We have fixed ideas on how much we think people will pay for our products and services. But how correct are we?

I certainly was proved wrong in this totally unscripted, and impromptu video with Jason Van Genderen who is one of my guest experts speaking at Video Marketing Summit 2021.

We shot this film after we had finished recording Jason’s masterclass session on how he has used the power of story in video to get 38 MILLION syndicated views of a video he filmed on his iPhone just a few months ago. And teaches how to do the same in your own business.

I had no idea what Jason was going to do in the video and he ended up putting me on the spot to see if he can change my mind on the value of a piece of rubber! And he did (and I’m a hard bargainer)!

This is such a great demonstration on the power of story to influence value.

Plus, it’s also a great demonstration of Jason using story telling principles to teach… about story telling principles

I’d love to hear from you:

How much would you have paid?

What story telling principles do you reckon were essential to changing my perceived value of the object?

Oh and super important: What action can you apply to your own business videos from Jason’s demo?

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Read The Transcript Here

Transcript will be available soon!

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