Have you ever wondered exactly what type of content marketing actually builds your business with increased sales… instead of keeping you super busy but not getting a R.O.I. on your time and money?

How do you  know if your content marketing strategy should include blog posts, videos, podcasts, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, eBooks, physical books and more. And then  what you should be saying in your content anyway?

To get the real answer, the best thing to do is go behind the scenes with someone who runs an agency that creates and publishes content every single day for multiple businesses across multiple industries, and knows from behind the scenes exactly what works (and what doesn’t).

That’s what we’re doing today.

Alexi Neocleous owns Fubbi.co, a company that does exactly that.

If you’ve ever sat in front of your computer, thinking “I need to do a blog post / newsletter / video and I have no idea what to talk about”, then you are going to love today’s masterclass style podcast episode.

You’ll learn how to strategically plan your content marketing calendar and know the essentials to create content that actually results in sales.

And as a bonus, I’ve created a free downloadable flow chart checklist for you called “The 3 step flow chart to create a content marketing strategy that drives sales”.

Here’s what you’ll discover today:

  • Some great advice on how to create a business that frees you up to travel without worrying about coming back to a disaster.
  • The difference between content marketing (which can results in years to get real financial results) and content hacking – where Alexi can see results in just a few months.
  • The three part framework essential for Content Hacking that is common to every one of Alexi’s top clients that get sales results from their content marketing is super fast time.
  • Why you absolutely MUST start with a sales funnel that you know converts before you invest in content hacking strategies.
  • Amplification strategies to increase your content visibility (paid and unpaid)
  • Why only spending money on Facebook ads that go directly to your funnel will limit your growth and what to do instead.
  • How content marketing reduces your paid advertising costs and dramatically increases the conversion of sales made on the phone (up to 6 times higher conversion!)
  • Why Alexi refuses to continue a sales conversation until the potential client has consumed his content – and why you may want to do this in your business too.
  • Alexi’s super easy way to create a regular podcast using the rev.com app on his phone that is perfect if you are short on time and support.
  • Content marketing for email – and how to use the 9 word email strategy to make sales without seeming to sell.

Plus Alexi gives great advice on action you can take this week to get started if you are a one-person-band or a more established business. You can also grab his book Content Hacking, for free (instead of $17.95 on Amazon).

You can also contact him personally at [email protected] if you need any help at all.

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Alexi’s Bio

Alexi Neocleous is one of the leading direct response freelance copywriters in Australia. Having worked with business owners large and small, he’s known as a copywriter who gets fast results for his clients.

Alexi’s sales copy even got the attention of one of the world’s richest men, Warren Buffett. Mr. Buffett received one of Alexi’s sales letters and invited him to be a guest at his company’s annual general meeting in Omaha, Nebraska.

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Read The Transcript Here

Janet Beckers:                  Hello everybody. Janet Beckers here and we’re on Romance Your Tribe Radio and I have a really special guest for you today? Because Alexi, last name unpronounceable. How do we say it Alexi?

Alexi Neocleous:              Neocleous. Now you know exactly how to say it.

Janet Beckers:                  Now I’ve got to know Aexi, a little bit over the years, and I’ll tell you what I saw him present at James Schramko’s event at the beginning of the year. And you got actually the most popular speaker, didn’t you? Voted the most valued and this is an audience of people who are all very, very established in business and so takes a bit to impress, I think, the audience, because man this guy just knows his stuff. So I’m so excited to have him here with us today because we’re going to be talking about content, content marketing, managing your content, doing a content plan, what kind of outcomes you can expect from using content as part of your tribe building and leadership positioning.

So the thing that I’m really excited about today, is this is what Alexi does all day, every day. He has a really successful business full of writers and project managers and editors that this is what they do day in, day out. So they know behind the scenes what works. So there’s none of this kind of stuff of well, you know, everybody’s been saying that videos work or blogs work or whatever. We’re actually talking to the man. He’s actually seen what works behind the scenes and that’s what I really, really love to be able to bring you as I get ready to take notes. And so before we get started, Alexi, tell us a little bit about you, about who you serve and how you do it.

Alexi Neocleous:              Okay. So quick background for most of my career I was a direct response copywriter. I’m where I’m arbitraging the sort of phase that, you know you, you know, I dragged about my first initial day. They are 25, 50 grand, a hundred grand at a time type thing. And that was most of my career and that about two and a half years ago, no, actually about three years ago we got the ID for our current business. Worked on the model for about six months and then kicked off the business about two and a half years ago, which is a couple, it’s called three B. It’s a content or I call it content hacking agency. I’ll find more of that in a moment. But what I was able to do, it turns out two and a half years ago, it was a guess. What I’ve been able to do is teach the writing team how to think as copywriters.

So a lot of our content, that was great content it also has all the necessary hooks and bells and whistles in the headlines and the themes that I had to do when I was writing copy to generate ROI off paid ad campaigns. And so our headlines and our themes tend to be quite a lot stronger than most content writers and, and stuff out there because of my prior training that I brought into the team, train them, develop a process, have all the feedback loops when we file catch up before it gets too far down the line. And so the end result is you’re a content that cuts through content that generates leads and content that side ultimately generate styles.

Janet Beckers:                  I love it. And that’s, that’s the big focus here. A lot of times people will be putting out the content but they’re not doing it strategically. They just going, well you know, I’ve got to do a blog post or I’ll just think of something. And I like your very, very strategic approach to choosing the topics, knowing what content works and then making sure like as you said, it’s leads and styles because you know, ultimately you’re doing this as a way of growing a business. So and you were just telling me that that you’ve just had six weeks traveling in Europe and your team, such a Willow machines now that that it went well.

Alexi Neocleous:              Yeah. So part of the reason for the trip was to pressure test the company cause we’ve got to, we’ve gotta stage now with our company where I’ve got a head of content, I’ve gotten our operations manager, we’ve got the supervisors, we’ve got a big part of the organizational chart sort of put together. And I disappeared for three or four days at a time before noodle fishing lines in the water to see what would happen. And remarkably things were good. And I flipped it. I said to my wife, there should be a good test. Let’s go for six weeks and largely disappear on the team. Don’t reply to emails, don’t show up to meetings. Let’s say March bill. How much blood ends up in the streets so to speak. For the most part they did better than when I’m around, which to whether to be proud of them or to my heads.

I think it’s a good thing mostly for sure. But we did have some, some issues purely and 100% coming about because of stuff that I was doing that we didn’t identify in our process since then, that’s all been plugged. So yeah, so it’s turned out to be a, a good thing. And given this is a hard business to run, it’s, it’s content is difficult. Like we do about a million words a month in article content produced thousands of emails. We do thousands of videos, would you say? Thousands of quite cons. So we have a multidisciplinary company. He designed as a different from riders. Rod is a different from short project coordinators, different disciplines, different personalities to pull that together and, and, and you know, the, the Will’s not to come off the cart, so to speak. Okay. It’s a cool thing. But having said that, I’ve got great people, as I said to you before, went on the recording. In many ways they’re smarter than me. Okay.

Janet Beckers:                  For the most part. Sorry. Isn’t that the classic thing that people always say, you know, build a team that’s smarter than you and you want the business to run better in a way. It’s like the Holy grail. So, you know, I just really, I just want to congratulate you on that because you know, the nice part there is like you were talking about, you know, with the content management, you know, the content creation, all of these different sort of [inaudible] expertise that’s needed. And we’ll talk about that when it comes to if your, you’ve got your own business about what you do there. But the other part that comes with that, so like a million words of, you know, that you’re writing of articles, that’s a lot. It’s also you’ve got lots of different clients in lots of different nations. Yeah. They have lots of different personalities that to run really smoothly and that broad cross section of people to be really satisfied with that you have to be on there is that is huge. That’s brilliant.

Alexi Neocleous:              Yeah. The, it’s not easy. It is genuinely hard. You know but again, like I said to you off the recording, we have a rule that we learnt from [inaudible], from our good mate James Franco, the person that does the work contract the work. And so if you want assistance, if you want a business that runs without you, there’s a lesson that every business can learn from you needs you need like if you’re married to know quite a complex Venn diagram, all the circles intersecting, you really want multiple checks. You want trip wires. So when something breaks, you’re alerted and the right people are alerted, then you want a system in play. So that identifying why did that happen, let’s fix it. And then when you’re working on fixing it, you want to test if the solution is working. So you need other tripwires and feedback loops to monitor the new idea.

And let’s see, this is how we’ve gotten here. We’ve, we’ve, we’ve essentially gotten from and idea in my brain literally because I’d never seen anyone else, anyone else do what we do and idea on my brain and then literally try something and it’s like, imagine a flow chart. Did it work? Yes. We’ll know if it work. Do more of the same, did it not work? Get a file, do something different. Literally every essay, every part of our SOP, our standard operating system has been built on a flow chart like that. So you can imagine how many mistakes we’ve made.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah. Yeah. And you know what, that’s, that’s why when I said right at the very beginning that why I’m so grateful to have you here today to help people who are listening is they’re actually going to see, well this is what you need to do because I have made, we’ve tested what works and what doesn’t work and we’ve worked out what sort of double check. So even that is what you’ve just said there. So for people who are putting their own content strategy together, and we’re going to talk in a minute about what that is. That, that one thing that you said there is you need to put the person who created it doesn’t fit, isn’t the person who checked it is a really, it’s a good one just there for when you’re working at how you’re going to automate lots of things happening in your business. So let’s dive in now. First of all, there’s going to be people who are listening here today that don’t, they’re not really clear on what is content marketing or content hacking as you call it. So would you mind just defining that for me first?

Alexi Neocleous:              Yeah. So content marketing, first up is the activity of producing lots of content, whether it’s articles, emails, videos, infographics, a Stouffer’s, not sales driven. You could say its purpose is to render value, value, value to the audience so that certain outcomes can take place. You might get more traffic, you might our build authority, you might build a profile. The leads that come through from people that engage with the content, they usually higher quality leads that make it easier for the sales team to convert a community. If you’re wanting to keep your clients to stick with you, content is a perfect tool for that because you’re wanting to always demonstrating your excellence and your expertise. So content marketing is in its full landscape. Probably everything that I’ve defined just there. But there’s one big downside. Content marketing can take forever to work. It can take forever unless you’ve got a big email list or you’ve got lots of traffic to your website or a big social following.

Content marketing on its own usually means put the content out there, do great content, and then sit back and wait for a critical best to take place. I’m not the most patient guy. You’ve probably gleaned how fast I talk and you know, a plus type personality. So what I did was I looked at all the content, all the clients that kill it with us from the get go. Really, really get like results within a month or two, not six months, not a year, not 18 months, and they all have the same DNA, the same profile, the same thing and it’s two things. It’s amazing content that’s us. That combined with funnels, I would get an opt in for an email, we send them to a sales page, whatever it may be. That is then amplified content that is boosted content that is amplified, whether it’s Lucy content on Facebook, whether it’s seeking back links for SEO, whether it’s broadcasting to your email list. Content that is combined with funnels and amplified is what I defined as the content hacking framework. And how’d your percent come about? By me identifying which clients crush it quick, which one’s flounder and the ones that crush it quick. 100% of them have the three part framework.

Janet Beckers:                  Oh, I love it. I mean that there is just gold because if we think in terms of the content, which is what most people do, they’ll go, Oh, I’ve done a blog post or I’ve put something on social media or Hey I’ve got a podcast or I put the a video out there and then they’re getting frustrated because they’re not getting the results and it can feel like, why on earth am I even doing this? Nothing’s coming from it. So taken from what Alexi said is, okay, you’ve got that content out there. Have you got those other pieces? There’s no use amplifying like running Facebook ads and at that you content if you haven’t got some way of getting them onto your mailing list and converting like that funnel. So, which is, which would you, would you do the funnel first? Would you say to people start with the funnel or start with the content?

Alexi Neocleous:              Yeah, so when we get clients, potential clients acquire we have a scorecard that we run them through and part of the scorecard is identifying if they have a funnel or not. I, unless they are VC backed like big money back. We might even take on a client that doesn’t have a funnel. What happens in two or three months down the line we get the inevitable email or the inevitable Facebook chat message to me, usually Alexi, this has taken too long. Why? And at least it’s my fault because we accepted a client that I knew will take longer to get results cause I don’t have a funnel that don’t have traffic if don’t necessarily have the money to plunk down spend, you know, a grand two grand, three grand a month, whatever it may be to get this stuff done. And it’s my, I have a fiduciary responsibility you could say at being honest with potential clients from the beginning.

And one of the things that I say easy, you need a funnel before you really work with us or job number one is we do your lead magnet or we do your book, get the content done. But I’ll connect you with the tech, get the funnel sorted. Here are some templates that work well. Here are two Facebook agency that I referred to. We have to speak to them. You need that stuff set up as job number one. Otherwise insurance, three months you will pay me and you will say you’re not happy because results are not happening fast enough.

Janet Beckers:                  That is brilliant, brilliant, brilliant advice. So start with your funnel. Make sure you’ve got, that’s working, list-building and something to sell. Then you’ve got your content and if you then amplify it, you can get results in a month or two rather than six or 12 months. And that people, you know, if they’re in that position where they’ve already getting consistent sales, they can come to you and know that you can be help them to set all that up. Wow, that’s brilliant.

Alexi Neocleous:              This is the game. I mean this, this is, this is the game. Unless they’ve VC funded and they’ve got lots of money in the kitty and these insane growth targets where they can’t afford to procrastinate, we’ll take those guys on. But for the most part, yeah, you funnel some traffic. So my midterm is what we need to really start to get results. Don’t just ask, but any content that you may produce, you may these elements in play.

Janet Beckers:                  To be honest, I love it. You know, that is just so incredibly honest because people will pay, I know that there are people out there getting confused because they’re hearing about content marketing but they haven’t got the infrastructure, they haven’t got everything else in place. And that’s where you start. That’s where you lose, you know, why am I bothering to do this? So that is a brilliant, so you talked about getting results and you know, in a shorter time, once you’ve got your funnel set up, so what does that look like? Can you share with us some ideas of like what does, does this work rather than just say running ads straight to your opt in and not doing any content.

Alexi Neocleous:              Yeah. So yeah. Well you can, you can look his thing. Go back a step. That’s actually a good point. You can run ads straight through to a lead page and never do content. You can’t do that. You’re going to be on borrowed time though. Okay. You’ll be on borrowed time because all the platforms they building, they built their platforms on needing content. You get rewarded. So put it another way. If you’ve got ads, two funnels that are working well, you absolutely get rewarded by supporting that with content. You can build out audiences that you then re target with your conversion ads and your cost per opt in, your cost per sale will absolutely plummet it. So I’m not saying you need content 100% of the time. I’m saying you’d be crazy to just do conversion ads and not support that with content because email lists, I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of getting promotional stuff, left, right and center from people.

Be good to get some actual good contents. I’ll email you. Will absolutely find your email list will die very, very quick if you don’t finish up content. So how that looks is one of our clients, Taki Moore, who I know, you know, he’s he’s one of our clients and we do a lot of his clients, black belt members content. We do four emails a week for talking or content, more content, but every 21 days he loves out what’s called a nine word email, which where he’s fishing for anyone who’s ready to have a conversation about potentially buying those nine word emails would not be possible without us doing regular content four days a week T’s list.

Janet Beckers:                  Okay, excellent. And actually our no, cause I’m on your mailing list and you know like everybody else, I wanted gazillion and using that something daily, which for most people would get them an unsubscribe. But I look at all of them because they’re all thought provoking. They’re all contents and yeah, I’ll look at you. What kind of practice you’re doing exactly what you do with your clients. So what you do with talking, cause I think, Oh we’re ready for mine. Weren’t any minutes any, any day. Now

Alexi Neocleous:              Every trade, every 21 days is when mine go out. Yeah.

Janet Beckers:                  And why is the nine word email and for people who are curious about that, I’ll put a link over. I think you’ve got an article on your site or something. I’ll put an article on the podcast page for what the nine word email is of my clients do that as well.

Alexi Neocleous:              I talk about apes. Sorry. Yeah, I love them. They’re very, very, very effective. So I’m talking about performance for content. Go back again. So Facebook ads for example, you can do conversion ads, I.E. Add through to a landing page or ad through to the sales page. No problem. But I’ll tell you something, if you can warm up your audience with some good content that they’ve seen in advance and then you love the pitch. Okay. I mean, you know, your cost per opt in, your cost per lead, your cost per sale will almost always plummet, right? The numbers get better because you’ve started to build a bit of a brand with those people that have engaged with your content. So let me show you something. The season, this is really powerful, right? Just one sec, let me do a share screen.

Janet Beckers:                  So if you’re listening to this on iTunes, come over to the podcast page where we’ve got the video. And yeah, cause Alexia’s got a good slide here. Thanks. Alexie.

Alexi Neocleous:              Okay, so these stats will actually explain it better than anybody if we’re talking about results and so forth and content. So according to demand metric, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about three times as many leads. So traditional marketing, you know, TV, radio, old school type stuff that I made my bones on. Yup. Oops, excellent. According to Aberdeen, now this one’s huge. If you’ve got a sales team or if you don’t like sales and you feel it’s a bit icky, this is a huge reason to do content. Your conversion rate will sky rocket because you’re having warm conversation. Conversion rates, I’m nearly six times higher for content marketing adopters than non adopters,

Janet Beckers:                  Right? So it basically comes down to, well, the time that they’ve decided they’re going to get on the phone with you, they already feel like they trust you and then they’re more likely to buy it.

Alexi Neocleous:              It’s a no brainer. When you start to experience this, and this is all we experienced with our company, you cannot go back to dealing with cold leads or even Luke warm leads. You can’t do it. You get spoiled. Okay. It’s just a wonderful way to do sales, frankly.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah.

Alexi Neocleous:              From a traffic viewpoint, according to HubSpot companies, they did 16 plus blog posts per month, got three and a half, almost three and a half times as much traffic. The company’s a deeds zero to four. I am not saying to do 16 plus, right. Message you want to get across here is, there’s a quantity component with content. The more you do, you tend to get better results. Okay. There’s just a quantity component there that doesn’t speak to quality. Just a, just know the more you do, you tend to get better results.

Janet Beckers:                  Okay. Excellent.

Alexi Neocleous:              And this one’s interesting. Especially for big ticket. If you’re selling a 20 buck, you know, sort of pillow or whatever, maybe not so true. Like you’re selling multi-thousand luck. We’ve got a client that sells a million dollar product.

Janet Beckers:                  Wow.

Alexi Neocleous:              Okay. So, you know, this is absolutely true. So what, what according to demand gen 47% of buyers viewed three to five pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep and traditional market advertising methods no longer work as well as they used to. So this is similar to what I mentioned Becky, with the conversion rate being almost six times higher.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah. And then the last part is it doesn’t, it doesn’t have to be up to chance that they happened to see that content. I mean, you’re in charge of this because you’ve got your paid advertising because you’re getting them onto your funnel and then you’re directing them, you know, through email or what, or retargeting to see another piece of content like… You can direct this whole thing. You’re in charge baby. They go and have a good look on your blog.

Alexi Neocleous:              Here’s the thing, I can go one better, just before our talk today I was speaking to an accounting firm that was referred by an existing clients and they do 15 million a year. I’m a perfect fit for us. But one problem. They don’t know anything about us. They haven’t seen any of our content. They haven’t read my book, haven’t watched the videos. So I put the brakes right then and there it and said next steps. I’m in no rush to do business with you. Next steps, you must view some of my content on LinkedIn. You must look at the book, you need to see some of the emails. And until you do that, it doesn’t make any sense for us to actually do your business and the reason for that is: clients that engage with that content. I love what we do, are the clients that get the best results for and have the best relationship with.

Janet Beckers:                  Excellent! Okay.

Alexi Neocleous:              So you know our services range from… Our base pack right now is 1397 USD, 1,397 USD per month and it goes up from there. So call that 2000 Aussie, 25 grand a year. So you know, it’s, it’s, it’s not small money. Right? And we need clients to stick, they need to be sold that we are the right option for them. And when I say sold, I don’t mean it as the four letter word. I mean they need to convince themselves. And this is where the content is preeminent and this is where the content is the pinnacle of how to sell people. You have great content. People will sell themselves on you. You don’t need to be the hard charged sales person. In fact, I did the opposite of hard charged sales personally with that company.

Janet Beckers:                  I know, I love it. Talk about that. That is perfect. When you go, Oh, I know that content marketing works so well. I’m on a sales call and I’m telling them to get off it, watch the content because they will convert so much better. That’s pretty powerful proof that you know that you’re going to get a much, not even just probably a high conversion, but they’re going to stick stick stick as well. That’s the other part for us. That’s a really good point. Really good point. I love it. And so, so the in, so in summary, what we’ve had so far like from the stats that Alexis shared like this works, and importantly it’s around how content management increases your sales, increases your leads. Really that’s what you’re looking for. That’s the reason. Now you talked about having a funnel. Absolutely. Number one. Then you’ve talked about the content that you need to be having a content and then the next thing is amplifying, and I love how you talked about, that’s when you know you can be getting them to see, you know, amplify, sending them advertising to see your content and then get them for the sale.

Now if you’ve got people who they might be like a one person band at the moment or they may be them and they might have a virtual assistant or a couple of virtual assistants or somebody else on their team, they may not be ready yet to go and outsource everything. A company like yours that works with the companies that are going to get that return, where are the, where would they start? Like what would be a really sensible content hacking plan that’s going to maximize their chance of getting results faster rather than…

Alexi Neocleous:              Yeah, let me answer that before I do. Let me tell you one quick story around content marketing success because it’s a big one and it’s like hot off the press. So I was gone for six weeks. Obviously he’s eating way too much pasta and bratwurst and drinking too much BU and I actually put on white and in that time I didn’t expect to certain clients, young couple who started a new business a year ago. I was smart enough to get us to do the content from the beginning. Right? Even though I said, you guys are too young, you guys are this, you guys are that are said, no, we’re still want you with budgeting cycle. I’ve gone for six weeks. They’d been with us now for 10 months. I come back and a critical mass hit for them while I was gone. Guys, how are we going? And by the way, the partner, the female in her twenties still, I’ve had the biggest month, they brought in about 200 grand in cash for the month.

Janet Beckers:                  Wow.

Alexi Neocleous:              And that had they content machine running, they’d been amplifying. They’d been do using funnels, content hacking framework. Check this out. They’re already in the industry where they normally were. Convention is to get paid two, three, four months down the track. Okay. Just the nature of every industry. But because like itself, because they’ve got content meaningless, taking to the leads of people that trust them, I’ve seen them material know them. I thought let’s screw this. Why don’t we ask for all 15 grand upfront before we take a step? Well, let’s see what happens. Right. Here’s what happens. They conversion rate barely dropped off and they’re converting at 40% also. But now they’re getting all the money in the door. At the beginning. They liked the only people in the industry, they’re able to pull this off.

Janet Beckers:                  Wow. That is fantastic. So because that is important because there’s always going to be a percentage of people that yeah. And you know, you can be in charge of your own cashflow if you’ve got the lump sum to start with. That is a great story. And go them.

Alexi Neocleous:              The female partner is still in her twenties.

Janet Beckers:                  Is what, sorry? It’s still in 20s. I love it. I love [inaudible]. Yeah.

Alexi Neocleous:              Alright, let’s ask you a question here. So let me show you how I do it because I’m the laziest human that’s ever walk this earth. Let me show you. So you’ll see let’s have a look at the camera that you’ll see. The rev, the blue app right there. Yep. Rev.Com so to answer your question, the easiest way to get started with your own content machine is dual podcasts. That’s the easiest. Nothing’s easy up, right? The way I do it, Tuesday mornings, Thursday mornings, I’ve done a bond and I’ll usually use my time in the car. They’re all backwards, like a 15 minute drive or on the beach I will have an ID for a podcast and all I do is the following. It’s this simple. I click on that app and you said the word record? Yeah. I press record and start yapping for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Then I press save and that goes straight into the rev.com platform to get transcribed. Then. All right, say it again until the emails or the show notes are written and I just glance at a soccer’s on it right then I just look at them cause I don’t have my name in between the in between me pressing save and me seeing all the collateral, my VA that runs our three, the content machine organizes the transcript asides to the writers for the show notes, aside from the writers for the emails aside to the graphic design team to turn audio into video, uploads it to the podcast app, upload state Libsyn, gets all this machinery done and my time is 12 minutes to record it, maybe five minutes to glance at the show notes and the emails and everything. So if you are bottleneck or you don’t know how to start the easiest is podcasts in the way that I’m suggesting.

Janet Beckers:                  That’s brilliant.

Alexi Neocleous:              And look, I have a machine here behind me so I have all these other elements going on cause I have the machine. Worst case you could have one writer that writes you a couple of emails. I have one writer that could pull down quotes from the podcast. That’s very easy to do and you can have a transcription service like rev.com [inaudible] out of transcripts to your podcast and you will start to have I content machine up and running. You don’t have to do all the other bells and whistles. I do. You can do another version of that.

Janet Beckers:                  I love it. And you know what the thing I love that you’ve talked about there cause I, I always use video for podcasts cause I like I just like I’m used to using video but there are more moving pieces on. I do any of that stuff. I have my virtual assistant that follows our procedure and like you, they just do it all. I don’t have to do it. But from what you’ve talked about, we just using audio and actually having the audio that’s on the rev.com, which is what we use for our transcripts. You know, you’ve already got an extra step that’s out of there. That’s brilliant cause it’s just audio. It’s going to go on audio on iTunes anyway. Yeah, that’s really good.

Alexi Neocleous:              Yeah. So I, I do tons of video already. So the right you’re doing is the even more leveraged way to do it because you get the videos, video cuts are ready to go. I’m wanting it to be quick and easy for me to do it. And my trick is the beach in Bondai. So, and we have SOP standard operating procedure to turn audio into video anyway. Right. We still get the video anyhow. So I, but for me, I wanted the easiest, quickest, most pain-free for me to do two podcasts a week for me. That’s the easiest that I found. Yeah.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah. I just love it. And you know what, that’s, I bet for a lot of people listening here that is going to be the thing that’s gone. I can do that. And you know, even if you don’t have somebody that can do the writing and stuff for you, once you’ve got the podcast, you know, you might decide I’m just going to write a couple of nights or something. You know, you don’t have to write the whole big blog post cause you’ve got the audio that’s there. I love it. So I really liked that you said go with podcasting cause it’s my favorite medium. And this is not even doing interviews with other people. It’s just sharing your brilliance.

Alexi Neocleous:              Look, here’s the thing. I know my subject cold and I don’t do any planning with the podcasts. I have an ID like at eight Oh five and I’m recording by eight Oh eight. Oh I love it. I love it. Could do interviews, I could do with many other things. We do a lot of things, admittedly other things. For now this suits me beautifully to a week minimum. I can take this anywhere. And I traveled with in the kitchen. I traveled with a road mic, a little thing that attaches to the bottom lapel here, cost me 80 bucks. That’s always in my bum bag, which is always with my phone. And you know, I’m in Rome. I mean I’m in Berlin, I’m in, I just, I mean an airport doesn’t make a difference. I find a quiet corner, get the Mike on to the podcast, upload it. And you know, I don’t have to worry that the whole setup and the beautiful lights and of done.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah, I love it. That is, I mean, that is brilliant. So now we’ve said it for that last one for you. You’ve got your must last excuse fights. Okay. So when it comes to doing some sort of content creation, just using that rev.com awesome. And then you can take all the little bits out of it and get all your quotes and use that. So we’ve got to the end of our time. What I’m gonna do for everybody that’s here, I’m gonna, I’m going to have a downloadable for you that’s going to go over you know, just mentioning those, the three things, you know, that the the funnel, the content and the amplification. And I’ll also have a bit of a checklist there for you so you can work out your own content marketing plan, your absolute minimum one. So I’ll have that there for you as a downloadable. And so Alexi, Phoebe, where do we, where do we go to be able to get some, some more of a Lexi?

Alexi Neocleous:              So I’ll give you, I’ll give everybody that’s listening to the podcast a little gifty. So I’ve got my book content hacking. You could buy it on Amazon for 1795 or you can buy it, you can get it for free here.

Janet Beckers:                  All right, which one?

Alexi Neocleous:              Which one? So just go to that URL there, fubbi.co/content-hacking-book, and you’ll get to downloads, you’ll have to opt in unfortunately, but that’s life, but you’ve got a free copy of the book. So there’s that. And next thing it’s my actual personal email. The good thing about getting the company where I’m at now is all of the team communications go over Slack and Basecamp. And so I don’t have any operational stuff going into my inbox, so I could do stuff like this where I can actually give publicly my personal email and not let it get out of hand. So if you need any help, you have any questions, anything at all, it’s [email protected]

Janet Beckers:                  That is really, really generous. And everybody come over onto the podcast page. All we’ll have all the links there for you and Alexis’ address. And that book is awesome. And that checklist that you talked about at the beginning. Yeah, that’s all in the book. It’s really, really powerful. It’s gonna make you realize what’s possible. Which is really, really exciting. I’m so grateful for your time. You’ve been really, really generous. Alexi made sure when he said it’s unfortunate that you have to get on his list. It’s actually really fortunate because you get to see him put into action exactly what he’s talking about.

Alexi Neocleous:              But it sounds too self serving. You’re right, you’re going to see, you’re going to say me, get my own cooking. You’re going to see lots of content come out and say my best stuff. It’s unfiltered. I’ve no reason to hide a single thing because we monetize through service. I didn’t have any, I don’t have any reason to hot air, best stuff.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah. Good point. Yeah, no, absolutely. So go and absolutely don’t get that solid, but the links there, on the podcast page. Thank you so much for your time, Alexi, You’re an absolute legend and I know we’ve only just touched a fraction of what you can learn from Alexis and make sure you go over there and connect with him. And and please let us know what action you’ve taken from today because that is one of the biggest gifts that you can give both of us. What, what’s an aha that you got out of today and what’s an action you’ve taken? Come and finally, Alexi, where he is, come and stalk me. Let me know. Cause that’s one of the best feedbacks that we can get. Ok, go out there folks and take some action. See ya!

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