I LOVE the power of working with influencers to grow your business through joint venture projects.

After all, that how I started by business and how my list, credibility and income grew very quickly. Going from no list, and unknown to a list of thousands and matching my previous year’s income, in just 8 weeks from launch.

So why would I get really annoyed this week when I received not one, but two invitations in a day, to take part in 2 different joint venture projects?

The thing is, both invitations were for great(ish) projects, with credible people and could potentially add another 1000 people to my email list…but they never stood a chance.

That’s because their invitation was missing 1 really important thing. Important enough that I said no and would never would have said yes, even if the emails weren’t word for word identical (except for the title of the project)!

I explain why in this week’s episode of Romance Your Tribe Radio.

After all, it doesn’t matter how great your project is, if you can’t get the influencers you invite to say Hell Yes!, then you can’t even get started.

Your invitation is the most important part of any joint venture project and I explain what is missing, what you need to do instead and the core inclusions in any joint venture project invitation.

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What To Include In A Joint Venture Project Invitation To Get Influencers To Promote You

I have a template I give to all my VIP clients to invite influencers to take part in a joint venture project.

It never gets knocked back.

There is a strategy I teach on how to approach people when using this letter but that’s more than I can go into here. What I can share with you are the 6 absolutely essential sections you must include for your invitation to be effective…no matter what the project.

Why you are passionate about this project

  • Successful people get to be influencers because of their persistence and passion. So they really resonate with other people who are passionate.
  • So share not just WHAT the project is, but your WHY for this project.

Why You Chose Them

  • Do your research and get to know the person you are inviting.
  • Join their mailing list, understand their passions and unique expertise.
  • Tell them WHY you chose them, SPECIFICALLY.
  • Otherwise, you are just using them and asking them to pimp their list.
  • Always remember there is a real person behind the influencer persona…treat them with respect and build a relationship.

What’s in It For Them

  • Really long list here OK

What’s in for You

  • Be open here.
  • Really short list OK

What you expect of them

  • Be clear and respectful
  • Really short list OK

What they can expect of you

  • Detail all the hard work you will be doing
  • Make this a long list OK

What Next?

  • Be clear with your call to action
  • Be clear on the next steps.

It’s quite simple really isn’t it?

After all, if we think of this as a romance, this approach means you have a chance at a long and beautiful relationship with an industry influencer for years.

Miss one of these steps, and you’ll sound like a smooth pick up artist just wanting a one-night-stand!

Go get ‘em folks!

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Hello, and welcome. Janet Beckers here. Today, we’re gonna be focusing on a really important part of doing any successful joint venture partnership; and that is how do you approach people who are already influencers in your industry. People who you don’t know. How do you approach them? And invite them to take part in a project that you’re gonna run, with the full intention that they will be promoting you and your project to their mailing list. How do you get people who are influencers to say, “Yeah! That is totally cool. I’m not only will take part in what you’re doing, but I am gonna actively promote it for you, so that you get to benefit from the email list that I have spent years building and developing. So, how do you get people to say yes to something like that when they don’t even know, especially, if you’re just starting out?

So, that’s what we’re gonna be doing today. And to explain it to you, I’m gonna share with you the story of two invitations that I received this week from two very different people who … These would be great projects, and they’re doing a really great job in, obviously, systematically approaching the way they’re going to be running this. But I said no. I said no to both and the decision was very, very easy. And you know what? They had it 90% right, that invitation, but then 10% that they got wrong, was enough for me to not even consider moving forward. So, I’m gonna share with you what was in those invitations and what was missing, and what was the feedback that I gave to them. And you wanna look at, well, what could you do differently and in what sort of situations. So, I hope that this is gonna give you some really good insights if you perhaps have been trying to approach people and it’s been a bit … you haven’t had any response at all or you get a polite no, this might give you some insights into why.

So, why is this something that I’m really passionate about sharing with you? Well, for two reason. One is, I’m in a situation now in my nationwide business where I’ve worked hard enough and long enough, and strategically enough that I am one of those influencers in the industry, which means I get invitations, a lot, to take part in joint venture projects by people who’re rather starting out or may think I’m the one when they starting a new project. So, I get asked a lot. So much so that we have procedures that the people who’re at my help desk use to be able to ask for certain information in a really nice polite thanks but no thanks. So, we have enough that we’ve actually created procedures around how to say no, and also how to get enough information if something is that I’m going, “This might be alright.” Enough information for me to be able to make that decision.

So, I’m really fortunate that I’ve in that position now. But when I started out I had no mailing list. I certainly had no credibility at all in the industry. And I didn’t have a product, I was that classic sort of where on earth do I start that you might be in now, even if you now … I had customers, I had those people who I was working with one on one. I was giving great results with them but I didn’t have a profile. Nobody knew me I’d been building their mailing lists, not my own.

So, I know what it’s like for people who are approaching me so first of all that I just wanna say to them, “Go you. Good on you and good luck!” ’cause that’s how I started. But, I worked out quite easily. Well, I worked out if I was gonna be in their shoes, what would be important? So, now I’ve got a very good understanding about parallel dynamics in joint venture relationships and what does it take to get somebody to say yes. So, I started my business by running a project and inviting the best people in my industry to take part, in this case it was telesummit. It could’ve been a giveaway event, could’ve been a conference that I was running when I was getting them to come along. But I actually got these people who did not know me, who were the … I went to the top people I could find. They all said yes with enthusiasm straight off. And they actively promoted me and so I was able to build my list but in thousands within just a few short weeks which really set my business off.

So, the reason I’m patient about this is I’m on both sides. I know what it’s like when you start out and I know what I did that meant that I got a yes straight away. And then I’ve taught this to hundreds of people who’ve used their processes and they get yeses, straight away. Our very specific invitation that we use. And this is what I work with my hiring clients in how do you do that? What other procedures that you use and what other templates that you use? And there end the psychology behind us.

So, I’m passionate about it for that reason because I know how easy it is to get it right, and I know how easy it is to get it wrong. And also as a person who is the recipient, I just want people to do a much better job, okay? So that there are more thing that I would say yes to. So, that’s my passion, that’s my reason for wanting to share that with you and so that you do understand that it’s not that difficult to make that difference, but it can make a huge difference.

So, let me tell you, also use as an example from the two invitations that I got this week. Now, I’m not gonna mention names or anything like that because honestly, the two women who approached me are doing a great job. And they are obviously being coached by somebody who’s providing them with templates and providing them step by step … and she’s doing a great job too. I just missed one thing. The three of them together missed one thing which meant I’m saying no. So, number one, I’m not gonna [inaudible 00:06:33] people for really taking action because I really respect all of them for having done that. That’s why I gave them the detailed response.

So, what went wrong? So, I received in, I think that was in Monday or two days in a row, an invitation to take part in a giveaway event. Now I’ll explain to you what a giveaway event is in a moment, if you’re not aware of them. Now, both of the invitations that was sent to me were really well written. They exert a lot of the things I would need to know. They told me what was expected of me, and they told me the advantages that were gonna be in it for me, and they told me the details that I needed know about. What is the project and what is the logistics. And so I knew from this invitation that each one was on a specific topic and I knew the dates, and I knew that they expected me to email my mailing list three times within a short period, four was preferable, and that there was an administration cost to take part in it and that there was an advantage.

So, they gave me all those details of things that I would need to yes but this is where they went wrong … and actually, this is step number one that they got wrong but even if I’ve only got one, I would’ve said no anyway. The thing that they got wrong is these letters were identical. Word for word identical; apart from this is the date and this is the title of my giveaway event. So, that was the only thing that was different. So for me, it was, you know what, I get it that you’ve obviously got a coach, yeah, even mentioned their coach’s name, which was great. That’s obviously part of her template but it kinda showed me that, alright, you’re small fry. Which means that they haven’t got their mailing list yet, this is totally new to them.

So, number one is they just copied and pasted. And I get it, having a template is really, really powerful but you’ve gotta put your own flavor into something from a template, especially if you’ve got people who are running through a course at the same time and there may be other people in a similar niche, they’re gonna be approaching the same people. Just know there’s a very good chance that somebody else is gonna get the same email and it’s gonna carbon copy. So because of that it was kinda like, “Probably not.”

But this is the thing that they did wrong. They’ve done a lot of it right. I always teach people that you’ve gotta say what it’s in it for you, heaps, really thick, a lot of things that are really in it for them, what’s in it for me? Be totally open about why you’re doing this. Then the next thing is, what is expected of you so that you know upfront. If you’re gonna take part, this is what we’re expecting of you, but also what can you expect of me. They didn’t have of that in there. I’m not quite sure what marketing stuff they’re gonna be doing. I need to know that they’re gonna run this professionally and put the work in.

So, those are important things but there was one really important part that was missing, and that part was; Why did they choose me? Why me? Why me specifically? What is it about me and the way that I do things, and the things that I am passionate about? What’ve we got in common here? Why, of all the people they could’ve approached, did they choose me? Now, I can tell you why they chose me. They chose me because I’ve taken part in a giveaway event in the past, so they’ve looked to see who’s taken part or they’ve done their research on who is an influencer in this area, and who would have a mailing list?

So they’d chosen me because I have a mailing list. And I have a mailing list of the entire market. That is the only reason they have chosen me because there is nothing in there saying, “You know what? I’ve signed up for your mailing list, I love your podcast or I love your free gift that you gave and I’ve chosen you because number one, you obviously are (whatever you’re accusing them of being). You obviously passionate about what you do. You obviously professional. I love you specialty of (this) and this is something unique to bring to this project that only you can do.”

Now, you know why most people don’t do that extra step? Because it takes work. It means you have to go and join people’s mailing list. You have to take the half an hour or so that it’s going to take for you to go to their website and look around all the things they’re doing, join their mailing list, see what they sent you and look at what was unique about them that you think that might be great for you project. It’s only half an hour, at the most, for you to be able to see what kind of person it is that you’re inviting and why them. Because without fail, if you take the time to do that, that is gonna get the attention of people. And they not only gonna be responding to here is in a way that I can take part in a project that’s gonna give me this outcome, in this case the outcome was I had an opportunity to build my mailing list, but there’s gonna be more than a reason for that. Why would I take part in something unless I can see that this was going to be something that was gonna really improve my relationship with my mailing list, build my standing, help me to help more people.

So, that’s why most people don’t do it. They just are focused really deep down in what’s in it for them, which is if I take part in this project, you gonna build my list and I’ll be able to basically get you to pip you list to grow mine. That’s what comes through in when I’m reading those messages. And see, that’s that 10% of taking out extra effort to actually see the person as a person that you inviting, to actually take the time to get to know them, their passions and truly you take an interest in them, and remember that you are creating a connection here that can be a very long term relationship with, you can be growing your business continually, you can come back and you can do things together. You can be connecting with somebody that’s gonna be your cheer squad that’s going to mentor you and coach you as well. You can hope it’d grow your business.

And if it’s like me, because I approached my very first project in way where I genuinely wanted to connect with each person personally. I really chose them all specifically, each on for me was their own special gem. And that’s why I invited them and I let them know why they’re all my gem. And in a few weeks, not only had my list grown but I had developed these beautiful relationships with these first people that they then started referring their friends, the other influencers, to me, to say this is a person doing a great job, you really need to connect with her.

How different is that to getting something where really well written but really the subtext is, ” Hey! I wanna get a peak of your list so I can grow mine.” Very, very big difference. And you know what? It all comes down to your attitude. So, yes, use any great templates that you’ve got, follow your mentors if they’ve got a process that works, but always remember, you’re dealing with people so connect with them on a personal level. And you do that by showing a genuine interest and really letting them know why you’ve chosen them.

That little tad of difference, which is really your approach to developing a relationship, stands out because so few people do it. And that’s why the clients that I’ve helped to this, they’d very rarely get knocked back because I really stress around how we’re going to do that. What is the procedure you’re gonna follow so that you’d really do get that strong connection.

So, that was an example there. Now I promised you that I was gonna talk about what is a giveaway event. A giveaway event is a list building strategy for two out of three parties. So there’re three parties that take part in a giveaway event. Number one is the person who is organizing it. And so they do a lot of work. There is a huge amount of work, it’s like wrangling cats, and the whole idea is that they have, on their website, sign up here to join my mailing list and once you’ve done that, you’re going get access to basically a whole list of fantastic influencers who’ve got gifts for you. They’re all around the topic of what we’ve got. They’ve got gifts that are gonna help you with whatever the topic is.

So, then of course if you’ve got that whole library of influencers giving you gifts, they’re all usually downloadable, the moment I take part in every year is a done for you, because I know that’s gonna help people get stuff done. So it’s people actually doing a service for you. So, in that one, there’s people there, they’re the joint venture of the influencers. So they take part in this because if somebody says, “I really like this thing,” that particular person’s giving away, well, the person who is signing up, the punter, if you would think, they have to also sign up for that other expert’s mailing list. So that’s how the expert or the influencer, the gift giver, get to grow their mailing list . So as you can imagine, the person organizing it, they could very well end up with say ten thousand people on their mailing list.

Just so you’ve got ten influencers taking part, there’s a good chance that each of those may end up with a thousand people on their mailing list. This I very simple, obviously it’s not gonna work exactly like that. So, the person organizing puts the hard work in, they get the big benefit. It’s centered with the organizers.

So, how do these people get their ten thousand? Well, because every single person is giving away the gift, the influencer, has agreed to mail their mailing list about the giveaway event. So, they’re basically giving away the gift and providing all of the traffic. So it’s a great thing for the person organizing if all this work, and it can be great for the person who is giving away the gifts, it can work really well if the other people who are also taking part are also of a high caliber with great mailing lists of people who are responsive and also very similar to their market.

And the third person of course is the people or all the people who are on the mailing list that get the opportunity to get all these great gifts, if that they can get for free. So that is the giveaway event and that is how any kind of joint venture big project works. That’s how I launched, except what I was doing was interviewing people rather than giving away something so that was a telesummit. They all work along a similar way, that either way, none of those projects are gonna work if you can’t get any of those influencers to say yes. Yes, to taking part in providing the content and yes, to say, “Yes, I will promote to my mailing list.”

So, for that reason, that invitation, to get them to not only say yes, I’ll take part in the content but yes, I will take part in promoting. If you can’t get them to say yes, you don’t got a project. Nothing’s gonna work. So, what does this mean for you? So, number one, if this is the kind of project you wanna run, yeah, great idea. With my clients that I work with, at my VIP level, this is a big part of the stuff that we do. And so, with all the templates that I have, and with how do you actually develop your list of the people you’re gonna be contacting, how do you develop those relationships. A big part about what I do with people is those relationships.

So, number one, you could be choosing a big project, that’s a fantastic thing to do. Be very aware it’s a lot of work and invitation is important. You could be doing smaller ones where it may only just one or two people but still you’ve gotta develop a relationship here. The invitation is key. And the other part may be that as you start to develop credibility in your industry, you only get people who come to you and say do you wanna take part in something. And if that happens to you, you need to know which ones you gonna say yes to and which ones you gonna say no. So that’s a big part about what I do with my clients and my VIP level as well. And also we cover quite a bit of this in the attract your tribe program because it’s all relationships. Building your business on those relationships. So, that’s over to you now.

So, in summary, when you’re going to be approaching who are influencers in your industry, to invite them to take part in a project that you’re running, whether that is gonna be just inviting them to something where they may be just only between the two of you or to take part in a bigger project that’s gonna take a lot more coordination but hopefully has even a bigger payoff. When you’re gonna be going that, be very superclear with people, what is in it for them, and you. What can they expect of you and what do you expect of them, but most importantly, remember that these are people and they have worked so hard already to build their mailing list, to build their reputation, respect that, okay? And also remember that you ought be able to take the time to get to know them, to take that time to show that you have joined their mailing list, you’ve been following them, that you really do respect them and that you understand their passion and their uniqueness, because it is those similarities, those shared passions, that are the things that connect people and get them to support you.

So, that’s my challenge to you. Do you have your wishlist of people that you would love to be involving in some kind of project, or even just to get to know, that at the moment they just seem so out of your league? So, number one, write your list of who those people are, and then the next thing I want you to do is; why them? Not just because they’ve got an influencer, not just because they’ve got the mailing list on lock to get exposed. No, why them? Why specifically them? I want you to be able to answer that for yourself for when you’ve got you list of my dream people to do joint ventures with.

And so also for anybody that if you time to do this, approach people if you gonna do projects, I just wanna say, “Go you!” Because you know what, very few people do, very few people say no, they say no for other people, they’ll never say yes so they say no for them. So good on you. So again, even if you’ve been approaching people and you haven’t got the responses that you want, have a look at what I’m saying here and see, does that make sense to you. Can you see what you may have done wrong? And have a go again. Go and approach them again because good on you. It’s because so few people are doing it and so I wanna applaud you for being an action taker. And applaud you if you have tried in the past but haven’t quite gotten the response, applaud you for making that little tweak and then going back again, because really, it’s those that persistence and that building those relationships and having a go, that made those influencers get where they are now. So they’ll recognize that in you, they will, if you can show them that you’re truly seeing them as a person.

Okay! Good luck. I’ve a lot to give. Any comments that you’ve got down below. Please share them. And have you ever been on this side where people are approaching you? What’ve been the things that have worked for you and what things are a total turn off? And if you’re the person that is thinking, “How do I even start?” Leave some questions down below as well and I will really happily come back and take part in the conversation.

Okay, see ya!

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