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Stu McLaren: Tribal Leader Spotlight

Founder of Wishlist membership software who practices what he preaches and has an incredibly active membership of entrepreneurs running membership sites. We use his software and love it (we’ve also won a few awards from Stu’s company so we reckon they’re even more awesome).

Valerie Khoo: Tribal Leader Spotlight

The founder of the award winning Australian Writers Centre, Valerie has a passionate following online and offline. In fact, her blog is consistently ranked in the Top 20 business blogs in Australia and she’s been described as one of the best content marketers in Australia. Plus she has such a wicked sense of humour she always makes me laugh.

Greg Cassar: Tribal Leader Spotlight

Fellow Aussie who has been the “secret weapon” behind millions of dollars of successful campaigns. What he doesn’t know about increasing conversions isn’t worth knowing.

Trish Morgan: Tribal Leader Spotlight

A powerhouse of a woman who started from the humble beginnings of selling hand-made, laminated resources on eBay for primary school teachers to a multi-million dollar online membership and incredibly responsive community.

Stacey Barr: Tribal Leader Spotlight

An International legend in the corporate performance measurement circles, Stacey runs her PUMP signature system workshops throughout the world. She shares how she developed her system and now has leveraged that with PUMP certified consultants around the world.

Milana Leshinsky: Tribal Leader Spotlight

A gorgeous Russian woman who really knows how to leverage relationships. Milana owns JV Insider Circle and specialises in helping people form powerful Joint Venture partnerships. She walks her talk and builds such strong relationships with peers you just can’t say no!

Lisa Turner: Tribal Leader Spotlight

A woman who has a PhD in Aero-acoustics and Mechanical Engineering (so pretty scientific right?) who now has a world-leading company specialising in professional certified psychic and spiritual practitioner training. Unexpected!

Baeth Davis: Tribal Leader Spotlight

When I ask people how much they would expect to pay to have a palm reading they usually say somewhere between $20 and $100. How about $1500? And be booked out and not even meet in person? If anyone knows how to build high credibility and demand in a niche it is Baeth.

The Entrepreneur Success Quadrant with Janet Beckers

Welcome to the first episode of Romance Your Tribe Radio. To get our launch on the road, we look at the 4 Entrepreneurial Star Types in The Entrepreneur Success Quadrant. You’ll find which Star Type you are and importantly, the priority order you should be implementing the business development steps in the Romance Your Tribe model. If you haven’t been getting the results you expect it’s very likely because you have been implementing your business steps in the wrong order for your Star Type.

Paul Blackburn: Tribal Leader Spotlight

Paul Blackburn changed my life. Yep it’s true. You see, Paul was the person who first showed me the power of my subconscious and importantly, how to change it. In 20 minutes we dive into what people often do that stops them stepping up and becoming that leader and becoming that success that they can taste but they can’t reach. I can’t wait to share Paul’s wisdom with you.