I have an unusual format for this week’s podcast plus a special gift for you.

A step-by-step masterclass in exactly how to use the same template I use in my own business so I can see EXACTLY what I need to focus on to hit my 90 day goals.

I really recommend you watch the video this week as I screen share while I set the goals, milestones and action steps for a client who used the 1 page 90 day business plan template to launch a brand new high end program and set up everything needed to focus on list building for her next 90 days.

I also share screen grabs of some of the resources she used to accelerate how quickly she could go from plan to sales.

This is Part 2 in my mini-series on the unique 1 page 90 day business plan I use in my own business and to help my Accelerator clients stay focused and accountable. You can get a great intro into why the 90 day plan works so well over here in Part 1 of the series.

And hey, if you need ideas on what you can achieve in your business in 90 days, I have a link to another free training and downloadable, “20 Ways To Make Money In Your Business In The Next 90 Days”

Grab your training and downloadable template here.

P.S. On Thursday I’m running a special live webinar training, using my super-cool Business Wheel Template, to help you know with confidence the #1 thing unique to your business that will get you the most traction in your business in the next 90 days. You can register over here.

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