Facebook Messenger Bots For Business

Facebook Messenger Bots For Business

One of the things I find really frustrating about keeping in touch with my subscribers and customers, is how difficult it can be to get your emails to even land in people’s inboxes (so many get blocked) and then fighting for attention in crowded inboxes.

Don’t get me wrong, email is still a powerful medium, but with an average open rate of 20% (in my industry anyway), surely there is a better way to get more people to even read your messages?

Well, yes there is.

There is a medium that currently has open rates that average 80%.

Plus it has click through rates (the percent of people who click links in the communication) that are 10 times the average rates of emails.

That medium is Facebook Messenger Bots.

Now I’ll be totally open here, I’ve done workshops and courses on bots, set some up in our biz and really done a pretty mediocre and half-hearted attempt.

That will be changing in 2019.

So to advise on how to use Facebook Messenger Bots for business I called up a friend who I met at a conference, Sue Prentice. When I met Sue, she shared over drinks the incredible success her business has had with Facebook Messenger Bots. Sue sells awesome bluetooth earphones for runners (I know because I use them).

This episode of Romance Your Tribe Radio is direct from the trenches with Sue sharing how you can use Facebook Messenger Bots in your business. Sue uses bots in her business every single day, which means she has put her own money on the line to test and tweak strategies that work. This is far better than someone who has only ever managed bots for someone else.

Plus an extra bonus, which I only found after I invited Sue to be my guest, is she has now opened a new “done-for-you” Facebook Messenger bot business (hello, someone to create the great bots you’ll see me using this year).

In this episode we cover:

  • How Sue and I met and why I call her Conference Barbie
  • Why Sue cancelled her email account for her business selling Bluetooth earphones for runners), even though she had industry average open rates.
  • How Facebook Messenger Bots transformed their marketing (plus she shares the stats in their biz).
  • What Facebook Messenger Bots are
  • Who should be using bots and at what stage you should think about using them (this surprised me)
  • The first bot you should create and what software to use to make it easy (which also comes with some great free training).
  • The biggest mistake people make when they start using Facebook Messenger bots for business.
  • How writing emails for marketing is very different to writing for Facebook Messenger Marketing and the simple rule to follow to create messages that convert.
  • How to combine email and Facebook Messenger bots for business.

Plus, below this week’s podcast episode, you’ll see an article explaining exactly what a Facebook Messenger bot is and where to start.

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How to use Facebook Messenger Bots for business

What is a Facebook Messenger Bot Anyway?

Do you use Facebook?

If not you’re probably one of the few people on the planet who don’t.

Have you ever sent or received a private message through Facebook?

If yes, then you have used the Facebook Messenger app.

You are one of the 1.3 BILLION monthly active users on Facebook Messenger. And it’s still growing faster than social media usage.
Are some of these your customers?

Have you ever had a conversation with a business via Facebook Messenger? Maybe asking about their product or services, registering for a webinar or similar?

Yours may have been one of the 8 BILLION messages sent between over 400k other brands and their customers each month (Facebook, May 2018).

Many of those messages may have been automated, with the questions and answers you both give personalised according to answers you give and links and buttons you click.

Think of it as a “choose your own adventure book”, except it all happens through Facebook Messenger and the conversation “decision tree” is managed through software called a “bot”.

It might sound complicated but it is easier to set up than you may think.

After all, email marketing can sound complicated when you are first introduced to the idea of automating emails, and bots are no more difficult to use.

Simple Ways To Start Using Facebook Messenger Bots For Business

Contact Bot on Website

You can create a simple Facebook Messenger Bot series to add to your website for people to contact you. It can give your contact details and also ask them questions to help understand their needs and direct them to the best place on your website.

Yep it’s still using Facebook Messenger but it is on your website.

Segment Visitors Into Different Groups You Serve

Create a Facebook Messenger Bot series that allows visitors to self select their interest (for example, if you are a real estate agent, you can ask if the visitor is buying, selling or both). Then you can answer their most common questions according to their segment.

Solve The Biggest Problems Your Customers Have That Uses Your Time

Are there questions and decisions you spend time helping people with?

For example, how to measure their sizes if you sell shoes or clothes, or how to choose which of your products / programs / services is best for them.

Book Sales Calls Discovery Sessions

If sales calls and discovery sessions are part of your conversion process, a Facebook Messenger Bot is a great way to pre-qualify visitors to see if they are right for your services and then actually book a time there in Facebook Messenger.

Build a Relationship

Just like giving away a great gift to entice people to your email list, you can do the same via a Facebook Messenger Bot. You can also drip send great value content to build trust and lead to the sale.

Make Sales Simpler

Use a Facebook Messenger Bot to speed up the sales process and in some cases, even make the sale and do the transaction directly in the bot.

A survey or Quiz

This is what you will see on my bot sometime soon (hopefully by February).

A quiz can help you segment your visitors, give them great value and insights and then lead them to the best product or service to help them. Plus you can make them fun.

It’s Action Time

There are 1.3 billion monthly active users on Facebook Messenger. 19 million of them are in Australia, millions of others in other countries around the world. These days, 65% of people would prefer to contact a business via direct message rather than phone or email.

Your customers are already on Messenger. They have a growing expectation that you will be able to answer all their questions there.

A bot will never replace a conversation with a real person. Instead, it can help automate the beginning of a conversation and if people still need help (or identify as awesome potential clients) then you can continue the conversation in person.

So, let’s get started.

Here’s your action plan:

  1. Identify the customer conversation starter that will give you the best return for you in your business (eg, which service is best for them).
  2. Check out Many Chat to create your first bot.
  3. Check out Sue’s website at Beyond Points and see the examples of different bots she has created for you to explore. For example the one on their contact us page.
  4. Go to Beyond Points Facebook page and send in “Learn more”. Go over and interact with the bot so you can understand how an expert nurtures the relationship with their customer.

Go get ‘em folks!

Sue’s Bio

A continual passion for business, ideas and branding has always kept me seeking what’s next. I believe knowledge is power. I thrive on the contagious energy around like-minded entrepreneurs, and have enjoyed travelling globally, immersed in my continual journey of my personal education.

Being born in a third world country was motivation enough, valuing what survival of the fittest really meant. An immigrant 3x over, Australia is home. I’ve been fortunate to work alongside major global brands, like IBM and QBE to name a few, perfecting the art of long standing customer relationships, some of which proudly go beyond 20 years with great friendships built along the way.

And with over 25 years under the belt and a mix of advertising and sales, working to make brands stand out I am at ease with being known to “sell ice to eskimoes”. After all, it’s sales that make the world go around. As business owners it’s what we all want. Looking back, I believe it it is all about being authentic, offering value first and being personal through conversations!

In 2014 I could not ignore the buzz in my head that was telling me the future was online. I happened to be going to the US for a 4 day training event about eCommerce when I met my business partner Giles Smith, energetic, smart and determined with the same goals. Together in 2 and a half years, we grew a 7 figure online lifestyle brand from scratch, today our products are used in 16 countries around the world. It would not have happened without investing thousands of hours and dollars in our education. Always seeking what’s next, we discovered this ground floor opportunity .

Mastering the art of Facebook Advertising and the intricacies of social media, we have proven the power of Messenger Marketing. We recently travelled to Austin for the worlds first conversation conference where the leaders in the field gathered. The results we have achieved in our eComm brand I hope will inspire you.

However, what we’re excited about is Working with other entrepreneurs is what we enjoy most. We officially launch in January and will be contributing to a great cause for every bot we build to truly make a difference in the world to underprivileged children. (can’t announce charity name yet)

A Special Message From Janet

Thank you so much for being here. I know there are a lot of podcasts you could choose to listen to  and you chose to join me on Romance Your Tribe Radio.


I’m honoured and  grateful for your support.

If you enjoyed this week’s episode, I’d love for you to take a quick minute to share your thoughts with us and leave an honest review and rating for the show over on iTunes!

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The Best Online Booking System for your coaching, consulting or service business

The Best Online Booking System for your coaching, consulting or service business

When it comes time to booking in a client for a coaching call, or a sales call or a meeting with a colleague do you do it the old fashioned, frustrating way? You know, the email relay, the calculating of time zones, accidental double bookings and then, arrrggghhh, one of you needs to reschedule and the emails and phone calls start all over again!

There is a simpler way and it’s free. Plus it makes you look like a total pro.

You need an online booking system. I recently switched to a new online booking system and it’s totally awesome.

In this article we’ll look at:

  1. What is an online Booking System
  2. The one I use now after reviewing all the ones on the market and why
  3. A peek behind the scenes video of how I use mine
  4. Some outside-the-box ideas to totally milk the most out your online booking system

So let’s get stuck into it!

What is an online Booking System?

At its simplest this a webpage, especially customised just for you, where people can see when you are available and select a time that suits them to make a booking with you. Each person who uses it sees the dates and times converted to their own time zone and your bookings can be automatically added to any online calendar you may also use so you never miss a meeting.

The Online Booking System I Use and Why

Recently I started getting “calendar envy” when I used other people’s online booking systems to book appointments with them. Their systems just seemed so much cooler than the one I had a used for years, Time Trade.

So I decided to change. The first step was to ask everyone I knew what their favourite online booking systems were (hello Facebook). Then I got my virtual team to investigate each option and create a comparison table for me. Then I did the research to choose from the final 3 contenders.

Book Like a Boss won hands down. It is totally awesome.

So why did Book Like a Boss win?

Well it does everything the main competitors do but then it has all these other cool features that allow you to create a very professional looking mini-website complete with photos, videos, testimonials, FAQ, social sharing icons.

You can even add Facebook tracking pixels and automatically create Zoom meetings when people make a booking.

AND, you can also take payment for paid coaching and consulting without any percent of payment to Book Like a Boss and you could even sell products through there.

Now I only use a fraction of what this software is capable of but I can see how this is a perfect way for you to create a professional online presence while you build your own website on your own domain, and then you can still keep it to connect people to book times with you.

Cost: There is a free level that will be enough for a lot of people to start with. And it’s not a trial or dumbed down version. It’s a fair dinkum way to take bookings for free.

There are another 3 levels and they are all very competitively priced. I only need the middle package because I don’t need to take online payments (I have other systems for that).

A peek behind the scenes of how I Use my Online Booking System

In the video below I take you behind the scenes of how I’ve used Book Like a Boss to streamline my own business and give a few ideas of even more ways you can use it.

5 Outside The Box Ideas To Totally Milk Your Online Booking System

1. The Non-Website Website

Don’t have a website yet? For a really low price you can create a really professional looking website and even take payments for your services and have it up and running in no time. It’s like a no-website website. Now, I still recommend you get a website (I recommend using wordpress) and host it on your own hosting so you are in control of your main web asset, but the nice thing is:

a.) You can’t use “I need a website” to stop you taking action and getting your message and service out to the world (there goes your last excuse).

b.) When you DO get your beautiful new website created you don’t have to throw out all the work you’ve done. You will still use your Book Like a Boss page to take your bookings.

2. Pre-Qualify Potential Clients

If you’ve ever booked a call with a potential client just to realise they were never going to be a good match for your services, you know how frustrating it is for both of you. With Book Like a Boss you can set custom questions people have to answer before they can even see what spots you have on your calendar.

If they don’t like the questions, then they won’t book. If they do answer them and you realise they are a good fit for you (and you for them) you can email them BEFORE the meeting and you don’t waste each of your time.

I do this for people who are booking time to find if The Rising Stars Coaching Program is a good fit for them. It means we can both save time on the call because they have already told me their goals for the program, the problems they have, a summary of their business and why they think they will be a good fit.

3. Sell and Deliver Digital Products

Have an ebook or MP3 or video download you want to sell but don’t want to go the whole e-commerce shopping cart track yet? You can create a product description (so like a sales letter) and sell the product WITHOUT them having to book a time with you.

And because Book Like a Boss allows to create a custom message for when they book, you can include the links to their digital product right there. And because you can connect it with Zapier, you can automate heaps of other things.

4. Systemize Your Podcast Interviews

If you produce a podcast you probably know one of the hardest things is organising your guests to find a time to interview them, and then also getting the information you need from them to market your interview (for example, you need their photo and website url etc).

I set aside Wednesdays to do podcast interviews for Romance Your Tribe Radio and do them all on one day (because I only want to put makeup on to shoot videos once per week). This is the one day when my USA friends can book a time that before 10 am Sydney time as on podcast days, and ONLY podcast days, I will get up, makeup and all, the record an interview at 6am.

With Book Like a Boss  I can make a secret squirrel podcast guest only invitation page and make these times available to them only. Then I can customise my booking success message to send them a PDF with all the info they need to totally rock the interview.

5. Schedule Meetings

OK I know this is not outside–the-box but I thought I should bring it back to the real power of online booking systems. You can easily book meetings with clients, potential clients, staff members, contractors. I even use it to book times to sit in front of a zoom video and share a glass of red wine with past clients. We call them our “red wine meetings”.

The Last Word

I’d love to hear from you. Do you have any other clever ideas on how to use online booking systems? And if you have any questions, please just ask below.