A few months ago I made a commitment to myself… I would intentionally set myself goals that really stretched me out of my comfort zone. Goals that made me scarecited (that feeling when something really scares you but excites you at the same time because….imagine if you succeed!).

To be honest, I felt like I was starting to get too comfortable in lots of areas of my life and that’s not a good thing! Here’s something I’ve noticed about myself and I wonder if you experience the same thing?  I’ve noticed that when I stop stretching myself and setting myself goals that challenge me to think bigger and really move out of my comfort zone, I start to lose confidence in myself!

Self doubt starts to set in if I DON’T step into the feeling of scarecited deliberately.

I’m sure most people would assume stretching yourself out of your comfort zone would throw you into the depths of self-doubt but the opposite is actually true!

So, that brings me to the topic of today’s podcast episode.

I set myself a huge stretch goal I never thought I would achieve. To compete in what is billed as Australia’s’ toughest obstacle course. With 60 punishing obstacles combined with 8 km of running and a crazy amount of mud to complicate things!

I share with you in this episode WHY I chose this challenge, how to think like an athlete when you AREN’T one, the exact steps I took to set, prepare and achieve a significant athletic goal when I’ve only started thinking of myself as an athlete when I’m 55 years old (young)!.

Then, because this podcast is all about business, I show you how to apply this process to big goals you may have in your business, or maybe even your health, wealth, happiness and even relationships.

Plus I’ll share some photos with you 🙂

Raw Challenge

I’ve also got a downloadable cheat sheet for you to help you apply this process to any part of your life.

In today’s masterclass podcast episode you will learn:

  • The difference between thinking as a person who wants to be fit and healthy and a person who identifies as an athlete.
  • The role of alter-ego’s and my identity for fitness and also business
  • Getting clear on what keeps you going when the going gets tough (spoiler alert: it will get very tough).
  • The character traits of an athlete and a business leader and how to embody them
  • How to choose a coach and what to do when you have one so you get results and make the process easier.
  • How to identify WHO and WHAT you need to achieve success
  • The importance of measuring and PB in business and health
  • The unsexy D… word
  • The importance of your peers and where to find your tribe.
  • I share about my personal preparation, fears and what it felt like the day after!
  • Why you absolutely MUST celebrate


Plus a special podcast bonus for you today. An action guide to download “Cheat Sheet. How To Achieve Big Goals Like a Business Athlete”.

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Read The Transcript Here

Hello and welcome! Janet Beckers here with an unusual episode of Romance Your Tribe Radio, because I’m going to share with you about a really significant athletic goal I just achieved that was way out of my comfort zone. So I wanted to share with you what that goal was. Why on earth I set myself this huge goal and then I’m going to break it down to what it was that I, the steps that I went through in order to a to set, prepare and achieve a really significant athletic goal for myself. What are the steps and then how can I now apply that to business and how you can use the same sort of process to be able to meet whatever the big goals are that you’ve got happening in your life at the moment, which may be to do with your health, your wealth, your happiness, your relationships.

And if you’re here listening to this podcast, very likely your business as well. Okay, so little bit of me bragging with excitement because Hey, why not? Cause that’s part of the whole process, isn’t it? And then very, very structured. What can, you know, how can you do something similar in your life? Okay. So first of all, what was this big goal that I achieved? Well, I just a few days ago, um, did what was called the RAW challenge. Now it builds itself as being the toughest, um, obstacle course in Australia. It has about eight kilometers of running in a course and then 60 really, really difficult obstacles that you have to overcome. And a lot of those include a lot of mud, lots of slipping and sliding and lots of getting filthy, which to be honest, that’s one of the things that attracted me cause I really love to just get down and get dirty.

So to me that sounded like a lot of fun. The running constantly for eight Ks while also doing really, really physically and scary. A lot of them are quite high. Um, you know, scary obstacles. And doing it in a timeframe was something that to me just seemed really, really difficult. That it was something that only true athletes do because they do have an elite part of it, which is exactly the same, um, race. That’s the same obstacles. Everything is the same, just that they’re getting timed. So it’s the kind of thing that elite athletes do, but you can also do it for fun and just not do the obstacles around if you want to. So that’s what I just set myself to do. And it was not something that I normally would do because I have never really identified myself as being an athlete. So I’m going to go through the process of why on earth did I take this on?

If it’s not something that I would normally do and wouldn’t identify with, what were the results like when I did it? What happened? You know? Um, and the process that I had to do from a mindset and also from a physical point of view in order to be able to achieve that. So I’ll tell you the results towards the end. So I, let me talk about the process and how this relates to you. So I’ll keep on flipping it over to how it relates to you. So the very first thing was why on earth did I set myself this goal? Well, a couple of reasons. I’m 55 and I don’t feel 55 I feel younger. I find I often get surprised when I tell people my age cause I think, Oh hang on, is that, is that right? But I really, I envisage myself feeling this way, feeling energetic, feeling like, you know, all ages, just insignificant.

I’m going to feel this way for decades and decades and decades to come. So I thought, you know what? If my ultimate goal is to just be bursting with energy and not see age as a limitation, then I’m going to have to be proactive about this because the reality is, Hey, nature needs some help. So that was my big thing is just a real quest, you know, a thirst for experiencing the thirst for energy. I wanted to have that energy. And the other thing was, you know what? I would, this is something that scares me, like sitting these big goals, so can I do it? Am I capable of doing this? So part of it was really seeing what was I capable of doing? And the other part was I’d really started to notice over the last few years, a trend from the clients that I work with that seem to get the fastest results in with the least amount of, I’m not going to say the least amount of work they had to put a hell of a lot of work in, but the fastest results with the least amount of setbacks, you know, they, they don’t seem to do the same amount of, you know, one step forward, two steps forward, one step back, that sort of thing.

They seem to be, to do less of that. And I noticed that one of those things is they all take on physical challenges. They either do them now or they have very much in the past. So I thought, you know what, you know, I really gonna learn from the character traits, from the people who have been able to get the best results that I work with. So it was a few of those things. Um, so that was the reason why I did that. And I also wanted to lose a few. I had been slowly putting them on. Um, just from really lack of discipline and I was, I was about 15 kilos over the weight that I wanted to and I thought net, that is not going to be, that’s not going to be what I’m going to do. So I also wanted to lose the weight for health reasons and Hey, I want to look hot in a bikini.

Why can’t you look hot in a bikini at 55? I reckon. So they were my reasons why. So it was really important for me to totally connect with the reason why I was going to be taking on this big goal. If you see me glance off here, it’s because I’ve got myself some notes, some notes over there. Not to forget now for you, when it comes to you and your life, your business, whatever it is, whatever your big goal is, you’ve really, really got to connect, get connected with why you are doing it. You really, really, really need to get connected with the why. Now I’m going to draw parallels when it comes over here to how I apply what I’m doing. Into my business. So for me, my why in business is two-fold just as well. Just as I was saying that my reasons why for taking on a physical challenge, it wasn’t, didn’t just have one why.

So for me there were a few, like I talked about the overall energy. Well for me in business, my overall thing is I absolutely believe that the biggest changes that are going to happen in our world are from people who are great at what they do. Being able to help more people. So I see myself as I can help them to get the systems and the courage, um, the, you know, all those things to be able to reach more people. So that’s my big why. Like I, I absolutely love seeing people who are really good at themselves, step up and own it. So that’s a big Y on the other side. I love the freedom my business gives me, you know, I get to work from home, I get to have freedom that if every Friday and Monday I block out. So if I want to be doing some fun things, I do them on those days.

Or if I want to focus on the business, I do them on those days. I’m not walking to anybody else’s timeline and I can work anywhere in the world. I love that freedom. So, um, they were my why’s. So for you in your business, what is your why you need to really connect with this? Cause I tell you what, when it gets hard and it gets bloody hard, it’s going to be your why that pulls you through rather than everything else. Discipline might be pushing you through. You need something that’s going to pull you through. So I had my wife a physical and my why for business. So what is yours really, really take the time, connect with that. And it doesn’t have to be some big pure reason for me. Hey, I like having this freedom. That’s a big one for me. I’m not, it’s not well changing.

It’s Janet changing now. Okay, so the next steps, let’s have a look here. So that was my why. I had to get very, very clear on that. Now the other thing was, okay, once I’ve decided what that is, how am I going to achieve this goal? Well, the first thing that I have connected is I really, again, how in order to achieve it, connect with my why and I need to put it somewhere. I need to keep on reminding myself of that. So that goes into my daily diary. That goes into my 90 day plan that I do for my business is the why and the why of what I’m doing with the, with the physical stuff. Then I had to look at, okay, how am I going to do this? Let me work this out. Now I’ve, I’ve been a person that’s for quite a few years.

I will swim with friends doing laps. I’ll go for walks, I’ll go for runs. I’ve, you know, I’ve been doing physical stuff, but I have never ever considered myself an athlete. And because of that, to be honest, I’ve kind of approached it a bit half-assed. I’ve done it because I feel good when I’m doing it. Um, but I’ve never really been incredibly disciplined around doing that. And you know, my friends, my swimming buddies, they can attest to that. When they go, you didn’t turn up and go, Oh, I know, I know. I didn’t turn up. Um, that is a big difference. So I thought, okay, first. Then the next thing that I need to do is, you know, if I’m going to be doing this, I need to start developing a different mindset because the mindset of somebody who sits a physical challenge, you know, just for general, you know, general health.

If I’m going to be approaching this in a way where I want to get some significant goals, I want to be constantly full of energy. I want to be able to take on physical challenges that I haven’t before. I’m going to have to have a different mindset. So that was that big thing. So in order to develop the mindset, there were a few things that I do. First of all, I really started to practice telling myself that I was an athlete in training. Now, when I first started doing this, I would kind of say jokingly, I’m an athlete because I never ever would consider myself that none of my friends would consider me an athlete. My family wouldn’t consider me an athlete. It’s never been part of who I, who I identify as. And I’ve never approached any sort of exercise as an athlete. So I felt really silly saying it, but I really had to start reframing myself as that.

Now, as one way of doing that and seeing if I’ve got the bookie and I don’t, um, one, one of the things that I did is one of the books that I bought, which might really help you with that, is by a guy and Oh friend one Todd Herman. Now Todd Herman has written a book called alter ego. And that’s really, really good because it talks about how you do you actually develop this different alter ego that does those things. So work through his book. And it really helped me to come up with my alter ego, which, you know, I started coming up with lots of really, really clever names, but really it’s just super Janet. Okay. So super Janet is an athlete. She has the mind of an athlete. So I started studying what is it that the best athletes do? Like I started listening to podcasts, I started reading stories, just really having my radar up about what, how does an athlete think?

And these were the things that I discovered. And interestingly, these are the same things that really set apart the people who are very inconsistently successful. Some leaders in their business and they were these, first of all, they identify as that success in training that, so for me, in business, I am a tribal business leader. I am an incredibly successful, impactful business woman and I am constantly working towards getting better and better and better at that. So identifying that I am a business woman who makes an impact and I’m going to be the best that I can be. I’m not a mum who works from home who is building a business. No, I am that person already and I’m training to be the best that I can be in my physical side. I am an athlete in training now. So that was a real big mindset change.

So that book may help you. So Todd Herman, um, in um, in alter ego go and have a look for that. It’s really, really good. Now the next thing that I did is once I looked at those I thought, okay, the things that they all had in common apart from they I how they identify themselves is they sit very, very clear goals. They only compare themselves to their past performance. They’re not comparing themselves to other people. They will look to other people for inspiration, but they are always competing against themselves. So they’re looking at how can I improve? Why, how can I get a personal best? Now if you’re always going to be comparing your S, your present self to your past self. So yes, I have started talking or referring to myself as super Janet and past Janet. Yup. As so I’m also talking in the third person, but it helps is that I’m always in order to know what path Janet has done.

I need to have goals and measure them because how can I improve if I don’t have those? Now this may sound like one Oh one to you, but once you’ve really made a commitment that first of all, I identify as what it is that I am aiming to be. I have definite goals and I am measuring. So I know if I’m succeeding and discipline is not an option. I am incredibly disciplined and if I say that I am going to do this and I might, even if I’m saying it to myself, I bloody well do it, okay? I turn up even when it’s hard, okay? And so the same thing is going to happen in your business. You may not feel like filming the podcast. You may not feel like doing the saleslady. You may not feel like doing the sales call, making the difficult decisions, working out some geeky stuff, whatever it is, too bad, suck it up, baby.

It does not depend on your mood. You, if you are an athlete in training, if you are a successful business person, constantly working to improve, you turn up and you do the work when you don’t feel like it. So that is an important mindset. So if you keep on referring and think, well you know what a true athlete not turn up to the gym because they’re a bit tired that morning. Would a true successful, committed business person not actually, you know, return the emails or do their content strategy that they said they would, wouldn’t turn up for the client calls because they didn’t feel like it. No. So refer back to that’s why you need to have an identity that this is this person. Because if I am that person, well this is what I do. Okay. So those things are really, really important. So how do you then put that into what you’re doing?

So this is what I did for my goal. The very first thing is I recognize, okay, I’ve got to have some definite goals here. So part of that is I set myself some goals. One of those. My very first goal is I want it to be able to run for five kilometers without stopping. I’m not a natural runner, I enjoy it, but I’m not a natural runner, so I needed to have that goal. I want it to lose weight. I wanted to lose 15 kilos. So I’ve got that goal. I also wanted to set myself a really physical challenge, and so the first one that I did was to carry a really, really heavy pack for five days through the wilderness with friends and my husband to do it and it Trek because I love getting out in the Bush and I did that. I was very sore, but I didn’t hurt myself and I did it with a smile the whole way.

And then the next one was the raw challenge to take that on because that seemed to me to be an impossibility when I first started this. Okay, so I had very, very definite goals. Now in your business, what are those goals? Is it going to be a certain amount of revenue per month? Is it going to be a certain number that you impact in terms of number of clients that you have? Like how many people have you impacted? You know, whatever your measurement is going to be, you’ve got to know what that is so that you can plan there. Now the next thing you’ve gotta do is you’ve gotta have a, a strategy to get there. What is going to be your game plan to get there? So for me, when it came to the athletic side of it, I thought, you know what? I’ve got an idea of what my plan is, but I know if I am going to achieve this, I’m going to go to somebody that really knows what they’re talking about.

I’m going to get a coach, I’m going to get a mentor, somebody who’s got a system, and I just have to follow it. Okay? Because that is another thing that I have noticed about the clients that get the fastest results with me, is that they’ve taken their time to find the person who they trust. And once they’ve done that, they just do what they’re told to do. So for these people, they’ve, they’ve taken the time to discover, you know, Janet’s the one that I trust. I know that she’s got a system and it works. And then I just say, okay, we’ve got to do this step, this step, this step. This is your goal this week, this is your goal this next week. This is what we’re aiming for, this is what you need to do. And they just go, okay, and do it. Exactly. They don’t second guess.

And so they just get the results because they’re not using a lot of that energy of second guessing all the time. They choose their coach and then follow through. So that’s what I did. So I found the beautiful Laura a and she’s only young, I don’t even a twenties personal trainer, absolutely adore her. Um, because she has a program that’s, that’s been proven to work. She’s trained in that program and she has the maturity and a very high commitment to her clients. And so once I chose her, I just turn up. So she tells me what I’m meant to eat. She does all the measuring. She works out the plan of what I’m going to be doing to the gym, so we meet twice a week for the gym and then she’s sent me the goals that I do for the rest of the week with my swimming and running and food.

I just turned up at the gym and whatever she tells me to do, I do. A lot of times I’m not thinking very nice things about her while I’m doing it, but I just do it and I just turn up now. For me, that was such an easy way to do it. It just made it so much simpler because I knew I could trust her. I knew that she had the plan. I’ve never been a gym junkie, but I can tell you what, I’m strong now I’m getting really, really strong and I have never hurt myself because I’ve got somebody who’s going to make sure I do everything right, so that’s an important part to that goes over to the business as well. What’s going to get you there the fastest? For me in the business, I recognize that I’m taking my business to the next level.

I’ve got a new program that I’m launching out there. I know how to do all of that stuff, but I knew that the mindset was going to be the thing that stopped me. So I’ve brought on a mindset coach for the, for the three months leading up to me to creating and developing the program because I knew that’s what I needed. Just get a coach, you just get a coach for what is what it is that you need. So for you at may be that you need somebody like me that’s going to help you to be able to create your programs, get your business out there and get it international. That’s going to be helping you to get super clear on what you offer. I haven’t got the processes for that. You just follow. Okay. And if you work with me at the VIP level, um, with my accelerator program, well then you get me every single week personally helping you, you know, answering your questions so you’re getting it faster.

So what is it that you need in your business that’s going to get you from here? Is there a coach that you’ve got? It may be the book for me, it was a book and a cheap program that I did with Todd that got me the mindset right to start with this. So it may be something like that. It may be a course, it may be a personal coach, whatever it’s going to be. It’s so much faster. Honestly, it means that you’re going to get your goals faster with less stress. So that’s what I did for mine and I’ve just done exactly what I said I would do. Now, what was the next thing? So I’m just going to chick over here is the other thing that I had to do was who was going to help me? So I’ve talked about that. You’ve got, um, if you’ve got a coach that’s going to help you, somebody who’s got the process, bring that person in, it’s gonna make a huge difference.

The other thing that you’re gonna need is you’re going to need some friends. Okay? It is really difficult to reach any goal in isolation. It may be that for, in my case, I’ve got my swimming buddies and I’ve been, you know, making sure that I turn up every single time that I’ve been turning up now for months and months. Every single time they notice the difference in my commitment to getting better and I’ve already said to them, Hey, if I don’t turn up, pay out on me, okay, pay out on me. Because you need those people who are going to hold you accountable. So who have you got that he’s going to hold you accountable in your business. I have my mastermind group, my peers who I go to, I’ve got a mindset coach who I go to hold, who holds me accountable, who have you got?

If you don’t have somebody, then you, that’s where I can help you as well. I have that through my accelerator program and he might upcoming success circle program to help you create those peers, but it’s your job. You’re going to go out and find them, create the group, find the people. Okay, you need to have people who are going to help you. So don’t try to do anything in isolation. It’s just the hard way to get there. So what were the, what was the result? So on the weekend it took, um, I said he committed that I was going to be doing the, um, the challenge, the raw challenge. Now interestingly, when I saw it, I thought, Oh man, that sounds like fun. Well there, you know, I looked at the obstacles and I thought, they look really hard, but well, you know, they’re already saying that if he can’t do it, you just walk around them.

That’s okay, I’ll do that. Signed up, put the money on. And then I went back and looked in detail at all of the challenges, all of the obstacles that I, Oh my God, what have I done? This is a disaster. Got really quite scared. So this is the other really important one. And this is one of the overall reason why I started this. And the overall reason why I’m sharing with you today is I made a decision that I was going to step into the feeling of scare cited. That feeling that you get when you’re scared because this is really pushing you out of your comfort zone, but at the same time you’re excited because, Hey, if I do this and succeed, wow, what [inaudible]. What else am I capable of doing? That feeling that that is a really beautiful mixture of fear and excitement. That is what I call scarecited, and so I’ve made myself a commitment that I’m really going to be stepping into scarecited, and that’s why in all my programs, one of the first things I get my clients to do is to complete a scarecited contract, not with me, with themselves, that they’re going to step into scarcited because that is where the magic happens.

So for me, when I started looking in detail through these obstacles, I thought, you know what? I can do this. I’m going to step into the scarecited. I’m going to give 100% to every single obstacle that is there. And I’m not going to just walk between each obstacle. I’m gonna run. I am going to give 100% and if I’ve done 100% and I can’t do an obstacle, well then I know it’s because next time super Janet, she’s going to do better. But at least I know that I gave 100%. So that’s what I did. And so I did it with a group of people. I did it with Laura, my beautiful personal trainer and some of her other clients. So that was great. Having a peer group and I absolutely gave 100%. There are a few of those obstacles that were absolutely physically impossible for me to do.

Even some big strong guys were having trouble that cause I took a lot of upper arm strength. Um, but I gave, I tried them 100% first. Really I, I was able to get over probably 80 to 90% of those obstacles. Things I never thought that I could do. Um, it wasn’t pretty, I was not graceful. And that’s one of my goals for next year is to be able to do them a bit more gracefully, not so awkward, not so strangling to get over the top and doing weird body things in order to be able to do it. Um, but it was a lot of fun because I’ve got to play in the mud. It was ridiculous. I’ve got to laugh a lot. And in fact the next day, um, I was so sore. Every single muscle in my body was sore that if I laughed, it really, really hurt because my core muscles was so sore from all of those different obstacles that I climbed or swung or swam or whatever it was that I had to do.

Um, I was sore all over. Um, I’ve got bruises all over me and I’m still getting mud from under my fingernails and it had my ears, not, and many times I’ve cleaned them, but man, do I feel smug. It took us about three, three and a half hours of going flat out doing these X, doing the obstacles. So that was a long time to go, um, to continually be exercising. For me. And, um, and so the thing is now I feel really, really good and I can’t wait to do it again next year and do better. And now I’m thinking what is my next physical challenge that I going be doing between now and then? What’s something big? And I’m thinking of bigger challenges than I ever would have thought at the beginning of the year. And so that is the beauty of doing it. So number one, I’m really reaching my goals, have great energy.

I haven’t reached my goal weight yet, but I’m strong and I’m just full of energy. I feel great. Um, and I thought a lot more confident physically to take on even greater challenges. Um, so I’ll let you know when I’ve decided what that next physical test is going to be for me, that I’m going to be going to some something that really, really scares me, but I’ll let you know what it is. OK. um, bringing that over into the business as, you know, what, it really challenges me to think, okay, am I having a big enough impact? No, I am not having a big enough impact. Well, I know that if I put my mind to things, I can have a huge year impact. So that’s my commitment to you, that I’m going to continue to step up and see if I can help more people make a bigger impact.

And that is my intention. So for you, my chance to you is, are you ready to step into scarecited? So let me do a little bit of a summary here for you of how I was able to reach this goal. Oh, and I haven’t shown you yet. I even got an award. There we go, says stamina and on the back I conquered and the band is pretty gross because I still had, um, they’ve, they’ve, they splashed you with all these different color dyes as you got out of the water and the mud and I was covered in mud, so it was pretty gross. Um, but um, you know, what is it, you know, what scarecites you, it could be a physical challenge. It could be a challenge in your business. It could be a relationship challenge, what scarecites you, that’s where the magic happens.

So step into scarecited. That is the first one. The next one is be really, really clear why you are doing what you do, what your, why are you going to be stepping into that square sided? Why does it excite you? So be really, really clear on your why because it gets hard. I can tell you mid getting up at 5:00 AM every morning during the week to either go to the gym or to go swimming is hard. And when I get there, you know it hurts. That is hard. But man, I feel good afterwards. So what’s gonna get you through that hardness? What’s going to get you up in the morning? That is, you know, you’ve got to really connect with that. You’ve gotta be super clear on your why and it does not have to be anything that is, you know, saving, you know, world peace.

It could be just as good as I want to look hot in a bikini, doesn’t matter. But it’s got to motivate you. So be clear on your why. Be clear on what sort of person you are and identify as what it is that you are aiming to be. I am an athlete in training, so really be very clear on that and channel that person all the time and always think an athlete in training, what would they do? Are they disciplined? So discipline is absolutely essential. Now that is the hardest part is actually just doing what you say. You told yourself you were gonna do. Always compete against your past self, not against everybody else. In order to compete against your past self, you need to know what you’ve done before, so you need to record it. You need to have a way of documenting and measuring and you need to set yourself ongoing challenges and train towards those.

Importantly, you cannot do these things on your own. It’s just the hard way to do it. So get a coach, okay, get a coach, get a mentor, get a book, but find a process that’s going to help you to do that and just follow the process. Take your time to work out what it is you want to do and who you trust. Then just follow the process. Don’t second guess because athletes don’t second guess athletes in training. Don’t business leaders in training. Don’t second guess. And then find a peer support group that’s going to help you find your mastermind. Find your friends, find your network people who are going to help you to get there. And last but not least is take time to acknowledge. Every time you make an achievement, take time to reward yourself. Take time to, you know, either for me, have that mess or take that time to just go and be in the Bush and be in the surf.

That’s for me. That’s my rewards. You know, take whatever it is that you have decided. You know that you’re going to celebrate. Dip into the celebration box. If you’re not sure about that, on the podcast page here, I’ll have a link to the episode that I’ve done on the celebration box. Um, make sure you celebrate as well. And then take that time to acknowledge yourself. Take a moment to brag, share it with people. Hey, what do you think I’m doing here? And then take that time to think, okay, what have I learnt through this process and what’s next? I rock, I nail this. What can I do next? Okay. I would love to hear from you. I’ll put on the podcast page some photos, um, of, you know, at the end of the finish line so that you can see the excitement that I’ve got.

And, you know, I would love to hear from you. Like what’s your big goal? What are you working towards? Is a physical, is an athletic goal? Is it a business goal, a relationship goal, something else? What have you got? I’d love to hear from you. So either come and share with me on the podcast page. Drop me an email, come over into the room, actually tried Facebook group, leave a comment here on iTunes and leave a review. I’d be very, very grateful for that. You know, telling me about this episode. Like, you know, what, what’s your big goal? What are you working towards? And I would also love to hear from you how has this process that I’ve outlined has it helped? Now I will have for you here a, um, as a download that you can have and I’m going to go through the exact process that I’ve just outlined today that got the results that I wanted.

And that’s then encouraging me to keep on going for the next one. So I’m going to outline those exact results that I have that I’ve outlined today so that you can have a worksheet that you can download and you can use to help you to plan. Okay. So no, that I’ve got that for you and if you’d like, and I’d love to hear from you if you actually use it and what you’ve set as you’ll be goal. I would love to hear that from you. So please come and share. And if you have a friend in business or in your personal life that you know needs to hear this, please pass this on. I just love the thought of being able to encourage anybody to step into scarecited because that is where the magic happens. And when I talked about having peers who are going to support you, pass this onto them and say, Hey, you’re the one I’ve got in mind, baby. Do that as well. Okay, thank you. I can’t wait to hear from you and go out there and get them folks step into the scarecited and keep an eye open if may, by the time this goes live, it may very well be that, um, that the success circle is open. And so a lot of the things that I’ve talked about today, that’s what we’ll be doing through there. So make sure you check that out and I can’t wait to be able to help you. Okay. Bye!

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