2020 “The Year of Creative Adapting”.

  • Change from helping your clients face to face to meeting virtually via Zoom? – Easy!
  • Change from working with your clients personally for multiple sessions to finally creating that online course so they can get results without needing you (as much)? – done!
  • Change from working from an office with your local staff to work from home and run a virtual team? – Loving it!
  • Change from running a transformational retreat style conference, promised to be delivered in a luxury hotel with intimate get togethers and deep personal development work to Zoom? WHAT??!!

How do you adapt a truly transformational event to virtual (just 2 days before it was due to start) and make it so people rave about it afterwards?

How do you make it NOT feel like a marathon zoom session for days? (nightmare)

That’s what you’ll learn today from our Guest speaker Joanna Martin from www.oneofmany.co.uk

This interview is a segment from the in-depth masterclass Joanna and I recorded for Day 5 of the Video Marketing Summit 2021 that starts next week. You can join for free over here.

The session is on How To Create a Movement With Video and just near the end I asked Joey how she adapted her retreats when lockdown was announced in the UK earlier this year?

Woah… firehose volume of gold!

This section is fairly short and packed full of really actionable and inspiring info.

So if you’ve ever wondered how to make your retreats, conferences or even, let’s face it, any zoom meeting engaging and transformational, listen in.

Oh and make sure you register for the FREE Video Marketing Summit 2021.

You can register for free and the first day of masterclasses goes live on Monday 30th November and then there are free sessions and live daily classes, every day for the entire week.

See you there!

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