If you are a coach, consultant or awesomely clever service provider AND you want to use video to attract great new clients AND you don’t want to waste your time… Then this episode is for you.

Let’s face it, creating great value videos for your business takes work plus courage when you first start out. It’s really, really frustrating when you put in the effort and then all you seem to hear is crickets.

Or even more frustrating (because you can waste your time for years) is this: you get people watching, saying how great you are, but there’s no money showing up in the bank to make the effort worth anything more than a “feel-good” exercise.

You’re in business baby. Let’s make your videos and marketing actually attract awesome clients who PAY YOU.

In this episode I dive straight in so you know the 7 BIG reasons doing videos may be a waste of your time and you’ll know exactly which holes to plug in your video marketing strategy so every one of your videos you work so hard to create, will work for you and your biz.

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  • Why video marketing is the leading content marketing strategy (and will be for years)
  • Why you might be wasting your time and 7 questions you need to answer to get a roi
  • What is your Avatars Transformation Journey you can impact?
  • What will you be ultimately selling?
  • What is your call to action for each video?
  • What is your content strategy that results in sales and not just viewers?
  • What is your video content structure? (waffle kills)
  • How will you be consistent? (brand, batch and SOPs)
  • When will you start?
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