Video is without fail the marketing tool that has made the biggest difference to my clients’ businesses and also my own.

But a tool alone is not going to get you the results you want in your business.

You need a well-thought-out strategy that uses the tool you have created in the best way to attract perfect clients to you and lead to sales.

That’s where it gets tough (and you thought getting up the guts to even shoot a video was the hardest part!)

Where should you focus your video marketing efforts?

Facebook lives?
Linked In?
Tik Tok?

Arrgghh the choices can seem endless and depending on who you talk to, one or more of them will seem like the Holy Grail and others a waste of time… until you talk to someone else 🙂

In this 15 minute class I guide you through making that decision for YOUR business.

The thing is, they all work but not all work for YOUR specific goals.

I clarify which social media platform is best for what specific outcome based on over 25 interviews I’ve done in the last few weeks with world-class experts on video marketing.

And hey, if you’d like to hear all of these interviews, with action steps and extra live training, I’ll be sharing them all with you for free during one week starting November 30. You can register for your free ticket now and get early bird bonuses, such as the 50 tips and favourite tools shared by each speaker.

Register for Video Marketing Summit 2021 over here.

I’d love to hear any ah-ha’s you have from today’s 15 minute class. Especially which platforms you think you are best to focus most of your time and effort on?

Share below or come and join me over in the free Facebook Group where I’ll be running live training leading up to the summit.

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Read The Transcript Here

 Hello! Janet Beckers here with an episode of Romance Your Tribe Radio for you all about video and video marketing.

Now specifically what I’m going to be talking about today is how do you decide where you should be putting your videos? Like should you be going on YouTube should you be going on Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn or where should you be going? And when you do go there, should you be doing lives? Should you be doing reels? Should you be doing prepared videos? Should you be running Ads? Like there’s so many ways to be right. So how do you know what’s the best one for you? So that’s what I’m going to cover today.

I’m going to go over each of the main platforms, need different sorts of videos and a different way of thinking, so it’ll help you decide what’s going to work best for you.

Now why am I sharing this topic? Well, it’s because behind the scenes for months now I have been living and breathing learning about video marketing. That’s because at the time of you getting this, we’re really super duper close to releasing video marketing Summit 2021. So, if you go to it may already be live. Now you might be able to sneak in a little bit early so that you can get registered.

It’s going to be totally free. Okay?

I found 25 of world leading experts on all different aspects to do with video. So we’re going from being super confident to how do you prepare how do you dress? And how do you make your studios, to what what gear do you use. Right through to how do you stop scroll and get people to watch your videos? How do you get engagement? What do you do with lives? How long should a video be in LinkedIn? We’ve got things like how do you make the money? Like we did not want to be spending all of our time producing great video content and not get any money in the bank. So different ways to really look at how do you make money through video marketing. And then how do you take it to that next level and make a huge impact?

I’m so excited because these amazing speakers we’ve been working over the months preparing what they’re going to be teaching and it’s all going to go live on towards the end of this month, but you can join a bit early if you like and you can get to see some of the bonus things that I’ve already put in there.

So that’s why I’ve got today’s topic. Because what I’ve been finding is I’ve been speaking to people on all things video. So one day I’ll be interviewing somebody whose specialty is YouTube the next day LinkedIn. The next day doing Facebook lives. They’re really different things and I’ve really started to see some real, you know, differentials of like what’s going to be best for you, for your business. I’m going to give you a little bit of an overview so you got a feel for what could be working for you and your business. So let’s get stuck into that.

And of course, this is just a small introduction to what you’re going to get through the Video Marketing Summit 2021.

So what’s going to be working now and into 2021, and what’s not going to be working anymore. I don’t want you doing any of that stuff that was like so, you know, 2019 or so 2020. I want you to be using what’s working now. Okay, so that what we’re going to dive into. So What I’ve noticed as some of the big things that have been coming out and you really need to be thinking about each platform. What is the person doing that got them to that platform in the first place?

And when they’re on that platform what are they doing? And I’m not just saying like, what are they doing watching a video? Where are they? What are they actually doing in their day-to-day life at that moment? While they’re watching that video on that platform. So that’s where we’re going to start, OK?

Because this is one of those things that really came as an a-ha to me from interviewing all these different people is everything has got to be about the client. Now, of course, we all say that but how often do you actually think about when it comes to a particular platform? So you can get an idea what’s going to work for you.

So let’s start with the oldest, which is YouTube. I’ve got two really good speakers who specialize in YouTube. Rob who is going to be talking about really getting your act together content wise so that you can use that for your business to really drive traffic. And then another one who really just takes it to the next level with some clever strategies to like really make an impact and go viral. So the big thing with YouTube though is when you think about it YouTube is a search engine. It’s owned by Google. When you think about when you use Youtube you don’t necessarily go I’m just going to scroll through and see everything that’s showing up on YouTube today.

You might but what you’re really, normally going to be doing in YouTube is you’ll search for something. It might be cat videos. It might be, you know, I tend to search if I’m going to go on YouTube they do tend to be “how to” things that I want to know. Or there may be music videos that I want to listen to. So think about what do you do?

So your clients, your potential clients when they’re going to YouTube they’re usually searching. So they’re looking for something specific and if your video comes up and it is on that specific topic they will watch it until they’ve got the information they need. So think about that when you’re creating your videos that it’s got to be something that people are going to search for and find an answer to a question. Okay? We go into a lot more detail in the summit in how do you actually make it so that you get found and how do you work out those topics. But that is something for you to really think about. YouTube, think of it as a search engine. Okay?

Now it’s flick over to something that’s completely different and that could be Instagram. Think about what people are doing when they’re on Instagram. Because on YouTube are they going to be searching on their phone or they’ll be on their computer and they’re searching and looking specifically. When they’re on Instagram what is normally going to be happening is, think about yourself and Instagram and Facebook will both be doing the similar sort of thing. Very often they might be lying on the lounge, the telly might be on they might have somebody who they’re chatting with as well and they’re flicking through, they’re scrolling going, oh what’s been happening today?

In Instagram they’ll be flicking through, looking at images, seeing videos pop up. That’s how they use that on Instagram. On Facebook they might be part of some groups and things so they’ll be seeing some more of those things that have built a bit more trust but they’ll still be flicking through. They could be doing lots of other things. They could be flicking through during their lunch break, they could be in public transport. The the whole important thing here is they very often got other distractions that are happening and they have not gone there and searched on a specific topic. They’re just browsing through. They might search on a hashtag but that’s as far as it’s going to go. So for those sorts of videos you got to do something that’s going to get their attention really fast, like in the first second. How do you do that?

So we got a few speakers actually that really go into some detail and such clever things and some really simple things that for me were like, ah, of course that’s simple. About stopping the scroll. So how do you get that attention in the first second, three seconds maximum without you having to put on a red clown’s nose and do something ridiculous. Okay? So that’s what you’re going to have to do when you’re on those particular you’re not having to really try to do that. platforms. You don’t have to do that on YouTube but you do need to on those platforms. So keep in mind what’s sort of content are you going to put there.

Now the other things that we’ve really dived into a bit has been LinkedIn actually. That’s been really interesting for me about how you use LinkedIn and this was a really good insight from our speaker on this topic, is LinkedIn People will scroll through but they’re not scrolling through a lot.

They may not come there as often and they’re usually going there because or whether they’re an employer or an entrepreneur. They’ve got their business hat on a bit, so they’re looking for things that are going to be perhaps on that topic. They’re not necessarily there looking for cat videos. But at the same time they’re still scrolling, they’re not necessarily searching on a particular topic. So how do you use that? Well here’s a really interesting one. Really you’ve go to focus on building your connections. And then your content can show to them, so we look at how long should those videos be and what do you put there? So again they’re short, these are going to be short videos. They still probably, you know, they could be multitasking but think about yourself. Would you normally say lay on the lounge watching a movie and going through LinkedIn? Not necessarily, but you may be on your lunch break. You may be on your computer, going and having a look through there but it’s still a scroll. So that’s a different type of content that you need to be using and we go into a lot of detail when we’re looking at exactly what works but keep that in mind it’s about those connections and then you’re continent is going to convert those sales. So we’re talking video marketing.

So if you, looking at those now, I want to just go into just one other level and that’s going to be looking at things like… if I focus on Instagram and Facebook because that’s where you’re going to have almost all the people who are going to be on social. You will have the videos that are going to be showing up where you want to stop the scroll but you also got lives. So you’ve got Instagram live or you’ve got Facebook live. Or you could be also having stories where you can be going video into those. How are they different? And this is one of the distinctions that I’ve noticed that the people who are using Facebook live do really really well, is they don’t just go live. They actually schedule it and they market it that, hey, I’m going live on this date with this topic. So think of it as the alternative to webinars. Okay?

So this is where, and it could be in a group, it could be on a page could even be on your own profile. Okay, but the thing here is very often you’re attracting people beforehand. Who are going to save it and want to turn up. They may or may not turn up live but they’ve been really aware of it. They may come and watch the recording, but you can see how it’s not just stop the scroll. It’s treating it a little bit more like, okay big announcement, something’s coming up! It’s going to be awesome! You’ll want to turn up but they’re not searching on the topic. So that’s a different way of approaching it. So I hope that gives you a little bit of food for thought about what platform you should be using and what messages you should be getting across on each of those platforms.

In order to make the most of those platforms. In order for the effort that you’re putting into your video that it’s going to result in attracting really good clients, engaging them to build trust. And then making a sale, because this is marketing for your business, in a way that builds loyalty for years. So you want to make sure if you going to be putting that effort in you want to make sure you’re using the right content on the right platform.

Okay, I hope that’s given you some food for thought

I’ve so enjoyed doing all of these interviews. I’ve learnt so much myself and honestly I have created thousands of videos since I started doing them, 11 years ago. Actually I found a video, the first video that I had done. It was so bad, but it’s still there on YouTube. So I’ve done a lot of video since then and my mind’s been blown with the behind the scenes stuff. Because a lot of the people I’ve interviewed are behind the scenes, they’re working with multiple businesses, responsible for millions of views on videos and they really see the trends, so what you’re going to be learning there is like, one of the trends that they are seeing before it becomes common knowledge. Things that are not working anymore, and things that are. so I can’t wait to share that with you. It’s been really really fascinating.

So I’d love to hear from you. What platform do you use that you get good results with? I’m curious to see if you’ve had an a-ha fromthis really simple break down, a bit of a different way to think about what people are doing when they’re on each platform. Is that going to change anything in the way that you’re doing your marketing? I’d really really love to hear.

So please share. Wherever you are, wherever you watching this okay? So you could share it down below. You can drop me an e-mai, on iTunes for Romance Your Tribe Radio. I would absolutely love if you would leave a review and talk about this episode, what did you love about it? I would really appreciate that.

And really I can’t wait to see you over at Help everyone else to find us. And we’re really really going to dive in and just blow your mind you’re going to be so super duper prepared for next year to really use video effectively for your business.

Okay! See you over there. Bye.

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