Which way do YOU roll when it comes to head vs heart in business?

If you’re undecided, then how do you find a balance that actually works?

This is a topic raised by one of our founding members of The Attract Your Tribe Program in our private Facebook Group.

This is how this question came about

You see, in the first module of the program (The Profit In You) I guide members through exercises to help them get really clear on what they really stand for, and what is so unique about them, they stand out as irresistible to their dream clients.

These exercises are designed to push people out of their comfort zones because it really requires you to draw on the heart as much as the head.

That’s where the real gems are found.

So how do you do it?

In this week’s episode I demonstrate how to find the balance of head vs heart in business, and the correct order to use each for 4 different situations:

1. Leadership
2. Marketing
3. Decision Making
4. Working with clients

I’m sure there are a few people who will disagree with what I say, and some who may actually be offended by some of my examples, but you know what? I’m totally cool with that!

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on head vs heart in business too so leave a comment below.

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Show Notes

  • We’ll talk about a POLARIZING topic: The heart and mind in business
  • You need to tap into your heart to find what truly makes you stand out as a business
  • How do you balance the mind and the heart?
  • I’ll share with you a four-component system for combining heart and mind
  • This all circles back to YOUR TRIBE
  • You know Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post? We’ll share her story about bringing heart into business and succeeding in it
  • I’ll tell my personal struggle about making the decision to close Wonderful Web Women
  • And finally how balancing heart and mind is all about finding out what’s good for you

Read The Transcript Here

Hello and welcome it’s Janet Beckers and great to welcome you here to this episode of Romance Your Tribe Radio. Today, we’re covering a topic that tends to polarize people. People either go, “Ah, absolutely I need to know this” or they roll their eyes. So it’d be really interesting to see which one comes up for you because we talk about the heart. We talk about heart in business and we’re going to talk about the mind in business, and which is the one that’s going to get you the best results. And is it going to be both?

So that’s what we going to have a look at now. Why on earth am I doing this as a topic for a podcast? Well, it all came from one of the Facebook groups that I run for my Attract Your Tribe program. Now in the Attract Your Tribe program it’s fantastic because people are working through the exercises and they’re coming over into the group and they’re sharing not just their responses but they’re also sharing their reaction to doing that particular exercise.

Now one of the exercises I get people to do in the very first module of the program, which is called The Profit In You module, is we’re going to look at what is it about you that is so unique that is really reflective of your journey, your values. What it is that you believe in business? Your unique style, your way of approaching things. What is it about you that is irresistible? What makes you stand out from absolutely everybody else in the market?

So we uncover that now because I’m quite systematic I have a very systematic way of guiding people through that. But, in order to do some of those exercises, even though those systems are there, it requires you to really take a moment of introspection to really tap in the heart to be able to answer those questions. So back over to the discussion in the Facebook group, people were sharing their responses to this question and one of our members shared that she found this, quote, this “very difficult to start”. But once she started it, she just absolutely loved the exercise and she shared her answers to what was so unique about her and they were really really really powerful.

So that was fantastic. She really tapped into something that she now can communicate very well. But one of our other members said “Thank you so much for sharing that because I was really struggling in how to answer this and so I’m really curious after reading your responses is about the whole balance of heart and your mind. How do you use that in business? How do you balance it? And do you have any examples Janet like so I can understand you know how to be able to use this well in my business?”

So it was a really great discussion and I really thought that my broader community could really get some value from us talking about this. So that’s why we are talking about this particular topic.

So, heart and mind. Interestingly, I’ve really I really resisted the “Heart” stuff in my business for quite a few years because I thought that that was a very trivial part of me that that was the daydreaming kind of sometimes Space Cadet-y Jennet. And whereas I really wanted to tap in to the “go get them, “action”, and you know “let’s get this stuff done Janet” because I’m very much a balance of both I’m either really focused or I’m daydreaming. So I thought that daydreaming part was actually not a good thing for me in business but I’ll share with you through this.

I have actually now really really embraced that as an incredible power to bring into business. So for me combining both is really important. So tapping into my natural way of doing things which is really tapping into heart and intuition and at the same time being a very very systematic person, I’m going to teach this module or this is module you share with you today teaching how to use your heart and your mind in business. I’m going to approach it in a very methodical way so I’m going to then share with you from the heart.

So the structure that I’ll be using to teach you is going to have four components. We’re going to have a look at how to use the heart and the mind, how do we balance that when we’re looking at leadership and we’re you attracting a tribe people to you as the tribal leader.

So we can look at leadership. Then the next thing we’re going to look at is marketing and how you communicate what it is that you do. So we’ll have a look at marketing. Then the next thing we’re going to look at is decision-making. Decision-making in your business and combining heart and combining mind. And then we take it one step further and for the clients that you work with making a difference to them.
We will look at how can you be guiding them through balancing heart and mind when it comes to their, whatever they’re doing, whatever their outcomes are that they are working for working towards with you. So that is the structure. So that’s for all of you that are like me that like to have structure around do things.

Now that we’ve got the structure we can relax a little bit because it allows us now to be able to tap into heart. So now let’s do that. So the very first thing is leadership and you as a tribal leader people who attract you. So to understand what this is, first of all let’s look at tribes what is that. And then you as a tribal leader. So I really it like a definition that says Gordon Burden he uses for tribes because it’s so simple. Which is, “this is what we believe around here and this is where we hang out”. So “where we hang out”, that’s up to you. That’s the kind of work that I help you to do to set up your tribal platform: your online presence so that people can find you and they can find others that hang around you. So that’s the logistics part of it. But now let’s look at the message. “This is what we believe around here”.

So if this is what we believe around here you can’t really approach that to start with just from your mind from a very logical perspective because, as that leader, you’ve really got to tap into you know “what is it that I believe? What are my values? What’s unique about me? What’s something about my story and my own journey that has formed what it is that I believe around here?” And you know, “what I stand for?” You need to really tap into that first and you can only do that through Heart. Now of course because I’m a systematic person, I have a systematic way of helping people to do that. But you still have to tap in and listen to your heart, listen to your gut, listen to what feels right for you.

Now once you’ve done that then it becomes a process of being able to articulate that so that you can attract people to you. So it starts off as a process that is heart-based but then it leads over into a very mind-based way because you need to be able to methodically create a way of being able to communicate that but then of course, if you just stay in your mind, and you don’t keep on tapping back into heart you’re gonna lose that attractive and as irresistibility about you and the way that you communicate the way you do things if you’re not bringing that heart back into what you do.

So that’s it as a tribal leader. You will be positioned as the leader of that tribe if you can articulate “this is what we believe around here and this is where we hang out”. So the next part was marketing and how does the heart and the mind work in that? Well I talked about as the tribal leader, that once you clear on what you do you need to articulate it so people can get drawn to you.

For me marketing is all about communication and is articulating “what it is that we believe around here” and “how it is that I can help you” and “come hither come here so you can come and hang out with my tribe so we can communicate and so you can find out the ways I can help you and you can work out if you are part of my tribe”.

So now let’s look at how do you develop that communication. Now there’s a few ways now we can be talking about how do you actually set up all those structures and that itself is a topic on its own and that’s the kind of work that I do helping people sitting up in their Attract Your Tribe programs. You’ve got all of that set up there for you. So you’ve actually can attract the people and then methodically communicate to them. So a lot of that is using your mind but of course there is a beautiful secret source of what comes from your heart whenever you’re communicating.

So what I want to talk about here, when we’re talking about marketing, is your positioning as a person who uses their mind, as a person who uses their heart, or somebody who’s in between. So let’s look at as an example and before I do that I just remembered that there was an example that I wanted to give you when I was talking about the leadership and communicating within your business as well as with actual business.

Now Arianna Huffington, if you have come across her,if she she launched Huffington Post. Now, I can remember a few years ago she sort of went through like a huge burnout and rediscovered, you know sort of discovered, you know the more valuable things in life and how to bring that into business. And therefore she now she started a book called Thrive and she has really built a movement around that and she’s actually really fanatical about sleep. I realize I am too.

Now, when she was launching her book a few years ago, I remember reading one of the numerous interviews that she had done and there was one paragraph – I tried to search to find it for you but there was so much out there on her I couldn’t find that exact paragraph – but, to paraphrase, this was a really interesting part. Even though she ran a really big company, whenever she was really in tune with her heart about what she wanted what was important. The whole company worked better. The whole company seemed to attract opportunities and it wasn’t necessarily because she was communicating with everybody differently. It just brought in a completely different energy. And also it meant that she was able to communicate on a much deeper level with everybody around her.

And so she actually credits a lot of the success of Huffington Post going international rather than just national because she was able to tap into that. So it’s not just you as an individual communicating. It infects the whole culture and the whole energy of your company. So yet look up. Arianna Huffington put a post down to her website. You can just go and check her out. She’s amazingly inspiring to myself. So back now to that communicating. So let’s look at two examples. If you say, ah, let’s just say you are a business coach.

Now, you could be communicating and saying you know what. “Very much from the mind. I helped you get this result. I take you from point A to Point B and we’re very very focused on the outcomes. So that’s what we’re going to be doing. I’ll get you from here to here in the fastest way possible with the best results.” That’s great. They’re really good promise. That’s a good outcome. So that person she will tend to attract people who are very outcome-focused. And this is also the way that traditionally business has been done that it has been the way to go in a very much a male model because it’s valued more of the mindset and the logic and so that is traditionally the way that business would have been marketed. And it’s also a really really fantastic way.

Now, the other side is you get people where you feel as if the way that I work with people is much more heart-focused so you might call yourself a heart-based entrepreneur. Conscious entrepreneur. You’re- you’re seeing all these words that are going out there. Now if you’re focusing on that way what you’re saying to people is “yes I take you from point A to Point B but what is most important here is the journey out. And I’m gonna guide you through that journey and point B might change for you and that is okay now.” Now, be very aware that if you are marketing yourself as soul-based, soul-based, heart-based on that you will attract people to you with the transformational journey. The journey is more important than the outcome.

Now that can be great it could mean that your people are very coachable and they’re very happy to be able to be guided and perhaps create something even bigger than before but you will also attract people that may not want to focus on the outcome because there may be things that are blocking them. So just be very aware that you will have extra challenges the same with the people who are focusing very much on only the outcomes is you will know that a lot of times people won’t get those outcomes until they have been able to tap into their heart and really work out why it’s important to them. They could sabotage. So both ways, you’re still going to probably end up doing the same work with people, but when it comes to marketing be very aware that one type of marketing is going to alienate the other group and that’s a good thing. But be very aware that you know which way do you want to go,which is the kind of group of people you want to work with.

Now there is a third group and this is probably where I fit in really well in that “I am focused on results.” You know, “I got a systematic way to get from here to here and I want you to get to hear better. But at the same time, I use intuition and I use a lot of personal development through every single thing that I do.” And so for me the message that I give is “I’m going to take you from here and we’re going to do it in a way where you can have joy through the work that you create because that’s a really important value for me.” Now sometimes that can be a difficult message to sell because it’s not in either camp.

So you have to be very very clear in how you articulate that so that you are attracting the right people to you. So when it comes, so I just want to talk to you about with your messaging is being very clear on “do I really want to go all one way or all of another or do I want to go in between?” So that will work for you. Now I’ll be really curious to hear which I feel is right for you. Do you feel as if you may have marketed yourself in one direction and didn’t quite work? You could track the wrong people or it didn’t quite sit comfortable with you. You felt as if you weren’t really representing what it is that you can do and have you changed. I’d be really really curious to hear or do you just say that “I call bullshit on both of those”. That’s totally cool as well just leave it comments down below

Now let’s move to the third one which is making decisions in your business. Now this is an interesting part because a lot of times it’s traditionally done where you will be really focusing on logic you’re going to make decisions and weigh up the pros and the cons. Let me see which is the right way to go. And that is really good that you need to make that logic because in business you know your business is creating your income for you. That’s what is providing for your family. That’s what’s making your legacy. So if you’re never going to be using the logic and focusing on the money, you know, your business is not going to last very long.

But here here he lies the rub. A lot of times things can look great on paper and then I work out. So this is where it’s really important for you to tap into Heart. So for me, I resisted tapping into half quite a long time. Because I had- I knew that I had the a lot of that sort of heart-based intuition because I had a lot of insights and experiences that were very difficult to explain otherwise. But I kind of kind of scared me a little bit so I particularly tried to ignore it because I thought that was the airy fairy daydreamer of Janet and I really valued them much more methodical systematic Janet which I thought would be much better for business. And it is only over the last few years that I’ve really come to recognise that that heart-based intuition withholding woman is just as important when it comes to making good business decisions as the logical, go-getter, systematic side. So I’m going to share with you from me how I have now how I now use it and I’ll give one example where to demonstrate that. So for me when I’m making decisions in my business the first thing that I do is just sit back and just allow time. Allow time to be able to just think it through a little bit of a daydream of what would that look like and then really tap into that feeling. Now if I’m tapping into how it feels and I think you know I’ve got to really toss up about does something seem wrong or am I just cited what is this just pushing of my comfort zone.

So really tap into that and trust your body. Trust what your body is telling you. But don’t leave it there, okay? Because the next part is right: now let’s look at the logic. So this is what feels right. “Let me explore now and see if I have a process that’s going to help me to make that decision”. And that’s what I do in my programs. I have processes to help people to be able to work out what the priorities are and what will I be offering. How can, you know, what’s going to be the right decision?

So we tap into both. Now you need to be using your logic so that you can go “alright, I’ve got this way of doing something or this way let’s actually map it out” What would it look like what are the results what’s the pros and the cons so I can see and really make an informed decision here but then come back and tap into heart and really weigh up: does this feel right? Is there something that’s niggling me? If so, I can really go back and work out what that could be.

So really trust your soul when it comes to this. Now this is what I do in business and I’m going to give you a disclaimer in a moment as well when it won’t work. As an example last year I was making a really tough decision about whether I would close my business Wonderful Women because it wasn’t… It was felt like it was limiting me where I wanted to go next. There was a tough decision because I loved it. It was my baby and it was what my brand was and I had a lot of brand equity there. Not a decision to be taken lightly. So I spent that time listening to gut and really my gut was telling me I should close it, it didn’t work. So I knew that I had to go and do the logic.

So I worked with a lovely friend of mine who helped me to mind map only down to Kevin’s interview that I did with you. So here we actually go through this process with you so I will link down below there for you so you can have a look at that and we talk transparently about the process. We worked through but it helped me to actually use the logical side: let’s look at all how does it all look and I knew when I had made the right decision not just because “Yeah that one makes sense. This one’s going to help me”. It’s because once I realized that this was the right decision, the grief was overwhelming because I knew that it was the right one and my baby had to go. But then the excitement moving forward and I was able to then center – go into Heart going “you know what, I know is right. This is powerful. This is going to work.” But so that was an example of using heart then mine but always tapping back into heart. Now I mentioned to you and so Romance Your Tribe. Romance Your Tribe is an example of this. This evolved from me having made that decision.

Now, before I move on to the last part which is working with your clients, I want to give you one disclaimer on this one. Because this is something that I’ve come across a lot over the years of working with different clients especially when I’m working with clients who are very very in tune with Heart. Very in tune with their intuition, very tapped into spirit. You know, people that they trust in you know really implicitly their wisdom in that part of the world. They may sometimes struggle with the more systematic side of it which is why they’re drawn to me because I can help them.

But here is one thing that I do here and that is, “okay there is a decision that we’ve been looking at this thing to do it and it might require me to step up or to do something that’s really out of my comfort zone”. And I will hear them say, “spirit is telling me or my intuition is telling me that this is not the right time or this is not the right decision”. Normally, “It’s not the right time to do it now and so I need to listen to to spirit or need to listen to intuition”. Now my question to you if this is you is I want to be totally honest with yourself and say, “Is this actually intuition telling me this or am I scared?” Because it may very well be fear that is stopping you from moving forward. So sometimes you can have so much trust in that process that you may not recognize that you’re holding yourself back from fear.

So focus that beautiful Heart energy on examining the fear and then see if that is right. Because this is a really common thing that I hear and when I say to them alright let’s investigate to see if this is fear because if so, what you’re experiencing is scare-cited and that’s a sign of great things about to happen.

So this may work this might be something that you find yourself saying or thinking. So I want to second guess yourself on that one and trust yourself to use the logic and then come back to heart.

So the very very last one is when I’m talking about you working with your clients so if you were taking your clients from point A to Point B. Keep in mind that if they are tapping into heart, that they may come up with the same comment that I just had that I gave that you had quite a few clients come up with, then it’s going to be your role to be able to call them on that and say “okay let’s examine this further”. So build up your skills at being able to help people to be able to examine what’s stopping them from moving ahead. It may be that there is something this is this is against their values so therefore it’s really important not to do it but they may not have recognized that that’s what it was. So it might be that yep, you are spot-on, your gut telling you this is wrong, or you know you just get so you’re going to have that role. Okay so and again when it comes to working with your clients is you’re going to have to be able to work with them to be able to tap into using their logic using their mind and to be using their heart to tap into there.

And so, you know, allow yourself to up skill as much as you can on not just systems of logic but also in those skills of being able to help people to tap into their own intuition and for you to trust your gut when you’re working with people as well.

Okay so that’s it. So four different ways that you different parts of your business. We’ve talked about stepping up as a leader of your tribe. We’ve talked about communicating your message so through marketing. We’ve talked about making decisions. And then we’ve also talked about helping your clients to get the best results and all about how to balance and use heart and mind and where, what, at what stages do you use them. And that’s from my experience of what has worked for me and what I’ve observed with other people. Especially now that I’m totally owning that it is okay to be sometimes a little bit airy fairy. Trust it just as much as you trust the logic.

So I’d like to leave you with a few things that’s going to help you to be able to trust yourself to be able to use heart when you’re making decisions and working in your business so that you can then feed whatever’s coming to you from heart. You can feed that over into the mind into the logic and then tap and come back.

Number one this is going to sound really really boring is you just gotta get some sleep. So when you go and check out our Arianna Huffington she just talked about how much sleep made a difference to the success of her business. So I’m really fanatical about this I make sure I get my eight hours sleep and I will sacrifice things in order to get that sleep.

Doesn’t mean I don’t like to go out and party but when I’m on focus with working, sleep is so important. You know if you if you’ve heard my story before having had a long-term autoimmune disease where I couldn’t I had to walk with a walking stick and I was in pain a lot. Now, I’m a runner. And an incredibly active. Sleep was an important part of that. So sleep is really really important and your hydration, of course.

But the other thing that you’ve got to take into account is you cannot tap into heart you can’t hear heart if it’s too noisy around. So you’ve got to get away from the logic zone and you’ve got to give yourself some time to go either to a place or which could be physically or internally where it’s quiet. So that might mean meditating. It might mean taking the dog for a walk but not listening to podcasts. So this might be your time if you listening to it. You know, to actually just give yourself time when your mind wander because then that opens up so you can actually listen to your intuition. So structure that into your time just as much as you structure your to-do list. Because that will allow you to tap in and that’s when the big decisions can get made relatively quickly.

So I hope that that’s helped you. I would really love to hear your thoughts on this topic. I’m hoping there will be something controversial where you’ll just call me and say “no that’s not true” and that is totally cool.

I love a good good conversation there or there might be some “Aha!”s That you’ve had from here or you might want to share some experiences that you have as well so please leave them down below. Pass this on to anybody that you think would really benefit from listening on this topic. And I’m really looking forward to hearing from you. Okay bye.

I hope you enjoyed today’s episode I got a special gift for you that will help you to be able to really tap into your uniqueness and what makes you stand out differently to everybody in business. So it’s a free gift for you the links are down below. And it’s one of the lessons that I teach in my Profit In You module in the Attract Your Tribe program. So you can get that now I’ve got a video that explains to you all about how it works and about the importance of the transformational journey. And then I got a workbook there for you our guide you through how to be able to use that to make some decisions right now. That’s going to help you to be able to stand out is quite unique in your business so the links are down below for that. And go get them, folks.

Bye now.

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