18 months ago, if you had told Kathy Goughenour she would pre-sell 23 tickets to a pyjama party for up to $1000 each, a year before the party was held, she would have laughed in your face.

And laugh is something Kathy does a lot, as you’ll hear in our inspiring interview below.

What makes Kathy’s story even more inspiring, is 18 months ago she refused to be seen on video, avoided photographs on her website and social media, and even though she had a successful business training women to become expert virtual assistants, she kept her visibility almost non-existent.

The reason? She was worried when people saw her in person, they would realise she was older, grey haired, unglamorous and they would not take her seriously.

If you’ve ever avoided “putting yourself out there”, worried it will damage your business instead of growing it, then you are going to love Kathy’s story.

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Show Notes

This interview is divided into 2 topics:

Visibility, Leadership and Being YOU

  1. We explore WHAT changed for Kathy and the hilarious way she debuted using video in her business.
  2. WHY she stepped up and the huge impact this had in her business.
  3. We talk about leadership, pyjamas and the pyjama party story

How To Build a Expert Virtual Team

Kathy’s expertise is coaching expert virtual assistants and her approach to building a virtual team is quite different to most people.

We discuss:

  1. Local country versus Pilipino virtual teams
  2. How much to pay for a virtual assistant that can become a project manager for you
  3. How many hours you need a virtual assistant for and how to manage your costs

Plus Kathy shares how she can help you find an expert Virtual Assistant.

Behind The Scenes in Photos

As you heard, Kathy and I are close friends who met while enrolled in a high end mastermind in the USA. We have spent numerous times, “midnight masterminding”. I thought I’d let you see behind the scenes, the 3 stages of Midnight masterminding. After all, business is meant to be fun!

Action Steps

  1. Embrace the feeling of “scarecited” because that’s where the power is (that tingle of excitement when you know you are going to do something wonderful, but it scares you).
  2. Go and shoot a video now. It can be Facebook Live, Instagram, Youtube, podcast….it doesn’t matter. Just step out and take the first step.
  3. Come and share your video with us in the Romance Your Tribe Facebook Group so we can cheer you on.
  4. If you’re ready to build a virtual team and need help deciding WHAT to outsource and help find an assistant you can trust, take up Kathy’s offer for a free consult and introduction to one of the professionals who have graduated from her academy. See deets below

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