The End of Year Business Ritual to Finish the Year with a Bang

The End of Year Business Ritual to Finish the Year with a Bang

As I write this, it’s only a few sleeps until the end of the year and my family and I are looking forward to our end of year business ritual. This will be our 12th year completing this ritual and we all look forward to it as it is guaranteed to finish the year with a bang. It’s a lot of fun.

I’ve introduced this ritual to many of my customers over the years and I look forward every year to hearing their stories and seeing so many of them including their version of the end of year business ritual in their own families and businesses.

In this week’s podcast and action article, I’ll walk you through the entire process and importantly, WHY this step is essential for you as an entrepreneur before you finalise any plans for the following year.

We’ll cover:

  • Why this fun end of year business ritual is an important business planning strategy (disguised as a family bonding exercise)
  • The type of energy you have before and after this exercise, and how that relates to business growth.
  • The concept of the Celebration Board and how to adapt to an individual and to a family or team
  • How to prepare and materials you will need
  • What to do with Celebration Board for the next 12 months

I also show you the roll of our 12 years of this ritual and talk about how they have evolved since my children were 8 and 9, and are now 20 and 21. I also show you one of my most recent boards so you can see what they look like and what sorts of things we included on it.

This year will be yet another stage in how we complete our end of year ritual. That’s because my son will be back-packing in India. He didn’t want to miss out on our ritual so this year we will be adding a virtual video component to the mix. It will be interesting to see how this works out.

You can see “my baby” here, already looking like a local!

And hey, if you want some tips to get the conversations flowing at Christmas, especially with the second cousin, on your step-brother’s side, you’ll love this simple exercise over here.

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The Celebration Board As An End Of Year Business Ritual

Now if you’re like me, even as this year is winding up, you’re probably already planning for next year, and may already have your next year plotted out. But a word of warning…… if you attempt to do any planning before doing an exercise that strategically clears negativity about the previous year, makes you think “big-picture” and builds your confidence, then your plans for the next year are likely to be ho-hum, uninspiring and even set you up for failure.

This exercise is called The Celebration Board and it is an end of year business ritual I’ve been doing for the past 12 years. It ends your year with a sense of celebration and is also a lot of fun to involve other people in, such as your family, friends and business team.

Why this end of year business ritual is important

At the end of the year it’s really normal to feel quite overwhelmed. There’s a lot of expectations and demands draining your energy. As well as trying to “wrap things up” for the end of the year, organise Christmas presents, family gatherings and meeting other people’s demands, you may also be thinking about your plans for business and personal for the next year.

Most likely, either formally or even subconsciously, you’re reviewing what you achieved this year compared to what you had planned. How dies that make you feel?

Maybe you’re disappointed and don’t think you achieved much?

Or maybe you have achieved your goals (go you!). But you may now be thinking:
How can you keep this pace up next year?

Or how can I even do better?

Whichever of the above sounds right to you at the moment, the energy you have at the end of the year is the WRONG type of energy to bring into the visualising and planning process for the next year.

Your energy may include frustration or disappointment. It may include overwhelm and exhaustion and even a sense of panic. It will always be an energy of “doing” and task focus, simply because there is a focus on wrapping up and the crazy to do list.

If you bring this energy into your next year plan the following is most likely to happen to your big plan:

  • It’s going to be small. You’re going to end up making a to-do list. This limits the kind of planning you would do. You’d end up doing the same old.
  • You won’t be able to think creatively. There will be a small-minded energy in the planning you will be doing.

We don’t want to do that. We want to make your next year your best year yet. Even if the previous year has been your best year yet, or your lowest.

Even if you have already done your plan before the craziness started, it is important to review it again after completing this end of year business ritual.

The whole purpose of this ritual is to acknowledge the different things you have achieved this year. With this ritual, you’d be bringing in to your planning a sense of gratitude and well-being. Instead of panicking, you’ll clear out the panic and the heaviness of the to-dos.

We’re going to bring in that beautiful, optimistic, positive energy into your planning

Decide on who you’re doing your end of year business ritual with

I’ve been doing this every year with my family, starting when my children were still at an age where I had to really convince them to sit down and do something for a long time.

Now that they’re 20 and 21, they’ve come to anticipate the Celebration Board. They ask me when we’re going to do it because they really feel as if they own the ritual and they look forward to it every year. They looking forward to creating this celebration together as a family.

Now you may not have family, or don’t want to involve them at all. That’s totally cool because, this is YOUR end of year business ritual so you can include who ever you like! The first few years I did the exercise on my own first and then afterwards would drag my family in with a “you’ll love this, really”. Now we also include Leo The Dog!

Here’s ideas on who you could include:

  • No-one. Just do it on your own
  • Your immediate family
  • Your extended family (you choose who)
  • Friends
  • Your animals
  • Your business partners
  • Your business team
  • Your clients

Write your own adventure 🙂

Decide how you are going to do it

We use a huge sheet of paper and coloured pens. Some people like to use pictures and clippings from magazines. Others like to do it as a powerpoint presentation or other software.

We just keep it simple.

You could do it one person at a time or you could work on it simultaneously while sitting in a circle or at the table. The point is for this to be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Decide on a schedule

Decide on a date and a time. Make sure that everybody sticks with that.

Christmas is usually a great time to do this because that’s when you usually gather with people important to you. But don’t let distance be a barrier. It can be a really good thing to have everyone on board.

As I mentioned above, this year we’re gonna have to change how we’re going to do this because my son is backpacking in India for 3 months. He told us that we couldn’t do it without him, so now he’ll be joining us via video call. We’ll work out how we include his contribution in our final Celebration Board.

Prepare sufficiently

Every single person has to prepare because it’s so easy to forget what you have done. Social media is excellent for this. You can go through Facebook or Instagram. You might also go through your phone gallery, emails, or your calendar. Whatever it is that would help you identify things that were significant to you and your life.

Alternatively, look at the events in your life that are negative. This could be a sickness or a death in the family, or any kind of loss. You might also think of a time that you’ve felt really depressed and could not feel motivated to do things. Those things are really significant.

Have all these major events, and also significant small things in a list you can access on the day.

When you get together, get a big piece of paper you can do it on. Get your materials and that’s all you need.

The process

As you start, assign a corner to each person and start writing down all those significant things. Acknowledge the positive and negative things as things that have happened. Eventually, you’ll find things about them to celebrate. The important thing is to focus on the learnings and to focus on celebrating.

That’s why it is called a Celebration Board.

For example, one year my mother was very sick and needed a lot of personal support (emotionally and practically) for that year.

Instead of focusing on the negative, I celebrated the fact I was able to care for her. There are always positive things for you to celebrate which are learnings from surviving hardship.

Here are some of the other things to keep in mind:

  • Celebrate the wins and celebrate the learnings as much as the wins.
  • Take your time. Just write it down or draw, whatever each person is more comfortable with. My husband likes to draw because these things are triggers that he can figure out right off the bat. As you do this, talk to each other and remember the things you achieved or enjoyed during the year.
  • Be honest with yourself. Other people don’t have to see it. So take the time to really process what happened this year and what you can take to make next year better.
  • Focus on the learnings that you have and what you are grateful for. That way, you identify the things that really came to matter even as other things fell apart or didn’t grow.

Finally, just acknowledge yourself.

That’s the energy you’re going to bring in to your planning.

Now look at what you’ve learnt through your end of year business ritual and ask the following:

“What are the things that I’m really happy about that I’m going to build on?”

For me, there was one year where I was traveling a lot – which I love – but I wasn’t doing it with my husband. So we set the intention that the following year we would focus on travelling together and romantic weekends away.

“What are things that happened I don’t want to repeat next year?”

And more importantly, what did you learn from them?

Continue to celebrate

When we have completed our Celebration Board we put it up on a  wall where everyone in our little family can see it for the next 12 months. That way when we walk past it we can celebrate our achievements and life lessons again.

Then we store every year’s Celebration Board together and bring them out every year when we complete our end of year business ritual, and reminisce and celebrate.

You may choose to put it in your office or somewhere private you can look at when you choose.

Some people even photograph their Celebration Board and use it as a computer background.

If you’ve done this before, I’d like to know. Tell me all about it on the comments. Have you made it a ritual? How is it impacting your life?

Feel free to share a photo of your own Celebration Board on Facebook or Instagram. Tag me @janetbeckers and use the hashtag #CelebrationBoard so we can celebrate all of it together.

I’ll share your post with my friends.

A Special Message From Janet

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I’m honoured and  grateful for your support.

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You can see a succession of my celebration board videos over the years, over here.

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Read The Transcript Here

Hello and welcome Janet Beckers here and nearly the end of the year.

I hope that you have had a fantastic Christmas time with your loved ones and if you’re like me and like most people as well as having a chance to relax now, now are you really thinking about the new year. There’s lots of talk about what are you going to be doing next year what are your plans? What are your goals? Now. I’ve got lots of other resources that I’ve been sharing with you this month on how to plan for next year.

But hey I wanted to share with you the very very first step that I do every single year before I finalize my plan for the for the new year.

And it’s a really important step to take. Unfortunately it’s also a really fun one. So what I’m going to share with you today is a ritual, really, that I have been using with my family now for 12 years. And it’s something that ends your year with a sense of celebration. With a sense of energy and optimism that you bring in to the new year. So I’m going to share with you why it is important to do this activity now. If you haven’t done it, next year you may even do a little bit earlier. But really important to get this done before January. Why it’s important to do this, and then we’re going to walk you through step by step exactly how to do this and how to actually make it a bit of a ritual with you and your loved ones.

It’s a really exciting activity. So let’s get started and I shall share with you what it is. Now, every single year, I do what is called A Celebration board now why are you in a moment what actually one looks like. Why do you want to do this? Well, when you are leading into doing your planning for the next year normally around about this time of the year, You could be feeling really overwhelmed and quite exhausted. You know there’s a lot of expectations a lot of demands on your time and your energy at this time of the year in your business and also just personal. You know what it’s like you know getting the Christmas presents. And organising whose you know whose place you’re going to go to at what time.

All of those sorts of things that take a lot of your headspace up. And it’s also a time of the year where, if you haven’t already done your planning for next year which you really should have, but if you haven’t and you’re going to be really focusing again on reviewing your plan for the next year you can be looking back at your previous year, like the one that you’ve just finished, and thinking a sense of “I haven’t got anything done,” You know “I set myself these huge goals or they didn’t even seem huge at the time and what have we haven’t achieved them or if I have achieved them”.

You may be thinking “how am I going to do better next year or how am I going to build on this or how am I going to have the energy to be able to continue to do this?” These are really normal things. I tell you what when you were coming in to doing your plan for the next 12 months or reviewing your plan that you have already done, which is just a really normal thing for you to start doing at this time of the year. If you bringing that energy of, you know, a frustration of disappointment. or If you’re bringing in that energy of “oh you know I’ve got to get all this done before the end of the year”. That panic, that sense of tasks and to do if you bring that energy in to your planning for the next year.

You know be thinking two things. One is it’s going to be small. You’re going to be really bringing a “task energy”, “to do energy” into your plan and. That’s going to really limit what kind of plan you going to do. And it will very often mean it’s going to be the same old same old. And the other thing that’s going to do if you bring that energy in is you very often will not be able to think creatively about what is possible. And so you can be bringing in a very small minded sort of energy that comes into it. So we don’t want to do that because we want to make your next year the best year yet. Even if the year that you’re just finishing HAS BEEN YOUR BEST YEAR YET. Or it’s been the worst year yet. We want to make next year, your best year yet. So to do that we have to make sure that we’re bringing in the right energy. So the exercise I’m going to share with you is actually a really enjoyable thing to do and the whole purpose of it is to really acknowledge the different things that you have achieved this year. Now if you’re thinking well I haven’t done much to stick with me okay. So it’s going to acknowledge and celebrate the things that you have achieved that year and to be bringing in a sense of gratitude, a sense of well-being, and a sense of clearing out the panic. Clearing out the overwhelm and the heaviness of the to-dos. Because we want to bring in that beautiful optimistic confident energy into the plan that you can be creating. So this is a really important step to do.

And fortunately, it’s a lot of fun. So let me introduce you to the celebration board Now this started, the first one that I did, was in 2007.

So let me just show you who see this big roll up paper. You can see the end of it here like it goes. Woah! Can You see that? Layers and layers and layers. So 2007 was our first one. And so as I’m recording this this is the end of 2018.

So this will be number 12 that we have done. Now when I say we, this is something that I do with my husband and my two children. So I’ll give you a look on what one looks like. So you can see. And also on the podcast page. I will put some photos. I’ll blur out the details simply because this is not just me. This is also everybody else in the family. But what we do is we get a great big sheet of paper. Lots of colored text. Put the year in the middle. This one’s 2016. And each person’s name is on there. Now. It’s. A little bit hard for me to be able to show you here. As. You can see. Really quite big. So let’s run over with you. What we’ve done, so you can get an idea.

Now. Now. I really love to be able to involve my whole family doing this because the reality is, that you know. It may be your family. Or it may be friends. It may be your dog and your dog usually makes it every single year. But it’s really lovely to be able to do something like this with the people who are impacted by what happens with you on a day to day basis. And you’re impacted by what’s happening with them. It’s a really lovely thing for you all to get together and acknowledge and record everything that you have done. Now what we do. And so the first one we did it was in 2007. Now my youngest was eight at that time and my eldest was almost 12. So they were, you know, they were young. Now as you would probably know with kids that age, sometimes you really got to convince them to do something that means that going to sit down for more than five minutes. So the first few years that we did this required me doing a lot cajoling. Now that we are in 2018. I’ve got a 20 year old and a daughter who is going 22. By the time that you see this, she will be 22. She had her birthday just before Christmas. So that’s pretty different. So we’ve been doing this every single year. So now we have our children instigating it going. “When are we going to celebration board? We’ve got to do it. What date are we going to do it?” And they’re really looking forward to actually creating this celebration together as a family.

In fact this year as a you know a sign that you know that we will have to be changing how we’re doing it is, my son who who’s just turned 20 has just taken off with a three month visa for traveling in India. With a backpack and no plan beyond the first four days and he’s gone. But, he did say “what we can’t do this before I leave because I’m going to get so much exciting things I want to put on the celebration board before the end of the year.”

So we’ve got to do it via Skype and we get to work out how we’re going to get his contribution onto our big family sheet. but That’s. So it doesn’t even have to be that you’re going to have the people who you want to do this with need to be together. But I’m sharing it with you here around Christmas time because I know that there’s a very good chance that you may be with your loved ones at the moment. So don’t let distance be a barrier. It can be a really nice thing to be able to do virtually. So how does it work?

The whole idea is that we get together using a creative way so we do colored text, lots of drawing. Some people who are taught this to like to use photos or magazines or things like that. We just keep it simple and we set ourselves a well I had to set a timeframe when the kids were little (laughs) just to promise them that it was nearly over. But now that they’re bigger you know we you know we’ll set aside a date and we’ll set the time to do it.

Now the idea is that you spend the time going over every single thing that you have done that year. And I’ll go through the steps on how do you do this. All the different things that you have done this past year that maybe in your business. That may be in your hobbies. That may be activities different activities, you know excursions. Or different special events that you’ve had during the year. Special times that you just have with multiple ones. Things that were a personal growth to you. You know. Challenges that you may have had. But we’re not going to focus on bad things we going to focus on you know how were they good. What did you get from those. And so doing this especially as a family is a fun thing because a lot of times it’s things that we did together that we want to be able to do like a combination so there’s often lots of arrows going on out. And you know we, the dog even gets to celebrate, you know, that he got to to the beach a few times a week or you know little things like that. So that’s the whole idea is that we’re going to be putting that beautiful celebration in to what you are doing now what we do with ours when we’ve completed it is, we actually put up. That year’s one we put it in our living area and sometimes it in the hallway to one of the bedrooms or at the moment is up there where we do all of our painting. Because that where we’ve got a house where is always artworks happening. And that just means that, you know, every now and then you might walk past and you’ll have a look at it: “That’s right. That was really cool that that happened.”

So we actually live with it for the year which is really nice which is why the latest one that I’ve got here is two years ago. So. Let’s go over. Some of the things that were there from last year. From 2016, two years ago, that I can just see from this one and then I’ll guide you through. You can do this for yourself. So for example if I have a look at mine. This might work for you. So we’ve got each of us sort of sits around it. so It’s all at different angles because we’re all sitting around this table. So for me. I’ll turn it around. There might be a bit of noise.

So I’ve got things like for business wise you know that I launched my video marketing program so I around ran workshops. And my daughter who was studying event management at the time actually came along and was the event manager. So we got to travel what we did those workshops so that was that was a big event. We also did things that particularly here I was the patrol captain for our surf club. For our patrol. And we actually won the Best patrol of the year which was pretty awesome. And then I had a bit of fun because they they lifted up to me, they put the embroidery on the winning jacket. So I changed it and put most awesome patrol as the official embroidery on my jacket. So I’ve got there a picture that I’ve done there. I’ve also just written there about some fantastic camping and kayaking with my husband.

I also put, you know, here was an interesting one. My mum was really sick that year. Now I could very easily have put down here that that was a negative you know because I spent a lot of time with my mum. She was very sick and I went there but you know what I put down that I got to care for my mum. I Was able to be there. That was something that was a real positive from that. You know I’ve also been able to put things here like you know swimming. Going swimming with my friends. A weekend away. Actually I was being written down about 50 kilometres away and I really liked it. Some weddings we went to. When I was in the United States. That I was masterminding the high mastermind but I also made sure that every single time I went over there from asked why I stayed longer and explored. So that was a pretty good year. Yeah that was a pretty firm one.

We’ve also got things like, you know, my kids put things here about this one here my husband my my son was finishing high school. So for him he put down about all the difference even though yes he was studying for his HSC. He’s still we got there about all the different festivals and bands he went to ’cause he’s just obsessed with music.

And we also put about you know he took over being patrol captain for me. Oh he got a beautiful girlfriend. Gosh she was beautiful. still Is beautiful. My husband put down lots of things to do with his art and his gardening and his work. We put down about where we bought our first Aboriginal art as an investment. My daughter and I. All these different things that we did together and you know. And going and seeing Macklemore together. I was probably the oldest person in the audience but I was probably the loudest as well. So that’s it just gives you an idea of the kind of things that. Is.

Going to throw that down. So for me that was a great year. We had a lot of fun but also at that same time, as you saw, you know I was doing a lot of caring for my mum who was sick. So that was actually taking a lot of my time I could have very easily is focused on the negative. So you can see there’s all different positive things. So even just me reading that, I’m feeling a real sense of achievement but I do know that before I went to start that I was going: “oh yeah I did a bit of travelling this year that was really cool but you know”. There was always that sense of frustration of you know there always is. Everywhere we set ourselves big goals “I didn’t get everything I wanted to get done”. But after that I feel really really good about myself. So that is the purpose of doing this. So let me run you through exactly how do you create your own celebration board and create a ritual around that.

So these are the steps. Number one: decide who you want to do this with. You can do this on your own at some times especially when the kids were younger. I would do it on my own to start with because I really want to do my planning and I wanted to get this energy and then I would do it again with the family. So sometimes there were two sheets that I had and that’s okay.  You can do it more than once. So deciding you know what we are going to do it on your own and then you’re going to do it again later as a family. As a ritual that you do with your family. It’s a really lovely bonding thing to do. So decide who you want to do this with and decide then how are you going to do it. Are you going to do it as a virtual thing or are you going to do it together?

The next thing you will do is set the date of when you are going to do it. Set a date and a time and everybody sticks with that.

And just that they’re only going to do it with.

I was running through this with my Rising Star clients this week. I Was doing this exercise with them and one of them was saying what she’s actually going to be doing it when she’s got the whole family together. Including her kids’ partners because they’re a big part of the family as well. So that’s you know that’s going to be a big part for her is the extended family which will decide to do that as well.

So set your date. Now, the next thing is every single person needs to prepare because it is amazing how you forget what you’ve done. Now social media is fantastic for this so I always go back through my last, all the photos that I’ve had in my last 12 months on either Facebook or Instagram. Now for you you may not do much of on social media. You may go through the photos that you’ve got on your phone. That may be your trigger for that. You might go through your calendar and look at the different things that you do especially with business. You may not have documented those so much through photos but go through your calendar. Maybe even go through your e-mails looking for big things. Whatever it is it’s going to help you to try to remember the things that were significant for you that year and that also includes the things that were that you could perceive as a real negative. You know you might have some sickness in your family or yourself. You may even have deaths in your family. You may have had a time or where are you just feeling depressed and could not feel motivated to do things. They still count, okay? They are really significant because then what we’re going to do is when we get together, which is the next step. First of all, you’re going to get you know you need the materials. We get like a big piece of paper. We can go down to the newsagents and get a nice big sheet of paper. We just find that bigger is better because it just allows you to be freer. We get either coloured textures or colored pencils and really that’s all you need. I don’t have to complicate it. So you’ve got to get those. Now what I say about including things that might be really negative because what we’re going to do here now is we’re going to get we’re going to get our own little corner and we’re going to be creative with our colour. And we’re going to put down those significant events. And these are really nice things that you’ll be discussing that with each other as you’re going. It allows you to process so even those negative things is to look at to acknowledge that they happened and then to look at what was something that you can see as a sense of achievement around that. It may be, in the case when I was talking about, you know you may have been feeling really depressed. You know what I kept on going. Or it may have been you know there was something happened with your business. That you didn’t you didn’t get the results you wanted but you can be putting in there. You know what, I did the work. I learnt a lot through there. Celebrate the wins and celebrate learnings as much as the wins. Okay.  

So what you going to do now is just take that time is to just do what you want to do if you want your drawings or you just want to write words or a combination. Whatever works for you and each person can do it differently. You know how I want to. My husband’s I had to guess what they were for that year because he’s always just drawings. But they’re really they he knows what they are straight off. They’re triggers to remind you. So this is take that time to actually talk amongst each other and go to go to each other. “Ah remember when this happened or when know was that”. And be honest with yourself because it doesn’t have to be anybody else sees this. We put it up somewhere where we as a family to see it. But you don’t have to you know I can just be you. So that’s the next thing is to take that time to really process.

Now the next step is to look at what you’ve done and really acknowledge. Just soak up that energy of, “you know what? Things happened this year. This was my life.” And you know what? Really focus on the things the learnings that you had and what you were grateful for. And know I can remember one year that’s in that pile there where my business really, it stagnated. And that was for quite a few reasons. One was I had kind of outgrown the business but I wasn’t allowed, I wasn’t admitting it to myself. And so I wasn’t enjoying it as much because I was ready for the next step that I was holding on. But also it happened to happen at the same time that my mother had gone through time she was really unwell. Really unwell. She’s had a tough couple of years. You know she’s getting older and she had a lot of problems with her heart. And so for me I think you know what? Every single week, I travel two hours to be with her every single week to take her to the doctors. That is something to celebrate. And it is okay that other things fell apart. Not fell apart, but didn’t grow. Because that was what my priority was that year.

So allow yourself to really look at it and to be able to acknowledge things that you’ve learnt. And really acknowledge the things that went really really well. And just acknowledge yourself okay because that’s the energy that we want to bring in. Now when you’re taking this energy and you’re going to be planning for next year and I have whole process that I use for planning for the following year is the first thing you want to ring at any time now you look at what you’ve done and go you know what. What things that happened last year what things do I want to. I’m really happy about that. I want to build on so you can make sure when you’re planning your next year that you’re going to make sure that you that you do that. For me looking at that particular year. I know for me a lot of that was I was travelling a lot which I loved but I wasn’t doing it with my husband. So for me I put down you know what I would do more weekends away I want to do more kayaking. I want to do things just with my husband which is what we did.

So those are, you know, they were learnings. What do you want to more of? And what are the things that you had as big lessons that you don’t want to repeat that lesson? But what can you take from that to build into the next year? But if you had seen all of those things as failures or whatever, you can’t bring that energy forward. But if you’re celebrating the learnings that you had, you can bring that into the next year. Okay.

So this is a fantastic ritual for you to be able to introduce to your own family as I was saying the first time I started doing this. I have an eight and a 10 year old. Now I have a 20 and a 22 year old and we are still doing it. And there’s no way that the kids want to stop doing it. It’s probably going to be something we have to be doing for decades. And I tell you what, it is fantastic because what we also do is every year now, we open up all the previous years and we go over and reminisce and celebrate again.

So it’s a really beautiful ritual to have a really really important, actually very strategic thing for you to do before you set any big planning and visualizing for the next year. And if you’ve already done your plan for the next year, revisit it after doing this exercise and see if there’s anything that you want to change.

Okay I’m really looking forward to hearing from you. So I would love very much if you can share with me if you’ve done this. If you’ve done it in the past, because I know I share this every year. If you’ve done it in the past I’d love to hear from you. You know, have you made it a ritual? How is it impacting your life. If you do do one. I would so love it if you would share a photo with me. So come over onto Instagram or Facebook and share a photo of your celebration board. I would love to be able to see that just come and share that with me as well. And let’s use a hashtag. #celebrationboard. That would be a fantastic thing to do. I come over on Instagram come over on Facebook and share that and then you can search on that tag and see if you can find what everybody else has been doing that would be super cool. And just leave comments down below on the podcast page. I’m not quite sure if you can upload images there but if you can. I’m not quite sure if you can be extra awesome as well. All right. So I would love to hear from you and again. Hope you’re having a really beautiful time with your family or your loved ones. Or just also if you want it to just be alone, if you’re getting some time for some space to yourself. I’m hope that you’re actually doing what you want to be doing at this time of the year. I’m really really looking forward to helping you has much fun next year.

I have some pretty exciting things planned to really help you. I’m super excited about them.

Okay, bye!

Christmas Conversation Tips

Christmas Conversation Tips

Not many sleeps now!

As we head into the silly season we are also heading into the “have fun and surprisingly do great business networking” season as well.

In this week’s quick episode I share with you 1 simple sentence you can use that is guaranteed to get the conversation moving in the direction you want and you know what?

It works magic at social gatherings, networking events and around the table on Christmas day when you are sitting next to the nephew / sister-in-law / boyfriend-of-second-cousin-on-your-step-mothers-first-husbands-side….  who you haven’t seen for 12 months.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and watch to the end where I ask YOU the same question and would love you to share the answer with us all below.

You can watch the video, listen to the audio, download from the podcast directory, or read the transcript below. Never miss an episode. Click here for all the ways you can subscribe.

A Special Message From Janet

Thank you so much for being here. I know there are a lot of podcasts you could choose to listen to  and you chose to join me on Romance Your Tribe Radio.


I’m honoured and  grateful for your support.

If you enjoyed this week’s episode, I’d love for you to take a quick minute to share your thoughts with us and leave an honest review and rating for the show over on iTunes!

Read The Transcript Here

Hello and welcome! Janet Beckers here, I’ve got a really short episode for you this week in Romance Your Tribe Radio because you know what? You get parties to go to. It’s just getting really really close to the silly season which is catching up with people having fun but also a surprisingly good networking time of the year. Because you very likely may be either going to different get-togethers that may be know with people who are in your business or are around your business and also, surprisingly, social events that can turn into being wonderful opportunities to end up growing your business.

So what me share with you is: How one sentence, phrase, that you can be saying to people. A question that you can be asking them that is guaranteed to really make the conversations that you have so much more rewarding and so much more powerful.

And this is whether it’s going to be sitting around the Christmas table with the cousin twice removed that you only see once or twice a year and you really don’t know much about them. You haven’t really been a huge part of their life. Or it might be at a dinner party or a social event that you go to. And you know, it could be used in that occasion as well. So this is the universal question that you can be using for Christmas time conversations.

In fact, you can be using it all-year round but it is particularly good at this time of year.

So, you’re ready?

When you’re in any kind of social event like this especially this time of the year. A lot of times you can be finding you going over the same information. You know, you’ll get you’ll be really just sort of going through a lot of small talk. I like Tt kind of cut to the chase and really start talking about things that matter. Now here is, lesson number one is you know what, people want to talk about themselves even though, you know, they may be interested in you really. People love talking about themselves and that’s quite cool. So what you want to do is let’s turn it very specifically over to them and this is the question to ask: “Tell me what is one thing, the one thing, that you’re most proud of from this year?”.

You know what. It is amazing.

The kind of answers that you get from that when I have asked this question of people who I see on a really really regular basis. It never ceases to amaze me that they come out and tell me something that I knew absolutely nothing about. Because it may not necessarily be something that is discussed in the situation where I normally see them. So really. You know it’s a really great insight people even more so I love doing this.

We did this last year we had Christmas at our home and we invited, you know, lots of family and there were friends as well that came along. And we did this going around the table. There were quite a lot of people there was a really long table. So it took a little bit of time but you know what? People were getting excited waiting for their turn to come up. And what we learnt about each person was really really interesting because, you know, I got to hear some great things about my nieces. And some other things about my nephew nephew and things about our grandparents. The things that they considered that they were most proud of really gives me great insight to them. So. There is a follow up question as well. So that there were already open up a great conversation without fails you might need to give people a little bit of a prompt.

So the next question that follows from that is: “So what’s the one thing that you are most looking forward to next year?”.

And this is a really powerful question because you know sometimes people will tell you something around a business school or a career goal or sometimes they’ll tell you about a fitness goal. Or they might tell you about a hobby. Or something to do. Travel. Something that you may not have even realized was going to be big for them. Now. Whether this is in the family or whether this is business, whichever way it is to be able to really help people to celebrate the things that they’re really proud of and those things that they’re looking forward to is: number one it’s just great to be part of that. And if this is around business when it’s the things that they’re looking forward to, it may very well be things that you can help them with or that you know somebody that you can connect them with that is going to be able to help them. And that is all around growing your business and growing relationships.

So I really want to hear from you. So come and share with me over here on the on the on where we’ve got the show notes over on the website is I’d love for your show down below. Number one what is it that you were most proud of this year? And what is it that you are really looking forward to next year?

So. Let me start it. Let me start the ball rolling. So I will share with you from a business perspective the thing that I’m most proud of from this year. And I would say the thing that I’m most proud of this year is I haven’t really totally restructured the brand and the focus that we, of my business from being Wonderful Web Women, to being Romance Your Tribe.

And of course part of that was creating a whole new training program. From scratch. At what I know has got the best results for people that have been working through it. It’s really is the best program I have ever created. I am exceptionally proud of the Attract Your Tribe program. Really proud of that. And really proud of the results. It’s been getting for people so that’s me. That’s what I’m really proud about.

And what am I looking forward to next year? Well I’m really looking forward to knowing that now that I have tested this program and I’ve had people who have been going through it and they’ve been sharing with me step by step the results they’re getting, I’m really looking forward to next year to really ramping that up. Because I know I get results for people. So I’m really looking forward to focusing a lot next year on helping more people go through that program. And helping more people if they want more personal help to get them to that next level. I’m really looking forward to that.

So for me, creating that strong foundation this year and then building on it next year they are my number ones when it comes to what my most proud of. And my most looking forward to. So I’d love to hear from you now.

I’m just thinking my mind was going to all the other things I’m really excited about next year and really proud of this year because of course we’ll have far more than just our businesses aren’t we? We’re really also very much around, you know, our personal side. You know, what to do with our creativity and to do with our fitness and our health and and our relationships. And so I could share so much more of that with you. So we might do that. You know, continue the conversation over on social media. Over through on Facebook, if you’re connected with me there. just Talking about all these different things because there’s lots of things that I’m really, really proud of and very excited about next year. On a personal perspective as well.

Okay. So. Can’t wait to hear from you. I would really love to hear from you so if you can answer those two questions for me. What is one thing you are most proud of this year? And what’s the one thing you’re really looking forward to next year? And share them down below.


What Are GSD Indicators and Why They Are Key to Your Best Year Yet

What Are GSD Indicators and Why They Are Key to Your Best Year Yet

The countdown is on to the end of the year. Your to-do list is probably pages long at the moment, with presents to buy or make, meals to plan, family to organise and parties to attend.

So in this week’s episode, we take a step back and do a reality check.

I mean something’s gonna to have to give right?

And therein lies an opportunity.

I’ll explain what I mean in today’s short, total teaching podcast.

2018 versus 2019

How was 2018?

Did you achieve the goals you set yourself for your business?

If not, that’s OK. You’re not alone.

If you are like me until recently, you may have set the right goals and had great measurements in place. But, if you are like me, even if you kicked some great goals, you may have often felt like you were pushing against deadlines and getting frustrated when you are sure there is a missing productivity link, but you don’t know what.

Well, it is most likely that even if your goals were great and your plan to achieve them may also have been great…. the indicators you were using to measure if you were on track are WRONG.

That’s the focus of today.

GSD Indicators and how to use them.

Here are the highlights of today’s show:

  • A simple but powerful reframe that turns end-of-year overwhelm into an opportunity for clarity
  • When is the best time to do your new year plan
  • Why many goals you set in your business simply won’t be achieved
  • What people usually measure and why that is wrong
  • GSD indicators and how this can revolutionize your business
  • Examples of GSD indicators for key areas of your business, such as revenue, leads and conversions.

OK over to you now.

And if you’d like more help to totally nail 2019, see below for some great resources, both free and paid, to help you get great results for more ease.

You can watch the video, listen to the audio, download from the podcast directory, or read the transcript below. Never miss an episode. Click here for all the ways you can subscribe.

How I can help you:

  1. Join me next week for the free training “Nail Your 2019 Profit, Impact and Happiness Plan.”
  2. Check out the CLEAR Time program. The Practical, Step-by-Step System To Get a Life, Get Cash-Flow and Get Heaps Done Without Burning Out
  3. If you want my help next year to nail your plan and implement with confidence this is the time to talk to me.

    My VIP coaching program is increasing by $1000 in January.

    If you’re wanting my help, reply and we’ll get on the phone to see which program is best for you (I have one for ramping up from new to online to 6 figures, and another for established businesses online ready to expand).

    You’ll be able to join at 2018 prices and get a bonus month, so you can relax over Christmas and start fresh in the new year.

A Special Message From Janet

Thank you so much for being here. I know there are a lot of podcasts you could choose to listen to  and you chose to join me on Romance Your Tribe Radio.


I’m honoured and  grateful for your support.

If you enjoyed this week’s episode, I’d love for you to take a quick minute to share your thoughts with us and leave an honest review and rating for the show over on iTunes!

Read The Transcript Here

Hello and welcome. Janet beckers here with this week’s episode of Romance, your tribe radio, and it’s a total teaching one day and I am hoping it’s going to be one that is going to really revolutionize the way that you are measuring goals in your business and the way that you’re setting them and importantly the way that you achieve them. It’s a really, really simple tweak that I’m going to be sharing with you, but it can make a huge difference. So stick with me because I’m going to share with you what I was doing wrong, what a lot of people do wrong and what to be doing instead. And the difference that it makes. It’s really quite simple. So that’s what I’ll be sharing with you now. At the time that I record this, it was just a few weeks before the end of the year, the end of 2018, you know, only a few weeks before it’s Christmas and New Year and all that craziness and it’s very likely that you’re thinking, Oh man, I’ve got so much stuff I wanted to get data and I have referred.

I haven’t achieved the goals I wanted to do for this year and now it’s going to get busy and it’s going to be, you know that it’s going to be January and you know I’m running out of time, so I’m also gonna share with you a little bit of a reframe that will change this from being a time when you can feel quite overwhelmed too. This actually being a really good opportunity, so I’ll share with you the reframe that I use at this time of the year and the reason I’m going to share that first before I share with you the different way of measuring and planning your goals is because what you can be doing now, this Aha that you can be getting here with your reframe for December. You can be carrying over into your planning. So let’s get stuck into it now. First of all, what is this reframe?

Now? One of the things that I find is whenever you get into a period of time when there is a real pressure to get what seems a ridiculous amount of things done. Now, this is the time of the year when that’s going to happen because not only are you trying to finish all the goals that you set yourself to achieve this year and you’re aware that we know we’re getting into the silly season, so you may not get the attention of everybody that you want. When it comes to sales is you’ve also got this other pressure. Haven’t here like you know this to do list for Christmas presents and you know who’s coming to his house or that coordinating stuff so it can get really, really overwhelming. So here is a reframe for you. Instead of thinking, I’ve got so much to do, I’m really, really overwhelmed. I’m never going to get it done.

Here’s a reframe. I can’t get all this done so something’s got to give so I can only in my business and in my personal life do those things that are the absolute top priority. So in my business, what are the things that are absolute top priority? If I don’t get anything else done, what is the thing that’s going to make the most difference to my business and everything else? Just has to go, okay, and the same thing happens when you’re working out around, you know, the whole Christmas thing. What is the most important thing? Everything else. It doesn’t have to get done now, for me, Christmas is not been stressful for years. We’ve taken this approach and people still get presence. We still have a great time, but it’s just, I don’t know. It’s just calming and the same thing when it comes to business at the end of this year.

Now the reason why I want to make sure this reframe for you is this, busy time can be a really great way for you to filter what things really do matter and what other things are making you feel busy or feel God or you think you should be doing them, but are they actually going to be making a difference to the profitability of your business and how well your business gets results for your clients. The two really big things, so it acts as a really nice filter. So with this beautiful knowledge that you have now, this big sort of clarity about really what does matter and what is not as important. Let’s take that over into planning for next year. Now this is something that I do in detail with my rising stars clients for example, and also it’s something, an outline and all the templates and the process to follow is in my clear time program.

Now I’ve got links for you here because I’ve, I’ve actually just recently relaunched or made available this module. Normally it’s only available to people doing my hiring programs but it’s actually available now and so you can be going through that. So I’ve got the links there for you. So if you’d like to join the clear time program, it’s really cost effective and it’s gonna walk you through how to get these great results. So that’s my little plug for the day, but that’s how I can help you to actually take more action with this. So when, so this is actually the time of the year to be planning the first quarter of next year. Don’t try to wait until January. Okay. Don’t go Nicole. And worry about that once this whole craziness is over because the reality is and why it happened for a week or so into January. Then you’ll start planning things.

I’m not going to move along until the end of February and the end of January. Sorry. That’s my hope is that long. You could be losing a month and that’s just, just tell you from experience it happens. That’s what used to happen to me. So this is the time of the year to be planning out the first quarter. So what you want to be taking into that is what are the things that are absolutely important. Now, what I want to share with you is just a simple concept. I’m not going to go over here, all the things that you do to be able to plan out a really effective 90 day productivity plan and a marketing plan and how to do the year plan so that you get on live and get a holiday. Um, and I’m not going to go into all of that detail on, you know, how do you break down what you’re going to be doing and the productivity.

That’s all stuff I do in the time program, but when I am going to focus on here is the one thing that can make a huge difference to you next year. So whether or not you do any of these other things, this is what I want you to do now when it comes to setting goals in your business, and we always work on a 90 day period and we focus on the thing that’s gonna make the biggest difference. Very often what will happen is we will set ourselves goals now that could be good, better, best goals. And I’ve got a link in the show notes here too. And what I mean by that, an article that I’ve got all on that this is what we, this is how we, the language that we use in our programs when I worked with people is when you’re working at your goals, what is the main thing that you do?

Is it may be right. I’m going to sell, I’m going to get this many new clients. I’m going to have, um, you know, I’m going to sell this many of this new program. I’m going to make this much revenue and they are important goals to have. You need to have those things to mark, to be able to plan for and to be able to, you know, meet your financial commitments and to be able to know, you know what, this is what the goalposts look like. They are really important things, those goals, but let’s think about it. Those goals, their results aren’t they? They’re results of actions and this is where most people go wrong. They may write the list of actions that need to happen, but when it comes to measuring and having very specific goals that are going to get you those results, this is where it is often missed.

So if you’re finding that you have in your plan and just say your 90 day plan, you know, I’m going to make this many new clients, this many sales, this much money, if that’s all you’ve got in your goals section, it’s very unlikely you’re going to hit those results. So how do you get those results? So let’s look at the two main things that are really important for you in your business. When it comes to growth, when it comes to revenue, there’s lots of other things that are important, but we’re just going to look at the two big ones and that’s going to be the number of leads, so the people who are subscribers, people who get to hear your message, so those people who were interested in what you do enough that they will then listen to what you’ve got to say to convert.

So we’ve got leads and then the other thing that we have is conversions. How many people that were interested in what you do actually purchased. So let’s have a look at, okay, if we’re going to be really focusing on conversions, well just say that you do most of your conversions through telephone calls. You get people onto the phone and you talk about what they need. You tell them what you’ve got available and it’s a match made in heaven. So what you really need to be doing that is all right, how many telephone calls to I need to make? How many people am I going to be speaking to every single week? And if I want to have that many people every single week, how many times do I have to have my message in front? How many people do I need to have they’re inquiring that are going to hear my message?

So whatever your main way of getting people to convert it might be getting them to turn up to a Webinar. It might be getting them to see a sales page. It might be sending an inquiry to you through facebook messenger because he’d been putting, you know, you’ve been writing posts that talk about getting on the phone with you. Whatever the mechanism that you use, that’s what you’re going to measure. How many people turn up to your Webinar? How many people do send you a message? Which means how many posts are you going to do that mention that? It’s time to get on the phone with you. So bring it down to that level because they’re the kind of things that you can measure. How many phone calls do I do this week? Right? And he did half the amount that I that I need to do in order to hit my goals better.

Ramping up, so that’s an example for conversions. If it comes, say to building your list, getting more leads. If you’ve set yourself, I want to have, I don’t know, an extra thousand people this month, join my mailing list. Well, how many people have to actually see your opt in offer? It maybe twice as many. If you get a 50 percent conversion, which is a really good one, that’s what we get for most of ours. So may need to be twice as many. Where are they coming from? All right, if you’re doing facebook ads, how many people do you need to click on your facebook ad to be able to get those conversions? So at how can you then work with your facebook ads to increase that number? So that’s what you need to be focusing on. Okay? As so, you know, right, I didn’t get the number of pages people going to the opt in page or whatever it is that you use for getting new subscribers.

Um, then you know that, okay, this is what I need to be focusing on because I haven’t achieved that goal. This can make, honestly, this will make a huge difference to you in your business. So some people may call them leading indicators. Um, I like to call the get shit done indicators like, did I get this stuff done? What did I have to do to make the result that I want happen? And okay, if I didn’t get that done, if I didn’t get the number on the phone or I didn’t get the number joint, see my, my, my offer, what have I got to do? That then allows you to really work at much smaller intervals like focus on a week here and then the next week and the next week rather than that really big, intimidating goal that sometimes can feel unattainable. I can. So I’d love to hear from you.

Um, is this something that you set your goals specifically around and is it something that you measure or is this something that is where you’re going, oh, I’ve actually been focusing on the big one and then I get frustrated that I haven’t achieved them. Now I understand why I’d really love to hear from you. This is just two of the things that are important for the growth of Your Business, I’ve just looked at which is conversions and getting new leads. Of course there are other things there as well that come to creating an absolute rocking business that gets results for your clients and creates the lifestyle that you want. So I’d love to hear from you. This is the time of the year to be able to really sit that plan at least for the next three months. So I’d love to hear from you. Have you been doing, you know, have you been planning for next year?

What’s your big goals like, you know, what is it that you have as your get shit done, goals on your plan. I’d love to hear from you. So please share down below if you would like some help doing this. There are links in the show notes for the clear time program where I’ll walk you step by step through doing all of this and more so that you’re actually working from a place of calm and flow to actually get these things achieved. Um, so I’ve got that. Therefore you end. If you would want to work with me a bit closer, let me know, drop me an email because I’m just now preparing for our March next year for people to be able to join me in my rising stars and accelerator programs. So if you’d like to find out a bit more about working with me, much, much closer, just drop me an email and I’m height we can get on the phone. There you go. There’s a measurement. Alright. Can’t wait to hear from you. I really do hope that this has helped you and um, go get them folks. Bye.

Why One Person Makes Millions and Another Struggles in the Same Industry with Denise DT

Why One Person Makes Millions and Another Struggles in the Same Industry with Denise DT

Why is it, you can have 2 people, both in the same niche, both with a similar business model,  both similar age, demographic etc… get the picture, 2 people who from the outside seem almost identical.

Why is that one will have an outrageously successful business that impacts thousands of people worldwide, and the other always seems to struggle to survive in business, even though they have all the moving pieces in place?

In fact, forget about 2 people. What about thousands of people who consistently struggle, even though they even had the same training and mentors in business, yet one will fly?

What is the key difference?

This always fascinates me. What is different about that one unique person?

Even more importantly, how can I model what they do well?

Without fail, it is always something unique about the way they think, which means, learning to think and act like successful people is often the one thing standing between where you are now, and the success you want to create.

Success in a crowded industry

One such person is my friend Denise Duffield-Thomas (a.k.a. Denise DT).

Denise works in the niche of manifesting and The Law of Attraction. I’ve watched her business grow from 1 on 1 coaching and starting out online, to a steady rise to what is now a 3 million dollar per year coaching business, delivering online training programs for women in money mindset.

Now the niche she is in is pretty common.

In fact I bet the niche of Coaches in The Law of Attraction is also one of the biggest niches with the largest number of broke and frustrated people who are incredibly well meaning, and well qualified, yet constantly struggle in business.

A question they often ask is “How does somebody build a big business around that topic while I’m struggling to even get just one client and charge what I’m worth?”

So that’s the question I asked Denise. Why did you succeed when others didn’t?

I found her answer incredibly inspiring. Especially because I know if you (and I) really listen, drop the “yes but I can’t do that because……” and model her behaviour, you can create a similar success.

And to help you implement, I’ve created a “cheat sheet” list of the highlights below.

You’re going to love watching or listening to this week’s podcast interview.

You can watch the video, listen to the audio, download from the podcast directory, or read the transcript below. Never miss an episode. Click here for all the ways you can subscribe.

What has Denise done differently?

Build your business on the things you love

Even as a kid, Denise was interested in personal development and helping people. She would watch Oprah after school and the next day, she’d had mini Oprah sessions with her friends. She didn’t realise that there was a whole industry around it until she discovered the world of coaching 10 years ago.

Now, coaches used to be all men and that intimidated Denise, who just wanted to help people. It wasn’t until that she opened herself to the world of women coaches that she gave herself permission to become a coach.

A lot of us think about our passion as, “I would do this for free because I absolutely love it.”

Denise thinks we need to get over that. The things that you are willing to do for free are what you should charge for because that’s your path of least resistance.

Mindset Shift:

Don’t take for granted the things you do so well, simply because they come easily to you.

You may have been conditioned from young to think “only things that are hard work are valuable”.

Instead, know the fact is, people will be willing to pay you to do exactly what you love and find easy, simply because you do it so naturally, so well.

Adopt the mantra “I serve, I deserve”

Building on from step 1, if we don’t think we should be charging for what we love doing, then if we do, we fear we’re overcharging.

But here is a reality check.

Undercharging and over-delivering can be a lethal combination. You either get burned out or you get stuck working a 9-5 job that you hate because you can’t bring yourself to charge people.

Then instead of helping more people and making an impact, you end up resenting the very people you want to help!

Mindset Shift:

An exercise that Denise recommends is for you to write on a piece of paper: “I serve, I deserve.”

I would personally recommend for you to write it out nicely and keep it in front of you until you can look at it and say, “Yeah, I know that.”

That’s how I have ingrained all mindset shifts I want to make part of my new “normal”.

Fair dinkum, my computer screen is always decorated with the #1 Mindset Shift, in gold letters, often for months until it sinks in!

In fact, here’s one I’ve prepared for you. Just right click to save this image to your computer and print out or make it the screen wallpaper on your phone.

Bonus Tip:

Think of this when you’re pricing something, or if someone tells you that you charge too much or if they ask for a discount. With “I serve, I deserve,” you can tell yourself that “I deserve to get paid this much because I’m really, really gonna help this person.”

Take action early

Denise started as a one-to-one coach. She was told by her mentor in the program she was studying, to “go ahead and get a client”, and she did. Some of the people who took the same course with her 8 years ago are still not getting clients. The difference is she took action and FAST!

At the time, she went around town and started doing workshops. She would approach local gyms and other businesses and offer to run the workshop for free if they bring their members and she can use their premises. She started off with simple topics such as goal-setting and would do it anywhere they would have her. She freely admits she was so enthusiastic and new, she jammed in everything she knew about the topic, sometimes to the point of overwhelm.

At the end of each 2 hour workshop she would say, “Hey. If you’re interested, I do a one-to-one coaching.” Then she would offer a special deal for those who would buy in on the spot.

This is a tried and tested strategy that has worked for thousands of businesses over the years. The difference is, most people hear of this technique, but never do it.

They simply allow their fears or lack of commitment to stop them.

Mindset Shift:

To be successful, be prepared to move outside your comfort zone and take massive and persistent action.

Bonus Tip:

Nowadays, you can do your free workshops on Facebook live or via webinar. That’s what Denise realised.

Celebrate Your Firsts: Both Good and Bad

I’m sure you can understand why you would celebrate your first client, your first subscribers, your first online program customer, your first member, your first award.

That’s easy.

But what about your first unsubscribe? Your first refund? Your first 1 star review? Your first troll? Your first Facebook Live with NO viewers and No comments? Your first webinar when NOBODY turns up?

Would you celebrate those?

For most people, these bad firsts, or perceived failures, are the thing that stops them in their tracks.

Unsubscribes are interpreted as “people hate me”, refunds are interpreted as “everyone will want a refund and it’s not worth selling again”. No audience for your webinar or Facebook live is interpreted as rejection and signs you will never succeed.

More resilient people will take a hit to their confidence and reframe the “failure” as a lesson. A challenge to get over and don’t let this get you down.

But what about if nobody turned up to your first 3 webinars?

How would you respond?

That’s exactly what happened to Denise!

That’s what separates the really successful from everyone else.

She didn’t give up. She didn’t even see it as a “lesson”.

She wholeheartedly celebrates every “failure” as she recognises it for what it is…a rite of passage and something she will never have as a first again.

Celebrate the lessons and the fact you have taken action.

Mindset Shift:

Celebrate your firsts as a rite of passage even if they don’t turn out right. Do it anyway. If you fail, think: “It happened. Now I don’t have to worry about it happening”.

Every failure is a rite of passage that would help you build experience and learn.

Deliver as if thousands are watching

The universe is taking care of you.

You might think that because you just have to be consistent, that not many people are reading or waiting for it, you can put in less effort into it. Don’t. One person reading or watching can pass it on to many others who you could help.

Send out newsletters as if you have a thousand people waiting for it. Do webinars as if a thousand people are watching. As an example, the first 3 (yes 3) webinars Denise ran, NOBODY turned up. She still delivered the 1st webinar and recorded it to create a great optin gift to build her list.

Denise’s first online program, only one person purchased, which meant only one person attended live. She ran each class, as if to thousands.

No one’s going to watch your first video or read your first blog post if you’re just starting from scratch. (Your mum might, if she’s a fan.) But do it and give it your best anyway.

As you get better, that’s when you grow. Having a small audience or no audience at all gives you space to make mistakes and improve on them.

Consistency is something you start from day 0 and continue into a multimillion dollar business.

People won’t forget about you because they will always see you. If not your face, your products, your results, or your testimonials.

Mindset Shift:

Keep turning up and keep delivering excellent value, no matter how many see you. Excellence becomes a habit.

Be Yourself

Embrace who you are and your imperfections. When Denise was starting out, she thought she should be like her role models who had very different styles to her. But you won’t find success following someone’s exact business model if it isn’t for you.

She found that she started to grow when she started to double down on who she is.

So Denise stopped pressuring herself to be perfect and focused on just being herself. As soon as she gave herself permission to be open, honest and vulnerable her business and engagement built real momentum.

This is what she learned: Being relatable is what compels people to you.

Mindset Shift:

Get comfortable with who you really are and let people see behind the perfect persona to the real you. Your uniqueness is compelling

Don’t try and do it all

Denise built to a million dollar business with just a part-time assistant, who she is very thankful for. Currently, she only has two assistants, taking on contractual workers as needed. Her husband now also works in the business.

Even the 2 owners (Denise and Mark) only work part time as they have a newborn and 2 other young children, so they both share in the parenting.

Home Help

Another thing she is thankful for is her team at home. She has a nanny to help her with the kids and a housekeeper to take care of the chores.

The lesson here: If that’s what it takes, get some help.

Make space in your time for your business to grow. Don’t starve it of oxygen. That’s what will happen if you try and do everything yourself. Instead, outsource. It will give you the space to create things that could bring millions into your business.

A lot of us have the mindset “I don’t deserve” or “I don’t have the right” to outsource work at early phases of your business. This is very destructive and you need to get rid of it. Start small. Have a cleaner come in every fortnight. Pay someone else to do your laundry.

Give your business space to breathe.

As women, we often feel a lot of guilt around outsourcing business support and especially getting support in the home.

The fact is, society has still conditioned women to feel like failures if they can’t “do it all”.

Here’s a reframe: Instead of burning out, provide employment to other people who have created a business around doing the “invisible work” women still do the majority of.

I loved Denise’s comment “I want to live like a 1950’s husband”!

Mindset Shift:

You are not an island. Give yourself the time and mental space to build your business by outsourcing assistance in your business and also in your home, where so much “invisible” work is done. Start small then build. Be an employer, not a martyr.


In summary, the difference between people who make millions and those who struggle in the same industry are:

  • Build your business doing the things you love doing, that you do well naturally.
  • Adopt the mantra “I serve, I deserve”
  • Take action early and keep on taking massive action
  • Get out there and keep turning up.
  • Consistency. People will notice and remember you.
  • Celebrate your firsts, both good and bad.
  • Deliver value as if thousands are watching, even when you first start.
  • Be yourself, it is compelling.
  • Don’t try and do it all.
  • Stop looking for a silver bullet. Everyone wants a silver bullet but people don’t want to hear that it’s consistency. Keep on going.

What Next?

If you want to learn more about Denise, go ahead and get on her mailing list or follow her on social media. You can find her on her website or with the handle “denisedt” on Facebook, Twitter, and her personal favorite platform, Instagram.

She has a book coming out in February that is currently available for preorder. It’s called “Chillpreneur” and touches on different points that were discussed today, in more detail.You can find it everywhere you buy books online.

If you take a big action from the podcast or if you have big Ahas you’d love to share, get in touch with Denise and let her know!

Action tip: and how we will shine the light on you

  1. Go take a screenshot of the podcast as you watch it on your phone or computer
  2. Come over to instagram
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  4. We will share the image and shione the light on you
  5. You can do exactly the same on Facebook too

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I’m honoured and  grateful for your support.

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7 Steps to Get Your Partner to Support Your Dreams

7 Steps to Get Your Partner to Support Your Dreams

Starting and growing a business can be lonely and the support networks you have (or don’t have) can make the difference between resilience, confidence and optimism and fear, conflict and crippling self doubt. Just this week a question was asked in a business Facebook group I’m part of. A frustrated business woman asked “what do you do if your partner doesn’t support your dreams in business?”.

The responses were fascinating. There were a lot!

Many were wise but I was disappointed how many said “divorce him!”


Surely there are better ways to have the difficult conversations?

That’s what I’m sharing with you today.

Whether you are male or female and whether your life partner is male or female, we all have the same problem. How do you get the support, or the “buy in” from your significant other?

Getting your partner’s support could be for leaving your job to start a coaching or consulting business, travelling to a workshop, buying an education program, starting a business, spending the money on website development or setting up an awesome at-home video studio.

It doesn’t even have to involve spending money as time is just as important.

How do you convince your partner that the late nights you spend learning how to set up your online business are a good investment of your time, and their loss of your attention?

I often am told “You are so lucky to have the support of your husband” and I know I am. But you know what?

Like anything, getting support for your dreams is just like making a sale. You need to know how to make the sale and how to keep the sale. This counts for everything in your life.

So, If getting support from your partner for your goals is just like a sale, let’s look at the tried and tested formula for a sales letter, sales audio and videos. Like any genuine sale, it is not manipulation or deception. A genuine sale provides all the information a person needs to be able to decide if they want to “buy in” and the environment to make the decision without stress.

You can watch the video, listen to the audio, download from the podcast directory, or read the transcript below. Never miss an episode. Click here for all the ways you can subscribe.

7 Steps To Sell Your Partner On Your Dreams

Welcome the viewer:

In the case of talking to your partner about something as important as their support of your dreams, create a welcoming environment. Don’t try and discuss this in the middle of getting dinner ready. Grab a cuppa / bubbles and sit down.

Establish Credibility:

In this case you will be establishing how serious you are about your dream or goal. This will show them this is not just another fad that is not worth spending time on.

Use a hook or cliff hanger:

This keeps the viewer wanting to stay to the end. Everyone, yep even people who love you, will be thinking deep down “What’s in it for me?”. Let them know that you’ll tell them at the end, something that will make it all worthwhile for them. A solution that will make life easier.

Share Your Story:

In sales, this is so people can relate to you. This is because people like to do business with people they like and relate to.  Hopefully, with your partner, you have a bit of that groundwork covered. This is the place to share your passions. Why you are so passionate about this and go into a bit more depth on what ground work you have already done.

Paint the Problem:

Remember, this is a sale so we’re not talking about YOUR frustrations and problems. We’re talking about them. So this may be they are living with someone who is frustrated, or they are tied to a nine-to-five job and would love to have more freedom. You may have children one of you wants to be home with. Think about why YOU have this dream and it may also be a similar motive for your partner.

Provide The Solution:

In a sales letter, audio, video this is the main body. So it works similar for your sales pitch here. This is where you want to lay down some facts and case studies. Examples of what has worked for others and why you think it may work for you.

This is also the place to deliver  on your promise you alluded to in your hook.

To know what promise will work best (equivalent to your offer in a sales pitch) you need to know what their biggest fears are and the biggest benefit. You need to think long term and short term here. So long term it may be lifestyle freedom but in the short term, you will need some other offers.

For example, if their biggest fear is the time it will take you, I suggest you negotiate the amount of time you will spend on your venture, balanced with time with them and family (this is a good discipline for yourself as well).

If their fear is money, you can assign a budget together. You can point them to the number of free resources you can access to learn how to build your business.

If their concern is time AND money, then you can present information on mentors that will save you both time and money in the long run.

HINT: You can also have some fun here. I’ll leave it to your imagination (wink, wink)

Call To Action:

You don’t want to spend all this time and action, moving towards a sale and not close the deal. In sales it is “fill in your email” or “click here to buy”. With your partner it may be:

  • Let’s work out a time table together of times I will devote to my new venture, and time balancing my life with yours, or
  • Let’s agree now if I have your support to book a workshop, invest in a program, take a sabbatical from my work, or
  • Lets agree now that you will not undermine me with doubting language (if this has been a problem) and instead you will re-frame your language to be one of support.

A Word of Warning on Crafting Your Message

I made this mistake myself and I have seen many people (both men and women) make exactly the same mistake.

You cannot expect your partner to have the same dreams as you.

In your ideal world, you and your partner will be inspired by the same passion and both strive towards the same goal. They too, will want to be at the same events, working late at night to learn how to master Internet marketing and be fascinated by SEO and Opt-in rates.

Don’t aim for this.

It is unfair to expect your partner to get sucked into your jet-stream just because you want them to. The sale you are after is their support. You want them to encourage you, not undermine you.

Anything that comes later, is a true bonus and you know that it comes from genuine personal interest rather than just kindness. In many cases, your partner can get involved doing things that you do not have a natural ability for, and they have the satisfaction of doing something practical to help you achieve your dream.

After all, in my books, a great relationship is one that helps each partner be the best they can be. It works both ways. Your partner may have hidden dreams as well and will appreciate your support. You may be surprised at the common ground your different dreams may have after you work through this process.

I’d love to know what you think. I’m sure for some people, the thought of approaching their partner in this way is horrifying. For others, I know it can change your life. Love to know what you think.



P.S. If you’d like to get to know my husband a little bit, you can get a great insight into his passions over here on Flickr

He is an incredibly experienced and passionate ecologist , and as you can see my the thousands of photos he makes publicly free, he spends time in some amazing wild places.

A Special Message From Janet

Thank you so much for being here. I know there are a lot of podcasts you could choose to listen to  and you chose to join me on Romance Your Tribe Radio.


I’m honoured and  grateful for your support.

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8 Steps to Free Yourself from Overwhelm in Business

8 Steps to Free Yourself from Overwhelm in Business

Every entrepreneur feels overwhelm in business at some time. After all, when you have a strong vision that pulls you forward, there can seem to be an endless list of things to do to make that vision a reality.

And if life isn’t crazy enough, once you start building your business online the opportunities and options can get overwhelming. Websites, podcasts, videos, funnels, course creation….. enough already!

So much to do and so little time! I get it.

But the reality is, if you don’t have a system to quickly prioritise projects specific for YOUR business and YOUR goals, then overwhelm can destroy your business.

That’s what I’m sharing with you today.

A repeatable 8 step system to free yourself from overwhelm in business.

It’s exactly what I do when my vision moves faster than me (too fast sometimes, and I’m sure you get that). And, because I know you’re short on time, I’ve outlined it in brief below, with some other great resources to help you, and whipped through each step for you with action steps in the podcast.

Now, if you ever hear yourself say “I’m so overwhelmed” STOP IT!

That phrase is banned in my home and business. Instead it is replaced with these 8 steps.

In today’s teaching podcast (and cheat-sheet article) I share:

  • Why entrepreneurs get overwhelmed so often and how to know the signs
  • The core focus areas and why you need to know exactly which is your priority each month
  • How to eliminate the majority of options in a simple 3 step process, and then know which ones to schedule and which ones to dump
  • A simple 1 page tool (I’ll give it to you for free) that takes the emotion out of decisions so you can say NO easily
  • How the concepts of The 3 goals, the Book of Squirrels and The Celebration Box can stop overwhelm raring it’s ugly head

So tune in to watch / listen / read (whichever one floats your boat) as I share step-by-step the system to ban overwhelm from your vocabulary. I’ve also got some great gifts and special priced programs for you to help you further.

Go get ‘em folks!

You can watch the video, listen to the audio, download from the podcast directory, or read the transcript below. Never miss an episode. Click here for all the ways you can subscribe.

8 Steps to free yourself from overwhelm in business

There is nothing more frustrating, or confidence-crushing, as having a vision of the business you want to create yet you seem to be working long hours and getting nowhere and feeling stressed and close to burn out.

Meanwhile you see other people who seem to get stuff done so quickly and remain calm and happy (surely they must be faking it?!)

It’s even more frustrating if you have worked hard yet you’re not seeing the results in your business for all that hard work.

The reality is, there will ALWAYS be more opportunities, more SHOULD, COULD, WOULD do on your to do list and I know how it feels to feel like a kangaroo paralysed in the headlights of overwhelm and you simply can’t move forward because you can’t make a decision.

That stops here!

This is how I get myself out of overwhelm and take the emotion and fear out of everything.

Step 1: Decide what your # 1 focus is at this exact moment:

Websites, podcasts, videos, funnels, course creation….. enough already!

Add to this, the serious FOMO you get every time you learn of a new strategy that the numerous “gurus” swear is the secret to success!

The thing is…. all of the strategies I’ve mentioned above DO work! I know, because I teach and implement them all in my own business. But you can’t do ALL of these strategies at once, and some are just not necessary for your particular business at this stage.

They will still be there next month or next year. The important thing is you choose the strategies that are most important for you RIGHT NOW.

So if bringing in cash is your top priority at the moment, then your podcast can ait to be launched. Creating an offer and sales letter is a higher priority.

So decide, what is your #1 need in your business NOW. Here are few categories to choose from:

  • authority building
  • research and establishment
  • list building
  • conversions
  • Income
  • Expansion

Step 2: Get it out of your head

Write the list of everything you can think of that you have floating around in that head of yours. All the things you think you should do, could do, love to do, see others do, business bucket list. Don’t leave anything in there to eat away at your subconscious and derail your focus.

Think of this as getting everything out of your wardrobe to see, before decluttering.

Step 3: Compare this list against your priority outcome focus

OK now you need to start being ruthless here.

Go down that list and highlight everything that DIRECTLY impacts on the area you have already decided is most important for you right now in your business.

Everything else…. ditch it or add it to your list to be reviewed in 90 days (more on this below).

Now, watch what you do here. If you find yourself saying things like “ooooh but I’ve been wanting to start this podcast for ages and I know it will rock…and really the credibility and exposure will definitely attract clients and increase sales.

Yes it will….

But if your top priority is CASH right now, then stop trying to make that outfit fit (going back to the wardrobe analogy here). Park it to make a priority when your business outcome focus is authority building.

Step 4: Assess your available resources

OK now you’ve been ruthless and parked everything that does NOT directly meet your focus outcome, we need to get ready to prioritize.

We can’t do that until we can compare how easy each option is going to be.

So look at each of the options and record:

  1. WHO can help? Do I have access to these people?
  2. What have you already got partially completed or have resources for?
  3. Do you have the skills yourself to do this or is there going to be a steep learning curve?

Step 5: Rate each option on ease and goal impact

Let’s take the emotion out of it.

Go down the list and rate them out of 10 on how easy they are for you to make happen and how much of an impact they will have.

You are looking for ones that have biggest impact for least effort and also if there are some with less impact but so quick and easy to do you can delegate or knock off fast.

Others may be brilliant but you need to plan to do them well, and others, well…you may need to ditch them, no matter how cool they are.

And hey, when it comes to ideas that don’t make the grade (yet) here’s a clever idea to save them, but in a practical way that gets the subconscious sabotage of “what if” out of your brain and onto paper. Introducing The Book of Squirrels.

Hey this process of rating Impact and Ease and making decisions can sometimes be hard to do. So I have a gift for you.

The exact tool I use to make this process simple and fast. It’s called The Chaos To Clarity Tool and you can download it here (it’s just 1 page)

Step 6: Do a 90 day plan

It is so tempting, when you have decided your priorities, to get started straight away.

I get it because that is my default setting.

I default to “OK decision made, now let’s make this s#*t happen.

The trouble is, that way always end in tears.

There’s always something really important that is left to the last minute because you hadn’t taken the time to see what needs to be done and what needs to be delegated.

In the Rising Stars Coaching Program, we do everything according to 90 day plans.

We use a template to identify priorities, set the goals for each 30 day period, identify what resources we need to get it done and importantly, how we will celebrate.

Once the 90 day plan is done, the decisions and thinking is done.

This is our guiding star for what happens next, and if an opportunity comes up, it is always assessed against the 90 day plan.

It takes discipline to create, and discipline to stick with it.

But this one thing alone will prevent overwhelm and make your business so much more profitable.

For a limited time I share all the templates and training on 90 day planning as part of my CLEAR Time program. You can check it out here.

Step 7: Review and accountability

It is one thing to create a 90 day plan, it is another to actually stick with it!

That’s where accountability comes in.

Find an accountability buddy, a business friend, a coach, a mentor….and show them your plan.

Ask them to hold you accountable and agree on how you will report to them.

The potential for humiliation is a powerful motivatorJ

Review and reflection is just as important as creating a plan.

But you need a process to not just look at what you did and didn’t achieve. You need a process to really deep dive into WHY.

This is something I do with my Rising Stars Clients every 90 days and it is powerful.

I also teach it in the CLEAR time program.

Step 8: Plan to celebrate

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, no sooner have you finished a project or task, then you are already jumping straight into the next one.

We are always driven by future thinking, visualising and planning for what happens next.

Know that this is normal…. and a sure-fire way to guarantee overwhelm in business!

I know how poorly most people do this, so I have a solution for you called The Celebration Box. You can find out all about it here, plus 100 ideas on how to celebrate.

Now You Have a System……

It’s one thing to have a system… it’s another to use it.

So I want you to repeat after me….

“Discipline is my middle name”.

Because it is the combo of a repeatable system and the discipline to use it that will free you from overwhelm in business and bring more joy to your life.

I’d love to hear from you, if this helps and if you have any tips top share with our readers.

Just comment below.

And hey, if you have a friend who needs to be freed of overwhelm in business, please share this with them.

A Special Message From Janet

Thank you so much for being here. I know there are a lot of podcasts you could choose to listen to  and you chose to join me on Romance Your Tribe Radio.


I’m honoured and  grateful for your support.

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Read The Transcript Here

Hello and welcome. Janet Beckers here with a Total Teaching episode this week of Romance Your Tribe radio. Today, we’re going to look at a really common problem that is going to strike every entrepreneur at some time, and that is absolute overwhelm from all of the things that you need to do and try to make that decision on which things I need to do and which things I shouldn’t. And you know what? If that sounds like you, if you’ve ever got to that point where you’re thinking, “You know what? I’m busy. I’m running a business,” or, “I’m trying to grow a business, and then, also, I have family. I have a personal life. I have dreams of actually just chilling out, but at the same time, I’m trying to grow my business, I’m trying to create new programs, and learn this whole internet marketing thing, and every time I open up my email, there is another email telling me about this fantastic really good strategy that I really should be doing.”

And they work. So how do you know which of the things are going to be the things that you should be focusing on. So that’s what we’re going to be doing today. I’m going to share with you my eight step system for getting out of overwhelm. Now, total transparency here, I get overwhelmed, too. I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t. We all do. But the thing is, if you get stuck and trying to make those decisions kind of makes you get stuck and you can’t move forward, if you don’t get unstuck and you stay there for too long, your business is really going to get damaged. You cannot afford to stay there just staring into space going, “Oh, what do I do? It’s all too much.” You can’t do it. So you need to have a system to get you out of that overwhelm quickly so you can move on and get shit done. So that’s what I’m going to be sharing with you, that eight step process to get that stuff done and get over the overwhelm.

I use this exact same process myself, and I use this with my clients. As well as the eight steps, I’m also going to share with you some other articles that I’ve done that can help you to totally nail some parts of it if you find that’s your challenge, and I’ve also got for you a gift that’s going to help you to really implement this and get unstuck really, really fast, like a 30 minute job. So let’s get stuck into it.

Now, I know how busy you are, and the thought of learning in a eight step process to get out of overwhelm could be overwhelming. So what I’m going to do is I’m just going to whip through this quick. So that is my intention, to give it to you, just no fluff. All right? So get ready. You can take notes, but I’m also … If you’re listening to this on iTunes or if you’re watching the video on wherever it is, just know if you come over to the blog post that goes with this, I’ve got those eight steps there all for you laid out and the links to everywhere else that you can go to get the extra resources so you can just get stuff done.

All right, are you ready? Get that stopwatch ready now. Okay, here we’re going to go through the eight steps. Number one, decide what your number one focus priority is at the moment. Now, when I say at the moment, that could be like this week, or it could also be in the next 90 days. I like to work in 90 day periods. That’s what I do with my VIP clients. We plan on 90 days. But what is your absolute number one focus. To give you an idea here, and we’re not talking narrow, like tasks. We’re talking about your priorities. So for example, it might be content creation and authority building. You know, creating enough visibility out there to show this is what I do. But what if you look ahead the next few weeks and you go, “Oh, bugger, I can’t see any money coming in. I’ve got all these bills and no cash.” Well, your priority is not authority building, your priority is to get some cash in, baby. It’s income.

Now, what happens if you’re going, I can see this is coming up, but you know I don’t have an audience to sell to. Well, your priority is list building. So that’s going to be your priority. You might have … Another thing might be, you know what? I’m going to get ready to launch a new program, or I’m going to be opening up a new business, or I’m going to be expanding some part, or I’m going to change things. Well, your priority might be you know what, you’ve got to make some decisions around … You’ve got to do some of the research. You’ve got to work out what is it that people want, and you’ve got to do that planning so that you can then take action. That may be your number one thing.

Or your number one thing might be, ha if only I have the time to do this stuff, because my business is so flat out, I am booked out. I cannot book another person in. I need to expand my team so that I can free up my time to do all these other things. Well, that may be your top priority. You may not be able to implement anything else until you can make your priority about getting the right team members. So that’s what I mean when I talk about what is your number one priority, because we’re going to use that in all the rest of the steps to act as your filter. So that’s your number one. What is your absolute number one focus, your big priority in terms of the major outcomes that you need in your business.

All right, step number two. Whipping right along, folks. Step number two is get all that stuff out of your head, okay? All those things that you have got floating around in your head acting as some serious, serious sort of mental wardrobe clutter. Now, get them all out onto paper or a spreadsheet or whiteboard. Whatever works for you, just get them out because as long as you’ve got one of those ideas floating around there in that space, it’s going to distract you. And you won’t be able to stay clear on what you’re doing. So all of those things that you’ve been thinking about.

You know, if they’re all the different list-building projects that you’ve been thinking about, the kind of programs that you could be creating, the formula that you’ve thought of that’s your signature forum, the podcast that you’ve been thinking about doing, the Facebook ads, you know all … Running a retreat, running a workshop, running webinars, all those things that you have in your brain as your business bucket list, or the more to do’s or your should do’s, could do’s. Get them all out, okay? Get them onto that list because now, we’re going to look at step number three.

Step number three is, I want you to look down all that list of things that you have been jarring around in your head, using up all of your energy, keeping you just stuck. Now I want you to go back to number one where we worked out what was your number one focus, your big thing that you really need to be focusing on as a priority in your business. Now, go down that list, and anything that does not directly contribute to that number one thing, I want you to move it aside, okay? You can put it over there, and you can make decisions on that later.

It may very well be that that’s going to be the one that you’d look at in the next 90 day period. Or you know, you’ll look at that when you’ve done the things where your priorities may change. Because if they’re not focusing on the thing that is really important to you at the moment, which might be bringing in some income, making the sales, or it might be getting that list so you’ve got an audience. Whatever it is, don’t put it under somewhere else. It can come back. It can wait. It’s not that important, because it’s not your number one priority. Really, really important to do.

Now this is where it comes in to, and I will have a link down here for you to the Book of Squirrels because there’s going to be some things there that you go, “Oh, but I really, really, really want to do that one right now because it’s fascinating, it’s interesting, it’s so cool. You need somewhere to put that, and that is the Book of Squirrels. So I’ve got a link there for you to explain what is the Book of Squirrels and how do you use it, and what is important to put in there that it’s more than just a list. So you can go and check out that one.

All right, now we have a list of ones that are only related to your major outcome for this period of time. Number four, right. Now what we’ve got to do before we can make any more decisions here, I want you to look at what your available resources are. For example, do you already have an offer that’s already ready to go? This is just saying if you’re focusing on making money. Do you have an offer? Do you have some kind of program? Do you have a sales page, or do you have a brochure, or do you have a process to get people to a sales call. Like you already had that, awesome. Then you’ve already got some kind of resource, some sort of asset there.

Do you have somebody that you can get to do that stuff for you? Or do you already have something nearly all finished? This is really typical with list-building. You’ve got nearly everything finished, but you just haven’t put the opt-in page or you haven’t worked out how to drive traffic or done Facebook ads, any of that sort of stuff. It’s what things have you already got created or already have processes for, or already have people who can do those things for you, and what have you already got? What’s your bandwidth? What are the skills that you’ve got that you can already be bringing to be able to do some of these tasks. That’s really important to be aware of what you do have. Okay, we’re not looking at what you don’t have. I’m sure that stuff goes through your head all the time. We’re looking at what have you already got. What assets, what resources, what abilities, what people? So who have you already got?

Okay, so that was number four, assessing the resources that are already available. All right, now we go to number five, and I have a really, really good free tool for you that goes with this podcast episode. It’s my free ‘Chaos to Clarity Tour.’ This is a one page sheet, a PDF that once you’ve got that, it’s pretty self-explanatory. You can do the process that can take you back 30 minutes. This is what I want you to do in a nutshell, especially what we’re going to get that’s going to make life so much easier for you. Now, the thing that you want to make a thing here is, I want you to have a look at all those things that you’ve got on your to-do list that relate to your number one priority, and I want you to go through them and give them a rating. I mean, the tool I’ve got for you helps you to do all this, but I want you to assess how much impact is each one of those going to make?

So, if your goal is to bring in some cash, out of all of those which one’s going to give you the greatest amount of cash. If it’s list building, which one of these is going to give me the most people for my mailing list? That’s service impact, okay? Don’t think about all of the other yes, buts. All we’re looking at is the impact on there. The other thing I want you to do is go and rate them all as well for how easy they are. That ease, so with ease it could be how fast can you do it, how simply can you do it. Like, from you thinking I’m going to do that to actually it happening, how easy or hard is that going to be?

You’re going to have some things that you know what? I could get this finished today and it’s done. Or I could outsource it to somebody else, and they can get it done really, really quick. Or you know what? That’s actually going to take a long time because I don’t have the skills to do that, and I don’t have anybody I know who’s got the skills. I’m going to have to find somebody to do it. Blah blah blah. Or you know, I can do that, but I know it’s going to take a bit of a lead-up time to do the job properly. So that’s how you work out how easy it is. You want to look at what sort of impact it has, and then what sort of ease is involved.

Again, go and have a look at the ‘Chaos to Clarity Tour.’ You can get it by going to So C-H-A-O-S, like chaos. That’s probably what’s in your brain at the moment. So go over there and you’ll be able to get that tool. Again, there’s going to be some things here that you’re going to look and go, “You know what? That one, it’s not really going to have that much of an impact, and it’s a lot of work. I think I’m going to ditch it.” Or some other things you’re going to go, “You know what? That could be super good, but not really at the moment. I’m going to put it in the Book of Squirrels, or I’m going to plan it for later.” The tool that I’ve got for you makes that decision of which ones to ditch, which ones to implement, which ones you might not get as big an impact but you can do them super quick. You know, they may only be a half hour job, yeah let me do that. So that tool works all that out for you.

Okay, so that got us to, that was step number five. By this time you should be a lot calmer, because you’ve been able to take any of the emotions out of what you’re doing, and you’re making a decision on what you’re going to be doing as your priorities based on actually looking at impact and ease, especially if you use the tool. You’ll be taking even more out of it. You’ll have a number, and then you can just plug that in, and you’ll know straight off.

Now you all have an idea about what your priorities are in what order. Now, let’s get this stuff happening, baby. So that’s going to move us on to the next steps. The next step, number six, is do a 90 day plan. Now, it’s one thing to go this is what I’m going to do, and then just start working on it. That’s really, really typical to do. But what you want to do is, you want to work out actually what is the outcome. How do I know when I’ve done this and why am I doing this? I’ll put a link down to you below to another article I’ve got on goal-setting. Really smart goal-setting, but not as smart as GOAL acronym, but for good, better, best goals and how they get used.

This is what we do with my clients. We work all the time on 90 day plans, and that directs everything that we’re doing and it’s what we’d use for assessing. And for each of those, we create good, better, best goals for the whole 90 days, but also for every single month. So you know exactly what you’re aiming for to get done. It’s one thing to know what you’re going to do, but the other thing is to actually get it done. So that 90 day plan is a really powerful tool, and it makes you stay focused until you’ve got it done. And you know if all of your effort has been successful because of the goals that you set. So use the good, better, best.

This is something I use with my VIP clients. It’s part of our Rising Stars programs is, we work on our 90 day plans, and we have 90 day planning days and we have 90 day review calls. But it’s also part of my clear time program, which is one module where I’ve got all these resources. And my actual process for being able to get things done without burning out and to be calm. So I’ll put a link down for you below so you can go check that out. It will be also at So if you can go there, you’ll be able to see the and check out that program, that may be really, really helpful for you. I’ve got all the templates and worksheets and everything for doing 90 day plans, and also the 90 day review process, which is really important.

So that brings me over to the next one, which is step number seven. You need to have a process for reviewing and accountability, because otherwise you can just keep on being busy and really just spinning your wheels. You want to be affective. So as well as knowing that you’re focusing on the things that’s going to give you the outcomes that are most important in your business, you’re also going to be looking at … What was I talking about here? What’s important in your business, you’re also going to be looking at your goals and have you met them. So you need to have some kind of review process, but not just a review process that goes, “Oh yeah, that was my goal. X number of revenue or X number of people on my mailing list or one new staff member starting on this date.” Whatever it is that you had as your priority, that’s not enough.

You need to have a review process that goes deeper, that allows you to look at why you did get the goal or why you didn’t and really sort of dive a bit deeper about why is this success or why isn’t this success happening? So you need a review process that’s going to do that for you. Yeah, that’s a big thing that we do in the Clear Time program, as well. So you can check that out if you need some extra help with that one. But make sure that you’ve got some kind of review, and somebody that’s going to hold you accountable.

Now the next one, and this really ties in with all of this, and this is something that we actually do during the 90 day planning process, is decide how we’re going to celebrate. How are you going to celebrate you focusing on what you said that you were going to be doing, and what are you going to be doing if you reach your good goal, your best goal, your better goal? How are you going to celebrate? Decide that at the beginning, because that’s one thing we do so poorly as entrepreneurs is, we keep looking for the next to-do, the next to-do and if you don’t want to get overwhelmed again, you need to make sure that you take time to acknowledge and celebrate.

I’ve got a link here for you as well to a really great article that I share the celebration box the way that I work with my clients for a way that we can celebrate that takes a lot of you know, you making judgment calls out of what you do. And I’ve also got there, I’ve asked all these different friends of mine to share what they do as a way of celebrating. So I think it’s about 100 ideas. So go over there. I’ve got the link there for you in this article, as well.

So that gets us to the last part. In quick summary for you, these are the eight steps. Decide what your number one focus is on at the moment, the number one priority that you need to be really doing in your business. Then get out of your head a huge list of absolutely everything that is floating and buzzing around in there in your could do, should do, would do list. Then number three, compare everything that’s on that list against your number one priority, and only include those ones that relate to your big goal. Then I want you to assess your available resources so you’ve got an idea of how easy it’s going to be for you to do certain things. Then I want you to rate each of those things that are on that list for the impact that they can have on your major goal, your major focus, and how much ease it’s going to take for you to get those done.

Then it allows you to be able to rate them so you can do the things that are going to have the biggest impact with the greatest ease. Then number six is you’re going to take action, and to do that you need to have a plan, which is your 90 day plan, and we’re going to be setting goals at the end of that, but also for the milestones each month in between. Then we’re also going to be doing a review process. That’s number seven. And accountability so that you can actually look back and see, “Did I meet my goals? Didn’t I meet them? Why or why not?” So that I can improve next time. And then the very last one is we’re going to plan to celebrate and tie that in with your achievements so that you’re going to be effective rather than just busy so that you’re not going to be overwhelmed, that you’re going to stay focused on the things that are most important to you.

Okay, so that is Janet’s eight step process for getting out of overwhelm. Getting stuff done and getting a life without you burning out, and without your business suffering because you are stuck. I’ve got a few resources here that I’ve mentioned for you. The number one for you to go and check out is, because that’s going to give you my one page ‘Chaos to Clarity Decision Tool’ that’s going to help you to work through that process to be able to know what are your number ones, what’s your number one thing that you’re going to get the best results from so you can make a decision and get going. So that’s the great thing for you to be able to start with.

And I would love to hear from you, does this help? Leave your comments down below or find me over on Messenger or drop me an email. Whatever floats your boat, but let me know. I’d really love to hear if this helps you, and any other great tips that you may have for other people who may be listening or watching, that’s going to help them as well, because I’m sure you’ve got some really good ideas, as well.

Okay, go get them, folks. Bye.