Today I introduce you to a book that is over 100 years old yet has a key message that had a huge impact on the way I think about my business. The book “Acres of Diamonds” by Russell Conwell in an “Oldie but a Goldie” and contains the cure for Shiny Object Syndrome.

The book is so old it is out of copyright now so below I have a link so you can get it for free, directly from the Gutenberg Library online. It’s only short and quite entertaining (remembering it was written in a time when men were men, and women were underestimated).

The title “Acres of Diamonds” comes from a parable in the book which I share with you in today’s podcast (you can watch / read / listen below, whatever floats your boat). In short, a man who searched the world for diamonds, only to find the land he sold to fund his quest, contained acres of diamonds.

Here, I share the lessons from the parable and 8 steps you can take to uncover the acres of diamonds in your existing coaching or transformational service business.

I’ve also summarised them for you below. Plus I’ve shared a bonus Oldie but Goldie video on The Acres of Diamonds featuring Earl Nightingale. Break out the popcorn!

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Acres of Diamonds

8 Steps To Uncover The Diamonds In Your Coaching Business

Explore The Profit In You

In a business where YOU are the greatest asset, then the diamonds lay within.

It is YOUR story, YOUR expertise and YOUR Transformational journey that are the foundational stone so you need a process to systematically uncover this.

Lucky for you….. I’ve got a free resource to help you. The FREE Profit in You workshop and workbook.

Level Up

There may be acre of diamonds in your business, but do you know how to recognise a rough diamond?

In other words, in order to recognise an opportunity, you need to prepare yourself with the knowledge and expertise in your industry and business to recognise an opportunity and act on it.

This means treating your business and knowledge in your industry as a professional, not an amateur. So immerse yourself in learning.

Listen To Your Customers

Your customers give you the greatest insight in how to find the diamonds.

Listen to them.

Ask questions, stalk them on social media to see what questions they ask, survey them, love them!

Here is another FREE resource to help you. A pre-made survey template to clone and use today.

Know Your Competitors

Don’t work in a bubble.

If you are to see opportunities in your own business and your own industry you need to be aware of what opportunities your customers already have offered by your competitors.

As well as getting great ideas, you’ll also start to notice gaps and new ways of doing things.

I teach a whole module on this in The Attract Your Tribe Program.

Stick with one thing

The book Acres of Diamonds is actually the transcript of a keynote presentation. One that Russell Conwell  delivered over 6000 times!

He perfected it and the message was so transformational, he raised over $7 million (way back then!) which he invested to found and grow Temple University.

He was practising what he preached. He kept things simple and focused on doing one thing well.

In the Attract Your Tribe program (MY one thing) I teach a concept called The Nested Business Model. It keeps it simple, but allows for scale and leverage.

Relationships Are Diamonds

The greatest asset you have in your business are your relationships.

Relationships with your clients, industry and suppliers.

Invest in these friendships, always giving and paying forward as it is these relationships that create opportunities, joint ventures, referrals and long term friendship.

Don’t Play Small

In the video below, Earl Nightingale tells a great story.

The story of a farmer who placed a glass bottle over a growing pumpkin.

The pumpkin grew and grew until it filled the bottle.

He then smashed the glass and then had a pumpkin the perfect shape of the bottle.

The problem? We all know a pumpkin can keep growing and growing to be quite huge.

Are you letting your surroundings reduce you?

Are you adapting to be smaller to meet your own expectations of your potential, or react to restrictions placed on you by others?

Water Your Own Grass

You are someone else’s green pasture.

As much as you may be looking at people in other businesses, in other industries or with other business models, and thinking the grass is so much greener over there.

Others will be looking at you, and admiring your green pasture with envy.

So water your own grass!

Share the love

I’d love to hear from you.

What action steps will you take THIS WEEK to uncover the acres of diamonds in your business?

Please comment below and share and if you have a friend who you know may be sitting on diamonds right now, but can’t see it themselves, pass this post to them.

Read The Transcript Here

Hello and welcome! Janet Beckers here. Have you ever found yourself in this situation, where you're in one business opportunity and then you look at something else and you think, "That looks so much better. That is a much better opportunity, a much better business, a better business model, a much better niche, so much more of a better opportunity, much better than I am here. I'm going to flick over to that one, and then I might flick over to this one here and I, because that one looks really good." If you've ever found yourself jumping from one opportunity to another, with like the bright shiny object syndrome, today's really going to help you.

Or if you haven't, but you have this niggling feeling that, you know what, this is not the best niche, the best business, the best whatever it is. There's so many other pastures that look so much greener, and I'm sure that it is better, more profitable, easier in all of these other business models. I think I may have chosen the wrong one or this is not right for me. If you ever felt yourself feeling that, then today is going to help you.

What are we going to be focusing on today? I'm going to take you back about 150 years, okay? I'm going to take you back to a really inspirational speech, that was given over 6000 times called Acres of Diamonds. I'm going to talk you back to that speech and tell you why that speech was delivered over 6000 times and what was the goal.

Then I'm going to share with you some of the stories that were in that speech and how they really revolutionized the approach to people talk to business back then. Then we're going to skip forward to now and hearing those lessons from the speech the Acres of Diamonds, I'm going to be sharing with you eight steps for you to take to be able to take those lessons of really solid business advice. To apply them now to your business in building a business online, especially if you are in a business where you help people create transformation. By that I mean, you could be a coach consultant, you could be a service provider, so basically you take people from point A to point B. You help them change to transform, to achieve. I'm going to get those eight steps specifically to help you with your online business.

Let's get started, so first of all what is this, Acres of Diamonds? Well, it was a speech given over 6000 times by a man called Russel Conwell. If you see me squinting, it's because I'm looking at my notes behind here. Now he was born in 1843, but died in about 1925, so we're going back a long time here. Now, the reason he gave this speech over 6000 times and the same speech, he just refined it to give examples to the local towns that he was going to. Is because he was on a mission to raise money, to start a university called Temple University, and which ended up becoming very, very successful. He raised over seven million dollars delivering this speech, specifically to found and fund that university. It was so well received that he was able to raise all this money through that, because people had heard about the impact of this speech and then it would sharing and to be coming along.

Now, you can get to watch the speech yourself. You can get to read the whole speech. Now he's produced it is a book and it's so old now that it is beyond copyright. I've got a link here for you on the page here. If you're listening to this on the podcast, just come over to and find the episode there. You'll be able to see the links there where you are on your podcast player. You can you can download straight away, there's no opt ins or anything, you can just get the book. It's very short, but really quite entertaining actually to be able to read.

I'm going to give it to you in short the lessons and why I'm I sharing that with you now? Surely, this is way too old. This is the story and then we'll talk about what is, you know it's a parable. Then I'll talk to you about what is the meaning behind this, what is the lesson and then we'll go into how do you actually apply that in your business.

The Acres of Diamond is a really beautiful concept to have. I is all about, really you could be sitting on acres of diamonds yourself now, and yet you're looking elsewhere. This is how the story goes. The author is traveling and he hears this parable from the, I think it's in the Egyptian, it's an Arabic parable. Now the story goes that there was a man who was already very wealthy and very contented. I love the way that the author says that he was contented, because he was wealthy, but he was wealthy because he was contented. That itself I think is a really beautiful phrase and a really nice message to keep.

Now the thing was this man had a beautiful family and he had acres and acres and acres of land that he grew crops on. Then one day he was visited by a traveling monk and the monk told him all about the diamonds and these amazing wealth that was found from these diamonds. "The way to find the diamonds, you would find a river and there you would find the diamonds that would be in there. If you could find eyes the wealth was amazing."

Then overnight the very wealthy contented man became un-contented and poor, because he now wanted that wealth. What he did, he sold up all of his land, took that money and went travelling for everywhere on the search for the right river that would have the right styles for him to find his diamonds. Eventually he used up all his money and in despair he threw himself into the floods and died. That's just chapter one of the parable, the first part.

The next part is the same travelling monk came to visit the man, because in the author's world there were only men that did anything significant. We're talking back a long time ago here. We all know it's different now. The monk came to visit the man who had bought this original land from the wealthy and contented man who became discontented and poor.

When he walked in, he noticed sitting on the mantel piece was this really big stone that was all black and like a rough stone. He said, "You've got a diamond." The farmer then said, "No, this is just a big stone that I found just when I was digging the land. I thought it was really, really interesting, it's just this big, black stone, it's not a diamond. I just put it up there and forgot about it." He said, "No, that is a diamond."

As it turned out, the farmer who had bought the land when they knew that this is what a rough diamond looks like, discovered that all over that land with diamonds and it went on to become one of the richest diamond mines in Africa. The parable here is the meaning is, so many times you can be looking elsewhere for the riches, where in fact you can very well be standing on an acre of diamonds. What does that acre of diamonds mean for you when it comes to you building your business online?

Now, we'll have a look at those lessons that you can be using to apply. It all comes down to, you know what, you very likely have everything that you already need to be able to create a very successful business. In your own skills, in your own friendships and relationships, and very possibly in your own local area. Of course now in the days of the internet, it can be within your own community and tribe that you find online. That very often you have exactly what you need here.

Let's have a look at how do you build on that and the lessons that he gives from telling from that story. One of the big ones was, first of all you know what, explore what is it that are your own skills. The first one is here is, you need to be able to recognize your own transformational journey. What is it that is unique to you that you have as your own asset? Your own story, your own skills, your own unique way of helping your clients to get from point A to Point B, to help them on their journey. Really get to know what is it that you have already.

I can tell you now without fail from working with thousands of people, I'm working closely with hundreds, the very first step that I do with people is what I call the profit in you. Without fail people will go from you know what, there's just so much competition here that, how do I stand out? There's other people who are doing so well. As soon as we do the profit in new strategies, that's when we discover that you know what, there is your unique story, something that is uniquely you. Your experiences, your way, your approach that is so different to other people, that people really relate to. That's number one, take the time to work through  a process, to really get to know what are your skills. What is your story? What are the assets that you bring to your unique business?

Now to help you, I've got a free gift for you, it's a training video and a short workbook with some questions to ask yourself, to help you to start exploring and identify the profit in you. I've got the links down there for you and you can also go to for profit in you. Have a look there and that's a freebie for you. That can get you started. Okay, so that's number one.

What is the second thing to do? This was a big one when he then with the speech that he then traveled around and delivered over 6000 times is, you know what, is it talked about that so many times people do not see the opportunities that are available, because they're treating their profession as amateurs. This is where it makes the big difference.

If you're going to be building a business in a particular niche or around your skills about the transformation you can create for people, don't get lazy. Don't get lazy and think, "Well I studied that once or I've done that once, I know it all. I've got enough there to keep on with, to be able to help people." Really treat your profession as an ongoing study to develop expertise, so that you develop a true expertise. You're treating it as a true profession and it means that when opportunities do come up, you are prepared, because you've done the work. You know how to recognize a rough diamond, because you have immersed yourself in studying your industry and studying your expertise. That is the next one. If you're not spending the time on really researching your expert, your market of really getting to know what is happening, what are the trends, well take the time to do that okay? Make yourself a schedule so that you know what, a certain amount of time per week I'm going to dedicate to keeping up to date.

You might be thinking that all the mailing list that you are on are a waste of time, filter it down to make sure the ones that are going to make it, so that you stay up to date in your profession, are the ones that you actually take the time to read. Okay?

The next thing that we've got is number three, is listen to your market. Take the time to really talk to clients, to listen, to do surveys, to really hear from your most profitable avatars, the people who are your ideal clients, what are they asking for. This is how you get to recognize the opportunities, to recognize the gaps in the market and to really respond to what people want. You need to be listening. These are your acres of diamonds here. For you to be able to see those local opportunities, you need to listen, and to listen you have to have those conversations. You need to talk to people, whether that is in person, whether that is by watching other forums and actually paying attention to what people are saying through social media and also through your own surveys.

Now that's one thing that we have a whole module on in attract your tribe program. If you'd like to know more about that, they'll be links down below and we go to some really unique exercises to specifically the profitable avatar quadrant. To really get you clear on that.

Now, number four is, as well as really being very aware of what assets you bring your strengths and really getting to know your market and what are the opportunities are they asking for, you also need to be aware about what else is happening in the industry. Who is doing what. This is not a matter of being obsessed with your competitors, because you're comparing yourself. What you're looking for is, oh that's a good idea, I can type that idea or I can see nobody's actually doing this particular thing. Here could be an opportunity.

If you're working in isolation, in a little bubble all the time, it's very difficult to see those opportunities. Look around, and again that's why we have a whole module on that in the attract your tribe program, where we actually have very systematically approached that before really working out the packages that we do. That's something that you can be doing.

Now, I'm just looking again at my notes, to make sure that I don't do anything, that I don't miss anything. Now this is a really big one and this was one of the core lessons that came from the Acres of Diamond is, stick with one thing and do it really, really well. One of the big things that I've learned in the last year or so from really investing a lot in masterminding with people who are exceptionally successful in business is that, I thought that I was pretty persistent before. I came to recognize that really the people who truly get success, not only are the ones who make it over the finish line, but their knuckles are bleeding when they get there, is because a lot of people just give up way too soon. They go, "That didn't work or this didn't work," but did they really give it their 100% best to see, did that strategy work?

When it comes to you doing your list building, doing your launches, and all of those sorts of things don't give up too early, okay? As an example, one of my best selling programs my video marketing program, when I first launched it online, you know how many I sold? Zero. Talk about depressing. I had a lot of people who who weren't necessarily my friends and my peers that I was masterminding with, but outside going more, "Look, it's not a good product, no it's not going to work. Take it off the market, don't even bother."

Whereas, when I spoke to my friends who were very successful in business it was, "Okay, well what lessons did you learn? Let's tweak." Now that has gone on to becoming one of my best selling programs and it helps the most people, it really helps a lot of people. If I had just given up you know what, that wouldn't have existed, there wouldn't be all these people confident, using video and building their businesses based on video. That's just one example, so don't give up. If you're not going to be giving it up, if you're going to be sticking with one thing, you've got to keep it simple. Don't complicate things too much, just keep it simple.

That's why, one of the things that I like to teach in my programs is the nested business model, about how can we just keep things here really super simple. That's one thing that you can do, have a simple business model and stick with it. Don't just give in when something doesn't work, like it was just a practice run, okay? OK It's, you now can take those lessons and see what you can do, before you give up and move on to that next shiny object.

Now, we're up to number six, and this is one of my favorite ones is, in business, in fact with everything, but especially in business and especially so with online, because it makes it so much more possible is, one of your greatest gifts, one of your acres of diamonds is your relationships. Now, some people will go it's your network or it's your joint venture partners. For me, I just think it's my friends. These are people who you have so much in common with that your businesses align, that you talk about different things that are aligned in business. These are our friends, these are relationships that you have.

To look at those, when you are building your business, what network of friends, relationships have you got where you can be helping each other, to reach more people, to have more of an impact? That is one of your greatest assets that you've got, and a lot of people discount them. A big thing is a lot of people will say no for other people, they  don't even ask them. They  don't even talk to them, they just assume that they will be rejected.

Instead of seeing this is a network, this is your relationships, these are friendships, and so business is built on that. That is one of those beautiful assets you've got, that is that beautiful acre that you've got, don't take it for granted or don't devalue what you think actually they're not really my assets. That's not really strengths that I've got, because you'll be surprised when you put yourself out there, how many people want to help you and how many people you can help in very, very simple ways.

In fact, joint venture is one of my, things I'm really so passionate about. It's been one of the ways that I've grown my business in the biggest way and given me the most pleasure. That's a core part about everything I do with everybody, whether I'm working with my VIP clients or whether I'm doing in my attract your tribe program, joint ventures and relationships are absolutely core to that.

Now, let's look at the next one and there's a beautiful story. I've shared a video for you on the web page that goes with this podcast, from Earl Nightingale, really another old fellow. A really great story where he's talking about the Acres of Diamond. What I really quite liked was he told the story about limiting yourself, because one of the things that's in the Acres of Diamonds book, which was the speech, was talking about people limiting yourself. You allow your surroundings to limit you, so that means that you're not actually seeing what is possible actually here.

Earl Nightingale gave a beautiful story. You can see it in the video, where he talks about the farmer who put a pumpkin that was growing into a glass bottle. It grew and it grew and it grew and it grew into the shape of this glass bottle, until it couldn't grow anymore. The farm smashed the bottle and then cut the pumpkin. He had a small pumpkin in the shape of the bottle, whereas we would know that a pumpkin can grow huge, but it was being limited by its surroundings. I really liked the imagery of that story, so maybe that can help you too

Are you limiting your possibilities? Are you not saying what you are possible of and what your business is possible of, because you're holding yourself in that little bottle? That's my challenge to you. The last one is, we talked about how very often people don't stick with one thing, and they will go because they can see that there are greener pastures over there.

I want to leave you with this thought is, you may very well be somebody else's green pasture. Other people may be looking at you, looking at your business, looking you potential business, looking at your niche, your market and they will be thinking, "That looks so much better over there." Please be aware that you will without fail for somebody else you are their greener pasture.

If you are their greener pasture, let's make the most of this opportunity, of these acres of beautiful, beautiful green pasture. If they could be in your position they can imagine what is possible, how about you just imagine what is possible for you. I've got a few resources for you. I've mentioned that I have the profit in you, the training, a free training video and workbook for you. That's totally free, that's my gift for you, so if you go to, which is profit in you, and I've also got the links here if you're on the webpage. That's a gift there to help you to get started.

You can also inquire about the attract your tribe program, it's a training program that goes you step by step by step to really be able to build a business on your acres of diamond. You can find out more about that. I have also got for you the book which was based on that lecture, so the acres of diamond, you've got that there, it's royalty free now, so you can just click there and you can read that online. I have also got for you a video there of Earl Nightingale and his lessons based on the acres of diamonds. I'd love to hear from you.

Does this story resonate with you? Have you found yourself that you may be not sticking with what you're doing in your own business or devaluing what you're in in your own business, because something else looks so much better? I'd love to hear stories from you if you've stuck with it, and those times when you thought, "No, I'm going to give it up. I'm going to sell these acres and I'm going to move on to something else," but you stuck with it. Did it work for you? What success did you have when you did persist and start looking at things differently? I'd really love to hear from you as well, so please leave your comments down below, and I'd love to hear from you or drop me an email or, anyway please share this post with anybody that you can, especially if there's somebody that you know that sometimes may be feeling as if they're not necessarily in the right place and they're devaluing the wonderful assets that they are already bringing to the business.

Thank you for being able to pass on the word, I really appreciate that, but join the conversation and share down below, I'd love to hear from you. Okay, bye.


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