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How Long Should a Coaching Program Be?

If you’re a coach, consultant, or someone who offers their services and advice with the intention to help your client reach a certain goal over a period of time,  then packaging your services into programs is important. But how long should your programs be? 1 month, 6...

5 Steps to Create a Web Procedure Manual

This week’s episode is all about How to Create a Web Procedure Manual OK this week’s episode may not sound sexy. I mean….procedure manuals. Really? But you know what IS sexy? A business that you can ignore for weeks while you are on holidays and the people you have to...

How To Protect Your Confidence in Business

Here is a riddle for you my preciousssss (OK if you’re a Lord of The Rings fan, you can totally geek out as I attempt to channel Golum). What am I? “I am the most precious thing you have in your business but the one thing most people take for granted. I am the one...

The Fastest Way To Get New Clients

This week’s podcast episode is all about the fastest way to get new clients OK so you’d think, with my specialty of helping coaches, consultants and service professionals take their businesses online, I’d tell you the fastest way to get new clients is to do a really...

How To Find Your Why in Business

This episode is all about How To Create Trust in Business In this week’s episode I interview Heather Yelland from The Elevation Company. Heather  is one of my favorite friends and influencers in the world because of the very genuine change she makes to the people who...

Get New Clients: 3 proven steps to consistently get new clients

If sometimes it feels as if the stream of new clients into your business fluctuates between a flood and a small trickle….or more often a total drought…then know you are not alone. This is one of the biggest frustrations in business. How do you reliably and consistently attract and convert new clients into your business?
In this podcast episode I share 3 steps that are proven to consistently get new clients.

Kendall Summerhawk: Tribal Leader Spotlight

One of my favourite women in business who has really tapped into the powerful mix of true feminine energy (gentleness combined with the power of really knowing what you are worth) to create an extremely successful coaching business with licensed coaches around the world.

Amanda Horsburgh: Tribal Leader Spotlight

An Aussie, living in Thailand and managing a team of Filipino virtual assistants for companies around the world. Gotta love an international business. Amanda owns the company we use to recruit and manage our virtual team members and her knowledge of how to get the most out of staff is brilliant.

Glen Ledwell: Tribal Leader Spotlight

Co-founded Mind Movies 7 years ago with his partner Natalie Ledwell and the growth of the business has been HUGE. Already over 1.5 million people have been served through their business. Glen really understands how to engage their customers and also really motivate their JV partners and yet the way they get these results is actually very simple. Can’t wait to hear your ah-ha’s.

Stu McLaren: Tribal Leader Spotlight

Founder of Wishlist membership software who practices what he preaches and has an incredibly active membership of entrepreneurs running membership sites. We use his software and love it (we’ve also won a few awards from Stu’s company so we reckon they’re even more awesome).