Here is a riddle for you my preciousssss

(OK if you’re a Lord of The Rings fan, you can totally geek out as I attempt to channel Golum).

What am I?

“I am the most precious thing you have in your business
but the one thing most people take for granted.

I am the one thing many people feel comes naturally to some,
and never to others.

I am the thing most assume comes as a RESULT of success,
but in fact I’m essential BEFORE you can create success.

I can be strong and powerful
But am fickle and vulnerable

I am the one thing you need most to protect.”

What am I?

I am Your Confidence in business.

Success in business requires you to move out of your comfort zone. You constantly need to do things that stretch you and possibly scare you. In my experience, when your confidence goes down, your ability to take action and maintain it will constrict.

Believe me, this is not a “nail it once” thing.

Confidence requires consistent nurturing and protection.

I see the same challenge in new clients who are in the start-up phase and wonderful mastermind colleagues who are in the multi-million dollar phase.

It can take a hit when you least expect it and if you don’t have a strategy to recover quickly, you will lose the momentum to achieve your goals.

Watch the short podcast video below to learn a simple but powerful strategy I recommend to actively protect your confidence in business.

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Introducing The Book Of Brilliance

The reality is that you are in control of your confidence in business.

You do not need to leave it to chance.

When you take a knock in your confidence, self-doubt comes in and you wonder if you’re good enough, for example, to be trusted or to “charge this much” or just capable to do what you have to do to succeed.

Here’s when your Book of Brilliance comes into play.

Decide what your Book of Brilliance will be

You can use anything for your book of brilliance. You can choose a scrapbook, a journal, or a notebook or even just scraps of paper. It can also be digital if you prefer it that way. The important thing is for you to have a location or something to look back to whenever you experience self-doubt or need a boost of confidence.

This is going to be your Book of Brilliance.

Now, create a beautiful brain dump of all the things you’ve achieved over the years

This can be things are good at, awards you have received, or the relationships you have with people. Go all the way back to your childhood.

Think of the milestones you have achieved in your education, your career, or in business. You can also include things about your personal life like your hobbies, sports, organizations, health, and relationships.

You can also add the things that people who have told you you are good at.

Ask people around you

No matter how hard you think about it, there will be things that you have missed. These are things that you might not think you have done well enough but for the people that matter, you have. Allow them to tell you. In fact, you can give them the book and let them write in it themselves.

Ask your clients

Approach the people you have helped to achieve success. Ask them why they want to work with you. Let them tell you what it is about working with you that they benefited from.

When people give testimonials or say something great about you, you can also print these out and add them to your Book of Brilliance. Thank you cards or notes can go in there as well.

These are proof that you are indeed good enough to go forward and take that next big step in your business.

How it works

When you start to lose confidence, you begin to forget everything that is wonderful about you and even the great things you were able to do. You forget your expertise, your cleverness, and you’re going to need something to remind you of that.

That’s when you turn to The Book of Brilliance to remind you how truly capable and brilliant you truly are.

My Challenge to you

Go and find a book now. If you want to do a digital book of brilliance, create that folder. Then, take the time to fill it up with all the things that are wonderful about you and proof of what you are capable of. Take the time to work on it. You may do it in small increments or spend a lump sum of your time. Set it as a priority.

You may spend a huge chunk of your time working on it, but when the time comes that you need it, you will be very grateful that you did.

Show me your Book of Brilliance and tell me how it personally helps you build confidence in business! I would love to hear more about how it has worked for you.

Why not join us over in the private Romance Your Tribe Facebook Group and share a photo of your Book of Brilliance with me and your peers?

We’ll celebrate your brilliance as well.

Read The Transcript Here

Hi, Janet Beckers here! Today we’re going to be talking about thought actually the one thing that I am absolutely clear on that is essential to you succeed in business. One big thing and if you cannot master and maintain this one big thing you’re not going to succeed. So we have to talk about what that is. And I’m going to give you a strategy that works really well to keep that one big thing working really well for you.

So what is this one thing that is absolutely essential to success in business? That is confidence, your confidence in yourself. This is the one thing you need to protect and nurture proactively in order to be successful in business. Now I can tell you from my own experience from my experience of being fortunate enough to have masterminded with some amazingly successful people in business and also been fortunate to have men toward hundreds actually probably thousands literally thousands of other entrepreneurs. That is one thing is confidence and if you your confidence falls now then your ability to actually take action and maintain it will constrict. So this comes down to really pushing yourself out of your comfort zone now by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. You have to back yourself if you’re doing something that stretches you and lets face it most of the things that you’re going to be doing as you grow your business will really take you to move out of your comfort zone.

If you’re going to be moving out of your comfort zone it all comes down to you doesn’t it. It’s the buck stops with you. Are you capable of really doing what you’ve what you’re setting yourself to do so as long as you are feeling confident in yourself you will keep on taking those steps. Now let’s look at the flip side if you stop believing in yourself. If you stop having the confidence to step out of your comfort zone and do those things that you’ve set yourself the challenge to do the opposite is that constriction and playing small and efficient place more in your business. You’re not going to keep the momentum up to achieve the goals you want to do because the reality is if you do nothing as not that your business will stay where it is it will constrict because you are always having other inputs other changes that are happening in your market place in your business with your clients and you need to step up to be able to meet those and excel. So if confidence is absolutely important for you to be able to continue to maintain it to grow your business how on earth are you going to be in control of your confidence. Because I can tell you from my own experience and all these people who I’ve experienced what I’ve experienced on this journey is you who are in control. You must take responsibility for maintaining your confidence.

So let’s look at one of the things that I have found really, really effective to do and it’s what I call the book of resilience because when those types of self-doubt come in when you start to think who am I to do this who do I think I am who I think I was when I set this big goal that now is really taking a lot of courage. I feel confident that I am the one that can do this. Who am I to charge that sort of money. Who am I to ask people to trust me when you have those moments. You need to have something to fall back on and that is the book brilliance. Now I’m just going to show you what I use as my book of brilliance. But you can be using anything you can be using it. You can have it digital if that’s what suits you. You can have this in a beautiful book. You can have this there’s something that is just scraps of paper. Doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you have a location that we are now going to call your book or brilliance now in your book brilliance. You need to take the time to put the following is me number one is we want to be able to do a beautiful big brain dump of all of the things that you have achieved well over all of the years. We can be going back to even your childhood where you may even put things like you know what I was really good at running races or I was a really good friend. People or I was a really responsible daughter or son and you know helped in my family. Whatever those you can be going back to that right through to all of the different things that you might have been doing.

Think of all the milestones that you’ve had in your education in all of the different businesses that you have that you may have been involved in in any kind of career moves and study that you’ve done things that you may have done in your personal life hobbies things that you may have involved in any kind of sporting things any health things anything that’s got to do with your relationships all of those things that you know what should be done that really well or I’m proud of that or people tell me that I’m really good at that. All of these things need to go into your book and brilliance. Now the other thing that you want to do is ask other people around you is it that you think that I do really well. Just allow them to be able to tell you okay and when they do want you to write all of those in your book as well you might even hand your book over to them and ask them to put something in. If you’ve got clients that you’re working with think about the clients that you’ve had success with and ask them, you know, why do they want to work with you. What was it that they benefited from and write this in your book as well. When people send testimonials or they’ll say something great about you print it out and cut it up and put it into your book or just simply write it out. If you’ve received thank you cards and things like that that can go in here as well.

So you get the idea that what you’re doing is your career creating a beautiful repository for things that you do well and they can be related to your business. They can be related to you as a person and all of that goes into here because I tell you what when your confidence starts to really shrink and you start thinking small you’re going to forget what were the things that were so wonderful about you, you to forget the expertise that you have you can get your cleverness you’ve got to get that you have achieved before and you’re going to need something to remind you. And that’s when you go back to your book of brilliance and if you working with me closely this is going to be one of the first activities that I get you to do because then when you have times when you start to doubt yourself and you will everybody does. I’m going to say to you go back to your book of brilliance and I just want you to allow yourself to just totally immerse yourself in it. You go back there and you remind yourself of why you are unique. Remind yourself that you know what you are good you are capable of achieving what you’ve set yourself to do because that is the place of the book of brilliance. Okay so this is my challenge to you go and find a book now or if you prefer to work digitally go and create that folder and call it my book of brilliance and then take that time you might do it in one big lump sum lump of time or you might decide that you’re going to spread this over and do this in smaller increments.

Now whichever one you do want to set this as a priority and it may only take 30 minutes that you’re going to set aside. But when it comes to the time when you’re really going to need it you’re going to be so grateful to yourself that you spent that time to do that. So I’d like to hear from you. Have you done your book or brilliance. Can you send me a photo. Can you share some things that once you took the time to do this that no surprise to you or you had forgotten or things that you hadn’t thought that you’d done that well. But when you actually put it all down you realized how that we rock. So I’d love to hear from you please just shoot with me okay and go get it because you are truly, truly brilliant. And don’t you forget it. Okay bye. It’s here. Thanks for joining me on the net. Your tribe radio have you heard our voices today. But do you want to see what we really like. You can see the video version of this episode over and romance your tribe top pump and grab the show notes for you there. And if you enjoyed this episode I really appreciate if you show the love and live an honest review and I tunes or your favorite podcast directory. I’ll see you on the next episode.

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