Why Most Marketing Is Wasted and 2 Things To Fix First

Why Most Marketing Is Wasted and 2 Things To Fix First

If you ever feel like you are stuck on a hamster wheel of constant marketing but not seeing results, a.k.a. money in the bank, then you will love today’s 20 minute masterclass style podcast episode of Romance Your Tribe Radio.

Can you relate to this?

You may be doing blog posts, podcasts, short marketing videos on social, email marketing, Facebook lives, Instagram lives, reels, videos, stories and posts. Then you might be doing Youtube videos, Pinterest, Linked In, running free Facebook groups… and that doesn’t even include paid marketing!

Phew it’s exhausting.

If you’re not getting results for all that work the problem may not be with your marketing.

All that marketing may be simply attracting great potential customers who either fall into a black hole or hit hard against a brick wall.

It’s possible you have some big gaps in 2 important areas of your business and fixing those as your top priority will mean you finally can get a return for all your hard marketing work.

That’s what we’ll cover today.


I have a special downloadable template and action guide for you today. The Business Wheel Of Life Template includes a step-by-step guide so you can rate your business in each of the 12 areas essential for every business to grow and identify the #1 area with the most opportunity to improve your business quickly. You can download your bonus over here.

In today’s masterclass podcast episode you will learn:

  • The changes the pandemic has made to the market place and what things are OUT of your control
  • The things you CAN control and why you can’t wait until things go back to normal (spoiler alert: they won’t!)
  • The 3 growth options your business has because of the pandemic
  • Ways you may need to alter your products and services for right now and also for next year.
  • The brick wall your marketing leads may be seeing that you don’t…and how to fix it.
  • You are very likely closer than you think

Oh and hey… here’s a double dare you action step!

Come over to the free Romance Your Tribe Facebook Group. Share your ah ha’s with your peers and me. We’ll help direct you to the next steps to fix those 2 important areas.

Plus it will be great to hear what you see as your next path… Renovate, Detonate or Celebrate?

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Plus a special podcast bonus for you today. An action guide to download The Business Wheel Template.

Read The Transcript Here

Hello beautiful people, Janet Beckers here with a new episode of Romance Your Tribe Radio. Do you ever feel as if you’re on some kind of marketing hamster wheel, you putting up blog posts, Facebook posts, you’re creating awesome images and really helpful things that you’ve got over there on Instagram or LinkedIn, maybe you’re using YouTube, you may be running Facebook ads, doing webinars, all of every single thing that you can think of that you can be doing for marketing, but you’re not necessarily getting the results that you want. And you’re thinking, What am I doing? Have I got my message wrong? Am I doing it all wrong, that’s what we’re going to be looking at today or at the end of this session, you’ll have some clarity on whether what you’re doing if your marketing messaging is wrong. Or if there are actually other areas in your business that are not fixed yet, that if until they fix the marketing is not going to work for you, it’s just going to go straight down into a black hole, or go up against a hard wall and bounce off. So we’re going to have a look at what those two things are. That if you don’t have those fixed, your marketing is really going to be a waste of time. Now, I have got a resource here to help you. So if you go to romanceyourtribe.com/bizwheel, B-I-Z wheel, one long word, you’ll see that I’ve got a great resource there for you. It’ll also be linked there on the podcast notes that go with today’s episode.

Now, this is a fantastic, it’s a diagnostic tool that I use, when I work with my hiring clients. We go in depth with this to work out where they stand on the 12 areas that are absolutely essential to a healthy growing business. So I’ve got that for you, you’ll have the template you can use yourself, and a really step by step guide. So you’ll be able to go and look at your business and give yourself a rating out of out of 10 for every one of those 12 areas. Okay, so you’ve got that there as your resource. Now let’s dive in. And I’m just going to walk through what are those two areas? Because it may very well be and I can, I can bet for most people, there’s going to be these two areas that are the things that are letting you down. And that may be why your marketing is not working. Okay? It may not be all this hard work you’re doing. It’s just missing pieces. Right? So why am I talking about this now? Well, at the time of recording this, honestly, we have been in some kind of lockdown throughout the world for it’s coming on like nine months now. So long time during that time. So many things that have changed that are affecting every single person’s business, these are going to be external factors, things that you may or may not have been able to adapt to, to be able to prepare for. So you don’t know if the reason why your business’s, you know not working as well as it may have before or just hasn’t really yet. You don’t know if that’s happening because of external factors. Or if it’s something to do with the way that you’re responding to them, or whether it’s something to do with your whole business model. So it’s really bringing up first of all weaknesses that may have already been in existing businesses, and also things that you just need to adapt. So you don’t know whether you should be renovating your business, whether you should be designating your business and starting all over again. Or whether you should be celebrating what you’ve got and really expanding and growing on that. It can be really, really difficult sometimes to know what to do. Now, the thing that I have noticed, and this has been with clients and with peers and just really observing everybody that’s in my sort of sphere, in business is people have tended to react in two ways. They have either kind of put their head underneath a doula and just thought, just tell me what it’s all over. Okay, and I’ll come out it’s been very, very fear, focus. And if that’s been you, that’s okay. I totally, totally get it.

Because this is the time when you will be feeling like you just don’t have control over what is happening around you because things are changing so much. It’s really, really scary. And when you’re in business, really the buck stops with you like you’re the person that’s going to have to make all the decisions, make the adjustments face hard truths. It can be really, really difficult. Okay, so a lot of people have reacted that way and it comes from that sense of, I don’t have control. Now, other people People have reacted by first of all going, holy Heck, what’s going What’s happening here? What, you know, what do I need to do? But then they’ve gone. Okay? What can I take control off? Where are the things that are in this situation that I quit control over that I can make work. And these are the people that you’re that you may have seen that they’ve pivoted, or live added in something new into their business, or they’ve just focused on one thing. And gone, gone hard. So and the other people who are growing, they’re the people who are going to come out of this strong. So and that’s because they’ve looked at it and gone. Well, what can I control? Let’s focus on that. Let’s make that work. So that’s why I’m talking about this today. Because whichever situation you’ve been in, if you’ve been the person that’s gone, yet, what can I control? I’ve good on you. That is fantastic. Share what you’re doing, celebrate with people so people can see it’s possible. Okay, share that, you know, this is what’s happening, business is going good, but I had to make tough decisions, share it with people, people need your inspiration. If you have been the other way. Just know that I’m going to give you today, things that you can be doing that can help you to work out. What do you have control over? And know that this is the thing that I do with my clients? So if you’re looking things and thinking, I really can’t work out what I can control, what do I need to change? Should I renovate, detonate or celebrate? know that that’s what I’m here for? Okay, so just send me an email a private message, come and find me and ask how I can help you because I have a few different ways that I can help you and systems that are going to help you to get there. But let’s focus back now and what we’re going to be able to do here today. Okay. So what I have found is that one of the first things that people do, when they’re faced with, you know, these external factors that we’ve had at the moment where everything is changing around us, and there is a lot of fear out there in the community. Still, there was a lot when we first had the news of the pandemic, but there is now this underlying sense of like a need of safety. Now, one of the first things that people will do is, they will just lower their prices, cut their prices and go, right, okay, everything is like a fraction of what it was before. Now, that’s a really, you know, in some cases, that may be relevant, but in most cases, it’s just fear, talking, okay, so yet you do have control over, you know, your pricing. But you can decide that you have got control over that. So what we’re going to be looking at here, pricing will be part of it. But it’s not really the thing that’s going to make the biggest difference to you. So just know that that’s not the only thing that you have control over. Because very often, it’s not a pricing issue at all. Okay, so now let’s look at the two things that you can control that you need to be having a look at, that very often will have been affected by what is happening at, you know, in the world at the moment, and I’ll tell you what, this there, these changes are going to be continuing. So you need to be looking at these areas, it’s not as if you can go, oh, okay, I can come back under the dooner. Everything’s, it’s all over. Because when you come back over that dinner and look around, the landscape has changed, so you can’t ignore it. Okay, so let’s look at the first two areas, the number one in the business we are now that’s the template that I’ve got for you. It’s it’s got 12 areas, and each of those essentially six big areas. And there are two important parts in each one. So within those six areas, one of them is marketing. And we can go into a lot more depth in that after you’ve got these two areas. Mickey Mouse. So we’re going to look first of all at one of the other areas, which is you know, customer excellence, and that breaks down into two areas. And we’re going to talk about one, the number one thing that you really, really need to look at, and that is product, excellence,

product and service excellence. Now you might be thinking, Well, you know, I’ve got great products, great service, I get results for people, but the reality is things have changed. People may be you need to look at here is has my avatar changed, like what is happening to the people who I focus on who I serve, what is happening to them. Now this is especially true if this is business to business, but what what is happening to the businesses that you serve have their needs changed? Do you actually then need to look at? Okay, I might need to have a completely different avatar, especially if your your business has been really focusing on serving an industry that has been severely affected at the moment, for example, the events industry or the travel industry, you may need to look at either do I need to have a talk to these people and find out what is it that they are needing now, because your products that have been getting results for people, they may have been getting results that are long term, that are they you know, the things that are going to be getting them results long term as they going, they may not be interested in that at the moment, their focus is on short term. So you may need to look at either the way you’re delivering your products and services or what you’re delivering, you may need to take part of what you’re doing and change it. Or you may need to change completely what your product and service offering is to meet them at the moment because they may be looking at short term issues. And that’s what they need your help with. It may be that you’ve got to change your avatar completely, you may need to go into a completely different industry. Or you may need to change a bit of what they’re doing. It may be that they’re going well, you know what we can afford to bring you in house, we can afford to get you to do this stuff for us. Or we can even physically do it. You may need to change the way that you’re doing things that may be instead of a done for you, you may be doing a teaching an education component, I’ve got clients that are coming to work with me now in my hiring in my accelerator programme because they’re very much been a done for you. And going out to people and doing it they can’t do it. Now the market is saying, teach us how to do this in house. So there is an opportunity for them. But it’s an education model, rather than a done for you model they need to change. That’s what they’re doing with me. So that’s what you need to ask yourself is, there is no use, you’re putting your marketing out there, if what you’re going to be selling is not meeting your market at the moment where they are. Now, if your business to consumer, what is happening in your consumers life in terms of what they are needing you for, you know what they would for what you help them with? It may very well be that they’re going you know what, I’m actually quite cool now to be doing things online, I’m used to the whole zoom thing. I’m used to, you know, the flexibility to be able to do things from home? Well, is that what they are now looking at? Are you meeting them? Where they are you keeping up to date? Are you able to be able to get those clients that are going yeah, I want to do things differently. Maybe that’s what they’ve got. Maybe they also are looking at things that are happening for them at the moment, they may be short term needs that they that they’re focusing on. And the things that you’ve got for longer term may not be the things that are going to be really important to them at the moment. So have a look at those sorts of things, whether you’re business to business or business to consumer, what are the needs now. So have a look at the way that you are delivering your products and services? Are you meeting them? Are you doing it in the way that they need now, and then also have a look at what you’re offering, it isn’t meeting their needs that are absolutely Top of Mind at the moment, or you’re trying to sell them into something that that is not as relevant to them at the moment, not many, it’s not going to be later. But it may not be right now or it may never be, it may need to change. So that’s my very first challenge to you is I want you to have a look at what you are offering and really ask yourself the tough questions. Is this what my clients are wanting? Now? If not to an eight? Do I need to change the offering? Or if not 20, to change the clients? Do I need to move to a different avatar, that’s the tough one to ask. Because this is ultimately what your marketing is feeding into. So if that’s not right, if you haven’t taken the time to make sure that you’re actually adapting your marketing, I’m going to go anyway. Okay, that’s just going to go down that dark hole right now,

the to do this, you’re very likely going to have to go and do some research, you’re gonna have to talk to people, you’re going to have to take that time to really understand them. So if you’re not sure how to do that, I’ve, you can have a look at some of my past podcasts where I’ve talked about avatars, but I’ve got very, very specific strategies that I use around this. They’re quite different to what a lot of people do, especially the profitable avatar quadrant where we identify the four core avatars that you work with, and we look for the ones that are the most profitable, we can identify those. So that’s where your marketing goes. So if you need help with that, contact me and I can show you to the resources that I can help you to do that. Okay, so that’s going to be your number one. So, use the tool that I’ve given you the business wheel, which is romance, your tribe.com, forward slash biz, we’ll be as in we’ll go and have a look at that, because I go into detail the things that you can rate yourself on, what are the questions you need to ask yourself specifically around this area, and you can give yourself a rating out of 10? and work out what are the areas that you need to be working on? Okay, so that’s number one. Let’s look at the next one. And this is the thing that people often start with a marketing like, I know I need to build a list, I need to get an audience and I’ll start there. But as we’ve already looked at your marketing leads to what it is that you’re doing with people what you’re helping them to do, make sure you’ve got that right, you really have to really evaluate that. So the next thing between the marketing and the product or service, is you have to have a way to sell it. And now this is very often, even outside of this times where this is the big, there’s a big gap here very often. And this falls into two areas. So this is actually fits in when I talked about how there are six areas and there are two within those. But we’re going to look actually at two here that are the number one is your offer. Like are you have you got it in a way that what you are offering people in the pricing in the inclusions in how it’s delivered? In the outcomes that you have the things that overcome their objections? Have you got an offer, that when you get it in front of your ideal customer that they get a no brainer? Like, why wouldn’t I take that up, that’s going to solve the issue I’ve got at the moment in a way that really works for me. And honestly, the value that you are giving here, I would pay a fortune more for it, they take their shirt off, I get that reaction. If not, you need to be looking at what your offer is. Because that is basically what is selling, what you have put all this work into create to know that you’re creating something people need. So really be honest with yourself about your offer. So you need to evaluate that. Again, this is one of the things I’ve got step by step systems for, and also spreadsheets to help you to work out how much you should charge. So that you’re making a profit. And so and also, you know, this every single thing that you need there. So if you need help with that, just contact me. Now, the other thing that you’re going to do is once you’ve got your offer, how do you communicate it? What do you have in place to make it so that you can be easily making sales? So do you have sales material? Do you have like a brochure? Or do you have a sales page? Do you make it really easy for people to buy? Did I have to go through too many steps to be able to give you the money? Do you have some way that people can be continually being able to see, you know, understand the offer you may have today you’re doing that through a video? Or are you doing that through sales page out through webinars perhaps or you’re getting people onto a phone call, and you have a process to walk them through so that you are knowing when you on a phone call with them that you can really be able to sell what you’re offering? Do you have those processes in place because there’s no use doing all this wonderful marketing. And this is where it comes up to the the hard wall. They can do all the marketing, they get to you or your website, wherever it is. And there’s a blank wall there. Because they’re going well, how do I find out what it is that you offer? I don’t understand what you’re offering. Explain it to me. And where do I pay, if you don’t have that in place, you come against a brick wall that is going to bounce off. So why invest in all that time and effort and money in marketing if you don’t have that. Okay, so that’s the two main areas now there are actually 12 that are really, really important. They’re not all equal, okay? It doesn’t mean that every single thing has to be perfect. Ask

any even the most successful businesses and I bet they would not rate themselves 10 out of 10 in all 12 areas that are on the business we’ll so we’ve covered their two main ones. And these are the ones really that are more equal than the others. Because if you get this right, it’s going to make the other ones so much easier to do. Okay, so if you want to go over to romanceyourtribe/bizwheel, you’ll be able to see where you can get the template and also the step by step workbook that shows you how to assess Where you’re where you’re in, where you’re at 10 out of 10, what your ratings are. And then importantly, it’s not just what your lowest rating is, that’s the or you got to fix each of those areas, they’ve got different priority. So it’ll show you how to work out where they’re the most opportunities, if that if you plug that, that your marketing is going to start working better for you. Okay, I would love to hear from you. The most important thing to me is that you take action, that is the most rewarding thing for me to know that taking the time to produce this podcast, to record this, to get it out there to you. The best reward for me is to hear from you to know what actions you’ve taken. So I would love to hear from you. What did you do when you had a look at these core areas? Can you see if you’ve got gaps? Are there changes that you need to make? Do you need to really reassess your market? assess your offers again? Or do you need to get in place? A way that people that you can be selling? Or are you going you know what I’ve nailed those, Janet, it’s the marketing that’s not working, or it may be one of those other areas that really need to be worked on. I’d love to hear from you. What have you identified as the areas that you’re going to focus on first, to be able to plug those gaps, I would love to hear from you. So leave a comment down below. If you’re on the podcast page, leave a comment there. come and find me over on Facebook, or Instagram or LinkedIn. They’re the places I tend to hang out the most and all of them you just look for Janet Beckers. And I am there. Can’t find me there and just come and send me a message. Tell me what results What are you going to focus on first, or come over to the romance tribe Facebook group, and come and share that with myself and with your peers. Okay?

Go get them folks! And you’ll be saying I’ll be putting out over the next couple of weeks, how to diving in a little bit deeper into these 12 areas. And having a look at some things that you can be doing now that are going to really impact on plugging those all those different holes in your business so that we’re not aiming for perfection. But I’m going to show you things that you can be doing so that you can really focus on the things that are going to move the needle the most in your business. So look forward to those next week, I’ve actually got a guest that’s coming up, we’re going to be looking at one of the one core area that’s to do with the business wheel which is around personal excellence and leadership. We’re going to be looking at that I’m going to bring a guest in to talk to you with a system that’s going to help you to be able to really focus on that so that you’ve got the energy and the passion and the focus to plug these holes in your business. Okay. Go get them folks and make a difference bye!

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[How to] The 1 Page 90 Day Plan Template – Step-By-Step Case Study

[How to] The 1 Page 90 Day Plan Template – Step-By-Step Case Study

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The One Page 90 Day Business Plan Template

The One Page 90 Day Business Plan Template

I have a special gift for you with this week’s podcast.

The exact template I use in my own business so I can see EXACTLY what I need to focus on to hit my 90 day goals.

Plus I walk you through step-by-step how to fill in each section so you can use it in your business to make the next 90 days legendary!

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  • Why 90 Days is an important planning length in your business and why 12 months is WAAAAY too long.
  • How to know what you can expect to get done in 90 days and what happens when you seriously overestimate your capabilities.
  • When to say YES, when to say NO and how to use the template to make saying no easy
  • How to use the plan if you have a team. Oh and how to use it if it is just YOU.
  • The importance of setting goals and an introduction to Good Better Best goals
  • What to measure – and why money is often the wrong measure.
  • The importance of celebrating and the unique method I use to build creative celebration into my business plan.
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Plus a special podcast bonus for you today. A Fillable Template to download The One Page 90 Day Business Plan Template.

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20 Ways to Make Money in Your Business in the Next 90 Days

20 Ways to Make Money in Your Business in the Next 90 Days

I have a special gift for you with this week’s podcast.

An action focused cheat sheet of 20 ways to make money in your business in the next 90 days.

So why 90 days?

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In this week’s podcast (with downloadable cheat sheet and summary blog post) I give you a list for inspiration, seasoned with real world experience for a reality check. Every single thing on this list I have done in my own business in 90 days or less and also helped my clients do in their own businesses.

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Enjoy this Episode?

If you enjoyed this episode and the Romance Your Tribe Podcast generally, can I ask a favour? Please take two minutes to subscribe, and to write a rating and a review. You can do that on Apple Podcasts right now by clicking here. Or find us wherever you listen to your favourite podcasts.

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Plus a special podcast bonus for you today. An action guide to download Cheat Sheet: 20 Ways to Make Money in Your Business in the Next 90 Days

20 Ways To Make Money In Your Business in The Next 90 Days

20 different things that you can be doing in the next 90 days that are going to bring in money into your business, and not just bring money into your business. These are things that are actually going to continue to grow your business beyond this 90 day period. 

Okay, now to keep this really efficient, I’m going to break this down into 4 different areas, where you can really make the biggest difference.

1. So the first thing I’m going to look at is, what have you got that you’re actually selling?

Let’s look at some things that you can do in the next 90 days that you can actually start selling.

A. You could launch a higher end programme. This might sound crazy, but instead of you trying to get 100 sales of something at $1,000 or $100, whatever your number is, you might have to get 10, okay?

B. You could be doing something where you’re offering a service, it could be a new service, or you could be creating a, you know, a special bundle to do with a service, something that people are going to pay more for, that’s going to help them to get results. That could be something else that you could be doing in a 90 day period. And so you could be creating that and selling it and starting to deliver it. 

C. The other thing that you could be doing, you could launch an online course in 90 days, you could come up with your concept, you could launch your course and you could start delivering it.

D. You could, instead of an online course, also launch a membership site. So you could design the membership site, launch the membership site and start delivering on that membership.

That’s four different things you could start selling now that are new offers for your business.

2. Let’s look at your selling mechanisms.

A. You could design and deliver a webinar. You can absolutely do a webinar, that is then going to be selling for you and absolutely get that done in a 90 day period. You can then be structuring that so that it becomes an evergreen webinar so it can continue to be able to market for you.

B. You could run a five day challenge on Facebook. You could design it, you could run it, and you can sell through that and you can absolutely get that done in a 90 day period. 

C. You could run a launch in a 90 day period. There’s quite a few different ways that you could be running a launch, but you could be running a launch where you’re going to be creating a series of training that leads up to opening up the doors and selling your programme. So you could absolutely be running a launch of either a new offer or something that you already have, but you need to be getting it out there.

3. Now let’s have a look at things that have got to do with building your email list.

 In a 90 day period, you could set up everything to be able to build your mailing list.

A. You could have a lead magnet, that gift that you know is designed to attract people who are going to buy. As well as set up all of the automated infrastructure, such as follow up emails, so that people will then want to buy from you.

B. You could set up a Facebook ads campaign, so that you’re running Facebook ads that direct people to your list builder funnel,  whether it’s your new one, or your existing one. You can start building up sales in that way.

C. You can run an in-depth market survey so you know exactly what to create to entice a list of your perfect customers to your email list. You can do  all of the research, including doing interviews with potential clients. Then create an awesome lead magnet to attract people you know are ready to buy.

D. You could add a one-time offer people see when they join your mailing list. That way you can find buyers quickly and make sales on auto-pilot as you build your email list. This only needs to be something you can create quickly like a mini-course.

4. Now let’s look at things you can do that establish you as an authority and shine the light on your brilliance so you attract people who want to buy from you.

A. You can organise and run a one day summit where you bring experts in who deliver great content. You use that as a way to build your list with the added benefit of making an offer of your products and services to the attendees or make commissions from sales the speakers make.

B. That book that you’ve been writing? You could get it published, within a 90 day period, and have it for sale on multiple platforms. You can have pre-sold it so that you are making sales from that book before it even hits the shelves. You could even do a collaborative book if you want, to get that book out there and establish yourself to attract people.

C. You could launch a podcast. I don’t recommend that you launch a podcast unless you’ve actually got something to sell to your listeners. But you could absolutely launch a podcast in that 90 day period. It could be an audio one, a video one or both. You can create your podcast episodes and repurpose the content for social media, Youtube and your blog. 

D. You could set yourself as the expert and then leverage other people’s audiences by being a guest on their podcast, using the strategy to be seen as a sought after guest. If you just do one per week, you can be on 12 new podcasts. If you can get five a day, if you go full out on it, you could be a guest on 60. These are all people who are going to be exposed to you, and then come over to your business. 

E. You could establish a weekly Facebook live television show, which could be your teaching authority platform. It could have guests, a bit like a podcast, but it’s all on Facebook Live. Use that as a way of attracting your tribe. 

F. If your market is on LinkedIn, you can launch your LIVE or recorded authority platform there as a branded LinkedIn TV show on a strategic topic. Use the engagement you get on the videos to personally connect with every person who comments to then move those people to a discovery call off the platform.

G. Establishing a really well thought out and strategic Instagram marketing strategy, which is going to involve you using video, such as Instagram TV, Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories. Use that as a way of building your list and actually recruiting customers and making sales through there. You can very, very strategically do that and build up a following where you can be making sales within just a few weeks. 

H. You can set up joint venture relationships. This is one of the things I’ve used to build my business all the way along and I help my clients do. So if you have either a new business or whether you’ve got an existing business, you can be using the joint venture strategy to build those relationships and help each other grow your businesses. These do not have to be with people who are startups, these can be with really great names that are well known in your industry.

I. You can record a library of short educational and inspiring videos designed to engage and attract your ideal customers. These can be published every week on all social media platforms to build a following of clients who see you as the expert they trust because they feel connected by video.. You can use these same videos on your blog,  publishing them every single week for the next 90 days designed strategically to grow business.

This is a core part of my own business content marketing plan and has been for years.

That’s 20 ideas for you. Now over to you.

What ideas can you contribute to this list?

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5 Ways to Sell a Mini-Course in a Day and Make Money Online

5 Ways to Sell a Mini-Course in a Day and Make Money Online

Last week I shared a step-by-step masterclass with you on how to create a mini-course in a day.

Today I have another step-by-step class for you to show you 5 different ways you can SELL this awesome product you have created.

And even better?

Hey if you can create your mini online course in a day then let’s look at how you can sell it in a day!

In just 30 minutes I share:

  • 4 techniques you can use today, even if you have no website, no sales letter, and even
  • 2 ways to sell if you have no existing customers, no email list and no following.

There goes your last excuse baby smile

  • Then I share a 5th strategy you can easily set up in a day if you already have a gift you use to entice people to join your mailing list (in other words you already have an optin set up).

I hope this gives you the inspiration and motivation to just DO IT!

For some people, what I have covered today will be enough for you to create and sell your mini-course in just one day and then sell it NOW.

If you’d like more help then you’re in luck baby!

This month in The Success Circle I’m running 2 live training classes:

  1. Step-By-Step How to Create Your Mini-Course in One Day – with strategies to know with confidence your product will sell and grow your online business. (this step-by-step IN DEPTH masterclass is now recorded and waiting for you in the Academy area)
  2. How to Sell Your Mini-Course in a Day – with specific scripts and templates

You can join us now and take part in the free training and join us in the private Facebook Group to personal help to make it happen.

You can join us here.

Meanwhile, I’d love to hear from you. What’s your biggest ah ha from today’s training?

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Hello and welcome! Janet Beckers here, really excited about today’s podcast episode, because we’re going to be looking at how you can make sales today. Things that you can be doing today to get sales of your new program, product, that you’ve just created. So how do we get the fastest route to getting some cash in the bank? I’m going to teach you five different things that you can do to make sales today. Okay, now, this is actually part two of a short series that I’m doing on how do you actually create a product that you know is going to sell that’s going to be profitable? How do you create an online course and a mini course? that’s only going to take you listen to day to create? How do you do that and then How do you actually make it so that you can sell it without you having to have all these sales pages without you needing to have a website, all of those sorts of things like, I’ve already shown you how to do that in Episode Number one, so you can go and if you haven’t looked at that one yet, I’ve designed it to be short and sweet, but strategic. And so you can go over and I’ve got the links here for you are just going to romanceyourtribe.com and even have a look under podcasts and you can search for mini course, make money online, you will be able to find that one link for you.

Okay, so you’ve got that one there. So what we’re going to do today is we’ve got a program that you have created this little mini course, that is short, sweet, and really solves a very strategic problem that people have got something that you’ve already researched, and you know it’s going to work. And the reason you know it’s worked is because you have followed my process. Okay, now, if you’d like some more help in that I’ve got that cost there for you that that episode. But this is something we really dive into much more strategically and very much step by step within the success circle and the success circle is you can go there Rei Metro tribe comm forward slash success circle. When you go there, it’s a monthly membership if the doors are open, you can join now if they’re not open, send me a message and tell me why you should get in. And the nice part about there is you’ve got step by step, much more strategic and exactly what to do and all the links and things that you need to make it happen. And you’ve got me over there in the Facebook group every single day reviewing what you’ve done giving you some feedback, okay, so you know, things are gonna work. So you’ve got my help. So that’s where you can go to get further help.

Now what we’re going to do is we’re gonna look at five different things that you can activate today. That’s going to bring the money in the bank. Now the five things I’m going to share with you You and You know, these, you don’t even need a website for all but one, okay? They’re going to move you out of your comfort zone. Because face it, I’m going to ask you to do things that aren’t going to be having all this incredible automation and stuff set up. It’s going to require you to move out of the comfort zone. It doesn’t take a huge effort, absolutely not a huge effort at all. But it is going to make you move out of the comfort zone. So I’d like to talk to you first of all about scare sighted and commitment. And why this is really, really important for us to address first before I get over to five steps in business. The thing that I find the most exciting is a concept that I call scare sighted. And that’s that feeling that you get you know when you know that if something works, it’s going to be awesome. It is going to be something that has great payoffs for you.

But, at the same time, everybody scares you. Because what if you’re not good enough? Or what if it doesn’t work? So it goes, it’s moving you out of your comfort zone. So that scale sided feeling is that real excitement you get, but you’re also really, really nervous. That’s scarcity. And that is where the magic happens in your business. In fact, you know what, that’s where the magic happens in everything in life. So much so that when you join the success circle, I actually have there for you a little contract that you signed with yourself, not with me with yourself. That’s called a scare sided contract, that whenever you get that feeling, you’re going to step into it. Because I tell you what, every single time you do that one thing that scares you, but if it works, it’s gonna be awesome every time you do that, whether or not you get the result you want It makes it so much easier the next time that’s aged on growing your business. That’s where leaders are born. Okay? So I’m asking you here to really look inside and go, you know, what am I willing to do the things that are gonna make me scare sided? And we’re not talking huge things here. It’s just things that really enter the comfort zone and commit to yourself to do that. So, number one is how do you know it’s worth it? You know, scare sided means that if this works, how cool would that be? Well, what is it that’s going to be working? So let’s first of all address why you would want to try to sell your program really, really quickly. Okay. So let’s go back to why you’ve got why you’ve created a program and if you’ve done the if taken action, on the first episode that I’ve done here, you will have researched and come up with a small very quick to consume program. product it could be, could be, you know, a workbook and some audios it could be some teaching videos. It could just be workbooks, okay, it could just be written, it could be whatever mechanism works best for you and for your clients.

So you’ve got something there that you have created, because you’ve done the research and you know that that’s what people want. You’ve got something there. Why did you do that in the first place? Why did you go to that effort? And, and all of this the research and the creating everything he was done in a day, okay, we’ve very, very quick. So you may have done that, because you know, what, you’ve been thinking about creating some kind of online program, some sort, of course that you can sell. So it frees you up so that you’re not exchanging time for money, so that you can be making money all the time. You know, you can be making it when you sleep, the whole cliche, it’s true. This may be your very first step to doing that because you want to get some Something started. So this may be building on for something that’s going to be a bigger course, this is going to be whoa, I’m actually going to get something where I’m going to make some money from something I’ve created and sell online. That may be the reason that you’re doing it, it may be the first course you’re creating, it may be the first of what you intend to be a bigger thing. It may also be that you’ve got your existing clients offline. And you’re thinking, well, if I can do this little program, it’s actually going to free me up so that everything doesn’t have to be done in person. Or it may be something that you’re wanting to clients after they’ve seen you that they’ve got this so that they can implement and get results better. So it could be fitting in with a few of these criteria.

It could also be that you know what, the things that you’ve been selling, you know, we’ve been going through a real turmoil the last few months at the time of recording this in the COVID times and you know what, there’s a good chance that either what you’ve been selling before hasn’t been selling things might have changed. It could be that you’ve lost your confidence in that people will buy what you’ve got, it could be that. Whichever way, whatever it is that you’re not selling, and every time that you’re not, it really starts to eat away at your confidence in your business, there is no better way to get confidence in business and to get some cash in the bank. Much better than an affirmation much better than anything else that you can do is to get even just one sale makes a huge difference. So that may be the situation that you’re in, the markets change, you’ve changed. Let’s do something about that. So I want you to first get very clear on why do you want to make these sales? Why did you create this little mini program in the first place? Why did you do that? And why do you wanna make the sounds get really, really clear on those reasons. Okay. And of course, what I’m talking about is going to work whether you’re selling something for 50 bucks, or with something for 5000. Okay? Most of these are going to work for either. In this case, we’re just talking about this product that you’ve created in a day. Right? So, now let’s look at five different things that you can do. So I want you to first of all, remember what you’ve created, why you’ve created it, why it’s important to sell, and commit to step into scare sighted, because some of these things are going to require you to be visible, okay? to actually communicate with people because everything is not automated, you cannot hide behind the automation, because we’re not going to take the time to set that up. All right. So let me have a look at number one. Now, if you have an existing business, the very first step that I suggested to you in the episode last week was to Go and ask your existing clients, ask them what they would like now, what would help them right now? What’s one small thing that they’re having trouble with, you will probably have a really good idea anyway if you’re seeing clients, but you’ve gone back to them to ask them.

So if that’s where you started with, the very first thing that you should do is go back to your clients to the ones who helped you, and also to all of your other clients. Okay? Now, however it is that you normally communicate with them. That’s where you’ll make the sale. So you may be already communicating with them via email, or some you may be talking to people when you’re taking bookings over the phone, talk to them about it on the phone. Hey, by the way, we’ve just done we’ve just got this new little thing that says this awesome resource that our clients have asked us to create that we’ve just got that maybe maybe over the phone and maybe when they come into your clinic or store However it is that you would go to your clients first in whatever way you are communicating with them all ready.

Now the nice part is is you can go when you’re going to them and saying, Hey, we asked, we listened. We’ve created, it’s ready baby, and letting them know that hey, look, you’re an existing client so you get first dibs. Now, don’t give this away for free, okay? You don’t need to give this away for free if you’re in the success circle we already talked about strategically because I go into creating this mini course in a lot more depth in our workshop. You when you you’ve already got the recording say, well, we go strategically about how a freebie fits in with this, but at the moment, you don’t, don’t give this one away for free. Okay, this is a product that you’re selling. But what you can do is say to clients, hey, this is the founders price, not a beta price. The founders price that you get to have it off, it’s very likely going to increase in the future you don’t know yet. You haven’t done your pricing to work out what the market wants. But that’s how you can position it to start with, go to clients first. Okay? Step number two.

Now because you would have followed my instructions on how to make sure that you’ve actually creating something that people want, you would have done your research. So one of those places is you may have gone into Facebook groups that have people in there that are your target market, and you would have done your stalking you would have been asking questions. Now, if you’ve done this really well, in the groups where you are getting feedback where people was telling you about their ideas and their frustration, then you would have gone back and gone. Hey, this is the topic I’m thinking of creating or because from what people are saying, What do you reckon, is that a good thing to do? Then you’ll be getting feedback from people, then your next step would have been gone. You know what everybody I’m going to go and do it. I’m committing to everybody here and I’ll let you know when I’ve done it. Yay, go you, then it becomes where you can come back, it is just really natural for you to go back and go, Hey, everybody, I promised that I would let you know that I took action. And here it is, I’ve actually created by mini product, my mini course called blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I’m going to be selling it for whatever that price is. Now, be careful here in other people’s Facebook groups, then most of them will not want you selling some of them. They do that’s okay. But it doesn’t, you know, you can still say, Hey, I’m gonna be selling it for this much. Really, really excited. Just giving you feedback. So then you will get some people who are going, Oh, that sounds awesome. You got all you know, you might go Oh, no, I can answer any questions here. Or how about, you know, just out of respect for the people who are in the group just Well, let’s just take this and we’ll just private message. That way, your messages are happening there. So you can then just sell through private message. However it is that you take money, I covered this previously, we going into a lot more depths within the Success Circle, but hey, it could just be send me send me, you know, through PayPal, you can just go paypal.me. And then it will be the certain amount of money that they can send you. So you’ve got PayPal, it could be however you normally take money transfers, easy, just make it easy.

You don’t have to set everything up to start with. That is a great way to do it. But you saw that I didn’t just go here, do your research really quietly, and then come back and try and sell it’s not going to work. You need to make sure that you actually are communicating and taking people on the path, then it becomes seamless. But when I talked before about you got to be prepared to put yourself out of your comfort zone. You’re gonna have to go over into that Facebook group, there’s a good chance people will just be crickets. That probably means that you didn’t really warm them up first. If you haven’t done those other things, well do those over the next couple of days. Okay? And then you say, Oh, it’s ready. Okay? So they, they’re important things to do is go back to wherever you do your research because those people are asking. They’re interested.

Alright, now let’s look at the next one. The next one is going to move you more out of your comfort zone. But I can tell you now it’s the one that’s going to give you the greatest leverage. And now a great way to be able to sell something is via webinar. Now, there is a whole process that goes with setting up the technology of a webinar. There’s getting people to turn up there is the whole technology of you know all the strategy of how do you say it, but here’s a simple way for you. Okay, cuz we want to get stuff happening today is do it as a Facebook Live. Now, if you’re going to be doing it as a Facebook Live, do it as a Facebook Live on to your business page, not into your personal you know your personal profile, do it on your business page. And I’ll tell you why. So first of all, don’t just go live his start earlier in the day, just start teasing, okay, just saying through any way that you are, hey, guess what, I’m going to do a whole Facebook Live teaching ABC, something really simple. And so that’s where you’re going to be looking at teasing people letting it know it could be into these Facebook groups that you were in before. It could be wherever you’ve got your phone, it can also be over on Instagram or anywhere else that you are saying, Hey, I’m going to be doing this. I’m not going to be doing a free Facebook Live, it’s going to be not just a talking event. To go in more depth, and I’m going to be doing it at this time this afternoon. Okay, just come over to my Facebook page and it can be there.

Now, the reasons you want to do that is you want to just get us you know what you want a chance that some people are going to turn up live very often you’ll run a Facebook Live and there’s if you don’t have a huge following, nobody will turn up. Don’t worry, okay, because what we’re going to do is your Facebook Live is first of all, you’re going to be teaching people something that is really, really useful directly related to your topic, not going to go into details here and how to structure this whole thing out. That’s something I do personally with my with my clients. But what we’re going to do here is I just want you to be able to spend some time about why it’s important that people achieve this outcome. Why do they want to do it? And what are a few steps that people need to have in place to make it happen, you’re not necessarily going to go and teach them all the details at senior program, but you will going about, you know, maybe three things that they need to have in place to make a work, making sure you don’t waste their time that you’re giving them something they can take action on, that you don’t want to remove from your course. So you’re going to be giving them you know, something that’s going to be useful, and you’re going to be doing it live. So again, this could really move you out of your comfort zone. If you’ve never done a Facebook Live before. Just find a safe place that you can go where it’s, you know, you can even be you can be going into a group, you could be creating a group, that’s just you, okay? And you can practice doing lives into there.

If you do lives on your Facebook page just know you can delete them straight after. Okay, so that takes the pressure off. So again, scare sighted, so you can run your Facebook Live and of course during that you can say you know what, I’ve got this new program that I have just created. It is so new, that I don’t even have all these sales pages and All of this other stuff in place. So if you’re really interested in knowing it, it’s going to be this much money, send me private message. Okay, so these are not where you going to get bulk automated sales. But this is how you’re going to get these first few sales in. Okay? Now the nice part about this is if you’re happy with how that Facebook live went, you can boost that post. You know, you can do Facebook advertising, but let’s just keep it simple, where it’s got the post after the live, you can go boost and just follow the instructions, okay, you can just be throwing a few bucks at a per day to start to leverage it and get people to be able to see it. Okay, so that’s something that you could get done today and it can keep on working for you after. Just be prepared to respond to the private messages and respond to any comments. That’s where the sales are. Alright, we’ve covered three things already. Now. The next ones are going to be working. If you Maybe have already started an email list or you’ve already got a following.

Now in on social media. In this case, again, we’re not setting up the whole sales letters, everything there. But what you are going to be doing is using email. And there’s two ways that are the simplest one is what is called a nine word email strategy. And it’s not trying to sell and everything. What it is is is to sending out an email that would be really, really simple. Like, Hey, are you still interested in whatever the result is of what you’ve created? so far? Mine might be Hey, are you still interested in creating a mini course that you can get done in a day? That’s all you’re asking. Then when people email you back, then you can go you can you can do a little bit of to and fro, to find out okay, are they actually really interested and Do they, you know, you can do the to and fro and say, all right, well, I’ve got this little program right now, that is really, this is this is the price, you know, are you interested? Yep. Okay, here is the link, you know, it could be to PayPal, whatever it is, here is my details for you to be able to deposit some money.

That’s the way that you do it. So that’s called a nine word email. Another really good one to do is you can do a series of emails that go out over a week. Now, I won’t go into detail here because it’s a full on strategy. And I actually have the whole strategy in the success circle, including the swipe files of everything that you can do to do a four day sale. Now with this, you can just be putting the information about what you’re selling. In the email. You don’t even need to have the sales page okay, but a four day email sequence will cover the four different bio types for different types of personality. These that your emails are going to be appealing to. Okay? So again, you don’t even need to have your sales page, you just need to be able to put the benefits that they’re going to be getting. Because the thing is, this is not a full on signature system course. This is one short course that gets one specific outcome. Okay, so that so you can do that via email. To be honest, I have sold a program that was selling for $10,000 in one lump sum, and I never had sales page for it. I didn’t even have a PDF, sort of, sales letter for it for the first two years. I just did it all through email, because it was more expensive than getting people on the phone. So the whole thing about needing to have the full on sales letters. Don’t let that stop you. Okay, baby? Right.

So if you’ve got a way of communicating with people via email, that is the way Do it. You can modify this and use it on social media, for example, I could easily put a social media, you know, just putting it out there going, Hey, is anybody are you? Are you interested in creating a course in a day? That’s what I could do. And that would start the communication. Alright, so again, these are just finding the people. This is not bulk broadcasting out and just, let’s just sit back and let everything automated work. You’re finding the people having communications, like, wow, how retro talking to people, the communication backwards and forwards. Now, the very last one is a little bit more sophisticated. And here I’m going to assume that you have already been following everything I’m teaching, if you’re in the success circle, and you’ve been taking action, you will have this in place. And that’s going to be you’ve got something to entice people onto your mailing list. So you’ve Got a freebie that you’re giving away. And you will have been using different strategies to drive traffic there. The simple one could be boosting a post on Facebook about it.

Now, if you’ve already got a freebie, and you’re focusing all of your marketing on just trying to get people to join that freebie, so you’ve got your email list, well, what you can do is still right after it, whether it is in the emails that they get, or whether it’s going to be on the next page is that’s where you can insert this as an offer. If it’s going to be on the page, of course, you’re going to put that together, that’s going to be extra steps for you. But because this is not a program that’s got lots and lots of moving pieces, it’s got a very definite outcome. You can do that you can put that there. So it says, Hey, while you’re here, this is a great offer I’ve got for you or you can be putting it in your emails using exactly the same strategies that I talked about before. The Nine word email or the four day sequence. So in that case, that’s going to take a little bit of extra. But I’m already assuming, in that case that you’ve got that set up. Now, if you’re in the success circle, and you haven’t got that freebie set up, or you’re not thinking your freebie is the right one, that’s what I cover in the training module that we’ve got on Creative product in the day, we go very, very strategically into thinking out what the next steps are after they’ve purchased and what the steps are before they purchase. So if you haven’t done that, know that that’s I’ve got those resources there. They help you to be able to do that. But that’s the fifth step that you can do.

If you’ve already got that part of your your infrastructure set up. This is a great place where you can insert it. And it’s even better if you know if you are using any kind of paid advertising to get people to your freebie, whether that’s as simple as boosting a post for a couple of bucks a day that drives people there or whether it’s more sophisticated. If you’re doing any paid advertising, then you’ll get some sales and that will help to pay for your advertising. That’s a nice way to be able to use your, your mini course that you have created. Okay, so let me do a recap here. Most importantly, is you’ve got to know that what you have created in your product that you’ve been able to create in a day is that people are asking for it. So that’s why that research step is really, really important. Otherwise, it’s just going to be you going I think this is a great idea. It’s not going to might not be the right one. If you listen, if when you join the success circle and you listen to the class that we did, you will see that a couple of the people who I was coaching through that process, were really then they switched on business. Business people have been business for a while, what they had been thinking themselves would be the right thing to create. Once we went back with some forwards we realized you know what, that is not the best Just one that you would like to create. But from what you’re telling me about your market, now, that’s not going to be the one, I wouldn’t be focusing on that, let’s take this other idea out to them. So it’s really good to be able to, you’ve got to take that time to actually run your ideas by as many people as you can, who are your target market, so. So number one, you’ve created this product during your day, and you’ve done your research, you know that there’s people who very likely want it.

So we’ve done that. And now we’re going to get really, really clear on why you’ve created that, first of all, and why you want to get these sales. So keep that number one in your mind. Because now, you know, put yourself out there, which means you may get crickets in return. Or you may get not I’m not interested, what’s the worst thing that can happen? Okay, but you’re gonna have to put yourself out there. So I’ve talked about five different ways that you can do that one going back to your existing clients, one, going back to the groups where you did your research and including them in the excitement that you’ve taken action. And this is whereby we’ve gone the next level and you’ve done a Facebook Live, because that’s the fastest way for you to be able to get your message out there in a webinar format. And so we’ve, we’ve done that, and then you’re just going to get people, you’re just going to get them to private message to you, then you can take the extra step, and you can boost that Facebook Live so that you can get other people to keep on seeing it.

Then the next thing we’ve done is if you have already started collecting emails, when you’re in business, you should have some contact details for your clients is that’s when you can be using a couple of different email strategies. We talked about the nine word email, and we talked about the four Day Sale. And these are all resources that I have for you in the success circle. And then we looked at the last one where if you already have the infrastructure set up where you’ve got a freebie a lead magnet in order for people to join your mailing list. This is a great thing for you to add as the next step, whether they get that immediately as an upsell as a special offer, or whether you do that through email, once they’ve joined your mailing list is you can make sales of this product there. And that can help to pay for any advertising that you do. Okay, so that’s five different things that you can do today, baby. Again, I can give you a lot more help here over in the success circle. And this is just one, one small module of another module in a whole program that takes you step by step from to create your business, so that you can be creating a business online that you attract a tribe of people who absolutely love what you do, and want to pay to help for you to help them so all of that there is in the success circle. I’ve made everything so it’s a month by month, so you’re not going to have the commitment of thousands of dollars to do that as it previously was. Okay, so that’s where you can get the help. That is romanceyourtribe.com/successcircle. That’s where I can give you more help. And don’t forget, I’ve also got a companion episode that goes with today’s class, which is all about how do you create your product in a day?

Okay. Now, I really want to hear from you. What action Have you taken? Have you committed to scare sighted to stepping into scare sided? What action Have you taken? Have you done one thing that I’ve shared with you today? Have you taken one of those steps I’d really really love to hear from you. And if you do, leave a comment down below if you’re on wherever you’re watching this or drop me an email. Go to Janet at romance your tribe comm and send me an email. And if you have a friend in business that really needs to hear this, please pass this on to them. Maybe Because we want to get as many people out there sharing their genius, their help more people to help more people. And that’s my mission, baby. And if you enjoyed today’s episode, I would really appreciate it if you would pass it on to a friend. Tell them where to where to find us at romance your tribe radio, and I’d be extra extra grateful if you would leave a review. So that’s how other people can find this help. Okay. Don’t get them folks. Bye!