If sometimes it feels as if the stream of new clients into your business fluctuates between a flood and a small trickle….or more often a total drought…then know you are not alone. This is one of the biggest frustrations in business. How do you reliably and consistently get new clients for your business? In this podcast episode I share 3 steps that are proven to consistently get new clients. The nice part is….it’s not rocket science! Yet very few people do these steps and if they do, they don’t have a system to ensure consistency.

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Show Notes

  • This topic is from 2 members of Rising Stars Coaching sharing on our weekly huddle they had exceeded their stretch goals for the month for getting new clients. We analysed on our huddle why they had success, and these 3 steps evolved as common to both people.
  • The importance of setting very specific goals and the G___, B_____, B___ system Janet uses to push herself out of her comfort zone in business.
  • The lag effect of your marketing actions and why most people give up too early
  • The importance of visibility and ideas on how you can do this online
  • How to adapt the visibility step for local businesses
  • Total transparency – Janet reveals how she is modelling the third step in this video
  • Your Call To Action: Share your ah-ha’s below and also any further tips you have to help viewers consistently get more clients

Action  Points

  1. What has worked in your business to get new clients? Take the time to analyse WHY and then rinse and repeat.
  2. Set specific goals per month for the number of new clients you want. Set yourself stretch goals
  3. Develop a system so you consistently connect and follow up with potential clients and referral partners
  4. Be visible! Develop a system so you can be visible even when you get busy (here’s a link to the system I use)
  5. Share below your ah-ha’s from this lesson and also any tips other viewers may find useful.
  6. If you loved this episode, I’ll be grateful if you can leave a review over on itunes so other people can discover this podcast too 🙂

Read The Transcript Here

Hello and welcome, Janet Beckers here! Today I’ve got some tips for you that’s gonna help you with consistently attracting and converting new clients to your business. This is one of those things that is the perpetual challenge when it comes to business, is bringing in those new clients and a lot of times we over-complicate things. So today I’m going to share with you a discussion that came up on one of our Rising Stars huddle calls, that with a couple of my clients who had just had success with really surpassing the goals when it came to new clients and we get a look at, when we really explore about how that success happens. That there were consistencies that were very easy to replicate.

So this one I’m gonna do first of all, I’ll talk to you about how this discussion came about. Then I’m gonna look at the three things that we discovered were consistent to each of the people who were surpassing their goals. I can tell you now it’s not rocket science but very few people do it. OK let’s get stuck into it. So this was a discussion I had very first rising stars coaching call. Now every week as part of the writing the Rising Stars program now this is a group of people who get to work closely with me. And one of those every single week we get on it on the phone and we have video call where it could be. Q&A’s, it might be hot seats, might be teaching. It might be doing another day plans that might be a focus on getting shit done, but these are all really being able to look at what’s going to grow your business and getting my focused attention on you and your business. Now as part of this we were discussing about what sort of wins people had ahead. And we always start off with wins and celebrations because I really like to reinforce to look for the wins and the positive because we saw often don’t celebrate enough in business do we. Anyway. What kind of that is that two of our clients with sharing that they had set goals for their for attracting new clients into their business for the month. And. They had surpassed them. So as part of our call we then went OK let’s look at how did that happen. What worked. Because if something is working. You know really explore why did something succeed. And then do more or less. You know you don’t have to complicate things. Keep it simple. If something’s working. Do more of it. Systemised so that you know that you can consistently do that again. So that’s what we were doing and we discovered that there were three things that they had in common. So what has gone cover that is now.

Now, as part of this you know I’m not gonna to share with you the exact goals and I’m not gonna share with you the people because what happens in rising stars stays in right. Rising Stars. But what I am going to do here is teach you the fundamentals the lessons the strategies that worked so that you can use those in your business as well. So number one is you have to set very very specific in the goals. Now this is the way that I teach my clients to set their goals it’s something I do in my business and it is something that I have I learned from a few resources peace of mind who were doing exceptionally well in business shared that this is a strategy that they use and could honestly say that it was responsible for really growing their business. And then I first officially learned this strategy through Todd Herman in his 1990 program. So if you don’t know about Todd you can Google him. Check him out. He launches his program of that once a year. So I’m not quite sure when that’s happening next but you going to check him out so I just want to acknowledge that I let these officially three Todd. So what is the strategy that we use. It’s called The Good better best goal. So let’s see how this works. When you are setting yourself a goal so in the case of some of these clients it was getting new clients into their business. So a good parent base is number one is I can what would be a good goal for the number of new clients that you will attract this month. Now this is how you set this goal is gonna be the goal that you probably would normally set yourself is the goal If I get this I’m gonna be happy. It’s made sure that I’ve broken even and that I’ve made a profit. And I think that is you know that profit is a good return for the amount of time and money that I’ve invested to get that. So that’s going to be. You can go. And that’s what you would normally have.

Now Benegal is the thing that really makes you stretch where you are going. Well this is not what I would normally expect to get, but you know what? I could try for that. If I got that I’m going to throw a party. I’m going to have a happy dance it’s going to be really really good. And quite often you know you can’t say exactly how you work at that number it’s different for everybody’s businesses. So with one of the clients here we had set this call on her very first planning call that we didn’t see the rising stars program. And we worked out what that was gonna be. And so she had the number. That was that she was gonna to have her good goal. For her better we doubled up. And she went you know what I don’t know if I can do it but you know that sounds good. That’s right. They’re not the best call. It’s usually something that seems to be unattainable but you know it’s possible because other people have done it. And the reason you put that there is because it really makes you think what would I have to do to make that. Happen. Now. In this case we had tripled. What she had. Now in the case of our other client she hadn’t done the Good Better Best for this particular one but she really set stretch goal and so the nice part then when we shared on the call is the one who’s at the good better best. She got the best. This was the one that we had determined was a true stretch for her a true stretch it was triple what she had set as that would be a good call. She was happy with the good but she was able to triplet and she got it in just the few weeks of us setting that the other clients shoes that are a real stretch goal for the month. Within the first week she’d already got two thirds of it. And so the rest of the month was sort of like easy. So exciting really exciting what more can I do. So that was the power of setting very very specific goals. You know when you succeeded I find every time I do this in my business that if I go Good Better Best that I’ll hit the good and then the closer I get to the best the more that I’m thinking I have to do it one more it’s like that number. And I always hit it so Good Better Best is really really powerful. So that’s number one is really look at very very specific on your goals. Now let’s look at number two. That was consistent when we had a look at. OK. Now we know what you were aiming for. And hallelujah you guys are fantastic what allows you to done you know you just keep it out of the park is we looked it. OK what did you do and this is where it was interesting that they were consistencies.

So number two, is each of them said, you know what? I’ve had certain things that I have been doing over the few months that have got to do with building relationships. They’ve got to do with keeping in touch with the people who are potential joint venture partners, who are good referral people, that we’re keeping in touch with the people who had shown an interest in what you offered and keeping in touch with them. And it was consistency and this was a really fantastic thing to do because you might very well know that it is a wise thing for you to do to build these relationships get on the phone go on visit the people whatever it is that works right for you for your business especially if it’s a local business. Get out there and you know and meet people. Now. You might referable and go, yep, you meant to know. Are you doing us because very often you will start doing this and if you don’t get results say within the first few weeks will straight away you think you know what that’s not really working and then you might get focused on something else. Each of them said this was the important part it was consistency. What I had done in the last few months was now pay me back. So that was a really important thing. And then I’m focusing on because I s’posed goals is really being quite diligent in continuing that. So that they work continually you know building those relationships and being fresh on them now. So that was number one. Now the next one. Was about visibility is about getting same being out there. So wants us to build those relationships. The other one is this stay there in people’s minds by being visible. So how do you be visible. So there’s a few ways that you can be doing this and this is a lot of the stuff that I really work with people to help them with that visibility. But doing it in a way that is systematic and also is not going to be taking up all the time. So let me have a look. So for example visibility on being visible now I’m walking my talk. So this calls this morning and today I decided that I can record these these lessons for you in a video. Now this video. Is gonna go to YouTube I’ll share it over on Facebook. It’s going to go on my blog. [00:10:01] It’s gonna go into my email list and I actually did a very first run of it straight after I caught it as a Facebook Live to get clear on my message and sort of see what sort of responses I got from people. So that is being visible and another way is are you doing blogging? Are you emailing people? Are you using video at all? Are you doing things like Facebook Live? Are you if you’re a local business are you going out to the local breakfast meetings that maybe once every two weeks or something? Are you meeting people and being seen you being visible? It can even be a simple if you have a local business. Do you have somewhere on the car like the telephone number and a call to action. Simple things like that. Think about consistent visibility. Now the important part here is having systems around these. So do you have systems in terms of for example with me with video. I will record months and months and months ahead of time so that it can all be automated. And that’s what I teach my people to do in my programs. It could be that your you might have worked out. You know what your blog posts are going to be. Or you might be using some kind of social media tool such as Meet Edgar so that you always look as though you’re busy on social media but you’re not have to be there all the time. These are just a few of the things that you can be doing to be visible. So this is my challenge to you is are you being visible?

And it has its real benefits because you stay in front of mind. People may have already heard of you because of the other work that you’re doing and it allows you to demonstrate that you can give value. So for example. You know I’m being totally transparent with you here by me being here. I want to show you a few things. Number one I’ve mention that I have a program called Rising Stars Coaching Program. So and it’s open so if you are interested in being able to work closer with me in a group with other really fantastic people then yep I want to hear from you. If you’re on my blog here I’ll put a link saying get information on the program and if you’re already in the prerequisites are that you’re already in business. It could be a new business. It could be decades all like some of our clients. The important part is is that your wanting to really get your message out there so that you can reach a broader audience on mine. And you’re also looking at taking what you doing and packaging it so that you can be instead of exchanging time for money that you could be creating programs that you can sell online. So I’ll mention that to you so you know that I have this coaching program. You know I get results because I’ve just demonstrated to you a few people who are out program who are sharing their successes. Now what I want to be clear on is that not my successes they are the people who took action. They were people who made things happen. My role is to help, and help the systemised so that I can keep it going.

So that’s an important thing to have to differentiate. I’m showing to you that I can help people get results not that I want to work for them and never ever would want to discount the amazing success that other people have got. But that’s an important thing so I’ve demonstrated to you those things there as well. And also I have hopefully given you some strategies that you can use now and use in your business. So that’s me being transparent about visibility. So it’s not just being visible as hey look at me it’s being visible and demonstrating that you can help people. So that’s my challenge to you.

Let’s recap that now. So these are some proven. These are people who’ve got results. And we’re just talking now you know so and these are the kind of results that are just small consistent results but the ones that grow our business consistently and to grow it without you having to have all the bells and whistles this is you know this is not rocket science. So number one be exceptionally clear on what your goals are and if you like use good better best because you need to know exactly what you’re aiming for.

So you know when you hit it. And then if you do it when you do hit it analyze why did it work do more that. Number two is consistently doing something that is going to build up those relationships so people who are referral partners know you and people who’ve expressed interest in what you do a follow up and having some kind of system so that when you get really focused on the project we get busy with something else that you can see that you still have a way of being able to do that so that you don’t get the peaks and troughs. And then tree is be visible get seen elsewhere getting people’s mind and well visible. I don’t mean by just being photos or something random. It needs to be high value that demonstrates that you can help. The people who are your clients. So and that can be by sharing examples of ones that of people who have got results or like I’m doing here with you now actually giving you actionable steps or you can go and do something yourself. So this is my challenge to you. If you are sitting you’ll go if you like I said go for number of new clients for example. I challenge you to set your goals for this month. And then I say I challenge you to have a look at what kind of systems you’ve got in place to build up those referral relationships and keeping contact with people. And then my next challenge is I want you to choose  one visibility strategy and I want you to apply it this week so that you were getting seen by people and bonus points if that strategy that you’re using for visibility gives you your feeling of scare cited. Never scare cited. I mean something that scares you because it’s moving you out of your comfort zone. But it’s exciting you got to do it anyway. That’s where you get the true personal growth in business and that’s where you start to make an impact. So that’s my challenge to you for bonus points. So I’d love to hear from you share this down below if you have any extra tips that you can be sharing with people here. Please leave them down below so that people can learn from you as well. And also any ‘ahas’ that you have had. Them from what I’ve shared with you today I would love to hear them from you as well. So down below I say goodbye and go get them folks bye.

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