How to Write and Launch a Best Selling Book in 6 Weeks (and change lives at the same time)

How to Write and Launch a Best Selling Book in 6 Weeks (and change lives at the same time)

Well it’s not every day you get to interview a rock star… literally.

Steve Mastroianni (aka VØID) is based in Toronto, Canada and has coached hundreds of guitarists while touring the world opening for bands such as KISS, Hinder, and Finger Eleven (TBH I only know KISS from this line-up, being at Aussie)

Today we’re talking about the rapid creation and success of Steve’s new book. PRACTICE LESS, PLAY MORE! is a book that helps guitarists learn songs faster by using the same techniques Steve (aka VØID) uses to learn songs, riffs, and solos in 30 minutes or less.

TODAY Steve’s new book goes live on Kindle and Amazon after already reaching #1 Best Seller in 30 categories across 5 countries just with pre-orders alone. If that wasn’t enough of a reason to pick Steve’s brain for you, he achieved all this, after only getting the idea for the book 6 week’s before hitting #1.

Here’s what we discussed on the interview:

  1. Steve’s story of being the first band to be signed by Gene Simmons (yep of KISS fame)
  2. What’s it’s like to be a fair-dinkum rock star, touring with KISS and playing to crowds of tens of thousands.
  3. What happened to completely change his career (a lesson in values here)
  4. Steve’s why and his personal charity focus on cancer and carers of people with cancer
  5. How Steve’s online business started and how he now works with “Bucket Listers” who always wanted to play the guitar…..yep that’s me!
  6. How does a book fit in with his marketing strategy and how to know if a book is a sensible strategy for YOUR business
  7. The EXACT steps Steve implemented to go from concept  for his book “Practice Less Play More”  to bestseller on Amazon in 30 categories across five countries… all in only six weeks! Oh and by the way… that time frame included Christmas!
  8. How you can get Steve’s help to get your own book done and best-selling.

To help you implement, I’ve included below the exact timeline of Steve’s process from idea to best seller, plus the key steps you can use to plan out your own best selling book launch.

BUCKET LIST ALERT: Tomorrow I have a private lesson with a rock star guitarist 🙂 Yep Steve and I, different sides of the world, Zoom, guitars and a promise I’ll be playing one of my favourite songs within the hour.

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5 Steps To Write and Launch a Best Selling Book in Just 6 Weeks

Here’s the exact timeline of Steve’s book creation and launch, with the steps he completed at each stage. I’ve also broken each step down for you into the stages I can see you need to plan for, plus some tips from my interview with Steve, on what I see contributed to his success and lessons you can take away to apply in your own business.

1. The Idea and Preparation 


December 21st – Idea for book + Title + Short Outline
December 22nd – Consumed as much info on writing books as possible

I love how Steve didn’t go straight from his short outline to writing.

He knows the fastest way to reach your goals is to find others who have achieved what you want to do and learn from them.

He looked for how to structure a book, how many words to write, what software to use to write, “hacks” to get the book written fast, how to self-publish, how to pre-launch, how to be a best-seller.


  • Everything is Google-able
  • Learn from others who have already had success
  • Set a time frame around finding information so you don’t get Analysis Paralysis. Steve only spent one day.
  • Start with a short outline

2. The First Draft 


December 23rd – Wrote detailed outline
December 24th/25th– Break For Christmas
December 26th-31st – Finished First Draft Manuscript + Cover

Steve shared that he has a house full of people for Christmas so he could only write in short blocks of time. Yet he still managed to get the first draft of a 250 page book done in a week.

His approach was anti-perfection. This is what stops most people ever finishing their book.

Steve is a person who thrives under deadlines and sprints of action.

You may get your energy in a different way (for example setting a schedule of a certain number of hours per week, or day). The important thing is to work on writing while you have the excitement and buzz for the project.


  • Resist perfection. A draft is just that – a draft!
  • Repurpose any content you may already have, for example from blog posts etc.
  • Keep momentum by working in time batches when you are motivated and excited about the project.

3. Involve Your Tribe 


January 3rd-10th – Second Draft Finished (with customer feedback)
January 15th – Hired Formatter + Recruited Launch Team
January 19th – Finished Front + Back Cover

This is key to the success of Steve’s book quality and especially to the success of the launch of the book.

Steve reached out to clients, subscribers, social media and friends and invited them to be part of the Launch Team for the book.

People LOVE to be part of something. As Steve puts it “they like to have something interesting to share when people ask “what have you been up to lately?”.

So give them an opportunity!

This tribe of people reviewed the draft, gave feedback, were the first readers (which means when the book goes live they can be the first reviewers), kept him motivated and importantly, shared with everyone when he was ready to accept pre-orders.


  • Invite people to be part of your Launch Team. People love to be in the inner circle.
  • Ask people who know your work (so customers) to give feedback on your book content.
  • Communication is essential so your launch team feel like a valued tribe
  • Outsource the parts you can’t do, like formatting

4. Be Systematic When Self Publishing


January 24th – Keyword + Category Research
January 28th – Input book details in Amazon
January 31st – Final delivery of book in all formats
February 1st – Final upload to Amazon

When it comes to self-publishing on Amazon, the keywords you choose and the categories you list your book in critical.

Do your research on which categories and keywords not just fit your topic, but also have less competition. This increases your chance of hitting #1 in your categories.


  • Take the time to research keyword and category selection strategies
  • If you choose keywords and categories wisely, it will take you far less sales than you expect to hit #1
  • Amazon has a great platform with how-to videos to show you how to self publish simply.

5. Pre-Launch and Launch Day Party


February 5th – Pre-order goes live + hit #1 Best Seller in 30 categories across 5 countries
February 26th – pre-order books are delivered and live sales open (with launch day bonuses)

When the book was available Steve didn’t just make it immediately available.

Instead he set a launch date and used the 3 weeks prior to the launch to build a buzz and take pre-orders.

This is where the Launch Team really help you get momentum.

They helped share the word and this was made even easier for them because Steve linked all sales to his charity work he is so passionate about.

All proceeds from book sales are being used to create new programs for cancer patients and their caregivers through Steve’s fundraising initiative VØID Cancer.


  • Don’t go live as soon as the book is written and uploaded to Amazon publishing. Set a pre-launch period to build a buzz.
  • Involve your tribe to spread the word.
  • If you have a charity or cause you are passionate about, consider donating part or all sales to that cause. This inspires people to share and really, you only need to cover your costs because the money in a book is made on the sales of your programs and services, not the book – so be generous!

Last Words

So is a book ideal for you?

Crazily, books hold heaps of credibility, even if you already have lots of great content out in the word in the form of programs, free ebooks, videos, blog posts etc.

It opens doors.

So yep, if you  know what you will be selling in your business then a book is a brilliant way to reach more potential customers.

So if you have that book idea and just haven’t taken action, here’s my challenge to you.

Set yourself a deadline and go for it baby!

You can get a copy of Steve’s book here.

You can check out Steve and his work and also contact him. He’s keen to hear your book ideas and give you guidance.

A Special Message From Janet

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I’m honoured and  grateful for your support.

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Read The Transcript Here

Janet Beckers: Hello everybody. Janet Beckers here and welcome to Romance Your Tribe Radio. Really excited today because I’m feeling like I’m super cool kind of like rock chick today because I’ve got Steve Mastroianni who is about the rockstar minds, so hi Steve.

Steve Mastroianni: Hey Janet, thanks so much for having me.

Janet Beckers: It’s um, Steve and I met, we actually met in Puerto Rico, didn’t we? Did we met him?

Steve Mastroianni: We met in Austin, in Travaasa

Janet Beckers: Yeah, like very briefly, quite a about a year or so ago with Steve reminded me because we just recently connected through a forum through a mutual friend, James Franco and um, and Steve was sharing this fantastic wind that he had done. And I’ll tell you what, it wasn’t a minute cause I just thought, you know what, Steve, I have got to get you come and share this with everybody that is listening. So, um, can you just briefly say like what the share was, what the wind was, and then before we go into the details, I’m just going to introduce you a little bit in the font, a bit more of a back story.

Steve Mastroianni: No problem. Yeah, the win that I shared was that my new book practice less play more, um, hit bestseller on Amazon in 30 categories across five countries. And I did it all from idea to bestseller in only six weeks.

Janet Beckers: Wow. That is just from somebody who has written, I’ve written quite a few books and also taken books to Amazon. Yeah.

Top number one. And I can tell you there’s a lot of moving parts. There’s a lot of moving parts involved in that. So when I heard that it’s just like, this is pretty astronomical what you had done. Steve’s so thank you. So we’re going to dive into that today where I’ve asked Steve if he can share with us how did he do that and some really, you know, what things were important and what things didn’t you worry about doing to be able to achieve something like that. So we’re going to go over and what you to get ready to take notes, everybody, because you know you’re going to get some great ideas on things that you can be doing in your business. Now before we do that, because there’s one thing to say, yeah, a book, but that’s kind of just something that is a message that is getting out there.

I mean, the message comes from that. You know, there’s the person behind it who has the message to share and why they are actually wanting to share that message. And so that’s what I really wanted to dive into a little bit first with you, Steve. So people get to know you. And as everybody’s listening here, I want you to also think about the way that Steve is sharing his message. He’s why the reason he has his business and why he’s doing it. I want you to think yourself. What about with me? How do as, as much as I’m loving this interesting story, how would I tell it if I was Steve and how that would relate to the future book that I might write? So there’s my challenge. So I it to used Steve, first of all, who is it that you help and how do you do that?

Steve Mastroianni: Yeah, so my, my audience is primarily guitar players. Um, I would say a beginner guitar players, um, adult beginners typically ranging from about 40 years old to even, I just, I’m beyond, I mean, um, I I mainly focus on bucket list goals and helping people make, you know, those big rocks are dreams come true. Um, uh, really love it when someone says, oh, but you know, my hands are best, or I wasn’t a music in a musical family or whatever. And then just proving them wrong by, you know, blowing their mind. Um, I love helping guitar players, um, guitars. One of the only things, one of the only activities that activates pretty much every part of the brain. So I also know there’s so many other benefits to learning the car. And so a guitar has been something that’s been a big part of my life for, for many, many years.

And, um, basically I started playing guitar because I kind of reverse engineered a whole plan, even as he, as a teenager where I wanted to travel the world in order to travel the world. I knew that it would be more likely if I was with other people. And, um, and so to do that I thought, you know, it’d be fun maybe putting together a band in order to put together a band, I should write songs. So in order to write songs, I should probably learn how to play guitar. I was a drummer back then, but I thought, you know, let me pick up guitar and um, and learn how to do that, how to write songs. And so one thing led to another and eventually, you know, band after band, I ended up getting, um, s I started a band in 2009 called the envy and we were the first signing to gene Simmons, his record label called Simmons records. Um, he was coming up to Canada to a scout new bands and we were the first signing.
Janet Beckers: Wow. That is huge. And for anybody that doesn’t know Jean signs like shame on you. I mean this is it. This kiss I was sharing with Steve just before we came on that they’re very, I remember the very first time that I got up on the shoulders of them. I have a boyfriend at a music festival and did the whole, it was at a kiss festival.

Steve Mastroianni: That’s awesome. Where did you, where you wearing the makeup?

Janet Beckers: No, I was at that age where you know what the makeup would be cool. But you know, it was more important than I locked hot. Yeah,

Steve Mastroianni: exactly. That’s awesome.

Janet Beckers: Yes, that is, yeah, that’s a pretty big claim to fame. And so first of all, just congratulations on excellence because you know, you don’t just get picked up by somebody like that because you, you know, you’ve shown potential, you know, you get picked up because you’ve already demonstrated excellence. So, and I just love this. Um, and this, this is something that I just picked up the, from what Steve said, he didn’t start from, I love music. I played the guitar a lot and then I just thought I would go further. I love the whole idea that you had a vision for how you want your lifestyle to be and that vision was I k I want to travel and I want to do it with people. So let me reverse engineer. That’s the, I love that whole idea because really that’s what I’m, what I’m passionate about in business and we were talking about before Steve is as well that, you know, creating a business, doing stuff you love and creating the lifestyle. So I just love it. You did it right from the beginning. That’s pretty actually,
Steve Mastroianni: that reminded me of something, um, that, so there was the reverse engineering, which is kind of insane that I understood that back when I was like, you know, 12 years old that I just thought like that. But um, one, one very important thing, a few years later when I was out of high school was that I want it to be a professional musician obviously because that whole plan and I thought there’s no way that I’m going to be able to do that. If I’m flipping burgers at Mcdonald’s was like, you know, a kid, my, my two out of high school and I thought I have to have a guitar in my hand all day. Um, and in order to do that, in order to technically be paid to play guitar first, I started by teaching guitar. So back when I was, you know, 17 I started a guitar teaching business, going House to house. And um, and so I had a guitar in my hand all day and that was the plan because if I was, you know, smelling like cheese burgers when I came home and tired from all that playing guitar and writing songs wasn’t going to be as effective. So I kind of hacked away into being, coming, becoming a professional so that all I was doing all day was guitar and writing songs and getting better at coaching.

And you know what, this reminds me of the Beatles with, you know, the 10,000 hours that’s in, um, Malcolm Gladwell’s books is that the Beatles got to be so fantastic because they went to, I think it was Germany where they had like, you know, 24 hour clubs where what he was was playing and they went there and played and played like for hours every single day. And they went there because they wanted to be the experts. They wanted excellence and it was getting those thousand hours in. So that’s, um, that was pretty wise. It’s actually, so that’s a really great thing to bring into your business that if you’re aiming to create a lifestyle business and you have to have excellence doing what Ivar, well, make you find a way of actually developing your expertise.

Steve Mastroianni: So many ways. I mean, there are so many different ways to make money out there and, um, and it might not be a straight line and might not be obvious. Um, you know, you’d think a little bit outside the box, um, and, and you could find something for sure. I’ve always able to make, you know, I would, I’d have different pairs of jeans that I remember because I was living at my dad’s place that I would kind of forget. Like I go into the closet and I grow a pair of jeans and I put my hand in my pocket. I have like a wad of cash and as a 17 year old, like I was rich, like 400 bucks in my pocket. I didn’t know that. I forget about this is like free money, right? And there are ways to make money for sure and that better in line with your, uh, your goal.

Janet Beckers: I love it. That is, I mean, even even if you don’t remember anything that we’ve done it day to day because of course it’s not going to happen. That’s really, really good point is, you know what if they’re, if you’re aiming for here, what can you be doing that’s going to, you can be making money that’s going to give you that expertise at the same time. Like knock it over. That is, that is brilliant. So now let’s move on because we’re moving over to the business that you’ve created and book. So we’re leaning towards the book. So one thing that I found really interesting is your book, um, and you’ve also taught it really closely with your business is also has a link with cancer. So yeah. Would you mind sharing with us how you’ve linked cancer with your book and why?

Steve Mastroianni: Yeah, so I, and I know for anybody listening to that, it’s like, you know, the story kind of jumps from some those unexpected twists and turns and you know, um, this, this, um, this specific one is actually, um, this was the definitive moment in my life. Um, you know, obviously getting signed by Gene Simmons. We, um, my band, we, we open for kiss a cross, you know, um, North America and Mexico. We played 34 shows with them. And, um, there was this, it was a crazy, crazy time in my, uh, my twenties. And what happened was in 2013 when we were making plans for, you know, what to do for the rest of the year, um, I got a phone call from my father telling me that he was just diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. And you know, I, there was one of those moments where you just every like everything stops, right?

Everything is like in the movie. Everything just, just sort of stops. And in that one moment I knew that my music career, like pause, there’s nothing like, there’s no way I calculated in that moment that if I were to continue it would be unfair to my father and fair to, um, to me unfair to the band and fair to offense. There’d be cancellations like crazy. I just understood that in that one moment and as, as hard as it was, um, to, to make that sort of the, the decision, um, to sort of, to put that on pause because we were, you know, we were on the way up. Um, I had to be there for my father. My father is the why I was mentioning before I played drums. Um, he’s the reason why I play, he bought me the drum kit. He’s always my number one fan.

And, um, and so this was my turn to give back and to take care of him and be there for him. And, um, and so yeah, cause I mean stage four colon cancer, it’s a pretty grim diagnosis and we didn’t know what to expect to see the closest thing that like, I’ve just never experienced that before. Um, so naturally I’m a problem solver and a coach and so I wanted to make sure that I was there from, I’m inspiring them and I’m just finding any solution that I possibly can. And that’s when I started my business rock star mine because I couldn’t sit around. I want, you got to remember I went from, so my stage name wasn’t Steve. Like, I mean, people know me in the music industry has void. And so, um, that was very hard going from sort of the, the, the alter ego traveling the world, you know, hanging out with fans, signing autographs, playing big stages in front of tens, thousands of people every night and then going to, you know, just some Italian kid it at home every the same place all the time being Steve, you know, um, it, it was just, you know, it was a bit of an identity crisis in a sense.

Yeah. So I had to be creative, I had to do something. And so, um, you know, years of coaching on and off tour started this business, a rockstar mine were really, I was just learning marketing concepts and um, and just getting, you know, helping as many people as possible. And um, and my dad was about to turn 60 and I just had this moment where I just saw everything happen. I had this guitar training and I was like, I’m going to teach people how to feel like a rock star. And at the same time I had this sort of Cathartic experience where I created this fundraising initiative called void cancer, which was, um, is a tribute to my father was this, is this, there’s this video, a documentary I made, um, that I, it was my father’s 60th birthday gift and um, and basically the idea is that proceeds from everything that I make with the guitar training proceeds will go to help new, I’m pretty new programs for patients and caregivers, uh, because that was the position that I was in and I felt like if I can help other people, then, um, you know, it’s just going to create a really, really, um, I just, I didn’t know exactly what it would treat, but I knew that it would be awesome.
It would be helpful. It would educate people and um, both guitars and people who have been affected by cancer. Um, I just knew that it was, it was what I needed to do. It was just one of those things that just something clicked and I knew that that’s what I needed to do.

Janet Beckers: And the thing that I love from that and this is, you know, there will be times when you know the people who are listening where there is something that happens in life that is going to be one of those boom. You know, you know sometimes may just be gradual awakening where you come to realize, and I love what you’ve done there, Steve, allow, you talked about the alter ego and then you’ve got like real Steve, you know, it’s like the clock yet type thing. Um, that you know, you can, you can treat that as a reason why all well it was never meant to be or I’m not going to succeed. It’s a reason to give up and change what you do. But I love what you’ve done. There is sometimes those things that are, they can be seen. What the other thing that’s going to stop you that huge is obstacle can really drive your wine business and draw the creativity in business.

And that can be as simple as I was on the career path and I’ve had children that can be the wife for you. It’s, I’m on the career path. And you know what, I have responsibilities to somebody. I love to be there. And so that can really drive your reason why in your business. So, um, we’ll, we’ll flick over now and talk about the book, but before we do, if you can share it, cause I’ve, I’ve watched that documentary this morning and I was just like, I was applauding at the end just there with me and the dog because you know, it’s, it is really, it’s short but incredibly moving and s and it falls away. People can go to get some information. So can you just share that URL for people?

Steve Mastroianni: Yeah. So it’s void. v O I d And on the page, it’s just a very simple site. Basically. It’s just the documentary. It’s about five minutes. Um, I think it autoplays um, depending on your browser click that it pretty much learn everything about me. You’ll learn why I named void, why that, how that came about. It’s actually, um, it was pretty interesting and sort of this cosmic thing that, that happened. I was just like, interesting. Like I’m very grateful. I’m especially being a coach, that I can help other people based on some of the, the victories and the losses in my life. Um, and um, and basically the video, it’ll, it’ll, um, kind of tell you the whole story. Um, and then, uh, you know, under there there’s a button that you click and then there’ll be a few different ways that either you can contribute or you can, um, you can contact me. Um, the book, um, and the album that I recorded, so the book that I wrote recently that we’ll discuss and also the album that I recorded, um, I believe it was wow. Three, four years ago at this point. Now I’m all proceeds from, from those, 100% of the proceeds will be used for a new programs. So it’s, I’m very, very happy about that.

Janet Beckers: Yeah, that’s fantastic. And um, and I level so that, um, and we’ll talk a little bit moment yeah. About, um, yeah, about that contact button. So we’ll talk about that at the end is as well. Yeah. So don’t have a look at that cause I just love that video and I loved all the stories behind the tattoos and how that, yeah, we’re not going to give it away. Everybody can go and have a look. Um, so now let’s look over, I love that we’ve got the whole story here about, you know, just your entrepreneurial mind and then your reasons why and I just love how you saw this as your way of giving back. It was your turn to give to you that I just love that. Um, you know what integrity that shows truly and priorities now if when you’ve got your business, so for you, you know, you’ve got this business where you’ve got programs that can help people, you know, I’m your total demographic by the way. Yeah.

Steve Mastroianni: Playing Guitar. I heard about this guitar, a little Birdie told me that there’s a guitar that’s been sitting in, in your, in your room there for 25 years or something like that. That’s just unacceptable that it’s dusty or that it’s just there for show. That’s a sidebar off camera. We’re going to take care of that.
Janet Beckers: Yeah, I’ll have to stop. Totally, totally. Your market, your book. So let’s look at first of all, why a book. So this is if we’re, we’ll approach this in your coaching, in your coaching sort of hat is, okay, so we’ve got six weeks to create a book so we can all look at what had to take place in order to make that happen. But it’s supposed to, we’ll take the step of, there are so many ways that you can get your message out there. There so many different strategies that you can be putting your time into it. You can only do so much. So why a book and why would other people be looking at using a book as part of their marketing mix?

It’s a great question. Um, and, and I think to really capture the sort of six weeks, the, the understanding kind of why that all happened the way that it did. And, um, just quick, little aside is that my life is just about as chaotic as you can imagine. This is where I teach and this is where I run the business. I’m inside my house right now and my wife and my daughter who is now 13 months old, um, they were home for a full year, so 2018 they were home every single day. And I’m trying to run a business over here. I do, you know, songwriting and production as well. And I do have a studio downtown that’s sometimes I go to, but it’s just me and my wife here and we’re taking care of our daughter. And so I made a conscious decision that in 2018 that I’m going to be here during, you know, the most pivotal time in a child’s life and also bond with my daughter.

Um, I have no idea what I’m doing as a father, even though, you know, I had some audio books and stuff that I listened to him, but it was absolute chaos here. Anything business related was going to be a bonus. Like anything that was created, any asset that was created is going to be a bonus. And Trust me, I’ve tried everything, webinars and every method of delivery. Okay. And, um, and so what happened on December 21st of 2018, you know, just as we’re getting into Christmas, lightening in a bottle happened like something just, I just got inspired to write a book. It was actually James Schramko had a podcast that I listened to and there’s another cosmic sort of situation where certain things aligned. I just thought, oh my God, I’m going to write a book. And in that moment I understood that books are still so powerful.

It’s where I get a lot of my information, whether it’s an audio book or um, or written book. But the, basically the book, I just knew this was the method of delivery because I know my audience as well, that they, um, they’ve asked me in the past if I’d have a book, they have ’em because they’re an older demographic. I know that they want to get away from the screen because a lot of times it’s, that creates anxiety. So holding a book in their hands is something that they have and it’s very intimate that they could read at their own pace. They can mark up. It’s a very interactive medium. Whether it’s a ebook or paperback. And, um, and in that moment I just understood all of that. So I almost like blacked out. And next thing I knew 20 minutes later I have a little outline or it sort of just a sort of Cathartic and um, and so, and there was, this is a reason why I’m telling you all this is because number one, there’s no right time to start a book.

Like when you’re, when you’re inspired, um, you have to take hold of that. I’ve realized in my life because I’ve gone through these two weeks spurts of learning something or, or being obsessed with something. And what I’ve noticed for myself is that after two weeks it dies down. Like, um, and this was the worst possible time Christmas was about to get started, holidays, madness, new years, all the madness, right? And so I could have easily said, oh, I’m inspired to write a book. You know what, let’s put it off till the new year. You know what? Yeah, the new year. And when, I mean, when everything calms down, I’m going to get to the book. Is that inspiration? Does not work that way. Being obsessed with something you have to dive in and, and it doesn’t mean that you have to like, you know, hibernate or anything like that, but dive in and make sure that every day and as much as you possibly can, that you hold onto that inspiration and that fire inside you because it will go away.

You might not think it will, but it’s not going to feel the same. I’m so grateful that I wrote the book, um, last year, um, in that time, in that short time, because if I didn’t, I know right now there’s no way that like I can’t, I’m not going to write a book from scratch, my first book, the pressure of all this stuff. It’s just not going to happen. So you have to hold onto that inspiration, ride the wave of inspiration and be obsessed with it during that time, especially in the first two weeks. It’s crucial in the first two weeks. So what I did was I outlined to just whatever, just got whatever, like, you know, um, put books, experts are very, um, in some ways it’s much easier than if it was, let’s say it was fiction because there’s things that you talk about with clients that you just get it on paper, like get it on the screen or getting it on paper just as much as you can.

Don’t judge just right. Just get it out. You’re just in sort of purging mode. And, um, and then, um, what I did was I, um, so I did a detailed outline. There are, sorry, I outlined it just the first one and then I bought a book on how to write a book. I also want to leverage experts. I don’t want to like love it. I want it to make sure that I got this book done before the New Year. Like, which is absolutely crazy. The December 21st I’m inspired and like December 22nd, um, all I have is like sort of a short little outline and I read, I’m reading this book, um, what was it? It was book in a box. I was not called describe method by Tucker Max and it just, I wanted to get as many ideas as possible to, to write. And um, and so December 22nd that happened in December 23rd, I write a detailed outline, some 24th and 25th is Christmas boxing day.

I started writing the book and by this time I had a, a detailed outline and all that means is just basically, you know, first I kind of cure are some sections that the main sections that I want to talk about not thinking about this is for sure just staying in dreamer mode, stay injury remote, get it out there. You’re still holding onto that, that inspiration and you’re, I’m still just, you’re not judging, you could always edit later, but you have to get stuff out there. I’m onto paper or on the screen. And um, so yeah, Christmas happened December 26th. I had a crazy thought in my head that, okay, I’m going to start the book. Anything is going to be good because it’s going to be tangible. And I designed the cover as well. I designed to cover and I made again, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

I just had to get on there because if I had a cover then now the book is real. I even made the most three d l line or three d mock ups. So I saw the book, it’s like a little mind hack and clearly my company’s called rockstar minds. Like I study a lot about like how the mind works in everything. You have to make it tangible, it has to be real. And you went, you did enough work where there’s an outline and you write a little bit as much as you can in the, the first, um, you know, crucial little area, um, period there. But the more real you can make it, then you’re hooked in, then you actually start feeding the fire of it so that two weeks it doesn’t dip anymore. Now what’s happening is you get a little boost because, oh yeah, I’ve got enough, I’ve got an outline or I’ve got a cover or you know, you’re giving a little, a little boot suits momentum going.

Right? And then I literally, I actually, I know how I did it, but I also don’t know how it happened where I finished the book in five days. I wanted to make sure that by the 31st uh, New Year’s Eve, this book was finished because I did not want to go into 2019 having to write this book. My mother in law was moving in from Italy. Um, my wife was getting ready to go back to work. My daughter going to daycare January was an insane month, so I wanted to make sure that the book was done. So deadlines, obviously very important. It’s like all the things that I’ve ever learned about success, all kind of converged and five days I had, I had a book of an the 11 chapters, 256 pages done.

Janet Beckers: I was going to ask you that. How many pages, the thing that’s come from here, that there’s a couple of really good lessons for everybody here that I really want you to take away from this because you might be listening to this and go, yeah, I can imagine for a lot of people it’s going to be this little voice in the back of your head going, yeah, that’s him, but not me. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t have Christmas. I’ve got these responsibilities or whatever. So number one is I want to say to use that little voice that you can hear in your head. Tell it shut up. Okay,

Steve Mastroianni: Awesome. That’s great. That’s a great point. By the way, the voice doesn’t, is not actually, it doesn’t mean anything. The voices is the prompt. You could say yes, you could see no. All it is is just your business checking in. That’s it. And by the way, it could be five days, it’d be 50 days. Like for me, I was just what I did. Right. And I’m also competitive, so I wanted to kind of like I got into it after a while we get a telephone or something like that with the thermometer going up, whatever. Like I was getting competitive. Right. That was a bit insane. You don’t have to write it in five days. I just did that because things are nuts around here with the baby. Yeah. I just, I wanted to do it so I could inspire other people to do it in, in chaos.

Janet Beckers: Why don’t we go and you know what? This for me, there are three lessons that I’d really like to point out from people on this. So number one of them is that, first of all we talked about strategy and that you had used all different things as a format for getting your voice out there, but you, and you had the Aha on the book that you already know your demographic will really appeal to a book. And for me a book works really well because it gets it into the audience of people who might not actively be searching online. It’s another way to reach them. So this was not a bright shiny object. So your first thing you’ve got to ask yourself is, I’ve got this inspiration. Do a double check to make sure is this a bright shiny object? I shouldn’t be immersing myself, you know, should I put it in my book of great ideas, um, or um, or I call it my book of squirrels cause it’s sort of like Whoa, this is real.

So should it go into the book or squirrels or show it action is now. So that’s number one. The next thing then was I absolutely love batching. So like I create all of my content in batches because you get a certain energy and you can get on a flight. So I love what you’ve just demonstrated there is batching, totally intense. Now the other one that I really love how you said for you, you’re very competitive and so you kept on going, you wanted to do it in the short time. That was really important. Another good thing to know here is know your personality. So any kind of work that you had done on knowing your strengths, where you work well is have a look at that because there’s some people that would stop them. Still that whole to your idea of, but I’ve got a plan this if your, if you know that the way that you work, well, there’s, I am the person that I am going to focus and make the most of dispatching energy, but I am a person who if I don’t have my laid out plan in my calendar where this fits in, I’m going to be so stressed out by the whole thing.
I can’t do it. No that, but take action to get yourself organized and make it happen and batch it and do it quick. Making at least a year to do a book.

Steve Mastroianni: Your perfectionist voice will just keep coming in. You’ll just want to make that part better and you have to, you have to just keep moving forward. And one very important thing that worked for me is I made it easy for myself to create. Look, I didn’t, I didn’t hibernate for five days straight. It was Christmas visits. It was the holidays. And so what I actually did was I used a program called scrivener, which is a pretty popular, a writing program, but I had it on this computer out on my laptop. I had it on my phone and they’re all singing basically. And that, that works for me. Like if you write on a piece of paper, like whatever works for you, the most important thing in the first stage, because remember it’s just the first draft, right? As you’re getting it out there and making it easy for yourself. If you write with pen and paper, I have a pen and a piece of paper on every single floor of your hosts, like have, have it everywhere because ideas would come to me. Um, I’m frying up an egg. Oh, you know, oh my God, that’s great idea for a chapter. So I started writing, writing, writing, writing. And that’s sinked up in all of my areas here.

Janet Beckers: Do you have any tips? I love that. That is really, really good because that’s, yeah, cause I know I’m just checking my tongue to make sure I could honestly, I could talk about it. Yeah, I know when I write my, my solid, it wasn’t collaborative. Um, I wa I liked batching, so like you’ve described it and we’ll say very organized, systemized. So I found for me, I had to have a spreadsheet but I also had a fold up cause I’m very, all in all, I like paper and I liked pins, but it was all very racist, systemized. But I had that, I carry both of those things absolutely every way. Cause I love how you said, you know, you’re going to get your ideas, get it down, otherwise it’s going to lock up your head. That is brilliant. Okay. So we’ve talked about, I love the idea of get your brilliance focused on it. Now in that batching for that too, we can keep that energy. That’s knowing yourself super well. So the next step then, so if you’ve got your proud and good page number, by the way, from somebody who made their books slightly too big and it costs a fortune to post it, um, yeah, that’s a good, that’s a good size number is what was the next thing? So you’ve got your book here, you’ve gone from draft, what was the next steps to be able to get it so that you could actually get it to bestselling?

Steve Mastroianni: Yeah. Um, so in a nutshell, once the draft was done, um, it was basically I’m going to cheat, I’m going to find two people who, um, so my customers who know my stuff, who either they’ve had to hear me yapping away, they basically had to see this, all of these like crazy hands and hear me talking about the same stuff over and over for years. And, um, I asked both of them to, uh, to read the book, give me feedback. And um, so what I wanted to make sure because I knew that I would take the feedback with a grain of salt. I knew I wasn’t going to incorporate everything blindly. Um, I wanted to just make sure that it sounded like me because I don’t, I didn’t want the book to be stuffy. I want it to be funny. I told you I tell tour stories in there.

Um, you know, I talk about Gene Simmons, there’s some funny stuff in there anyway, but I wanted to talk, I feel like a conversation with me. Um, and so I wanted to make sure that it felt like me. So it was my voice and also that the communicated the same system that I’ve been telling these guys or for you. So that was the main thing. I want to make sure I made some edits to. Um, to the book. I also went through, I used, um, pro writing aid instead of Grammarly pro writing aid. I just did a sweep of, you know, look, I understood it. This is not going to be a perfect book. I just want to make sure that I did due diligence. I went through, um, and, and I, I got these guys to check it in. And then after that, you know, um, or you know, I would just, I got a format or have hired, um, cause I don’t know how to do that for, for kindle.

And we’re, um, for, uh, for paperback. I just, I don’t know how to do that. And if I learn, which I’m happy to learn, it just takes too much time. I really wanted to make sure this thing could happen in the short period of time. So I hired a format or on upwork and um, and then I also, I designed the cover. I just haven’t had an idea for the cover. We’ll show the book. Basically this is the, one of the proof copies. But I designed basically, this is three rule of three is so important in my life that there’s three sections in the book. There’s three sort of things, um, you know, three core sort of elements to the system and um, you know, it’s, it’s sort of the rule three. So I did this and um, all the while boosting that obsession because at any point you can sort of like, you can crash.

I mean, you have to have a good support system in place and you have to have good wins, quick, quick little wins, right? So, um, I get as the guys are reading the book and I’m giving the feedback or they’re giving me the feedback, then I’m also constructing and recruiting a launch team from my subscriber list and my customer list and putting together a launch team of people who want to get behind the scenes, look at a launch, um, be part of something cool because also the fact that I’m using all proceeds for avoid cancer, be part of something that’s actually going to change people’s lives. Um, and uh, you know, I’m in exchange, you know, treat them like gold. I’m, I’m giving them the book for free, giving them goodies and just taking care of them and they’re going to, they’re going to share the book and um, and, and spread the word and connect me with whoever they can connect me with. All of that is happening at this at the same time. That’s what January was all about this period of time.

Janet Beckers: I just want to just briefly say something on that strategy because this is something most people don’t do. A lot of times you can get focused on the product and get focused on getting it out there. Where is the realities? I mean this podcast is called romance. You’re trying, so a tribe and people want to be gathered around things. They want to be gathered around ideas. They will get attracted to a leader and the leader is a person who has the message and so invite the mean

Steve Mastroianni: black. I’ve never seen, I’ve never seen anything so crazy in my life. People, as soon as I announced that I was writing this book and like now I’m an author, everyone thinks that they want him to be part of it then and I’m getting all proceeds to to cancer. They want to be part of that. Everyone wants to be part of something special because I’m not seeing that, you know, I’m not saying life is boring or anything like that, but a lot of times we can get into a mundane routine and being part of something that’s that’s important and special. These are the things that people will say when they go visit their friends house. Oh, you know, what do you, what you been up to? I’m part of this awesome thing. This launched. People want, want, important things to talk about. They want that and they need that. And it gives them, it gives them, makes them, makes them feel like what they’re doing is, you know, it’s purposeful.

Janet Beckers: Yeah. I love that. That is that he’s a, that’s the whole thing of building tribe, building community. And then you’ve got that groundswell that allows it that, you know what, the book hasn’t even been released yet. I’ve got it on preorder and you’ve got it to number one. So how so was that launch team essential to that happening?

Steve Mastroianni: 100%. Yeah. Um, so, so everybody, they want to help out in any way they can. So, I mean, they’re preordering there or they’re getting all their friends, the preorder, they’re sharing it on their wall. There are some people are connected to some influencers and they preorder the message out to their list. It’s just, you know, when you do good work and you treat people well, they just want to help out. And so it doesn’t even have to be, I wanted to, I wanted to get the best seller because, um, it was just a bucket list goal of mine that I remembered since I was eight years old. I completely forgot. I was like, yeah, I wanted to be an author when I was a kid and I’ve read ignited this, um, this spark and um, and basically, so I have, um, if there’s a best seller was something that, yeah, I, there’s a little strategy that I just want to share with that, but basically getting a bunch of people together, this person knows this person and this person knows this person.

It’s just, it’s a network. So you can’t, I’ve heard, I can’t remember who said this, but they’re saying that if you want to do something, if you want to solve a problem, what is it is it’s, um, if you do it yourself, it’s like two, two times effective or something like that. And if you want to, um, solve a 10 x the problem, um, or Tenex to this solution, I’m totally butchering this, but you need to have, you need to have other people. It’s basically it’s saying that you can either go go it on your own and try to do everything yourself, but as soon as you add other people, it makes it exponentially more effective. And, um, and I truly understood this with this book, this experience because, um, we hit bestseller it, I announced it at 9:00 AM and we were bestseller in the UK by noon. Um, and we were, we were also then in the u s at 2:00 PM and then in Canada it just took forever for Canada to, it took for the numbers come in. That was like by 4:00 PM, something like that. Um,

Janet Beckers: Google, Amazon, kindle or Amazon.

Steve Mastroianni: So this was, so Amazon kindle, um, that’s the only thing that you can preorder of, at least for new authors. You can preorder that book, the book, basically, it’s going to be coming out in all formats. Um, yeah, so that’s very excited about that. Um, with bestseller one, one thing that I made sure of is that you have to do good keyword research. You have to do good category research. And what that means is just look at the categories that are relevant to your niche and, um, and look at what you’re up against basically. And you can make, you can kind of make your plan based on what’s out there. It’s don’t be product focused as much. See what’s out there, get out there and see what’s going on in the outside world and, and start playing off of that. What are those titles? What are they saying, what’s on their page, you know, things like that. Um, and so making sure that, um, you, yeah, you, the keyword research and I’m, and category research was definitely huge.

Janet Beckers: That is brilliant. And you know, that’s one thing I found with, um, it with when I’d done campaigns to get, you know, to, to number one and done that with clients as well, is it’s very much like Seo, like search engine optimization. You’re going to get a much better chance of getting seen if you take the time to do your keyword or keyword research and look to make sure you get those categories in the words that I’m not as competitive, but they’re also ones that people are looking for. Um, yeah, so I love it.

Steve Mastroianni: Not as hard. It’s not as hard as it seems. Yeah. You just have to get out there. Like I’ll, I’ll be, you know, honest, there’s, there’s, there’s a little fear of like getting out in the, in the, the, the real world where you search something and like sometimes, I don’t know if anyone else has this, but I’m kind of a little bit scared to like type in my idea and see that other people have that idea. And then I’m like, aw, I’m shut down right now. But it’s so important to put yourself out there. I’m like, get your search, you know, in practice less, play more. Or are there any other books called practice less, play more and it’s important to see what’s related to that. The different books that are going to be coming up and put yourself in the sort of shoes of the person who’s searching for this thing and yeah.

Anyway, I mean getting to bestseller on and the books not even out. It was just, I mean a dream dream come true. I was completely bedridden by the way, just as a, as this little tidbit we were, by the time we got to UK I was going to Keel over, I’ve got whatever, my daughter, she went to daycare and I got whatever bug she brought home on Facebook. We’ve got like the airbrushed Sorta lifework everything’s amazing and all that. But little does anyone know that I was actually like in fetal position on my phone and stuff. I’m just, I’m hoping that launch day goes much better health wise then a then preorder dated.

Janet Beckers: Yeah. And just to answering that, you know, the, the questions that people have got when you said, you know, you’ll do a search on your feet, somebody else has done this, you know, I won’t be able to, you know, I always have this love, this reframe that I use and it’s so perfect talking to a musician about this is, you know what, if you have a look at all of the number one here, you know, they usually a love song and the top tens are usually a love song and that has been for decades and decades and decades. There is always room for another love song and that can be your book. So, um, yeah, it’s just keep that as your, as your reframe, if you’ve got yourself in your mind. And the other other thing I just, sorry, I might do a little bit of a wrap up now.

Some key points. One of the things that we’ve got here is like number one, when you’ve got that concept doublecheck, not bright, shiny object. Yup. This is absolutely a great idea. Is My energy like totally focused on this. Now, if I try to do something else, is my mind going to be consumed by it anyway? Let’s just get it done as much as we can and just stop perfection, get, get, get it done. So there was that. Then there’s the next side of, okay, I’m going to be systematically putting it all out so that you know, it will be writing and I’ve got, you know, so you’ve got that systematic side of you, you’re looking at keywords, but then the magic comes when you actually involve the community. When you bring a tribe in. And one of the things, and that was what you were saying was absolutely essential to the success of this launch. Now one thing that I know, whenever I’ve talked to people about this around involving a community around something about watching your book, very often people will go, but I can’t ask people to do that for me. Like it’s selfish and it stops them from moving forward. I loved how you said how this was such a gift to the people who were involved because the story, yeah,

Steve Mastroianni: they want to tell the story. We forget. We forget that w w what are the cool things like for them to tell at a dinner party and I’m, and to share on their wall. I mean it’s, it’s super cool to be part of a project like that, especially that we all get to celebrate together. That we hit bestseller. We did it, you know, if we could all have the champagne, you know, going, it’s, it’s, it’s such a special thing. I couldn’t have done it without, without people. And one very, very important thing of why you need a launch team is because those people on the launch team, they will give you your first reviews, four or five star reviews on Amazon and between bestseller and Amazon having the reviews, basically it’s going to start kicking the sort of, the mechanism for Amazon to now put that up there. And it’s just, it’s need to have reviews because when other people come in there, you have the keywords and um, you know, the categories that you’ve, you’ve ranked for it. You have to have those reviews because that’s what gets people to pay attention. I buy on Amazon every single day. And of course I looked at the reviews.

Janet Beckers: Yes. Yeah, before you decided to, I love it. I think we could keep on going forever, but we’d better wrap up. This has been a little bit longer, but we’ve just honestly, you have given so many gems. I’m so grateful to you Steve, and I know everybody that’s listening. You know, if we look at the big themes that Steve shared with us today, you know, we had shared about, you know, just that whole idea of reverse engineering from your lifestyle to what am I going to do? And then also how do I begin excellence? So what can I be doing that’s going to help me to become excellent at what I’m doing? Then we’ve gone to, you know what? Sometimes, you know, sometimes alive, just, you know, the classic thing of give you lemons. So you know, you don’t have to make lemonade. You can just make, make a Margarita type stuff, you know, because you know, you know, Steve’s given me a great example of that’s what’s in that started him with this new bill with the business that he’s doing so that you know, the problems can become the wise.

And then the whole process of making the book when we’ve talked about that, you know, that more emotional side of the here’s my energy, he’s my inspiration. I’ve just got to grab it. You know, using what you do well, bringing in a whole community to support you to do that. And then also tying that in with the things that really matter for you, which is a round the music which is around, you know, helping other people who are, are they suffering from cancer and the care is like you’ve been in the, I like that whole thing. Just like what people have got so many facets to their personality. Like when you were saying Steve, while we could go everywhere, people have got so many facets to their personality. The same with your business. You know, you build a tribe and that’s not just something linear.

It’s got this whole beautiful facet and all these different parts that are in it. And you know, it’s great to involve, involve people in that whole process. So I’m so grateful that you’ve been able to take us and show us how all of that looks when you actually allow yourself to just bring all of that into get us. So my challenge to everybody here is, you know, look at those things that we’ve done the day and look at your own business, your own wise, your own passions, what works for you, what and, and what lessons can you take from this. So moving forward, one of the best fade things that you can do for Steve and for [inaudible] is to give some feedback. So that could be where ever you’re listening to this, you know, you know, we’d be very grateful for any reviews of course, but also just context eve, you know, go over to Boyd and he’s got that contact, they’re contacting them, telling him, you know, what you loved about today. Um, and what things that you’ve taken action on what our house, cause that’s one of the most rewarding things you can do. Um, and Steve, we were talking beforehand about um, why is it that you can help people from here on in? So would you mind sharing with that? So if people want to contact you more and be part of these as well.

Steve Mastroianni: For sure. Yes. Um, so when you go to avoid I’m underneath the video. There’s a button that you can click and I’m, there’ll be three options that pop up. There’s a by the book there is buy the album and then there’s also contact me directly. And what writing the book has a has done is actually inspired me to help experts to create a book of their own. And I just had such a blast doing it. You could see how I just light up.

Janet Beckers: Yes.

Steve Mastroianni: Want to help to, to light up and help other people achieve their bucket list goal. Because really, you know what this does, this is your legacy. I mean my life is in this book and um, and this is going to outlive me and this is something that I realized during the process and I just, those lessons, those tidbits how I feel, I want to just help other people do that. So, um, so I am, I’m currently offering a free strategy session that if you are thinking about writing a book or if you’re in the middle of writing a book, you got stuck in a Rut and you just need to be reinspired um, you know, just contact me and we’ll have a chat about it and not see what, you know, we’re where to go from there.

Janet Beckers: Yeah, that’s incredibly generous of you. So thank you so much Steve. I really, really enjoyed today and yeah, we’re going to talk a tar when we get over here. So maybe we’ll have another one with Steven. We might do like a duet jam session, zoom jam session. I love it. That would be super cool. Well, thank you so much for your time, Steve and everybody. I’m really looking forward to hearing the lessons that you came from today and share this around to anybody that you know that would really benefit from it. Hey, bye everybody.

Facebook Premiere Videos. What, Why and How

Facebook Premiere Videos. What, Why and How

This week we look at combining 2 of my favourite things in business:
Video marketing and cool automation that makes you look even more like a legend without doing any extra work.

So read / watch on as I show you the cool Facebook Premiere Video function,

Share 4 reasons why I reckon you should use it in your marketing mix

Show you step by step as I publish a Facebook Premiere Video

Can’t wait to see how you make the most of this feature!

You can watch the video, listen to the audio, download from the podcast directory, or read the transcript below. Never miss an episode. Click here for all the ways you can subscribe.

What is Facebook Premiere Video?

Think of it as uploading a video to your Facebook Page and scheduling it to be published sometime in the next week…… except Facebook will help you build anticipation by creating a post about the upcoming video, remind people to come and watch and then have the same buzz as if it is a live video broadcast.

Cool eh?

Why Would You Use Facebook Premiere Video?


I LOVE to batch everything in my life!

Every task you do uses a different type of energy and focus so batching together activities that require similar energy makes for great productivity.

One of my favourite things to batch is shooting videos.

I only want to put makeup on once every few weeks!

And when on a roll talking to myself on my comfy lounge in front of my webcam, I can get a roll on knock out weeks, or even months, of videos in one sitting.

The idea of doing live videos, dictated by my content calendar just not thrill me at all!

You Can Guarantee Quality

I live in Australia in a regional area (mind you I only live 2 hours from the busiest airport in the country).

My Internet connection sucks!

Facebook Lives drive me crazy because I can never guarantee the video won’t be pixelated with broken sound and my message completely lost in the bad connection.

Yet I know what wonderful marketing and connection tools Facebook lives are.

My business tribe really engages with them and Facebook rewards them with visibility in news feeds.

Now I get the best of both worlds!

Facebook Helps Promote Your Video

I love anything that will allow me to leverage someone else doing promotion and automation for me.

Thanks Facebook.

When you schedule your video you can upload an image that can be used in a post that promotes your upcoming video. Woohoo.

Build anticipation for your video going live, and Facebook does the work for you.

Here’s what Facebook Says about building the buzz

Once your Premiere is scheduled, a Scheduled Live post is automatically posted on your Page. Viewers are able to Like, Share and comment.

Viewers will have be able to click a button to subscribe to notifications on your Premiere. Subscribers receive their first notification 20 minutes before your Premiere begins.

Three minutes before your Premiere begins, subscribers are again notified that they can join the broadcast lobby. In the lobby they can Like, Share and comment live before the Premiere begins.

You can still Engage Live

One of the questions I’ve been asked is “won’t people be annoyed your video is live yet you aren’t there live?

Only if you pretend you are live!

But nothing is stopping you turning up love and engageing with followers in the chats and comments in your video while it is live.

I’ll be doing this in a few weeks when I launch my free 5 Day Get S#*t Done Workshop “The Irresistible Offer”.

Each morning a top quality, not pixelated video will go live, giving great value training.

I’ll be there live engaging and answering questions in the comments while it is live.

How Do You Set Up Facebook Premiere Video?

Instead of telling you, how about I show you?

Follow along as I upload, show you the best settings, set up a playlist, schedule, add a promotional image and see the video go live.

Here’s the super brief instructions from Facebook:

A Premiere has to be scheduled at least 10 minutes in advance. You won’t be able to launch a Premiere immediately so be sure to plan ahead. Premieres can be scheduled up to 7 days in the future. Pages can schedule more than one Premiere for the same time.

Schedule a Premiere

  1. Click Share photo or videoon the Page you want your Premiere to broadcast from
  2. Click Upload Photos/Video
  3. Select the video you want to Premiere
  4. Click Publish
  5. Select Premiere
  6. Fill out the fields for Premiere Start Time
  7. Click Schedule Premiere

And It’s a Wrap

I’d love to hear from you.

Have you used Facebook Premiere Video?

If you have any tips to share I’d love to hear them.

A Special Message From Janet

Thank you so much for being here. I know there are a lot of podcasts you could choose to listen to  and you chose to join me on Romance Your Tribe Radio.


I’m honoured and  grateful for your support.

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Read The Transcript Here

Hello and welcome! Janet Beckers here and it’s great to welcome you beautiful people to Romance Your Tribe Radio. Now today we’re going to be looking at Facebook videos but very specifically a new feature which is Facebook premier that is available to you if you are putting videos up on your Facebook page. So what I’m going to be doing here is short, sweet and total teaching and I’m going to be talking about what it actually is so you can understand, you know, if it’s going to be something you want to use. I’m going to run over what I see as the advantages of using Facebook premiere and then we’re going to talk about it from a marketing and strategy point of view, why that is good. And then if you’re watching this on the video, um, I’m actually going to demonstrate exactly how it’s done. So I’m actually going to upload a video, I’m going to use the premiere and then I’m going to show you how it works.

So you can actually go and do it yourself and find it really easy. If you are listening here on the audio section, what I will do is at that point I’ll stop. I’ll stop the recording because honestly that’s not going to be very good for you if you’re listening to the audio on one of the podcast directories because, um, you know, as not going to make sense. So what you can do then is just come over. Um, there’ll be the links here, wherever you’re watching the listening to the audio. If you can’t find them, just go over to romance. You will and click on where it says podcasts and then you can just have a look. You can do a search for video or premiere or Facebook and you’ll find this episode where I’m walking you through that. Um, so let’s get stuck into it.

So first of all, what is Facebook premiere? For me, it is an absolute lifesaver because I really love doing Facebook lives because it actually shows up in people’s threads. You know, Facebook really rewards it, so it will show up in, in people’s feeds because it’s alive video. If they have, um, you know, been, they’d been watching your other live videos and they’re subscribed to see more, they kind to get to see it. So it’s got that whole buzz that goes with live. But if you like me, either my Internet when I decided to alive is so dodgy. That’s just where I live in Australia, that it turns out really pixelated and awful quality. And, um, you know, I don’t really want people to be seeing it because it’s frustrating or, um, you know, for me, I’m just going to have just not in the mood, oh, you know, go do my hair or whatever.

Can you relate to that? Can you do that? So what this allows is when you’re uploading your video, you can have a choice to choose premier. And what happens with premiere if you choose that number one, you can schedule it to go live at a certain time. And number two is, um, when it does go live, it appears as if it’s a live video. Um, it doesn’t mean that you had to pretend that it’s live, but because it’s going as a live video, it’s actually going to be showing up in the same sort of way that live videos do for people where it’s really coming up in their feed and it’s got that bit more of an energy around it and it’s actually, um, it’s actually something that’s, you know, Facebook is actually going to be lifting up more. So if you want to see an example of somebody who’s been using this before it became available publicly to everybody is there is a great Facebook TV series that is called Red table talk.

It is run by Jada Pinkett Smith, um, from, you know, uh, the Will Smith. It’s family and it’s really, really good. Now they started using it for a while. So I’ve been watching the way that they had been doing their marketing and I’m going to share with you now how you can be using some of the strategies that rent table talk have used that, um, you can be using the premiere and adapting that into your own business. Now for me, the other thing that works really, really well is, you know, another reason why I absolutely love this is I’m a person who likes to batch anything that I do in my business. I just figured there’s a certain mindset that you have for shooting videos, a certain mindset that you need for writing content. Another one that you need for coaching new clients or pro providing the service. They’re all different energies and as so much more efficient to be able to, okay, this is the energy that I need for this.

I’m in the zone, I’ve done any preparation to do that. I’m going to do as many of us as I can in one go. Um, so that’s the way that I like to work so that I’m not always like trying to switch my mind from one thing to another lesson, an inefficient way to do this. So I love this because I can be really productive, create a lot in one go, and then I can get to release them on a schedule. But importantly rather than just a scheduled video post, it’s actually going to go out in the same platform that they would use for live videos. So for me that is a really big win. All right, now what have I been seeing as the ways that you can be using this? And these are ones that I’ve been looking at when I’ve been watching what they do through um, red tailed hawk.

So, um, let’s go and have a look. So the one thing that I really particularly like about it, number one is the scheduling. So this is a really good thing to have, especially if you’re going to have like a regular series. If you’re going to be doing something where people may be expecting, okay, this is coming up every single week and they’re wanting to know what’s it going to be. Now the thing that is built in with this one that is not the same as if you just upload a post and a video and then schedule it to go later. What you can do when you’re uploading the premiere is you can choose a different thumbnail and you might have one there that’s got you know, coming soon and it will actually show that that um, that image and it’s the same link that’s going to be used for your post so that you can actually be getting a bit of a primary.

So that’s going to be coming up in the feed of people who are other following your videos or liking your page. So the nice part about there is you’re getting a little bit of automated marketing happening for you without you having to be the one doing it all. Now the other thing about having that is it also allows that you can be, you know, you got it coming at a certain time. You can also be doing other marketing that can be going over to it. That’s building up that little bit of a buzz. And that’s exactly what you’ll see that they do with the red table talk. Because every single week they’re doing little snippets, snippets of it and they’re always talking about going back over to there. And you’ll see when it’s going to go live when they go to that page. Um, I see that as a really big one.

Now the other thing, and this is a question, um, that my VIP clients we’re talking about, cause I’ve been, we’ve been going over and I’ve been showing them how to use that is what happens, you know, and looks as if you live but you know, it’s going through the live platform. But um, you know, how can I have interaction with people that I would normally have on alive? Well, think about this where if you’re going to be having like a TV series, think of you’re trying to make your videos as Netflix possible as you can is they’ll be knowing it’s coming up on this date. Okay. So they will be there to watch it. What you can be doing is then turning up at the same time. And as people are commenting, I’m watching you can actually be answering questions, starting the discussion happening in the chat because that is the beauty when you can get a few people there and start building up that buzz.

And the more you can do that, of course the more Facebook is going to show and engaged video. So they are the two big things. If you keep that in mind. Number one is it allows an anticipation of this is coming up and the platform itself, we’ll do some of that for you. And the other one is that you can actually turn up and be interacting with people as they’re actually watching, whatever it is that you’re going to be delivering. So you can add that extra engagement that you may not get as much through the video. Um, so I’d love to hear from you if you’re using Facebook premiere. I would love to see if it’s working for you. And, um, now if you’re on the audio now come over ear over to the, the website so that you can actually see behind the scenes and I’ll show you exactly how to do it.

Now I would also like to be able to help you, you know, shine the light on you and how to also really love to hear back from you. So a nice fun way to do that is if you’re listening to this audio, maybe take a photo of yourself like a split of a selfie. As you’re listening, if you’re here on and you’re watching this on, um, on the video, maybe take a screen grab or a photograph and then come over either to Instagram or find me on Facebook and use the Hashtag romance your tribe because that’s my business romance. He would try and say that and share that photo. I would love to see it and just tell me what you’re doing and any hour, how’s that you’ve got. And I’ll share that. I’ll share that in my Instagram story. I’ll share that on my Facebook page.

Help to shine the light on you. Um, so yeah, I’d love that feedback. You know, if you can love me up, baby, love me, love me, love me. Alright, see you over here and now I’m going to take you step by step as I use this now in my own business. And Hey, um, at the time of recording this in a couple of weeks, I’m going to be running a five day, what I call the get shit done workshop and it’s specifically around building an irresistible offer. Now every single morning I’m going to be having a training video that goes onto my Facebook page, that teachers one specific part of building a great offer. Now I’m actually going to be using Facebook premiere for that part because I want to make sure that it’s really good quality for people and that I, my internet is not going to be dodgy and sabotage it for everybody. So if you want to see me using it in action, make sure that you register for that workshop, which will be romance, your Forward slash offer f yeah, forward slash offer. Um, go there and register. And so you’ll get all the links and you know when at the song, but you can actually see me using it there, um, in inaction. So you can see that there as well. Okay. Let’s now go behind the scenes. So yeah.


Procrastination Is Not a Character Flaw

Procrastination Is Not a Character Flaw

Procrastination is not a character flaw. It’s simply lack of clarity.

Do you find yourself beating yourself up because you know you need to make changes in your business, or launch that new program, or start that podcast etc. but you haven’t taken action? So you label yourself as a procrastinator and beat yourself up further because you know as a procrastinator, you are flawed! 😖😖😖

Know. it’s not just you and it doesn’t have to stay like that all the time. Instead, stop seeking procrastination as a character flaw and start seeing it as a symptom.

It is a symptom of lack of clarity so you simply need to:

1️⃣ Identify where you have a lack of clarity

2️⃣ Follow a framework to get clarity, make a decision and clear up the energy so you can stop procrastinating and get s#*t done.

In this week’s short and sweet podcast and “cheat sheet” post below, I share with you a few of the areas you are most likely lacking clarity on that you may not realise are the root of your procrastination.

Plus tips and resource links to help you get clarity and get momentum.

You can watch the video, listen to the audio, download from the podcast directory, or read the transcript below. Never miss an episode. Click here for all the ways you can subscribe.

Procrastination Road Blocks

Here’s a few areas you may have lack of clarity on that are causing you to procrastinate in your business:

✳️ How do I really help people anyway? so what is the transformational journey I take people on to get from A to B?

✳️ What gives me joy in my business…am I doing enough of that?

✳️ Have a created a business that has me doing a lot of things I don’t like? If yes…what can you outsource or what can I stop doing…….otherwise why have a business anyway, if you don’t choose to do things that light you up. You may as well get a job!

✳️ Have I got the right business model?

✳️ Have I over-complicated my business?

✳️ Am I really clear on what my clients really want help with or am I just assuming?

✳️ Am I clear on what I stand for? What will get the splinters out of your bum from sitting on the fence in your industry?

✳️ Am I clear on my confidence to step up and get seen or do I need a framework to stop sabotaging?

That’s just a few ideas.

If you aren’t clear on any of the above, well that’s what I do. I have frameworks to give you clarity then the tools and templates to get you taking action in the right way so you can stop procrastinating and get stuff done.

The stuff that makes a difference.

If you’d like my help either comment below or contact me and tell me what it is you are stuck on.

I’ll see if I can help you get unstuck.

A Special Message From Janet

Thank you so much for being here. I know there are a lot of podcasts you could choose to listen to  and you chose to join me on Romance Your Tribe Radio.


I’m honoured and  grateful for your support.

If you enjoyed this week’s episode, I’d love for you to take a quick minute to share your thoughts with us and leave an honest review and rating for the show over on iTunes!

Read The Transcript Here

Hello and welcome! Janet Beckers here with a short and sweet episode for you this week of Romance Your Tribe Radio and today we’re going to be looking about why you’re not getting stuff done. Now, if you find yourself going in are what I’d be wanting to get this podcast on or this program launched or I’ve been wanting to make those sales calls, do that webinar, make my, get my website, get it out there, but I keep on stuffing around. I’m not doing it. I’m not getting committed. I’m, you know, I’m just really just doing everything else. But I’m doing a lot of busy stuff, but I’m not getting the results. I’m really common thing is to describe yourself as a procrastinator to say, I’ll keep on procrastinating, I’m not getting things done. And it’s very, very easy to see that as almost who you are, that this is like a character flaw that you have, that I am a procrastinator, you know?

So if you find yourself saying that, and I’m being totally transparent with you here, I used to say it’s a lot to myself and I do say to myself quite often, Janet, you’re procrastinating, stop stuffing around. But the next question you have to ask yourself is, why, why am I procrastinating? Are you really so incredibly flawed as a person that you default to procrastinating on everything? So first of all, I’d like you to have a look at other things in your life, things that you are super clear on their importance or, um, or you know, why you’re doing that. And do you procrastinate around those things? And I bet you will find that there are a lot of things that you don’t even procrastinate on. And if you’re struggling to find this, it’s because you do those things all the time. So much so that there’s very little thought put into them.

So you don’t even think about them as procrastinating, you know, for example, me spending time with my family, um, you know, carving out time to, you know, hang out with one of my kids is, you know, for me it’s a no brainer. I don’t procrastinate over that. Um, but that’s because I know how important it is. I’m clear on it. So what I’m going to look at here is what I see is the number one reason why you may be procrastinating and that is you just don’t have clarity. For me, I know with myself, if I’ve been stuffing around and I’m procrastinating now instead of seeing this, that this is something that I need to work on from personal development point of view, as in a discipline point of view, that there’s actually something deeper there. That this is nothing really to do with me as a person being flawed.

It’s to do with this particular situation that I do not have clarity. And so this is about what I want you to ask yourself. What am I stuffing around on? What am I procrastinating on? What am I avoiding? Now let’s look at what am I clear on? So I’m going to run over just a few for you. And the thing is, if you’re procrastinating, number one, you’ve got to get clear first of all on what it is that you are unclear about. So because you can’t get that clarity on why or what, what it is it your needing to do unless you actually identify which part of this whole thing are you clear on. So I’ll run over a few of those. Now once you’ve got that, then it’s so much easier because then you can go, right, I need a frame work now to be able to take action.

And if it’s something that I know that this is the area that I need to get clarity on, I need to make a decision on, right? What sort of things do I need to do to be able to make that decision? So to help you understand, I’ll run through some really, really common scenarios that I experienced myself and importantly that my clients deal with. It’s really, really normal. So I’ll just refer to my notes so I don’t miss on here. So number one is you’ve got to identify what the clarity problem is, where you need clarity and then use a framework for it. Now here’s a few ones. So here is a really common one that I find if you’re procrastinating around getting your offer out there or um, you know, telling people about your business, very often it will be yours actually really unclear on what kind of transformational journey you actually create.

Like how do you get people from point a to point B, like not just, yeah, I can help them like absolutely step by step, how do I do that? What are the steps in the transformational journey? If you are unclear on exactly how it is that you get results, then it’s very difficult for you to actually with confidence go out there and get it. Cause you’re always in the back of your mind going fraud, I really don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m not sure if I can get the results. So if that’s one thing that you’re, that you’re not clear and then you go, right, I need a process that’s going to help me get super clear on what the steps are that I take people on. No, that’s what I help you with. So that may be the framework that you need. Another really common one might be, you know what, I’m really unclear on who is the best person for me to serve.

So that’s why I’m not putting it out there because I can help everybody or should I go this way or should I go that way? What’s the way I should go? So if that is what is stopping you, if you’re pretty sure how you get results for people but you’re not sure where to focus, then go right? That is the one area that I need to get clarity on because that is blocking me. And again, that’s another thing that I can help you with. Um, another one may very well be is why I don’t even know why I’m doing it. I’m really unclear on this that I’m not getting motivated. So maybe you are needing a process. It’s going to help you to get clear on why you’re doing what you’re doing, what really lights you up, what are you on a mission, those sorts of things.

So once you know that, then you can, um, you know, you can go and have a look at that. And I’ll actually, I’ll put a link down below. He, there’s a really great, uh, Ted video on about your why. So that’s a great one. And I’ve also got some other podcast episodes I’ll link you through to around your why. Um, so other ones, let me have a look here that I’ve got here. You might be thinking, you know, have I over complicated things in my business? So am I just feeling overwhelmed because I’ve got so many things happening. You know, that that’s what’s stopping me because it’s just all too much. So you may need clarity on actually what is getting me the results and what is not getting me the results. So you just may need to have, okay, that’s what I’ve got to look at first.

And so then I can go, you know what, these things here are not getting me the results. That’s what I will give up. So I can focus on doing the things that are working but doing super well. Um, again, that’s other things that I felt pure with, but that’s that first step that you do is right. What is working, what isn’t working? Be Really, really clear on that. Um, so that’s something that you could probably start to do yourself. Another one might be, am I sabotaging all the time? Because I, I’ve got self doubts. I’m not confident to put myself out there. So if you look at everything else, don’t always assume that it is this. A lot of times people will default to going, you know, I’m just not confident, but really on my farm and I dive deeper, we all have that. We all have that.

You know, even people who are outrageously successful still have that self doubt. Very often. It may actually be that it’s because you weren’t clear on what are the steps in your process or you’re unclear on exactly who your market is or you’re unclear about what gets splinters out of your bum baby. Like what’s going to get you off the fence and take a stand in your market so you’re not going to get splinters in your farm. So you know, cause if you sit on the fence all the time, that’s what happens. So maybe that’s one of those things that you’re just not clear on. What’s your unique voice, what do you stand for? So these are the, these are a few of the things that actually may be stopping you from procrastinating. So before you make assumptions that it is a character floor or it’s something that you need to dive deep into what it is that stopping you from moving forward.

Look at the logic part of it first. Okay. And look at what are the areas that I need to get clarity on that I need to make decisions on and focus on those. And then you can step up into that fear because we will always have it. That’s what I call scare cited. That when you’re scared, because you know this is pushing you out of your comfort zone, but you’re excited because you know you’ve got, you’ve got something to share and um, and you, you’re going to get you express yourself there through that business. So I’d love to hear from you like, do any of those resonate with you? Um, if you, um, you know, or do you have other ones, other tips around procrastination specifically around this part here? I’d love to hear from you if you can leave a comment, wherever it is that you are viewing this.

I love to hear, if you’ve enjoyed today’s podcast, I’d really appreciate if you would, uh, go over to iTunes. I don’t normally ask you that. I’m going to start asking, go over to iTunes and leave a review and a rating. I would really appreciate that. So more people can find this podcast. Um, and importantly, I’d like to hear from you now what works for you, what do you procrastinate on? And I may be able to help you pinpoint the thing that you need to get clear on. And if you’d like to work with me, just send us an email and I can tell me a bit about your business and I can let you know what’s the best way that I can help. Okay, go get them folks.


9 Ways to Declutter Your Business……. Starting with You

9 Ways to Declutter Your Business……. Starting with You

In the new Netflix show Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, the Japanese decluttering diva shows Americans how to do with less, challenging America’s hoarding and consumer cultures.

I love her approach of “throw out anything that doesn’t spark joy” (true confessions, I haven’t watched any of her shows…. life is just too short!).

So why not use this approach in your business?

That’s the topic of this week’s podcast and cheat-sheet article for you below.

This is a topic that is top of mind for me because this week I have done the ultimate declutter.

I have closed my award-winning website after 10 years!

Decluttering my business in such a drastic, but essential way, has allowed me to release the energy I need to make a greater impact.

So, making the most of the unique decluttering energy I’m feeling at the moment, I share with you today the 9 ways you can declutter your business and let go of things (and people) that have an energy that really isn’t serving you anymore.

Once that cluttered energy is gone, you’ll free up space and emotional energy to attract other things into the vacuum you’ve created. This freedom allows you to feel and see things more clearly. It is essential to the growth of your business.

Read / listen/ watch on  for the 9 steps in the order I recommend.

If you any of these areas I share make you go “Aha! That’s what I’m going to do next”, come and share it. I’d love to hear it from you. Share it on the podcast on the blog page or get in touch with me through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, wherever you hang out.

You can watch the video, listen to the audio, download from the podcast directory, or read the transcript below. Never miss an episode. Click here for all the ways you can subscribe.

9 Ways to Declutter Your Business

Clear the energy to attract great clients, great staff and great opportunities.

Plus clear your mind and business life my simplifying in these 9 areas.

The list below has a very specific order. It’s not necessarily to do with the importance, but the right steps to approach your business declutter.

#1 Clear Out Your Office

This may not seem like the most important area to focus on first, but it is actually the best one to start with.

If you have an office, throwing out things that clutter your peripheral vision or things that distract you without you really noticing it, will be freeing.

Keep only what is important.

This clutter not only clutters you visually, it clutters you energetically.

Take the time to create a calm and focused energy in your immediate work space. A place you can feel a beautiful energy that is pleasure to work in. For me, I always have flowers on my desk where I can see them without having to turn my head. I also have an aromatherapy candle just outside my peripheral view. And I keep these little things, presents, that remind me of why I do what I do.

Set yourself a deadline to work on this and just focus.

TIP: If you don’t have an office, but the area where you usually work isn’t giving you a good energy, then claim an area in your home for yourself, even if it is small. Create a sense of “ritual” by creating a clear space and whatever you choose to include to create a feeling of happiness where you work.

#2 Your Clients

This might sound weird or a bit tough, but you need to do this.

Look at the people you’re working with. Who among them use a lot of your energy and time? Who causes you stress? Are there clients who are making you focus on things that you don’t do well?

They could be a client from hell or you’re simply just not a good match. Maybe you’re not the best person to help them or maybe the help they need  is something that is not a part of your business any more.

Make those decisions.

  •         Does that client need to go?
  •         Do you have to refer this client to someone else?
  •         Should you review the boundaries you set with that client?

I’ve only had to do this twice. Once was with a client who I was able to get great results for, she paid on time but she was incredibly needy. She sucked my energy dry.

She also counted as a high percentage of my business. So I  built up the other parts of the business so I could eventually let her go in a kind way.

This is how I worded my letting her go:

“It’s been wonderful to help you achieve so much in the time we’ve been working together and we’ve well surpassed what we set out to do. I don’t think you need me any more. And for some of the stuff that you still need my help with, I can refer you to some people who specialise in just that part.”

There was one other time where it was actually a client from hell.

She was awful. She had everybody in tears. I just had to let her go. I gave her all the money back even if we’ve done the work because I didn’t want that energy.

That’s only happened twice in 10 years. Letting go of them just freed me and opened up opportunities and space for new, wonderful clients.

But what if you actually have fantastic clients?

I’m actually at that stage where I have the world’s best clients. I’m just attracting people who I know I can really help. They get me and I get them. I’m absolutely adoring them.

So if you have great clients, let them know!

Also say to them “I want to work with people who are like you. I’d love you to refer people to me who are just as wonderful as you”.

You can also offer your favourites an alumni package to help these great clients stay with you for longer. I just did that with my Rising Stars clients.

#3 Declutter your products

To do this, you’re going to have to do a couple of things.

Look at all your products and services.

This is helpful if you’re doing a lot of little things. This also applies if you’re doing very different things for each client.

If you’re doing a lot of different things for a lot of different people, I want you to list everything down you are doing. You do this because you need to get really clear on what you are really offering. Then you can make decisions on what you will no longer offer.

Simplify and channel your energy to doing less, better and with more focus.

You’ll also attract clients easier with this new clarity.

Look at your profit and loss.

How much money do you make from each of the products and services you offer? If you are creating tailored solutions for people – coaching or service provision – then I want you to look at which of those are making you the most money.

Most importantly, look at the time you are spending on each. You might be getting a lot of money from it but it also may be taking up an excess amount of your time, emotion, or energy.

On the other hand, you might have products that are low cost but they’re efficient because they don’t take much work on your part.

Look at what you can simplify.

It’s not necessary that more is better. Less can be better for you because you can be clear about what you offer. More importantly, you’re not going to be using as much emotional and mind bandwidth.

Can you declutter your programs and your products?

That’s something I just done recently by consolidating everything into one core program with 2 VIP levels. All of the things you offer should lead to the ultimate result.

#4 Your Opt-ins

Do you have a lot of different ways for people to join your mailing list?

Are some of those really not going to be the best ones to lead people into your nice, simplified, decluttered products?

If so, maybe you should just get rid of them. They’re just confusing and unnecessary. Keep it simple. As much as it can be overwhelming you, it could be confusing your clients as well.

Questions to consider:

  • Are these going to attract the perfect clients you want?
  • Are these really going to lead them to the products and programs that take the least amount of time, and give you the least amount of stress and the most amount of profit?

If you don’t have an email list yet and you need help, I can help you create an integrated solution from opt in to programs to profit through the Attract Your Tribe program.

#5 Your Content

What are you doing that’s getting you in front of people?

You need to be seen and heard for your ideal clients to find you and know what you stand for.

Some of these include:

  • Podcasts
  • Blog posts
  • Facebook live
  • Videos
  • And more

What is it that you’re doing to let people know that you know your stuff, to connect with people and stay top of mind? Take a look at what’s working and focus on them.

Some of the things you do might be things you do just because you’ve always done them or you feel that you have to. Many of those things are often things that don’t give you results.

Simplify. Doing different types of content can attract different types of prospects, but have a really good look if any of them aren’t really getting results.

This is a great place to declutter. Again, do more with less.


Now this depends on the stage of your business. If you’re just getting ready to launch, you need to be building your mailing list. You need to be getting people’s attention. You need to be visible. That’s your runway.

For a plane to get lift and really take off, it needs a long runway. That’s when you’re going to be creating your content and building your mailing list. You might look at it and go, “Janet says I need to declutter if it’s not working.”

Recognise first if you’re in that runway phase. You’re still building so you can get your sales. Don’t go and throw things out without knowing what you are measuring. How many opt-ins are you getting? What kind of engagement are you getting? What suite of core blog posts are you creating that’s going to end up attracting the perfect clients? Have a look at that and the way that you’re creating content.

Can you declutter there?

#6 Your Staff

That also includes you. It could be you, your virtual assistant, your staff, the people you call in every now and then. Or nobody else.

Look at your team and think:

  • Is there anybody here that if they would leave, I would be absolutely horrified?
  • Is there anyone here that if they left, I wouldn’t be too upset?

If they’re not doing a fantastic job, then maybe you should declutter. Don’t surround yourself with mediocre.

There might be someone you’re keeping because you don’t want to go through the effort of looking for somebody else or you don’t want to hurt their feelings. Let that energy go. You’re going to attract somebody awesome in instead.

Finally, if you have a virtual assistant, are you using them to their full capacity? Would you be better off just hiring part-time? Take a look at what you’re doing and delegate better.

#7 Yourself

Look at yourself. Are you spending time doing things that matter or are you doing “busy work”? Be really honest. Can you declutter yourself as the person who is running the business and attracting the clients? Can you declutter your own time and use the support team that you may already have, or intend to build?

Now, what is using up your bandwidth?

What email lists, Facebook groups are you on? Things that use up your time and attention. Work out your criteria for what you really need to grow your business and only spend time reading and interacting with the content and groups that will help you.

Ask yourself, which are the ones you really look at all the time?

If you were on a newsletter list or Facebook group just because you were curious or someone else had added you, just unsubscribe or leave. That’s all clutter using up your brain and distracting you. Exercise minimalism so that the energy that you use is going to be calm.

#8 Software Subscriptions

How many of the software you pay for are you not actually using? Go and get rid of it. It’s going to save you money and the space at the back of your head where every now and then something comes up and you go “why do I have that; I don’t remember” just declutter.

Streamline. Less clutter. Less things to learn. Less things to pay for.

#9 Your Online Presence

Once you’ve decluttered all this, take a look at your website and social media. The best way for people to join your mailing list. Does it reflect your new decluttered life and business?

Now be careful when you approach decluttering your online presence.

When I talk about decluttering you and your time, one of the things to be wary of is “busy work”. These are things that seem really important, keeping you busy, but is not actually growing your business and making an impact.

One of these unproductive, busy things is constantly tweaking your website.

So when you’re decluttering your website, make sure you’re sure about what needs to go. Set your timeframe to do that. And if you haven’t been using your virtual assistant efficiently, this is the best thing to ask them to help you with.

Just don’t fall into that trap of “I’ve been really busy tweaking things on my website”.

This is the last thing you would want to do because you want it to represent this minimalist, decluttered energy that you are clearing around yourself and your business so that the good things can flow in.

Do you have other areas you recommend decluttering?

Or maybe you have some other great tips?

Share down below what’s worked with you and if you have tips for other people, share them as well 🙂

A Special Message From Janet

Thank you so much for being here. I know there are a lot of podcasts you could choose to listen to  and you chose to join me on Romance Your Tribe Radio.


I’m honoured and  grateful for your support.

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Read The Transcript Here

Hello beautiful people! Janet Beckers here and welcome to the next episode of Romance Your Tribe Radio. This week we’re going to be talking about decluttering your business and I have got here nine different parts of your business that you can be decluttering now. Now, why on Earth am I talking about this topic? Well, you see, I’m really feeling a unique decluttering energy as I record this because last week I announced on my podcast that I was completely wiping from the face of the earth, my award winning website I membership site that had won me numerous awards and that had been running for 10 years. Now, if you haven’t listened to that episode, I really do recommend you go over or it or go over to the blog and look at the read the article that I’ve written there because you can see why it was a really important decision for me to make, to be able to release the energy that would allow me to be able to expand my reach and make a greater impact.

And I shared on that podcast that I kind of felt this really, really weird sense of decluttering, but this business that this website was going to be completely gone. That sort of thing that you get, you know when you’ve got this really cute pair of jeans that you’re really, really light and it’s got all these fantastic memories and you know, you looked hot in them and you remember all the great times that you had when you were wearing them and you don’t want to let them go because maybe I can make it fit. Maybe it’ll come back in fashion. I really don’t want to let them go. But you know that when you declutter that wardrobe, when you throw that out and the other things that it’s going to be really freeing that sort of minimalist feel that it’s going to open up the energy for let other things come in.

Well that’s how I’ve been feeling when I have kissed wonderful web women goodbye with love that completely wiped from the earth. So I’ve been feeling that decluttering energy and you know what? It’s really, really frame it’s in it. Cause once you’ve made that decision to, yeah, okay, tiny ergo baby is once it’s, that energy has gone that’s been associated with something that wasn’t serving you anymore, then it’s almost like you’ve left this weight off you, that there is all this energy that was being used in that place that now is free. So you’re now free to be able to accept other things into that space. So that’s how I felt. Uh, with wonderful web women going as much as a tough decision. It was. And there’s the grieving that goes with it. It’s opened up all this beautiful energy and that comes with like a decluttering of your home.

You get that same sort of thing. And for my beautiful friends out there that are really totally clued up on law of attraction, on vibration and all of those sorts of things that you will know, you will understand exactly why that decluttering, throwing things out and simplifying actually clears the, to let other things in. So let’s take that beautiful energy and yet loot use it like right now and have a look at nine different areas in your business that you can choose to simplify, to declutter and to really clear out the baggage and have that beautiful kind of clear, non cluttered, non hoarding feel that allows you to be able to feel things more clearly, see things clearly and bringing that beautiful energy. So let’s go and have a look at those now and I would love to hear from you. So if you, you are, um, you know, as I’m going through this, if any of these areas and make you go, Aha, that’s where I’m going to do next.

I’d love to hear from you. Come and share it. You know, wherever you are listening to this, you might want to share this on the podcast blog page, which is a great place to go or even come and find and join the conversation on Instagram or over on Facebook or Twitter, wherever it is that you’re hanging out. Um, I’d love to share. And so, and he went, the other people have got to say as well. And if you have got some, any tips on how to declutter the specific areas and I’m going to talk about, I’d love to hear from you and I know other people will as well and you might have an extra area that you’re thinking she missed. This one. Love to hear from you as well. So I’m going to share these with you in the order that I suggest that you look at them and make some decisions and actually take action.

And I’ll explain to you why I have given them in that order. So it’s not necessarily to do with their importance, but a lot of it’s got to do with the right steps to put them in so that you clearing the energy in the right way. Okay. So step number one is clear out your office. Now this may not be when we’ve gone through the other eight may not seem like the most important, but the thing is by you going through your office, and this does not have to be hours and hours and hours. And if you don’t have an office, wherever your workspace is by actually throwing out all those things that use your peripheral vision, that clatter your, your mind without even being aware of it, just declutter. Only have things that are of really importance to you either said do your work or that help you to get that beautiful energy.

Um, if you’ve got a falling box, like I have where I go, most things I don’t file because we don’t use paper that much, but there’s certain things that have come through that I’ve gone, you know, I’ve either got a scan that or I’ve got a file that, so, but you know, I’ll just go in the box for the meantime, you know? Sure. There’s a couple of years worth it. So you might want to decline of that. So any of your, any of your sort of systems that you’ve got, if you’ve got your top drawer that’s full of stuff, de Clutter, it makes a huge difference. So have a really clear workspace or your peripheral vision is not getting that imagery that is there. Now the other thing then would that declutter is then also take the time to create a space that is great for, um, for focus.

And also that makes you feel like, you know, this is a great, this is a, a place where I feel, um, a beautiful energy. So take the time to do that as well. For example, with me, I always have flowers on my desk where I can see them without having to turn my head. Um, so always have flowers. I also have a, an essential oil burner with a little candle that’s just out of my view so that I can get those beautiful smells that are coming through. I also have underneath my computer, little things that are symbols that may be from different holidays or gifts that have been, but they’re things that for me, um, are a symbol of why I do what I do. So I can have that great a holiday so I can impact this person who sent me this present. Um, so just create, taking the tiniest to create that space.

So that’s number one. Declutter. Now don’t, um, you know, if you’re, you know, you can very easily just go to the nth degree here, but make sure that with all of these things, you set yourself a deadline and just focus, focus, focus. If you don’t have an office, my next challenge to you is, is the place where you are doing most of your work? Does it have a good energy or is it something that you’re constantly aware of all these other distractions around you? If so, you need to claim a space somewhere, whether it’s in your home, whether it’s out of the home somewhere where you can get that, that decluttered feel. So that’s my challenge to you. Um, okay, that’s step number one. Now the next thing now, number two I’ve got here is, and this is going to sound really weird and probably a little bit tough, but you may need declutter your clients.

Now, what I want you to do by this here is I want you to look at the people who you are working with, the clients that you’ve got. Are there any of those clients who use up a lot of your emotional energy who may use a lot of your time, who cause you stress, that are making you focus on things that you don’t feel that you do? Well now it might be because they’re the client from hell or it might also be that you’re not a good match. Maybe you’re not the best person to be helping them. Or maybe what the help that they need is not something that you’re actually providing through your business anymore. So have a look at that and make those decisions. Does that client need to go or do you need to refer them to somebody else or do you need to look at the boundaries that you have with that client?

I’ve only had the hat to do this twice, once where I had somebody who just use up a lot of my emotional energy because she was incredibly, um, very, very needy. But I could help her and she also accounted for a high percentage of my business. Um, and so once what I did is I built up the other parts of the business so that I could eventually let her go in a kind way of saying, look, you know what? I think I’ve got you to the point where I can help you. You’re now, you don’t need me. And you know, for the summer, that stuff that you have been wanting my hope with, this is a great place for you to go to because really I’ve got you to where, you know, we need, we need to be, it’s just that you’re really wanting to hold on.

So that was able to go and then there was one other time where it was actually the client from hell. She was awful. She had everybody in tears and um, you know, I just let it go. I gave her all of her money back even though we’d done the work cause I didn’t even not want that energy. Um, yeah. So that’s only ever happened twice in like 10 years. So, um, but for me they were, they just freed me and open up opportunities now also have, do you need to be doing that or have you actually got fantastic clients? Like I’m at that stage at the moment, I’ve got the world’s best clients. I absolutely adore them and I’m just attracting people who are, no, I can really, really help. And who know, they, they get me and I get them. I’m absolutely adoring them.

So one of those things is, you know, what, if I have cleared out space with clients, I want more of them. Or you know what, I’m loving this. I’m going to come, I’m going to talk to each of those and say, I want to clone you. Refer other people just like you that may be part of your decluttering. So it’s um, simplifying saying, you know what, I want more people like you. So to all my clients that I have at the moment, I just want more. You okay? It’s want a clone. You all, all I’m really, really loving the people that I’m working with. Um, okay. So that could be your clients. Um, and also you may go, okay, I want more of these particular clients. You might offer them some kind of alumni package to stay with you for longer is another thing I’ve just done that with, um, with my rising stars clients.

Uh, number three, I want you to look at decluttering your products. Now to do this, you’re going to have to do a couple of things. First of all, have a look at exactly all of the different products and services that you’re offering. Now this can be really important if you have lots of little things or also if you’re doing very much, um, every client that you’re providing a different kind of solution, a different service. Now I worry first of all to get really clear on what you’re doing and if you are providing lots of different solutions to different people, I want you to list all of those. Okay, cause they are all different products or services you’re doing. You might be saying it’s this is the hourly rate, but what are you doing? Okay, that’s a lot of energy space that you could be doing there.

Now I also now want you to have a look at your profit and loss. I want you to have a look at how much money do you make from each of these. If you are creating tailored solutions for people, whether that’s coaching or whether it’s service provision, if it’s each one is different. I need you to look at which of these different types of services that I’m providing, the groupings, which are the ones that are making me the most money. And importantly, I will now want you to have a look at how much time we’re spending on each because sure, you may be making a lot of money from it, but you might be spending an amazing amount of time on it and an amazing amount of emotional energy. You may have other ones that at first glance you go, they’re not as expensive, but hey, I’m done.

And nothing for it. Um, or the people who I’m working with on that one, it’s so easy to solve because I’ve got, you know, I’ve got so many, um, efficient ways for me to be able to get those results. So have a look at that and are the ones that are using so much of your energy that either you’ve got to change them or they’ve got to go and can you simplify, simplify, simplify, simplify. Because they’re not, it’s not necessarily that more is better. Less can be better for you because you can be clear around what you offer. And importantly, you’re not going to be using as much emotional bandwidth and your mind bandwidth in all those things that you’re doing. So can you declutter your programs and your products. So that’s something that I have just done recently by really consolidating everything in to one core program and just two little tiny side ones.

Um, and yeah, three little side ones. Yep. So that’s all they are. And they all, all of those ones really lead to the ultimate. So simplifying what that is. So is that something that you can be doing? Now the next thing that we want to do in this order is now we want to have a look at your optins. So if you are building your mailing list, if you’re not doing any of this stuff yet, don’t worry. That’s what I hope you to do. So just come and have a talk. Come and have a look at what I, what I can do to help you there. So have a look. Have you got lots of different ways for people to join your mailing list as some of those really not going to be the best ones to lead people in to your nice, simplified decluttered products.

If so, maybe you should just get rid of them because they just confusion, you know, they just unnecessary keep it simple because as well as it may be overwhelming you, it can be confusing your clients as well. So really have a look at the things that you’re using to get people onto your mailing list. Are they going to be attracting those perfect clients that you want and are they going to be really leading them towards the programs and the products that you’ve got? The you get the most, um, you know, the lest amount of time, the less amount of stress and the most amount of profit from. So see if you can simplify those as well. Now the next thing that you can do, what have I got here for number five? Okay. Because as you can see, I’m kind of working backwards here and I’m going from clients to products to optins.

So the next thing is your content. What are you doing that’s actually getting you in front of people? It could be, are you doing a podcast? Are you writing blog posts? Are you doing Facebook lives? Are you doing using video? Are you using video? And using my meaty the method where you’re doing lots of really short videos and getting them out there and syndicating, um, what is it that you are doing to be able to let people know that you know your stuff and to connect with people and stay top of mind? Now what’s working? Are there some of those things that you’re doing because you’ve always done them or you think you should do them but they’re not getting results? So simplify, you want to be doing a few different formats so that you can get people where, um, you know, in different ways that what you have a really good look and can I declutter?

Are any of those things really not getting me the results? Now I’ve just got a little bit of a disclaimer here for you. Depending on what stage you’re at in your business. If you’re before you’re ready to launch and you’re going to be, if we can think of like a, you know, an airplane taking off where you’re ready to launch with your new, your programs, your products or whatever you’ve got. And then when you’re sailing in the air, that’s when you’re, you know, you’re helping your clients and it’s all working beautifully. Now, if you’re not at that point yet where you’re launching your programs, um, you know, whether that’s through a launch process or whether that’s through one on one, however it is that you’re letting people come by leading up to that, you need to be building your mailing list. You need to be getting people’s attention.

You need to be visible. That’s like a runway. So for an airplane to take off and get enough lift, it needs a long runway. And a lot of times that’s, you know, that’s what we’re going to be creating content. You’re going to be building your mailing list. And a lot of times you might look at that and go, well, Janice has to de Clutter because I’m not getting any results. Where’s the sales from this? Recognize if you are in that runway phase because you’re not going to get the sales yet. You’re preparing for that. So just a bit of a disclaimer, therefore you don’t go and throw things out until you know exactly what you’re measuring. So you want to be measuring here for how many optins and my getting, what kind of engagement am I getting from people? Um, you know, so what kind of suite of core, um, blog posts am I going to be and are creating that’s going to end up being my, um, my pillar content.

So, um, so have a look at that. And so have a look at the way that you are creating content and getting people know that you’re attracting people to you. Can you declutter there? Now we’re up to number six. So we’ve had, we’ve had a look here at your, you’re basically, you know, your, um, from attracting people through your content, through to your opt in, you know, products to your clients. Now the next thing we’re going to have a look at is your staffing. Now by that I’m also including you. Okay. So it could be you or you might have a virtual assistant, you might have staff, you might have just people that you call in every now and then, um, it might have nobody else. Um, what I want you to do is have a look at that and think, is there anybody here that if they were to tell me they’re going to leave, I’d be absolutely mortified.

And if there’s anybody that goes where you go, well look, I wouldn’t be too upset if they left. You know, they, they, they, you know, they’re not doing that fantastic job. Well maybe that’s time to declutter cause you don’t want to be surrounding yourself with mediocre. Um, are you, um, maybe when you’re looking at that, you might be thinking, well, okay, I’m paying for a virtual assistant. Am I using them to the full capacity? Maybe I can get somebody off time or maybe I need to be looking at what I’m doing and delegate better. So that comes back to you having a look at yourself as well. Can you actually declutter yourself? Are you spending your time on the things that matter or how you doing busy work of stuffing around with your website and playing around on social media. Um, so be really, really honest with yourself.

Can you declutter yourself as the person who is, um, you know, producing, you know, is the person that’s running the business that’s attracting the clients and that is running it. So can you de Clutter your own time and can you declutter any of the support team that you’ve got that you may have, somebody that you’ve been keeping on cause you, you, you don’t want to go to the effort of getting somebody else so you don’t want to hurt their feelings. Let that energy go, okay, you can attract somebody. Awesome in instead. Now the next one we’ve got, we’ve got three left now while we, we’re working on what is using up your bandwidth. When we decluttering your self and decluttering your brain is I want you to have a look at what email is so you on and you know, groups, Facebook groups, are you on?

Those sorts of things that can be using up your attention because they’re coming into your inbox and they’re just dicks. They’re making a mess or that you get distracted with these groups that are perhaps on Facebook or linkedin where ever it is that you’re working. Now, what I want you to do is work out your criteria of what is it that I really do need in order to grow my business or whatever it is that you’re on. These different groups or things for what do I need and and which are the ones that I really look at all the time. And if there are ones there that you know, you’re just on them because you were curious and you’re on that list or somebody else added you to a Facebook group, set yourself a timer and just unsubscribe on those Facebook groups. Just get rid of them.

Okay, now of course you’re going to stick with my baby. But you know, that’s all clutter that’s using up your brain and it’s distracting you. You want to get down to the minimalist so that any of the energy that you’re using is going to be effective and calm. Now, two last ones, and this is going to be coming over to the techie stuff that you’ve got in your business. Now, one of them is how many software subscriptions have you got that you’re not even using? Maybe you signed up for something that was going to be, I dunno, the bee’s knees for automating something, but you’ve never actually used it. Well, if you’re not using it, go and get rid of it. Okay? So as well as it’s going to save you money, it’s going to be saving that stuff that’s in the back of your head where every now and then something comes up and you go, oh, why do I got that anyway?

I can’t remember. So just declutter on and it’s on the software that you’re not needing streamlined. Keep it simple. It’s less things to learn and it’s also less things to go wrong. And now we’re up to the very last one because once you’ve done this declutter annual simplified, does your website and any of your social media presence, the places that represent you and your brand, do they actually represent these, this beautiful decluttered view or view to can people go to your website and see what it is it you stand for, what your programs are, the best way to join your mailing list that’s going to attract the right people? Does your website do that? Now he comes a big disclaimer. You know what I talked about before about De cluttering you and your time and I said that one of the things that you might be doing is busy work.

That seems really, really important and it’s keeping you busy, but it’s not actually making your money, growing your business, helping you make an impact. One of those can be constantly tweaking your website. So when you’re doing this, make it sure that you are very, very clear with your audit of what needs to go and then set your timeframe to do that. And if you haven’t been using a virtual assistant efficiently, this is the list of handover to them. So just that disclaimer of don’t get sucked into, I’m being really busy make, doing stuff on my website when all you’re really been doing is, is fiddling around. Okay. So, but this is the last thing that you going to do because you want it to represent this beautiful minimalist, lovely decluttered energy that you are clearing around yourself that you are clearing around your business so that the good things can flow in.

Okay, so that’s Janet’s nine different parts of your business that you can be decluttering right now. And what a great time to do it because as I’m recording this, it’s just at the beginning of the year and as I also said, this is really close to my heart at the moment because I’ve decluttered in a seriously big way. But this whole year for me has been a declutter of really simplifying my business. And this week made or last week made the big step of wonderful web women. My award winning website that served me for 10 years has been wiped from the face of the earth. It has gone. And so that is a, that’s a big step in the declaring. All right. I would love to hear from you if, you know, if you’ve got some great tips from here, why don’t you take a screen grab or you know, take a photo of your screen when you’re, if you’re, if you’re watching this or just of yourself when you’re listening to the podcast and com and share it over and on Instagram or on Facebook.

And tell me, um, show me that you’ve actually been listening and Shimmy, you know, a bigger heart. You know, it’s something that you have got. And I will, I will, I will choose some of those. And I will also, I’ll share those, um, through my stories. And so I can help, you know, through Instagram stories and Facebook stories. So it helped to shine the light on you as well as somebody who’s taking action, not just listening, but also getting an Aha and acknowledging it. So that’s, I’d love to hear from you with that. And I’d love you to do that with any of the episodes that you listened to the get value from, and also share down below what’s worked for you. And if you’ve got some tips for other people, share them as well because I know that you will have some great things that you can be sharing with other people that come here, um, and a part of our tribe. Okay, bye. [inaudible] it’s chairman here. Thanks for joining me on romance, your tribe radio. Hey, you heard our voices today,

but do you want to see what we really look like? You can see the video version of this episode over at Romance, your and grab the show notes while you’re there. And if you enjoyed this episode, I really appreciate if you show them love and leave an honest review on iTunes or your favorite podcast directory. I’ll see you on the next episode.


Why I Closed My Award Winning Website

Why I Closed My Award Winning Website

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Wonderful Web Women. The Evolution of a Revolution

It seems like hype to call Wonderful Web Women a revolution. After all, at the time of writing in 2019 there are many powerful business women online creating a true impact. They are leading their online tribes and visible as leaders alongside visibly successful men online.

There are also many wonderful online communities of women supporting each other to create success in a way that builds on the strengths of women and defines success in a way that is meaningful for women who often have many hats to wear and roles to fill.

Yet, over 10 years ago the online space was very different.

It’s hard to believe that women were hungry to find visible female role models creating success online. There were also far fewer online communities for women to find like-minded women creating successful business online.

Yet the reality is, 10 years ago online business was dominated by men (far, far more than the still male dominated industry in 2019) and women wanted change.

Wonderful Web Women became an early leader in that space.

Read on to find out more.

The Revolution Started in The Women’s Toilets


If you’ve ever been to a conference and tried to go to the Ladies toilets in the lunch break, you’ll know what it’s like. A long line of women with full bladders spilling out of the doors and into the hallway!

All talking!

It was at one of these conferences on Internet Marketing I started to notice a popular and passionate topic of conversation. The questions asked up and down the line of waiting women was:

“Why are there only men on stage?”.
“I can’t relate to all the testosterone”
“Where are the chicks?”.

An idea was born.

What if I could find successful women online and interview them about how they have created success. Would people want to listen? Can I make money from this idea?

I’d been burnt in the past by not researching a business idea thoroughly enough before investing years and all my savings and credit on growing the business. I was wiser by then.

So I spent months, attending Internet Marketing Conferences, and believe it or not, conducted my market research in the women’s toilets using an MP3 recorder!

I knew without a doubt there was a huge demand and there was the potential to make this work.

I just had to find all these successful women, work out a way to interview them, build a mailing list, create a new website and work out a model to make business.

So I did the obvious thing: I set a launch date, announced it to everyone I knew then went flat out trying to work out how to do it!


  • Look and listen. Business ideas are everywhere.
  • Do your market research
  • You don’t have to research in the ladies toilets. Facebook exists now!

The Project That Launched Fast

I’ll cut out describing the months of lack of sleep (my kids were still young and in primary school then), the stress, the self-doubt, the scrambling to find things to sell on eBay to pay for website software (wordpress wasn’t mainstream then for membership sites), the incredible support from my husband and the way I grilled everyone I met, on techy stuff, marketing stuff and business models. The money I spent on digital programs on “how to Interview” and “How to make money online”.

A few months later this is what happened:

  • I launched an 8 week live telesummit featuring wonderfully successful women online
  • All the women promoted my summit to their subscribers for me
  • I bought hand-painted silk scarves, designed for each women, as gifts of gratitude (yep, I even commissioned them to match their eye colouring and hair!)
  • In 8 weeks I built an email list of thousands, from a start of zero
  • I replaced my last 12 months of income in 8 weeks with a combination of commissions from programs my guests sold on my interviews and a last minute $47 / month membership that offered recordings and transcripts of the interviews (yep that means the first members joined an empty membership area)
  • I won an award for Best Membership Site
  • People I didn’t know contacted me to ask if they could pay me thousands of dollars for me to coach them (I had no idea what coaching was but I said yes!)


  • You’ve got to hussle when you’re starting out so set a goal and get moving
  • Affiliate commissions are awesome
  • The telesummit model is a great way to build a business and gain rapid credibility
  • Be really nice to your husband 🙂

The Project That Turned into an international Business

The launch of Wonderful Web Women was a success by anyone’s standards. Now the challenge was to turn it into a sustainable business. Again, I set some big goals and did some pretty gutsy moves, which I’ll tell you about. Doing the scary thing paid off and the business momentum developed a life of it’s own. Fuelled by “The Revolution” and the power of building a tribe around your business. Something that I have since specialised in helping my clients also achieve (hint: this website is called Romance Your Tribe!)

The Gutsy Move

I mentioned before that I launched with an 8 week telesummit. The problem is, the 8th speaker was stuffing around on the dates (well her assistant was) and I was going live without a confirmed last speaker. So I did something a bit crazy.

I scheduled MYSELF as the final speaker and the topic? “How to build a targeted mailing list and gain instant credibility through the power of joint ventures and expert interviews- in 6 short weeks”.

Good grief! I had a list of zero and literally spent my last cent in my business account the day I wrote that. It was the day before I did my first interview!

No pressure.

This is what happened:

  • When I presented (I got a customer to interview me) I had actually achieved exactly what I said I would (phew).
  • Every other speaker had sold a program at the end of their interview so I decided I should too
  • I sold my first program for about $500, before it even existed, on the topic of….you guessed it….”How to build a list of thousands and turn your passions into profit in 8 weeks”.
  • The guest experts were so grateful to have a platform available focusing on women in business online, they recommended their peers be my guests. I had a waiting list!
  • I did a live interview every week for 2 years and then one every 2 weeks for another 2


  • Back yourself and embrace the feeling of “Scarecited”
  • Position yourself as an equal with experts by including yourself as a guest expert in your own line-up
  • Test a new product by pre-selling. If it sells, then create the program live with your first members

Award Winning Business

Business success is about building and nurturing an engaged tribe and that starts with first of all identifying a tribe without a place to hang out. I found that in the women’s toilets!

It is one thing to find and attract your tribe. The real magic happens when you immerse yourself in your tribe, listen to them and allow yourself to trust the tribe and open yourself to “go with the flow” with opportunities.

That’s what Wonderful Web Women developed into and has been the basis for this next phase of growth.

This is what happened:

  • One of my guest experts, loved what I had created with my tribe and invited me to be a guest speaker at her conference in the USA. I had to be prepared to travel there, speak for 90 minutes, and sell a program for a minimum of $1500. I said yes!
  • I had no idea how to present and sell from the stage so I did the obvious….I found a leading female expert on the topic and interviewed her!
  • My program I had created was only $500 so I had to find a way to make it more comprehensive. So I ran a workshop, filmed it and included the DVDs in the package. Plus extra goodies.
  • On return to Australia I started receiving lots of invitations to present from the stage because now I was an international speaker!
  • I co-authored a best selling book (an invite from another guest speaker).
  • I produced 3 co-authored books with my members and guests as co-authors because I wanted to give my members the same opportunity I had to be an author
  • I won a very competitive award for Australian Marketer of The Year
  • During this time our host went belly up during the financial crisis. All our websites (our income) disappeared overnight. Then our backups didn’t work! I cried. We rebuilt. We didn’t lose 1 customer in the month it took to rebuild and in fact, we gained members. That is the power of tribe.


  • I became a best selling author, international speaker and award winning mentor in a short time because I made friends. Seriously. I adored my guests and created friendships and opportunities came from that. I adored my members and subscribers and so looked for ways to give them opportunities. Tribes consist of friends. Relationships lead to business success.
  • Say yes to opportunities then figure it out.
  • One successfully completed opportunity will open doors to far more.
  • Enter awards.

The Market Changed… and will always change

You’ll notice Wonderful Web Women was built on live interviews with a thriving paying community built on a simple model of people paying for access to an archive of recordings and transcripts.

Can you imagine that working easily now?

Of course not. (before you say anything, there will always be exceptions)

Podcasts are so popular now you can get access for free to a wealth of great content. In fact, the interviews I do for my podcast Romance Your Tribe Radio are very similar to the one’s I did all those years ago.

This is what happened

  • I saw that change coming and so changed the business model to become monthly training modules on topics my members asked for. This turned out to be a LOT of work!
  • I also launched my first high level group coaching program. HUGE learning curve for me!
  • I ran my first 3 day live event at $1000 per head. Respect to anyone who does this. Huge learning curve for me!
  • Wonderful Web Women started to change focus because it was not so much about women role models.


  • Stay ahead of changes in the market place and be willing to adapt
  • Creating comprehensive training modules is heaps more work than interviewing experts
  • High end programs are awesome but be prepared to create systems and training material or you’ll burn yourself out

Signature Systems Create Leverage

As you can see, since the initial revolution things have changed. I found my tribe asking more for my step-by-step trainings and wanting more of ME, and less focus on spotlighting other female leaders online.

They were actually starting to say “You are no longer the passionate reporter Janet. Step up and claim your space as the expert. We want YOU”.

To be honest, I resisted this for a while and could have seen the demand for this much earlier if I let myself. It actually took individual customers contacting me and saying “…girl, we need to talk”. They challenged me to step up further.

See why I love them?

This is what happened:

  • I developed a signature system to build a strong tribe online and a loyal tribe, the way I do things. I called it Romance Your Tribe.
  • I wrote my first solo book, introducing my Romance Your Tribe System. It went to #1 on Amazon kindle
  • I launched a comprehensive training program called Shine Online.
  • I also launched a video podcast called Wonderful Web TV that ranked in the top 10 in iTunes in Marketing for the 4 years I published it.
  • I taught my Shine members how to do my MeTV video podcasting method
  • I launched a new high end program
  • I closed my monthly membership
  • I gradually started to feel the name Wonderful Web Women no longer reflected what we actually do anymore. A feeling on incongruency started sneaking in.


  • You will evolve in your leadership and capacity to impact people. Be prepared to step into that leadership.
  • A signature system, with your unique language, can actually create a sense of tribe, even if there is no longer a revolution.
  • Create training resources to help your clients get results with your systems. This will free you up tremendously.
  • You can choose to work with lots of people at a low price or less people at a high price. It’s difficult to combine them (I share a story on the podcast above of one client who tried to join the $47/month program but we had removed the buy button from the order form just that day. So she purchased a $10,000 VIP program instead! We are still great friends!).
  • If you start to feel incongruent, take notice. This will start to hold you back.

Congruency is Everything….. this is why I closed my award winning website

You see how the last lesson I shared, was the sense of incongruency I started to feel about what the name Wonderful Web Women stood for, and what the business has evolved to?

I knew I was no longer true to my roots and this incongruency was starting to sabotage my confidence to step up.

This is what happened:

  • I asked myself…”what would I advise my clients if they were in my situation?”
  • I consulted with colleagues for an experienced impartial view.
  • I decided to apply my own Romance Your Tribe System to my own business, starting right from scratch, working through the exact steps and exercises they would use.
  • I made the decision to make my system the star of the show (with me as the co-star), instead of “Women in business” the star of the show.
  • I developed so many insights by systematically applying my system to my own business that I created streamlined templates, systems and training material so my clients could apply the system to their own business faster and with less stress.
  • I created, launched and sold the most comprehensive and awesome program I’ve created so far called “Attract Your Tribe” and seen my members seriously kick some goals.
  • I launched a new video podcast called Romance Your Tribe Radio and produced over 40 new episodes
  • I developed new branding, new messages, new logos, new website that really reflect what I now stand for.
  • I simplified my business further with a nested business model of VIP clients part of a tight-knit group implementing the Attract Your Tribe program (and so proud of the results they have been getting).
  • Closed Wonderful Web Women for good in January 2019 when current members of the Shine program had completed their training.


  • There is no better proof that your system works, than treating yourself as if you are your own client and do the work you ask them to do!
  • Simplify, simplify, simplify
  • If you feel incongruent, acknowledge this and take action. Otherwise your business and confidence will slowly erode.
  • It can easily take a good year of solid action to detonate a brand and build a strong foundation of your message, marketing and offers. Longer (much longer)  if you do not have a proven system to follow like Attract Your Tribe.

What’s Next?

The past year has been a true investment in Sweat Equity. It’s been a lot of work!

Now my focus can be completely directed to:

  • Experimenting with marketing, launches, content and great ways of including my tribe in all my marketing and connecting strategies.
  • Focus on getting great results for my existing and new clients in my comprehensive training at Attract Your Tribe and working with my VIP clients (Those in the Attract Your Tribe Accelerator Program and my advanced business owners in my Rising Stars Program).
  • Actively inspiring and enabling the wonderful people in my online tribe to step into their own power as a leader of their own tribes online.
  • Help people, who help people, help more people!

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I’d love to hear from you.

Have you been part of the Wonderful Web Women community over the last decade?

I’d love to hear your stories.

Let’s have a reunion party in the comments below!

A Special Message From Janet

Thank you so much for being here. I know there are a lot of podcasts you could choose to listen to  and you chose to join me on Romance Your Tribe Radio.


I’m honoured and  grateful for your support.

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7 Steps To Get Back Into Work Mode After a Vacation

7 Steps To Get Back Into Work Mode After a Vacation

I’m writing this on my first day back at “work” after 2 and a half weeks of Christmas and a perfect Aussie summer beach staycation. It took my brain a week to slow down and after that (another week and a half) has been fantastic. A beautiful rhythm of beach life of walks to the beach, swimming, cafes, kayaking, exploring wild swimming places, painting and cocktails.

Here’s a few holiday snaps from one of our exploring days:

As always after a holiday, no matter how much you love what you do, it can take a few cranks of the keys in the “mental ignition” before the business woman engine catches on and starts to rev up.

So what better way to get back into work mode than do something I love, and that’s record a podcast episode for you.

And what better topic than the one I’m struggling with myself today, and that’s how to get back into work mode after a vacation.

In this week’s episode I share:

  • In hindsight, the last thing I COULD have done on my last day of work before leaving for holidays… and how it would have made the transition to reality easier
  • The importance of sleep cycles and vacation mode.
  • How to use your Vacation Brain to improve your business
  • Priorities for the first day back
  • How to keep the holiday vibe and still be productive in business
  • What Goldilocks has to do with your first day back

I’ve also written a short “cheat Sheet” article on the 7 steps I follow to Get Back Into Work Mode After a Vacation with some handy links to help you, if the transition back to reality eludes you.

You can watch the video, listen to the audio, download from the podcast directory, or read the transcript below. Never miss an episode. Click here for all the ways you can subscribe.

7 Steps To Get Back Into Work Mode After a Vacation

Reclaim Your Business Sleep Cycle

If you’re like me, you’re sleep cycle may have defaulted to holiday time, instead of productive, world domination mode.

So get to bed early! (boring I know but important).

Set that alarm baby and get up!

Simply creating this structure to your days will move you out of lazy time.

Cut yourself some slack for a few days

Before you went on holidays you were very likely super woman / man. That person who powered through the to-do list with adrenaline fueled energy, so you can go on holidays.

You probably imagined yourself coming back after holidays, super fresh from relaxing, and hitting the ground running. That’s so not going to happen if you really did get to wind down on your break.

So set your goals (for example on your wake up time, to do’s etc) but allow yourself a day or so to get in the swing of things.

But only a few days!

Consciously Keep the Holiday Vibe

If you’re relaxed after a great break, be careful not to switch into head down bum up mode too fast. Otherwise you’ll need another holiday by the end of the week!

Instead consciously create a vacation vibe in your work space.

Here’s a few very simple ways:

  1. Music that keeps the vibe
  2. Burn essential oils
  3. Place a few mementos on your desk and allow yourself to stop and spend a few moments of mindfulness in pleasant thoughts.
  4. Schedule short breaks more often and consciously visualise / meditate on calmness and joy. Then bring that energy back to your work.

Actually, I do all the above most days to stay focused and calm.

Allow your first day back to be a planning and catch up day

It can be easy to get into micro-mode on return from a break.

Answering emails, getting stuck into looming deadlines etc.

Instead, take time to get clear on the big picture.

Do an assessment of any unfinished tasks from before you left, clarity on important goals and commitments for the next few weeks and top priorities.

Schedule this overview and planning for Day 1 and resist the urge to action items immediately.

Instead of schedule WHEN they will be actioned and then do them in that order. That way you won’t get overwhelmed by “stuff”.

And hey, if you ever start to feel overwhelmed in business, this article on 8 steps to free yourself from overwhelm in business is a great place to start.

If you start to feel overwhelmed by all the crazy things you feel you need to get done in the next week or so, then use this fast and simple template I use to quickly identify priorities. You can download it here.

Connect With Your Team and Your Top Clients

Relationships are your top priority in business so make reconnecting a priority.

This doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment.

A simple email, message, post in a customer support group or super-quick phone call is important on the first day.

Simply to say “I’m baaaack” and you’re here for them.

This is a simple customer service, and leadership touch point that can make a big difference.

Make The Most of Your Relaxed Mind

If you are relaxed from a holiday, this is the perfect time to tap into the right side of your mind.

This is the creative side that is so often ignored when our left sided brain takes over to power through all the to-do actions.

So use this strategically.

I’ve mentioned visualising, mediation and mindfulness above.

That’s not just woo-woo feel good stuff (which by the way I’m totally for too).

These are also tools to help you tap into your creativity so when you do these exercises, consciously ask your subconscious the question “what is a new way to look at what I’m doing?” or ask about a specific project, goal or issue.

Also bring this new energy to the next step.

Make a Reality Check of Your Year and Next Quarter Plans

I have very clear steps my VIP clients and I use to create simple 90 day plans that work to keep us focused, accountable and motivated.

There is nothing better than returning to that 90 day plan immediately after a holiday and ask yourself the question:
Does this plan seem too big or too small, with the clarity I have with my vacation vibe?

I often find one of three things happens:

I’m clearer on WHY I do what I do and I realise my 90 day plan is thinking too small!

I don’t mean I hadn’t planned to do enough work.

It very often means I planned to be busy with things that were more of the same, and not really pushing me out of my comfort zone.

I have stopped running on adrenaline and realise I had a 90 day plan to burn out

Yep I’ve done this too many times over the years.

When I’m focused I’m totally on fire and I keep on going!

However, that’s not always the most effective way to make a difference through my business.

Often less is more (my mantra for the last 12 months and likely to be the lesson I still focus on this year).

Slowing down often gives me the clarity on how to simplify.

If you feel the burn out coming, you might find this article on how to get out of a funk in business over here.

The Goldilocks moment

That’s what I experienced today, when I returned to work and did everything I’ve listed above.

I reviewed my plan and had that rare moment when everything was JUST RIGHT.

Pure Goldilocks moment.

I find if I do THIS end of year ritual before I do my yearly plan, the Goldilocks moments occur far more often.

Over To You

I’d love to hear any rituals, hacks and special tips you use to get your business mojo back when you have been on vacation.

Share below or even better, take a screen grab of the podcast above and share it on Instagram or Facebook and tag me I it sharing your tip. I’ll choose great tips and re post to my story in Instagram or Facebook and help shine the light on you.

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Thank you so much for being here. I know there are a lot of podcasts you could choose to listen to  and you chose to join me on Romance Your Tribe Radio.


I’m honoured and  grateful for your support.

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Read The Transcript Here

Hello and welcome! Janet Beckers here. Today is my very first day back at work and I’m saying work here with inverted commerce because to me, you know, running my businesses, my passion, I love what I do, but it is still work. There is still a to do list. There is still things that you need to do. Um, so no matter how much you love what you do, there is a certain energy that is needed to be able to run your business and to meet those goals. Now when you go on holidays, if you like me, it takes about a, about a week before my mind stops working. It’s always going, if not going on my business and growing it, it’s going on my clients’ businesses thinking about them. So it can take about a week to kind of slow down, shut down that brain. And then you have that beautiful, beautiful holiday.

And I’ve, you know, um, I’ll share with you a little bit about some of the things that’s meant that I’m so relaxed at the moment. But here was a problem when you come back for that first day, no matter how much you may love what you’re doing in your business, the kind of energy and the focus that you need to run your business and grow your business is so different to when you’re in holiday mode, when you’ve got that vacation vibe going. And to me it’s a lot of times it’s like, you know, when you get in the car yet turn the engine and nothing happens. You got to kind of have a few goes before you know it sort of trying to get started and then when it finally catches and you can get that energy going. So that’s how it feels like for me is just trying to rank up that energy.

And so what I’m going to do here today is it’s a little bit like sort of first day ception it’s, you know, I’m going to talk about in my podcast here about on my first day back at work, how do you get your mind back out of vacation mode and get back into work mode on that first day. And in that first week especially. So what I’m going to share with you as seven steps that I follow and one that I missed that would have been really, really good if I had done it. So I’m going to share with us. So there’s seven steps at work for me, things that are really important for you to do on that very, very first day. And um, and it’s just a few sort of routines that are hacks to help you to be able to hit that ground running.

So you can still keep that beautiful vacation vibe for as long as you can and bring a lot of it into your day to day work. But you get focused and you get stuff done because the reality years has a much as you may want to stay in holiday mode. If you want to reach your goals and make the impact you want to do, you’ve got to start getting focused. So you can’t leave that for too long. So that’s what I’m going to do here. And because I love having steps and things for you to follow, that’s what I’m going to do. So if you see my eyes go off the camera every now and then, it’s because I’m looking at the notes that I took and I’ve got them here in my document on that computer. So I’m just apologizing to you upfront. If you’re watching this on the video, I’m paying attention to you.

I’m just looking over at my notes so I don’t forget anything. So, um, first of all, if you’re, um, if you’re coming over it to the podcast page, uh, where you can see the videos and the podcasts, you’ve and the audio, I’ve got another couple of things there for you. One is I’m just sharing some holiday snaps of some of the things that we got up to when we were on holiday so you can kind of get a little bit of a feel of how I really like to be able to spend the perfect holiday and um, and she has some really beautiful spots with you. And then I’ve also got an article, a real cheat sheet article for you. So it doesn’t really matter if you prefer video or audio or if he just want to have the highlights. It’s all there for you.

So that’s all there on the podcast page. Um, so now I’m going to refer back to my notes and you, so I make sure I remember everything for you. So that’s things that I got up with my holiday here is, you know, it’s Christmas, New Year is a busy time, there’s lots of family, lots of things happening. Um, and then there’s that beautiful period after. Now I live on the beach. It’s a 10 minute walk from my house down to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And I live in an area where people spend a fortune every summer coming to, you know, to rent holiday houses and go exploring. So come January I ferry really Goldway I just stay where I am and make the most of where we are and have a staycation. So my perfect, you know, last couple of week and a half has been those beautiful walks down to the beach, going for swims, you know, throwing rock, throwing stones, stones, throwing sticks with a dog, going to cafes, having breakfast, spending time with my man, spending time with my kids.

Um, except my son cause he’s in India at the moment. Um, and then going exploring, pretending that we’re tourists and going exploring new places and I’m really into finding beautiful places that are in the wild, broken, go swimming. So we’ve found some really beautiful swimming holes and natural infinity pool, beautiful waterfalls, Kayak places you can only get to by kayaking or by boat and all that we can do as half day trips and holiday trips from where I live. So you can see why I don’t want to leave. The nice part about that is it rarely gets you into that beautiful cycle, that vibe of, you know, going outside, doing things, healthy, sleeping in the middle of the day, cocktails in the afternoon and some pretty serious kind of Netflix binging. Um, that beautiful winding down. So how do you bring that energy back into your first day? Okay. So this other, this is the steps that I follow now.

First of all, the step that I really wished that I had done and I always plan to do it, but the reality is if you like, I’m just like most people were as, as organized as I can be. When it’s leading up to a holiday, you’re trying to do a gazillion things at once and usually that last day is spent going, what am I going to do? So I always planned to do this, but it never makes the grade. And that is to really map out my very first day, especially in my first couple of days down to not just meetings cause I usually avoid making many of those. But, um, you know, from my actual to do of do this in the first hour, you know, so I thought I’d have to think. So if I had plotted out if past Janet had really logged out exactly what Janet should do following these seven steps and actually put it there in my calendar for me to look at at would have been a lot easier.

I wouldn’t have had to think. So anyway, let’s see if I do it next year. So that’s, if you can do that, that is a fantastic thing for you to do. Assume that the person coming back from holidays is a bit thick. Okay. And kind of work things out for themselves. So do future. You’re an er a favor and um, and sort of spill it out for yourself for the first few days. So if you haven’t, if you do, do that, follow these seven steps to make sure that you’re actually going to create the foot the perfect for the first couple of days. Otherwise these other steps that you can follow. All right. So the very first thing that I do to get yourself back into work mode is you’ve got to reclaim your sleep cycles. So if your like me, I tend to default a little bit in the holidays to sleeping in a bit longer.

I might have a nap in the middle of the day and I might go for an hour or so and then I’ll wake up and just, you know, read a little bit. And so I’ll go to bed a little bit later. Now that’s just a really lovely holiday cycle to be into. But it doesn’t work out too well for business. So what I find I’ve got to do is reclaim the holiday, you know, in your work time and really quickly. So that means make sure you go to bed early in the night before. I have an alarm that I have permanently set up on my phone that goes off at nine o’clock every night with, I’ve actually named the alarm, not go to bed. I’ve named the alarm, uh, three things you’re grateful for today. It’s to remind myself to focus on gratitude before going to sleep. That’s just what I do every day.

Um, so make sure I make sure I’ve set that one again. Um, and make sure you’ve got a bed and then also set the alarm for the time that you need to get up in the morning and do the routines that you would normally do on work day. So that ferment for me, setting the alarm for five 30. Um, and true admission, I didn’t stick with it today. I sort of allow myself to lay in bed and read for another hour or so instead of getting up and getting into it. So yeah, set that alarm and just get back into your sleep cycles. We’ve got to do that quick. Um, sounds a bit boring, but I tell you what, sleep and sleep cycles from somebody who has consciously change themselves from being a, um, you know, a night owl. I’ve always been a night owl too. Now I’m a morning person, I confirmed morning person and that took some, a really concerted effort to do and um, I’ve, I’ll link all funneling for you to where I’ve actually shared the process I did to do that.

Um, so anyway, so I know how important sleep and sleep cycles are to your productivity. So that’s number one. Um, if you’ve got any tips, please come and share them with me and I’ll tell you now a really nice thing for you to be able to do if especially if you’re watching this on the video, is take a screen grab of what you can see when I’m talking and come over onto either Instagram or Facebook. Share that image with me, tag me and share your Har or your tip. And what I’ll do is I’ll share those around old shine the light on you and I’ll share that through my Instagram story or my Facebook stories. So do that. I would really, really love that and especially if you’ve got tips that work for you or if one of these tips I share is an half, four year.

Absolutely. I love to hear from you which one really, really worked and that will help other people who I share it with. So there ya go. There’s a productivity tip. Get into it baby. Now let me look at number two then. This is an important one. Just cut yourself some slack for the first couple of days. And by that I mean, you know, a lot of times you might get back to work, you’ll have a look, you might look at your inbox and go, oh, you know, so much to do and you’ll want to hit the ground running. Don’t do it. Okay, you will end up getting an overwhelmed. So cut yourself a little bit of slack. Okay. So allow yourself a couple of days. We can sort of, you know, we knew self back into it. Um, and it doesn’t mean that you’re just going to go total holiday mode.

That would be very nice if he can do that. Um, but you know, just cut yourself some slack. So at might mean that you’re going to give, you saw some longer breaks that your not going to sit yourself a ridiculous to do amount of to do’s, but allow yourself to win back into it. Don’t try to win that out for a couple of weeks. Give yourself a couple of days knowing that you had to ramp it up. Um, okay. So, um, now here is another really important one to do and it’s, you know, if you’ve had a really lovely holiday and even though for me it was a staycation, you know, I really want to keep that vibe going. So take the things that help that you can, that you associate consciously or subconsciously with that vacation vibe with being relaxed and have them around you. So for me, and I do this all year, I’m really into keeping that vibe.

Um, it probably helped because I live right near the beach. So I’ll do things like making sure you’ve got music on that makes you feel relaxed. So music is a really important thing. Um, I burn essential oils, things that are going to make me feel relaxed and calm so I can keep that vibe a little momentos, which may just be as simple as shells that you’ve collected, keeping those around where you’re working around your workspace. Those things are really, really important. Um, other things that I’ve put here is, um, schedule your brakes and then consciously such. You saw some time where you go, you know what? I am actually just going to sit here and look at the things and remember my holiday recall the vibe. Do that in a conscious way and I’m going to go into a little bit more about how you use that strategically in your business to keep that vibe is you know, it’s been mindful.

Allow yourself to totally not just stay in work mode, allow yourself to be able to keep that vibe going, doing it in a conscious way because it is going to make you more productive. It’s going to help you to focus. It’s not just the escaping. Um, so that was number three is about you know, keeping that holiday vibe but doing it consciously like take control and know why you were doing it. Now here is one that I find really important. It’s, it’s very tempting when you come back to work is your check your inbox and you may have even been, especially if you’re in business, you’re very likely had been going about looking for anything urgent but not really actioning too many things. Or you may have been able to cut off completely if you had other people doing things for you. Now it’s very tempting when you come back to go to your inbox and feel like you’ve got to go through all these to do’s as also to go and go look right.

You know things I’ve got to do when you start taking action, start doing stuff that is just a fantastic way for you to get really, really overwhelmed. So what you need to do is you need to make it a planning and a catch up day. Okay, so you want to be making it so that you’re looking at the big picture and then you’re going to narrow down. So take that time to look at the things that you had delegated, the tasks that you had, that you had delegated before you went away, and just go back to make sure, is there anything outstanding? Is there anything I need to follow up, what somebody was doing or something that I haven’t done now? Instead of just going straight off and doing them. Just take the time to get really clear on what needs to happen. What other things that you look at.

You’re looking ahead at your calendar for the next week or two is a look ahead at what would the big meetings, the priorities, the goals, things coming up with clients. So you’ve got the big picture because if you start going straight down to the narrow, you’re going to get overwhelmed. So have that big picture and take that time then to plan when you’re going to do it. Now you might be planning to do it today. That’s okay, but don’t just dive straight in and do it. Take that time to get the big picture and then planned down. Um, and if you have a little bit of trouble with that, if you feel like you’ve just got too much and it’s a bit overwhelming, um, I got a really good tool for you. So, um, the link to it, I’m just trying to think if I know the link off by heart, which I don’t think I do.

Try Romance Your Forward slash chaos to clarity. Um, otherwise I’ve got the link there for you to the free. It’s a free tool. It’s the thing that I use when I’ve got a, lots of things that seem really important and I just need to really be able to take the emotion out of it and do it quickly. Work out the priorities. So I’ve got a really handy tool, one sheet tool that I use in my own business and my clients use. So if you’re having a bit of trouble, they’re just working out. I can’t do all this, what’s going to, what’s the most important thing? It’s a great tool. It really, really helps. Um, now the next thing you want to do, step number five, um, and these aren’t necessarily in that order, but this one is one is a really top priority is you know what business is about relationships and you need to nurture those relationships and the most important relationships.

You’ve got other people who are on your team and your top clients. So connect with them today as a top priority. Now that doesn’t have to mean that you’re going to have to allocate hours. It doesn’t mean you can have meetings with everybody, but just either dropping them an email, it could be sending them a message. It could be sending them a short personal video. It could be going over into a support group that you use for clients and putting a post, whatever it is, just connect and say, hi, I’m Mack and I’m here for you. And just letting you know, um, you know, I’ll contact, I’ll, you know, I’ll send you a message about the meeting that I want to have next. Or if for your clients, hey, if you’re ready to book in, here’s the link to my schedule, or I’m looking forward to seeing you on our call, you know, that is this week.

If it’s, you know, this week I’m resuming my VIP group Huddles, coaching calls, can’t wait to see them all, so I’ll let them know. So, um, take that time to just connect. Okay. Don’t get so bogged down in the to do’s that you forget that the most important things in your business relationships. Um, just that simple connection will, um, will make you stand out and it’s a great way to lead of your team. Um, so don’t forget to do that. So that may be the first thing that you do. Um, but at least make sure that it’s going to be, you know, within that first half of that first day, connect with the people. Remember the relationships. Um, now make the most of your relaxed time. Now that this is my tip number six, the thing is when you’re busy and your business, we tend to work in the right side of their brain.

And that’s the analytical task focus part of our brain. And that’s where we get a lot of stuff done. And you need to be there a lot. But where the real creativity in your business, the thing that makes you do things differently that makes you really see the big picture comes from the left side of your brain. Nope, nope, nope. Right side of your brain got the wrong way round. You use the left side of your brain for doing on your or your work and it’s the right side of your brain. Yeah. That’s for your creativity. Sorry about that. Um, so you’re actually, when you’re really relaxed, you’re very likely to be spending more time in that side of your brain. And this is where you as the leader in your business, you need to actually schedule time to do that. So you know how I mentioned earlier about taking those type those brakes a little bit more often on this first couple of days to actually be mindful, to meditate, to have, you know, to be holding those things that put you into that relaxed state and do those, those things that I talked about with since, um, fear, those sorts of things that keep you in that relaxed, relaxed side that, um, that right side of your brain.

Now the reason for this is when you’re doing that, think about, it may be, you know, the, is this the right way for me to approach him? Am I on the right track? Or you might be thinking about an issue or a project you’ve got just implanting your mind, hey subconscious, you know, what is this the best way to do it? Can I be doing it a bit differently? Um, and just allow yourself to have that thought in planted as you’re going and doing, doing that mindfulness, that reflection, that meditation. There’s short periods of time that you’re allowing yourself in these first few days because your brain’s already in that mode. Make the most of it. This is a very strategic way for you to be able to review what you are actually deciding to do and you can bring some real clarity and some creativity to what you’re doing.

So this isn’t, this is a prime opportunity to be able to do that. Now with that, now what you want to be able to do is while we’re still thinking big mode before we get stuck too much down into the nitty gritty is review your next plan. And depending what time of the year is this, you might have your 12 month plan, um, you with, if you’d been working with me, you will have a 90 day plan. So what do you want to do is look at your 90 day plan and ask yourself how does it feel now when I bring back this energy and this clarity that I’ve got from being in this relaxed vibe while you’re still got it. Okay now for me what normally happens, it can go one of three ways. Either I look at it and I go, you know what?

Because I’ve been relaxed and coming back to work and you know, cause without fail, when coming back to work, you’re thinking about how do I feel about that? And for me I always can. I just, it’s a natural way to connect with why I’m doing what I’m doing and I love what I do and I want to help a lot more people. So sometimes I will come back and I’ll go, you know what, Janet, you were still planning too much in your task, driven to do driven too much when you were doing the 90 days and I might go, you know what? You’re not thinking big enough. Now. That doesn’t mean I didn’t. I’m saying you weren’t doing enough. Very often it’s the other way around. It might be, you know what? You’re focusing on. Small stuff, do less of that. Let’s focus on making a bigger impact.

Sometimes that’s what will happen with me and they haven’t with you as well, so this is a good time to do that. Now the next thing that can happen is with that beautiful, calm vibe you’ve got, you may look at what you’ve planning. You’ve gone off for Heavens Sake, who do I think I am? I’m going to have to go flat out with a huge amount of adrenaline to get that stuff done. Very often this is what will happen with me because you know when I’m on a roll, I’m focused. I get a lot of stuff done, but you can’t keep that energy going for too long. You’ll burn out. That’s why, you know, entrepreneurs lit cons. We need lots of breaks. We need holidays because we’re using a lot of that energy. Um, so you know, for me sometimes I’ll come back, go, come on Janet, you were over committing yourself on what you can do.

You’re going to burn out. And so with that energy of them there who can be bothered, it’s actually a good way. If you look at what you were doing and go, you know, what is important, what’s going to make the biggest difference, what can go. Now the third thing that can happen is you might get that beautiful goldilocks moment where you look at your plan and it’s just right now if you’ve been using the process that I use for my end of year, you ritual and then my planning process and how to create a 90 day plan. If you’ve been doing that cause you may have read some of my articles, I’ll put them down here below in the post. Um, and also I’ve got my clear time program where I walk you through all of these steps with templates, et cetera. The more I follow my own process of doing that, the more that I look at the plan and it’s a goldilocks moment and it was really nice coming back today and just reviewing what I’ve got and I’ve gone, ah, it’s a goldilocks moment.

It’s totally cool. This is exciting. So that’s what I hope for you. So, um, but the important thing is take the time to look at that because that energy that you’ve got now, it’s really important to be able to review what you’ve got coming up, bringing with it that different energy that you’ve got at the moment. So, um, don’t discount it. Really respect this vibe that you’ve got at the moment and he used that energy to look at your business differently. It’s a rare opportunity. A truly, truly is. Um, so that’s for me, that’s um, that’s my seven steps and I really do hope that it helps you. And I’m just, if you’re seeing my eyes got off the screen cause I’m just making sure I haven’t forgotten anything. Um, so now over to you. Um, I’d love to hear from you. I’m sure you’ve got some really good tips, some good productivity tips that will help me and will help other people as well.

And you made, there may be something that I’ve shared here today that might be, oh, Aha. You know, that’s what either I, I knew that but I haven’t been doing it or oh, I’ve never thought of that before. I’d love to hear from you. And a really cool way to do that is using social media so I can shine the light on you. So a great way to do that is take a photo. So it could be a screen grab of, um, of when you’re watching the podcast. That’s a really great way to do it. It could be a photo of you taking a selfie. Um, it could be something that you’re using at the moment for, you know, being back at work, you know, just share an image and come over on the, on to Instagram. And tag me, um, or come over to my Facebook page and tag me in there and just share either your bigger, higher autumn tips that you’ve got.

I’d love to hear that. And um, and I’ll choose that one side that are great tips and I will repost them. I’ll share them on my story. So everybody who’s following me can see them as well. So let me shine the light on you and it’s a great way to be able to interact. So I’d love to hear that from you. So that’s my challenge to you. And um, I’m just really excited. I’ve got some great things planned for this year. Really building on what I’ve been, all the work that I’ve been doing for the last 12 months and I’ll share that with you this over this next few weeks. Um, the big lessons and some things and I’m going to be able to help you with this year. So I’m really looking forward to that. So here’s to an awesome 2019 and I can’t wait to, you know, to really be helping you as much as I can. Okay. Bye.