I’m super excited to introduce you to my guest today. I first  heard Guy Lawrence when he was interviewed by a mutual friend, James Schramko on his Super Fast Business Podcast. My immediate reaction was “This guy is so cool. He  talks my language and can’t believe we don’t know each other”. I know his story and his teachings would really help you too so I’m so pleased he said “yes” to my invitation to share his story with you and I.

Guy Lawrence is a coach, speaker, wellness advocate and entrepreneur.  After co-founding a successful business in 2010; 180 Nutrition and exploring all facets of health, in 2018 he stepped down to follow his true passion, and created a deeply personal project centered around meditation.

In today’s podcast we explore WHY Guy walked away from a multi-million dollar business to follow his passion and dive deeper into the importance of congruency in business and how he approached building a brand new business. Plus we have some very cool discussions on the physical changes that happen to the body of us stressed-out entrepreneurs (and what entrepreneur doesn’t have stress?) that creates a chemical addiction to stress and steps and tools you can use now to reverse the physical changes and instead become addicted to happiness.

Plus Guy shares a gift of his daily mediation and the step-by-step morning routine he used to reverse the physiological changes stress had made to his body. 

I downloaded Guy’s meditation and bonuses. The mediation was really quite powerful and I used it about 3 or 4 times per week for a month. I could really feel a difference and one bonus of this is I have now integrated meditation back into my daily routine. That’s something I did when I was curing myself of a chronic auto-immune disease (a story for another day) and for the life of me, I don’t know why I got out of the habit? After all, meditation is the reason I run and do endurance challenges instead of walking with a walking stick!

This stuff works!

Here’s what you’ll discover today:

  • How and why Guy launched his first business online in the natural supplements for the fitness industry and how it rapidly grew to multi-million dollar turnover in a very short time.
  • How a podcast was integral to the growth of his business…and then how the guests he interviewed expanded his approach to his industry and ultimately led to him leaving his business.
  • Why Guy walked away from an exceptionally successful business
  • How to know if you have changed personally to the point remaining in your business is incongruent, and what Guy did at that point.
  • Both Guy and Janet share how incongruency can energetically sabotage your business, even if you change nothing about the way you run your business and the grief both Guy and Janet felt when finally accepting each needed to leave their current businesses
  • What Guy did when his first speaking opportunity was a disaster by anyone’s standards and then went on to deliver 34 presentations in 12 months – and the mindset behind that.
  • The business tests that didn’t work and then what ultimately worked that launched a successful membership program and then Guy’s ultimate goals of delivering transformational retreats.
  • The concept of “upgrading the hardware system in your body”
  • We talked about the chemical and physiological changes that happen in your body and brain when you operate under stress (and hello, what business owner doesn’t?) that actually causes a chemical addiction to stress!
  • The chemical addictions our body has to stress then causes us to continually self-sabotage and how to retrain your body to get addicted to happiness.
  • The 7 minute meditation you can use daily to reduce your body’s addiction to stress and detox your body’s stress cravings and retrain your body to get addicted to happiness instead.

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Guy’s Bio

Guy Lawrence is a coach, speaker, wellness advocate and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Let It In. A program designed to help people bridge the gap between the life they live and the life they truly want to live, using meditation and the language of neuroscience.

This is facilitated via live workshops, retreats and the online Let it In Academy membership-based community program. He also supports people via his podcast called ‘The Guy Lawrence Podcast’. These include conversations with pioneering experts that go well beyond conventional health, wealth and wisdom to inspire change in our lives.

A Special Message From Janet

Thank you so much for being here. I know there are a lot of podcasts you could choose to listen to  and you chose to join me on Romance Your Tribe Radio.


I’m honoured and  grateful for your support.

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Read The Transcript Here

Janet Beckers:                  Hello everybody. Janet Beckers here. I am very excited to introduce you to my guest today, Guy Lawrence. Good day Guy!

Guy Lawrence:                 Hello? How are ya?

Janet Beckers:                  Really good! Guy and I have literally known of each other for one day. And and I don’t know when I just sort of, it’d be I became aware of Guy and then I went and listened to a recording of a podcast that he’d done with a mutual friend of ours, James Schramko. And I looked at his website and I thought, Whoa, this guy, like why don’t we know each other? So yeah, so inviting Guy to be my guest. He was really two parts. You know, there was the really selfish part. Here’s a really cool guy who talks my language and I really want to get to know him. And also, wow, he’s got an awesome story that is really going to help a lot of people because not only will you be able to relate to the journey that he’s just been recently on, but also he’s got some really great strategies that’s going to be able to help you with the whole congruency mindset, like totally being you in your brand. So I am really looking forward to these two parts of today. So to get started, guy, let’s just dive straight in and just, if you can just tell us like who is it that you serve and how do you do it? Like what do you do?

Guy Lawrence:                 Firstly, thank you for the kind words. That are awesome introduction. I really appreciate it. Look, it’s lovely to be here. Ah, what do I do? I actually help people demystify meditation from a neuroscience perspective to create transformation from the inside out. That’s probably the simplest way I could say it. So we come from a state and a way of being and that way of being becomes more congruent in our lives over time. And I also teach people how to, to literally upgrade their, their hardware system within the body. So it’s almost like taking windows version 2.0 to windows 2020 or something like that you could say. Yeah. Yeah. And that effect, within actually alter a lot of hormonal and chemical responses within the body that we have kind of become depend upon all the time. And that becomes our familiarity. So if you’re willing to start to look at this and start thinking about it from that place, you can then start to operate and start to feel emotionally and see things differently in, it starts to change your perception.

Janet Beckers:                  Oh wow, this is really interesting. And yeah, this is Janet’s happy place. Everybody, when you’ve got some serious kind of, well, I mean meditation is not, we will, I mean it’s, you know, when you’ve got some really serious stuff that allows you to just really tap those parts of your brain that you don’t normally have access to and then have those things that sometimes it’s hard to visualize them because they are in your, in your imagination. And then to have the science beside it, like that is my, you know, that makes me happy. I love that combo. I’m kind of like a, we were scientists, so we’re gonna, we’re gonna really have some fun and we’re gonna sort of divide this this interview into two parts. So in the second part, we’re going to dive in further to what you’ve just been talking about Guy around this whole switching the hardware. I love that analogy and some really practical strategies from that lovely science meets woo-woo. And so we’re gonna dive into that in the second part to really help you in your business. And you’ll see in this first part here, like why it’s so important because the thing that I really loved about your story guy is you already have an exceptionally successful business, which you chose to walk away from in order to start something new. So would you mind sharing your story there about what happened and we’ll dive into not only why you did it, but we’ll start then talking about how, like what did you do?

Guy Lawrence:                 Sure, yeah, and you know, it was it was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make my entire life without a shadow of a doubt. And to fill people in. I was in a partnership with a company called 180 nutrition and 180 nutrition. We essentially started in 2010 and we were a natural supplement company. So we actually sold like a whole food protein to the fitness market. And it was really interesting what you said earlier about science meets woo-woo, where you’ve got like this divide. We got scientists over here and you’ve got the woo-woo over there. And as far as I’m concerned, both camps have really valid things that we can bring together. Well, back in the fitness days, so when I’m a fitness trainer, back then we had the hardcore fitness junkies that would buy protein shakes and I’d muscle man or bikini bodies or weight loss this and get ripped that and all, you know, all these crazy words with crazy chemicals and crazy things.

And I was actually working people with cancer at the time, helping them rehabilitate with weight training programs, helps strengthen them, right? So we couldn’t give them these products. And I’m thinking, if this is the fitness and health industry, what the hell is going on? And then on the other side, you had the complete hippie dippy, almost Byron Bay green powder, live up in the Hills, eat your plants. And, and there was like these really polarizing things going on. And my, my thing was, well, they both have valid things that are good. Why can’t we stop bringing this together? And Lord and behold, I came up with an idea of bringing out a natural protein product to the fitness industry. And that’s what we did, right? But interestingly, at the time, China, I was, I was in a lot of debt. I had been stock trading for many years to not great success, which accumulated the debt.

I was working as a fitness trainer. But, and I don’t want to put this into context because I want to people who understand how difficult it was for me to make the decision when I ended up making it. And Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferris, these guys were my heroes back while I was reading their books in 2008, 2009. And the only thing I could see because I didn’t have a budget or anything, was to take on the online space because the cost of entry was quite low. Right. And, and I started, and by 2012 I started a podcast and we grew the band in 180 nutrition and, and it, and we exploded like, you know, within three and a half years, we were turning over several million dollars a year, if not more than it was growing. And we were kind of like, Whoa. But at the same time is shattered a lot of my beliefs about health and fitness because, because my podcast at the time that we were doing with 180 when podcasting was earlier, we penetrated the market easier.

And by the time I left stepped done on in 180 nutrition in 2017 we were having a 3 to 4 million downloads I think we were at. And, but, but it was exposing me to a lot of great leaders all around the world. Like could literally go, I want to get them on the podcast and I could reach out and they’ll pretty much say yes. So I was like a kid in a candy store in the house fields and all this. As you can imagine, you really start to see the world through a different lens. And I was fascinated about what the hell was going on in the health industry because you know, we’ve got more technology and have ever got more information than ever, but people are still getting sick. And that’s where I was coming kind of coming from especially I’ve been working with cancer patients.

But then I started looking at even deeper like what were the root causes? What were all driving actions? Why are we making these decisions even though we know we should be doing something different? What is the, why are we repeating the same old patterns? What is going on within the body? And that started for me to look at what I’m doing now. Looking at the mindfulness being able to develop our awareness, develop a level of consciousness that would then allow us to see something from a different level of mind, to what level of mind that created the problem in the first place. How can we do that? Do we have the gifts already within us? Are we always looking for an external to fix an internal problem? And the more I looked at these things, the more I was like, Oh my God, why doesn’t more people know about this work? Right? Imagine it’s all of a sudden, as I was going deeper and deeper into the work myself, I was almost unveiling because it’s fair to say that all of us right now and not the same person we are 10 years ago, we’ve evolved from our, from the problems that we’ve had from the, the difficulties from the trials and tribulations, we’ve able to grow wisdom from those challenges. So it’s safe to say that we almost need challenges to allow us to grow as a human being. Right.

Janet Beckers:                  But on [inaudible] that’s, you know what, this is something I wanted to point out that I love because it’s gonna make sense, you know, not make sense. It will really relate to the, the next part of your story. I love how at each Todd here it’s like at each little step that you’ve gone, like from, you know, being the PT, working with people with cancer and thinking this is not going to work. You’ve got exposed to things that really challenged the way that you thought. So that’s where this company started. But then because you had this wonderful exposure, which w what I love about podcasting of being exposed to all these new things, again, you evolved yourself like you, so at each stage you kind of outgrew, correct. You were able

Guy Lawrence:                 To deliver, but there is a, there is a cat. There’s a cat via to that though, is that it was, I turned philosophy because information is just philosophy. If you don’t action it. Yeah, good point. So, so I was literally action and then the things that I was learning. So then I was going off on on different rabbit holes going, well I’m going to put myself through this to see if what they say in is factual so I could have an embodied experience and experience something for myself. Otherwise it’s still only philosophy and the moment is philosophy. We can only then interpret it from our past experiences. So from our past experiences are shaping our belief system to the way we perceive the world in any given situation. So we have to fill in the gaps, if that makes sense. So you have to have a new experience to challenge old beliefs.

But if you’re not willing to step into the unknown and let go of control, then you generally will then keep re patterning the same things because you, you’re clinging onto the familiar because you’ve identified to you are the one that feels safe. But that’s the very things that can be holding us back. So I was very aware of that. So, funnily enough, the work that I teach is almost like the self fulfilling thing because I was, as I do the work, I’m coming up against my own limitations and challenges because it’s starting to unveil the truths within me. So then it’s making me go, Oh, do I want to go the truth or do I want to just keep myself safe and buried and stay over here for another six months and delay the process. But of course as we know that, you know, a two say can end up becoming a two’s this out if you don’t actually listen to the warning signals. So,

Janet Beckers:                  Oh, I love that analogy. It’s an, and you know what you’ve mentioned, I was saying, you know, Janice have you place, you know, here’s where we make science. Janet’s happiest place is when you put bringing the third thing, which is take some action. And that’s exactly what you’re saying. Like if you’re, you know, by actually taking that action on what you’re learning, your, you know, you’re developing yourself, you know, it becomes that more than philosophy. That’s such, you know, it’s, and that’s that last step that so many people don’t do.

Guy Lawrence:                 Exactly. And that’s just the first steps, the biggest, because you’re coming at it with the correct intention behind it, you know, and, and it’s really important when it comes to this work as well. So, so I guess to wrap up the story and finish the answer to your question was that as I delved into this work more and as 180 had grown, there’s more responsibilities, it’s become a brand. We’re selling a product and I just felt myself drifting off into a different lane and I was in a partnership and at the end of the day we were, we were both changing, you know, it was like being in a marriage where you come to the, you come to the point where you think, you know what? We need to go our separate ways and let’s be, let’s be two adults here and, and remained good friends and, and do the correct thing.

Because obviously the work I’m doing now, I couldn’t really take the brand in that direction. That was unfair on my partner. And at the same time upon and wasn’t really interested in what I was doing. And you know, and there’s money involved, there’s manufacturers involved at distribution involved, there’s all these things. And, and I felt that my values were changing you know, just on a personal level. So I wanted to then maneuver in that direction. And the more I was then holding on to the Oaks, it was, it was like, well guy, if you really want to get out there and teach this work, you gotta be all in mate. You’ve got to walk the talk, you gotta live it. And, and, and I knew that in my heart of hearts. So I made it. Then my decision became quite easy because as much as it scared me, I realized I’m in my own.

I was, you know, it challenged my own self worth, my own ability, my own belief, you know, my own fear. Everything was arising. But at the same time I felt I had the toolkit that what I was wanting to teach others of, of how to do that from an emotional and mental component to hold the space for yourself to allow at least transitions to move, to move through into the new chapter. And I think we all have new chapters in life, whether it be work, relationships you know, money, careers, whatever it might be. But we need to do that. Like seasons. We’ll instead of running from them, we need to honor them and just create the right environment to allow ourselves to move through them. Otherwise they persist.

Janet Beckers:                  And you know what, I just love the way that you have described this because I know that there will be a lot of people who are listening to this that have been feeling that same incongruency of, you know, what this is, I’ve evolved and what I’ve, my business that I’ve created, it’s not, it’s not a good match anymore. And then what’s the decision? Do I make, do I stay in that business and then perhaps seek that self-fulfillment somewhere else or do I, you know, do I have to change things? Either renovate the business, which always didn’t have that ability. It would have not worked or detonated. Like in your case, you didn’t, didn’t hate the business, but you didn’t that your role in it. And you know, it’s, I know exactly that feeling when you were saying that, you know, it was, it was a tough decision to do.

Like it’s really becomes a pivot point in your life because I know for me I know quite a few people listening. He will know this story. You know, the roadmaps we’ll try brand at the time he recorded, this is only about 18 months old. Before then it was wonderful web women, which was multi award winning business, really well known. I’ve been going for 10 years. It’s, you know, it was my baby, but I’d outgrown it. It wasn’t reflecting what I did anymore. It was no longer a business about women role models and women for women I had was different to that. And that in congruence easy. I probably should have made the switch years before, but it was so difficult to do that. It was a like letting my baby go and when I finally I, you know, to make that decision, I had to work with a friend with a coach to work through that so that he could let me see that actually this is the right decision and I just, it was a true grief.

Like I grieved the loss of me saying goodbye to that business. Like it was a true physical grief. But at that same time, like any really good grief, it’s cathartic. It was great. So I totally get it. It’s like it is a tough decision to make, but, and you know, and we’ll get, we’ll dive into this a bit more now. It allows you [inaudible] you can hold yourself back and if your business, it can be really holding your business back because energetically you know that what you’re putting out there is not really you, not not the whole of you anymore. And so people can feel like it just, I could feel that my business was starting to shrink even though we were doing all the same things on the surface, but that, that energy was wrong. It was sabotaging and white anting it did. Did you find that, did you feel something like that was happening with you?

Guy Lawrence:                 Oh, totally. I can still relate to everything you said there. Things were getting harder for us constantly. There were so many things starting to go against us that you could just go, what are the odds on that?

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah.

Guy Lawrence:                 You know, it was ridiculous and we just knew that there was an incongruency here with us and to, to move on. And, and, you know, the moment I stepped down to move on, I didn’t have at the time I didn’t have a brand. I didn’t have a name. I, I, I just had an, I just knew that that was the direction I was going and I want to get this book to the masses. That was it. And you know, I kind of had an idea of big picture stuff of, you know, like we spoke about earlier about going into retreats and working more with people and being able to facilitate a community and, and bring people together to really start to learn this work. But at the same time I had no fricking idea I was going to do it. None. But the moment I stepped out and give myself a bit of space to be, and things start opening up, things tie the line and you know, if you’re congruent and you take action and that action normally leads to the next action and then the next and then things start to support the way.

But you just have to be very mindful that you don’t let the fear based decisions that got you in trouble in the first place. Keep creeping in again and holding you back. Otherwise you can be presented with different opportunities and instead of it, you know, when you get that instant reaction, this feels good. I’m going to do you know what? Let’s say, Oh no, maybe I’m not ready yet. Maybe I shouldn’t do this. You know, and then all of a sudden your, your will, you’re planting, you’re, you’re, you’re, you’ve got the handbrake on of what it is you’re trying to move towards. So there’s a very fine,

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah, you know, you are spot on because actually that is a really good thing for us to bring up is that, okay, so you’ve, you took the plunge and what is the aim so people can go in and, and see your, your websites. So where do they go to, to see on your business?

Guy Lawrence:                 All right. Yeah, so they’d just go to my, my name guy, lawrence.com dot. EU and my programs called let it in,

Janet Beckers:                  In excellence. And I love her. When you were saying like, you know, we actually were talking a little bit before we got on that you knew that ultimately you want it to be sending people that you would be running, running these transformational retreats, but you didn’t know how it was going to happen. So you had to, you know, work out that process. I think it’s a really important thing for people to be able to know beforehand that just because you’ve got congruent, you know where you’re going, it doesn’t all automatically fall into place because you will have, as you’ve been saying, you know these things, you know, you’ll see the opportunities and you’ll take the right ones. Wow. At that same time, it’s still a matter of going, okay, have I got it right? Have I got the model right, have the client’s got? And making those fear-based decisions is actually a really important thing and total transparency.

I’ve just gone through that like in the last month or so, like everything, you know, all in the branding, all the projects and everything has gone. It’s gone right? Like it’s gone really, really well. And, but I was, I was thinking, well, something’s going wrong here. What, why am I energetically pulling back, you know, is this, you know, then, then you start this, you know, the psycho babbling, what is happening here? But that’s when I realized, you know what I realized one of the programs I’ve got, I’m not walking my talk. I’ve got out of incongruency because I’m not, I don’t have a way to continue to support them. So I K I’m going to have to make the tough decision. I’m going to convert my $2,000 program into an ongoing membership so I can keep on helping people that don’t kind of get left when the program is finished. So interestingly, sometimes you’ll get those things where it does come out of incongruency and you don’t know why, but you’ll notice it because the business starts getting white painted and you can’t see why. You know, there’s no obvious reason you’re doing all the right marketing. So you think, okay, come on universe luck. What am I energetically putting out here that is just stopping this and then take the action. So is that something that you’ve been experienced that you’ve experienced as well guy?

Guy Lawrence:                 Totally. Totally. You know, when, when I, when I stepped down and stepped into this, I was like, okay I kind of had the idea I wanted to move towards a membership model. But I didn’t know how I was going to do it and I didn’t know how I was going to get members in there because I remember I started from ground zero again. All of a sudden I’ve, I’ve, you know, from having a podcast for the huge reach, I got nothing from having social media with a huge reach. I’ve got nothing. I got, I got, I’ve got no SEO Google ranked website anymore. Like it’s literally start again. And I’m like, wow. But it was so refreshing and I didn’t care. I literally go, great, well I don’t care about the numbers, I don’t care about anything. I’m just gonna. If, if I’m congruent, it will reveal.

It’s the way it will reveal itself. And then all of a sudden cause I knew workshops is what I wanted to do. Somebody offered me an opportunity to run a workshop up in the sunshine coast and I was like, Oh, okay. And I said, yes, I didn’t even know what I was gonna talk about. No idea. And I thought, Oh, I’ll, and the reality is these days, so I, I actually did it for free. I turned up and the people that turned up, they were nearly 30 they had no idea cause he hadn’t communicated to what they were coming in for properly. I just assumed he would. Right? So there’s all mistakes, right? And all of a sudden I’m in front of a cold audience going, Oh, you’re got no idea what the hell I’m doing. You know what I’m on about it. You just hold free talks every week in the members come in.

And just so he was really interested in and so all of a sudden I kind of stuffed up straight off the bat and I could have walked away from there going, Oh my God, I’m a disaster. What was I thinking? Blah blah blah. But I walked away from going, cool. And I took all the positives out of it. And then, then I left all the negatives and then I thought, right, when, when’s my next workshop, I’ve got to line up my more so I can refine all my mistakes in the first one. You know? And, and it just went from there. And then all of a sudden I ended up doing 34 workshops in or in about 1214 months period.

Janet Beckers:                  Oh, I love it. I’ll tell you what, that is a lesson there. Most people would have gone all, look, I suck at this. That was a bad experience. Obviously that’s not the right model for me. I’ll go and do something different. Exactly. You just demonstrate, you know, you’ve just really modeled amazing resilience.

Guy Lawrence:                 Yeah. So I wanted to get front and back of people, right. So then I built a website and then I wanted to see if I could get them into a membership. But the membership, it was very hard to sell people that come for the first night straight into a membership because they come in for a physical application. But then the online transition wasn’t as great and I could see that and I, and I thought, why I, they could only actually experience what we’re actually creating in here. I could do it, but I hadn’t even, that was still all in my mind. So then instead I created a four week program where it was like there’s going to be a start date and an end date. And then I did a beta test from, I run, you know, five, six workshops. And then I got enough people to bring into a four week program.

I didn’t even know if the four week program was going to work or not because where they’re going to think is to rule or whether they’re going to love it. I mean I was terrified and putting this out there cause I’m, this is my heart and soul, this is, I’ve left my company to do this and then I think I’m a bloody crackpot. I don’t know. Like all these things are going on. And I remember putting it out there, I had 30 odd people sign up to it and I couldn’t believe what happened. You know, it was just, it was just magic. Like the, there was, there was a real connection. And then at the end of the four weeks cause I was so heavily involved as well and everyone, it was a beta test and you know, I’d even ring them and say, Hey, how are you going?

You’re on week three you know, I like, I loved all over them. I just wanted this time and, and I still do to this day, this day though, like it’s really important. And because I’m so passionate about it and, and, and, and I got enough and there was all of a sudden there was a demand from the people to say, well one, now I’ve learned so much, I don’t want this to end. How can we continue to connect? And I was like, wow, now I’m going to start a membership. And, and I think 20 odd of the 30 odd signed up for the membership. Most of them are still with me 18 months later.

Janet Beckers:                  That is brilliant.

Guy Lawrence:                 So I didn’t know, I didn’t know what software, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I just knew, keep going, guy, just keep going, guy, go and, and, and, and I did. I mean, obviously I have skills that I’ve learned from the online space and money savvy businessmen, so, yeah. But, but, but from a mindset and heart perspective, it was just like, just keep leaning in. I love the term leaning in and you know, and that’s when I started coming and looking at different software and, and membership models and looking at different, and then getting my own mentors, just like I’m mentoring people to do this. I needed to find mentors to help me. Yeah. That have walked the ground that I want to go to, you know? So that’s what happened next.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah. That’s and I love the, the thing that you’ve said that you, you tried the membership site on at summit, it was hard to get people in. So I’ll just try this and see what happens. And you’ve listened to your clients. So now you know, you know, a talk to a four week program to a membership is a model that will work. But you don’t know unless you’re re like, like guy that you’re willing to treat it as well. Let’s just see if this is gonna work. And if it doesn’t, it doesn’t mean the whole of it doesn’t work. There’s maybe some parts of it. I mean that’s how I started my higher end. Attract your tribe accelerator. I just was running a program and then people were saying, I want some more of your help. And I said, well you reckon if I made like a higher priced program, would that help people?

And then people went, Oh, alright, so you just don’t know until you actually take that first step. And then, yeah, really good point. So what we might do guy, if that’s okay now is for people that are, you know, that would be some people that are listening and they’ll be going, you know what? I’m in that position now where I know I’ve got to make a change. Or you might be that your business is going really well, but you’re wanting to take the next step. Maybe you’re wanting to get it online or leverage and that’s scary or you’ve been struggling hard and these things haven’t quite never what quite worked in the business. So you might need to have some of these skills that are gonna help you to be able to like work out what’s wrong. And you do take on those beautiful, you know, that lovely, you know, connecting, you know, emotionally and spiritually, but also in a practical way. So this is your specialty. So if you’ve got people that, okay, we’ve got the scenario of right, I get it, guy, this is, you know, I know that I’ve got to do this practically. Like how am I going to do it? Like what’s the first steps that I’ve gotta take so that I know that whatever I am going to create, he’s actually going to be congruent. I’m not going to find myself wrapped again.

Guy Lawrence:                 Great question. And I think it’s one of the most people’s struggles and, and feeling on purpose and feeling congruent and then stepping into that, knowing if it’s the right thing or not. Yeah, right. Well, first of all, I think we can never fully know until we walk the path. So it’s so, so the one of the biggest, one of the worst decisions you can make is indecision and not making a choice. I think that that kills first, right? So, so, so you want to take that out, indecision out then this either yay or nay, we move, push on that or we pulled back. But I think one of the the things that, the first thing that came to my mind with that is if I just break this down for a sec, because if you, 70 to 80% of people in the Western society are running from the hormones of stress, maybe more, right? So that’s, I would say it’s higher. Right? And, and just to put that in perspective, 80% of health related cases I called the doctors never thing is stress related, even though there’s a chronic illness coming from it. So when you’re stressed, there’s a, there’s there’s a part of your brain, I think it’s the prefrontal cortex starts to shrink. And then from that position, you then end up starting to perceive every single situation from fear based response. So you’re constantly running on worst case scenario,

Janet Beckers:                  Right? And that’s actually happening from a physiological point, right?

Guy Lawrence:                 That’s happening from a physiological point, okay? Because the body is hardwired to maintain homeostasis and keep you safe. So all of a sudden you’re stacking the odds up against you. Now, what is the one thing humans want to avoid? It’s feeling pain or feeling any, anything of a negative connotation. Why do we, if you break it all the way down to what incident, I’m trying to avoid this because it’s going to make us feel a certain way and we don’t want to go there. So we avoid that, right? So let’s think about that. So what are we very good at in Western society when it comes to this work is keeping ourselves distracted. Rice. Okay. All right. So we have destruction constantly led for you and your listeners and everyone here. Think of the last time that you, I didn’t fill in an empty moment with something. Oh,

Janet Beckers:                  Well, I mean even if I do have an empty moment, it’ll be doing something mindful, but it’s still a practical thing like painting Saturday circles. So even for me when I’m, I’m just thinking, Oh yeah, I do that. No, it’s still,

Guy Lawrence:                 But that, that, that does allow you though to find a flow space and just become present with the brush in the moment and, and have a mindfulness practice, which is beautiful. I think many of us are you know, we, we constantly connected to our phone. We constantly connected our social media, have a constantly rushing around. We don’t set up our day correctly. We don’t have maybe a routine that we’ll honor ourselves first. We will become everything to everyone and everyone else around us and we’re not turning that love back inward and having something for ourself, not practice first. So my point being is, is that if you start to eliminate the distractions, the stresses and start to reset the homeostasis, you start to pull away from all that and you start to see things for how they truly are not for how you perceived them to be. So we are, we’re always ended up dumping on our perception of any given situation. So quite often our business, some of these keen behind me,

Janet Beckers:                  I can see your wife, I could, you were watching new.

Guy Lawrence:                 Yeah. so quite often the the, I’ve lost my train of thought completely now. The way we perceive in anything, in any situation, even in a business situation would actually bring in all of that into the way we perceive in that moment. And then all of a sudden we’re having a warped perception of what’s actually going on. And sometimes it’s hard to get then get clarity. And because we don’t have clarity and we want to stay in control because we’ve made every other decision unconsciously from a control best place, the thought of us losing control in any way drives us, can terrify us. Cause then all of a sudden we can stop beating ourselves up and we can then reprove ourselves that we were right on knew I shouldn’t have done this, I shouldn’t have done that, I can be. And then all of a sudden we have a felt fulfilling prophecy from the way we think in the way we feel and we continue to stay stuck in that loop. So

Janet Beckers:                  Tell me, I mean, I just, you know, as you were saying that I know that I was thinking, Oh, have you been okay listening to now reading my mind? You know, like, you know, cause there’s different steps that you go through and I know that there’ll be a lot of people here listening, going, yeah, you know, you were just describing that exactly what happens. Exactly what goes through my mind. The thing that I’m thinking of is, okay, so you’ve got this on a, there’s a physiological thing that’s happening there that’s, that’s, you know, it’s not necessarily something that you can just change by going, right. No for that girlfriend snap out of it. Let’s just chill out and stopping, you know, stop seeing things from a fear point. If it’s physiological, like there’s some things you’ve got to change there that

Guy Lawrence:                 Absolutely, because you keep firing a signal from the physiology app, not the other way around. Like where, where do we spend most of our time in our heads. Like we constantly in our heads, we’re on the screen, we sit in a chair all day. We’ve, we quite dentistry and we’re in the conscious thinking mind, but we never get into, you know, 95% of the body. Like we’re, we’re a community of trillions and trillions of cells that are all interconnected and send an information with each other. You know, that’s the subconscious mind and there’s a lot of wisdom in there. But because we spend so much time in our thinking mind trying to solve it from an analytical process, that’s when we can stay stuck in our patterns. So a lot of this work is allowing to get out of that mind that, that, that stress response that’s fire in the autonomic nervous system, your stress sympathetic nervous system for anyone that wants to geek out, you know, the fight or flight that’s continually firing, that that is the filter.

That is the gateway between you, your body, every cell in your body and packet to the lens. That way you see the world. That’s the interim. And it’s about if you can start sending a different signal to that, the wisdom of the body will literally start to surrender and let go. And then you start to get out of these stress responses and then that will start to affect the way you perceive any given situation. So that’s where the tools started coming in. So as you start to influence the body and it gets you out of the mind and you start coming into the subconscious more and you start finding more flow States and find more creative States, you really start to then flow. And as you start to roll with things to a degree and you start to know that you’re, you’re on fire on purpose, this feels right, feels right.

I didn’t say think’s right, it feels wrong and we’ve really got to be connected the way we feel and you know, which is the biggest organ of the body that influences the autonomic nervous system that controls every single system of the body that is designed to keep you alive and safe and remain homeostasis. You know which organ it is, would it be your house or the heart? And the gut is the whole access. The brain, heart and gut access is huge at the end of the day. But we can then start to tap into that and start to instead of waiting for an external stimulus response to effect the way we respond emotionally, that then continues to fire and wire in the same way. And we’ve got this thinking and feeling loop cause the feelings we have created certain thoughts or perpetuate the same feeling that perpetuate the same thought and we stay in these loops and then all of a sudden that becomes a reality.

That’s the way. What about if we preempted this and started creating a practice where we start getting into the body and then started generating emotions without an external response that we go in would to create the response and then we start retraining the body and then all of a sudden we can slowly over time, I say over time, instead of if we willing to go there and start to retrain the nervous system instead of operating or 70 to 80% of the hormones of stress constantly, why not operate 70 or 80% of hormones cause you still need a home on to produce love, joy, gratitude, appreciation. There still needs to be a chemical response. So why not preempt those States and train the body and train every cell in your body to get addicted to those States as opposed to the others and that all of a sudden you’re going to start alleviate in the stress response and then you’re going to start to become a way of being. And then once you start to get in those States more, you’re not going to want for so much. You’re not going to be striving constantly to get to this point. When I get to this point, I’m happy because I’m happy now I have this day, I have this moment, this is a gift. The fact that we can be talking on this podcast right now and communicate and it’s amazing and if you yeah, if you start creating from that place daily, you can’t tell me you’re not going to make end roads going forward long term.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah. So I mean I loved your line of imagine if instead of, you know, your addiction is to the stress, if your addiction is to the hormones that get released from love. So to that type, this too, like some practical steps that people can take this week, some action steps that’s going to help people to be able to start. I, you know, reprogramming so that they’re not having that addiction, you know, to the stress that they’re starting to develop that lovely addiction too. I’m just going to, I mean you talked about all those other things, but I’m just going to go for love cause that’s kind of lifeline. That’s my driving force. That’s actually one. That’s one of my strong, you know, mission statements within our business. Everything is based on that. So I know that people, when they come to, I mean I know that you’ve got all the tools you’ve, that’s your, that’s what you’ve created for people this week. Like just one or two action steps that they can take this week. It’s going to start that process.

Guy Lawrence:                 Sure. There’s a, there’s a, I’ll give it, there’s a few, few steps because at the end of the day, there’s a term in neuroscience called metacognition. Okay. A metacognition means being in the witness, being the observer, like who’s thinking about your thoughts? Can you think about your thoughts? Yeah. So who’s doing the thinking? It’s the essence of you and metacognition is about being the observer. So there’s a F. So one simple exercise you could do daily is, is just for five days or a week, set your alarm to go off once an hour and check in with yourself. Where am I at right now? Am I running on stress? I’m a, I may find myself rushing around. Am I continuing to feed my body hormonally that I have done for the last eight years or whatever? What are my thoughts right now? Am I thinking negative negatively? I mean, according to the model of psychology, I’m 70% of our are generally negative each day.

Janet Beckers:                  Yeah, that’s sad.

Guy Lawrence:                 Maybe long like you know, I often joke in a, in a workshop where I say, you know, if I put a megaphone up to your head and I can turn it on and hear what’s coming out, what would be the tone of that? What would it be? The energetic feel of that right now. And, and I would say, would you talk to somebody else like that? And they’d be like, no way. It’s like, well, why do we talk to ourselves like that? What is reinforcing that action in the first place? So as you can imagine, if you, if you’ve got a negative loop and then a negative connotation, then it’s going to create a negative emotion and feeling. And because it’s how feeling if feels real to us, but it’s not necessarily real. It’s just coming from our own perception of the any given situation.

So it takes a level of humility to step outside of that. And that’s the first point. It’s almost like trying to break a sugar junkie down or something where you know you can’t, you’re trying to get off sugar and the moment you start the night in your body of that sugar, what starts to happen? Cravings, right? It’s the same with your thoughts because he’s producing chemicals every time you think you’re having a chemical addiction going on from the way you behave and think. So that’s why just as the simple of act of checking in every single hour, you’re giving yourself an opportunity to break that cycle. That’s not going to happen overnight. Yeah, it’s a practice. This is a practice on a process. You know, I, I catch myself negatively every day still is things, but I learn and got the tools and things constantly listen. Many other elements you can cause you can use physical aspects as well too, to stimulate the nervous system and start to change that. But, but that is a simple thing. And if you don’t want to interrupt it, that means your you’re driven more by the way you’re being and you don’t actually want to change that so the your past experiences are holding you back more than the way you want to embody your future.

Janet Beckers:                  Love it. You know what, that is such a really simple practical tool. I mean I’m a person that has an alarm that goes off all the time. Like I’ve got an alarm that goes off at 10 to 8, have you planned today yet Janet? Another one that goes off at the end of the night at 9 o’clock, what’s three things you’re grateful for Janet? I mean there’s all these little… So I can really relate to the practicality of, yeah, just try it for a week everybody. Every hour during your waking hours, do what Guy says, have that alarm that goes off that is that trigger for you to go observe. I think that that is a brilliant idea and just being that reality check off, dd I want to do the reframe? Did I want to put myself up here or am I just actually really enjoy wallowing in this? Just that simple activity I can really see how that can totally change what you’re doing. Because people will very often set the intention of, you know what, I’m going to observe, I’m going to, but very often we’ll just get busy and not do it. So that simple alarm thing.

Guy Lawrence:                 Yup. And then to layer upon that knowing that the heart is the, an organ of influence is that if you bring your awareness, you can put literally put your fingers, I mean I have a free guided meditation and we spoke about earlier, but for seven minutes, which guides you through this process for essentially to put your fingers on your heart and close your eyes. You can then take your all your sensory experience. Think about it, right? You’ve got your senses, it constantly on with this, you’re trying to shut all that down. You pretend all your awareness inward into the most powerful organ in the heart.

And you’re now telling your body, I feel safe. I’m here, I’m now. And that’s allowing to start to break. That stimulus is going on in the moment. And if you bring all your awareness to that center and you start to breathe in and breathe out, imagine breathing in and bringing out of your heart center. You can then start, cause there’s a whole huge other component about the breath as well and how it influences the autonomic nervous system. But with those combined, you can literally start to change those States back in. So then instead of if you start to then preempt the feelings of gratitude, of joy, of appreciation, you start to visualize those things that deeper meaningful things in your life. Why? Why are we running a business? Why am I taking these steps? Why do I want to earn that money? What’s it all leading for?

What meaning to what is it I want to bring into my life? What is my end result look like? If you bring all that and start to visualize that while you’re holding it there in your heart, you’re really going to start to influence that stress response greatly. And then you bring in a lot more meaning and remind that why you’re really doing these things in the first place. What is going to drive you up in the morning? What is your purpose? And as you start to get away from those States over the weeks, over the months, and you start becoming more in a way of being and start creating a practice in the morning, you could start first thing before you do anything. Do that. I mean it’s seven minutes long, right? Then reframing yourself and then instead of having a day that might snowball out of the wrong direction, you really starting to set yourself up for more meaningful day. And as you find more meaning, if you can find more meaning in the moment, more meaning and more consciously present with the person you’re about to speak to in the street or in the coffee shop or whatever it is you’re doing and that start acting those things. I promise you the ideas will start to flow more. The synchronicities will start to flow more because you’re starting to let go and you let them go with the grip that’s been holding us and behaving a certain way

Janet Beckers:                  For a long, long time. I love it. So you know what I might do just just to wrap up, cause honestly I could, I could talk to them for days, just days because really once you, you know, once you know strategies, when it comes to growing your business, you know, that’s, that’s just the basics. You know, the things that grows your business and grows you personally is the stuff we’re talking about today. But this is the stuff that makes decisions easier. This stuff that gives you the confidence to step up. Like you can never ever have enough mastery of this kind of work. And I love how you’ve really talked about those physical things and that addiction. I totally relate to that addiction to the stress where you may have, where you might say to yourself, no I’m not. You’ve talked about that. And I love how you’ve got that counter.

Like for, so this is, I’m actually going to, I’m making a pledge to everybody here because this actually is a loop back to when you were saying your evolution came from you taking action on everything that you’ve learned from these wonderful, wonderful people that you interviewed. That’s how my business, no wonderful web women grew from me doing weekly interviews. This is people pre podcast people would pay for them back then. And I just made a, you know, every week I would tell you one thing that they had said and it skyrocketed the business, that simple thing. So this is what I’m doing everybody. So I am challenging you to do the same. So first of all, I am going to go over to guys website and I’m going to download that seven minutes meditation, the daily meditation. So this is my commitment to everybody else here.

I’m going to diarize it so this, this interview won’t be going live for, it’ll be just over a month or so away. So I have got time when this goes live, I will be able to share with you, you know, the actions that I took because I will have had time to do this for over a month. So this is, I’m doing that in that meditation. I commit that I’m going to listen to that every morning. Okay. So I’m doing that, but also I’m going to do this alarm thing at least for a week or so until I feel like I’ve got the habit, I’m going to do the alarm thing to just make myself stop. Because even though I’ve always got like this observer Janet happening, this will make the observer, Janet sort of get stopped and listened to and then bring that energy back to heart every single time I do it. So that’s my commitment to everybody here. I double day wall to do the same as well. And to come and share with guy and share with me like how you are you, how is it working? Like how does it feel for you? And then yeah, so guy, where can people go and get this recording? The meditation…

Guy Lawrence:                 Just go back to my website guylawrence.com.Au, There’ll be a tab there saying free meditation. There’s also a bonus in there, actually I’ve got mentioned it earlier. Which is my five-step morning routines. And not only will they get a meditation, they’ll actually get a, a full five step process that will help everything that I’ve talked about in there as well.

Janet Beckers:                  Brilliant. Okay everybody, well I’ve made my commitment to you. You can all ask me and I will, you know, I know that you’re going to ask me cause I’ve just told you to. So I got to do it now and I’m, I’m really looking forward to it. These simple tiny actions are the things that actually make the difference and you know, committing to somebody else to do it. So I double dare you to do this, but also commit are that somebody else in your family come over to the romance. You tried the free Facebook group and committed in there. You know, that’s where I’ll be talking about what I’m doing and, and you know, we can hold each other accountable if you’re part of the new Success Circle, which at the time of recording does not exist, but a will by the time you’re saying to this man, we will be, we will definitely be you know, implementing this over there.

So come and share but find somebody to be accountable so that you actually do it a B. So thank you so much for your time today guys. This has been really, really fascinating. I’ve just really enjoyed, you know, this whole story and I would love to hear from people you know, if you’ve got something from today co go and stalk guy and let him know. Okay. Cause that means a lot to us to get some feedback. Come you should be stalking me anyway. Okay. So if you’re listening to this, like come and tell me and if you here on iTunes, I’d love it if you’d liver reviewed yes. Telling us what did you get out of this particular episode would be super cool. Or wherever it is that your finding me just come and tell me what you’ve done. Because that’s the most rewarding thing is to know you’ve taken some action as a result of what we’ve shared today. So go get them baby. And I’m really looking forward to hearing everybody’s stories. Bye. Thank you. Okay.

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