Do you find yourself in a situation where you need to convert your offline service based business to online delivery fast? If that’s you, know it’s not as complicated as it may seem at first.

In this special episode of Romance Your Tribe Radio I show exactly what you will need to convert to a virtual business in the fastest (and cheapest) way possible PLUS tips on how to adapt your offerings and marketing when your business does not easily adapt to simply replicating your current offline service to online delivery.

At the time of writing, Australia is about 1 week into enforced closing of doors for most non-essential businesses in an effort to slow the spread of Coronavirus. This means many businesses which have traditionally delivered their services directly to the client in person, need to adapt fast to convert their businesses to online delivery and do it FAST – or they will cease to trade. I don’t want that to be you.

To help you take action fast I’ve also included here a list of all the resources I recommend and use myself to run a very successful coaching, consulting and training company delivered completely online in a home-based office for well over a decade.

BONUS: To make it easy for you, I’ve also created a downloadable checklist for you so you have all the resources and links in one simple document. You can download it below the video.

Plus I’ve filmed a behind the scenes bonus video for you and show you exactly how I’ve set up my home office (a tiny one) to produce a high quality video podcast every week, run webinars, personal and group virtual coaching and white-board teaching and consulting. You’ll see how you can set up something very similar for just a few hundred dollars.


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BONUS: downloadable checklist “The best (and cheapest) tools to convert your offline business to online fast”

The best (and cheapest) tools to convert your offline business to online fast

​To Book Meetings and Accept Payments

Book Like a Boss

I use Book Like a Boss to make it super easy for people to book in for coaching calls, group meetings and sales chats.

They can be in different time zones and the tool automatically shows them ties in their OWN time zone. This saves all the toing and froing finding times that suit, email relays and phone call relays. Plus it automatically sync with your calendsar such as Google Calendar.

It will send email and SMS reminders to your client so they remember to turn up and if they need to reschedule, they can do that easily too.

Now what most online booking systems don;t do but Book like a Boss does are these 3 very cool things.

  1. You can hook it up with Stripe and PayPal and take actual payments when people book. They could be booking for a personal consult, or multiple people booking in for a group class you run virtually. You can even take payment for a series of appointments.
  2. You can hook it up with Zoom so it automatically creates a unique Zoom meeting and sends them the link. Very cool.
  3. You can add heaps of extras on the booking pages, like text, videos, links to social media etc. In short, this is a super fast and cost effective way to create a website too!

Check it out here.


This is the program we use to take payment via credit card. It hooks up with heaps of other program (like Book Like a Boss above) and even Facebook in some countries. You can also take payments through Stripe directly without a need to link it to a shopping cart. It is a monthly payment (no upfront expenses) and it automatically deposits all payments each day into your linked bank account.

Check it out here.


This is a super easy way to take payment. You can also use Paypal/me which means you don’t have to create buy now buttons to take money.

Quite a few people don’t like using PayPal as customers so I prefer Stripe. In fact, I offer both. Make it easy for people to pay you!

Check it out here.

To Deliver Virtual Meetings and Consultations


Zoom is hands-down the most reliable and cost effective software to run video meetings. I use it every day and have for years.

You can use it to deliver personal coaching and consults, group meetings, run group exercise classes, staff meetings and even virtual drumming circles and red wine meetups like I do.

You can record meetings if you have the paid version though be careful if you use the inbuilt cloud hosting to save the recordings. The extra costs can add up!

You can also use the higher level package to run webinars.

Clients (and you) and use Zoom on your computer or download the free app for your phone.

Check it out here.

For Better Quality Video and Sound

Logitech Web Cam

You can easily use your built in camera in your laptop to run video meetings and record video but I find the quality in mine pretty crappy. I thought it was OK until I started getting web cam envy when I was on group meetings.

I use a Logitech HD 1080 web cam that plugs into my USB. That’s all I use for my meetings and webinars and what I record every podcast episode on.

The microphone is fine too so if you are within a metre of the webcam, don’t worry about buying a separate microphone.

Check it out here.

Mini Tripod Selfie Stick

When you use an external webcam you want to have control over the angle of your camera. And when you record video and run Zoom meetings from your phone you want to control the angle and keep the phone stable.

Enter the combination mini tripod and selfie stick.

My favourite took ever!

I use the Benro Smart Mini Tripod and Selfie Stick.

Check it out here.

Bluetooth Microphone

If you need to be a distance from the camera and still be heard clearly, then a Blue Tooth microphone is perfect.

These don’t have long chords for your feet to get tangled in as you demonstrate a complicated yoga pose for your virtual group class.

I don’t use one myself, though they do seem kinda cool.

You can check out a selection over here.

Rode USB Microphone

If you want to get higher quality sound when recording from your computer, you might want to invest in a Rode USB Microphone. I use this when recording podcasts but to be honest, if you use the Logitech web cam and stay close, this is a luxury you may not need. Die-hard audio quality podcast geeks would disagree, but hey I’m a 90/10 girl. 90% perfect sound is still awesome if you aren’t a radio producer.

Check it out here.

Better Quality Lighting

Studio Lighting 3 part set

Lighting makes such a difference to the quality of your video, especially when on a video meeting. In my office I have 3 studio lights permanently set up around the room. 1 from the distance, one closer and lighting from the side, and shining to the wall behind me to eliminate shadows.

You can see what they look like in my behind the scenes video.

They are inexpensive and awesome. Tip for you though: they are a total pain to set up so, even though you can dismantle and pack them away, I wouldn’t. There is just too much swearing involved!

I got mine on eBay.

Check it out here.

Selfie Light Ring

There are quite a selection of selfie ring lights you can use. From under $10 to hundreds or thousands. They sit behind your webcam or clip onto your phone and make your eyes sparkle and you look well lit and gorgeous.

Naturally, the larger and more expensive ones will cast enough light for you to be further away from the camera. The little clip on ones for your phone are great for close ups.

Check it out here.

To Create An Awesome Online Business


If you’re going to create a new revenue stream for your business and take this online business seriously, then creating an online course or membership program is your ticket to freedom and great profit margins. I have used practically every online software to host online courses, take sales, create sales pages, list building funnels, clever timed sales, evergreen webinars, launches etc… without fail the very best one I’ve ever used is the one I use in my own business now. It’s called 10xPro and I’m quite a fan girl. You can get started for $1.

Check it out here.


If you want to make the most of all the clever features available in 10xPro, then you’ll want an email management program that allows sophisticated automation. Keap (aka Infusionsoft) is the one I use. I have a love/hate relationship with Infusionsoft, but they have recently launched Keap, which is a less complicated version. I have recently set up Keap to run the online business for a business partner and I found it so much easier to use and understand. So, now I recommend it to you without the need to apologise for it’s previous complexity.

Check it out here.


Active Campaign is like Keap, but not as clever. It works really well with 10xPro and is a bit cheaper than Keap, but there are a few things it just can’t do to make the most of the clever features of 10xpro.

Check it out here.

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I’m honoured and  grateful for your support.

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Read The Transcript Here

Hello, Janet Beckers here and today we have a new episode of Romance Your Tribe Radio, and the episode today is going to be all around how to take a service based business and make it virtual and how do you do that in the fastest way possible? How do you make it so that you can be delivering services to your clients in a virtual way? And how do you run your business and market your business when all you can do is to work virtually. Now at the time of recording this here in Australia we’re just right at the very beginning part of serious lockdown of quarantining, where businesses are being closed, they’re being told that they can’t operate or their customers have just bunkered down and not gone near them.

So there’s a lot of businesses that are right now in a very difficult situation where they’re faced with, you know what, I’m going to have to close my doors. A lot of businesses have already done that. I don’t want that to be you. So today what we’re going to be looking at is if that’s you, if you’re being faced now with your business that your clients are saying, I can’t come in to see you. This is if you’re doing one-on-one business or where you’re servicing people. We’re going to look at what we can do for you now to help you to be able to transition what you’ve, what you can be doing with your clients. If you’re thinking, well you know, my kind of business, you know there’s certain restrictions where it’s going to be very difficult for me to even be able to replicate what I’m doing online. We’re going to have a look at some different pivots that you may be able to do specifically around the topic to do with going virtual.

So if that sounds like you, I hope I can give you a few ideas here as well. And if you are already doing some of the things that you do that you are doing virtual but you’re really having to change things up, ramp things up we’re going to have a look at that as well. So if any of those sound like you, if you’re thinking right, I need to be able to either start for the first time adding virtual services, or I need to look at how, how can I consolidate, expand, and perhaps even create a new revenue stream with this, then today’s episode is designed for you. Now, before I get stuck into the nitty gritty of why you would do this what you’re going to need to have in place the exact software and different resources and things that you’re going to need to do this.

I’ll have all of this here for you today on this podcast. I want to let you know what I’ve also created for you to help you to take action fast. Okay, so on the podcast page, so whereever you’re watching this, there should be a link for that. So whether you’re watching this here on your podcasts, there’ll be a link here for the podcast page. Whether you’re watching this on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, wherever you’re watching it, there will be a link there that will take you to the actual episode page on the Romance Your Tribe website. Now on that page, first of all, I’ve got links to every single one of the resources that I’m going to mention here today, all in one place. So you can just go to there and you can find all of the resources.

Okay. I’ve looked up to find links for you for where you can buy things on eBay or Amazon. So you can do them online, but also I’ll tell you the things that I’m using myself so that you can go and just, you may be able to find them locally, secondhand, whatever. So I’ll have all of that. Therefore, you, and I’ve also created another video for you where I’m actually taking you behind the scenes of the way that I have set up my teeny weeny office in my home. Like it’s a single bedroom that I’ve converted into an office that I run a successful business where I’m running coaching or any training programs where I’m doing one on one with people where I’m running a team. All of that is done virtually through here a these videos, the podcasts that I create are all created through here.

The the, the short videos and things that I create are all created through here. This is also where I do all of my brainstorming and where I can also work with clients where I can actually be using a whiteboard while they’re learning from me. Virtually everything is there. I’ve been running a completely hundred percent virtual business for well over 10 years. Occasionally I’ve thrown in with some clients where we’ll have retreats, but that is not, that’s not core to the business. That was only for a couple of years cause I wanted to get together. So otherwise everything has completely been virtual and I’m also really into simple and cost effective and not going over the top. So I’m going to share that video for you. So when you go to the podcast page you will see that video for you. It’s not long, but it shows you the exact setup that I’ve got and you will get to see how tiny everything is here.

And so you’ll be able to see that and I’ll also show you which of those things I take with me if I’m traveling. So all of that is there on that page and anything that I mentioned here in the video that’s showing you behind the scenes of where I am recording, this will all be on that page as well. So hopefully that will act as a one page resource there for you where you can go to just get started now. So I wanted to let you know I’ve got all of that for you. Okay. Got your back baby. So, and you’ll really want to go over to there, cause I’ll mention a few, quite a few different resources that I use, though it’s going to really be helpful for you to just go over and get the links. Okay. Awesome. So now, now that we’ve covered that, let’s get stuck into how do you do it?

How do you go virtual? So first of all, let’s talk about why would you go virtual? And if you’re watching this video and you see me looking down, it’s because this is one of the tools I use is my iPad. This is where I write notes and I just have it here sitting on my lap. So if you see me looking down at it, so I don’t forget to to say anything here to be able to help you. Okay. So why would you want to go virtual to start with? Especially if you’re in some kind of service based business where it’s actually really nice to be able to be serving clients directly. They may be coming into your shop, into your clinic, they may be coming into your studio, however it is that you’re working with people. You might be running things now where you’re going to them, where you are even working with them one on one or in groups.

You may be running workshops, doing consultations, those sorts of things. So why would you want to go virtual anyway if what you’re doing is working well? Well, there’s a few reasons. Number one is the obvious one that we have here at the moment with the Corona virus is, you know what? Sometimes if you don’t, you’re going to go belly up and I don’t want that to happen to you. So sometimes you’re forced into that situation. It may or may not be permanent. It may be something that you have as a stop gap that’s probably gonna have to last a few months I’m afraid, a stop gap so that you still can be serving your clients. You can still be making money and still giving really good value and I’m still keeping the loyalty of those clients because once one client drops off, it can be harder to get them back on again.

You want to keep them as much as you can, so that could be one reason where it doesn’t have to be permanent. It may be a temporary stop gap. The other thing that can happen is you may find that once you have started doing this that you know what this is actually working really well. So you may be able to take all of your business, virtual or parts of it virtual or have options for your clients. And so we’ll look at that today about you know, the setup that you can be having for that. And the other one that you may have is once you’ve started doing this is you may have you may find that actually instead of providing one-on-one services, that if through this process of working virtually, you’ve been able to record step by step you know your knowledge at working with people, case studies, demonstrations, however it is that you work.

You may have already been, you may have been creating those and then you can actually pivot more into education for your clients rather than the actual service. So that is a potential as well. And this could be the moment, the time that either through necessity makes you create this or it could be something that you’ve been thinking about doing for a while, but you’ve been, you’ve been busy. Okay. You’ve been really busy with servicing your clients, with running households, with, you know, travel to work or to clients with if you’ve got children too, just all those different things where you’ve got to be out and about you know, taking them to swimming lessons and whatever else is that you’re going to be doing. A lot of those things are be consuming your time, but you may have more time available now simply because your clients may not be meeting with you.

So it may just be the opportunity that gets you… That gives you the kick up the butt to get it done. So these are the circumstances where you would want to be setting it up. So even if we weren’t in this time of crisis, there is the potential that you may have been able to have had a revenue stream in your business that was providing virtual support. For a long time. You may have had that opportunity. So this may be something that’s going to be a long term opportunity for you. Now I’ll go over a little bit at the end about some circumstances where you’ll be thinking, well, will this work for me? Won’t this work for me? So I’ll go over some of those as well, but this is the reason why you would want to do this. And I’ve been getting so many messages all the time, like ever since we’ve been especially just in the last week or so where it’s been, Whoa, okay, this is, this is sudden, this is happening fast.

It’s affected my business really fast. What do I do? I’m getting lots and lots of emails, personal messages. And also working with my accelerator clients in person, you know, we’ve been working specifically on how has it impacted your business? How are we going to protect you? So it’s happening really quick. So what I’m sharing with you is come to wreckly from the questions that I’m getting from people. So if you’re feeling like your trying to work out all these missing pieces yourself, no, you’re not alone. Okay? So that’s, you know, all the resources I’m giving you here. You can share over in the Facebook group that I have that comes with, that’s for free. That comes with this podcast romance, your tribe, tribe. You can discuss things over there with everybody there as well. Okay? So now I’ve got an understanding about why you would do this.

And this does not have to be just a temporary fix. This could have the to completely revolutionize your business or parts of it. Now let’s have a look at what do you need to do, and I’m going to look at this in terms of, first of all, what if this is completely new? Okay? You do not have any way of working virtually with clients. Now, in fact, you may even take all of your bookings over the phone or they walk in. So we’re going to start there right from the basics. So if you have some of this set up, still listen, because I’m going to share with you the tools that I use and they may be different to what you use and like, I bet there are some that are. And so you may want to check those out to see if they’re gonna make you more efficient because the ones that are going to be sharing with you are the ones that I have found that gives me the greatest efficiency.

And also, the good cost for money, you know, good value for money. So let’s just make this assumption that uses totally new for you. Go back to scratch. So if we’re going to do this, first of all, let’s have a look at let’s first of all, look at your offer because this will not, it can be very difficult for you to be able to translate and say, well, this is what I’ve been doing with you in person. Now we’re going to do it virtually. In some cases it’s easy, especially if you’re in something where you’re not actually providing a hands on service. So in that case, your offers, what you’re selling could stay exactly the same. It could stay the same and you just saying, okay, well we’re going to meet virtually. I even have, I have clients who live locally.

We still do our meetings virtually and I’ll, I’ll share the software that I do because it’s more efficient for both of us. That’s why, so that may work for you if you’re finding that your that your customers cannot, you know, that for you to be able to say, well, it’s going to cost you the same but we’re doing it virtually where it’s not going to be the same value really you’re going to have to change what it is that you’re offering. So this is where you may be thinking about, okay, it’s not the same thing, but what can I be doing in some format that’s going to make it so that people can still be getting some help, some value. And yet you know, there, it’s, it may not be the same thing that I’m offering them. So it could be a temporary, okay, we can’t be doing this, but here’s something that I’m putting together that’s going to help you.

So just keep in mind that you do not, when we’re talking about going virtually, it does not need to be a direct, okay, I’m replicating the exact thing. You may be offering something completely new. Okay. So that’s, that’s what I want you to think about first to do with your offer. And I’ll just give you one example, which was just really recent from a conversation I had yesterday with a local who had, who goes to a yoga class and it’s really important to her for, for her health and also just for the connecting with people and for her, her sanity really. And she was saying that her, the yoga teacher, the class that she normally goes to, they’re not running it anymore because of the quarantining. So her yoga teacher very quickly moved it over to a group virtual video meeting now. Good on her for taking action.

Really, really quickly. And I just wanted to share this story with you because I wanted to tell you what the what the feedback was from the customer and for her. She said he absolutely loved it cause she got it, she knew why it had to happen and she’s still got to connect with the others in the class. She’s still got to be led through the yoga exercises. She still had close to that same experience. And so in that case it was the same price, the same class, just everything virtual. And who knows at the end of that, that yoga teacher may decide that she’s going to continue offering both options. She may run a virtual class once a week that goes for her traveling clients or remote clients, who knows, it may be a new revenue stream for her. So I wanted to share that one with you because it’s a very physical thing and it’s a story that a client was actually happy with it and it was just a discussion this week.

Okay. So now I’m going to walk you through the customer experience of being able to book pay and to have delivered a virtual service. I’m going to walk through it in that way and talk about the different software and set up that I use and recommend for each of those steps. I get ready to take notes and also know I’ve got all of these links here for you on the podcast page, on my website that Okay, so let’s first of all think about like that’s why I mentioned the offer. First, you need to have a way of putting your offer. So that may be, you know, you’re going to write them an email. You’re going to be, it might be on your sales page. That part you can handle. You can do that the way that you’ve done before. In my in my programs, the success circle, I’ve got templates on sales letters and all of that sort of stuff, including just a PDF that you know, so you don’t even have to put on your sales page.

Here’s a PDF that you can just fill in the blanks and send out to people, but you may not even need that. Okay? So those resources are there if you want them now. So that’s first of all, you need to communicate what is your offer, what are you going to be delivering? Then the next thing you need to do is, okay, how are they gonna book him? And how are they going to pay? If you have traditionally had people paying when they turn up, things are going to have to change, aren’t they? So let’s look at first of all, how are they going to pay? So the paying it can be as simple as just using a PayPal. You can use PayPal. Pay me really, really simple. So go and have a look at that for payment. Pay me. If you don’t already have some sort of online setup that you’ve got to be able to take orders, that’s just going to be your simplest, you can stick with that.

Or you can get them to transfer money through three bank. Just sending them the banking details there. The simplest way is you don’t have to make this complicated. Okay? Of course there are far more sophisticated ways that you can be using a, for example, using Stripe or using whatever you do for your setting up as a shopping cart. I use a program called 10X pro and I use Stripe and PayPal. With that, I’ll put the links over there for you, but you don’t need to go. Like if you’re just going straight from scratch, just give them a PayPal button or your banking details. Okay, simple. Ua PayPal link for payment. Okay? So that can be taking your payments. Now the next thing is you may want to book in a time. Now, they may have already had existing times. If you’re doing one on one with people, then they’re going to have to book a specific time.

If you’re going to be having groups, you may need to be scheduling different times, in which case you need to be able to make it easy for people to book in. Cause you really do not want to be doing lots and lots of tuning and flowing. If you can help it. To do that. The best tool that I have found is is called book like a boss. So you can find that at romance, your Book like a boss. I think I might also have it called boss, but yeah, they’ll link, I’ll have all the links there for you on the podcast page and I’ve got a link there that where two an egg and a whole page where I take you behind the scenes and show you how I use it myself. Okay. So again, you can get a video behind the scenes.

The thing that I like about book, like a boss is you can make it link to your existing calendar. I have a Google calendar, you can’t, I can’t, best virtual tools are using Google all the Google suite. So I use a Google calendar and book, like a boss allows you to be able to make lots of different settings so you can say, okay, here’s going to be, if you’re going to be booking in for a one on one session, this is the link you do. These are the times that are available. You said it all through there, then you might go, okay, this is the time we’re going to be having the group program. So you have the link there and then people can actually book in for that. So you can make group bookings as well through book like a boss. That’s why I like it because it’s quite cost effective.

And and it’s also actually I’ll just have a look cause I just saw that I, they was putting a special out actually this week. So I’ll find the link for that. Then I’ll put that there cause I think you can get like half price or some things. So I’ll go and find that for you. I’ll put that on that page. So because that’s what they’re doing to help people through the crisis. So just that’s timely. It may not be when you’re listening to this, it may not still be available, but have a look. You’ll have a link there. Okay. So book like a boss works really well because it allows you to allow bookings for all different options. And it also follows people up with reminder emails and reminder SMS as how cool is that wherever they are in the world. Love it, so that is really good.

I use that constantly in my own business. I’ve used multiple calendar booking softwares. I just think this is hands down the best. Okay, so now you’ve been able to take the money from them and you’ve been able to book them in to be able to have a one on one session with you or booking for the group sessions that you’ve got. Now you’re covered. The next thing that you’ve got is how are you going to deliver this? So I’ll show you a couple of different ways that you can do it. One of them at the most extreme level for group programs, I would never do this for one on one is you could even have a set up a private Facebook group and just do a video live stream into there. Just do a Facebook live where you can be running the group through there.

They can all be watching it through Facebook. That’s not going to give you the same interactions as a group, but you’re the one there that would be leading whatever it is that you would be doing as the group and everybody can be doing there. How is he? Is that really? That’s free software. You can just be setting that up. I’ll talk in, in the extra video I’ve got for you. I’ll show you the actual camera setup that I use for your help to do that. Okay, so don’t worry about that now. No, I’ve got you covered, baby. So that’s one level. I would never do that for one-on-one. It’s just not private enough. But what I use is a program called Zoom. Now you could use things like Skype, go to webinar. I’ve tried all of those. The most reliable is Zoom that I have used.

I absolutely love it. I use it absolutely every single day in my business. I record products through their podcast through there. We do our accelerated group huddles through there. Every single week. I do all my one-on-one. I have staff meetings. I, you know, that’s where I do the group coaching for the Success Circle every month, everything is run through there. It’s really reliable, really, really good. And the nice part is it makes it super easy for your clients to be able to join you because they can use that from their telephone you know, from their mobile phone or they can be using it on the computer with a free app. Okay. So that can be, that’s the way that I find the best to be able to deliver a face-to-face. So you can see each other to be doing that as a video meeting and you can turn the video off and just make it audio.

But the nice part is it also records it. So if you’ve got a client that’s thinking of, this may not be so good, you can say as an additional bonus, you’re going to get the recording of this so you can come back and visit. Okay, come back and review it. And for you in some cases with group ones, you can keep that recording and that may end up being a suite of of instructional videos that you can be selling or including in a future course or a future membership. That’s a topic for another podcast that I will do for you. Okay. So the, now I’m just gonna circle back to book like a boss because if you don’t have a way now of, you know, being able to take the meetings you know, be able to take the bookings and do the meetings.

Here is another reason why I like book like a boss. If you had the combination of book, like a boss, a payment methods such as Stripe or PayPal and Zoom, you can link the whole three of those together and have a really flash looking and flash working online, virtual system that all works together for really cost, very cost effective. Now, how does it work? Well, you can actually connect through book like a boss. You can connect other PayPal and Stripe and it will take the payments for you. When I say connect, you know you put your details in the field in the back end, it’s just fill in a field. Okay, so you’ve got, you can do that and they’ve got all the instructions to show you. And then what you can do is if you’ve got Zoom, you just have to in the back end, say this is my Zoom account and you can decide every single time that you make an appointment for somebody, it can actually create their own little Zoom link that is unique to them for their one-on-one and it sends it out to them and sends the email reminders and sends the SMS reminders.

How pro is that? Really, really cool. And you can even put, you know, you can fill it out and put instructions. You can put videos and testimonials and everything on the pages on book like a boss. So there you go. Total fangirl. But this is a really good system for you to do it. Without you having to set up a really fancy website and get everything there. All right. Once you’ve got this set up, you’re ready to go. Okay, I’m just going to check here. And of course this is one thing that goes wrong with having my, what’s this thing called here? My iPad here. Is it just locked itself? Okay. So the next thing that you’re going to want to do is two things is we’re going to look from your side and we’re gonna look from the client side.

Now if you want to be running video meetings, there’s a few things that you’re going to need. And again, I’ve got all the links for you over on the web page and a behind the scenes video so you can see my equipment. First of all, you don’t even need a computer really. You can do, you can be running video consultations, group video meetings, just using your phone. It’s easy to do. I do it heaps. I do it a lot. It’s not unusual for me to be running my high end, my Accelerator clients, our weekly huddles. It’s not unusual for me to run that from down at the beach or from in, from in the car. Not while driving of course or wherever I happen to be if I haven’t got back home and gives me, you know, it’s good quality and it works perfectly. Okay?

So you can just be doing it from your phone and so can your client, you can be doing it from your computer is the one of the most common ways that I do it because it’s just all set up as a nice, that’s not distracting so you can be doing it that way. So for yourself, the things that you need to consider about is the quality of the video. So within your phone normally that’s good enough quality. That’s cool. Sometimes I find with a laptop it’s not good enough. So I actually have a Logitech webcam and it just plugs in as a USB and I have it sitting on a really short tripod that acts also as a selfie stick. And I’ve got the links to the exact one that I use cause it’s awesome over on the webcast page, but it’s a selfie stick mini tripod if you want to Google that.

Okay. So I just have my webcam on there and that’s what I’ve got now that I’m using and you’ll see that on the other video that I’m going to, that I’ve got there for you. Okay. So you have all of that there available. So that’s number one that’s going to cover you for your visuals.

Lighting, you may just be able to use whatever light you’ve got. So it may be using it might be, you know, just using natural light. If you’re outside, you might be to go near a window or you might be like me when I’m set up here at home is I have studio lights that I’ve got set up and they’re not expensive. Just got them off eBay. Again, I’ll show you all of that in the video I’ve got and I’ve got the links for you on the page.

With your sound. I find I’m just, now, I’m actually using a road microphone to record this. I usually do that for my podcasts. It just plugs into my USB. So just look for a USB road microphone. You don’t need it. Okay. I’m just doing that extra because I can a lot of times and especially when I’m doing any of my virtual meetings, I don’t worry, I just use what’s built in with the Logitech or what’s in the phone works perfectly well. The microphones are really, really good there. If you’re not too far away, if you are having to be further away from camera because you’re demonstrating something, this is perfect. If you’re like a yoga teacher, if you’re running exercise classes, my personal trainer, we’ve been looking at how we may need to end up doing that with her and I just adore Laura so I’ll still be doing that.

So if we go vote virtual, she needs to be demonstrating things. In that case what you will probably need is to have a blue tooth microphone and he’d set there’s, I would Google, I don’t use one myself cause I don’t need it, but just Google that. Okay. I’ll find some links to some that you can use, but I don’t use them myself, so I can’t say if I love them or not, but I’ll have some links there for you. But that will allow you to be able to move a long way away from the camera set up and it doesn’t matter because they’ll, you’ll still be able to, they can hear you really well and you can hear them. So that’s a good solution. So all you’ve got to worry about is your visuals, that you’ve got enough light and you’ve got your sound.

You just need your phone, you just need your computer. And using Zoom, which I absolutely adore. Or you may even just be going in by Facebook, live into a Facebook group. Okay, so let me just now move onto the other side of that is just be aware that for your clients going virtual may be like something that it’s too difficult for them. So one of their big objections to doing this is how do I do it? I don’t know. I don’t how, I don’t want to be on video. How do I, how do I even have a good camera? How do I do any of this myself? So be aware that that’s one of the big objections they’ve got. You need to meet that head on. And one of the best ways that you can do that is for you to create a really short information document that says, this is how we’re going to meet.

This is where you go to get the Zoom app. It’s free. You can put it on your phone and maybe even his link to go and see how do you put it on your phone or how you put it on your computer. This is how you join. And if you want to, you don’t even have to use the video, but it’s nice to, if you do, here’s a few tips that can help you and you can use the same ones I’ve just given you. So make sure you make it super easy for your clients. So it means you’ve got to work it out, but take the time to put that document together for them and just send it to them. And you may need to walk them through it the first time. So make it easy. So because you don’t want that to be the objection that stops them from doing it.

Okay. Now let me also have a look here. Okay. So one thing that we’ll go back to is a few situations that you may find yourself into. So I’m just going to do here, but you know if you’ve got questions that are going through your head of “yeah, but!” First of all, if you’ve got “yeah, but!” Send it through to me okay? You can either send it to me through email at [email protected] You can come over to the podcast page on my website and leave it as a comment. That’s a great way to do it because then other people will probably have the same question and I can answer it there and help you all. You can come over onto Facebook to our free group that I’ve got called Romance Your Tribe. So it’s the Romance Your Tribe-Tribe

Okay. There’ll be links here. I’ll have links on the podcast page. There’s, there’s links everywhere. So come and join that for that free group and you can ask your questions there, but I’ll try and address a few here for you right now. Okay. So one of them might be… I can’t do this because the kind of service that I provide my clients means I actually have to touch them. You know, it might be that you’re having to do some kind of therapy. One of the clients that I, that we were taking all of hers online and we were working for it beforehand and it just so happened to be coming now. She works closely with people where she is a therapist so she needs to be touching people. So for some of these people it’s going to be, you know what, we’re going to have to do this part after, you know, when the sanity’s back.

But in the meantime, there’s a few things that you could do. In some cases it may be okay if they’ve got a loved one there with them, who’s helping them for whatever the therapy is that you’ve got. Can I be instructing and supervising while the other person does some of that therapy? That may be one case that you can do this is especially so for physio therapists, occupational therapists, if you’re in that sort of format wouldn’t ex wouldn’t recommend that for a dentist. Okay. so that may be one way that you need to do it. The other one is you may need to pivot to be creating an educational model. So in the meantime, while you, before things, you know, things aren’t in this period of time. If this is a temporary fix, you may go, okay, so whether or not that is for they may or may not pay for this, you may be providing education on things that they can be doing in the meantime that’s going to keep them.

So that, number one, they, you know, continue to get better or get results, whatever it is that you help people do. And the other one is, so they remember it was you, you were the one that helped them. You were the one that stayed in touch. You were the one that they will be loyal to. So they will come back to you. So that may be a customer retention method or it may actually be a customer delivery of service. So, but you may need to create that education component. The benefit of that is make sure you record all of these. Okay. Because this is the potential revenue stream or potential onuses that you can be giving new clients when the quarantine is no longer on. Okay. So if that sounds like you, they are a couple of ways that you may be able to adapt.

If you’re finding that people don’t want to be doing the one-on-one with you virtually because they’re thinking now it’s not, that’s not doing it for me, but I don’t want to stop what I’m doing. You can be doing just group. As an example, I’ve been talking with our personal trainer and there will be some stage where, you know, we’ve been working on ways so that we can, you know, go to a home gym. But also there may be a time when it’s all got to go virtual. And if I find that, you know what, this is not working for me so well, one of the things is I know is we can be creating a group program so that she can be running it and she can be having, you know, lots of clients all coming at the same time.

It probably won’t be the same price, but she would still be able to help. She would still be delivering a service and still be able to keep me loyal and keep me used to continuing to work towards those goals. So they’re just examples that I’m just thinking of in my own life. So in some cases the one-on-one may not be attractive. See if you can create a group, paid would be ideal. Sometimes it may not work in those cases, you could do all of that through Zoom or you may do that through the Facebook group. The other one might be, well, okay, if I’m going to be doing this, I’ve been thinking about creating an online course or I’ve been thinking about creating a membership program. I’ve been thinking about, you know, creating resources, using video and working with people virtually. Well if you’ve been thinking about that, this is the time baby.

Okay. So I though you may be finding you’ve got more time and that’s kind of, you know, that’s a bit sad. But you know, use a productively so that you actually get that, get off your butt, do it now. Or you might be having to double down working with your clients, but be clever about it and see what can I save, what can I record and use that’s going to go towards this program I’ve been planning. This can be your opportunity to come out of this with a whole brand new revenue stream that you’ve been thinking about doing and this is the thing that’s going to make it happen. If that’s you, I can help you with that. I can help you with that through my success circle and I can help you that with my accelerator program and as part of the Corona crisis that we’re in, I’ve been looking at my offers and I’m making it so much easier for you for this short period of time to be able to get in there with offers that I know I will not repeat.

So if you want some help, just drop me a message and I’ll let you know what I’m doing. Okay. so and can really help you to get to that level. All right, I think that may be all of it. So just as a quick summary, I have got for you a resource that has got two things. One is a whole list of all the different resources that I have talked about today. I have got them all there for you on the podcast page with what they do and here’s the links to go and get them. Okay. So, Oh and get those. And that will make it really easy for you. I’ve also got there for you, a video where I take you behind the scenes and you can see this room that I am shooting this video from and I’ll show you all of the setup that I’ve got and you’ll see how really basic it is really basic.

And so you’ll be able to see how I’ve set that up and you may be able to replicate something quite quickly. I set all of this up front for only a few hundred bucks and you may already have a lot of the things that you need. All right, so know that I’ve got those resources there for you. The other part there is why would you want to be going virtual? Well, at the moment you may be forced into that situation. It’s either going to be that or you’re losing clients because of the quarantine that we’re finding ourselves in that people just aren’t coming to you. So you may be forced into it. So it may just be temporary. Okay? So you want to get this up and going fast. You may also find that your going to be either expanding some virtual things that you’re doing and you may end up keeping them.

It may be something that this becomes an ongoing offer. If it’s working well for people. It may supplement your traditional way of providing service or it may replace it. It could be either. And the other way that you can be making the most of this is this can be your opportunity to create that online course, that online membership where you’re pivoting less into service and more into the education side of it. So this can be your opportunity to do that now. Okay, so I’ve got all of the software there to make it really, really simple for you in those links on that page, I would love to hear from you. Like I’d really want to hear from you. Like how is this affecting you? What other ways can I be helping you? What’s ways that I can be making it so that you’re going to have less stress on your shoulders about trying to make decisions on how to do things, on how do you get things done fast?

What is it that I can be helping you with? Because I see my role through this crisis is number one, I’ve got to keep my business going. Okay? Which is why you will see that I will be letting you know about the new offers that I have, this temporary period. So that’s me, but also you know, what is it that is impacting you? How can I help you? Because I see my role as to make it simple for you to be able to adapt quickly because I don’t want anybody going out of business on my watch. So if I can help you to do that in a way that I can do that quite quickly and through, through using the medium of video, I can do that. Let me know. Okay. Because I want to make sure that any help that I’m giving there, I can help as many people as possible.

So let me know what you’re having trouble with and I will do my best to be able to make it easier for you. Okay. Bye. Oh, and please, if you’ve found today’s episode useful, I would really be grateful. Number one, if you can share it, just share it with friends who were going to need it. That would be wonderful. And number two, I would really appreciate if you would go to iTunes, if you’re watching this on iTunes and leave a review or wherever you are watching, leaving a review about what benefit you’ve got, cause that will help me to be able to reach more people. I’d really appreciate that. Okay. Bye!

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