Kendall SummerHawk is an absolute delight to interview and honestly, I could have stayed on the phone for hours! Kendall is one of my featured Tribal Leader Spotlights in the chapter of my book Romance your Tribe Online called Commitment which is all about money. In my book “Romance Your Tribe Online” I share my story of overcoming a debilitating disease that made me rely on a walking stick, to becoming a runner. From running a profit-draining business to a profit-attracting tribe. The turn-around all started with Kendall. You can see why I want to introduce you to her. I loved the very practical steps Kendall shared to include VIP days into your business model, for established businesses and also for people who are just starting out (even with no website) to bring in thousands of dollars quickly. I especially loved the tips on how to change your mindset so you can confidently price your programs at a much higher price than you thought you could. I cant wait to hear your ah-ha’s after this interview.”

3 Simple Steps to Designing, Marketing and Pricing Lucrative VIP Days
Click here to download your gift now. A free one hour webinar which is about VIP days; I do a lot of free teaching in this webinar. It goes through quite a bit of detail about what the opportunities are, and basics on how to structure your VIP day. So there is a lot of good detailed content in there.

Kendall Summerhawk

Kendall SummerHawk is the leading expert on women entrepreneurs and money, and the co-founder of The International Association of Women in Coaching (IAWC). Kendall helps women increase their self-worth and their net worth by becoming a successful, thriving entrepreneur. Her marketing expertise and training programs have helped thousands of women start and grow financially and spiritually rich businesses. She is the creator of numerous certified coach training programs, including Sacred Money Archetypes, Money Breakthrough Method® Coach Training Program, Certified Money, Marketing and Soul® Coach Training Program and the Stars 6-Figure Courageous Coaching® Club. Kendall is the winner of numerous awards including Stevie Awards for Female Entrepreneur of the Year, Mentor of the Year and Women Helping Women. She’s also been recognized as an Enterprising Women Honoree. As a Master Coach, speaker, author and workshop leader, her work has touched the lives of thousands of women throughout the world. She happily leads a successful, multi-7-figure coaching company delivering the message that making fabulous money is part of your spiritual path, and giving you the mentoring and marketing tools you need to be spiritually and financially successful as a woman entrepreneur. Kendall loves spending time every day with her beloved husband and Andalusian horses.

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