One of the biggest opportunities you have in your business is to clone your brilliance and start selling an online course instead of only selling your personal help and time.

It allows you to make money online while you sleep instead of limiting how much you can earn to how many hours you are awake and able to serve!

Yep I know the whole “make money while you sleep” is such a cliche but it’s over used for a reason: it’s another phrase for freedom!

And this freedom is more important than ever now. If you have been one of the businesses impacted by the Corona crisis, you will know how important a second source of online revenue is. And if you are lucky not to have been impacted you may have already noticed a change in how flexible consumers have become when it comes to accepting services delivered online instead of only face-to-face.

This is a unique opportunity as well as a necessity and prepare yourself as this will be the new normal.

But with any opportunity there is a challenge and when it comes to creating and selling an online course there are a lot. Otherwise, face it, everyone would be doing it.

Most people never create an online course because they don’t know:

  • WHAT to create their course on,
  • HOW to make a course that gets results for people and
  • WHERE to put it all online so it is secure and easy for clients to access, and then
  • WHO will buy their online course

In today’s 20 minute lesson my aim is to get you started fast and simple.

So instead of over-complicating things, you’ll learn how to create a lower-priced entry program that you can create in just a day and can sell even if you don’t have a website yet.

Oh and no need to purchase any new software or programs. You most likely already have everything you need on your computer and in free resources like Google Drive.

This is what you’ll learn:

  • The importance of understanding the Transformational Journey and Transformation Promise when deciding what to create your mini-course on.
  • What to focus on in a larger Signature Program and what to focus on instead with a mini-course.
  • Why many people spend months creating their Signature Course and NEVER sell it!
  • The 5 steps to get your mini course done
  • Simple ways to create your course content – for example, keep it simple with a simple workbook you create and audios you record on your phone or computer – no need for videos unless you want to.
  • How long your mini-course should be
  • The 2 best topics to create your mini-course on
  • Really simple ways to produce and deliver your mini-course without a tech barrier (hello Dropbox and Google Drive) plus how to send it to your customer if you don’t have a fancy email system.
  • Who will buy your new mini-course first

I hope this gives you the inspiration and motivation to just DO IT!

For some people, what I have covered today will be enough for you to create and sell your mini-course in just one day.

If you’d like more help then you’re in luck baby!

This month in The Success Circle I’m running 2 live training classes:

  1. Step-By-Step How to create your mini-Course in one Day
  2. How to Sell your mini-course in a day

You can join us now and take part in the free training and join us in the private Facebook Group to personal help to make it happen.

You can join us here.

Meanwhile, I’d love to hear from you. What ideas have you got for your own mini-course?

Tell me down below and we can have a bit of a brainstorm.

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Hello! Janet Beckers here from Romance Your Tribe Radio. Today, we’re looking at what is one of the biggest opportunities that you can have in your business. And also one of the big frustrations that people have in their business when it comes to being able too rarely leverage a time to be able to have an international market. And that is having an online course, having something of your own that you can sell over and over and over again, that makes you money when you’re sleeping that doesn’t require you to be there, but there’s some problems that go along with actually creating and selling an online course. So what I’m going to be showing you here today is what you can get done in just one day, that is going to start bringing in the money for you as fast as possible. So I’ll be sharing with you why this is the way to get started.

We’ll be talking about creating this mini program and I’ll go over what the five things are. The five steps that actually make a mini program work and where a lot of people go wrong and over complicate things and where you are not going to make those problems. So we’ll go over those five things that you need to do. And I’ll also share with you how you can actually be producing a mini course to start with, without having to have an online platform and without even having to have a website. How’s that good? So let’s get started. So where, first of all, what made you stop? What I see as a huge opportunity at the moment? And in fact, it’s probably more than an opportunity. It’s become a necessity with the lockdown that we have seen through the pandemic that has been happening at the time of me recording this hello, 2020, as there has been a lot of businesses that have had to close.

And if you’re in a service based business, a business where people are coming in to see you where you’re getting them results in person, you may have been in that situation where you’ve either had to close completely, or you’ve been in that position where you’ve really had to restrict the number of people that you can work with and how you can do it for a lot of people. It’s totally really demolished their business for awhile. For others it’s slowed down. Now, the reality is life is not going to go back as normal. It’s not going to go back as normal. There is the potential for us to have these sort of pandemics again, more and more often. And if you’re not, not going to be prepared to be able to have that second revenue stream, you’re really yourself at risk. So that’s the one side that, you know, what, if your business is going to be able to adapt to any changes that are going to be happening, you need to have the set up now, not into response to, Oh shit.

You know, the shit’s hit the fan. What am I going to do you want to have that set up beforehand? Now the opportunity that I also see with this, and again, this has come from the pandemic situation from people being in lockdown is consumers. Your clients may have been quite resistant to being able to you know, get help from you in a format that is not just working with you personally. They may have been very resistant to you. They may have been in the past going well, it’s not going to be as good as me being able to work with you personally or coming into see you. I want to have private consult. They may have been resistant to anything that is delivered online and they very often would have been resistant to receiving anything to you that may not have actually involved.

Even you being over zoom, that may have been something prepared there in the past. There may have been those objections that they’ve had now, people are so much more used to it. They they’re getting so much more used to having services that have been previously delivered only in one way. They’ve been far more open to being flexible in the way that they interact with businesses so much. So and you’ll see this a lot with people who are perhaps in gyms and personal trainers, is that people now are going, actually, I quite like this sort of remote way of working. So there that’s just one example, one industry there’s. So there’s opportunities here as well that people before may have been resistant. Now they’re open and perhaps looking for these solutions.

So that’s where I was,

As I see, as you know, this is the time that from a security point of view for you and your business, but also the opportunity that customers are open to it. This is pretty unique. Now you’re here myself and a lot of people talking about creating an online course, creating digital versions of what you do. And

I tell you what, this just,

I highly recommend it. Okay. This is something I hope my clients to do. It’s something that means that you now can have an international market. It’s not going to be dependent on you delivering, and it’s not going to be dependent on you ever make awake. Okay. You know, people who do not have to wait for, you know, to be able to buy from you and to be able to dive into the help that you can give them, you know, during your business hours. So you’re really extending the way that you can work with people, but there are some really big things that get in the way of being able to produce a really good quality online course that is going to get results for your clients. And these may be the ones that you may have found trouble with, even if you’ve created a course so far, but you’re finding it may not be getting the results that you want for people, or you’re not being able to sell it as easily.

So this session here is really for people who have not got any online course yet. But it’s also something that if you’ve got a course, I really want you to listen to what I’ve got to say here, because it may help you to simplify some of the ways that you are doing things. One of the big problems is really to do a good job, to be able to get total transformation for your clients. It can take quite a while to create an online course. Now I’m talking about transformation here. I’m talking about when you’re working with people, you’ve got people who come to you and they’ve got a problem. They’re at point a and they’re wanting to get to point B. They’re wanting to get to the end, result their problem solved or what it is that they were aspiring to do that they’ve mastered it.

So if you’re in the transformational business, which you are, if you’re in any service based business, and a lot of times, if you’re in a product based businesses, well, you’re going to be getting results for people. You’re creating a transformation. They are going on a transformational journey. These are really core concepts for you to understand. Now, the thing is that you will take people on a transformational journey and you know, it can be, you know, for example, with the transformational journey that I may take people on is I’ve got a business that I’ve been running Janet offline, and it’s going really, really well, but how on earth do I get everything online? How do I work out what I can be creating programs on? How do I market them? How do I attract a tribe? How do I build a business that could be one transformation, or it could even be further of, Hey, I I’m ready to start my business.

I’ve started. How do I even start the business to start with like going back a few steps? So that’s an example of trends, information, informational journeys, they’re big steps. So in order to take people from all of those steps along the way, if you’re not going to be working with them personally, they’re going to do it through a course. That’s the structure that you use. What are the steps to get them from point a to B point B. And a lot of times I find that when people are say in that situation of going all right, I’m getting results with clients offline. I need to clone myself. I want to be able to free up my time. They will try to take everything that they’re doing with their clients and do it straight off in a course. And you know, that can be really, really overwhelming.

It can be, there’s a huge opportunity cost there because the time that it’s going to take you to be able to create that for people in create that in a program could take you months to do that. So you’re doing a good job. Now, when I work with clients, we can create these big courses and I can show you faster ways to do it. So you can start making the money now rather than a few months and you know itself. But regardless of that, once you’ve got it created, then it’s easy, but you’ve still got to create it. Okay? So this can very often be enough that stops people in their tracks, or maybe you’re one of the people that has been creating this, planning it out, working out, we’re going to do, maybe starting to create your resources, but you’re getting stumped by how long it’s taking.

And the more you start doing it, the more you realize, Oh, I need these steps as well. Speaking from experience here is, you know, it can take you a long time and it never gets done. And just the thought of doing it can be enough to overwhelm you. These are huge opportunity costs here. And this is why so many people don’t go ahead and actually create an online course. I create a program. And it’s also why if they do start doing it, they very often won’t sell it because they don’t feel it’s complete yet. Does that make sense to you? Have you been in that situation? The other side is the technology. You know, once you’ve created an online course, you know, there’s quite a few resources. You have to make it easy for people to be able to be able to download them.

Now, I’m just giving you a reality check here, because these are the, these are the signature programs, the complete transformation courses that I’m talking about, ones like I have with my attract your tribe program, which is now within the success circle program. All of that step-by-step is all in the Academy. That’s part of the success circle. And that’s what I do when I’m working closely with people. They are true. Step-By-Step transformations. Now that takes a while to do, but they really powerful once you’ve got it. So what I want to share with you today is I don’t want you to wait. Now I don’t want you to wait to have your signature system created, even if you’re gonna sell it first and then deliver it. I still don’t want you to be, to be stopping yourself from getting the results that you can because you’re planning it all out.

You’re allocating the time to be able to create it in, in the future. I don’t want you to get stumped and not start to be getting that money coming in to not start working with people digitally and see what works and what doesn’t work. So today we’re going to look at what can you do now? What can you create this weekend so that you can start selling it? So that’s my purpose of today is I want you to start getting something out there that you’re proud of, something that your so that your practice, that gets results for your clients that has got the minimal barrier to be able to get it so that you can get it out to the market and can give you that something that is not you, something that you did, you can sell over and over and over again.

So let’s go into, how do you create a mini program? How do you create something that is going to be getting results for your clients, but it’s not going to take you forever. We’re going to go over five things that allow you to do that. And my challenge to you is I want you to start thinking about what is it that you can be doing this weekend or this week, whenever it is I say this weekend, not because I want you to work on the weekends, but Hey, if you’ve got an existing business where you’re already helping people during the week, you may be the only time that you’ve got to do it. So we want it to happen fast. Cause ain’t nobody got time for spending ages on this stuff to get it out there, right? So these are five steps to get your stuff.

Got it. Now, this is actually a training module. We’re doing it live in July at the time. Are we recording this? And that will be available for people when they join us. Well, uhm is step by step. How do you create this first program? So actually planning it out and how are you going to create it? And then we’re also doing another lesson that follows that, which is how to sell, how to sell this program. You know how to make it in a day, how to sell it in a day. What can you set up in a day to be able to get this selling? Right? So these are resources. So if you want to know more, I’ve got those resources for you there in the success circle, and it’s a Monday flee programs. So if you can knock it all over in a month, that may be all you need.

So let’s have a look at the five steps that you need to, to look at to make it easy for you. So step number one is we only want to create something that is going to take you a day to do okay. So that is really going to be something small. Okay. This could be creating a workbook and perhaps some audios that you talk people through. It doesn’t have to be a full on program. So this is what it can look like. It could be some tra training video that you’ve done. It could be you teaching like I’m teaching here, or it could be you doing a PowerPoint presentation and walking through that PowerPoint presentation, it could be like one of my favorite ones is like I said, audio. So you might have a worksheet that people work through and you’re talking them through with audio, you’ve just recorded the audio.

And I like to do them in like 10 minutes sections so that people would have got, you know, something that they can just do during a coffee break when they’re actually consuming. So we want to make it so that you can create it very quickly. So, and I know that you could create, if it’s something that you’re already doing and helping people with, you can create a workbook, you know, a few worksheets where you’ve got questions, things for people to do and record a few audios. You can even just record them on your phone. I have done that for programs that I’ve sold. Just record them on your phone. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Okay. so that’s number one. Keep in mind, get this done in a day. So you’re not going to be having to bring in the professional videographers and do the whole, you know, the whole thing doesn’t even have to be any video.

Okay? So that’s the number one thing. Keep it simple. Now the other thing that you want to do is you want to make it so that your client can consume it fast. You want them to be able to only take less than a day to be able to consume, take action and get a result, because that is a huge selling point for people. Where, when I said to you really says, talk about how you can create your, a program to sell in a day. That was much more attractive. Wasn’t it? And then when I said to you, and we’re going to set up, what can you set up in a day? That’s going to sell your program. That’s attractive, isn’t it? So the faster you can get the result the better. So keep that in mind. If you’ve got the mindset of, I’ve got to have lots of different things in and really intensive to get best results.

One of your switch it around fast to produce fast for people to consume is a huge benefit. Okay? So there are two things that you want to be looking at first. Now, the next thing that you want to do is it is if I’m looking down, it’s because I’m making sure I am giving you everything that you’ve got here. Okay. The next thing that you want to do is you want to make sure that what you’re doing will actually take people on part of that transformational journey. It must get a result that needs to be an outcome. So whatever you’re doing through this, it’s not enough for them to learn something. It needs to be something where they get a definite result at the end of it. Number one, because, Hey, you’re here for people to get right results, not just to impart wisdom. So that’s where it’s a benefit.

Yeah. And the other thing is that this can be an introductory product. So if you’ve got something where they’re going to get a result, they’ll go, ah, this person, they actually get results for me. They become your best testimonial for themselves because they can see you’ve got results. So it’s actually going to lead to other sales. Now, the next thing you want to do is you need to deciding, okay, what am I going to create it on? And there are two things that I recommend. One is what is the first step that people need to master in order to be able to start on that transformational journey? What do you do with people? The very first thing, focus on that. The other thing you can do, and this is especially if that’s not too sexy, is if there’s something that people are always asking about and you know, that really in the scheme of things, it’s not the most important, but they always ask it.

And I think I’ve got a master that before anything else do that, because that way you get that out of the road and then they can get onto the things that’s actually gonna make a difference. So make a decision around those. So love to hear your thoughts on just focusing on those two things. What can you come up with now that you can be creating quickly? Now, the other thing is you want to make it so that your getting it to the customer is delivered quickly. You don’t even need to have a website. You don’t need to have a membership area. You don’t even have to have an auto response or responder or anything set up. You can. And you know, and this is for another one. When we talk about how you sell this, but what you can be doing is, okay, everything is in another Dropbox or Google drive when they’ve purchased it.

You just send them an email with the link. There you go. No membership area, no website. There’s numerous ways that you could be selling them. We’ll go into that one. Actually. That’s what we, that’s what we’re doing in the training and the success circle. And a lot of that will depend on what you already had. The set up as a way that you’re communicating with leads and with customers, your existing customers are usually going to be the best ones to buy this, to start with. Okay. So I hope that that helps you to get some ideas. My challenge to you is let’s identify first of all, what can be that one quick thing that people can get a quick win that you do with people, any way that you might think of as well. This is like not the whole solution. What’s one little thing that you do with people.

Just do that. Okay. Once you’ve got this one out there, then you get to skip that the feedback with people, it’s a really great way for you to start working with people and getting your digital programs out there and not having that opportunity cost, you know, of getting everything perfect. I’d love to hear from you. What ideas have you come up with and what are you creating? And please let me know. You can comment down below, drop me an email. I would love to hear. I’ll also have links to the success circle. You can go to romance your forward slash success circle. You can join us. Now, if the doors are open, you can join us now and you can start working. We will have there in detail, creating this program, deciding exactly what’s in it and creating it. And then we’ll also have that other session. That’s about how do we sell it? So hopefully you can come and join us there if you would need some more help with that.

Okay. Bye!

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