“Do you love what you do Janet? If so, tell me why.”

This is the question asked by Jo Hawkins who is one of your fellow subscribers of Romance Your Tribe Radio. Recently I asked my subscribers to send through their questions they’d like me to answer on the podcast and am totally stoked with the brilliant questions sent through. But this question really stood out as different.

I mean, my purpose for starting Romance Your Tribe Radio (and producing every week) is to inspire you with what is possible and importantly, give you action steps you take THIS WEEK to implement, get the right stuff done and get results in your business. So how does this question help me deliver my mission of helping you take action?

In today’s podcast I share with you:

  • What it is about my business I absolutely LOVE. We’re talking “lights me up, lights a fire under me, keeps me enthusiastic even when things get tough”
  • What are parts of my business I really don’t love and why that doesn’t matter
  • How to identify what parts of your business are the real love of your (business) life and how these can transfer to other businesses you may run in the future.
  • My “Pub Test” and how to apply it to your business
  • How to apply a reality check to your passions with my “Pub PLUS Profit Test”
  • Why creating a business around your passions can be a bad idea
  • How to take control and introduce things you love into your business if you realise you DON’T love what you do!
  • Introducing the “What I Believe” exercise you can do this week.

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Read The Transcript Here

Hello and welcome! Janet Beckers here. Do you love what you do? Do you love what you’re doing in your business? And if you do well, why, why do you love what you do? That’s the question that I’m actually answering today. A really unusual question that came through from one of our listeners, Jo Hawkins. And it was in response to me putting out an email to my subscribers saying, Hey, look, help me cocreate this podcast. Send through your questions, what’s things that you need help with? And if I choose your question, I’ll put a link to your website or social media, whatever you prefer. I will put that out and I’ll send it on to my email list and I’ll put it there. You know, on my podcast page so I can shine the light on you as well. So I’ve got some really, really great questions and you can send yours through as well.

On this podcast page I’ll put a link so that you can send through your questions. But one really interesting question and I thought, well that’s different because Joe sent through the question saying, Janet, do you love what you do? Why do you love it? And I thought, wow, will I, you know, is this appropriate? Is this a question that I would answer on a podcast? And because it through my podcasts, I want to be able to help you to take action. That’s really, really important to me that you do more than get ideas that you actually, that I help you to be able to take action on those ideas. So I thought, well, okay, I’ll answer this question. I will share with you why I absolutely love what I do and why have been doing this for decades now and still will keep on doing it and what keeps on driving me to do that because it hasn’t all been easy.

It’s been really, really hard, sometimes really hard. Why do I still keep on doing it? So I’ll answer this question for you, but also I’ve got a couple of activities that you can be doing to help you to tap into doing the thing that you love. In a way that is actually practical. So I will help you to take action on being able to get clear on what you love and actually building that into your business. So that’s my challenge today is to be able to help you to do that. So thanks for such a thought provoking question, Joe. So first of all, do I love what I do and why do I love it? Well, you know what I do, I really, really love what I do because, and this is a bit of a test here, is if you can imagine not doing what you’re doing, take away all of those things that go with running a business that are not the fun bits.

You know what, for me, the fun bits are not, you know, putting together you know, all the website stuff and the geek stuff and, and the project planning and the launching and all of that sort of stuff. It’s just, that does not really excite me, but they had tools to get to what I really want to do. So don’t ask yourself the question of, okay, if I never ever, ever have to, I don’t know, write an email autoresponder again, would I be happy? Yeah, I’d be happy not to do that stuff. But then you think about what, what about the people who I’m writing to or what I’m writing about or the work I get to do when I’ve got my clients? If I never ever did that again, what I really, really miss it would I find myself starting to do bits of that anyway?

If the answer to that is, yeah, I probably would. Well, there’s a very good chance that what you were doing is actually something that you love, but if you’re not feeling the love, we can dive in a little bit deeper than that. Okay. Because it may very well just be a need to systemize or delegate or suck it up. Something you just got to suck up. Okay. So for me, why, what is it that I absolutely love about? Why do I love it? So this is the next question that I want you to ask yourself is why, if you would find yourself that if I had to give this up and not do this, why I would find myself going forth and start doing things, why would I do that anyway? Like what is it that I get out of that? And these are the things that I’ve got really, really clear on over the years.

Cause I asked myself this constantly why do I do it? Like why, what’s the big thing that gives me the buzz? And it’s really clear to me that I get really, really excited by being around people who are really passionate and skilled in something that’s important to them. It could be something that I’m not the slightest bit interested in myself, but I’m absolutely, I get really incredibly motivated by other people’s passions, by other people’s dreams, by what lights them up. So I love being around people who inspire me. I find that I, when I’m with people like that, I can’t help but inspire them to step up and own it. I can’t help myself, but to see what is special about them and see their passion and their skills, I can’t help but not believe in them. I can’t help but want them to be able to see.

I want to hold up that mirror to them so they can see just how amazingly inspiring they are. And then, and this is the important part, through that process, they feel the soft belief, the confidence to take action on what their dream, their vision is. So when I think about that, like it just gives me goosebumps. Honestly. It does. That’s why I haven’t refined my business down to only working with a particular niche or a particular industry. That’s certainly easier with marketing, especially when you’re somebody like me, who’s a generalist, who I can work with people in practically any business niche and give them the framework and support them through that framework to be able to create success in many cases, far more success than I have in my own business because they, I can support them. I can just see where they can go.

So for me, I love that process of finding those people. And what they’re really excited about and being part of that wonderful, wonderful witness of them believing in themselves and putting out there and the difference that they then make to people. That’s what I love. Totally gives me goosebumps. So one of, you know, a perfect day for me in my business is usually a day that has some kind of group coaching. It could be that I’m working with people in the success circle where, you know, we have a larger number of people that would come in for our group coaching. And this is when we’re doing it live and, or I’m working with people much closer, whether they’re the people who are actually form partnerships, people who I know that are, I just want to be part of your journey closely and you inspire me incredibly.

You know, I actually form a business partnership. I’ve come into their business, you know, with some skin in the game. You know, if whether I’m working closely with them in that way or whether I’m working with them really, really closely, which might be through, say, my accelerator program or one of my, you know, when I offer something where I’m helping somebody to take action very specifically, I’m working closely with them. But either way, whether I’m working super close or whether I’m working in a larger group, my perfect day is to be able to think, wow, today I was able to work with somebody who is absolutely passionate and skilled on working with dentists and another person who is super duper passionate about working with real estate landlords and somebody else who is super passionate about weight loss and somebody else who helps somebody with breast cancer rehab, you know, somebody else that helps somebody that’s put in designing kitchens.

I mean all of these really, really different things. But each of those people is passionate about that. Each of those people, when we start talking about their topic, their eyes light up, they go off on a bit of a rant and I kind of have to kind of draw them in a little bit of going. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s great. But remember we’re talking about this thing here. I absolutely love being a witness to that and I love seeing them have the confidence to step up and put that out to the world. And, and that’s one of the things that I know that I can help them to do because I guess one of my superpowers is seeing other people’s superpowers and helping them to believe in themselves and they have that confidence. So that’s why. So when you ask the question, do I love what I do?

Hell yeah. Why? It’s that component of it, that one part of it is being a witness to somebody else’s brilliance and being totally inspired by them. So, and this for me was a real insight of I am not here to inspire others. I do. And I know I do. I know that’s one that I get feedback all the time, but I’m not setting out with the purpose of inspiring them. I’m drawn to them because they inspire me. So if you’re working with me, if you’re working, you know, know that you inspire me or we would not be working together. Okay. so it actually works the other way around. So I just didn’t, I just see myself as incredibly lucky to be able to work with people who have, I can see, I can see their passion, that they want to make a difference, that they have a dream.

So that’s for me. Now, let me now go back to help you because you know what, one of the things that I do get feedback from people is something that is almost the opposite to what I’ve just said. They’ll say, Janet, people keep on say to me, build a business on your passion. Now, whatever you’re passionate about, throw yourself into that. But then they’ll say, but Janet, either I’m really passionate about lots and lots of different things, so how do I choose? Or they will say, you know, to be honest, I can’t say I’m super duper passionate about anything. I might be passionate about my family, my loved ones I might be passionate about. You know, what I do on the weekends, but I’m not going into business. I’m not drawn by a passion. And, and it’s a really interesting thing because it’s almost like there’s this whole sort of like, no, I’m passionate, inadequate.

And so that may be you. If that sounds like you, just know that it’s like super duper normal. In my experience. It’s more normal than people who are super duper clear on what their passion is. So here’s a few things that you can be doing. Number one, just take the time to really think about what things that you love doing. Now, this doesn’t mean that that’s what your business is going to be on, but what is it about that that you love doing? Okay? And I’ll talk a little bit more about that in a moment, but first of all, just take the time to really reflect about what gets you excited. Now I have a a little bit of a test that I do to be able to work out if I am particularly passionate about one way that I can be helping people and the type of people who I want to work with.

And that’s what I call the pop test. And that is just imagine that you I don’t know, you’ve gone to a party, you’ve gone to an event at could be, look, I’ve had situations where I’ve gone to a sporting event to watch my kids play soccer or whatever it is, I to start having a conversation with somebody else that’s there. Another parent for example, or it could be at a conference or it could be at something totally unrelated to what I’m doing, a party, dinner party, whatever. You start having a conversation with somebody and then you think, Oh, I am really, really enjoying this because I, number one, I know I can help this person. I get, I’ve got heaps of great ideas for them. I’ve got great ideas. I really would love to keep on talking about this. And I’ll say to them, want to get the pole or you want to go and get somewhere and have a wine or a beer or coffee if I’m being civilized.

But for me it’s the pump test. Like, do I want to sit down and shout this other person a beer so we can continue on this conversation? If that is so, then take that as a notice that this is something that lights you up. Now the thing here is do you then make this the thing that you build your business on? If you haven’t built your business on that, are you going to go, Oh, that’s what I should be doing. My passion for whatever this other thing is. My mind could be, you could be talking about bushwalking or kayaking. I mean I can S I can talk to you for ages on that. I’m not going to build a business on it. I call it, but that’s not what I’m going to do. But think about what is it about it that got you really passionate.

What is those? What are those things that are going to, you know, the pass the pub test. Now the next thing that you want to think about is, okay, is this something that I can be building my business on? Just because I’m passionate about it doesn’t mean it’s going to be profitable. Okay. It doesn’t mean I want to be immersing myself in that all the time. I made that mistake with my first business as an art gallery an online art gallery. But I did that 20 years ago before really people were buying art online. It was, it was too early, way too early. It was a really great way to lose everything I own. I learned a lot on the way, but it was not the right thing for me to be building that particular business model then on, but it was one of my passions art.

So really you need to take that time to do the research, to be able to work out. Is this what your business is going to be on? If you need some help from that, I’ve got a great resource for you. If you’ve got to run it to a tribe.com, forward slash success maps, you’ll answer some questions depending on how those questions come at, you will be identified as one of five different entrepreneur types, different stages that you’re at in business. And you will have step by step the top five things for that stage in your business that are the way you’re gonna get the best results. Okay? So that’s a resource there to help you, maybe to help you make this decision. If that’s, you know, if that’s where you should be going. So that is one, should you be building your business on your passion, the things that pass the pub test it?

Maybe, maybe not. So what do you do if you find yourself going, well, it’s not really gonna pass the pass as the pub test, but not the profit test. Well, what do I do? So you have the ability to be able to either do what you love or love what you do. So when I say love what you do, what are the parts that are really important to you that really light you up, that you can be making sure that you introduce into your business because it’s your business baby. You can introduce the things that light you up that you love doing now may very well be like me. The thing that lights you up is being around people who are really inspiring, that are so good at what they do and they love what they do and they just want to be up to build a business around it.

For me, that’s why I’ve made sure that’s who I work with. That’s why I interview people before I’ll work with them at a closer level because I want to know do they, are they passionate about what they do? Because I feed off that. I could be finding people who do those sorts of things in a completely different business, but that’s the thing that I love doing. Now you may also find, so there’s one of those things that really liked you. Well now the other things is you, if you’ve got other things that you really love doing that maybe your other interests, can you bring them into your in some ways. So I’ll share two of the things that I love doing and how I’ve introduced those into my business. One is I love art. I don’t know if I’m a particularly gifted artist or I have sold quite a few artworks is, but I just love art.

I love creative expression. I love doing printmaking, I love doing painting, I love doing Zen castles. I’m always doing some kind of self expression. So what I did is to bring that more into my business is I paint my backdrops and I use sanity circles cause I can do a few at a time that I do them in my my, my breaks during the Workday as a mindfulness exercise. So so I create art and I bring it into my business. It becomes part of my signature style. People get to know them, get to see what artworks I’ve got hanging out behind me now. So that is one of them. Another thing that I’m really passionate about is the water. Like I live near the beach. I love kayaking. I love swimming. And so when I shoot videos, a lot of my videos, if I’m not here in my home studio, AKA the spare bedroom, if I’m not here, well I go down to the beach and I do those.

I share stories from kayaking. I share stories from getting out in the Bush. So that becomes part of my connection with people. But it’s also bringing in the things that I love to do. So if you, if you can’t be doing what you love, if the whole business isn’t around your big passion, then take a responsibility baby and look at what can you be introducing so that you get to love what you do if you’re not doing what you love, if that makes sense. So that is, you know, I guess the important message here is it’s about you. You get to do it. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. You can get to bring joy, get to bring the love for what you do. You can get to structure that into your business in whatever sort of level it is. Okay.

Now, so the reminder there is first of all, do things pass the pub test. You’re going to go and buy somebody a beat just so you can keep on talking about this topic and does it also pass the prophet test if it passes the pub test, not the profit test. We’ll look at how you, if you’ve got an existing business, how can you bring some of those things in to a profitable business? Now I’ve got one last thing for you as an exercise that you can see what I have done and then you can also do this for yourself and it is, if you go to my website, romance, your tribe.com go up to the top where it’s got about us and in the drop down there you can see, we believe, I think it might even be romance your tribe.com forward slash probably we believe we hyphened believe, but anyway, you can find it.

Just by going to the navigation on that page. I have got a list of 15 things that I believe these are things that are my moral compass. These are the things that are important to me that pass the pub test, the pub test of these things are not negotiable for me. These are the things that I look back on routinely to act. Am I walking my talk? Am I doing what I say I believe? Am I bringing my my guiding principles? Am I bringing my joy? Am I bringing the pump test into everything that I do in my business? And it’s a really good exercise for you to do. So my challenge to you is to go over to my website, to the we believe page. I’ll put links to that here on the podcast page so you can just find it easily. And I challenge you, first of all, to have a look at mine.

You’ll get to really know who I am by looking at that. But also I challenge you to do the same for yourself. If you’re a member of the success circle, which is my monthly membership, where you, I guide you step by step through building up your successful business, no matter which of the five avatar, you know, which, which of the five success stars, the, you know, the entrepreneur types, startups, I’ve given them names. You know, no matter which ones of those are, you’ve got step-by-step on creating a business that you know, that you will love. And as one of those exercises I actually have how to work out, you know, the things that you believe and how to communicate those to people. So if you’d like to dive into deeper, go to romance, your tribe.com, forward slash success circle and you can join me for a lunch for a monthly fee.

That is a fraction of the cost of just the training modules that I have sold previously for thousands. So you can get all of that there. But start there by looking at what I’ve done for the, we believe. And then the important thing is to revisit them and make sure am I walking my talk? And I actually still in line for what I’ve already worked out pass the pub test. Okay. So in short, thank you for such a great question, Jo Hawkins for you know, Janet, do you love what you do and why? So I’ve told you why I love what I do and it is certainly not a love for talking about you know, online marketing and you know, lead funnels and sales funnels. That’s not exciting. Yes, the people, those people who I just get so inspired by by their dreams, I get really inspired by people’s dreams and then inspiring them to S to believe in themselves, to actually make it happen and helping them to make it happen.

So why, you know, that’s, that’s my big why, but really importantly for you, hopefully I’ve given you a little bit of a structure there to be able to work out. You know, why, you know, what do you love doing and understanding is something passes the pub test then that’s awesome that you’ve worked that one out. But we also want to make sure that it passes the prophet test so that you know that you can either be building the business around the things that you love or building what you love into your business, and then go over and have a look at what I believe, 15 things that we believe that romance your tribe to give you inspiration, to be able to work out what’s unique for you. And if you’d like some more help, I would love to be able to help you. Okay.

So you can go over to the success circle and you’ve also got the success maps that are there with free training to be able to help you to get clarity on these things. Okay. If you’ve got some questions that you would like me to discuss on the podcast, send them through. You can send them through via email or I will put a link on the podcast page where you can go and submit your questions and hopefully I will be able to choose yours and to be able to shine a light on you as well. Okay. Bye!

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