We Help People Who Help People…….Help More People!

Some people join our programs when they already have busy successful businesses. Others join us when they are just starting out or even going through a “reinvention” of their brand and business.
They all have a few things in common. If any of the above sound like you, then we have a program for you:

1. You help people go from Problem to Solution. From Point A to Point B in a Transformational Journey. So you are likely a coach, consultant, service provider, healer or consultant.
2. You know if you can get your message in front of the right people, you can help them get results (in other words, you know your stuff)

The Success Circle

Find your tribe of entrepreneurs building businesses that transform lives. The Success Circle is designed for the following people:

  1. You already have a business with great clients offline and you want to build on your success with group and online programs that allow you help more people internationally, increase your income and free up your time.
  2. You’re already helping people get results with your expertise but your business is not consistently providing income. It’s time to consistently attract great clients, charge what you are worth and have a suite of programs that allow you to make sales, grow your email list and tribe and grow your business, with systems that allow you to have time freedom as well as great income.

This is a monthly membership with access to thousands of dollars of step-by-step training programs, live coaching and strong community.

Attract Your Tribe Accelerator Program

This is fast becoming our most popular program. Members get such great progress in the program we have a 75% rate of people signing up to do the program again!
This program combines the step-by-step worksheets, training videos, templates, cheat sheets and other wonderful resources in the Attract Your Tribe program and ramps up the speed and ease you can implement with 6 months of daily support in a private forum, weekly group video meetings with Janet Beckers, personal coaching with Janet and her team,  Get S%*t Done Days plus more. 
This is a VIP level program so we’ll hop on the phone to see if the program is a good fit for you as we only work with people committed to action at this level.