Let’s be honest here. Are you procrastinating?

Have you said you’re going to create and launch your online course for what seems like forever yet you keep finding reasons NOT to?

You know you can change people’s lives, really help them, if you just get your act together and launch your online course, yet you keep coming up with busy work, or excuses, or changing deadlines.

If so, know you are not alone.

So let’s do something about it. Let’s get your head straight for success and the fastest way is to trick your brain with simple mindset hacks.

To get you started, in this article I’ll share with you 5 simple mindset hacks you can start using today.

I’ve also got a great free ebook with 15 of these little babies ready for you to print out and stick on your office wall, mirror or forehead.

But first, let’s talk about WHY should finally launch your online course 

If you are like most of the people I work with you are brilliant at what you do.

You get results for your clients and you know if you have an opportunity to bring someone on as a client you can help them, possibly even change their lives.

The trouble is, you can only help a limited number of people if you are working 1 on 1.

And if you are charging an hourly rate then the results you can get for the people you work with is even more limited as they often stop working with you before they get the full benefit of your expertise (stick with me baby, if you’re doing this we need to change this for so many reasons…but that’s for another day).

It doesn’t matter what your area of expertise is, you are not alone. Like my clients you could be a business coach, life coach, speech therapist, make custom furniture, be an agency providing online services or  PR or websites. You could help people fall pregnant, get divorced, navigate the cancer journey, train horses….you get the picture. Like them, you can launch your online course.

If you can take what you do with your clients one-on-one and create a series of resources, step-by-step they can use, then have freed yourself up to help more people, and freed yourself from the hourly rate trap. And hey, it doesn’t need to be a full-blown online course like the one’s I’ve created for my Romance Your Tribe Masterclass clients.

It can be simple. A simple library of resources you would normally give to your clients anyway, yet you’ve compiled it into an online resource area your clients receive as a bonus program when they enrol in your new coaching or service packages. (Don’t have your offerings bundled into packages yet? Then you need my Romance Your Tribe Masterclass).

Convinced yet? OK let’s get your mindset sorted with 5 simple mindset hacks.

Replace I Can’t with How Can I?

Mindset Hack: Replace I Can't with How Can I?You are stating a problem and deciding upfront that your problem has no solution. Let’s think of an example when you might say I can’t. For example,

“I can’t shoot videos for my business”.
“I can’t speak in front of people”.
“I can’t launch my online course”

Now, how about if you replace the words “I Can’t” with “how can I”?

Imagine the difference that that would make. Let’s see how it looks:

“How can I shoot videos for my business? “
“How can I get confident to speak in front of people?”
“How can I launch my online course?”

Now we’ve changed your mind from focusing on the problem to focusing on the solution. You CAN find a way to finally launch your online course.

There’s always going to be some sort of problem. There’s always going to be something that blocks you but I can tell you what, there is always a solution that you can find, either a way of learning or a way of finding somebody else to do it or completely different way of actually getting something happening

Replace If with When

Mindset Hack: Replace If with WhenThis is a simple but powerful one-word substitute to use when talking to potential new customers and, well, also your hardest customer to convert … your own self-talk.

When you are talking to a potential new clients do you find yourself saying
“If you register …”
How much more powerful is “WHEN you register …”

Closer to home, replace the phrase
“If I get the sale / fill my workshop / am successful”
“If I launch my online course”
which is full of doubt, and replace with the confident WHEN.

Use this one word in conversation to replace the word “if” and notice the difference.

Replace I’ll Try with I Will

Mindset Hack: Replace I'll Try with I Will“I’m going to TRY and launch my online course.”
“I’m going to TRY and shoot videos for my business.”

You may be saying this with conviction but you know what? You’ve already given yourself permission to fail.

You’ve built into your phrasing the expectation of failure.


As an example, let’s see how different your energy is when you replace TRY with WILL:

“I WILL launch my online course.”

Immediately you start thinking of deadlines, who can help you, what will be in the program. This also forces you to be honest with yourself.

Are you willing to put in the work to launch your online course? Do you have time?

It may in fact make you decide NO.

But at least you’re being honest and not wasting your time with something you were never really mentally committed to.

Replace Not Enough with Just Enough

Mindset Hack: Replace Not Enough with Just EnoughCan you relate to this? You’ve launched a seminar / webinar / online course and you’re really disappointed in the numbers? You find yourself saying

“There’s NOT ENOUGH people…it’s going to fail”.

Can you feel the panic set in?

Or you have a deadline looming and you say

“There’s NOT ENOUGH Time”.

Can you feel the panic?

Well here’s a simple one-word substitution, a One Word Hack that totally changes the way you look at the situation and removes the panic instantly.

“There is JUST ENOUGH Time.”

Yes…..there is just enough time for you to launch your online course!

In the following example, changing the words moves the focus from quantity to quality. It makes you focus on the people present and very often can result in greater sales and better outcomes for those present.

“There are JUST ENOUGH people at my seminar / webinar.”

Try it.

Replace Who Am I To with Who Am I Not To?

Mindset Hack: Replace Who Am I To with Who Am I Not To?So you’ve got a message to share, you’ve backed yourself and planned your programs, started your website, and envisaged the next level and then … the little voice in your mind starts whispering those words that you are sure others are also thinking when they see what you have planned.

The cruel whisper of
“Who am I to …”.

Here’s a simple one word substitution for this phrase that will totally reshape the way you think.
“Who am I NOT to …”.

Come on… it’s time you stepped up and here is the one word hack that works for me.

So I ask you now….Who are you NOT to launch your online course?

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