In this week’s podcast, we look at Facebook Groups. Specifically using Facebook Groups to provide support for customers of your programs, services and coaching.

You see, I use Facebook Groups to provide support for 4 different programs I offer and even though this is a brilliant way to support your clients and allow them to connect with other people on the same journey, there are some real draw-backs for the business owner.

I often get asked “should I have a Facebook Group for customer support?” and my answer is always….”well it depends”.

It depends on the way you answer a set of questions I will ask you because not every program SHOULD have a support group. So today, I walk you through the questions you need to answer and a process to make the decision that is right for you, your business and your customers.

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Show Notes

Here’ a few things covered in the lesson:

  • What is a Facebook group and how do you decide if you need one?
  • Alternatives to providing support and community-building
  • How to pick the right kind of Facebook groups for your programs
  • Creating a “VIP” group that everyone wants to join
  • Encouraging engagement and keeping your Facebook group alive
  • Making a membership program offering around your Facebook group
  • Deciding on how many Facebook groups you need

And more on how it could positively help your business!

Links and Resources Mentioned

Romance Your Tribe Facebook Group

These are the programs I mentioned that I run customer support groups for:

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Hello and welcome, Janet Beckers here.

This is a special edition of Romance Your Tribe Radio because it's total teaching rather than an interview. So today I'm going to walk you through step by step through the decision process on how to know, number 1: Should You be having a Facebook group that you use to support your clients in any of the programs that you have? So should you have a group? And what are the alternatives. Then we're going to look at, alright if you are going to have a group, what are the different ways that you can be structuring this if it should be a short term or long term, paid? All those sorts of options.

We're going to look at the options that you have and how do you make that decision of what is right for you in your business. And then once we've done that then we're going to have a look at how many should you have because you have different offerings and if you have different levels of support, how many Facebook groups should you have to provide support to your clients?

So today's objective, really, is to walk you through: how do you make that decision so that it is right for you in your business? So you don't need to change it later on. And so you're not going to get trapped by the wrong decision. So that's what we're going to be doing today. And in future episodes, I'll talk more about well if you do have a group, how do we make it work? That itself is another whole big topic. But today let's get this first step now as specially for your paying clients in supporting them.

So I hope that this is going to help you. I would really love to hear from you. Any comments that you have please leave them down below and if you have any friends or colleagues that are making this decision at the moment please forward this on to them so this can help them.

First of all let me explain to you why I have chosen this topic to teach you and guide you through today. On today's podcast episode. So you've got a bit of an understanding about why is this important. Well today this was a question that actually rose from one of my new Attract Your Tribe Accelerator Program members. Because I have a private Facebook group for my Attract Your Tribe clients and then an extra private group for my higher end members. My Accelerator clients and my Rising Stars clients.

So this was actually a question that arose in one of the closed Facebook groups that I used to support my clients. Now, she wasn't asking specifically about why I do what I do, but what she was asking was for her own business that she is using my model of the Listed Business Model so that it simplifies your business and it allows your clients to be able to choose what level of support do they need to be out to get their results.

Now because she has different levels with her Listed Business Model, how many groups should she have? Should she have a group anyway? So the reason that this topic has come up has been a direct result of me providing that service to my own clients. Now I was able to give her very specific advice for her business. To give her specific guidelines that I know from knowing her business that's going to be the right option for her. But for you I'm going to walk you through: How do you make that decision?

Okay so let's get going and I've got links for you down below if you'd like to know about the Attract Your Tribe Accelerator Program. Because at the time of me recording this and sending this to you I'm actually opening that program for people to join me so I've got links down below to an information sheet so you can find out all about the program and see if it's right with you or you go to Which stands for Attract Your Tribe Accelerator. So a-y-t-a or lower case. Alright let's get stuck into it.

Now To have a sip of water. Lots of talking.

So let's work through the decision process. So to start with before we even decide should you be having a Facebook group specifically for supporting your paid clients? Let me just define what a Facebook group is for you. Because I don't want to make the assumption that you already know what it is because this is something I do find that people get confused about. They will often refer to their business page as their group or they might refer to a group as a page and that's okay if you make that miss-that mix up. I'm about to clarify it for you.

On Facebook, you will have your personal profile page and that's where anybody who joins will have that and that's where you know you will have your friends that join you. And that's what you're seeing when you see if you write something people will see that coming up in their thread. So that is just your personal profile.

Now if you have created a page to represent your business or maybe your personal brand, then that is a business page. And so that is separate to your own personal one. So for me, I have Janet Beckers if you go to Facebook. But I also have my personal brand which is Janet Beckers Author. And that's where I do all of my business posting through. So that's my page.

Now if you have a group, you can have a group that is associated with your business and that can be, you might decide to make it a free group. You might decide to make it one for your clients. You can make it so that it's public which means absolutely anybody can join and everybody can see what's happening. And then you can have two other levels of privacy which mean either that people have to apply to join. They can see who is a member but they don't know what's been talked about or it can be completely closed where they can't even see who the members is and they can't find us. It's sort of like the secret club. So that is a group. So that's what we're talking about today. Those groups and specifically those groups that have got privacy level which means it's only your clients who can join them they have to apply and you have to approve them. And we're associating those with your business page because it's all about your business. So that's what we're talking about today. Those facebook groups that are closed and people can only apply for them because they have a privacy level. That means that only your clients are going to be in there. So that's what we're talking about with Facebook groups.

So first of all, let's look at other alternatives to you having a Facebook group to support your clients because don't just assume you have to have one, okay? So let's look at what the main obvious alternatives are that you can use. So number one, is if you want to have a group like this you don't necessarily have to do it through Facebook. You may through the software that you're running your Website through. You might be able to have a forum. Now I have that capability through the program that we use which is 10x Member Pro. Anyway I got the link down for you below show you can go to Yeah. You gonna have a look there. That's the program we use. It has all of that built in. So if I wanted to I could be running my support groups through there. So you might have that through whatever you're using to run your membership area or for wherever you've got all of your coaching provided through. So that is an alternative.

The thing that you need to know with that is people have to actively go there in order to interact. So there has to be something that entices them over and for that and a lot of it is going to be, is this any kind of social interaction happening there in the group? So for that to work, you need to have a minimum number of people. Now I'm not going to give you X number of people because it's not necessarily a number. It's a number of engaged people.

So you can have a smaller number of people who are highly engaged. And your programs may really encourage that interaction. Mine do that. They will say here is the exercise. Here's the worksheet is the template. Go and do it. Now come to the Facebook group and answer this. Give this feedback to people and then celebrate. So they're always being referred back.

You can have a large number of people but if there is nothing that's encouraging engagement, it's still not gonna work for you. So just know that you have to have at least a level of membership that is engaged before that's going to work for you. How it's a ghost town kinda sad. So that is one alternative.

The other alternative is do people need to have a group for support. Maybe email support is going to be enough. That might be all they need. So do you need to have that group anyway?

The other thing is, do they even need your support? Maybe what you're offering doesn't really require them having a sense of community that need to connect with other people down the same path. They don't need to have your ongoing support and a place for them to be able to ask questions and get feedback. They may not need that. Especially if it's a low price program, it could be an overkill.

So the other alternative is nothing. So nothing. Just email support. Or you might decide to have another member's forum or have a Facebook group. So that's the first decision you need to make.

Now, if you have made that decision at the end of this point. “Yes. I think a Facebook group to go is the way.” Now let's look at your next decision point.

Now your next decision point is going to be, right. If I'm going to have a group, what's the different models that's going to work best for me in my business? So I'll run over the obvious ones the main ones for that. So you've got an idea on which is going to be the best for you and a lot of this is going to be on how specific the program is that you have sold. And also is that program something that is done and dusted in a short time or is that something that's going to require some ongoing support. So these are the first questions you need to ask yourself.

If your program is something that only needs to go for a very short while and if it is something that everybody is starting at one time, so you may have done a launch of a program and it's an eight week program. And really everybody should be done and dusted in that time and you don't want to provide any support after. So in that case you may only need to have like a pop up Facebook group. A short term. And you're very very clear with people that this is what happens. And at the end of this period it will close. And let them know if they need to they might have some other way that they can get support after.

In that case having a very short term one is a great option for you. No if you have a program, for example my Cool Cat Video Marketing Academy is this is also a card program that you know within eight weeks done and dusted. Most people have done it. You know they've they've got confident video. They've got a suite of videos. They've been implementing and now it's they're just going to keep on going. They may still not keep on referring to the program but they're not going to need a lot of support. You know they get confident in skill quite quickly.

So for that I have a program that has lifetime access because really I only going to have to actively support each individual for a set amount of time. It's not going to be going on for years. But it's an evergreen program which means it's always for sale. So they'll go through times when somebody will go get lots of support and it dies down. That's okay. So that's an example of one. Either if it's everybody coming in at once, you may want to close it. If it's an evergreen program, you might be comfortable to leave it to go for a lifetime because you know you're not really giving ongoing lifetime support.

What is another option? Another one is you may decide that you are… you might have your programs and maybe a few different programs but the kind of support that people will be getting, is going to be pretty much the same. It's not going to be really, really different. So you might be able provide all of the support for different programs through the one Facebook group. Now for me I don't do that simply because in the video program, I'm really actively encouraging them to do Facebook lives and encouraging them to post lots of videos.

Now I don't want that happening in a more general program because it just gets too overwhelming for people. So that's the reason I don't do that. But your programs may be that you can support multiple programs through the one community because it makes sense and that could actually work quite well to help you're upsell because you may be providing support to a person doing a program and people go "Oh that sounds like it's a really good technique that you are doing". How do I get that template that you're talking about? So then you can upsell that can work. So you might decide that you're going to have a program that all of your support can be done through.

You have an option here. Am I going to make it so that program is lifetime? Or am I going to make it so that people have to pay a monthly fee or a yearly fee to get access to it? So however you decide if that is going to be one where you're thinking you know what, the support for it. You know, some people are going to use a lot. Some people aren't but, I love the idea of building up a huge momentum so that people are you know it becomes the place and people want to buy my programs and I can be part of that community. Because everybody hears how great it is. And you know, you'll get people who are active. They have their seasons and they come and they go. So you might decide, “yeap I'm just going to keep it”. So it is lifetime access. Knowing that down the track you might change it and you can either tell those people six or so a few months notice, it's all going to be paid or you might go “you know what, anybody that's already here. You've got lifetime but everybody else new is not.” So you're not tied in these is what I'm saying there. So you can decide lifetime access. Now I do this with quite a few of my programs. And myself with the option that I can change it down the track.

Now the other one that you might do is you might go “you know what, I know that what I'm doing through that Facebook group, the things that I'm delivering or it could be delivering through that group is a standalone offer on its own. It's really attractive on its own”.

You might be doing things like running training, special training through there. You might be doing video hot seats. You might be you know doing get shipped down there. You could be doing lots of different things. So you might be going this on its own is its own program.

So in that case you might make it so that it's an membership fee and perhaps with your programs that you offer, you might give three months, six Months, 12 months access and that's how you provide support for everything. So this is a decision that you can make here.

So first of all when it comes down to it if you are going to have a Facebook group for customer support, then making that decision is it short term? So you're only going to be using it for a little while in which case you either make it sorts of pop up and it goes. If it's all set to one start time everybody starts at the same time. If it's an evergreen product that is always for sale but people will only need support for a few weeks, you can make it lifetime. If you can provide of support through one group and it's likely to be ongoing support, then you can make the choice of full time so lifetime support and build up the momentum. Or you make that Facebook group itself a product offering and then you provide that's a monthly fee. You can go either way.

So that is your next decision point. Short term, long term. If it's short term or long term is a lifetime or is it a set amount of time for a price? So that is your next decision.

Now, one last decision to make before you can decide if a Facebook group is going to be the best model for you for supporting your clients. And that is, if you have a listed business model or if you have numerous products, how many are you going to have? Keeping in mind that every time you add an extra level, an extra membership, an extra Facebook group, sorry. Then it is more work for you because it takes active work to keep the momentum going in a group. To keep the engagement going. So just know it's not just a matter of popping up another group, you're going to have to support it.

So that's number one you wanna keep it to a minimum as possible. So if you're keeping it as a minimum possible, why would you have more than one? So this is where you make the decision with your nested model. And that will be if I've got higher end clients, should I be having an extra group just for them? And how many of those should I have? Should I have one for every program? Or can I can buy my VIPs into one group?

So first of all make the decision. Do they need a group? You may very well find that they are going to be totally cool in just your main group that you providing the customer support for for your programs because your VIP is make it on life support otherwise through whatever else you're including, which might be group huddles. It might be private email support. It might be one-on-ones. Whatever you doing with people good enough. They don't need the extra level.

However, you may need that if those people want a really good chance to be on the board and support each other. And also if you are providing constant feedback to them may be a part about what you deliver and it's going to be more effective for you to do that in a group format so that everybody learns. So make that decision. So that's what I do for just for my VIPs, my Rising Stars, and my Attract Your Tribe Accelerator people they go into a very private group because that's my priority everyday and that's my team's priority. They know to look for questions in the and to help people and to give more detailed and personalized responses.

So we have that for that and then we have the other one for our paid clients to support them. So make that decision for yourself because you're going to have to put the word in. So make sure it's going to be best for the client and best for you as well. Now the other side that you will have for that is that group that is the VIP. That is something for her other clients to aspire to be part of. And so it becomes also an aspirational thing to be able to get into the inner circle.

Okay so I hope that that has helped you. I'll give you a bit of a summary on the decision process that you need to go through to decide: is a Facebook group the right thing for you to do to be able to support your clients? And if it is how do you know what is the best way to structure that and how many do you need? So I'll just summarize that for you.

So that is going to be really really easy for you to make that decision right now. Okay. That's the whole idea of why I do this free training for you is because I want you to be able to make a decision now and take action this week. So sit yourself this intention if this is if this is a question you have I want you to go through and make that decision either right now or, set yourself half an hour or so to go through this and make that decision yourself.

And once you made the decision be at peace with it and make it happen don't second guess yourself. So I'll run you through a summary of the process that you need to do to make the decision. And then go get 'em. OK.

So number one do you need a Facebook group at all or do you think the alternative? The alternatives are that you may have a membership forum. That You may just provide support through email or you might have nothing at all.

If you have decided that you are going to have a Facebook group to support your paying clients, then you have other options? Is this going to be a very short term support? And if it is short term is it going to be a pop up because everybody starts and finishes at same time? Or is it going to be one that you just say it's lifetime access to knowing that people will use it a lot for a short time and then probably you know just fade away and that's okay. So is it going to be short term and is it for lifetime or pop up?

The next one if it's not short term if they're likely to keep on wanting support and wanting to interact because it's a longer process, they need to make the decision of is it going to be lifetime access or am I going to create where I'm delivering through there as its own offer and it becomes a membership offer on its own that you can. Then you can be providing certain times-certain number of months access to for people who are clients.

So they are making that decision on how to structure the offer and in the last one is how many do you need. And the lesson here is the less the better both for you so it doesn't confuse quite as well it should be. And also it's going to increase your work. So the less that you have, the better.

And if you can-if you do have VIP clients decide if they need to have their own separate one. And if they do over deliver through there so that you're really supporting them and also make it an aspirational place. So people also want to be able to work with you on a higher level just to be able to interact with the people who were in that group.

And again, you can make the decisions whether access to that group is lifetime, which normally won't be at that level, or if it is associated with there being part of a program.

Okay. I hope that that has helped you to be able to work through a decision process so that you know if a Facebook group, and what type of Facebook group, is the best solution for you to be able to provide support for your clients as they go through your programs.

Now, if you would like some help on even structuring what are your offerings, what are your programs. If you'd like to get super clear on things like, what is the transformational journey that I take my clients on. What are the steps that those that that journey is and how uniquely help them.

If you like, then how to be able to position that so you have a trademarkable language? You have a trademarkable system that sets you apart from everybody else and then how do you structure that into your offerings so that you really stand out from everybody else in your marketplace.

And then to make that so you can make your sales, so you got a really fantastic presence online. How you've got a great content strategy that fits in with your sales, and a list building strategy that works for you. If you would like to get all of that foundational work done in your business in a shorter time as possible with my support, then let me know, baby. That's what the Attract Your Tribe Accelerator program is all about. And so you will see links below to be able to find out a bit more about the program and we can just hop on the phone and see if it's right for you. I can answer questions and I'll see if it is right for you. If it's not I'll let you know and I may have otherwise I can help you. But that's the best way for us to find out.

So the links are down below here if you are on the website. Otherwise go to in lowercase. That stands for attract your tribe accelerator. So a-y-t-a and you can get all that info. See if the program is right for you and lets just totally get this fantastic, simplified but powerful system set up so you can just get out there and make the difference you are meant to make.

So, if that sounds right, I'd love to hear from you as well. I'd really like to hear from you has this helped you make a decision. If it has. Tell me what your decision is down below. I’d really really like to hear. If you already run a Facebook group for your clients and you have some experience, some things that you have learned from choosing the best model or not choosing the best model, or a reality check on what's involved, I love to hear your comments as well.

So leave those down below because that will help other people who may be watching or listening to this podcast. You know that can be learning from your experience as well. So that would be wonderful if you have some good nuggets of wisdom to share as well with everybody here.

And please pass this on to any of your friends. And if you've enjoyed this episode, I'd really appreciate if you would go to iTunes, or if you use a different podcast directories, that's cool. But go over there and give an honest feedback. I would really appreciate if you would give a rating and give a comment that means a hell of a lot to me and helps other people to be able to find me and for me to help them as well. Okay.


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