Check below for our suite of coaching programs.

You’ll notice many of them are marked as “coming soon”. That’s because we’re in the process of reinvention!

Our programs that have served thousands of people world-wide, have been closed, are being cherry-picked for the absolute gems and new classes and templates are being created. All with the purpose of helping our clients get results with ease and speed

Attract Your Tribe Program

Step-by-step to create a personal and business brand that truly reflects your unique values, expertise and personality. You’ll not just get super clear on the sweet spot where your unique expertise overlaps with what your ideal client REALLY wants, you’ll have everything in place from your messaging, your website, an email list of perfect prospects, through to an easy to manage content strategy, with leadership across social media…plus your first (or more) online sales of your own program.

Rising Stars Coaching Program

If you’re ready to accelerate the creation of your “Tribal Platform”, then this is the program for you. With a private forum, designated coaches, hotseats with Janet Beckers and Get S%*t Done Days plus more, you have the support of The Romance Your Tribe team to get you up and running with speed and ease.

Romance Your Tribe Coach Certification

If you are a life or business coach, in the done-for-you space for businesses, or ready to take your expertise into a different niche of business owners, then the Romance Your Tribe Coach Certification Program may be the system you need to get results for your clients. Not only will you be trained and certified to use the Romance Your Tribe Method, you will be supported through an ongoing Coaching Tribe membership to help you grow your business as well as get the best results for your clients. This is an application-only program with genuine certification standards (we will be trusting you with our brand so we support you to get genuine results with your clients).