teaching with science; teaching only techniques that are proven to work and give results, takes the “hit and miss” out of spiritual development. With Lisa you’re entering the No-Fluff zone. Believing that evolution is key to empowerment not only of the individual but also of society and the planet has led Lisa to create and develop several models that explain our past and predict our future.

Lisa is the author of three books

  • “Spiritual Guide To Riches”
  • “I Loved A Paedophile. The Seduction, Abduction And Liberation Of A Life”
  • “No-One-Guide book. Unusual Answers to Everyday questions”

Lisa is highly a sought after media commentator regularly featured by Sky News, This Morning, ITV news, BBC News 24 and Channel 4 As well as: Kindred Spirit, Soul and Spirit, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, the Telegraph Business Club, the Sunday Times, and many many more…

Lisa is a Certified Trainer of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, NLPCoaching, an instructor of Tantra, and an initiate of too many spiritual schools to mention!

She lives in Hampshire UK with her husband and daughter and far too many pets. In her spare time she can be found knitting jumpers or baking for her family.

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