Usually when I talk about websites, I focus on YOUR website. The one that grows your coaching or service business, positions you as the trusted expert, builds your list and makes you money. It is something you invest time as well as love and attention on (just like your business).

Today we look at websites differently. We’re going to look at them as a commodity.

Something you can buy, sell, renovate, earn an income from and sell for profit.

Just like building a real estate portfolio, except today is all about building an investment portfolio of websites.

Websites As an investment Portfolio

The experts in how to buy and sell websites for profit are my beautiful friends, and fellow Aussies, Matt and Liz Raad. In this episode of Romance Your Tribe Radio we explore:

  • How Liz and Matt have built a portfolio of websites they pay little attention to, yet provides an income for their family (plus more!)
  • How to start your website portfolio for just $300 – and why you should start low.
  • How to find cheap websites that are “a renovator’s dream” and improve them to recover your expenses quickly.
  • What to look for when buying websites to “hold” for low-touch passive income.
  • How to identify websites you can sell for a huge profit and when you should do this in your portfolio building
  • The 3 industries to invest in that will give you the best return.

We also explore how Liz and Matt got into buying and selling websites for profit (they are zoologists specialising in Kangaroos. You can’t get more Aussie than that!). You’ll love hearing how they run their business as a couple with young children and the decisions they made along the way that got them the lifestyle they have now.

As well as our interview (where we go into really practical teaching), I have a “cheat sheet” article below on the 3 steps for you to build your first portfolio if 10 websites, plus links to a special training Matt and Liz will run just for listeners and readers of the podcast.

You can watch the video, listen to the audio, download from the podcast directory, or read the transcript below.
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3 Steps To Buy and Sell Websites for Profit

When you buy and sell websites, it’s just like buying and selling real estate. You pick one that is low maintenance and will give you a good return of investment.

The end goal that Liz and Matt have for their clients is to have a stable cash flow from their portfolio of websites. Like with any investing, The best thing is to start small, so you can learn the ropes without blowing the bank.

Goal 1: Build a portfolio of 10 low-cost websites

Start small, only investing in websites that cost $300 or less.

Then build a portfolio of 10 low-cost websites before you invest in more expensive websites

Below we’ll look at the 3 steps for you to build your first portfolio of 10 low cost websites.

Step 1: Where to find websites to buy

There are two ways to find sites:

  • Direct approach – finding and identifying websites yourself, can take a lot of work
  • – the world’s largest platform to buy and sell websites.

The cool thing about Flippa is that it’s like eBay – there’s a whole little nation where they rank buyers and sellers. This way, you know you’re investing in something legitimate especially if you’re just starting out.

More experienced sellers, usually the higher-ranking ones, will help you through the technical bits of the process. They will help you transfer the site to your own hosting etc which is really helpful for your first time.

Often, the sellers are those who love the initial build and launch of a website, but don’t enjoy keeping the site running. I think of them in terms of gardeners. They are the people who love to build a garden and plant all the vegetable seeds to grow….then they get bored. Your role is to be the long term gardener who tends the crop, removes the weeds, and profits from the harvest year after year (can you tell we have been enjoying the fresh beans and lettuce in our garden at the moment?)

Step 2: How to Identify The Best Sites To Buy When Starting Out

As mentioned above, for your first 10 websites, we are going to focus on  cheap websites that are selling for $300 or less. So our focus is finding sites that are in a great niche, already have organic traffic coming from search engines, already make some money in a way that is fully (or mostly) automated, and have been ignored or neglected, so you know you can improve it to increase the income.

I’ll go into the monetizing part below, but for now let’s look at how to pick a winner on


Liz and Matt recommend the big 3: Health, Wealth and Happiness.

While niches like weight loss can be competitive, things like curing acne or relationships would still be a specific niche that isn’t too competitive. So look for very specific topics within those 3 categories.

Search Criteria

When doing a search on Flippa, set the dollars it makes per month from $1 to $50. You’ll get smaller sites that are great to learn from and have the potential for you to improve that income with simple tweaks to the website.

You also want to find websites that have history. So they have been live for months, preferable years, so they are already ranked well with Google.

Check out the site to see how it is generating money, and how many great content articles it already has that are ranking on the search engines.

The nice part about is each listing includes data on income, traffic and expenses over time so you can compare potential sites.

You can get more info on this in the special webinar Liz and Matt are running over here:

Domain Names

One thing to look at when looking for sites, is identify sites with domain names based around a question or a solution. Niches like this are stuff you can create content for easily and a lot of people would want to place advertisements there. If there’s an affiliate offer you could make in the niche, then better.

Step 3: How To Make Money From Your Website Portfolio

The kinds of websites you are investing in do not sell physical products you need to manage. They do not provide services, coaching, in fact anything that requires you interacting with customers!

The ideal sites make income through one of the following 2 methods:

1. Placing Advertising on the site

The most common are:

  1. Google AdSense (you get paid a small amount every time someone clicks on an ad that is on your site)
  2. Selling banner ads directly to other businesses (you usually get paid monthly for displaying their ads on your site)

2. Affiliate Marketing

The most common are:

  1. Amazon ads (you get paid when people click on the ad and then but something from Amazon). This is perfect if you have a niche that is product-based as you simply recommend the best product for them. You can do reviews for products on the site and link to them. When a person clicks on your link from your site, Amazon gives you a commission from anything the person buys within the next 24 hours. It doesn’t have to be the product you linked. One of Liz and Matt’s students linked to essential oils and the person ended up buying a blower kit for a Toyota Corolla – earning them a thousand dollar sale.
  2. Specific products (such as information products) which you can find from websites such as and

How To Increase Income From Each Site

Many of these websites are pretty basic, even awful-looking.

Because each site usually makes small amounts of money, your income is increased by:

1. Generating for traffic to the website for free
Skills needed (or outsourced)

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Keyword rich fresh content (so great articles)
  • Negotiating back links from other related websites

2. Identifying other sources of income
Skills needed (or outsourced)

  • Identify pages on the website that rank well on search engines but don’t have an affiliate offer or ads
  • Add affiliate offers
  • Do review articles

Action Steps

  1. So I’m challenging you, if you’re reading this or listening to the podcast right now, to go ahead and visit Set yourself a budget of $300 and follow the criteria that Matt and Liz set above. Figure it out, monetize it, because this is also a challenge I’m taking on myself.
  2. I’d love to hear from you about your results. Take action and come back and share it through email or drop a comment below. Better yet, tell Liz and Matt as well! Knowing that you took action and got results from something we shared is very rewarding.
  3. Register for advanced training: A special webinar Matt and Liz will be running. If you’re looking to sell your website down the track or just want to drive more traffic to it, they will cover that in this special webinar as well. You can sign up here.
  4. If the webinar training is no longer available when you read this, Go over to Liz and Matt’s website to take a look at their training organization to learn more about how to buy and sell websites.

About Liz and Matt Raad

Matt and Liz Raad are website investors and advisors in buying, renovating and selling businesses – both offline and online. They began their business career by buying a manufacturing business and have bought and sold their own businesses in a range of industries, and as business brokers they gained experience at all levels of business, including the sales of multi-million dollar online businesses.

As the internet boomed, they saw that the highest cash-flow and growth was happening in online business, so applied their “buy and renovate” real-estate and business strategies to websites. This allowed them to quickly build a portfolio of cash-flow generating websites in a fraction of the time it would take to start them from scratch.

They are now advisors in online strategy and marketing to businesses from start-ups to corporate, and have founded The eBusiness Institute with the goal to help people prepare themselves for the future with practical, money-making digital skills.

In their workshops and coaching programs they have condensed their insights and experience into an easy to follow system for buying and selling websites profitably, and building a valuable online business portfolio that can give both wealth and lifestyle.

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I’m honoured and  grateful for your support.

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Links and Resources Mentioned

Matt and Liz Raad’s website:

Special webinar with Matt and Liz:


CJ Affiliate


Google Adsense

Amazon Advertising

Read The Transcript Here

Janet Beckers:    Hello and welcome. Janet Beckers here with Romance Your Tribe Radio. And I’m so excited to welcome you to my beautiful guests today Matt and Liz Raad. Good day guys.

Liz Raad:  Hey.

Matt Raad: Hi.

Janet Beckers: Now, I ran into Matt just a few months ago at a conference up in Queensland, and we hadn’t seen each other for years. And it was so lovely, and I just loved catching up in everything that these two guys have been doing. And you know when you meet people in business and they’re switched on, like, they know their stuff. They’re doing amazingly well in and making their own path, like, found a really unique way to be able to grow their business. But at the same time, they’re just really nice down to earth people you just want to be mates with.

So, that’s who I’d like to introduce you to through this podcast. It’s not just people who are doing great stuff but who are great people and care as well. So, that’s why I’ve invited Liz and Matt. So.

Liz Raad: Hey. Thank you.

Janet Beckers: You’re very welcome now.

Matt Raad: Yes.

Janet Beckers: So, I hand it over to you guys. Can you share with people what is it that you do? Who do you help and how do you do it?

Liz Raad: Okay, so what we do, and this is what you were just saying. Something a bit unique and something that a lot of people have never really heard of. And that is we invest in websites. So we …

Janet Beckers: Huh.

Liz Raad: Yeah. So instead of, well, as well as buying properties and shares, we actually also have another income stream through the websites that we buy. So, that’s something pretty unusual, because people think, “Hang on, how do you make money out of websites?”

And what we actually love most is taking people, and it’s people we work with now. So not only do we invest in websites, we also have an absolute passion for taking people through that process and getting them earning money online [crosstalk 00:01:52] through their own portfolio. And so we work with absolute beginners. We work with people who want a career change. We work with business owners who want to just add some extra dimensions to their business, so …

Matt Raad: Lots of work at home mums.

Liz Raad: Yeah.

Matt Raad: Lots of people who work [inaudible 00:02:07] hours and need to have … or people that just want to start setting up a side income.

Liz Raad: Yeah. Yeah.

Matt Raad: Or retirees, people who are a bit worried about maybe not having enough money in their retirement because the strategy …

Liz Raad:  Yeah. Yeah.

Matt Raad: … of what we do is … It’s not like buying real estate where you make hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can start out with less than a thousand dollars and buy little tiny websites and build them up and make lots of money off them.

Matt Raad: There’s kind of no risk, but I should be always careful about saying there’s no risk.

Liz Raad: There’s always risk.

Matt Raad: It’s always risky business.

Liz Raad: Yeah.

Matt Raad: But once you know what you’re doing, it’s relatively easy and very little cash flux, so very …

Liz Raad: Yeah. [crosstalk 00:02:45]

Matt Raad: It’s really exciting for us. Very good opportunities out there.

Janet Beckers: I love it. And the nice part about this is, and this is why I invited Matt and Liz to come along, because I love the idea of treating websites as an investment opportunity.

Liz Raad: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Janet Beckers: And then looking at how, that’s what we’re gonna look at today, like, how do you make the investments?

Liz Raad: Yeah.

Janet Beckers: And how do you find them and how do you make that work? And it doesn’t … This could be your whole business model, or it could be like a lot of the people who I work with, that they, they’re building up their business and they are the expert.

Liz Raad:  Yeah.

Janet Beckers: You’ve got that part of the business, so it’s really lovely to not have all of your eggs in one basket. So I’m really excited to hear about [crosstalk 00:03:31]

Matt Raad: Yeah.

Liz Raad: You don’t want to be a baked beans millionaire

Matt Raad: Yeah.

Liz Raad: Let’s have some …

Janet Beckers: Oh my god, what?

Liz Raad: You don’t want to be a baked beans millionaire where you have to live off baked beans for ten years before you finally make it. So …

Janet Beckers: I love it.

Liz Raad: No. I’m having [inaudible 00:03:44] the whole way.

Janet Beckers: I love that analogy.

Matt Raad: [crosstalk 00:03:48] … some angel investing. So we see these baked beans millionaires. We got these young guys who start out and bootstrap everything and …

Liz Raad: Yeah.

Matt Raad: … what we do is not that kind of a thing.

Janet Beckers: That’s brilliant because that’s … You don’t want to be putting that energy and waiting for ten years.

Matt Raad: Nah.

Janet Beckers: So before we get stuck into the nitty gritty …

Matt Raad: Yeah.

Janet Beckers: … because I was talking to Liz and Matt before we hung out, we want to know how do you do this? And what’s the opportunity. We don’t want you to just go, “Oh, yeah, it is an opportunity.”

So, before we get stuck into helping you when you’re watching this to see if this is something you want to do. I just want to dive a little bit into the people behind here, because there’s two things that are quite unique, I think, about both of you Liz and Matt.

Number one is you’re a couple in business. And the other one you’re self-confessed technophobes, non-Gates, and when it comes to building a business around websites, people would assume that you would come from a background of geekdom.

So, would you mind sharing a little bit about why … How did you get into this and why this?

Matt Raad: Can I start real quick?

Janet Beckers: Yeah. Yeah.

Liz Raad: See, that’s why we work in business.

Matt Raad: We’re actually from farms. We grew up in rural Australia, and so we’ve always wanted that freedom of … when you’re on a farm you’ve made your work hard at times and stuff like that. You’ve always got that amazing sense of freedom. So I think when Liz and I met each other, we met at [Uni 00:05:29] and we we’re both studying zoology, which is …

Janet Beckers: Really technical.

Matt Raad: Really technical.

Liz Raad: Yeah. [crosstalk 00:05:35] animals.

Matt Raad: Yeah. Yeah. We were always into animals and very hands on and that’s always where we thought that’s where we’d go, but you don’t make money in zoology, or back there you don’t make money in farming either.

And we [inaudible 00:05:45] business luckily and we actually bought … From day one we were hooked on business and we just got good at it, manufacturing businesses.

Liz Raad: That’s right.

Matt Raad: Yeah. And we stopped buying and selling them. We did exactly what we do now online. We bought a small rundown business, built it up, renovated it, and then …

Liz Raad: Automated it.

Matt Raad: … automated it. Learned how to … We’re both of us completely self taught. We didn’t come from business background at all. [crosstalk 00:06:10]

So when we pulled that first one, that took a long time and it’s traditional bricks and mortar [crosstalk 00:06:15] in which …

Liz Raad: Yeah.

Matt Raad: …if anyone heard me speak publicly, I’m not a big fan of these days, but it just takes so long. Litera;ly, it can take you ten to twenty years.

Liz Raad: Yeah.

Matt Raad: Even the kids came along, we realized we can do this. Liz, being the impatient part, said “Why are we doing this with bricks and mortars? Let’s just do it online and see … ”

Liz Raad:  [crosstalk 00:06:35] [inaudible 00:06:35] is websites and you don’t have to show up everyday.

Matt Raad: Yeah. That was awesome.

Janet Beckers: Yeah.

Matt Raad: It starts when you buy people don’t realize, we’re not working the 9-5. It’s literally, you work on them a bit. If you’re bored or you want to switch off, you can always do something else. So, that to us …

Liz Raad: As long as you think about it once.

Matt Raad: Yes.

Liz Raad: That’s the thing. It’s about, same as if you’re investing in real estate, you’re buying a house for an investment. You pick a house that has low maintenance, that is gonna give you a good return on your investment.

Matt Raad: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Liz Raad: I mean, you can do a bit of renovation to and then just haul and leave. And that’s the sort of beanstalks that we’re just looking for as well.

Janet Beckers: Well, that’s a good segue, so let’s move over into that now, because I love this whole analogy of … Well it’s a bit. It’s a real combination. You’ve got the finding a rundown business and building it up.

Liz Raad: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Janet Beckers: I love that that was your background that you came into and you didn’t even … You just started doing it.

Matt Raad: Sure.

Janet Beckers: The thing that I love about people that kind of like you guys that went “Well, this is not making me happy. It’s not helping me get my goals. I’m gonna have a go at this.”

Liz Raad: Right. [crosstalk 00:07:41]

Janet Beckers: “Let’s just dive in.” Is it’s you don’t, you never forget that. You know? It makes it so much easier now that you’re in the role where you’re helping other people to do it.

Liz Raad: Yes.

Matt Raad: Yeah.

Janet Beckers: The people that you’re helping know, “You know, I’m not gonna go in here where they’re gonna assume that I know everything because … ”

Liz Raad: Yeah.

Matt Raad:  Absolutely.

Janet Beckers: You can’t forget when you … from having done exactly the same thing, there’s no way you can ever judge anybody.

Liz Raad: [crosstalk 00:08:03] I’ve experienced the overwhelm and they’re like, “Oh.” And back when we started there was still, you know, you had to do code.

Matt Raad: It was so hard.

Liz Raad: You had to learn a bit of coding. And [crosstalk 00:08:11]

Janet Beckers: Right. Yup. Yes.

So, yeah. And that’s a real strength. Yeah.

So, I love the idea of the rundown business and fixing that. And I also love the analogy to do with real estate as well.

So, if we think about it in terms of … thinking about in terms of real estate. There’s different ways, if you’re approaching real estate investing.

Liz Raad: Yeah.

Janet Beckers: And that you would go, like maybe if you had the cashflow property, your capital ones.

So, for you, what’s the different ways that you and your clients can … What can you do with a portfolio of websites? Before we get stuck in the how to identify a good one, I always like to think about, well, what does it look like at the end?

Liz Raad: Yeah. So, basically the end goal. So, there are different strategies and different investors ’cause what’s fascinating is us and our students we end up in directions that we never would’ve thought we’d be in.

Matt Raad: [crosstalk 00:09:08] Oh, yeah.

Liz Raad: But basically what we do is we start out and most people start have a goal of “Let’s get ten good websites making income each month in my portfolio.”

Janet Beckers: Right.

Liz Raad: So, starting out nice and small, ’cause that’s the cool thing. That’s the difference there in real estate. At least we can buy a website for two or three hundred dollars to start and …

Janet Beckers: Excellent.

Liz Raad: Yeah. You can get in there and not be blowing the bank. You can just start it nice and small. And when you got that …

Matt Raad: And learn the ropes.

Liz Raad: Yeah. And then really the strategy’s about what’s your [inaudible 00:09:43] and where’s your traffic coming from? So those are the kind of two things that we’re looking for in terms of strategy. So, we’re always looking for a website that’s making money as automated as possible. So whether that …

Janet Beckers: Oh.

Liz Raad: Yeah. And I don’t know if we’re gonna get into that in a minute.

Janet Beckers: Let’s. Yeah.

Liz Raad: Let’s talk about that now in terms of what we’re looking for is those websites that can make money out of advertising.

Janet Beckers: Yup.

Liz Raad: All we’ve got to do is bring people to a website about something, you know, a passion that might be … It might be about, I don’t know …

Matt Raad: Your favorite sport.

Liz Raad: A sport. Or it might be about …

Matt Raad: Or hobby.

Liz Raad: We had one actually cars. There’s a good example. They’re good, good, good.

Matt Raad: That’s competitive.

Liz Raad: Competitive.

Matt Raad: We teach people to go out to really nice …

Liz Raad: Niche.

Matt Raad:  … niches. Anything in our three favorite niches that we tell everyone that they should look at is either anything to do with health, wealth or happiness. [crosstalk 00:10:41]

Janet Beckers: Oh, I love it. [crosstalk 00:10:42] That’s a nice way to remember it.

Matt Raad: Yeah. They’re even simple things like, I mean, lose weight is a classic, but that’s very competitive. But things like, you know, how to cure acne.

Liz Raad:  Relationships. And all sorts of things. But so they ought to make money out of their advertising.

Matt Raad: Yeah.

Liz Raad: So we have a tribe. So, exactly like what you’re creating. This tribe of people or group of people who wanted information about a particular topic.

Matt Raad: Mm-hmm (affirmative). .

Liz Raad: And while they’re there they did the advertising on the website that’s paying for that. Or …

Janet Beckers: Now, when you say advertising, what sort of advertising? Are these Google ads?

Liz Raad: Yes. Some are AdSense. And then there’s other advertising programs. Some of our sites have people pay or businesses pay for banner ads [crosstalk 00:11:23] And if it’s in a really nice tight niche, especially products.

Matt Raad: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Liz Raad: Yeah. We get manufacturers or distributors who want to get in their brand in front of the people who are on our websites.

And we might have a website reviewing certain maybe sports gear, so we’ve got websites that review sports gear, and the manufacturers of that sports gear want to give us sports gear and have it reviewed on the website and put a banner up there and pay for that.

Matt Raad: And this is all in America.

Liz Raad: Yeah. [crosstalk 00:11:53]

Matt Raad: So the cool thing … ‘Cause that background too we used to work with a lot of big corporates and high networths and all these big kind of internet girls. And a lot of things that we’re seeing now is, especially in the last few years, is the big corporates now are starting to spend masses and masses of money online.

Liz Raad: And want to get in front of the tribes.

Matt Raad: Yeah. They don’t care. They’ll pay anything. So for us we have these tiny websites, they’re never gonna cost a grand or ten grand or whatever. And they think it’s nothing to spend fifteen hundred dollars a month on a banner ad. We’re at home in bed asleep and the money just turns up in your bank account. You did nothing on the website. For us it’s a win-win. For us.

Janet Beckers: So that’s about opening your mind to opportunities.

Matt Raad: Yeah.

Liz Raad: Yes.

Janet Beckers: See that’s the thing. I think a lot of people don’t think that that’s even a possibility.

Matt Raad: It’s easy.

Janet Beckers: Why would a company pay that much to put a picture on a website?

Matt Raad: It happens.

Janet Beckers: But that’s the thing.

Liz Raad: [crosstalk 00:12:43] the way the world works and the opportunities that are out there. There’s just these amazing ways that you could generate income.

Matt Raad: And then …

Janet Beckers: Excellent. So the main thing there is having a website that has got really good content that people are gonna be finding.

Matt Raad: Absolutely.

Liz Raad: Yes.

Janet Beckers: And it’s hardly niche and the way that you make the money is you’re not actually having to …

Liz Raad: …niche, and the way that you make the money is you’re not actually having to provide a service, you don’t create products.

Matt Raad: Definitely not.

Liz Raad: All the people advertising. [crosstalk 00:13:11] you’re getting manufacturing and distribution. Never again.

Matt Raad: No, never again.

Liz Raad: Holding stock, that is just such a hard thing to manage, and parking at work right up on shelves and we love this idea that we can, like Matt said, “It’s making money out of electrons.”

Janet Beckers: Excellent.

Liz Raad: If we do have a niche that is a product based, we will monetize it by being affiliates, so we may be …

Matt Raad: It’s become an Amazon affiliate.

Liz Raad: An Amazon affiliate. You’ve got basically access to every product.

Matt Raad: On the planet.

Liz Raad: In America [crosstalk 00:13:49] and all you’ve got to do is get the people, get the eyeballs.

Janet Beckers: That’s excellent, so we’ve got then the two main … so if we think about the big picture we’ve got. If we’re looking for a business that we want to, you’ve got a website, and we’ll talk in a moment about how do you find them and what makes a good one? But if we’re thinking about the end, we’ve got you could have a portfolio of websites that are creating cashflow for you. And the way that cashflow is generated is either people land on that page and they click on a link, and it goes to advertising.

Something’s being advertised, whether it’s just through Google AdSense or something you negotiate with actual interested parties. Or it’s an affiliate, so you’re saying this product here is the best one ever. Click here, and go to it. So they’re the main ways that you’re making money, and they’re the kind of things that there are so many options out there.

Liz Raad: Yeah.

Matt Raad: It’s unlimited.

Janet Beckers: With the main way you would make money through the actual buying the websites and then building up this portfolio, so if we go back to the real estate analogy is either cashflow, so basically you’re getting them enough of them that they’re making enough through advertising and affiliates, that you’ve got that nice cashflow, or what other ways? Other ways with real estate would be like Qikflips, or with …

Liz Raad: Yeah, yeah.

Matt Raad: That’s the other important thing. With big corporates coming into the online space now, the valuations of good websites that are monetized that way, they’re actually a hugely valuable asset, so even …

Liz Raad: Right.

Matt Raad: People often don’t realize, you see these real basic, the classic one is pep training websites and stuff like that. People look and they think [crosstalk 00:15:34]

Liz Raad: Yeah, and they’re ugly and they’re awful looking.

Matt Raad: They’re ugly, but you can sell them off for a couple hundred grand [inaudible 00:15:40]

Liz Raad: There’s one we bought. Let’s give you an example.

Janet Beckers: Yeah.

Liz Raad: Two websites. So we bought one for $30,000, one for $15,000, so it’s $45,000, for these two websites, and they’re already established.

Matt Raad: In the same niche.

Liz Raad: Pretty ugly. Needed a bit of work, so when you say needed a bit of work, meaning they had old scenes on them. They needed a tidy up. They could do better in Google rankings by having some really nice, fresh content.

Matt Raad: Good fresh content.

Liz Raad: And so we outsource all that. I actually don’t think I even looked at those.

Matt Raad: You don’t even know the URL.

Liz Raad: I don’t even know the URL. So there you go.

Matt Raad: That’s how passive they were.

Liz Raad: So we held on to those for a year and it made $90,000. Those two websites.

Janet Beckers: Just from the cashflow?

Liz Raad: Yeah, just from the cashflow.

Matt Raad: AdSense.

Liz Raad: They were AdSense websites. And then after that we actually got someone offer us to buy. So we thought, “Aww”. And sometimes when we think, “OK, yes, if someone makes the right offer, we’ll sell”. We don’t usually sell. We like to hold on to our websites.

Janet Beckers: Wow.

Liz Raad: We sold that for $150,000.

Janet Beckers: Lovely.

Liz Raad: So that’s $195,000 we made in one year.

Janet Beckers: Aww, love it.

Liz Raad: Two big sites. So that’s the kind of thing that we’re doing. We’re looking for these opportunities where, especially there’s a website that’s kind of making money despite itself.

Janet Beckers: Yeah.

Liz Raad: Really good opportunity. Because if we can do a little bit of tidy up and actually … I mean, we’ve had websites where when you look at it, all the traffic all the people who are coming to the website, they’re coming to a page where there’s no offer. So we usually buy the website, put an offer on it and it’ll juggle the profits.

Janet Beckers: Fantastic.

Liz Raad: It’s often quite simple things. Especially for your marketing brain and from your listeners. There are good business people out there. They’re in the field. So this is the sort of stuff that you’ll pick up as little opportunities. And the nice thing is, it’s not that difficult. Once you know what you’re doing, not that difficult to actually take action on them.

Janet Beckers: Yeah.

Liz Raad: Yeah so that’s the nice thing.

Janet Beckers: Well lets have a look now at … we’ve looked at what’s possible at the end. So now lets go back to the beginning. I want to come back to some of the core things that you can do. So I love this one that you said about there could be a lot of traffic going to one website ’cause it’s ranking well in Google or wherever but there’s no offer on it.

Liz Raad: Yeah.

Janet Beckers: That’s a really [inaudible 00:18:11]

Liz Raad: That’s common, yeah.

Matt Raad: That’s what we want. They’re the goal.

Janet Beckers: So how do you find these websites? Because there are so many billions of websites out there.

Liz Raad: Yes.

Janet Beckers: And you can go, “Aw yeah, that’s awesome. I found one where all the traffic was going through to one page”. How do you find them? For people who are staring out now, where they’re going, “You know what? I’m just going to start off with my first one. I’m going to set a bucket of say $500.”

Matt Raad: No. $200.

Liz Raad: Three.

Matt Raad: $300.

Janet Beckers: $300. Okay sorry, [crosstalk 00:18:42] I was obviously thinking way too lofty.

Matt Raad: When it’s the beginning, you can actually buy OK sites under $300. They’re not going to be perfect, but they’ll will be fine. So we tell everyone, do not go $300 because there’s a bit to learn to these. Obviously, we’re experts at buying and selling businesses. There’s a bit to learn. But if you’re only ever risking $300, then you can learn it quite safely.

Janet Beckers: Yeah.

Matt Raad: And the number one place where we go … we have quite a few strategies where we find websites. One of them we love, direct approach. Sites that we’ve identified, that’s a lot of work. The easy way is to go to the world’s biggest platform for buying and selling websites. They’re like a broker I guess. They’re called

Janet Beckers: How do you spell Flippa?

Matt Raad: F-L-I, double PA .com.

Janet Beckers: Flippa with an A?

Liz Raad: And they’re based here in Australia.

Matt Raad: Yeah, would you believe?

Janet Beckers: Oh, are they? Oh, I should go meet the people who run that. That sounds like that would be [inaudible 00:19:40]

Matt Raad: They come along to a lot of our events and speak to-

Janet Beckers: Oh do they? That’s brilliant.

Matt Raad: Yeah, it’s-

Liz Raad: They could just be [crosstalk 00:19:48]

Matt Raad: Yeah.

Janet Beckers: Yeah, yeah.

Liz Raad: [inaudible 00:19:52] what’s trending and things like that.

Matt Raad: The cool thing about-

Janet Beckers: There’s an actual platform that’s out there, you can go for under $300 bucks and … that’s cheaper than most courses that you could go on learning anything to do with business. If you think of it this … your first one or two or three, whatever it’s gonna take without Liz and Matt holding your hand is your education expense.

Matt Raad: The cool thing on Flippa is it’s a bit like Ebay because it’s a marketplace, they rank sellers and they rank buyers so you build up a little nation on this. When you’re starting out it’s in the interest of the sellers to be, within reason, legitimate. Now there’s always skeletons in the closet of any business you buy on any website but the cool thing on Flippa is it is one of the more safe … there’s other platforms out there but Flippa, we’ve found are quite safe to a degree and they’re very strict on their security and the good sellers on there [inaudible 00:20:57]

Liz Raad: If you look at the seller ratings and pick a highly rated seller, especially for your first one. That’ll help you, they will help you transfer it and things like that. There’s a few little technical things that it’s handy to have an experienced person, especially on your first.

Janet Beckers: Yeah, yeah. That’s brilliant.

Liz Raad: The really good bargains are the ones where there’s someone who’s never sold a website before and then we can help them also, ’cause often they don’t know how to do all this stuff as well. It’s really nice. We’ve met amazing people on Flippa and actually we’ve got a lot of … now one of the other ways be buy is, we’ve met a lot of people who love that initial build and launch phase but they don’t like running them ongoing and so, we’ll contact them and say, “hey, you gotta anymore you wanna sell?” [inaudible 00:21:50] launched and it’s proven, it’s making money and they’re just happy to sell it at that point and we take it on to the next level.

Janet Beckers: That is fantastic ’cause that is so true. I always think of a gardening analogy that there are people who are fantastic that go in and planting and then there are other people that once they planted and it comes up they’ll get bored with it and wanna move on to the next plan. Other people just love to come along and nurture it and harvest it and grow it and [inaudible 00:22:21] making those big decisions around what’s the best thing to plant it’s just- [crosstalk 00:22:27] You wanna find somebody that loves planting the seed. That’s brilliant.

Matt Raad: Our value too is … what our background of doing business and online businesses, valuable assets. We’re trying to pick the ones that down the track we can sell for really big multiple because some of the big corporates are going to definitely, in the next 5 years, they’re going to start buying up, even what you would consider little, tiny niche websites. They will definitely start buying them up and paying lots of money. We’ve already got several friends of ours that have sold that in the millions-

Liz Raad: Actually, we’ve got one friend and he actually started the website but he could’ve just as easily have bought it. He noticed an industry that the main player didn’t have a very good website so he [inaudible 00:23:13] and he was the [inaudible 00:23:17] his website was that company and the company noticed he was doing heaps more sales than they were. They went, “I know, we’ll just buy you”.

Matt Raad: They bought him out, for seven figures.

Liz Raad: Seven figures.

Janet Beckers: That is fantastic.

Matt Raad: You can get lucky, that’s not every website [crosstalk 00:23:34] cash flow but also [inaudible 00:23:35] we’re creating an asset here, this seems worth a lot of money down the track somewhere. Let’s just build it up over the coming years and it’s what we teach now for all our clients. We say to them, “watch out for corporates, there’s good things, there’s lots of activity in that-

Liz Raad: That’s great that it goes back to your gardening analogy too. We always say to everyone, plant the seeds now, get a few little websites out there, it doesn’t cost much and it’s not really a lot to do but then one day maybe worth a lot. It’s worth doing something now.

Janet Beckers: Now, let’s look at, as a nice wrap up, because I really like to give people some really good action steps that they can do. I’m thinking if one of their first action steps is to go to Flippa.

Liz Raad: Yes.

Matt Raad: Yes.

Janet Beckers: If we’re gonna go to Flippa, what would be the criteria that you would be looking for where you can go, “oh that’s the one”. If you just had a budget of 300 bucks and you’re gonna go and get your first one, apart from starting off with a seller that you know, that they’ve got some reputation [crosstalk 00:24:44] helped you. What would be, if you had a couple of sites that you were going, “alright, they all fit the criteria, how am I gonna choose which one?”. What would you use as a criteria for somebody starting out to pick out the one that’s most likely to be really fantastic in their portfolio?

Matt Raad: For me it would be that the main name in the niche. We’re not into the main names as such but it’s always about the niche-

Liz Raad: They do have value though.

Matt Raad: Certain niches we can do a lot more in because you can provide really good content. As long as we can get traffic to it, that’s why I look at the niche.

Liz Raad: Look for domain names or websites that are based around a question or problem.

Matt Raad: Solving a problem.

Liz Raad: It’s either solving a problem, like or-

Matt Raad: or-

Liz Raad: Something that answers a question, not just “lose weight”, which is a bit big but something around, more specific niche, maybe losing weight after giving birth or something that’s a quite nice specific topic that people really want that information about and then that there’s a lot of advertisements that OB’s really came to get in front of those people-

Matt Raad: That’s a benefit about knowledge, I guess obviously would be doing this for … kind of our knowledge, I guess … obviously, we’ve been doing this for a long … like ten years now. So we can look at any niche and go, “Oh, yeah. I know there’s advertisers in that.” But that’s the journey that people have got to go on alone because that’s worth money in the bank.

So what you just said’s real important. One of the other things then we do is we’ll go and look up in certain affiliate offers and different places online. We’ll go and look, “Oh is there an affiliate offer in this niche?” And, if there is, then we’re more likely to buy [crosstalk 00:26:26].

Liz Raad: And [crosstalk 00:26:26].

Matt Raad: Even on little $300 websites, you can find amazing, amazing [crosstalk 00:26:32].

Janet Beckers: Right. So they’re good ones. First of all, the domain name’s important, especially if it’s obvious the niche just from that domain name.

Liz Raad: Yeah, yeah. That’s always good.

Janet Beckers: And then the next one is look how you can monetize it. So going and having a look for affiliate offers. So where would you go and look for those affiliate offers?

Liz Raad: When you’re very first starting out, the best place, actually … Because a lot of affiliate networks, you need a certain amount of traffic, like a bigger website, in order to join them.

So the ones that will let you in initially, there’s that you can have only a small website and join And if you want to sell information products.

Matt Raad: Which is always good.

Liz Raad: Yeah, [inaudible 00:27:17] works well too. Obviously AdSense, but you need to make sure the website adheres to AdSense terms and condition before you apply for your AdSense. So make sure. Just click on AdSense’s terms and conditions to make sure the website you buy … Or you could ask the seller, “Does this meet the AdSense terms and conditions?”

Janet Beckers: Yeah. Put it over to them. Yep.

Matt Raad: And then the biggest one these days is Amazon.

Janet Beckers: Amazon.

Liz Raad: Yeah, Amazon.

Matt Raad: Good products. So even if you have a dog training, just thinking outside the square, if you see good dog training websites, so selling tips on dog training-

Liz Raad: Or it’s just talking about tips on dog training.

Matt Raad: Talking about dog training. We know straight away, “Well, there’s some really cool products on Amazon that sell really well in that sort of niche.” Like certain collars or certain …

Liz Raad: So you might review a collar.

Matt Raad: You might review a collar.

Liz Raad: So in the [inaudible 00:28:08] website [inaudible 00:28:10] collars that’s on Amazon.

Matt Raad: Yeah.

Liz Raad: And so you can-

Matt Raad: All the fees and things. So Amazon actually makes things a lot easier for our clients these days. Even on a little tiny search, it’ll normally segue in articles that review products that are sold on Amazon.

Janet Beckers: Do you know how the Amazon program works?

Liz Raad: When someone clicks through on the links … So, say they see your dog collar review, and they think, “Oh, that’s interesting. I’ll go and check that out.” What it does, is it cookies them. So it follows them. It says, “Oh this person’s come from Matt and Liz.” And then anything they buy for the next 24 hours, we get a commission on.

Janet Beckers: Oh, it doesn’t actually have to be that dog collar. It can be anything.

Liz Raad: No, it doesn’t.

Janet Beckers: Yeah.

Matt Raad: Yeah, because they’re such a … They’re amazing Amazon’s the ultimate selling machine.

Liz Raad: Selling machine. They do it all for you. So remember we gotta leverage the big guys, don’t be afraid of them. Leverage them. But I think my favorite story on that is, we’ve got one … a student and he had a website about, I think it was essential oils or something like that, something quite calming and gentle, and someone clicked through for an essential oil and bought a blower kit for a Toyota corolla. They did a thousand dollar sale!

Janet Beckers: Oh, I love it! That’s fantastic.

Liz Raad: So-

Janet Beckers: That’s brilliant. This has been … I know that we have only just touched the tip of the iceberg here. Obviously, you guys immerse yourself in this. You have clients that you’re helping with this all the time. So we’ll talk in a minute about how people can find out more. But for anybody that’s watching, or listening, or reading, or however it is that you’re choosing to join us, my challenge to you is take action this week. Even if this is something that you’re going, “I may or may not end up going down this track.” My challenge to you is go over to Flippa, set yourself a budget of $300, even if it’s just starting out being a pretendy budget, like when you first were learning to trade or whatever.

So you’ve got your $300. Go there, following this criteria of, is it a good niche? Is there a domain? Can I see where there is affiliate program products, whether they’re information or whether they’re something on Amazon, that I can actually then see how I can monetize this further? Go and have a look and see what you can find because then, the next thing … And that’s what we all … I know when people come over, and they start learning a bit more from you, and you also find that from everything I’m sharing is then the big focus is, “Right. How am I gonna get the traffic? How am I gonna keep that … ” [inaudible 00:30:52] of everything is feeding that traffic.

So that’s my challenge. And if you take up this offer … Because I’m gonna do that do. That’s my challenge to me as well. I will keep you updated on what I’ve been finding because I just think this is a fun thing to do. When you take an action, come back share it, drop an email, or leave a comment down below. And one of the best things that you can do is, for Liz and Matt, is to come back to them as well. And just let them know that you took action from today because that is incredibly rewarding.

Liz Raad: It is, yeah.

Janet Beckers: It is. It’s one of the most rewarding things to actually hear that, you know what? I made a difference because people listened and took action.

So that’s for everybody out there.

Go on, do it, do it, do it. Take some action.

Liz Raad: [inaudible 00:31:39] have some fun. What you can do too, is to get … because it is fun to see what the possibilities are as well. So certainly, I recommend when you do your search on Flippa, set the dollars that it makes per month to somewhere between $1 and $50. So then you’ll get the sites that are the lower regions, like the smaller websites.

Janet Beckers: Right.

Liz Raad: Or, if they’ve got maybe a couple hundred of people a month traffic, just a little bit of traffic, a little bit of visitors. So that means you’ll get the cheaper ones. You can do those. Put in a monthly profit of $1000 or more, and then you can see what sort of websites are actually making money out there. And you’ll be absolutely amazed at what makes money. That’s something you can buy.

Janet Beckers: That is a brilliant tip, Liz. Not only look for the one that you’re gonna get now, go and have a look for a website that’s making the good money and look at that and take in that. Love it, love it, love it. That’s really good.

All right. So for people now to find out more. So what’s probably the next steps?

Liz Raad: Well, we can do. So if they go over to, that’s our training organization, and so you can have a look. And, actually, if you join the updates, you can find out more. But have a look over there and see what’s going one. And then we will also … We’re gonna run a special webinar, aren’t we?

Janet Beckers: I tell you what, I’ll give you a link to … I’ll just tell you the name of the webinar link because I know it’ll be a long one. So I’ll just make one that we’ll redirect. So, if you go to, I think that will be a good one.

Liz Raad: Okay.

Janet Beckers: So, and-

Liz Raad: Yep. But we’d love to … For those of you who are really interested in actually taking that next step, we don’t do this often, so we would love to though. Your guys, who would love to take that next step, we’ll run a webinar. And we’re actually go into a lot more of the detail.

Janet Beckers: Yeah.

Liz Raad: So what you’re looking for, and a strategy, and how to buy smart, how to negotiate, how to network, what you’re looking for, how to renovate. The strategy to renovate [crosstalk 00:33:57]-

Matt Raad: And also our favorite topic, have a value website because most people have no idea. So we can cover that on that webinar for your audience if they want to come. Anyone that wants to come [inaudible 00:34:04] detail.

Liz Raad: Yep.

Matt Raad: And, like we said, step-by-step.

Janet Beckers: Even for your own business, your website-

Matt Raad: I was just gonna say, yeah.

Janet Beckers: … has massive value. So there might be value sitting in your own websites that you’re not realizing.

Matt Raad: So, if you’re thinking of … If any of your clients are thinking of maybe selling their websites down the track-

Liz Raad: Or their business.

Matt Raad: …they should come along on this webinar as well, so they know how to set it up properly for the best sale.

Janet Beckers: Yeah.

Matt Raad: And the other strategy, actually, is if any of your clients … Talking of magic traffic. If any of your clients are looking for ways of driving more traffic into their website businesses, well, one of the strategy’s that maybe people hadn’t thought of … And this is what Liz and I do all the time … is buy websites that already have the traffic.

Liz Raad: Yep.

Matt Raad: So that’s all-

Janet Beckers: Excellent.

Matt Raad: In this day and age, sometimes its easier to buy a website from Flippa, when you know what you’re doing, buy a website. Say you’re a coach or something like that, and you want traffic, well, it takes a long time to SEO a website. So you can just go and buy instant traffic.

Janet Beckers: Traffic. By traffic, we mean people, like visitors?

Matt Raad: Yeah.

Liz Raad: Yeah. So you can buy a website that’s close to your niche-

Janet Beckers: In your niche.

Matt Raad: In your niche, yeah.

Janet Beckers: Then you link through to your website. That is brilliant, that’s really, really clever. And that can be a really nice way for people to start off because you can kind of get [inaudible 00:35:20] in each one. That’s brilliant.

Matt Raad: Yeah.

Liz Raad:  Yeah.

Janet Beckers: Well, I will … So because we’re just recording this a little bit ahead of time, so we haven’t worked out all of the details of dates and that sort of things. So what I will do is, after we’ve got the podcast here, on the page here we will put the link for you to be able to go and sign up for the webinar, so you can get more info. And then I’ll send it all out to everybody as well. So … And I’ll be there too because that’s gonna be really, really interesting.

Thanks you so much for chatting to me.

Janet Beckers: Its … Thank you so much for today. And thank you everybody who’s listening. I’m pretty excited about this. I love the idea of leveraging all of the knowledge that you’ve been using to learn about how to build and market your own business and being able to use that knowledge on little side projects that don’t use up a lot of your time.

Matt Raad: Yeah.

Janet Beckers: So I love that idea. That’s really, really good. I’m gonna have some fun with that. And thank you so much for today Liz and Matt.

Liz Raad: Well, thank you so much for having us.

Matt Raad: Yeah. Thank you.

Liz Raad: It’s wonderful to be here, so we really appreciate it. Thank you.

Janet Beckers: Okay. Bye everybody and thank you.

Matt Raad: Bye.


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