Contra deals in business… they can be a brilliant way for you to grow your business, especially if cash flow (a.k.a. money in the bank) is tight.

They can also be a great way to:

  • Give away your services when you should really be charging what you are worth
  • Lose friendships
  • Continue to over deliver and lose money and time
  • Drive you crazy with frustration when the service you are getting in return is slow and not what you expected

On this live training I’ll cover:

  • Exactly what a contra deal is and what it isn’t
  • When a contra deal is a great idea and when it is wrong
  • What to say if you are asked for a contra deal and you want to be paid instead
  • How to ask for a contra deal
  • The red flags to watch out for that means your contra will end in tears
  • The essential way to structure a contra deal so it will be successful
  • How to protect yourself legally
  • Contras that have worked for me and ones that flopped
  • Ask your questions live and I’ll stay and help you with any contra deal issues you are facing

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