Personal brand vs Business brand…. this is the first decision to make for your business.

This is especially so if YOU are the main face of the business, as are coaches, consultants, speakers and even many service professionals.

But what about social media?

If you’ve chosen to brand your business with your personal name then that’s easy… you just keep your social media pages and accounts in your personal name and that’s how you do your social media marketing.

But what about if you have chosen to market your products and services under your business name? Does this mean you should always run all your social media marketing and interactions under your business name too?

Well, not necessarily.

That’s the topic of this week’s short and sweet podcast episode.

I share why I chose to brand my new business under a business name but do all social media marketing under my personal name!

Plus I run you through the questions to ask yourself so you make the decision that feels right for YOU and YOUR business.

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Decision Guide: Should you use your personal name or business name on social media?

Decision 1: Business Brand or Personal Brand for your business?

Over the last 18 months I have totally changed my brand.

After 10 years my brand “Wonderful Web Women” was no longer serving me and in fact I felt trapped by it. My skills and vision had evolved beyond what Wonderful Web Women stood for and I knew I had to change.

So I decided to close Wonderful Web Women and other brands I had developed such as Cool Cats Video.

When rebranding, the decision needed to be made: Personal or Business Brand.

When a Personal Brand is Best

A personal brand would have worked perfectly for me and if you are the star of the show, this is usually your best choice. It allows you to market yourself as the expert, share opinions, and promote yourself as a speaker and other expert positioning platforms.

You can still create, market and sell programs with different names, and those names can become brands on their own. You can just list them all on your website.

But there was an overriding reason why I didn’t go with a personal brand….. at this moment in time.

When a Business Brand is Best

I chose to build my new brand around the Signature System I had developed over the years to provide my unique structure to get results for my clients. I let the system become the hero of the business, instead if me, and so Romance Your Tribe became the business brand.

The reason I chose to make the system the star is because in the future I intend to offer training and certification for Romance Your Tribe certified coaches. I want there to be a strong brand to support the coaches who introduce the Romance Your Tribe system into their offerings.

I still have the potential to build a Personal Brand website and marketing platform later on if I choose to…but that would just be a distraction at the moment.

How do YOU decide if a personal brand or business brand is best for you?

Scenario 1: Is your business a service based or niche based business with more than you delivering the service (or you plan it to become that)? Business Brand is probably best for you

Scenario 2: Do you use a Signature System to structure your products and services AND you intend to have more than you deliver these services? (either as certified or licensed coaches, or employed mini-me’s). In other words, you’re really the star of the show as the creator of the system but you’ve got plans baby! Business Brand is probably best for you (though both can work for you)

Scenario 3: Are you the star of the show and you don’t intend to have others deliver services using your unique Signature System or you may even have a few frameworks you use, or none at all (if none, then we need to talk)? A Personal  Brand is probably best for you

Now Over to Social Media: Personal name or business name?

I’ll give my recommendations based on which scenario above best suits the description of your  business

Scenario 1:

Stick with making your business brand the star of your social media branding and marketing.

You can still have your own personal profiles for actually being social on social media (gasp) but your marketing should all be done under your business name.

Scenario 2:

You can go choose to brand and market your social media presence as either your Business Brand OR Your Personal Brand.

Both will work.

Choose one and go with it!

You can always add in the other one later but remember, every time you add another level of branding, you are adding more work. So for example, stick with one Facebook page and one Instagram profile to start with.

I chose to do all social media branding and marketing under my own name for the moment.

That’s because I wanted to build up my personal brand as a speaker, podcast guest, author and consultant and this allowed me to use social media to build my Personal Brand while also establishing a Business Brand for Romance your Tribe.

You can see my Janet Beckers Author Facebook page here. (I added “author” to the page name to differentiate it from my personal Facebook profile).

Here’s my Instagram account.

LinkedIn will always be your personal name.

Here’s my Twitter account.

Here’s my Pinterest account too.

Scenario 3:

Stick with your personal brand on social media. It’s easier and reinforces your expertise.

IMPORTANT: Whichever option you choose, always make sure you choose a BUsiness Page on Facebook and a Business Account on InstagraM.

This will allow you to get data on engagement of your post and allow you to boost your posts and advertise.

Final Words

Just keep it simple. Once you’ve made a decision, just stick with it and stop second guessing yourself. Okay. And I just make it happen.

Let me know your choice below.

Did you go for a personal brand or business brand for your business?

And for social media…which way did you go?

Personal, Business or a combo?

A Special Message From Janet

Thank you so much for being here. I know there are a lot of podcasts you could choose to listen to  and you chose to join me on Romance Your Tribe Radio.


I’m honoured and  grateful for your support.

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Read The Transcript Here

Hello and welcome Janet Beckers to Romance Your Tribe Radio. Just me this week, no guests. And today I’m going to walk you through how to make a decision on when you are using social media. What brand should you be doing, how do you know when you should be using your own brand, your personal name, how do you know when you should be using your business branding and should you be using both or should be using one or the other exclusively. So that’s what we’re going to be walking through today. And I’m going to help you to have a few questions that you need to ask yourself so that you can make the decision for yourself. Now, why this topic and why this week? Well, this week on, um, in our private group that we have for my, um, I tried to try and accelerate a clients.

So these are my VIP is every single week we get together on a video huddle. Everybody is working through the, the training material that, um, that I have created that takes you step by step to really get your business online so that you’re really making the impact that you want to do, but you’re attracting the right people to you. Now, you know, it was one of these questions that was asked in our Facebook group and then it’s also expanded over into our weekly huddles. And the question was this, Janet, with big re-brand that you’ve been doing, and if you’re new to me for the last year or so, I have been totally changing my brand. Simplifying, simplifying, simplifying, wonderful web women no longer exists, cool cats, video marketing academy will no longer exist and everything has been consolidated underneath my Romance Your Tribe model.

Now as doing that there were lots of things that I changed and lots of decisions to make. Now as part of this, the question came from what as you’ve done this rebrand, I noticed that you have a very strong brand around Romance Your Tribe and that is what you have on your, um, on your website. You have Romance Your Tribe radio. Everything is Romance Your Tribe branded. So that is very, very clear. But when it comes to social media, I’m actually doing it under my own name. I don’t have a Romance Your Tribe Facebook page or Romance Your Tribe Instagram. Why is that? And why did I make that decision and what is right for you? So that’s why this came about. This was the discussion that we had in the group. Um, asking how I made that decision. So let me walk through with you. Um, how do you know what is the right decision for you and your business?

So I’ll explain to you why I made this distinction and then we’ll go over the questions you need to ask yourself. So for me, the reason I branded romance your tribe was that is my signature system. So when I became super clear that wonderful web women, which was a beautiful, beautiful business that, you know, it, it launched my career, my branding, my impact online. I loved it. Um, but it was very much about female role models and it was a membership site for that. It evolved out of that. So it was time for me to change, um, because I was no longer actually offering what its core, um, you know, core brand was meant to be. So Romance Your Tribe was actually the signature system that I had created to teach people how to do what I do. Um, and so I had the step by step.

So that is my signature system. I have a book on that. Um, had a podcast that was just a short term one that went with the book. So it was already a brand I had. So when I was making my decisions about, all right, I’m going to be simplifying and doing everything around the systems that I use. I had a choice. I could have gone, Janet Beckers and I could have done it on and everything was me or I could have made the system the hero, which would have been Romance Your Tribe. Now, the reason why I chose to make the system the hero rather than me, the hero and I had a program called that was because I have big plans for what will happen with that system because this is a system that people follow step by step and they get results, which means that I have the potential to be able to license that material to allow, um, you know, to, for me to be able to have qualified coaches who have learned how to help people to make decisions around that material.

So for me, I wanted to have that option that if I wanted to do a coach creditation and a licensing model down the trek, that I didn’t have to reinvent again. So for me, that’s why I chose to make the, um, the system, the actual hero of the whole business. That’s why Romance Your Tribe is that brand. Otherwise it would’ve made sense for me to have Janet Beckers and to just have a program on that. So that was the number one distinction I made. And the reason I decided, you know what was mainly for that reason that I wanted that potential if I decided that I was going to license and expand. And also because I thought, you know what, I’m, I actually have quite a few different interests and I wanted to be able to have the ability that if I decided I was going to go and follow one of my other passions in say five or 10 years time, that it wasn’t going to need to have a whole rebrand.

I wanted it to be congruent. So for me that was just easier. So that was the number one why the branding and the business was chosen for that. So the question for you at this stage is does it make sense for your business to be branded around you? Is it all around your opinions, your systems, your approach is what is delivered very much around you and you’re going to be the main person delivering things. So if so, it may make sense for your name to be the personal brand and just go with it. There are some wonderful examples that you can see everywhere where people are just going under their name and then they may have programs that have a specific title. You might decide to do that or you might decide, you know what, I actually want to keep it pretty separate. I want to have the business under this brand name.

It’s something that I think we’ll be able to sell even if I’m not being sold with it. Or I want to keep it completely separate or I’ve got, you know, it’s going to be something that where I’m bringing in all the staff and that makes sense for me. So they, that’s one of those decisions to make and it’s really going to be up to you about what you’re envisaging that you’re going to be, you know, that you’re going to be doing. Um, so that’s that number one, the business brand. So once we’ve got that, then you can make the decision of, okay, does it make sense for me to bring that business brand over into social media? Now I could have done that and it would have been perfectly congruent for me to do that. Um, but here is the reason why I didn’t do that because in our, what, I’m a little bit opinionated on some things and I tend to, you know, just keep them very focused on what they are.

Um, around the, the business. You know, what I do share on social media is just really around those things. But I thought, you know what, I want to be able to have the freedom when they’re, you know, down the track. If there are things that I really want to speak out about that aren’t necessarily just associated with the brand, I want to be able to have a platform that I can do that. And it’s not necessarily going to be confusing for people that there’ll be following me rather than following the company. So either way would have worked perfectly. Either way would have been fine just for me. I wanted, I think I had been and come from where I was feeling very restricted from having had the wonderful web women brand for so long and it was restricting me. I really was worried that the same thing may happen to me in five or 10 years time with this new brand.

So I thought, you know what, social media or I’m going to keep it so it’s me. I could very easily open up another Facebook page or another Instagram page that is just around the business and that’s okay. That could very well happen and I may just do lots and lots and lots of posts that are very much more, I’m talking to you rather than with you, if that makes sense. So either would work. So in that case, neither is going to be wrong for me though, I’ve just really wanted to have, I was feeling restricted when I, when I sit this up from my old brand and I didn’t want to feel restricted. I was feeling a little bit rebellious. I just wanted to have my own voice. So I thought that’s what I will do it social media, it will be very much my own voice.

So for you, what makes sense for you. Now there will be for some people that you know what, you really want to keep it completely separate because who you are as a person and your own ideas is really very different to what it is that you’re running your business around. Now this is especially if you’re going to service based profession rather than say coaching or consulting. If it’s a service space, you may be um, you know, in the health field you may be in the financial services field, you could be so many different fields where it doesn’t really make sense that it’s going to be around you because it’s going to be maybe other people who were also providing services through what you do. In that case, it’s really, really sensible for you to just keep them completely separate where you will have your business, you’re going to have your social media, your pages is definitely once around the business.

And then you can choose to just have your own personal ones where you’re just really communicating with friends. So that’s a reason why it would, I would really advise you to have your social media as you’ve got your business separate under that brand and just you, um, through just your personal profiles. Um, having relationships with people. If the person who’s having the main relationships through the business is you. And that was very much if you’re a coach or a consultant, it makes really good sense for you to do it underneath your own name. Especially if you’re wanting to be a person that is, say a podcast guest is going to have… you’re going to be doing speaking gigs. You may want to really build up your own profile as the professional who is one of the things that you talk about is to do with your business.

But you may have other things that you’re also building up a profile on. So in that case, you may go underneath your own name, see what feels right for you. Now you’ll notice I have a Facebook page which is my business page and I’ve called that Janet Beckers Author because I didn’t want people to get confused about, I’m on on Facebook. You’ve got, um, your personal profile, which you will all have and then you’ve got your business ones. So now let’s have a look at how you sit some of this up. So just to recap very briefly there, if you’re in a service based profession where um, it’s very much around the business that you are creating and you’ve got other people coming in, then definitely your branding around social media. It makes really good sense for you to have business pages, Instagram pages, um, profiles that are around your business. And then you can also just have your personal ones, which is more for just using it as a social media consumer. If you are the person that is the, the, the face and the main people that puppet people to communicate with and you want to build up your personal brand as a speaker author, then I think it’s quite a good idea for you to do it underneath your own name. But just so you know, both work. Okay. So it’s always also going to come down to what feels right for you.

Now, how do you set this up on Facebook? You will have your own personal profile. And I do, I make everything on my personal profile public, um, because anything really personal, I’m never going to share on social media anyway. Um, so that’s just my choices. So if I’m having anything that’s really with friends, we just do it through Facebook messenger. We have personal things through there. So for me, I make everything public. You don’t have to, you might choose to make that. So it’s only people. You might only have a small group of people you connect with personally. Always have a Facebook page, even if you are going to be, um, just doing it under your personal brand. Now the reason for that is you want to have a Facebook page because it’s going to give you statistics on the number of people who are following their demographics.

How many people have looked at your posts, your engagement. You’ll get all that statistics if you have a Facebook business page, not just your personal profile. And it also allows you to boost posts and to do advertising. You can’t do that through your personal one. So even if you’re doing it underneath your own name, I still recommend having a Facebook business page. That’s why I had Janet Beckers Author. I could had Janet Beckers Mentor, Janet Beckers Rock Goddess. Um, but that just made sense. Now when it comes over to Instagram, you may have a couple of posts here. So if it’s going to be where you’re trying to keep them separate well on Instagram for your personal one, well then that’s going to be sharing things that are about you and your life and your family. Um, if your, um, got one that you’ve got a business, a service business, and you’re choosing to do an under your brand, then have that definitely as a business Instagram account.

Um, and the reason for that is, again, you get statistics. You get to see what’s happening. Once you get to 10,000 members, there’s extra things that get all followers. You get extra things that are features that you wouldn’t get otherwise and it allows you to do advertising. So always go for the business option. Even if you’re going under your name. I only had the one Instagram account, it’s under my name and um, and I, but it’s a business account. Um, so that’s with those, when it comes to over to linkedin, linkedin is very much about an individual person. So you’re, you’re always going to use your own name. You can also choose to have a page over there, but it’s all, it’s never really great interacting spot in that way. People tend to use linkedin for the actual individual person. You’ll be doing that under your name anyway.

Whether you choose to also have a profile for your business, that is your choice. Um, when it comes over to Twitter, you can do both. Um, again, you can have it if you, if you’re intending to do any kind of customers, customer support through there, make sure that you have your brand name so you can keep it separate. Um, but otherwise it’ll be under your name. So you may have both. That’s okay. Um, I just have the one to keep it simple. In the past I’ve had numerous, and that’s the other thing that I try to keep it as little as possible because I don’t want to, every time you add an extra page or an extra profile, an extra thing, it’s an extra place for you to create content to put there. So keep that in mind, keep it as simple and as streamlined as you can.

Go all like Marie Kondo and it’s just got to be minimalist baby. Um, and uh, yeah, so that’s the main things. And you can also, if you go to any other social media profiles that you’ve got, such as Pinterest, if you’re using snapchat or any of those things, just keep the same rules consistent across the lot. So my question to you, I’d love to hear from you. Like, just just know, okay that you can make either one really work, so don’t feel as if this is the thing that you’ve got to get 100% right. You can always change it down the track. Okay. So just keep it simple. And so I really love to hear from you what works best for you. Do you like to make on, on social media that everything is completely separate or does it work for you that to be able to make it, that you are the face of the social media.

Um, and a lot of it will come down to your personal preferences as well as what works from a business and branding perspective. So love to hear from you. Just leave your comments down below and any questions, feel free to to say, look, this is what my business is. What are you reckon Janet? Just put them there. I’m more than happy to come and see what questions you’ve got and to give you some answers as well. So if you’re listening to this on iTunes or another podcast directory, just come over onto the blog. The links will be there and you can just ask questions there and I will get notified and come and answer them for you or come and find me on social media. You can find me at Janet Beckers, author on Facebook. You can find me at Janet Beckers on Instagram. Janet Beckers everywhere.

I’m luckily that I’ve got a name that is not, Becker’s with an s is not that common, so I was able to climb that name pretty much on everything. So any of those social media profiles, but I hang out at Instagram and Facebook, so that’s where you can find these and come and have a chat with me over there. That sounds great. Okay. Love to hear from you. What’s working, any tips that you’ve got for other people? Any questions you’ve got leave them down below here or come and contact me and we’ll continue the conversation. The most important thing is once you’ve made a decision, just stick with it and stop second guessing yourself. Okay. And I just make it happen. Bye!


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