Amanda Horsburgh is an endless font of really, really practical wisdom! Amanda has made my life (and that of many of my clients) soooo streamlined and stress-free by finding and managing my Filipino virtual assistants. Amanda shared great tips on what to outsource (different to what many people say) and really different things you need to know when managing someone from a very different culture. Amanda also walks her talk as her business is completely virtual as well. An Australian company, based in Thailand, recruiting and managing a workforce in the Philippines. Yep, I’d count that as a very international business. Get ready to take notes.

The 7 Outsourcing Structures
Click here to download your gift now. An in-depth 2 hour audio on what to outsource first, and then how to manage it. This was created from demand for information on how to really succeed in outsourcing and make it work for you. If you are at all interested in outsourcing, 2 hours spent listening to this, will save you a lot of time and money.

Amanda Horsburgh

Amanda spent 11 years running a number of businesses in Australia. After having her first child, she vowed to retire to Thailand and never have staff again! This was just the reaction from stress that most business owners go through; staffing is a constant definite skill set and it takes a lot of your time and can be very frustrating. Seven years ago, Amanda started to see the potential in staffing a business from the outside. Her and her husband had 4 offices in Australia at that time but were concerned that when they were working in one, they were not in the other three, therefore wondered if they could staff from further afield and so the researching and learning began. Amanda visited the many companies in Asia who outsource extremely well and in the end started to create structures for bigger companies who were looking at outsourcing – discovering what do outsource and in what order. The kind of structures that work or don’t work. What to outsource and what definitely not to. Soon after figuring out a great methodology to work with outsource workers from the Philippines, Amanda was soon asked to provide a similar service for other businesses looking to hire staff from aboard. After a few bumps and bruises figuring out the best strategy to help these businesses, her business Half Price Staff was borne.

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