As you’d expect by the title of our website, we believe business is about relationships and the most rewarding relationships benefit from a bit of romance.

Like a romance, we know you’ll need time to get to know us, see if we’re “your type” and you can decide if you want to take this relationship to the next level.

So here’s our version of putting on the lippy, strapping on the push-up bra and flirting the best we can. And like any successful flirt, we share some of our best stuff moves with you so you’ll want to hang around.

OK, that’s as far as I’m going to push the analogy today, so browse below for the picks of our best free stuff.

Romance Your Tribe Radio

This is going to sound crazy coming from someone who sells training programs, but I DON’T recommend you invest in expensive training programs or invest heavily in graphics and websites yet. You can easily waste your money. So to start with, expose yourself to as many stories from successful people online to get inspired and informed on what has worked for them and what hasn’t. Romance Your Tribe Radio has some great case studies, and they’re all totally free.


Articles to inspire, motivate, challenge and educate. From expert interviews, behind the scenes peeks, how-to articles, spotlights on action takers and product reviews, this is the place to explore and learn for free.

Where Our Tribe Hangs Out

The easiest place to find people in our Tribe is in our tribe-only Facebook Group. You can join us for free over here: When you join we have instructions to help you meet people fast and make the most of the opportunity to connect and get help from others in the group. See you over there